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December 2004
Fear psychosis has gripped the fishing community along India's Saurashtra coast
South African shipping group Grindrod takes delivery of the third of seven new double-hulled tankers
Proposed retirement for the US aircraft carrier John F. Kennedy has ship repairers nervous about future work
Cruise liners liable for off-ship assault by staff
Mystery oil pollutes Hainan coast
Inter-Korean patrol boats exchange warnings at West Sea border
Athos I leaves the Delaware River for complete repairs, still not known how much oil was spilled
A growing number of dead Olive Ridley turtles are being washed ashore along the Orissa coast
China will continue downsizing the country's fishing fleet to help cap overfishing and preserve resources
New Zealand's Stewart Island fisheries reserve becomes a reality
Construction of Russia's new nuclear submarines to be stepped up
US Occupational Safety and Health Administration to issue final rule on standards improvement, addressing inconsistent and outdated provisions for general industry, maritime and construction
Nigeria buys 15 patrol boats from the US to secure the oil-rich Gulf of Guinea
Surviving fisherman of the Northern Edge sues, calling the boat unseaworthy
Congress will investigate why the NOAA didn't warn countries across the Indian Ocean about possible tsunami, meanwhile, NOAA wants a global tsunami warning system
Fishing restrictions proposed for Gloucester, Massachusetts area, to save fish stocks; gillnetters say they're unfairly targeted
Canada's Navy to go on PR 'offensive' to repair battered image of submarine program
Tunisian Maritime Navigation Company is about to celebrate its 300,000th passenger for the year 2004
Panamanian Maritime Authority receives an expression of interest for megaport construction from PSA International
Rebuilding after the tsunami may drive up freight costs
Korea to upgrade and expand logistics capabilities of Pusan and Kwangyang Ports
IMO will assist Pakistan in upgrading the Pakistan Marine Academy to the level of university
UN wants tsunami warning system for Indian Ocean
Data recorder recovered from helicopter that crashed trying to save Selendang Ayu crew members
Pollock fishermen off Alaska propose to reduce their catch to address the growing problem of catching salmon
Thai fishery industry fears tsunami has damaged coral reefs and biodiversity, it may take years to recover
Project underway to help fish swim upstream past the Broad River diversion dam
China faces water shortage of 40 billion cubic meters every year
Ocean color satellite imagery helps map the BIOSOPE (Biogeochemistry and Optics South Pacific Experiment) research cruise
Buoys help track oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico
Revised Load Lines Protocol, survey program for tankers and bulk carriers, enter into force on 1 January 2005
Escaping rats from the Selendang Ayu wreck are also cause for worry
German shipping company Schlussel Reederei KG fined for polluting Hawaii waters
Chinese fishermen awarded damages for pollution caused by the Tasman Sea
How tsunamis are created
Australia will consider helping create Indian Ocean tsunami warning system, already participates in Pacific System
Iceland is working on a hydrogen-powered fishing fleet, cars and buses
Guyana and Suriname in dispute over maritime boundaries, oil-rich offshore territory at stake
Pakistan will release Indian fishermen, but not their boats
Giant earthquake spawns tidal waves, killing thousands
Entangled right whale draws rescue effort off the coast of Georgia
Pakistan approves the privatization of Karachi Shipyard and Engineering Works, KSEW
Louisiana crawfish wreaking havoc in France's wetlands
Great Lakes ports get less security funding than coastal ports
Indian and Pakistani fishermen are left in limbo in jail despite peace efforts
Orca newborns spotted near Vashon Island in Puget Sound
American eel may get federal protection
Northern Ireland's in-shore fishermen get funding for safety equipment
Philippine crew of the Katerina, in the country to testify against employer DST Shipping Co., get work permits, donations
Calls to prevent petroleum drilling on the West Kamchatka shelf of the Sea of Okhotsk, to protect crabs and fish
Mexico's state-owned oil company Pemex fined for spilling crude oil into the Coatzacoalcos River
Norway to expand minke whale catch in 2005
Yacht builder Palmer Johnson to close its Georgia plant and move work to Sturgeon Bay
Norshipco wins second big ship repair contract from the US Navy
New code of conduct for UK's Royal Navy bans pin-ups and saucy text messages in warships
Genesis Worldwide Shipping to train more cadets at the Maritime Academy of Nigeria
Stronger oil spill protection pushed in Washington state, some cite lack of spill prevention
Calls for Russian government to investigate shipwreck of Arosa and West, and coordinate rescue services better
Dubai Drydocks to build four tankers for Emirates National Oil Company
Global Challenge round-the-world sailors must look out for space debris in leg two of the race
Hobart Ports to lose major shipping service
US Navy has relieved 80 commanding officers since 1999 for inappropriate behavior, alcohol abuse
Future uncertain for Luna, the lonely killer whale hanging out in Vancouver Island port
UK Coastguard detains six ships in November on safety faults
Karachi Port Trust, six leading oil companies launch an oil spill response project
Danish fisheries urge Danish food minister to stop Dutch trawling in the North Sea, claiming that Danish jobs are at stake
Kleven Florø shipyard expands agreement with Spanish yard Izar to provide modules for Norwegian frigates
Russia's Admiralteiskiye Verfi state-run shipyard to commission the tanker Tower Bridge
Workers at Clyde, and Govan and Scotstoun BAE Systems shipyards set to strike next month
Boston Harbor is also concerned about terrorist attacks on LNG tankers
Japan may export decommissioned ships to Southeast Asian countries to be used in measures against terrorism or piracy
UN agency draws up guidelines to avoid killing endangered turtles in fishing
Environmentalists cry foul over EU fishing quotas deal
Goal based construction standards under development at IMO's Maritime Safety Committee
Calls for New Zealand to eradicate the invasive aquatic weed Didymosphenia geminata, also known as "rock snot"
Experts hope DNA will unlock secret life of salmon
Norshipco gets first repair contract under the US Navy multi ship multi option contracting, or MSMO system
Suomenlinna II passenger ferry taken out of service for the rest of the year
Korea's Daewoo International to export three common landing platform docks (LPDs) and a command ship to Indonesia
VCampus Corp. to deliver training for operation of the US Transportation Worker Identification Credential Enrollment System
Male fish growing eggs found in Potomac
WWII shipbuilders at the J.A. Jones Construction Co. worked for free on Christmas, donated overtime pay to sailors
Workers face tough battle to try to keep the oil spill from the Selendang Ayu from spreading
Second former exec alleges anti-American prejudice at the Kvaerner Philadelphia Shipyard
Two more US "Ghost Fleet" ships will be scrapped, the Neosho and Shirley Lykes
Closer New Zealand, Argentina fisheries cooperation
Jurong Shipyard to build a Baker Marine Pacific Class 375 Deep Drilling Offshore Jackup for Petrojack AS
AVEVA Group and Hyundai Heavy Industries partner to develop the VANTAGE marine product program
Troubles encountered trying to revitalize South Africa's shipyards
Crown Prince of Dubai commissions The Platinum, said to be the biggest yacht ever
India, Pakistan, continue to hold each other's fishermen in prison
Suomenlinna II ferry collides with pier again, vessel ordered out of service
Crew of Viarsa 1, caught after three-week pursuit for allegedly fishing rare Patagonian toothfish, remain in jail
IMB issues alert to banks to watch out for fake bills of lading
New Panama transshipment facility stirs interest
Chinese officials have arrested the owner of a ferry on which 10 school children drowned
Selendang Ayu's engine was shut down to fix a cracked cylinder liner, still no clue why it couldn't be restarted
Two Chinese fishing boats seized on Sunday for violating South Korea's territorial waters
China's oil clean up efforts prove successful
Selendang Ayu oil cleanup strategy pondered, as More fuel spills from the freighter
Suez Canal officials try to keep oil spill from Port Said
Canada announces new wild salmon policy; critics call it meaningless
Hunt stepped up for killer shark in Australia, despite family's protests
Australia accused of being more interested in sustaining fishing industry than conserving endangered tuna
Brazil's Merchant Navy Fund is expected to approve financing to build two shipyards
President Mwai Kibaki praises the Kenya Navy for protecting the country's marine resources
HMCS Chicoutimi board of inquiry has submitted its report, but findings are not likely to be released until February
Residents of the island Suomenlinna, just off the coast of Helsinki, demand answers about Suomenlinna II ferry's frequent collisions
Watching the growth of the Port of Halifax
Pakistan arrests 55 Indian fishermen for alleged border violation
The Coast Guard has reopened the Houston Ship Channel after the chemical tanker Ievoli Splendor hit a moored barge
US National Marine Fisheries Service approve 'threatened' listing for Washington state's orca whales
US National Marine Fisheries Service is mobilizing federal agencies to find ways to protect right whales, some say that rules to protect whales from ship strikes are moving too slowly
China orders the Rongcheng Haida Shipbuilding Company to restore sea's original state
Sailor Bruce Schwab checks in from the Vendee Globe, hopes to be the first American to complete the race
Keppel Shipyard Ltd. faces prosecution over tanker flash fire
Migration of flying fish proves problematic for Barbados
McMurdo and South Pole stations are in no danger of being blocked by iceberg, says NSF, New Zealand's Antarctic ice station also says no need for panic over iceberg
Indonesia calls for increased sea patrols in the region's pirate-infested waters to prevent maritime crimes
Engineers hurry to create better ways of dealing with LNG
South Korea's Busan Harbor processed over 11 million containers this year
Weapons bill fails again in Taiwan's Legislature, the US feels the election results may threaten the arms agreement
al-Samidoun tanker spills oil into the Suez Canal
West Virginians should limit their consumption of fish from state waters because of high levels of mercury poisoning
Killer whales hunting prey that can hear know when to sing dumb
New Zealand passes the Aquaculture Reform Bill
Development plan for the former Hunters Point Naval Shipyard gets approval
UK's Swan Hunter shipyard to cut 100 jobs, despite lifeline from MoD
Norway to finance ecological and nuclear security projects in Russia's Polar region
White House expected to respond to the Ocean Commission's report soon
Experts scramble to figure out how to drain oil from the Selendang Ayu, meanwhile, birds are being affected by the spill
Lockheed Martin team to begin detail design and construction of the first Littoral Combat Ship (LCS)
Guatemala to study why cargo traffic is falling at its maritime ports
The Pakistan Marine Academy will be upgraded to a Maritime University in the near future
NASA internet tool "Giovanni" allows students and researchers to access satellite-derived ocean color data
Four pirates nabbed after two-day search in Indonesian waters
Washington State's Puget Sound shorelines get poor grades in new report card
Buzzard's Bay oil spill sets back endangered roseate terns
China to seek damages from vessels that collided and spilled oil at the mouth of the Pearl River
Spill from freighter Selendang Ayu may not be as large as feared
SNP calls for Finnie to head UK team at fishing talks
Luna watchers hope the whale will reunite with his pod after sighting
Belfast, Northern Ireland to research the viability of a Titanic-themed tourist attraction
Keppel group may build a shipyard in Indonesia
Canada awards contract to EIDE Marine of Norway for the sealift of HMCS Chicoutimi
Iceberg is blocking Antarctica's McMurdo Sound, threatening penguins and cutting off supply route for three science stations
World Wildlife Fund calls for risk assessment in the busy shipping routes of the Bering Sea
Frontline Ltd. considers a takeover bid for General Maritime Corp.
Refit completed on the Royal Navy's aircraft carrier HMS Illustrious
Australian Maritime College aims to double its number of students by 2010
One-third of the dolphins that live off the Israeli coast can't find enough food and are underweight
Scientists study ways to supercharge bacteria to rapidly devour oil spills
State of Louisiana hopes to get federal money from energy companies that drill in the Gulf of Mexico
Irving Pulp and Paper pleads guilty for depositing untreated paper mill effluent into Little River, a violation of Canada's Fisheries Act
Human intervention on Lake Michigan has lowered fish levels
British submarines corroded for three years while Canada's Chretien considered funding options
Remora Technology should complete study for proposed LNG terminal in the Gulf of Mexico in early 2005
Pakistan Maritime authorities arrest 15 Indian fishing boats for illegal fishing
Russia hopes to continue consultations with Turkey on transit of Russian vessels through the Black Sea Straits
Voyage data recorder carriage requirements for cargo vessels formally adopted by the International Maritime Organization
Up to 4,500 objects are being removed from England's National Maritime Museum
Smaller vessels are more prone to pirate attacks in the Straits of Malacca
Global warming has shortened the length of the ice-fishing season on northern lakes
Three Chinese boats seized for violating South Korean waters
High volume still hampers cargo traffic throught the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, California
US Coast Guard stops search for 6 missing crew members from the Selendang Ayu
China begins oil spill cleanup at the Pearl River
Engineers think the object that struck the Athos I in the Delaware River may be part of a pump
Japan's Fisheries Agency will impose stricter limits on imports of farmed bluefin tuna
Pakistan's Navy inducts its first hovercraft to its marine force
Royal Navy's newest assault ship enters service, HMS Bulwark
Scientists study Antarctic life to understand clues of life on frozen planets
China seizes Panamanian-registered Hyundai Advance when it flees collision, oil spill in Pearl River
Rough seas for fishing industry
Crown Princess keel laying ceremony held in Italy
Nuclear fuel still inside decommissioned submarines in Russia
North Charleston donates $50,000 to restore the Confederate submarine H L Hunley
US Government Accountability Office says the government is falling behind in efforts to secure ports
Canada's Transportation Safety Board is investigating marine survival suits
Finland declares maritime economic zone, adds 700 square kilometers to its territory
Japan spots Chinese ship inside its economic zone on Friday
Experts are concerned over the impending water scarcity in developing countries of Asia and Africa
New Zealand and Australian marine scientists collaborate to protect the Tasman Sea
Panama Canal to start charging container ships for potential number of containers that can be carried
Nigeria faces expulsion from the International Maritime Organization if it fails to ratify maritime conventions
Spain ratifies the International Oil Pollution Compensation Supplementary Fund, goes into effect in March
Fate of former US presidential yacht faces controversy
Pirate divers face jail for looting Nazi ghost liner Wilhelm Gustloff
Historic shipwrecks found in Hudson River
Malaysian Navy's emergency frequency has already shown its effectiveness
South Korea's Coast Guard to acquire bigger ships, strengthen patrol capabilities
Leak partly closes Timor Sea oilfield
Halliburton resolves problems with Brazilian supertanker conversion project
Whale has been wandering the Pacific for 12 years, its unique voice doesn't match any known species
Japan to tell China to stop gas survey near disputed Pacific island Okinotori
Jack Darbyshire, oceanographer who studied wave behavior, dies at 85
Papua New Guinea goes underwater for gold
Container ship and an oil tanker collided in southern China, causing the worst oil spill in five years
Maritime Security Agency apprehended seven Indian boats for fishing illegally in Pakistani waters
Greek tanker that spilled a half-million gallons of crude oil into the Delaware River apparently gashed its hull on an old pipe
Public comment invited on the proposed Beaufort Sea Exploration Drilling Program in the Northwest Territories
Fewer mullet heading south for winter, says Taiwan Fisheries Research Institute
The state of the sea
Statoil and Maritime Well Service to develop a new wireline tractor for use in oil and gas wells without wall casing
Petrobras unit Transpetro publishes bid notice for 42 vessels
Straits of Bosphorus and Dardanelles at the top of the list in Russian Turkish summit
Antarctic glaciers are advancing into the ocean eight times faster than a decade ago
Long Beach Container Terminal will convert its equipment to use cleaner-burning diesel fuel
Princess Cruises will name new ship Crown Princess, to debut in 2006
New sonar system fitted to UK's frigate HMS Westminster, it will have to be switched off if sea mammals are nearby
Tiny remote-controlled submarine surveys one of Surry Nuclear Power Station's water-filled reactors for flaws
RAND Corporation study calls for greater efforts to protect US ports and ships
South Korea returns crew from North Korean boat
East Timor may not ratify sea boundary treaty with Australia, stalling Woodside gas project
Climate experts, politicians are already discussing how to strengthen Kyoto Protocol
Tanker spilling oil in the Delaware River likely struck a hidden hazard a few hundred feet from shore
Delivery of UK's Type 45 D-class destroyers will be delayed further
Pakistan, India agree to set up hotline between the Maritime Security Agency and Indian Coast Guard
Hoon vows to save Rosyth from Halliburton 'shafting'
Three crewmen still trapped in fire on the tanker Hanyang Gas, fire is out
Croatian Adriatic is threatened by invasive algae
Typhoon-like gusts hit Japan, causing chemical tanker Kissho Maru to run aground
Australia accused in East Timor oil dispute
Sweden to launch fresh probe into Estonia ferry tragedy
Oil slick in the Delaware River is now 70 miles long, oil still leaking from Athos I
China tests a new ICBM-capable submarine
Invasive Chinese mitten crabs worry biologists in Quebec
Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises offer new cell phone access at sea
Congestion in the Turkish straits is expected to figure high in the talks between Turkish and Russian officials this week
Rescuers scramble to help survivors of Philippines floods, more than 650 killed
Ships are hitting and killing endangered right whales in the North Atlantic, advocates call for action
Delaware river oil spill spurs shut down of PSEG Nuclear's Salem Nuclear Generating Station
Canada closes ports to Faroe Islands, Denmark, Greenland over disputed shrimp
Oil has seeped from an underwater leak near an offshore well off Brazil's southeastern coast
French fishermen temporarily block the two French Channel ports to protest fishing quotas, Dover-Calais ferries have resumed
Kone Corp. to acquire global maritime industry company Macgregor International AB
Port of Albany, New York raises fees to cover added cost of federally mandated security
Mysterious oil spill soils hundreds of birds off Estonian coast
Ports of Auckland and waterfront employees reach agreement
US rules out dam removal for salmon recovery
Bouchard Transportation Company fined $10 million for Buzzards Bay Oil Spill
Several groups are alarmed by proposed change to California's Delta water plan
Canada to close ports to Denmark over disputed shrimp
Japanese aid to smaller nations coincides with whaling votes
Overfishing in Malaysia's coastal marine waters is leading to an alarming decline in catches
Atomic icebreaker being built at Russia's Baltiysky shipbuilding plant catches fire, no casualties reported
UK's Ministry of Defence agrees to bail out Swan Hunter shipyard
Russia does not intend to lease Apl-971 submarine to India, and will not sell India a nuclear sub
Bush administration to dramatically reduce areas protected for salmon in the Pacific Northwest
Robert Ballard says Titanic sightseers are 'loving it to death'
New Maritime Law Enforcement Training Center opening in Charleston, South Carolina
South Korean police seize four Chinese fishing vessels
Australian Senate seeks to limit ocean noise and sonar for whales' sake
Hezbollah's Aeronautics Defense Systems plans unmanned military maritime vehicles

November 2004
ABS provides Approval In Principle to Ocean LNG tank and carrier design
Japan's Koizumi wants gas field dispute with China resolved
P&O faces strikes over plan to cut 1,200 jobs, UK union says
Oil-eating bacteria may prove to be a solution to US energy needs
Whaling ban review underway
Pregnant right whale killed by a ship off the Virginia coast, second this year
US sets anti-dumping duties on Chinese and Vietnamese shrimp
Environmental scientists discuss impact of The Palm Islands and The World projects
Virginia's Chesapeake Bay is given 'dismal' grade in annual health checkup
Opposition member of Canada's Parliament says the federal government mislead the public about sub deal
India likely to clinch French submarine deal early next year
UN Secretary-General voices hope for access to safe drinking water for all
Ocean Biographic Information System (OBIS) proves its worth to scientists, even though most data is from the surface
Chicoutimi sailors caught talking to media face charges under military law
Coral thrives on sunken WWII ships in Gulf of Mexico, proves deep-sea reefs are viable
New US law helps protects military shipwrecks from looters
Iran, Spain to build 10 tanker ships
Icicle Seafoods Inc., two related companies, fined $3.44 million for exceeding crab processing quotas in Alaska
WWF applauds first global forum to end sea turtle bycatch fatalities, calls for swift action
Malaysia Bulk Carriers to buy four product tankers
Iran to boost fishery ties with Uruguay
Fishing agreement between the EU and Norway helps Scotland's fishermen
New sightings of invasive snakehead near Philadelphia cause concern
Humane Society seeks regulations on long-line fishing off Australia, the practice kills albatross
Pakistani, Chinese presidents expected to open first phase of Gwadar Port by the end of the year
200 passengers on car ferry from Britain stranded off France for nine hours when another ferry got stuck in its berth
India's Navy starts construction on indigenous aircraft carrier
Petra Perdana acquires 70% stake in Sibu-based shipyard
Russian marines mark 299th anniversary of the corps
Navy gives five-member panel looking into Chicoutimi fire more time
Canada strategically places dead post-spawn salmon in areas to provide nutrients for other fish
Sixty-three countries agree to ban the killing of sharks for their fins in the Atlantic Ocean
Chile shows interest in tapping into Papua New Guinea's oil and gas resources
ExxonMobil's shipping affiliates receive British Safety Council's top recognition
Fixing world piracy problem could ease maritime terror threat
Canada's Minister of National Defence declines to comment on CBC News report about Chicoutimi's mechanical problems
Petrobras opens bidding process for construction of 42 oil tankers
Plans to revitalize Victoria, Canada's Point Hope Shipyard are in limbo
Beijing urged to control ships in South Korean fishing zones
Singapore's minister of state for defense fears the Malacca Strait remains an attractive target for terrorists
Uncharted rock off Tasmania may be to blame for damage to cargo ship Victorian Reliance
Oil slick off Newfoundland threatens 100,000 birds, says scientist
ABS chairman calls for industry-wide re-evaluation of Class Society responsibilities
Scientists study sustainable methods for growing mussels
New ocean center formed by New Zealand's National Institute for Water & Atmospheric Research
Dutch government may help develop Argentina's Ibicuy port in Entre Rios province
Southampton docks crowded, truck drivers complain of nine hour wait to unload containers
Electa Johnson dies at 95; co-leader of epic global sailing trips
Union may shut down New Zealand ports if overseas labor is brought in under guise of shortages
East Timor unlikely to meet a year-end deadline for signing deal on gas
Invasive New Zealand mud snails found for the first time in Colorado
Hurricane uncovers sunken 19th-century ship off Florida shore
Conclusions of the EU November 2004 Fisheries Council
US Commerce Department seems likely to charge tariffs on foreign shrimp, claims price dumping
Creative boat builder uses discarded windsurfing board and other materials
Dutch company Mammoet may participate in raising Russian submarine K-159 from the bottom of the Barents Sea
Liberian tanker fire near Dardanelles under control
Cell connections head out to sea
Pakistan's Maritime Security Agency arrests 22 more Indian fishermen in the Karachi coast, around 750 Indian fishermen in prison total
Pakistan Navy Ship PNS Babur participates in the US-led Coalition Maritime Campaign Plan in the Gulf region
Pod of dolphins saves swimmers from a great white shark off the northern New Zealand coast
Liberian-registered oil tanker Gemmar Progress is on fire just outside the Dardanelles Straits off western Turkey
Northrop Grumman's new LPD 18 transport dock ship christened New Orleans
Halliburton subsidiary Kellogg Brown & Root may be shortlisted to become 'physical integrator' to build two Royal Navy carriers
United Arab Shipping Company will build eight high-speed container ships
India should start building new aircraft carrier early next year at the Cochin shipyard
Iran's Sharif University calls for setting up a shipbuilding industry
13 pirate attacks near the Banjarmasin anchorage in past 6 weeks, IMB issues strong caution
International Maritime Organization to convene high-level conference on the Straits, probably July 2005
Divers may have found ancient homes along the Cape Coast
Syrian-flagged cargo ship Aradosh damages villas on the Bosphorus in Istanbul
Bangladesh paper describes terrible working conditions for ship breakers
Australia's Woodside Petroleum threatens to pull out of East Timor project
French trawler Monica 11 collides with cargo ship off coast of Wales, no one hurt
Bystroye canal project could have disastrous effects on the Danube Delta ecosystem
71 rescued, two missing after fire broke out on the Almaz, sailing off South Korea's east coast
Poland's Gdansk shipyards, once the scene of the Solidarity strikes, seek new life
Fishing industry denies risking shark populations
Officials investigate latest major accident at Charleston, South Carolina's port facility
Japan holds drill in Sasebo to practice for nuclear sub leak
India needs subs to counter Pakistan: India's navy chief
Bahrain's fisheries could be wiped out in 15 years
US Navy's submarine Jimmy Carter (SSN- 23) completes its first voyage
Petrobras detects underwater oil leak next to one of its offshore oil wells
Japanese PM to raise submarine intrusion with China at APEC summit
Australia, US agree to install latest version of computer combat system in Collins and US Navy submarines
American salvage company and a Scottish archaeologist may have found the HMS Sussex
Japan to enhance patrols after sub intrusion
Environmental impact still needed before BBC China enters final stages of salvage
EU, Russia ban some trawling in Northern Atlantic
Machine gun wielding Oceanic Viking will watch for poachers in Australia's Antarctic fishing grounds
The Cousteau Society and Carnival Corporation have reached an agreement in principle to restore the Calypso
Disabled dolphin in Okinawa aquarium gets world's first artificial fin
World Conservation Union to use Nasa's satellite system to monitor global environment change
Japan, China try to smooth over tensions after Chinese sub incursion
Military board asks for extra time to finish investigation of Chicoutimi fire
East Timor's natural gas project will likely be shelved because of a deadlocked border dispute with Australia
Illegal fishing gets hi-tech
Decommissioned Hayler and Gosport sank in US Navy's "Sink-Ex" training operation
India's University of Pune may get an independent research chair for Navy and maritime security matters
Only one of Mozambique's maritime borders has been determined so far
Papua New Guinea shipping firm denies crew on MV Celeste, detained in Australia, is badly treated
Scientists from 17 countries to study world's largest freshwater fish species
UN General Assembly urges temporary bottom-trawling ban, but many wanted a permanent halt to the destructive practice
Illegal Indonesian fishing boats try to ram Australian navy patrol vessel
Australia worries about maritime security
UK's shipyard battle taken to London
Beijing says tech glitch led to sub intrusion
Gipsy Moth IV, first sailing boat to circumnavigate the globe in one stop, to be renovated
Papua New Guinean boat crew denies bad conditions
Rare Fraser's dolphin species spotted in New Zealand waters
Searches could greet vehicles that board ferries in North Carolina, US
Chinese submarine tracked by US off Guam before Japan intrusion
Plan to save rotting Cutty Sark
German physicist says that US researcher's 'Atlantis' is just a volcano
Pakistan to monitor pollution in coastal waters resulting from industrial and port development
Submarine that entered Israel's territorial waters was probably American or French
Compulsory pilotage in Malacca Straits proposed
Railroad cargo particularly vulnerable at Port of NY and NJ, official says
PETA launches Fish Empathy Project to campaign against eating fish - they are smart and sensitive
General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman win contracts for Arleigh Burke (DDG 51) class destroyers
Two Louisiana parishes exempt oil rigs in port for repairs from paying property taxes
South Africa christens its first environmental protection vessel, the Lilian Ngoyi
Water crisis at Nairobi's Egerton University may force cuts in admission
Papua New Guinean ship detained in Australia for being unseaworthy, crew may be ill treated
Passengers saved from burning Liaohai, cause unknown
Australia lodges huge seabed claim
Japan says China apologized over sub intrusion
Lost beluga whale Poco found dead near Maine
Prince Edward Island would likely lose herring fishery challenge
US proposes international measures to curb the slaughter of sharks in the Atlantic Ocean
Russia gets its own LNG fleet
Search for sailors from sunken cargo ships Arosa and Vest to end
US researcher may have found Atlantis on the bottom of the east Mediterranean Sea
Louisiana crayfish procambarus clarkii imported to France in 1983 is now devastating their coastline
High steel costs turn shipbuilders to losses
Sailor in stable condition after rescue from Australian sub HMAS Farncomb
Lake Express high-speed ferry gets rave reviews from Michigan tourism officials
Panama Canal marks its 90 year anniversary, accidents reduced and time shortened since US left
Decommissioned Pearl Harbor vessel USS Schenectady will serve as a target for a "smart bomb" attack
Authorities resume search for South Korean missing in Japanese waters after a cargo ship crashed, killing six crew members
Russian experts help Iran reproduce sturgeon in the Caspian Sea
Zebra mussels are having a dramatic impact on marine life in Lough Erne
China urges calm after Japan demands apology for submarine intrusion
Technology using supercritical fluids shows promise for preserving the Confederate submarine HL Hunley
35 Indian fishermen are in custody after they were caught fishing in Pakistani territorial waters
Subpoenas issued to ConocoPhillips employees in the investigation into last month's mystery oil spill in South Puget Sound
Pump house which played vital role in building the Titanic in disrepair, groups want to preserve it
Strained relations between US and Spain leave shipbuilder Izar in jeopardy
Two more bodies of Russian sailors found in Sea of Japan, died when cargo ships Arosa, Vest were wrecked in storm
Collapsing fish populations off the coast of west Africa are endangering wildlife species on land
Hastings, south-east of Melbourne, may get new container port
Japanese whaling fleet leaves for Antarctic to hunt Minke whales for 'research'
Australian Maritime Safety Authority may require emergency beacons for commercial fishers
NOAA observes killer whales after Exxon Valdez oil spill
Inquiry under way into fallen crane on the HMS Invincible
Canada plans Arctic exercise to prepare for disaster in the energy fields of the Mackenzie Delta
City officials have settled about 25% of personal injury claims filed in the wake of the fatal Oct., 2003, Staten Island ferry crash
Illegal tuna fishing, farming leads to demise of species; WWF calls for restraints on farming
Northern Ireland's eel industry faces a major crisis
UK Coastguard detained eight ships in September for failing safety inspections
Satamatics' Ocean Alert Ship Security Alert System is approved by the US Coast Guard
EC could place stricter limits on cod fishing
Finland's Aker Yards will merge Helsinki, Turku and Rauma shipyards into one - workers protest
South Korea's military begins building its first destroyer equipped with the Aegis Weapon System
Chieftain completes underwater hydraulic equipment deal for Tyne shipyard Swan Hunter
Pirates operating in Indonesian waters and the Malacca straits are busy and destructive despite patrols
£6bn overspend on UK weapon projects, including £1bn on three Astute-class submarines
Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding will build 5 container ships for the China Shipping Group
Satellite tracking project shows the locations where albatrosses come into conflict with fishing trawlers
Solar sail spacecraft will be launched from a submerged Russian submarine in March
Fishing industry blamed for 100,000 albatross deaths a year
Undersized fish die by the thousands in mystery ship's wake off New Zealand
Tory MP derides Swan Hunter's shipbuilding efforts
Three new bottom-dwelling sea squirts are found off coastal Georgia
South Korea's navy sends three warning messages after North Korean patrol boat briefly crossed a disputed maritime border
Decision on the fate of the wrecked BBC China will be made after environmental impact assessment
China, Russia hold talks to solidify maritime cooperation
Oil slick is polluting World Heritage-listed stretch of the west Australian coast, source unknown
Pirates are more prevalent than terrorists at sea
Stranded oil tanker Tropic Brilliance is moved, Egypt's Suez Canal is back open
Vancouver General Hospital gets hyperbaric chamber for treating divers with the bends, and other ill patients
Rapidly-spreading herpes virus has killed millions of fish on Indonesia's Sumatra island
The bodies of 18 Russian sailors found in the Sea of Japan, likely from sunken cargo ships Arosa and Vest
Some of Australia's major cities could run out of drinking water
Victoria Shipyards Co. Ltd. will build six ORCA class training vessels for Canada's Navy
Container ship MV Milena grounded near Raffles Lighthouse
Three electrical experts to inspect insulation, connections on HMCS Chicoutimi
Three men arrested with fish from polluted Yarkon River, near Tel Aviv
Pakistani coast guards arrest 44 Indian fishermen
The military inquiry looking at the fires on board HMCS Chicoutimi can remain behind closed doors
Scientists try to restore Mesopotamian wetlands that Saddam Hussein destroyed
Judge orders yacht builder to stop using Tiger Woods' name for promotion
Thales-led consortium wins British contract for maritime unmanned air vehicle, ScanEagle drone
Search on for crew of dry cargo ships Arosa, Vest, which sank in the Sea of Japan
Canadian Navy will tow fire-damaged submarine HMCS Chicoutimi across the Atlantic for repairs
President Vladimir Putin signs up Russia for Kyoto pact
Malaysia Shipyard and Engineering (MSE) to start building LNG vessels
Semco Salvage and others save bulk carrier Nina, on fire and filled with coal
Chicoutimi to be sealifted back to Canada
Tiger Woods sues Christensen Shipyards, Ltd. for using his name for promotional purposes without his permission
Tampa Bay's derelict crab traps will be cleaned out
Africa should mobilize water resources as part of anti-hunger efforts, UN says
British shipyard officials not questioned by Chicoutimi inquiry
Jurong Shipyard wins contract to build two container ships for Germany's RFL
Amendments to suppression of unlawful acts (SUA) treaties set for adoption in October 2005
Investigation takes place on Tyneside lake Killingworth after nearly 10,000 fish are found dead
Invasive king crab is out of control in Norway
Fishing pirates get more ruthless in their pursuit of the Patagonian toothfish in Antarctic waters
Crew of liquefied petroleum gas tanker foils armed robber who tried to board the ship at a port in Indonesia
Environmental groups angry over resources needed to bottle water when it is available free out of the tap
Male bass in the Potomac River produce eggs, scientists shocked, man-made pollutants blamed
Fish fossil confirms origin of nostrils
Nuclear-powered Russian submarine Svyatoi Georgii Pobedonosets successfully launches ballistic missile
J.D. Irving Limited wins tax battle, New Brunswick must repay overcharged property taxes for the Saint John shipyard
The Arctic is undergoing rapid and possibly irreversible change
Italy will help Russia destroy nuclear and chemical weapons, nuclear submarines
ABS standardizes on Intergraph IntelliShip
Gulf of Finland Reporting (GOFREP) system working well so far
If elected, both George W. Bush and John Kerry would move to have the UN's Law of the Sea ratified
No major contracts on horizon for A&P Tyne
North Korea accuses South of provocation
Japan catches 59 minke whales in latest 'research' expedition
Canada and European Union consider global conference to discuss over fishing
Drastic decline of the North Atlantic eel reported
Chicoutimi investigation arrives in Canada, more crewmembers to testify
First American Transportation Title Insurance Company announces the Vessel-Under-Construction Title Insurance Policy
Convention dealing with the Caspian Sea's legal status will not be approved soon
Three North Korean navy patrol boats violate western sea border with South Korea, South fires warning shots
New Zealand's navy dive tender HMNZS MANAWANUI finds the fishing vessel Iron Maiden

October 2004
Britain's navy knew about problems with electrical insulation on the submarines Canada later bought
New Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary and Underwater Preserve will preserve, highlight maritime heritage of Great Lakes
Ship with South Korean registry will be used for commercial trade with North Korea for the first time
Floods put about 80% of Venice underwater
Russian Navy turns 308
David Shaw breaks deep water diving record, finds remains of Deon Dreyer who died making the attempt in 1994
If US/Taiwan arms deal goes through, first Kidd-class destroyer will be delivered early
Norwegian shipping company Odfjell ASA will buy 8 product/chemical carriers from Russian shipyard Sevmash
Scientists in Scotland to study mysterious decline of Atlantic salmon at sea
India has not decided whether to buy six Scorpene submarines from France
Lockheed Martin to acquire Sippican Holdings, Inc., supplier of naval electronics systems
New Zealand's Maritime Safety Authority reports weather is a factor in 40% of boating fatalities
Piracy is turning into a key tactic of terrorist groups
Canada denies it bought British submarines so the US could conduct war games with an ally
German scientists, sifting through deep sea sediment, discover stardust that may have helped spark human evolution
Environmentalists oppose plan to dredge up toxic sludge from the Tyne's shipbuilding region
Russia's Admiralteiski Shipyard officially launches non-nuclear submarine St. Petersburg
Taiwan lacks methods to build diesel submarines, says minister
Royal Norwegian Navy's KN Utstein submarine and tanker MV Kilstraum collided off the coast of Scotland, no injuries
Double-hulled tanker Bergitta collided with container ship Eyra off Denmark, no spill but oil may have to be salvaged
Mobile phone call saves immigrants adrift off the Canary Islands for three days
Fishing boat FB Kausara found drifting off Bangladesh, fish gone and 16 crew dead in ice chamber
Talks over maritime boundary between Australia and East Timor have stalled
Submarines are obsolete as a naval weapon or weapons platform
ABS establishes new headquarters for Middle East Region in Qatar
Taiwan, US arms deal still controversial
France seeks to seal deal for six submarines with India
Germany believes it is too early to consider an alliance of German and French shipyards
Retailers are getting worried about container backup at Los Angeles and Long Beach ports
Japan, China in stalemate over East China Sea boundaries
HMCS Chicoutimi probe now questioning if the boat had enough emergency breathing masks, and, repairs to take at least six months
Greece accuses Turkey of violations of its air and maritime space in the past few days
Pirates release two Filipino seafarers they kidnapped and held captive for 21 days
International Maritime Organization has blacklisted Liberia for not complying with the ISPS Code
UN's Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) revises oil, chemical transport regulations for ships
Scientists give bad marks to Sethusamudram ship canal project
US Aquatic Bioinvasion Research and Policy Institute created to help prevent invasions by aquatic pests
LA jury awards $20.5 million to man exposed to asbestos when working on submarine USS Marshall
Canadian Navy is changing insulation on submarine wiring as a precaution after fire on HMCS Chicoutimi
Security inspections begin in Finnish harbors, officials inspect random ferry passengers
Indonesia pressures Eukor to salvage car carrier Hyundai No 105, sank in the Singapore Strait last May
European Commission proposes ending regulation that allows shipping lines to collude on freight rates
Scientists have proof that strong tides can trigger earthquakes, may help predict them
Worldwide, ports are safer today than a year ago, but they're still not safe
Last summer's high mortality rates in Maine's harbor seals is still a mystery
New Zealand launches operation against illegal fishing in the Hauraki Gulf
Canadian Navy conducts air quality tests aboard HMCS Chicoutimi
Memorial commemorates SS Princess Sophia tragedy
News of looming lockout that could halt Norwegian oil and gas production pushes up international oil prices
Australia targets Antarctic poaching
Oil salvage operations underway on grounded BBC China
Three Chinese fishing boats seized for violating South Korean waters
Nigeria fails to set new date to hand over disputed Bakassi peninsula to Cameroon
Fedor Konyukhov hopes to beat the record for the fastest single-handed non-stop round-the-world voyage in his yacht Alye Parusa
Bush signs tax bill that helps US shipyards, other specialized industries
Federal agency approves transfer of more water from Northern to Southern California; environmentalists fear it will harm fish
US Navy commissions fast-attack nuclear-powered submarine USS Virginia in Norfolk
Navy veterans to mark 100th anniversary of Russia's submarine force
Indian Navy wants 120 new ships, 12 submarines over the next 13 years
Environmental groups raise awareness of importance of Bahrain's coral reefs
Russia denies it will lease a submarine to India
Canada adds right whale to Species at Risk Act, leaves off 2 types of sockeye salmon for 'socioeconomic reasons'
Swedes in danger of loving crayfish to death
Salvaging British Columbia's salmon fishery
Sembawang Shipyard uses online portal to manage ship repair jobs
Germany has renewed talks on the sale of two new submarines to Israel
China, Philippines conduct first-ever joint search and rescue maritime exercise
UN refugee agency says Turkish asylum-seekers at sea deserve hearings
Russia's Duma ratifies Kyoto Protocol, clearing the way for the climate change pact to come into force worldwide
Canadian admiral admits their submarine skills diminished in the late 1990s
162 aquatic foreigners are killing off crucial segments of the Great Lakes food web
Plea to save shipbuilding jobs on the Tyne will go personally to Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon
India to lease nuclear submarine from Russia, but Indian navy denies the deal has been finalized
Nigeria and Cameroon meet again over border dispute
Divers may have found remains of Pearl and Hermes, ran aground on Hawaiian atoll in 1822
Trouble trying to salvage oil from BBC China
Hyundai Mipo Dockyard Co. wins orders to build 15 tankers
Strategies for maritime security in Southeast Asia
Shark photograph captures prize
Canadian military officers defend need for submarines to help patrol the ocean
Washington state's Todd Pacific Shipyards Corporation receives awards for environmental excellence
Russian submarine-launched Bulava intercontinental ballistic missile test launch goes well
DRS Technologies awarded $34.3 million in new orders for US Navy display workstations
China criticizes Vietnam's oil tender in disputed waters of the South China Sea
Investigation into grounding of the BBC China, and oil removal, to begin on Wednesday
Scylla, sunk to become Europe's first artificial reef, is attracting divers
UN Secretary-General warns loss of biodiversity should raise "loudest of alarms"
Washington state's killer whales head south, avoid oil spill near Tacoma
San Diego, California considers building more cruise ship terminals
Draft bill containing proposed purchase of advanced weapons from the US will be reviewed by Taiwan's legislature this week
Two men plead guilty to smuggling 50 Mexican immigrants aboard yacht
Replica of Captain Cook's HM Bark Endeavour to return to Australia for good
Growing offshore wind power industry could bring up to 76,000 new jobs to the UK
New Zealand's Victoria University launches Centre for Marine Environmental and Economic Research
Some concerns that cargo ship BBC China might have nuclear waste on board, which the ship's owners deny; meanwhile, Weather hampers oil recovery
"Protecting Our Ocean: California's Action Strategy" outlines plan to restore the state's coastline
Japanese whaling boats accused of illegally hunting within Australia's whale sanctuary
International Council for the Exploration of the Sea recommends ban on cod fishing
Ernest Borgnine receives honorary rank of Chief Petty Officer
Canada's Commons Defence Committee to probe submarine purchase from Britain
Labrador Metis food fishery threatens salmon, says conservation group
Sixty Indian fishermen fishing in Jakhau sea maritime boundary inside the Indian territory are arrested by Pakistan
Denver-based mining giant Newmont has not polluted an Indonesian bay near gold mine
Bath City Boat Trips has suspended operations pending investigation into capsizing
Pirate boat capsizes after colliding with tug at the southern end of Indonesia's Riau Islands
Board of inquiry begins investigation into HMCS Chicoutimi disaster
EADS seeks stake in the shipyard operations of ThyssenKrupp
Deep water research ship Tangaroa back with first discoveries about the ocean floor northeast of New Zealand
Sweden may deploy a Gotland-class submarine in San Diego to train US sub crews
Canadians face huge bill for sub rescue
It may take months for a ruling on whether more "Ghost Fleet" ships can go to the UK for scrapping
Cleanup of mysterious oil spill in Puget Sound brings in 1.4 tons of oily debris
Los Angeles, California-area ports see growing pains as record cargo causes severe backups
New rules seek to stem illegal caviar trade
Some of the Chicoutimi crew heading home to Halifax
More than 10,000 fish killed by blue green algae in South Yorkshire
Annual meeting of the Aquaculture Association of Canada begins October 17
Scottish fishery managers search for ways to fight parasite threat to salmon
Transport conference discusses Nigeria's maritime potential
Northern snakehead found in Chicago's Burnham Harbor, alarming state biologists
US court to hear Marad's bid to send more old ships to be scrapped in the UK on Friday
Phillippines increases port security after charging SuperFerry 14 bomb suspects
Australian stevedores to impose security levy
South Korea, China, Japan to hold talks on fisheries preservation
Applying nanotechnology to water purification techniques
12-year-old double-hull oil tanker Luzon Spirit ran aground off the east Denmark
UK minister rules out supporting Swan Hunter when its Wallsend shipyard runs out of work in 2006
Major conference on mercury pollution to be held in Gimli, Manitoba
Dolphins killed in research accident east of Flinders Island in Bass Strait
Barracuda FPSO vessel P-43 leaves the Maua-Jurong shipyard in Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro State, for sea trials
Settlement reached in contamination claim against Charleston Naval Industrial Reserve Shipyard during World War II
Four workers injured in explosion in cargo ship under construction at a shipyard in Tadotsucho, Kagawa Prefecture
Canadian submariner remembered for his dedication at memorial service held in Scotland, Full military funeral held in Halifax
VIP Systems of Houston shows off its remote-controlled security system for ships
Submarine USS Virginia (SSN-774) delivered to the Navy in a ceremony at Electric Boat shipyard
World's pollution hotspots revealed from space - even shipping lanes show up
Canada temporarily withdraws three British-made submarines from service
Investigation under way into allegations that members of the Irish fishing fleet have been involved in illegal practices
Vessel at Jurong Shipyard caught fire last month because the flammable cargo was not purged
Mini-submarine known as Deep Worker will help researchers find the "Mayan Atlantis"
Det Norske Veritas (DNV) opens laboratory in Bergen to test out new marine equipment
Treasure hunter, state of Michigan battle over wreck of 17th century ship Le Griffon
Russia complies with new international maritime security requirements
ChevronTexaco announces deepwater oil discovery in the shared Angola/Congo zone
Nigerian Navy takes over security at ports
Finnish commuter ferry captain forgot to turn off the autopilot, for the second time in three days
Despite changes to fishing rules, the sea turtle population is still declining
Worker from the old Whyalla Shipyards rejects cash offer from former boss BHP Billiton
Oral arguments for Earthjustice's challenge against scrapping ships in England takes place on Friday
US denies plans to patrol Strait of Malacca
One year later Staten Island Ferry system is shaping up
IMB warns ships of robbers posing as kidnappers
New Zealand's crew shortage takes toll on fishing boats
Spanish count will attempt to jet ski the Camino de Santiago
Soaring oil prices are forcing many Hong Kong fishermen to stay ashore, some may give up the business
Why feds believe terrorists are probing Washington state ferry system
Canada's military to conduct one inquiry into the Chicoutimi, not separate the fire and subsequent death of a navy submariner
France, Germany battle for contract to sell six submarines to India
Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz reviews revival and restructuring plan of the Karachi shipyard and Engineering Works
Bid to dissociate piracy from terrorism
Sailor claimed sub sank trawler Gaul
Piracy curbed after joint patrols by Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia
Taiwan now says the eight diesel-electric submarines should be made in the US
At least 61 fishermen, missing in the Arabian Sea from the October 1 cyclone have returned to Okha port
Canadian navy launches two formal inquiries into Chicoutimi fatal fire
US Navy sub sites in Connecticut, Maine seen as vulnerable to base closings
Used subs vulnerable to electrical problems after mothballing, say experts
Three US ports will report on results of Operation Safe Commerce by the end of the year
Using electricity to restore corals
Caspian Sea caviar quotas reduced to promote sustainable supplies
Chile drafts an action plan to clean up Concepcion and San Vicente bays
'Dead zone' in Gulf of Mexico continues to expand
Hearings will be held to decide if Atlantic Cod will be labeled an endangered species
Public inquiry into the loss of the trawler Gaul and its 36 crew will be reconvened today to hear from a new witness
Singapore sea lanes seen as dangerously busy
South Korea seizes three Chinese fishing boats in its Exclusive Economic Zone
Joe Borg underlines commitment to sustainability in EU fisheries policy
Costs for shipping crude oil on some of the world's most prominent export routes reach 30-year highs
MV Heng Shan, MV MSC Lucia collide in Singapore waters, despite warnings, no injuries
Marine roboticist Naomi Ehrich Leonard gets MacArthur award for her robotic fish
Two ships carrying plutonium arrive at French port of Cherbourg despite protest
Sub story big news in Britain; Guardian likens lease of subs to used-car deal
Canadian Coast Guard ship Amundsen returns with discoveries from a one-year scientific mission to the High Arctic
Japan more confident on CITES whale vote
"Living Rivers" project will improve quality of water in river systems, help boost fish stock in Scotland's whiskey country
Polar Adventure, newest double-hulled tanker, begins service for ConocoPhillips subsidiary
Nigeria, Greece sign Memorandum of Understanding to promote maritime trade
UK detained 11 ships in August for deficiencies, many related to safety
Union members call on ferry giant P&0 to withdraw plans to cut 1,200 jobs
South Korea's Hanjin Heavy Industries wins ship order from Maritime Police
Ships told to avoid Belawan area of the Malacca Straits following pirate incidents
Iran produces steel sheets for maritime use
William Watkins, dead at 78, brought whales' voices to the world
City Council approves plans for giant Ikea store on the site of former shipyard in Brooklyn, New York
Salmon leave Lake Huron, probably to follow their food
Multiple levee failures in Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta are almost sure to disrupt California's water system in the next 50 years
England plans new system to measure long term health of water
Aker Kvaerner extends life of four North Sea oil fields
UK shipyards Swan Hunter and A&P collaborate on a bid to decommission a fleet of 30 old MoD warships
Aristocrat Technologies, Inc. to provide casino management system to Norwegian Cruise Lines Corporation
Taiwanese "Ghost Ship" found drifting on Broome's Roebuck Bay to be destroyed, mystery left unsolved
Malaysian port volumes may jump 13% this year
Armed pirates attack two tugboats and kidnap crew in the Malacca Strait
Belfast doesn't want nuclear waste shipped through the Irish Sea
Florida's new mercury advisory tells how often people should eat a variety of local fish - not very often
1000 Vadodara fishermen yet to reach base after cyclone
Great white shark trapped in Cape Cod lagoon gains freedom after two weeks
New oil slick from Belgian ship Cristoforo Colombo, ran aground near Sakhalin coast
Royal Caribbean International cruise line tries to clean up its act
New Zealand's Maritime Safety Authority calls for boat owners, operators and crew to pay more attention to the issue of fatigue
Miri Port Authority is going paperless in its effort to boost efficiency and productivity
17 dead, 47 missing as immigrant boat sinks off Tunisia
British ships on high alert in the Mediterranean, the Red Sea, the Gulf of Aden and the Strait of Malacca
EDS gets Navy and Marine Corps Intranet project back on track
Study focuses on deformed fish down river of Denver, Colorado area's largest sewage plants
Lobster catch in Rhode Island falling to unprecedented levels
Nature Conservancy, US Army Corps of Engineers begin dam demolition project in New York
Norway opens seal hunt to tourists - seals blamed for drops in North Sea marine stocks
Wreck of Trouvadore found off East Caicos, held African slaves, who instead sailed to freedom
British maritime authorities brace for protests against two ships carrying weapons-grade plutonium to France
UAE looks at links between marine pollution and human diseases
Scientists find that right whale population in the Bering Sea may be growing
Discovery of a juvenile proves snakehead fish is now established in the Potomac River
Study shows that marine reserves really do protect the marine environment
Fourth Victoria-class submarine joins Canada's Navy, will be renamed HMCS CHICOUTIMI
Tension remains between Zagreb and Ljubljana following allegedly staged incident on disputed border territory
Study will look at closing Port of Sacramento
Pakistan assures US it is taking steps to meet port security requirements
Chinese junk containing ceramics from the Sung Dynasty has been located off Kudat coast
New Zealand's Cook Strait ferry Aratere seconds away from disaster

September 2004
27th annual World Maritime Day focuses on security
Both East Timor and Australia claim progress toward maritime boundary agreements, as current talks end
Thyssen Krupp's plans to combine shipbuilders Nordseewerke and Blohm+Voss with HDW are delayed by claims
Double-hulled Greek oil tanker Fotini Lady ran aground off the northeastern coast of Denmark - no leaks yet
Importers, exporters pay millions in bribes each year to move shipments through Bangladesh's Chittagong seaport
China blasts US arms sale to Taiwan
Future of Canada's Fastcat ferries is still uncertain
Scottish fishing industry given research vessel
Massachusetts officials still trying to lure great white shark out of a lagoon off Woods Hole
Wreckage of British whaling ships believed found in Hawaii
US food companies have an extra 6 months to label fish products with country of origin, and whether farm-raised or caught
Russian move clears way to bring Kyoto Protocol into force
Conservationists want submarines banned from the sea around Scotland to protect whales from potentially deadly sonar
Massive toxic algae bloom found off the northwest coast of Washington state
Federal judge casts doubt on Bush administration's plan to protect salmon
Earth's 'hum' may be caused by stormy seas
Japan makes moves to cut whale protection
Salmon and trout catches in Scotland hit a new low
Despite subsidies for Polish fishermen, EU's fishing policy doesn't guarantee a better future for cod stocks in the Baltics
Brazilian government to subsidize shipyards' insurance costs
Finland's Kvaerner Masa-Yard and the Netherlands' Keppel Verolme Shipyard will add 73 feet to Royal Caribbean's Enchantment of the Seas
B.C. Ferry Services Inc. holds first-ever annual meeting, condemned for German shipyard contract
Pirates take a bulk carrier's security guard hostage off Peru
BAE Systems dismisses speculation about shipyard merger plan
Public inquiry into the loss of the trawler Gaul in the Barents Sea in 1974 is to be reconvened to hear from a new witness
Citing security concerns, Washington state is making plans for random vehicle searches in state ferry lines
US judge impounds high-speed car ferry Spirit of Ontario for unpaid bill
US Supreme Court to consider whether foreign cruise lines sailing in US waters must comply with American Disabilities Act
Union officials to meet with P&O ferry company's management to discuss layoffs
ABS offers guidance on propulsion issues for very large LNG Carriers
Finback whale speared by cruise ship Jewel of the Seas in Canada
Scientific model of North Sea's ecosystem suggests dramatic decline of ship stocks in just over a century
UK's Ministry of Defence to discuss future of the Govan and Scotstoun shipyards on the Clyde
Hawaii faces unexpected growth, must expand and upgrade piers, terminals and warehouses across the islands
Four additional obsolete ships in the James River Reserve Fleet will be sent to Texas for scrapping
Iran ranks 19th in marine transport capacity
130-year-old shipyard A&P Tyne in Wallsend will be shut down, workers are moving to more modern site in Hebburn
Pair trawling for sea bass banned
Indian-registered Maanav Star, which ran aground in Sussex, is refloated
Violations of South Korea's maritime border by Chinese fishing boats is increasing
US ready to work closely on Straits safety, security
Scottish scientists use edible seaweed to clean waste from salmon farms
US wants to lease Swedish submarine for joint submarine rescue exercises in the Baltic Sea
Sean Morley completes his solo 4,500-mile kayak voyage around the UK and Ireland
Nominal capacity of Iranian ports to reach at 144mt by 2010
Asian Shippers Council launched; will present Asian view to the international community
Queen Elizabeth 2 relinquishes her regular trans-Atlantic route to the Queen Mary 2
New migration deal between Italy and Libya to stop thousands of people reaching Italian shores illegally
Thousands protest in Spain against shipyard privatization plan
Finland marks 10th anniversary of the Estonia ferry sinking, killing 852
Passengers stuck on ferry Lagan Viking in Belfast docks for 24 hours can finally leave
Pakistan arrests 26 Indian fishermen for working in Pakistan's territorial waters
Australia's Austal will build a jumbo catamaran for Virtu Ferries' Malta-Sicily-Italy route
Chinese fishing boat seized for violating South Korean waters
Tourists, fishermen are harming coral at Thailand's resort island of Phuket
New Zealand addresses environmental impact of bottom trawling
DNA test positively identifies crewman of Confederate submarine HL Hunley
After six years, Canada's Navy is finally ready to show off its new submarines
Strong earthquake at the fault under Catalina Island could trigger a tsunami in Southern California
Nigerian customs tackles delays in cargo clearance at ports
Belgian captain of Cristoforo Colombo, which ran aground near Khomsk and spilled fuel oil, may be released on bail
Singapore set to maintain status as bunkering hub
South Africa, Angola and Namibia discuss a new Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries Management
New UN talks bid to save fish, plants, timber
Government determined to further enhance Malta’s maritime sector
Truckers, fishermen, construction workers and loggers face some of the most deadly jobs in America
Fish 'ladders' will reopen spawning grounds in northern England blocked for centuries by heavy industry
New Zealand cuts limit for hoki fishing catch to boost stocks
SEPI appears ready to hear union demands to halt privatization of Spain's shipyards
Carnival Corporation, Fincantieri sign five-ship cooperation agreement
Senegal marks second anniversary of passenger ferry Le Joola sinking, 1,863 people died
Congress may approve funds to scrap 15 more James River "ghost fleet" ships in 2005
New technologies help find oil
Russian ministries move to approve Kyoto Treaty
International Maritime Bureau says security threats remain, despite new safety measures
Nearly two-thirds of the Caribbean's coral reefs are threatened by human activities
Rumors fly over sunken Russian treasure ship, could be the Dmitri Donskoi
Determined whale Luna has run-in with gillnetter
Scientists on deepwater research vessel Tangaroa to study submarine volcanoes
Ukraine, Romania clash over Black Sea Canal
Rutter Inc. and Aqua Purge Environmental 2004 Inc. to team up on water-oil separation project
US Coast Guard steps up security checks after Pacific islands fail to implement ISPS
US, Canada urged to take tough action to prevent invasive species in the Great Lakes
Illegal Chilean sea bass still entering the country at an alarming rate
WWF warns tuna stocks in Mediterranean are in danger of being wiped out from overfishing
Queen Mary 2 makes first Canadian call
Workers' Compensation Board of British Columbia warns that accidents in ship holds, other confined spaces can lead to death
Shampooing stops oil spill bird deaths
Appeals court: US Navy doesn't have to consider explosion effect on salmon
Yacht builder Palmer Johnson gets new owner, plans to build again
Growler, submarine at the Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum, came loose from its mooring, minimal damage
Liberia may be among 16 countries 'black listed' by IMO for failing to implement the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code
France, UK participate in Menchex 2004 exercise, the biggest disaster simulation in the Channel for a decade
LNG tanker Marte found adrift off the island of Fedje only minutes away from grounding, tugboats tow it safely away
Iran to participate in IMO gathering
Seven Indian fishing boats apprehended for fishing illegally in Pakistan waters
IFAW and lobstermen to protect North Atlantic right whales by replacing dangerous lobster gear
Sockeye runs disastrously low, Canadian fisheries experts say
Russian nuclear submarine to call in a foreign port for the first time
Government urged to keep weapons-grade plutonium out of Irish waters
Kayaker nears the end of his 4,500-mile voyage around the British Isles and Ireland
Florida's Port Everglades receives Homeland Security grant
Iran, Nigeria to boost maritime transport cooperation
Owners of sunken Viking Victor meet to consider salvage effort
Australia and East Timor resume talks over oil and gas reserves in Timor Sea
New single-piston Stirling engine could be used to power submarines
Scientists study whether whale watching poses threat to orcas
As flow of salmon surges, US moves to cut protections, but critics say federal plans favor dams
Life aboard Royal Caribbean's Jewel of the Seas
North Sea oil support vessel Viking Victor catches fire and sinks, crew safe but diesel oil still on board
Thousands of fish killed by red tide, or toxic algae in southern India
Corrosion on 34-year-old steam frigate HMNZS Canterbury worse than anticipated, replacement not due until 2006
Malaysian Armed Forces wants to buy aircraft, support ship to protect the Malacca Strait
Larry Keller, Port of Los Angeles director, resigns amid corruption probe
US Homeland Security Dept. awards five port security grants to facilities in Hampton Roads, Virginia
Hong Kong pushing ahead with new cargo terminal plan
US Navy shuts down submarine communications radio transmitters, new "very low frequency" system to be used instead
Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization to regulate three more fish species
British anglers plan to kill cormorants for eating the fish they wanted to catch
Noble Corporation reports damage from Hurricane Ivan to semi submersible Noble Jim Thompson
Mirabella V, the world's biggest single-masted yacht, has run aground - efforts to refloat her have so far failed
Bottlenecks in port of Montreal; union blames lack of longshoremen
Environmental group Bellona believes the Barents Sea should be closed to drilling for oil
China to supply Pakistan's navy with four frigates
Texas A&M buoy project predicts oil spill movements
C. Michael Petters named president of Northrop Grumman's Newport News sector, Thomas C. Schievelbein to retire
UK's Fisheries Minister announces new measures to promote sustainable fisheries
US Smithsonian Institution unveils ocean science program
Canada's Royal Navy, other armed forces, faces cuts
Australia, Britain, Malaysia, New Zealand and Singapore participate in anti-terror sea drill "Exercise Bersama Lima"
EU deputies urge Australia to respect East Timor's rights in territorial dispute
Five rescued by British coast guard after eight days adrift in rough seas
NZL82, New Zealand's 2003 America's Cup yacht, damaged by storm and will be retired
Japan defends its right to hunt whales
Australia bars super trawler 'death ship' from fishing its waters
Hurricane Ivan harms Gulf fishing industry
Pollution from fish farming in Israel's Red Sea coastal waters is killing a unique coral reef
New Fire Protection in Shipyard Employment rule to provide increased protection from fire hazards for US workers
US officials are considering new regulations to help protect whales from shipping traffic
RAE Systems and Vastera show new security controls for maritime trade
Plans revealed to save the Cutty Sark
Norway's Stolt-Nielsen S.A. and Dutch company Nutreco Holding N.V. to merge worldwide fish farming operations
Pakistan's Navy launches indigenously built fast attack missile craft
Native American tribe conducts first war dance since 1887 to protest Shasta Dam expansion
Hot water discharge from the Mirant Kendall power station is harming Boston's Charles River
More dams spell further decline of the Yangtze River, Asia's longest
Body of Singapore fisherman found after collision with police patrol vessel
Connecticut already working to keep Groton's US Naval Submarine Base off the closure list
Pilot whale beached on Nova Scotia dies, probably ill
Rise of Asian shipyards a threat to Europe's shipbuilders
Canada wants crackdown on overfishing
Hundreds of Libyan migrants arrive on Italian shores over the weekend
General Electric Co. develops wireless instrument to detect unauthorized access to shipping containers
L-3 Communications' mobile cargo X-ray screening system goes on tour
Canadian marine biologist studies the lives of salmon
USNS Capable to be converted into ocean explorer for NOAA
Malta-flagged vessels to be boarded and inspected more frequently when entering US ports
Norway fears sunken German warship Blucher is about to break up, spill oil
Lobster stocks in trouble in parts of Canada, raising fears and tensions
Singapore police patrol boat collides with cabin cruiser, 1 missing
Port workers back on the job after strike in Auckland
The designate European Fisheries Commissioner Joe Borg's first problem will be to tackle the dolphin crisis
Fisheries, Natives agree on plan for orphaned orca Luna
Belgian vessel Christopher Columbus ran aground southwest of Russia's Sakhalin island, spilling oily water
Australia to continue aerial shark patrols despite criticism
US Navy orders at least 9 LPDs from Northrop Grumman shipyards, original plan called for 12
Container vessel market continues to grow
Port of Sacramento, California could go broke in a year
Sakhalin oil, gas mega-project seen threatening rare sea eagles
New South Wales considers blue fin tuna ban
Norway's Kvaerner ASA names Leif Chr. Salomonsen as new CEO
Construction of indigenous aircraft carrier to begin soon in India's Cochin Shipyard
Shipbuilding tonnage in China is expected to grow by one-third this year
HM Bark Endeavour replica docks in Belfast as part of a round-Britain voyage
Ioniecs 2004 Russian-Italian naval exercises to begin
Korea Line Corp. girds for possible hostile takeover bid
Control of Karachi Shipyard handed over to the Pakistan Navy
300th anniversiary of Russian shipbuilding will be held at Admiralteiskiye Verfi, St. Petersburg
Damage from toxic algae blooms on coastal waters dropped to a record low this year in South Korea
Striking workers at Ports of Auckland are considering giving notice of another strike
Plans presented for transforming the still-unused portions of the old Philadelphia Navy Base
Scotland hatchery is raising cod from eggs
Ballistic missiles launched from Russian submarines
Germany ready to help Israel acquire new submarines
Bid to refloat tug boat Vanguard that sank off Skye, was accompanying Canadian submarine on sea trials
Formerly pristine German submarine U-701, off the coast of Virginia, found plundered
Aker Yards merges Kvaerner Masa-Yards and Aker Finnyards
Maritime Pusnes wins Arctic crane offloading system contract
Deeper channel advised for Port of Sacramento, California
UNEP's State of Environment for DPR Korea points out water quality issues
Sluice the humpback whale may have found its way to freedom
China's Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal to be revitalized
Former Royal Marine plans sail solo around the world via the North and South Poles
Auckland's Maritime Union will strike for secure, permanent jobs
Japan eyes undersea resources
Massive red tide smothers the eastern coast of south China's Shenzhen
Russian Supreme Court's Military Collegium upholds sentence passed on Admiral Suchkov
Professor Stockmann research ship to evaluate environmental hazards in the Sea of Kara, nuclear sub is buried there
Third group of scientists find new nonmagnetic, corrosion-resistant "amorphous" steel
Former Kvaerner Philadelphia Shipyard employee claims yard executives favor European workers over American - sues
Norwegian marine archeologists find a sunken ship 14th-century ship
Investment group Nordic Capital offers bid to acquire Kongsberg Maritime
New Zealand's Maritime Union plans national waterfront stoppage if overseas labor is introduced
UK's Ministry of Defence cuts spending on soldiers and families as arms bill soars
Newfoundland concerned crab decline could become full-blown collapse
Super trawler 'unlikely' to fish Australia
Lake Washington harbors fish laced with toxic chemicals, thanks to industrial past
University of Rhode Island starts deep ocean archeological oceanography program, created by Robert Ballard
Booming aquaculture industry could pose problems for wild Atlantic salmon
New York to begin annual pesticide treatment for lampreys in Lake Champlain
NOAA's new research vessel Hi'ialakai will study coral reefs
Philippines, China sign deal to study energy and fishery prospects of the South China Sea
Scottish fishermen condemn proposals for a new European Fisheries Fund
Proposed liquefied natural gas terminal in Maine raises fears in Canada
Security guard crushed to death at Brooklyn, New York shipyard
New home for the Yellow Submarine
Fisheries Agency plans to ban fishing for spotlined sardine in the Sea of Japan
Two injured, two cargo boats sunk when a bridge over the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal collapsed
Trying to keep Irish super trawler out of Australian waters
Study finds scallop fishing harms threatened loggerhead sea turtles
50 Mexican migrants try to slip into Los Angeles in luxury sailboat C'est La Vie
Cargo ship Jackie Moon runs aground in the Clyde, crew member jailed for breaching shipping laws
India working on expanding capacity at ports
Bush administration concludes dams don't jeopardize salmon
Sluice the humpback whale remains on the wrong side of Nova Scotia dam
Request for ban on pair trawling - linked to UK dolphin deaths - rejected by the European Commission
Belfast fears time is running out to get the Nomadic
Pakistan Ship's Agents Association opposes screening containers at seaports
Report finds the trawler Bronny G ran aground because a deckhand fell asleep

August 2004
Elodea, aquatic plant from Brazil, invades Bloomington, Indiana lake
Luna the killer whale to be protected by the new Luna Stewardship Plan
Lack of policy to curb marine pollution in Kenya has led to decline in fish populations
Kvaerner Philadelphia Shipyard broke even in the second quarter of this year
Harris Corporation's ocean observatory system collecting seafloor data in Eastern Mediterranean
Australia's maritime border with Papua New Guinea reopens as fighting wanes
South Korea opposes trade of minke whales, despite their growing numbers
Unmanned remote minehunting system installed for USS Momsen commissioning
Amsterdam split as city floats plan to reopen canals
China's largest container vessel Cosco Long Beach arrived at the Port of Long Beach on maiden voyage
Officials hope feeding sounds will lure whale trapped at power dam back to sea
Northrop Grumman awarded contract for work on USS Enterprise
Acid oceans spell doom for coral
US Forest Service, Trout Unlimited to support cleanup of abandoned mines
Australia destroys three illegal Indonesian boats found fishing for sharks in the Torres Strait
Letters show Lord Nelson sympathized with mutineers who rebelled against bad senior officers
Myanmar seeking foreign ships to fly its flag
Luna, friendly killer whale, is damaging boats off Vancouver Island
Russia's 2005 budget will drastically cut funds to fisheries, other ecological interests
Scientists say US salmon hatchery policy is flawed
China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation expands
Denmark to shut down disputed shrimp fishery off Canada's East Coast
Swan Hunter boss Jaap Kroese tackles contract gap which threatens 1,500 jobs at the Wallsend shipyard
Effort to coax trapped whale from Nova Scotia river to open water postponed
Keel laying ceremony held for USS Hawaii nuclear submarine
Singapore, Malaysia in talks to put guards on ships in Malacca Strait
The number of illegal oil spills in Australian waters is falling
New Zealand Air Force crew helps catch illegal Chinese fishermen
Proposed funding cuts to Hong Kong Sea School at Stanley angers industry
Workers preparing to strike at Ports of Auckland
American Ranger leaves the Ghost Fleet to be dismantled in a Texas yard
Toxic fire retardant (PBDE) is showing up in endangered killer whales
Group files challenge to "sustainable" certification of world's largest whitefish fisheries
Research submarine shortage could hurt sea exploration, scientists warn
Indian cargo ship State of Nagaland freed after internet cable fiasco in Sri Lanka
Indonesia to back Russia's efforts to ensure safety in Malacca Strait
Alang's ship breakers get a respite from lowered import duty on steel - industry may still not recover
Indian women are increasingly taking up seafaring jobs
VIP Systems and partners test a satellite-driven security program to defend ships at sea
Russian oil project to be vetted for threat to endangered Western Gray Whale
Production of the second of six Type 45 warships has begun at BAE Systems' Govan shipyard in Glasgow
NORAD official warns of possible sea borne attack
One-celled organisms contribute more nitrogen to ocean than reported earlier, affect global atmosphere
Scientists explore ways to lure 'Sluice' the whale away from NS power plant
Defense official says the Karachi Shipyard has become a "white elephant" and there is no chance of revival
Dmitry Donskoy submarine completes 2nd phase of trials
BP Norway wins ONS Innovation Award for the world's first permanent seabed seismic array
Armed pirates board two boats off the Indonesian coast, IMB raises piracy alert in the area
Marine pilots are likely to become compulsory for vessels traveling through the Torres Strait in far north Queensland
18th invasive snakehead fish caught in Potomac river in the Washington area
Botulism suspected in wildlife deaths on public beach in Ontario, scientists still testing
Humpback whale trapped by sluice gates at Nova Scotia hydroelectric plant, which has been shut down
Philippines asked to strengthen security of its seaports - 30% still not in compliance with ISPS
Tehran considers bill on maritime industries development
State of world's fisheries makes scientists nervous
International environmental outcry over Ukraine's shipping canal project along the Danube River
Petersburg State Marine Technical University creates pedal-powered, two-person submarine, Goluboi Kosmos
Russian expedition finds steamer Chelyuskin at the bottom of the Chukchi Sea
Scouts remember sunken liner Lancastria
Mexican ports eye LA business
Penang Port makes its online data available to mobile phone users
300 passengers rescued from burning Superflyte ferry in New Zealand
Warning of 'dramatic decline' in Scottish sea trout
Anti-nuclear protesters try to prevent naval base workers from entering the home of Britain's Trident nuclear submarine fleet
US power plants charged with excessive killing of fish through cold water intakes
France's Alstom is a leading contender to manage the construction of the Royal Navy's two new aircraft carriers
Australia's Parramatta River renamed to Fairmile Cove to honor ships built at the Green Point dockyard
Washington state's Grays Harbor Lighthouse to be turned over to the Westport-South Beach Historical Society
US nuclear-powered aircraft carrier John C. Stennis met by anti-nuclear protesters in Japan's port
Historic North Carr, last lightship in Scotland, gets lottery cash for repairs
Signs of lobster decline creeping up US east coast, global warming may be to blame
US Navy continues search for first sub, USS Alligator, lost in 1863
B.C. Attorney General Geoff Plant defends decision to build three passenger ferries in Europe
Benefit held for laid off workers at Appledore's shipyard
Archaeologists find three ancient ships off Italy's coast
"Smart Search '04" exercise lets US Navy practice hunting submarines
Filippi Boats uses CFD to help Olympic rowing team
Los Angeles area port system gets more than 300,000 applications for 3,000 jobs
Trying to judge the success of the ISPS Code
Venomous ocean lionfish is invading the Atlantic in North America
Malta's Tourism Minister encourages clean seas initiatives
Korean seamen are to be given the right to strike aboard ship
Papua New Guinea Maritime Workers Industrial Union fears death toll from AIDS will rise
Staten Island Ferry Capt. Michael Gansas will stay out of jail in return for his cooperation in trials against ferry management
Nigerian waters are the most deadly in the world for tanker operations
NCL will offer wireless phone access to North American cruise ship passengers
SAS Mendi, South African Navy's last patrol corvette, on its way from Germany
Clipper ship Cutty Sark is in danger of total collapse
Two southern right whales explore inner Sydney Harbour
Hackers deface government web sites in Manila, including the Maritime Training Council
Government called to protect oceans surrounding Australia
Philippine Navy rescues, then arrests 7 Malaysian poachers
Aker Kvaerner's Egersund shipyard gets contract for seven barges
EU introduces quota system for Norwegian salmon
Belfast tries to get Nomadic - tender to the Titanic
With a second shipping service leaving Portland, Oregon exporters may turn to Port of Tacoma in Washington
Daewoo Shipbuilding reports profits are up 20%
Dubai emerging as global tankering hub
Accident on HMNZS Endeavour during lifeboat drill, crew expected to recover
Singapore most likely to usurp London as the world's leading maritime services center
US, Marshall Islands sign reciprocal maritime shipboarding agreement
The future for global fisheries is not rosy, and aquaculture offers false hope
Italy's Fincantieri has won contracts to build high tech aircraft carriers
Ancient Rome's fish pens confirm that sea levels are rising - and is caused by human activity
Norway, Russia agree on maritime security, pollution service, in northern regions
India to boost private investment in ports
Russia's Emergencies Ministry plans large-scale exercise in the Maritime Territory
The Federation of Korean Seafarers' Union to vote on strike for better working hours
Fish bar code system under development
Scotland's fishermen granted an extra two days a month to trawl the North Sea
UK's Royal Society to probe the potential impact of rising ocean acidity on marine life, initial report due early next year
Technique to detect algae may provide early warning of red tide
Second expedition to retrieve artifacts from 300 ancient Persian ships completed
China overtakes Singapore as favorite ship repair center
Global Crossing announces sale of Global Marine Systems to Bridgehouse Marine
Eight countries prepare for possible terrorist attack against the Panama Canal
Staten Island Ferry crash raises questions about hiring policies
Investigation shows that not all US Navy ships are keeping track of computer data
North Korean patrol boat briefly violates sea border with South
Undersea habitat becomes experimental hospital for NEEMO 7
Reconstructed Athenian trireme Olympias sails again after 10 years for the Olympic ceremony
Indian fishermen accused of destroying coral reefs in Palk Strait
Malta's Joe Borg named EU Commissioner for Fisheries and Maritime Affairs
Anti-terrorism costs could bring Caribbean to its knees
Staten Island Ferry prosecutors request delay for civil case, so evidence from current criminal cases won't spill out
BC Ferries to have three Super C class ferries built in Europe - Canada concerned about the future of local shipbuilding
Competitive Technologies to commercialize accelerated steel cutting technology
Brooklyn's American Stevedoring will continue operations through at least March 2007
NASA and US Navy discuss building nuclear-powered spaceships
Raytheon Company gets contract for Maritime Domain Awareness homeland security project
Australia, East Timor to agree on maritime borders by year's end
Hawaii accuses US Navy of hazardous waste violations
72 survivors from crowded African refugee ship forced to throw dead overboard
Public is invited to comment on Canada's proposed liquefied natural gas Rabaska Project
Tanker crew foils pirate attack in Malacca Strait
Australia, East Timor resume talks about Sunrise gas project, maritime boundaries
Rescue Coordination Centre New Zealand is opened
Corals may be able to cope with global warming
Terrorism drill held on the Ohio River
Evidence shows thickness of Arctic ice has dropped 1 meter over 30 years
Benthos to provide the US Navy with "Seaweb" underwater wireless network links
India's navy say French submarine deal is critical
Should thrill seekers pay to be rescued at sea?
New Zealand sea bottom-trawling ban urged to protect deep water coral reefs
Brazil's Superpesa, Carvalhao to open shipyard to build compression modules, power generation units for US's GE Oil and Gas
US Transportation Security Administration awards contract to BearingPoint Inc. to prototype the Transportation Worker Identification Credential
Archaeologists find the 18th century Swedish frigate Opland in the Vyborg Bay bottom of the Gulf of Finland
British rowing team defends cost of £120,000 ocean rescue
US federal court strikes down Bush Administration's effort to weaken dolphin protection
Proposed Fisheries Management Reform Act of 2004 gives more attention to scientific advice and conservation
China, Vietnam make commitment to uphold agreements on disputed land and sea borders
Global study reveals higher levels of potentially harmful flame retardant chemicals in farmed salmon than in wild
Four British rowers whose boat split in two said they would do it all again as they arrived back on dry land
Celebrations announced to mark the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar
Gunnebo Perimeter Protection installs security systems for some 40 ports in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland
McAlpine Lock, one of Ohio River's busiest stretches, to be shut down for two weeks for repairs
South Korea to ban the production of fish and other seafood in highly polluted waters
Tenix Defence Pty Ltd awarded NZ$500 million contract for New Zealand Navy's Project Protector, a multi-role vessel acquisition
US Coast Guard to call at Malaysian ports soon
MP demands cockling licenses
UK's Defence review may delay sale of BAE Systems' shipbuilding assets
North Korea blasts Japan's plan to host WMD interception drill
Novorossisk, Russia's main sea port, in need of major overhaul
Staten Island Ferry director Patrick Ryan made a practice of covering up pilot Richard Smith's mistakes
Four Britons trying to set Atlantic world rowing record are stranded on a life raft after their boat split in two
Stranded crewmen aboard the Riham 1 for three years receive only 1/4 of what is owed them; they plan to appeal
Twelve missing tourists on a diving cruise in the Red Sea are found alive
Controversy grows over proposed drilling in "sterile" Lake Vostok, one of Earth's last unexplored frontiers
Yemen coastguard helps reduce ship attacks off northeast Africa
Archaeologists find the lost bow section of Henry VIII's Mary Rose
Thailand may help patrol the Strait of Malacca
Japan's research into ocean resources may be aimed at countering exploitation by China
Federation of Asean Shippers Councils will fight security surcharges from shipping line cartels
American, Filipino naval forces begin anti-terror training
US $417B wartime defense bill focuses on Iraq, includes a Virginia-class attack submarine
Slimy green microcystis algae makes early return to Lake Erie
Census of Marine Life project explores Mid-Atlantic ridge, discovers several suspected new species
"Unconfirmed anonymous report" holds container ship CSAV Rio Puelo for a week; lemons were not contaminated
"Ghost" fleet ship Santa Cruz towed to scrap yard
Singapore's transponder system trial on smaller vessels is successful
DNV Petroleum Services suspends three subcontracted bunker quantity surveyors involved in corruption probe
China holds oil spill clean-up exercise on Huangpu River to commemorate a spill there from one year ago
Deeper-diving human-occupied submersible to replace Alvin
US, UK companies vie for stake in China Shipbuilding
Russia denies it helped North Korea develop submarine-launched missile based on "R-27"
German shipyards to get frigate order early, Handelsblatt says
Singapore threatens ban on second time ISPS violators
British cocklers taking more risks for profits
Greek navy minesweepers to check Piraeus Port before Olympics
Japan will host an international drill to thwart WMD traffic at sea
HMS Enterprise, Royal Navy's most advanced survey ship, leaves on its first deployment
SVBR-75/100 nuclear reactor unit, formerly used for Russian nuclear submarines, to be be used on land
"Dead" zone across the Gulf of Mexico may contribute to shark bites along the Texas coast
Storm sewage kills fish in Thames
Whale carcass taken to landfill
Germany delivers its last container cruise vessel to Iran
BAE Systems closer to selling its Clyde shipyard in Scotland, and submarine yard in Barrow, Cumbria
Australian political debate over Timor Sea oil drags on
SumTotal to support training under US Coast Guard's Integrated Deepwater System program
80-foot whale corpse spotted in the sea off Stokes Bay
Four survive 17-hour sea ordeal in the Northumberland Strait
Inter-Korean talks delayed indefinitely
Four Britons aiming to set new Atlantic world rowing record face freak 45 foot high wave
Scotland gets funding for wave energy
Twin-hulled Lake Express joins the SS Badger ferrying people across Lake Michigan
Organizers figure more than 20,000 people will apply for 3,000 new jobs at California ports complex

July 2004
Port of Sacramento, California posts the second worst financial performance in its 41-year history
India's Navy Chief says the country needs nuclear submarines
Hong Kong launches seafarer incentive program to check a looming manpower crisis
Explorers search for slave shipwreck Guerrero off Florida coast
Four Britons on course to set new Atlantic world rowing record from Canada to UK
India, Pakistan water talks wind up without accord
Singapore-registered petroleum tanker Setia Jaya caught fire in the Indian Ocean, five crew members dead, one missing
Sharjah Ports Authority to upgrade security measures at Khorfakkan, Mina Khaleed and Hamriya
Taiwan's president Chen Shui-bian pushes for new submarines from the US
Container Security Initiative deployed in Piraeus in Greece
New species of worms discovered living on whale bones in the ocean
Albacore Research Ltd releases latest version of ShipConstructor2005
New shark repellent uses chemical signals
Talks between North and South Korea still stalled
Japanese fishing boat seized by Russian maritime authorities for allegedly exceeding its catch quota
ABS develops technical guidance for building and classing Naval vessels
More shrimp breeding farms established in Chu'badeh
Fisheries and First Nation reach tentative agreement on orphan killer whale Luna's future
US, Chile fisheries officials meet in Alaska
Seismic center hopes to expand coverage for tsunami warnings
Raytheon to produce SATCOM system for new Virginia Class submarine
Study suggests Canada too cold for Asian grass carp to invade the Great Lakes
Second Virginia class submarine will be christened Texas this Saturday
Indian Coast Guard, Pakistan's Maritime Security Agency closer to establishing a 'hotline' between the two agencies
Greek Navy vessels have started patrolling coastal waters to secure Olympic Games
BioMer project to demonstrate that biodiesel is a viable alternative fuel for cruise ships
Pirates attack LPG tanker off Indonesia, steal equipment
Large-scale marine rescue exercises to take place in Russia's Maritime Territory
Morton Clark, who filed a citizen's lawsuit to clean up the Ghost Fleet, also represents a maritime recycling group
BAE Systems to provide radio communications system for General Dynamics Littoral Combat Ship Design Team
Five Korean seamen allegedly detained in Marshall Islands
Great Lakes treasure hunter sues for rights to possible shipwreck
Japan's Defence Minister denies resigning over false reporting of inter-Korean naval confrontation
All ships entering Saudi Arabian seaports must present valid international ship security certificates (ISSC) for entry
UN Tribunal panel to discuss maritime border dispute between Guyana and Suriname
Chevron-Texaco, ExxonMobil, Equity Energy Resources to pay $123m to strengthen security in Gulf of Guinea
Nine crew members from cargo ship Qadder-ur-Rahman feared dead, one body found
North Korean fishing boats crossed inter-Korean maritime border on Monday morning
MPs question why Queen Mary 2 was allowed to sail in June while investigations into its safety were still being carried out
Taiwan quietly cancels visit by US military delegation to discuss arms sale
US Navy investigating how its warship accidentally collided with a wooden dhow in Gulf waters, despite heightened security across the region
Nadezhda brings researchers from Admiral Nevelskoi State Maritime University to watch whales in North Pacific
Australia may delay East Timor gas talks
Three crewmen missing after bulk freighter capsized Saturday at the Maning section of the Zhujiang River
Chitosan, hemorrhage-controlling substance derived from shrimp shells, saves soldier's lives
World's tiniest fish identified - stout infantfish
Cargo vessel Qadeerur Rehman found 40 nautical miles from Karachi without a crew
9/11 report notes 90% of money spent on transport security goes to protect passenger planes - maritime and other transportation remain vulnerable
TSA awards Regional Maritime Security Coalition a grant to develop prototype cargo information network
USS John F Kennedy collides with a dhow in the Arabian Gulf - crew of small boat still missing
Negligence led to hotline failure in Korea face off
Australia, New Zealand to announce new maritime boundary in the Tasman Sea
The Baltic and International Maritime Council to help shipowners and charterers allocate costs stemming from new anti-terrorism rules
Nigeria and its neighbor Benin have resolved a dispute over their land and maritime boundary
US Navy's anti-terrorism and force protection to be deployed under the single Maritime Force Protection Command
The troubles over Taiwan submarine deal are more political than financial
Fate of Cap Anamur refugees still uncertain
Kenya Maritime Authority is launched
Russia celebrates Navy Day
Panama slow to certify ships for ISPS, shipowners may flag elsewhere
Submerged WWII vessels in Gulf of Mexico will be examined for their impact on sea life
China tells US not to sell arms to Taiwan
HL Hunley could be on permanent public display in a new museum in four years
Two dead whales land in Canary Islands, raising fears they may have been hurt by NATO military exercises
USS Ronald Reagan docks in home port in San Diego Bay
Turkish ship held in the Delaware River after captain said there was a bomb
Pakistan may seek spares for navy from US
Japan to lodge a stronger protest with Beijing over the repeated presence of Chinese survey ships in its exclusive economic zone
Traffic lanes set for the first time for ships in the Yangtze River
US Senate passes a bill that approves the spending of $8.2 billion for the Coast Guard
'Sea Hunters' find U-215
Fears over whale numbers across several species in the Arctic may keep Greenland communities from their traditional hunt
House approves personnel increase for US Coast Guard
South Tyneside College to train crews ship operators for Italian group Costa Cruises
High-tech surveillance cameras installed on Staten Island Ferry boats
East Timor suggests New Zealand help resolve maritime dispute with Australia
Urgent action required to save tuna populations
North Korea's Defense Ministry to reinvestigate incident involving the North and South Korean navies
Seafarers' harsh reality: Being in jail is better than being at sea
Foreign companies show interest in China Shipbuilding
Malta offers to host office of the Mediterranean Fisheries Commission
Batumi Maritime Academy may close
All 21 scouts on board the Norwegian sailing boat Mohawk II rescued after their training vessel collided with a Dutch trawler
Debate over whether submarines promised by US should be built in Taiwan still unresolved
UK Coastguard defends cuts in wake of lambasting by MPs
Aegis weapon system delivers aboard US Navy destroyer James E. Williams (DDG-95)
Lockheed Martin, South Jersey Port Corporation, sign contract for enhanced port security
Indonesia suspects international plot over piracy claims
New Zealand's Ministry of Fisheries launches National Aquatic Biodiversity Information System
John Howard pledges $100 million-plus to bolster maritime security in Australia
US Navy continues to show off Summer Pulse '04
16th International From Asia To Europe Bosphorus Swimming, Rowing and Sailing Races held
90% of Titanic artifacts for sale online are fake
Panamanian ship GOUTA detained in East China for safety measures
North Korea denies July 14 violation of West Sea border
Vanuatu Maritime Surveillance Centre increases air patrols to catch illegal fishers
19th century barge discovered at the bottom of a canal in Edinburgh
China launches research station in Arctic to study impact of climate changes
US Coast Guard commandant Adm. Thomas H. Collins calls again for faster fleet replacement
Phytoplankton can change the weather to suit their needs
Regional Maritime Security Coalition gets research contract for port security enhancements in the US Northwest
Nigerian maritime industry may shut down July 29 if government doesn't address union issues
South Korean oil tanker Sunyang is sinking off Busan after colliding with Chinese cargo ship Yueyou 201
Nato's entire Mediterranean naval fleet will be assigned to protect the Olympics
Newcastle's Seafarer Services will teach Chinese seafarers maritime English
South Korean oil tanker refuses Iraq call on security fears
Nine Indonesian seafarers are missing after pirates threw them overboard
Maritime patrollers among added security measures for Democratic National Convention
Turkey, EU concerned that Russian plans to ship oil through the Black Sea will increase tanker traffic in the Bosporus
US urges Taiwan to be more assertive if it wants to procure AEGIS-equipped destroyers
Russia to launch a system to monitor submarines, ships, aircraft in Barents Sea
South Korean vessels near Panama Canal are warned of terrorist threat
Island Cruises sets sail with cell phone service
Manufacturing union Amicus warns new order critical to the future of BAE Systems
Dubai Drydocks plans to enter the mid-size shipbuilding business
New Zealand frigate HMNZS Te Mana races to the aid of a merchant ship
Chinese scholars propose building an oil pipeline from Myanmar to China
US shrugs off China warning, will continue selling weapons to Taiwan
British nuclear-powered submarine HMS Tireless leaves Gibraltar
Exide Industries Ltd. may supply Russian government with submarine batteries
Electronic shark shields for surfboards
US Coast Guard selects VERITAS software
North Korean patrol boat crossed maritime border Wednesday, retreated after South Korean Navy fired warning shots
Terror alert extended to South Korean deep-sea fishing vessels in the Persian Gulf
"International cruise city" planned for Xiamen, China
Hackers continue to attack South Korean government servers, including the National Maritime Police Agency
Syria to reduce its territorial waters from 35 to 12 miles
Cargo vessel Pongola refloated, ran aground in Mozambican port of Beira
Seoul maps out anti-terror manual
Hundreds of Finns report emergency flares from distressed vessels - turns out to be meteor showers
Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria may strike to protest ongoing port concessioning in the country
EDO to provide Radio Frequency Distribution System for US Coast Guard's Deepwater project
Shipwrecked Australian children found
US Coast Guard to inspect port security systems at Busan and other Korean ports beginning July 19
So far, only 18 of the 1,700 vessels calling at Singapore do not meet ISPS code
German port of Hamburg on high alert for Queen Mary 2 visit
Russian navy to take part in NATO exercises in 2005
US Navy's aluminum twin-hull catamaran is in Hawaii for RIMPAC mine-clearing exercise
Remains of German submarine U-215 found on Nova Scotia fishing grounds
Strike averted at Los Angeles ports, union members will vote on the proposal Thursday
Sharks hunted in Australia after surfer is bitten in half
Search to start for first US Navy sub USS Alligator - sunk in a storm in the Civil War
Port of Portland battles Washington state to become Hyundai import hub
Iraqi Web side denies posting the warning to bomb South Korean ships
Seafarers Union of Kenya censures state over failing to meet ISPS Code deadline
North Korea informs Seoul of delay for maritime talks
International Transport Workers' Federation on the lookout for misuse of ISPS Code as weapon against port unions
Malaysia models new Maritime Enforcement Agency in part after Italian Coast Guard
One dies, one missing in collision between Chinese ship Jingan No 6 and South Korean LNG ship Saehan Galaxy
Oil industry sues to block California pollution standards on 22 offshore oil platforms
British delegation visits nuclear waste site in Russia
Twenty six illegal immigrants rescued by Armed Forces of Malta
Ferry search policy may be enforced in North Carolina
Chinese naval ship spotted in Japan's exclusive economic zone
Scientists to study 'cross-dressing' cuttlefish
US Coast Guard restricts access to 2 Louisiana port facilities for failure to meet ISPS code
Talks break down between clerical workers union and shipping companies, could affect all US longshore workers
EU's G5 considers a "more integrated approach" to managing borders
China will celebrate next years' 600th anniversary of explorer Admiral Zheng He
Over 90 percent of the Terra Firme Fleet of 1691 may remain unsalvaged
Equatorial Guinea and Gabon will explore jointly for oil in disputed offshore waters
Questions about fire safety on the Queen Mary 2
Norwegian scientist reignites controversy over how hunters can tell if a harpooned whale is really dead
US ports expel Cook Islands-flagged ships
Panama tells canal ships to tighten security
Summer Pulse '04 exercise demonstrates US Navy's more versatile Fleet Response Plan
UNEP project aims to cut pollution in the Western Indian Ocean
Iraq's offshore oil depots must be protected
China needs compensation mechanism for ocean pollution, especially oil spills
Rosyth dockyards outcry over English subsidies
Pride of Aloha sails into inter island service
Beaver II, Boston Tea Party replica ship, to be restored
Malaysia meets code deadline, shipping traffic uninterrupted
Trying to find sunken pirate ships off the coast of Turkey
Dubai ports become ISPS code compliant
Pakistan Institute of Maritime Affairs demands revival of shipbuilding industry
Keris, porcelain recovered from 400-year-old shipwreck off Kuala Dungun
4 bow sections of MSDF destroyer Takanami flooded last month
Only three vessels detained by Hong Kong for not complying with ISPS Code
Germany and Malta pledge further cooperation on maritime issues
India's Navy will project power from the Persian Gulf to the Malacca Straits
Liverpool's historic waterfront helps get it declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco
Mongolia, the world's largest landlocked country, offers ship registration
Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipyard wins order for two dry cargo bulk carriers
Nigeria battles for compliance with ISPS Code
Joint anti-terror exercise in ports and shipping held in south China's Shenzhen city
Gulf ports miss deadline for compliance with ISPS Code
China hurries to salvage undersea cultural relics
Rescue Co-ordination Centre of New Zealand (RCCNZ) opens
Russia's JSC Far Eastern Sea Shipping Company (DVMP) signs deal with China's Jinling Shipyards for four container ships
Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co reports a 58% increase in profits
NATO sets naval, air force exercise off Morocco
Port of Houston Authority in compliance
Cargo piling up at Charleston docks as strike by independent truckers continues
CP Ships Limited meets ISPS requirements
New York's Port of Albany prepared for ISPS rules
25 illegal immigrants rescued at sea, east of Malta
Key Asian shipping nations have met ISPS deadline
Hong Kong, Singapore ports may detain unsecured ships
South African ports meet ISPS deadline
Malaysian-registered ships and ports have successfully complied with the ISPS Code
Last week, Philippine navy stopped pirates disguised as customs officials

June 2004
Eight British servicemen who were held in Iran for three days claim they were "forced" into Iranian waters
Northrop Grumman awarded US Coast Guard Deepwater contract
Scientists release 7,000 baby lobsters into New Brunswick's Bay of Chaleur to rebuild stocks
NATO aircraft, ships to guard Olympics
Coast Guard's security for Democratic National Convention includes no-boating zone
New Zealand ports meet international security deadline
Fewer fishing boats, fewer drown on Scotland's coast
North Korean fishing vessel briefly violated the western maritime border early Wednesday
Somali militia clash for third day, Mogadishu's main port closed
Indonesian, Malaysian and Singapore navies will meet to target piracy while skirting sovereignty issue
Iran's national shipping companies have met ISPS deadline
Call to protect Scotland's coastline one year after freighter Jambo sinking
8 survivors of burning cargo ship Jambi Jaya 212 go home
Norwegian maritime research vessel Dr. Fridtjof Nansen fired on by Equatorial Guinean coast guard
Pakistan National Shipping Corp. to buy fourth oil tanker
British tea clipper Cutty Sark in last bid to survive
Northrop Grumman selected for General Dynamics LCS design team - will provide Integrated Combat Management System
South Africa's First Lady Zanele Mbeki officiates at naming ceremony of new product tanker Southern Unity
Japan to match Chinese exploration for natural gas fields in East China Sea
Underwater SMS for Australian Navy divers
ISPS Code presents problems for smaller Caribbean ports
Russia opens its largest dry dock in Vostochny
Marine Department confident all Malaysian ports will be ISPS compliant by July 1 deadline
Asian coastguard agencies adopt Asia Maritime Security Initiative 2004 (Amarsective 2004)
Outer Hebrides marks centenary of SS Norge disaster
Norway and Russia extend Barents Sea fishing agreement
Croatia sells about 20 of its islands off the Adriatic coast
China ratifies Vietnam maritime border agreement
Republic of Singapore Navy's latest submarine, the RSS Centurion, is commissioned
Singapore tightens ship security rules
Karachi's Sea View beach reopened
The Sir Peter Blake Trust is launched to foster adventure, environmental education and leadership
US ports preparing for independent truckers strike
Three Indonesian sailors missing after boat fire
Evergreen Marine, Taiwan's largest shipping line, plans to order 54 ships over ten years
Connexion by Boeing, Teekay Shipping, to test high-speed Internet on the high seas
NATO agrees to supply security support for the Olympic Games in Athens
Ports of Auckland are compliant with ISPS Code
China plans to build regional maritime law center
• Shipbuilding collection 2335 British Patents 1625-1875 on sale at eBay UK
India says it's "vital" to have nuclear submarines capable of launching missiles with nuclear warheads
Pollution on Haifa's Carmel beach threatens sea turtle population
China holds first anti-terror drill for oil tankers
Both foreign and Israeli ships will need electronic identification devices to enter the country
Russian President Vladimir Putin supports stronger punishments for fish poaching
Lagos considers setting up a fishing terminal
Sand-collecting vessel capsizes off southern coast of South Korea - seven missing and one dead
Russian shippers race to meet ISPS deadline
UK sailors 'admit Iran incursion'
ABS strengthens offshore presence in Caspian Sea with Kazakhstan MOU
Dhow wreckage and cargo washes ashore, Karachi's Sea View beach closed
Whaling nations blame whales for fish declines
New submersibles, ROVs open deep seas to exploration
Maritrans Inc. among Fortune Small Business' 100 Fastest Growing Small Businesses, and Marine Money's Top Ten
Russia addresses environmental protection of Gulf of Finland
Commercial ships plying the Straits of Malacca warned again of pirate attacks and kidnapping of crew
Xin Yang Zhou the first ship to dock at Port of Los Angeles' green cargo terminal
Iran might free eight UK sailors detained for illegally entering its waters if their motives are found to be innocent
Hundreds of divers visit the wreck of Royal Navy warship HMS Scylla since it was sunk off Cornwall
Shrimp's success hurts Asian environment
SPAWAR hosts maritime forces testing new communications tools
US Coast Guard to inspect cruise ships docking in Juneau, Alaska
Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge says US seaports will meet ISPS deadline
Random searches of vehicles boarding Washington state ferries to resume
Malaysia accepts US aid, but not patrols, in Strait of Malacca
10-day, 15-nation, military training exercise begins with a series of simulated suicide attacks on warships
Hawaii prepares for ISPS Code
Greenpeace activists board the Etoile, believed to be carrying genetically modified maize
Ban on foreign deep-sea trawlers urged along the Karachi coast during fish breeding season
WWII submarine USS Razorback to become Arkansas museum
North Sea birds dying as waters heat up
South Korea's Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries among institutes with PCs infected by Peep Trojan
Dubai Ports on track to comply with ISPS code
Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore funds satellite tracking system for ships
United States and Britain sign treaty to protect the Titanic as a maritime memorial
Decommissioned US Coast Guard gunboat USS Mohawk to be Miami-Dade Historical Maritime Museum
Brazilian scientists find new fish species, Hydrolagus mattallansi
• Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War: Safety concerns about nuclear-powered vessels persist
Scientists track nutrients around oceans
IMO will provide assistance in the implementation of the ISPS Code even after the July 1 deadline passes
Ghana increases participation in formulation of IMO conventions
ABS announces technical guidance for inert gas systems for ballast tanks
Scientists call for protection of remote Malaysian islands
Asian coast guard officials from 16 countries meet to forge greater cooperation in fighting piracy and terrorism
Zelko Kirincich turns down job to head up the Tampa Port Authority
DRS Technologies gets contract for US Navy display workstations
All but one of 16 crew members of cocaine- laden freighter Yalta intercepted last summer are acquitted of federal drug charges
Saudi Ports enforce IMO safety code
Bohai Sea hit by two colossal red tides
AMSEC LLC to provide engineering and logistics support to Fleet Technical Support Center Atlantic
Stricken bulk carrier Cape Africa still waiting for repair work
BCS Automation Ltd. launches VigilantSea - new ship security system
Pirates wielding machine guns kidnap 3 Malaysian fishermen in Malacca Straits
Malaysia to deploy new paramilitary force in Straits of Malacca
Boeing wins US Navy contract for submarine hunting aircraft
St. Kitts & Nevis select SeaSecure to provide maritime security, counterterrorism assistance
US Coast Guard orders port security system using WhisprWave small craft intrusion barrier
South Korean fishing boat seized by Japanese Coast Guard
South Africa's first Type 209-class submarine, S 101, to be launched in Kiel, Germany
US Maritime Administration grants Maersk operating rights for 15 ships, US$32 million a year in subsidies
Emirates signs with Team New Zealand for the America's Cup
Qatari government should be held responsible for fatal attack on Iranian boat
Koreas establish first naval radio contact
New employment rules for fishermen discussed at International Labour Conference
Malta proposes to move all fish farms to a single location
Two Russian border guard ships visiting South Korea
North and South Korea agree to open maritime radio communication networks on Monday
New anti-terror rules may snarl US ports
Two Chinese boats seized for violating South Korean waters
Istanbul Strait closed to traffic on June 28 and 29 for NATO Summit security
Second injured crew member onboard M/T NCC MEKKA passed away last night
Budget overrun for the Snoehvit Field in the Barents Sea, gas deliveries could be delayed
Marathon Petroleum Company awards subsea frame agreement to Aker Kvaerner subsidiary, KOP
Singapore, Japan pledge to work for safer Straits of Malacca
FCC grants Iridium access to 3.1 Mhz of additional spectrum
Hutchison Whampoa to become the second largest shareholder in Hyundai Merchant Marine
First Visby corvette has completed sea trials with the Royal Swedish Navy
Russia, Canada to jointly destroy Russian chemical weapons and nuclear submarines
Victims still waiting for legislation for an asbestos compensation fund
Israel sets standard for maritime security
Avenger Boats signs license agreement with Radix Marine
11th Century Koryo cargo vessel salvaged off Kunsan, Korea
Presentations from 3rd NSRP Lean Shipbuilding & Ship Repair Forum available
Steelworkers at Northrop Grumman Newport News shipyard approve contract
CAE division awarded contract for US navy ship control system
Prestige master's plight casts a shadow over Posidonia
Iran's shipping line receives ISPS certification
Steelworkers at Northrop Grumman Newport News vote today on a tentative 52-month contract
Submarine 'dragged down Gaul'
Underwater volcano makes waves
Oil spill cleanup exercise substitutes popcorn for toxic oil
Germany's price remains firm on submarines to Israel
Alicia, six-man research and tourist submarine, launched at the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth, Devon
Donghai Bridge, to link Shanghai to the Yangshan deepwater port, faces cost overruns
UK environmental organizations call for legal protection of the seas
"Nasty" hurricane season seen for US East and Gulf Coasts
India plans nuclear-armed submarine
Malaysia, Singapore cooperate at sea
Pakistan's Minister for Communication calls for compensation to affected people of Tasman Spirit
Five Power Defence Arrangements understands Malaysia's position on foreign forces in the Straits of Malacca
Cruise ship Island Princess departs after scrub-down, no more signs of Norwalk virus
Inspecting shipping containers for contraband
EMS SATCOM provides ship security alert system using the COSPAS-SARSAT network
Panama Canal awarded ISPS Code certification
Northrop Grumman supplies advanced navigation, communications systems for Ville de Bordeaux
Sailors stranded on Riham 1 since October 2001 must wait another week to hear their fate
Singapore, Malaysia describe how their countries approach their respective campaigns against terror
ABS to class US Navy's Littoral Combat Ship applying Naval Vessel Rules
ABS says knowledge of hull deflections critical in preventing shaft alignment related bearing failures
South Korea to oppose comprehensive ban on fishing subsidies
Singapore fears pirate attacks are resembling military operations
Indian Navy launches stealth warship Satpura
Steelworkers reach tentative contract agreement with Northrop Grumman Newport News
Malaysia, US to discuss port security
Robert Ballard returns to survey decay of the Titanic
First Aegis-equipped Norwegian frigate launched - Fridtjof Nansen (F310)
Six tall ships arrive for Dublin maritime festival
South Korea says North Korean patrol boats crossed their disputed border just hours after talks
Team to investigate flash fire that killed seven on a ship at Singapore's Keppel Shipyard
East Timor open to compromise - from both sides - in oil row
Terrorism fears grow on Asian oil route
IMO panel stresses seafarers' rights
Goodrich Corporation to supply sonar domes for Virginia class submarine
Oil-free birds reveal Forth is getting cleaner
Turkish authorities seize mysterious rocket shipment headed to Egypt
Taiwan's Cabinet approves budget for procuring arms from the United States - includes diesel-electric submarines
Salvors struggle to repair Cape Africa
USS Harry S Truman demonstrates new deployment plan, dubbed "Summer Pulse 04"
SEA Systems Ltd. awarded contract for control and automation systems for Petrobras' offshore platform
Deal on Brooklyn pier said to be near, should include cruise line docking
Developing The Next Generation Of Classification Rules For Oil Tankers from ABS
Former floating museum Carthaginian to be sunk for an underwater diving attraction
Aquarium industry ignored even though it's a source of invasive marine species
Lake Express, first Great Lakes high-speed ferry, begins service
Jimmy Carter (SSN23), third and final Seawolf submarine, to be christened June 5
Texas Clipper II, Texas A&M's floating classroom, springs a leak
IMO lauds Singapore's ISPS readiness
Sailors stranded aboard the Riham-I for 31 months to get their case heard
IMO's Maritime Safety Committee makes double hulls optional on tankers

May 2004
Territorial dispute between Japan, South Korea flares up
Storm beaches finback whale in the village of Ternei
New black-owned shipping line may be launched soon in South Africa
Australia could be hit with an $8.4 billion compensation bill from East Timor
Shipowners ask Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia for safety in the Straits of Malacca
60 foot wing-sailed yacht Inventure designed in Britain for disabled sailors
South Korea seizes Chinese fishing boat in its EEZ
High-speed passenger ferry link planned to cross the Firth of Forth
241 fishermen lost their lives at sea in South Africa since 1996 - I&J training courses helps save lives
Earth from Russian sailor's graves in Japan and China brought to Varyag memorial
Dhow with 9 Kenyan crew sinks off Sudan
Rival Somali factions fighting for the control of El Maan - Mogadishu's main port
Office of Naval Research shows off new technology ideas at Manhattan's annual Fleet Week celebration
Tempers flare as Australia and East Timor battle over vast petroleum resources in the Timor Sea
Military IT faces cuts again
Torch Offshore reports the Midnight Express has completed its DP-2 sea trials
US EPA issues permits for Port Pelican LNG receiving terminal in the Gulf of Mexico
Sarantel GPS antenna selected by Comrod For maritime identification system
Northrop Grumman's Pascagoula yard delivers 20th Aegis destroyer Chung-Hoon (DDG 93)
Washington state finishes cleaning up oil spill from Chevron terminal
South Korea to produce remote-controlled deep-sea sub
Georgia program to let children track endangered loggerhead sea turtles
Charter rates for container vessels are at a life-time high
Statoil charters environmentally-friendly supply ship
SAIC announces arrival of Operation Safe Commerce shipping containers
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries cruise ship Sapphire Princess to be delivered to Princess Cruises
Cargo vessel, oil tanker collide off South Korea's southern coast
Injured South Korean fisherman admits to violation of Japan's EEZ
Pirates abduct four in the waters off Penang in the Malacca Straits - second raid in a month
Regulations for the Prevention of Air Pollution from Ships set to enter into force May 2005
• US Coast Guard safety alert: PROSAR Technologies products
Underwater inspection of sunken MV Hyundai begins
Automatic ID system will identify ocean-going ships on the Yangtze River
ExxonMobil's shipping affiliates receive US Coast Guard awards for environmental excellence
Crew and captain of the Riham I stranded at Dubai's Al Hamriya Port for 31 months
Mirabella V - the world's largest single-masted yacht - to begin its maiden voyage
Oil spill detected around sunken MV Hyundai off Singapore
Russian navy denies plan to mothball Typhoon class nuclear submarines
Gulf Marine Repair Corp. to convert single-hull barge Massachusetts into a double-hull vessel
Two weekend shark attacks in Brazil alarm experts
Indonesia to acquire submarines from South Korea
Castle Harlan to buy US container shipping company Horizon Lines
Turkish government receives maritime counter terrorism training from SeaSecure LLC
Aker Kvaerner ASA's Maritime Hydraulics AS wins contract from Varco International Inc for derricks
US Navy awards Raytheon contract for Ship Self-Defense Systems Mk 2
South Korean fisherman injured by tear gas bombs from Japanese patrol boat
ABS provides structural studies on Ice Class designations with new FEA guide
Two Chinese fishing ships seized for violating South Korea's exclusive economic zone
River ferry carrying 250 capsizes in eastern Bangladesh
Britain's coast guard chiefs failed to act on Sasser virus warning
Royal Malaysian Navy will deploy at least three ships at all times to patrol the Malacca Straits
Australia trying to bring the replica of James Cook's ship the HM Bark Endeavour back to Sydney
As the world's climate changes, fresh water may disappear
California Maritime Academy's training ship Golden Bear ends visit to Vladivostok
Hong Kong, Marshall Islands working to comply with and enforce new ISPS code
Northrop Grumman to supply bridge system for new SeaFrance passenger ferry
Over 400 Liberian refugees stranded at sea
EMS Technologies Inc. acquires fleet tracking software
Republic of Singapore Navy opens Changi Naval Base
Hawaii may miss deadline for port security
Nine Kenyan seafarers are feared to have been kidnapped off the coast of Eritrea
Cape Africa ready for repairs
Singapore calls for talks with Malaysia, Indonesia to improve security in the Straits of Malacca
Historic ship found in South Africa's Coega deep water port - might be the John N Gamewell
Singapore calls for multilateral response to ballast issue
Icebreaking ships pollute Antarctic
Oxfam warns that Australia's tough stand on the oil treaty threatens East Timor's survival
Sierra Leone embarks on program to certify fish for export to European Union members
Maui Land & Pineapple Company, Inc. invests in Hawaii Superferry, Inc.
Norwegian Star and Norwegian Sky are getting repaired at the Port of San Francisco
Crew praised for quick action after trawler explosion in Gladstone
New Zealand's Poor Knights Islands designated a marine sanctuary - now a no-go zone for big ships
90th anniversary memorial service for the Empress of Ireland to be held on May 30
More fears of terror attacks in the straits of Malacca and Singapore
Seaport Taxi owner, operator ask court to limit liability
US Coast Guard, private industry struggle to meet ISPS security deadline
Cosco International Holdings to acquire Cosco Insurance Brokers
Dolphin skin will be key in future designs of marine vessels
VT (formerly Vosper Thornycroft) throws its hat in the ring to buy BAE Systems' Clydeside warship yards
Northrop Grumman Newport News shipyard to celebrate keel laying of submarine North Carolina
Grenada selects SeaSecure LLC to perform port security assessments and plans
Canadian research vessel John Strickland looks for wreckage of the celebrated fur-trading ship Tonquin
Malaysian fishermen are paying pirates protection money for "safe fishing certificates"
Uproar as gondoliers 'cut up' their boats
Indonesia raises sea-border concerns in Singapore land reclamation
Balal oil field to be officially inaugurated
• The Straits Times "Insight" on the Malacca and Singapore Straits: Dire straits?
Jamaicans angry over US treasure hunt
International protections for seahorses take effect May 15
Salvage efforts resume for the Tricolour
Canada declares the Gully marine canyon a Marine Protected Area
Uncovering part of Belfast's maritime past
The bulk carrier Cape Africa will be towed into the environmentally sensitive False Bay for repairs
New ballast rules could create a $10 billion market for treatment technologies
Greek ferry Express Athina evacuated after a bomb threat
Pakistan ready to meet July 1 ISPS deadline
Japan warns Chinese research vessel to leave its exclusive economic zone - second time this month
Russia will drill through Antarctic glacier to lake Vostok underneath - out of contact with the atmosphere for a million years
Kenya Ports Authority is on course to meet the July 1 ISPS code deadline
Teekay Shipping seeks more acquisitions
Japan seeks lifting of global ban on whale trade - wants limited trade in some minke whales
'Anti-freeze' protein is winter flounder's secret
Shell Pakistan Limited acquires marine oil spill control and recovery equipment
WWF launches contest to develop "smart" fishing gear to reduce bycatch
Salvage crews making slow progress on bulk carrier Cape Africa
Guyana and Suriname move forward on resolution of maritime border dispute
Drogheda chosen as new maritime safety headquarters
Distrigas will suspend LNG tanker trips through Boston Harbor during the Democratic National Convention
Yangtze River estuary waterway dredged to a depth of nine meters
South Korea's seafood trade deficit widens in first quarter
Ports of Auckland a leader in security
Salvors start draining fuel from stricken tanker Cape Africa
Two Chinese fishing boats seized for violating South Korean waters
Japan's NYK Line stops sending oil tankers to Iraq's Basra Oil Terminal after last month's suicide attacks
Survivors of March's Lady D water taxi tragedy file suit against owner and operator
Shippers want better policing of Malacca and Singapore straits
Kerry Black wants to bring surfing, and the huge waves that go with it, to a land-locked town near you
The story of the Cape Africa
University of South Florida, St. Petersburg College, establishing the National Center for Maritime and Port Security
Last remnant of Bethlehem Steel's Key Highway Shipyard is being removed to make way for condos
Australia to help Papua New Guinea, others, meet new port security standards
Regional Maritime Security Initiative aims to prevent seaborne terrorist attacks
Andrew Thornhill's World of Boats project grows at the port of Eyemouth
Mystery shipwreck found off Western Australia's north coast, near the Carreio de Azia
IMO Secretary-General visits Iran for the first time
Marinette Marine Corporation launches ferry Senator John J. Marchi for New York City's Department of Transportation
Canadian maritime industry applauds Ottawa for $115 million port security funding announcement
Truck drivers again disrupted the flow of cargo at the Port of Oakland
Submarine USS Razorback saved from the scrap yard
South African navy vessel joins salvage operation of Cape Africa
Manitowoc Marine Group will build second double-hull tank barge for Hornbeck Offshore Transportation
Nigeria should declare complying with the ISPS code an emergency
Port of Houston to begin construction on Bayport container terminal
New Zealand's Maritime Union fears that fishing companies will import cheap Chinese labor
BAE Systems sees carrier delay
Navy-Coast Guard team evaluating threat of waterborne suicide attacks in the Persian Gulf
New Zealand Defence Force selects Stratos' ELS for shipboard satellite data and voice communications
Russian salvage tug Nikolay Chiker on the way to Cape Africa
US continues with its plan to police the Malacca Strait
• US Coast Guard Safety Alert - Lifejacket snap hooks
Emera Inc. may buy one of the world's biggest wind turbines for use on an ocean platform off Nova Scotia
Japanese adventurer trying to become first person to cross the Pacific in a single-oared rowboat is rescued
Giant squid is not especially choosy when it comes to sex
BAE Systems hopes to avoid risks associated with being prime contractor for aircraft carriers
Plans to locate Dutch slave ship Meermin
France and the East African Community agree to study safety and navigation on Lake Victoria
Gulf of St. Lawrence cod fisheries opened for limited directed fishing efforts
UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency hit by Sasser worm; search and rescue work not affected
National maritime campaign kicks off in Gisborne
Iranian underwater archaeologists searching for lost treasures
South Africa ready to handle oil spill if Cape Africa has to dump fuelAntarctic supply vessel SA Agulhas will be used as temporary storage vessel for fuel
Ships in Straits of Malacca told to report attempted or actual pirate attacks
65 Iranian ocean liners receive international security certificates
Scientists racing time, pirates for secrets of Persian Wars ships
Three Chinese fishing boats seized in South Korean waters
Shipping crisis looms at port of Mombasa
Pakistan arrests 13 Indian fishermen for illegal entry
China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC) seeks "further exchanges and co-operation" with Japanese shipbuilders
Analysts fear that awareness of the International Maritime Organization's hazardous and noxious substances convention is low

April 2004
Smit Marine will salvage Cape Africa, fuel oil must be removed first
Portuguese shipwreck of Correio da Azia discovered off Western Australia's northern coast
Forgotten diver saved by Boy Scout
Southeast Asia's maritime industry is striving to meet July 1 ISPS deadline
Taiwanese bulk carrier Cape Africa still under tow, weather is good
Ship's Company of HMCS YORK to conduct memorial ceremony for the 61st anniversary of the Battle of the Atlantic, May 2
ABS statement on Cape Africa bulk carrier
Compensation meeting of Tasman Spirit's affectees held
Killer whales living off the west coast of the US are making longer calls to each other to be heard above heavy boat traffic
Norway to invest in fish farming industry
Euronav SA to purchase four double-hull tankers built at Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering
Damaged bulk carrier Cape Africa to be towed 120 miles away from Cape Town for structural assessment
New offshore equipment contracts for Maritime Pusnes
ABS classed fleet is at an all time, record high of 110.6 million gross tons
Why the Staten Island Ferry crashed
Singapore warns there isn't enough security in the Malacca Straits to stop a terror attack there
Oman, UAE to set up shipping firm to transport Gulf oil product
Professor David Attard, who directs the IMO International Maritime Law Institute, awarded France's Legion d'Honneur
Kenya Ports Authority pledges to "fast track" port security
Airships may patrol the coast
Call from satellite phone, not a Mayday, saves British man on sinking yacht
Taiwanese cargo ship Cape Africa discovers hole in its hull, Cape Town concerned about possible oil spill
US Maritime Administration claims 19 "ghost fleet" ships have value, military disagrees; meanwhile, scrapping deadline looms
Australia's DFAT expert supports East Timor's maritime rights
New Zealand's Maritime Union launches national campaign to boost maritime industry
IMO approves MEH project to improve navigational safety in Malacca Straits
Guidelines for Nigerian cabotage shipping plan to be out soon
Canada to fund technology to improve maritime defense systems
New Zealand divers and crew caught in pirate attack in Malacca Straits
Dolphin carnage 'threat to species'
India likely to buy warships from abroad
Bomb threat holds Negros Navigation's M/V Sao Paolo for six hours
Scotland's sea lochs threatened by invasive seaweed
South Korea orders tighter port security
Finland, Estonia, Russia agree on new vessel regulation system for the Gulf of Finland
Lockheed Martin's new Maritime Domain Awareness Center will support US Coast Guard's Deepwater program
Scotland fishermen join the Save the North Sea campaign and collect litter in their nets
Cypriote ship Pontomenbon collided with Cambodian ship Seabreath in Yangzte River, no casualties
New marine applications for hydrogen fuel cells
US officials warn Asia to be on guard against terror attacks in crowded sea lanes, financial centers like Hong Kong
Former POWs and survivors of WW2 sinking of Canada's HMCS Athabaskan to mark anniversary in HMCS Haida
US FDA says South Korea's management of shellfish sea area good
World's largest ocean liner, Queen Mary 2, arrives in New York
APM Terminals will build $450 million cargo terminal in Portsmouth, Virginia
AVEVA to acquire Tribon Solutions AB
Building a better future for China-US maritime trade
Australian planning industry condemns plans to shift shipping out of Sydney Harbour
Group on quest to recreate Chinese explorer Zheng He's flagship Treasure Ship
Expedition under way to find ships used by Greece in the Persian Wars
Captain James C. DeSimone to become chief operations officer for the Staten Island Ferry
Marlink extends Inmarsat A to fleet conversion and crew calling programs
Japaul Limited will list on Nigerian Stock Exchange, first Nigerian shipping and maritime company to do so
US Army Corps of Engineers to release draft of the Upper Mississippi River and Illinois Waterway Navigation Feasibility Study
Montreal port access to be tightened to meet international standards
Samsung Heavy Industries wins $900 million in shipbuilding orders
Lockheed Martin's Littoral Combat Ship Unveiled
US Coast Guard to help evaulate security in foreign ports
Forum "Managing Piracy in the Straits of Malacca" to be held in Kuala Lumpur
East Timor, Australia oil talks begin
Port of Piraeus becomes security fortress in preparation for Olympic games
UN's World Maritime University adopts US-developed maritime security training program
US Navy may prefer Lockheed Martin's LCS design (mentioned near bottom)
Seychelles tries to protect marine turtles
Japan's replica of the Santa Maria half gutted by fire
All of Scotland's coastline may be made a marine national park
Iran, Yemen to expand cooperation in fisheries sector
India's tallest sailing ship, Tarangini, ends maiden voyage
Preservationists keep it simple for H.L. Hunley
Pollution suspected in deaths of bottlenose dolphins along Florida's Panhandle
Carnival Cruise Lines, Norwegian Cruise Line agree on plan for pier redevelopment in New York
MV Doulos, oldest ocean-going passenger ship in the world still in service, to take part in Leith's annual summer festival
Florida man discovers cat trapped for a month in shipping container from China
Port of Rotterdam plans to double container capacity by 2020
Asian cargo could make up half of New York traffic by 2010
More news about Canada's Joint Support Ship Project
P&O's ferry services out of Hull could undergo a radical change
Detained crew of Tasman Spirit to be allowed to go home
92nd anniversary of the Titanic tragedy remembered in Belfast
South Korean-Chinese joint venture shipping company begins new ferry service Friday between the two countries
Auckland City may sell its stake in airport to buy waterfront properties
United Defense Industries' shipyard NORSHIPCO wins contract for work on USS BATAAN (LHD 5)
New Zealand's flat-bottomed scow Ted Ashby needs new masts
Port of Tampa to install radiation detectors by summer's end
14 New York-area police and fire department heroes honored for lifesaving water rescues
Northrop Grumman's Newport News shipyard to hire 600 new workers to design the Navy's new aircraft carrier
New York adopts zero-tolerance policy for Staten Island Ferry workers who test positive for alcohol or illegal drugs
Shanghai, Korea race to become busiest container port in Northeast Asia
South Korea wins No. 1 spot in global shipbuilding
Queen Mary 2 beset by mechanical problems
Malaysian Shipowners Association asks government to discuss piracy at the Asean ministerial level
Yangtze collision: three more bodies recovered
Cameroon-Nigeria border dispute closer to resolution
Oil and gas exploration and production deal between East Timor and Australia may be in danger
Two Russian Navy officers fined for ordering ship engineers to install a makeshift sauna next to the engine room
Husky Energy receives SeaRose FPSO in White Rose oil field
This week marks six-day funeral of the crew of the Confederate submarine H.L. Hunley
Eritrean, Ethiopian illegal immigrants rescued at sea are 'in good health' in Malta
SUNY Maritime begins course on fighting terrorism in the maritime trades
Security at Australia's port of Melbourne is being upgraded
Yemeni president signs border pact with Oman
Abu Dhabi Shipbuilding Co. signs UAE Navy deal for four corvettes, option for two more
Azerbaijan calls for measures to prevent pollution of the Caspian Sea
Death toll from ship collision on Yangtze River rises to 5
Mills Corp.'s plan for San Francisco's Piers 27-31 gets more time for evaluation
President-general of the Nigerian Shippers Council calls for an overhaul of Customs operations at the nation's ports
Chesapeake Bay's Thomas Point Lighthouse may become a tourist destination
US Senate panel backs $3.2 billion for rail, port security
California advocacy groups call on Royal Caribbean to clean up sewage
Yangtze tanker explosion kills 2, injures 6
Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry moves WW II German submarine U-505 to final resting place
Um Qasr is flourishing
Timothy, a Mediterranean Spur-Thighed tortoise, and mascot on several Royal Navy ships, dead at 160
Busan to be enabled to repair ships as heavy as 20,000 tons
US Navy to test the toughness of its newest amphibious assault ship with a 10,000-pound underwater bomb
Evergreen achieves fleet compliance to ISPS Code with support from ABS
Ballast-water technology to get field test
US Navy offers to help wayward whale
Leased warship may help New Zealand Navy overcome shortage of training berths it will face when the HMNZS Canterbury retires
Intergraph Solutions Group's 3D interface and Interoperability Framework approved for the US Navy LPD 17 program
Ancient Greek ship repaired to carry the Olympic torch
Naval contract good news for Whangarei shipbuilders
Security plans strong for June's G-8 summit meeting on Sea Island
US plan to guard Strait of Malacca not welcomed by Malaysia and Indonesia
Lockheed Martin Littoral Combat Ship team unveils high performance baseline 3+ design
Ottawa proposes tougher security regulations for ships, ports
Security at ports across the UAE is being stepped up to meet the ISPS requirements
China Classification Society opens survey office in Dubai
Anteon wins Navy IT work worth up to $325M
Scuba-Doo called the 'Segway of the sea'
Maoists torch 18 Indian oil tankers
Halifax dockyard workers exposed to asbestos aboard navy supply ship
Cornwall police officer to attempt to the first solo circumnavigation of the British Isles and Ireland by sea kayak
IMO approves preliminary request to designate the Galapagos Islands, the Canary Islands and the Baltic Sea as sensitive marine areas
Swan Hunter shipyard on the Tyne needs new orders in two years, or 1,500 jobs will be lost
Todd Pacific Shipyards lands deal to repair Navy aircraft carriers
Refrigeration failure caused the Fame to sink in April 2001
BAE Systems cutting 760 jobs - 720 jobs from submarine yard Barrow-in-Furness in Cumbria
Hong Kong Shipowners Association calls for global standards for minimum safe number of crew on ships
Loss of Inmarsat C Safety Messages - US Coast Guard safety alert
US legislators introduce the Clean Cruise Ship Act of 2004
Pakistan will buy four frigates from China
UK's aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal may be taken out of service
Torch Offshore's Midnight Express conversion in final stages - being converted at Davie Maritime, Inc. in Quebec, Canada
Canadian Minister of Fisheries and Oceans promotes conservation measures to the lobster fishery in the Northumberland Strait
Maritrans secures patent for converting single-hull tankers
US Navy closes its last base in Puerto Rico
Yemen to try 11 over attacks on the Cole and the Limburg
Marshall Islands-flagged tanker Mario runs aground in Turkey's Bosporus Strait, no immediate danger of diesel fuel leak
Hatchery salmon die when pipe is clogged at Whatcom Creek Hatchery
Titanic items going up for auction

March 2004
Vietnam-flagged general cargo ship Thanh Da sinks in Singapore port waters off Sentosa Island, no injuries reported
Aframax tanker Governor Farkhutdinov launched at the Brodosplit shipyard in Croatia
China plans three new maritime rescue teams
Worldwide Information Subsidiary upgrades harbor safety and border security offering to include nationwide registry
Far North marine jewel saved from oil slick
South Korea to invest US $53.4 billion to make Busan a maritime hub by 2020
Brazil's new P-51 platform to be built at the Brasfels and Nuclep's shipyards
Lawsuit challenges approval of Columbia River dredging
Pusan port to be reborn in 2006
Russia's fleet of disposable ships
As many as 100 Somalis may have died after their boat capsized as they tried to reach Yemen
US Navy cancels overhaul of USS Sacramento, Todd Pacific Shipyards lays off 500 workers
Bolivia seeks return to the sea
Revised ship sewage regulations set for adoption at IMO meeting
Tasman Spirit: lessons for the Pakistani shipping industry
Courts prepare for Staten Island Ferry case
Only 15% of trained Pakistani seamen find jobs
Admiral Horatio Nelson's ship HMS Agamemnon found off the coast of Uruguay
Decommissioned Royal Navy warship Scylla sunk to create Britain's first artificial diving reef
Likely terrorist goal: Choke Malacca Straits
China's offshore seawater pollution alleviated in 2003
Dubai Drydocks expands facilities
Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co. will develop technology to convert natural gas into a solid for low-cost maritime transportation by 2008
Arkansas to be home of one of the last survivors of the 1941 Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, tugboat USS Hoga - Hawaii to appeal
Navy League of the United States announces safety awards winners
Source of oil slick in the Forth Estuary may never be known
Iron powder and magnets could be used to clean birds caught in oil spills
Massive oil slick from decades-old shipwreck threatens New Caledonia's tourist beach
US Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-Texas) wants to strengthen port security legislation
Rising seas point to melting glaciers
Odyssey Marine Exploration awarded full ownership of Civil War shipwreck SS Republic
Great Lakes advocates push for tougher standards than IMO's to stop invasive species
New office for the Northwest Pacific Action Plan, a regional project by the United Nations Environment Program, to open in Pusan
WWF says Russia is ignoring marine environment in oil sale quest
Port of Auckland bars ship's volatile cargo
Fire damages the vessel from "Perfect Storm" movie
Maritime workers to vote on the future of the Maritime Union of Australia next month
Singapore hopes to move beyond basic port operations, into higher value-added maritime services
Hundreds of birds caught in mystery North Sea oil spill
Terror threat to LNG carriers overstated
New Orleans to begin port security system
Fire on oil tanker Everton put out
French navy finds Fijians adrift at sea
New water freight vessel Terra Marique will help keep heavy loads off Britain's roads
Fearing terrorist attacks, Boston's mayor wants to keep LNG ships out of the inner harbor
South Carolina State Ports Authority officials question their "D+" from the NRDC port report
Asian ports urged to upgrade to accommodate 'mega-container ships'
New ferry service from Ajman improves access to Iraqi ports
New Jersey gets seaport radiation detectors
In pictures: India's ship-breakers
Third Namibian fisheries patrol vessel launched - the Anna Kakurukaze Mungunda
Malta-flagged tanker Everton involved in collision south of Oman with an unidentified large fishing vessel, tanker is on fire
New Zealand's Maritime Safety Authority believes a ship deliberately discharged oil off the Mahia Peninsula
US Navy selects Sun Java System Application Server Standard Edition 7 to run Global Command and Control - Maritime deployments
Singapore registered cargo vessel CSK Tribute, stranded in Mozambican waters for over a week, to be moved
Norwegian Coastal Directorate wants stricter control of oil tankers in international waters off the coast
Predator jellyfish Beroe ovata to be released in the Caspian Sea, to eat invasive Mnemiopsis leidyi jellyfish
Royal Olympia Cruises will sell Hawaii ships Olympia Explorer and Olympia Voyager this week
Washington state Department of Ecology strikes deal on dumping restrictions with cruise lines
Thames rowers rescued
Clean up for RMS Mulheim will cost $3.7 million
Australia's port and maritime security put under microscope
China's navigation charts updated more frequently
Jail for drunken captain of dredger Donald Redford
Houston Ship Channel closed for nearly four hours Friday afternoon after tanker collides with tugboat - no injuries, spill cleaned up
Another body recovered from Cambodian-flagged ship Hera, sank in the Black Sea in February
Greenpeace occupies timber ship MV Greveno in Belgium in bid to stop illegal timber trade
Search continues for man who jumped from a Tasmanian passenger ferry
Thai authorities recover two hijacked Indonesian vessels just before pirates could repaint the boats
British scuba diver John Bennett missing in South Korean waters off west coast
A.P. Moller-Maersk A/S reportedly signs deal to build a privately owned marine terminal in Portsmouth, Virginia
At least 21 dead, five missing in overloaded Indonesian ferry sinking near Kabaruan Island
Container vessel MV Delta broke in two when it collided with the APL Busan off the Gujarat coast, all rescued
AT&T Wireless, Maritime Telecommunications Network to provide mobile phone service on cruise ships
Ohio puts priority on keeping invasive Asian carp out of Lake Erie
Alexander Nevsky, new nuclear-powered missile cruiser, laid down at Severodvinsk engineering works
South Korean shipbuilders plan to import more steel
Projects to deepen the Columbia River and barge salmon around four Snake River dams are criticized
Naval Training Center site near San Diego still heavily contaminated
Hyundai Heavy Industries' Mipo shipyard will build 2 ice-class tankers for Tsakos Energy Navigation Limited
British Columbia may be vulnerable to maritime terrorism
Red tide suspected cause of Florida dolphin deaths
Canada's counter-terrorism unit Joint Task Force Two reported to be training on BC coast to prepare for the possibility of a maritime terrorist attack
Chinese, Indonesian fishing boats caught plundering Mozambican marine resources in the bank of Sofala
ABB Group wins contract to supply propulsion, electrical power, distribution, and automation systems for nine vessels
Fonzie, the Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin that pioneered dolphin-assisted therapy for ill children, dies
India offers shipyard repair services to the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) at lower rates than its Western or European counterparts
Cubic Defense Applications wins Navy contract to create new Fleet Antisubmarine Warfare Command in San Diego
Cruise ship builder Meyer Werft signs contract for PLM Solutions from IBM and Dassault Systemes
Analyst says al-Qaida may attack by sea
North West Shelf Venture's ninth LNG ship named the Northwest Swan at a ceremony in South Korea
Oil tanker Chicheng collided with oil tanker Changrun on March 14 - officials still cleaning up spilled cyclohexanone in the Yangtze River
China's growth fuels rush for bulk vessels
Efforts have been continuing to recover the bodies of 19 crew members of Cambodian-flagged ship Hera
Pesaka set to win contract to supply waterjet propulsion systems to South Korean navy
IMO Secretary-General urges early implementation of maritime security measures in wake of Madrid attacks
Western Australia's major ports 'on target' for tighter maritime security
A.P. Moeller, Danish shipowners order $4.9 billion of vessels for delivery within the next three years
Teekay Shipping Corporation to acquire Naviera F. Tapias S.A., leading Spanish LNG and oil shipping company
First South African-owned and operated cruise line set to enter service
Lifeboats rescue cocklers from sandbanks in Morecambe Bay - 20 Chinese workers died last month
Northrop Grumman to supply navigation systems on 12 new tankers
Canada announces a new strategy to combat foreign overfishing
Yemen says it has arrested suspect in USS Cole bombing
Blohm + Voss delivers SAS Spioenkop, a MEKO A-200 type corvette, to South Africa
Museum featuring relics of the maritime Silk Road to be built on Hailing Island, in south China's Guangdong Province
Industrial pollution, deforestation may kill Kenya's Lake Nakuru
Australia fears their shipping concerns may be targeted by terrorists
Australia's HMAS Success gets graffiti in New Zealand's Wellington port
BVR Systems, Serco Defense and Aerospace to supply an Action Speed Tactical Trainer to the UK Royal Navy
Last water taxi victim found in Baltimore Harbor
Crews pull 2 bodies from Baltimore harbor, 1 still missing from water taxi accident
Efforts under way to recover bodies of crew members of Cambodian-flagged ship Hera, sank in the Black Sea in February
Only two people were believed to have survived sinking of ferry in Madagascar cyclone
Pride of America may not be delivered to Norwegian Cruise Line until Christmas
70-year-old streamlined ferry Kalakala may yet be restored
Maritime police seize two Chinese fishing boats for operating inside South Korea's Exclusive Economic Zone
Ferry master had sleep disorder when Aratere rammed into San Domenico in Wellington Harbour last July
Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore tries to attract new workers
Former poaching vessel turned fisheries patrol craft makes its first arrest in Mozambican waters
South Korea may allow foreign mariners to work on domestic ships to address labor shortage
South African ports ordered to beef up port security
Underwater walking robot can can monitor coral reefs, look at underside of ship
Navy takes delivery of last new Perry-class missile frigate Tien Tan, built at China Shipbuilding Corp's Kaohsiung yard
South Korea's Samsung Heavy Industries to cooperate with Japan's Tsuneishi Shipbuilding
• US Coast Guard safety alert - lifeboat gripes
Probe into SuperFerry 14 disaster starts on March 11
Chinese research vessels have illegally entered Japan's exclusive economic zone at least 11 times this year
GE and SAIC launch development of smart shipping container
North Korea warns of new armed clashes along disputed western sea border with South Korea
Future of Portsmouth Naval Shipyard still uncertain
Madagascar cyclone kills 154, sinks ferry
US Congress urges Australia to treat East Timor fairly during talks on permanent maritime boundary
Opaque comb jellyfish Mnemiopsis leidyi is invading the Caspian Sea
South Carolina State Ports Authority's security fee opposed
India's first aircraft carrier INS Vikrant to become maritime museum
Staten Island ferry victims have until March 10 to bring claims against New York City
Petroleum tanker vessel explodes under the Kirikiri bridge in Lagos
Indian navy to have two aircraft carriers by 2011
Royal Olympic Cruises MV Triton to start sailing again
Flags of Convenience: they serve important functions, but are abused, by Capt. M.M. Itisso
Economists predict 10 percent rise in worldwide cargo rates during the coming year
Head of Italian shipyard Fincantieri denies claims of subsidies
Tasman Spirit wreck removed, crewmen await release from Pakistan
Supply vessel Far Symphony runs into semisub West Venture
ABS names Todd Grove President of ABS Americas Division, effective 1 May
South Africa will mount a challenge for the America's Cup
South Korean shipping firms enjoy record revenues for 2003
Coastguard officers warn 85% of all UK stations are undermanned at one time or another every day
Heavy-duty crane for wind power generators
Aft section of the broken oil tanker Tasman Spirit salvaged March 5
Chemical leak in China pollutes water
Inter-American Economic Council spearheads effort to resolve Caribbean port security issue
Canadian Ministers of Fisheries and Oceans, and Defence, to collaborate on marine security initiatives
• US Maritime Administration's draft assessment available: Transfer of National Defense Reserve Fleet Vessels from the James River Reserve Fleet for Disposal at Able UK Facilities, Teesside, UK (8 MB PDF file)
International community is slow to respond to fishing pirates
One-third of Nigerian dockworkers may lose their jobs
New Staten Island Ferry terminals behind schedule, unsafe for commuters
Eight Finnish sailors rescued sinking ship on the northern Baltic Sea
Major port security measures underway at Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority
South Korea to crack down on illegal Chinese fishing
South Carolina Ports Authority joins the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism
Stockholm urges Moscow to join EU efforts to preserve Baltic Sea environment
Southeast Asia explores links between piracy and terror groups
San Diego Aircraft Carrier Museum restoring USS Midway (CVA-41)
Malaysian ports face stiff competition as Singapore dangles tax breaks to attract shipping lines to its ports
Sea Launch to be contractor for the launch of the second Inmarsat I-4 satellite, planned for 2005
Main deck of Tasman Spirit lifted, may take three more days to raise
Canada's new Victoria-class submarines will cost millions of dollars more to operate than their predecessors

February 2004
US Coast Guard increases vigilance for Haitian migrants in the hours after President Jean-Bertrand Aristide left the country
Ferry service between Pakistan and India could be run in the near future
US Olympic Sailing Trial results
We don't want a US merger, says BAE Systems
First British sailors selected for the Athens 2004 Paralympic Games
Oil industry opposes charting route for oil barges through Buzzards Bay
Russia warns Turkey over Bosporus
New Zealand government faces criticism over plan to charge up to $650 per ship to recover security costs
5 bodies total now recovered from Lee III, collided with Zim Mexico III in the Mississippi River on February 21
Guyana goes to UN to settle dispute over Canadian offshore oil project
Reported hijacking of freighter seven miles off Miami is probed
China Geological Survey Bureau reports that China seas hold 40 billion tons of oilgas reserves
Subsidiary of SNC-Lavalin wins $3.4M in Vietnamese river and port study work
Star Cruises, the world's third largest cruise line, sank into the red last year
Nadezhda frigate completes voyage to commemorate 200th anniversary of first Russian circumnavigation by Ivan Kruzenshtern
Russian tanker Partizansk rescues 19 sailors from sunken South Korean Asian Noble ship
US Navy will use Realization Technologies' Project Flow solution at Norfolk Naval Shipyard
Rescued for the third time, Japanese yachtsman Masayoshi Kikuchi loses his attempt to sail around the world, and his yacht Beam VIII
President Olusegun Obasanjo to receive the Maritime Gold Award for Excellence
IMO officials deny plans to formulate a 'white list' of ISPS Code-'compliant' ports
Microbial fuel cells may generate electricity while treating wastewater
"Pelamis" wave machine ready for sea trials in Scotland
US Coast Guard safety alert - confined space entry
Crew of Hunley to be buried April 17
Sparrows Point shipyard, formerly operated by Bethlehem Steel Corp. and Baltimore Marine Industries, may become a vast industrial park
Front portion of Tasman Spirit wreck salvaged
Freak tides leave much of South Pacific's Tuvalu underwater
Australian archaeologists may have found wreck of Portugese Correio da Azia
Oil tanker Genmar Alexandria struck by bulk carrier Bright State while docked on the Mississippi river - 500 barrels of fuel oil spilled, river temporarily closed
China's marine economy maintains rapid growth
City University students to replace DoT workers monitoring Staten Island Ferry operations; a money-saving move - none have maritime experience
Patrick Corporation and the Port of Brisbane plan for new container terminal
Indonesian Navy will use locally made steel for its warships
Shipwrecks off Mumbai coast pose security risk to other merchant ships and the Indian Navy
South Carolina State Ports Authority may charge incoming ships $1 per foot of length to help cover increased port security costs
France hunts Philippine freighter after deadly collision at sea
ILA and shippers remain optimistic on reaching agreement on new pact by March 31, 2004
Joint Canada-Maritimes action team on cod recovery announced
Northrop Grumman Corporation will expand Pascagoula facility to support DD(X) destroyer program
Swan Hunter to revamp yard for construction of Royal Navy aircraft carriers
Satellites will track the movements of New Zealand's Maui's dolphins
State Treasury will have majority stake in Gdynia shipyard
Thuraya Satellite Telecommunications launches maritime services
Cape Cod ferries expected to hike security
Pirates kill crew after hijacking tanker Cherry 201 in Strait of Malacca
DNA of black-market caviar under microscope
Ocean robots to reveal secrets of the deep
Turkey joins NATO's anti-submarine warfare exercise, DOGFISH 2004
Crew of Stolt Capability receives Lloyd's List International Rescue at Sea Award for 2003
P&O Nedlloyd becomes an independent company
Newly discovered letter sheds light on 1898 sinking of steamship Portland
Passengers evacuated after ferry and freighter Stena Nautica collide off southwest Sweden
China reports huge economic losses caused by storm tides in 2003 - up 22 percent from 2002
Web-based Sea-Sentinel provides up-to-date coverage of maritime security events; launched by Lloyd's Register – Fairplay, Jane's, MUSC
Inquiry into plan to move shipping operations out of Sydney Harbour to begin
Remains of Darwin's HMS Beagle may be found
Japanese deep-diving submarine to target active undersea volcano
M/s Polembros, owner of MT Tasman Spirit, among the worst shipping companies of the world
Cochin Shipyard will start production on the Indian Navy's first home-grown aircraft carrier by mid-2005
Storm causes second ship to sink off Turkey, 21 still missing
First attempt to salvage forward section of Tasman Spirit fails
Devonport Management Limited, which runs Devonport Dockyard, will lease Appledore Shipyard - yard set to reopen
Cambodian-flagged cargo ship sinks in Black Sea storm, 20 missing
Court awards treasure from galleon San Jose to Colombian people - worth US $5 billion
Dutch containership, Chinese cargo vessel collide in the Yangtze River, 6 dead, 4 missing
Four die when freighter Beleza de Timor sinks off Indonesia's Flores island
India plans to boost deep sea fishing
Bahrain gears up to battle re-emerging piracy in region
Nigeria will hand over Bakassi Peninsula to Cameroon this year, demarcation of land and maritime boundaries taking longer than expected
England's Devon river could be infested by Chinese Mitten Crab, the latest alien believed to arrive in ballast water
$1 million payment to widows ordered in fatal sinking of Italian Gold, second appeal likely
Nadezhda frigate continues voyage to commemorate 200th anniversary of first Russian circumnavigation by Ivan Kruzenshtern, 1803-06
Joint Nigerian and Cameroon commission will visit the potentially oil-rich Bakassi Peninsula, trying to resolve border dispute
Divers recover three more bodies from capsized Rocknes
Manitowoc Marine Group lays keel of US Coast Guard's Great Lakes ice breaker Mackinaw
Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Russia closer to agreement on the delimitation of the Caspian Sea; Iran, Turkmenistan differ
New Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement will remove Jones Act protection of 50% tariff on ship repairs and maintenance
Taiwan's bid for US radar purchase makes progress
Carnival Cruise Lines takes delivery of at Kvaerner Masa-built Carnival Miracle
Alameda County sheriff's new gunboat on the prowl for terrorists near Oakland's seaport and airport
Local ship-breaking firm buys forward section of broken oil tanker Tasman Spirit
US Coast Guard plans to move maritime law enforcement school to old Charleston Naval Base
Steel freighter Duri sinks off South Korea, 2 dead, 16 missing
18 shellfish hunters drown when trapped by tide in Morecambe Bay, northern England
Vietnam detains 4 Thai ships for illegal fishing
IMO likely to adopt new Convention on ballast water management during conference, 9-12 February
Effort launched to turn USS Narwhal into a submarine discovery center
India may buy six French Scorpene submarines
Norwegian Skjold-class ships to be equipped with EDO electronic support systems
System for monitoring shipping to be in place January 1 2005 along the Norwegian coast
Pirates trying to board ship off Singapore foiled by alert crew
Sperm whales have learned to pluck sablefish off commercial fishing lines
Report on NYC Ferry system - due out in days - expected to reveal mismanagement, lack of safety
Toxic heavy metal cadmium contaminates drinking water aboard Australian navy's six Collins class submarines
Canada's Fisheries Dept. recommends lobster closure in Northumberland Strait to protect stocks
UK's PortsWatch calls for a coherent strategy for port development, to limit damage to wildlife sites
Divers recover two bodies from the Rocknes wreck - 11 still missing
Stratos Global Corp. launches Inmarsat Fleet 33 global voice and data service for smaller maritime vessels
Ten multinational shipping lines move to acquire ports from Nigerian Ports Authority
Harris Corporation awarded radio systems contract by US Navy
Nigeria, Cameroon consider non-aggression pact regarding land and and maritime boundaries between the two countries - transcript is available
Boeing not interested in buying British defense contractor BAE Systems
Port of Oakland records 12 percent increase in cargo volume
CP Ships appoints Dennis Fortune to Director of Environmental Services
Canadian PM Paul Martin faces stormy seas over shipping interests
Three Vietnamese fishermen feared dead in pirate attack

January 2004
India, Pakistan coast guards plan second hotline to exchange information, including on fishermen straying into each others territorial waters
Republic of Korea's Busan Port Authority (BPA) officially inaugurated
Australia's Collins submarines may be playing a top secret role in the war against terror
Penalties given to Pilot guilty of Tai Ping error called "ridiculous"
2005 Base Realignment and Closure may put Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in jeopardy
Todd Pacific Shipyards Corporation announces contract with Electric Boat to assist on Trident submarine conversion
Japan may stop and board foreign ships believed to be transporting troops or munitions
Smit Dudula Marine wins pollution-prevention and response contract to secure South Africa's coastline
Lockheed Martin completes multi-purpose helicopter upgrades for Spanish Navy
Volume of containerized cargo imported through port of Mombassa has increased by 24 per cent over the last year
Uneven load may have sunk Rocknes
• Download the US Coast Guard Marine Board report of the Arctic Rose casualty (4.5 MB PDF file)
Taiwan's Coast guard hopes to buy fixed-wing aircraft and large ships able to carry helicopters
Environmental Defence Society calls for urgent review of the rules governing oil tanker visits to New Zealand
New Zealand oil tanker Capella Voyager grounding blamed on inadequate training, management
QinetiQ wins £5m MoD contract to improve sensor technology for the Royal Navy
Marine life around Malaysia's Lankayan Island may need military protection
ABS announces first ship in North or South America certified to the IMO's International Ship and Port Security (ISPS) Code
Passengers held up as ferry feud blocks cars at Auckland terminal
Equatorial Guinea and Gabon agree to UN mediation in territorial dispute over Corisco Bay Islands
75 Philippine fishermen missing at sea
Eastern Mediterranean hit by storms, Greek-owned cargo ship Kephi sinks, Dardanelles closed
Inquiry begins into overturned MS Rocknes
Russian anglers risk icy death
Hyundai Heavy Industries to build two 1A ice-class tankers for Tsakos Energy Navigation
Call for safety measures to control the transport of hazardous cargo through the Minch
Crews try to contain oil and fuel leaking from the MS Rocknes - overturned off Norway
Last active port in Brooklyn still in danger of sinking into oblivion
Chute evacuation system used by B.C. Ferries under scrutiny again
Former sailors pay tribute to the USS Oriskany - scheduled to become reef
Rescuers call off search for 15 Filipino crewmen from freighter MS Rocknes - capsized off Norway's coast
India will buy overhauled Soviet-era aircraft carrier Admiral Gorshkov from Russia
Belgium to hand back name plaques from HMS Wakeful - torpedoed during the evacuation of Dunkirk
Baltic Sea holds ancient - and not so ancient - treasures
J&T Van Zutphen Construction Inc. will reconstruct the breakwater and dredge the channel at Inverness Harbour
Karachi Fish Harbour launches cleanliness drive
Misuse of flags of convenience
Zim shipping company sold to the Israel Corporation - some believe it was undervalued
Syria, Jordan and Lebanon agree to cooperate more closely in maritime developments
Archaeologists search for Persian armada destroyed off Greece in 492 BC
Researchers may solve mystery of Cook's ships - HMS Endeavour and Resolution
Pratt & Whitney Marine Systems to supply gas turbine propulsion systems for Royal Norwegian Navy 'Skjold' class boats
US Coast Guard officials intercept 80 people at sea, return them to Dominican Republic
National Park Service awards Gloucester Adventure Inc. funds to finish hull of the fishing schooner Adventure
North Charleston likely choice for museum to house the Confederate submarine H.L. Hunley
HMS Whimbrel, fought U-boats in WWII, will be brought to Liverpool as a memorial to the the Battle of the Atlantic
BAE projects, including Astute submarine project, criticized by Britain's National Audit Office
Compensation claim by Dubai shipping firm for rescuing helicopter is rejected
Nor'easters can alter shorelines
Maya King Superferries closer to creating a Pan-American maritime highway between Houston and Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula
US, allies, test new board-and-search security exercise in Arabian Sea
Gantry crane on Marshall Island-flagged Tasman Independence collapses, no one hurt, but prompts safety review
British coast guard recovers two bodies from French trawler Cap Burgaled Breiz, three crewmen still missing
Canadian Transport Minister announces contract call for professional analysis of ship security plans
Lockheed Martin, DRS Technologies form industry consortium to redefine naval display systems
Extreme spring tides have been exposing shipwrecks in New Zealand
Nigeria may not meet International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) code deadline
Small port facilities in Hampton Roads area miss US Coast Guard's anti-terrorism deadline
Boeing to offer broadband Internet service to maritime industry
Mystery ship High Aim 6 to be sunk as an artificial reef
South Korean Navy tows troubled North Korean ship to its shore
Inquiry into the loss of Hull trawler Gaul begins - governments still deny allegations of spying, 30 years later
USTDA to hold regional transportation security forum In Egypt, February 9-11
Brooklyn US attorney aims to bring manslaughter charges against four men involved in Staten Island Ferry disaster
Lockheed Martin-led Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) team confirms its semi-planing seaframe design
Steel shortage affects Middle East fabricators and marine construction companies
Diesel spill threatens beach in Mossel Bay, South Africa
Plans to force British merchant fleet to fly the European flag are thrown out by Euro MPs
Northrop Grumman Delivers 19th Aegis Destroyer Pinckney (DDG 91)
Twelve shipping lines threaten to blacklist Mombasa port if facilities aren't improved
South African Maritime Safety Authority (Samsa) severely understaffed
Australia and East Timor will resume boundary talks in April
Pakistan arrests 22 Indian fishermen, impounds four boats, for illegally entering its territorial waters
New, elevated Causeway bridge will symbolize the renewal of ties between Malaysia and Singapore
Calls to reopen New Zealand's Tiritiri Matangi Island lighthouse
Royal Norwegian Navy selects BASS CrewNet and SAFIR
Preventable mistakes blamed for the deaths of 14 fishermen at sea last year in the New England-New York area
Lake Washington boat wrecks, in the way of new Highway 520 bridge, probably don't contain toxins, probably aren't historically significant
Plans for port expansion in Western Australia
Maritime Industrial Services completes its new yard in Sharjah
Richard Smith, pilot of Staten Island Ferry that crashed into pier last October, was taking painkillers
Rutter Technologies closes 20 per cent interest in Doris Engineering of Paris, France
Queen Mary 2 officially named
Western Australia's eight key ports get $6 million security upgrade
Royal Olympic Cruise Lines ship Olympia Countess held in Durban for debt
Scientists discover luminous squid
Republic of Singapore Navy launches new stealth warship RSS Formidable in Lorient
Australian shippers warn of freight cost rise
Marine Spill Response Corporation (MSRC) and Clean Bay Inc. merge
Russia plans to raise sunken K-159 submarine in 2005
French use robot submarine in search for Egyptian plane beneath Red Sea
Tugboat operator Tugz International LLC sues Canaveral Port Authority for allowing monopoly tug business for 28 years
Research ship Tiglax helps scientists manage the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge
Lockheed Martin to study German NAVY F122 and F123 frigate upgrades
Fish are being used to control malaria in India with remarkable success
Retired Leander-class frigate HMS Scylla to become the first artificial diving reef of its kind in Europe
Alaska starts to hire workers for new fast ferry Fairweather, due to set sail May 1
Overview of Greenpeace's Corporate Accountability tour
Australia is worried about meeting US ship security deadline
Some worry that Queen Mary 2 is cursed, as two women with broken bones are evacuated
Israel seeks more submarines for 'Strategic Depth'
Oil tanker terminal in Valdez, Alaska temporarily closed - US Coast Guard cites nation's elevated terror alert but gives no details
Royal Olympic Cruise Lines cancels two more sailings - trying to restructure $250 million in debt
New York city extends deadline for review of Staten Island ferry operations
Oil spill threatens Puget Sound wetlands

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