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December 2005
Japan to send troops to train with US forces and is developing new torpedoes to boost the defense of remote islands, including some disputed with China
Taiwanese sailors to recreate Zhen He's epic sea voyage next July
European aerospace group EADS, Germany's ThyssenKrupp Technologies will buy sonar equipment maker Atlas Elektronik from BAE Systems
Malaysia says its new naval base on the northwestern island of Langkawi will improve security in the Malacca Strait
Bangladesh vows to strengthen its Navy
South Korea's Daewoo Shipbuilding aims to increase 2006 orders 47% from 2005 orders
Cow-nosed rays are eating so many oysters and clams that Virginia officials are encouraging people to eat them
State of California faces water problems as the Delta, one of its main sources, is failing
Sri Lankan fishermen are still struggling to recover from the tsunami; industry support services still lacking
Hudong-Zhonghua shipbuilding delivers China's first liquefied natural gas (LNG) ship
Japanese whalers give Greenpeace activists the slip
US shrimp industry tries to recover from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita
Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania are working together to restore Lake Victoria
Scientists at the Tennessee Valley Authority power plant are using underwater strobe lights to try to keep fish away from pipes
Singapore health authorities conclude that fresh Norwegian farmed salmon is safe to eat
Pakistan releases the report of the Technical Committee on Water Resources
Two Chinese fishermen survive after 11 days at sea
Pirates continue to hamper food aid deliveries to hunger- stricken people in Somalia
Royal Navy diet was so good during the Napoleonic wars that researchers call it one of the reasons England triumphed over its enemies
Europe launches satellite navigation system to rival GPS
Brazil's Petrobras delays dry dock bidding deadline to January 17, the dock would allow for construction of offshore platforms in Brazil
Argentina's shipyard Astilleros Navales Unidos is one of many bankrupt companies now being run by workers
US Congress aims to curb overfishing
Septic tanks are more responsible than previously believed for the nitrogen runoff that fouls lakes, streams and waterways in the US
300 million Chinese drink unsafe water
The abalone, the most expensive and most endangered seafood in the world, could be driven to extinction by poachers
Missing view port on the Confederate submarine HL Hunley calls into question the prevailing theory of its disappearance
Ruptured pipeline at a Broadway oil facility was the source of an oil spill in the Chelsea River
South Korea's top three shipbuilders will likely win record-high orders worth US$23.3 billion in 2005
South Korea's third-largest steel manufacturer, Dongkuk Steel Mill Co., lowers prices of steel plates in response to a decrease in prices of slabs
Japan accuses Greenpeace of piracy
Russia may ban distribution of sturgeon, caviar
Local fishermen demand a ban on deep-sea trawlers
Officials try to find source of oil spill in the Mystic River in Chelsea
13 remain missing from shipwreck on the east China Sea as rescue work ends
UNCTAD says Iran is the Middle East's major shipbuilder
Scientists in Nelson are believed to have achieved a world first by freezing Pacific oyster eggs
Hurricane damage to offshore oil and gas platforms has tripled the requests to convert rigs into artificial reefs in the Gulf of Mexico
Fishing industry fears the planned Pebble Mine in Alaska could hurt salmon
US government releases plan to recover Atlantic salmon
Permafrost could be melting, study finds
Fishermen say that report on mercury harms the industry
Tokyo will survey the Okinotorishima Islands to boost Japan's claim to them, China disputes Japan's claim
Greenpeace campaigners continue their confrontation with Japanese whaling fleet in the Southern Ocean
Foreign ship crews will face tougher visa checks in Australia
Fish head with two mouths will go to Harvard to be studied
Fish stocks in the Indian Ocean, already depleted before last year's tsunami, could be further harmed by overfishing in the region
Barge that capsized and leaked oil into the Gulf of Mexico last month has been raised to the surface
Nova Scotia's fish packers say they could lose millions because of US border delays
Activists confront Japanese whalers
Japan calls China's growing military a threat
South Korea's STX Shipbuilding Co. receives order to build three petrochemical carriers for Italy's Petro Barbaro Shipping SPA
7 South Korean shipbuilders are among the top 10 in terms of the backlog of orders received this year
German steel firm ThyssenKrupp and Airbus parent firm EADS set to buy maritime electronics company Atlas Elektronik
Russia successfully launches Bulava strategic ballistic missile from the submerged submarine Dmitry Donskoy
Renewed calls to increase shipping safety controls after an oil tanker gets grounded off Skye
Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore have jointly drawn up detailed electronic sea charts of the Malacca Strait and Singapore Strait
South Korea's POSCO will cut prices on steel products by up to 17%
South Korea, others are building bigger freighters, and more of them
Dutch college to be set up in Kwangyang, South Cholla Province by 2008 in an effort to nurture logistics experts
Performing seal at a Beijing restaurant is in poor condition after swallowing a cigarette lighter thrown by a customer
Unlike the EU, Russia says Norwegian salmon is safe to eat
Double-mouthed rainbow trout caught in a Nebraska lake
US EPA says 1/3 of oil spilled along Rahway River has been recovered
Rising energy prices make drilling for oil off of California's coast a possibility again
The Goliat field find off north Norway could contain 100 million barrels of oil, but environmentalists say drilling would threaten the Arctic ecology
Exploring technologies that will help clean up pollution from ships
Taiwan's ruling party finally manages to get US arms package onto parliament's agenda
Putin signs submarine dismantling bill
Washington Governor Christine Gregoire has ambitious plan to clean Puget Sound
Patriot Mechanical Handling Inc. has received an order from Dalian New Shipbuilding, based in Dalian, China
Task force will probe Taiwan Navy's plan to buy 'Kuang-hua Six' fast attack missile boats
Program to restore the Russian River with endangered salmon shows promising results
British swimmer Lewis Pugh breaks world records with an Antarctic swim - most southerly, and longest polar swim at 18 mintues 10 seconds
Røkke's bribery conviction stands, but court will evaluate his pending jail term
India, Pakistan to discuss Sir Creek on Tuesday
PTC announces availability of CADDS 5i R14, new capabilities simplify development for shipbuilding and large assembly manufacturers
German engineering group MAN decides to drop steel trading business
Kenya Ports Authority will lay off 2,132 workers through voluntary early retirement
Number of abalone poachers arrested on eastern Cape Town rose from 129 in 2003 to 168 in 2004
Australia, Indonesia to probe illegal fishing in Australia's northern waters, they fear organized crime
Healthy mangrove forests helped save lives in coastal settlements during the tsunami disaster
Somali pirates fight over ransom money
North Korean oil tanker allowed to take shelter at South Korea's Cheju Island during storm
WWF warns that some of Europe's more exotic deep-sea fish species are being wiped out by overfishing
Burntisland Fabrications in Fife, Scotland will build two giant offshore wind turbines for use in the Moray Firth
New Hampshire lobster industry backs lower pot limits for newcomers
Japan undermines the new Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commision's initiative to protect endangered sea turtles
Signs of devastation linger in tsunami zone, but human impact may prove more harmful
US Senate continues debate on the size of the nation's fleet and shipbuilding budgets
US Navy to brief North Carolina lawmakers on proposed sonar training range off the coast
The Burnham Shipyard in Essex, Massachusetts is building a schooner, you can watch on their webcam
FastCats could compete with B.C. Ferries
Iran's fishermen struggle under caviar boycott
Invasive snakehead 'Frankenfish' shows up in the Delaware and Schuylkill rivers
Singapore companies Keppel Corporation and SembCorp Marine have more than 80% of the world's jack-up rig orders
Malaysia says joint patrols with neighboring Indonesia against piracy in the busy Malacca Strait has cut down on pirate attacks
ABS wins class contract for the Agbami FPSO by South Korea's Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering
US Senate panel exempts New England fishermen from new rule that sets strict limits on fish catch
Healthy corals fared the best against the tsunami
Russian city braces for China's benzene spill
Scientists have captured the first images of a mother squid caring for its young, carrying eggs in a giant sac
US Coast Guard temporarily relieves captain of the new icebreaker Mackinaw after an accident
UK's Swan Hunter shipyard at risk after losing out on aircraft carrier contracts
US Navy's newest ship USS San Antonio, late and over budget, gets failing grade
National Labour Federation Pakistan rejects the privatization of the Karachi Shipyard
Campaign to save Scotland's threatened native oysters has been launched
Sturgeon threatened by illegal caviar trade
Horizon Lines LLC want to increase fuel surcharge for Hawaii and Guam trades
Oregon town doesn't want a ship scrapping yard to move in
Deal reached in Irish Ferries dispute
Robotic patrol boats could safeguard the seas from piracy and fight ocean-going people traffickers
China not a military force to be reckoned with, yet
Shipping groups may lose their exemption from EU cartel rules under a proposal tabled by the European Commission on Wednesday
Carnival Corporation announces 4 ship deal with Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri worth more than $2 billion
Scientists lose sight of the right whale tangled in fishing lines, only some of the lines were removed
US lawsuit challenges Endangered Species Act listing for salmon in four Western states
Environmental impact of nitrobenzene pollution on China's Songhua River is being evaluated
Two crew members have died and the skipper is feared trapped after a Belgian fishing vessel capsized 11 miles off Beachy Head, East Sussex
General Dynamics Corp. agrees to buy Anteon International Corp. for $2.1 billion
Greenpeace calls for France to keep the aircraft carrier Clemenceau out of Indian scrapyards
Mombasa wants armed UN patrols to protect ships in Somali waters
India, ASEAN agree to collaborate to strengthen maritime security in the Malacca Straits
German steel company ThyssenKrup, Airbus parent firm EADS, near a deal to buy German maritime electronics company Atlas Elektronik
Canada harnesses power of tides in the Bay of Fundy
Noble Corporation to purchase shares of Smedvig ASA
Florida business lobby endorses a plan to expand oil and gas drilling in the eastern Gulf of Mexico
Nigeria records a 240% decrease in oil spill incidents within the last 5 years
Protection of Puget Sound's orcas under the Endangered Species Act may lead to better safeguards against oil spills
At least 9 whales, 24 dolphins die on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, experts think snowstorms are to blame
Link between temperatures in the North Atlantic and the strength of ocean circulation is underlined by analysis of sea-floor sediments
Arctic orcas have ingested a dangerously high concentration of hazardous man-made chemicals
Farmed salmon sales are booming in British Columbia
Scientists say closing fishing on the Great Barrier Reef to allow spawning has been successful
Saving abalone, the world's rarest shellfish
US Congressional committee turns its attention to cruise ship disappearances and crimes
Tasmanian scallop fisherman spend money to meet new European export standards
Commercial Dungeness crab season won't start in Washington, Oregon, California until last day of 2005
California oil producers urge greater exploitation of state's resources
UK says sensitive defense work will remain reserved for UK companies
Prehistoric boat- building site discovered near Fort Drum, New York
Ship chandlers are losing business as vessels use smaller crews
New England commercial fishermen face changes as Congress drafts new rules
East Timor praises the deal reached last month with Australia to settle a maritime border dispute over oil and gas deposits
Indian Coast Guard holds six Pakistani fishermen and their boat
New Zealand creates 3 new marine reserves off the coasts of Whangarei, Bay of Plenty and Taranaki
Oil spill on Statoil- operated Norne field in the Norwegian Sea on November 23rd was larger than first assumed
Climatologist rejects the suggestion that global warming has already made people leave flooding islands
UK Hydrographic Office has acquired leading German navigational software supplier SevenCs
World growth in shipping traffic may lead to new kinds of ships
South Korea and China have agreed on a maritime boundary delimitation in the West Sea (subscription required)
India will lease two Shchuka-B (Akula) class nuclear submarines from Russia
Tensions between China and Japan over the East China Sea could turn into a real conflict
Scientists race to help an endangered right whale caught up in fishing gear off Florida
Train derails in British Columbia, sending automobiles into the Fraser River, containment booms have been installed
Joint Tactical Radio System program (JTRS), designed to link US Army, Navy and Air Force communications, will be scaled back
Echizen kurage, or Nomura's jellyfish, are devastating the livelihoods of fishermen in the Sea of Japan
Australia fears its fisheries will be hard hit by rising sea temperatures
Foreign trawlers and local fishermen are devastating fish stocks off Senegal
Philippe Vauthier uses an underwater turbine attached to a cable to harness the energy from ocean tides
Russia bans Norwegian salmon imports after finding high levels of lead and cadmium
12 South Korean sailors rescued in east China's Bohai sea after a storm
Three ship breaking workers killed in gas cylinder blast in Chittagong
Australia to boost its coastal defenses
Canada's Paul Martin proposes to study the impact of global warming on climate and fisheries in Newfoundland and Labrador
Oil company BP fined for a diesel spill from a supply vessel in the North Sea last July
Melting Arctic ice means Canada will face sovereignty issues in the Northwest passage, more chance for oil spills, etc.
A tanker sailing under the Georgian flag sank Saturday off the coast of Italy
The US nuclear-powered aircraft carrier George Washington will be based in Japan's Yokosuka naval base in 2008
Robert Ballard, the man who discovered the Titanic, wants the ship to be an undersea museum
New Zealand researchers successfully breed Silver Carp in captivity
Graham Hawkes is designing a new manned submersible, Deep Flight, that looks like a plane
A marine research vessel will be built by the Aberdeenshire Macduff shipyard, making jobs there safe
It may be possible for 'normal' ships to sail the Northwest passage within 30 years
Ride on the solar-electric pontoon boat The Loon
13 crew members of a South Korean fishing vessel are missing after the boat collided with a Malaysian freighter
New South African research confirms the slaughter of albatrosses by longline fishing gear
Ten North Yorkshire trawler captains are fined for breaching fishing regulations and putting stocks at risk
Shell's Sakhalin oil project should be reined in - opinion
A million baby oysters transplanted to Rhode Island to try to replenish stock killed by a 1996 oil spill

November 2005
BP angers greens with political pressure to sail more oil tankers in Puget Sound
Orchard Petroleum signs oil exploration deal in California with Aera Energy
Danish shipping company Dampskibsselskabet Norden A/S orders three ships from Chinese shipyards
Russian workers have begun decommissioning the Volgograd nuclear submarine, funded by Canada
Atlantic Ocean currents that keep Northern Europe warm have weakened by about a third over the last 50 years
Marine life in the Pearl River contain excessive trace metals that may cause cancer
Project SeaHawk, a pilot port security effort helping to protect Charleston, South Carolina from terrorist threats, is based on cooperation
New study says that US commercial fisheries catch one pound of 'bycatch' for every four pounds intentionally caught
The Ferguson shipyard in Inverclyde wins a £6 million ferry order, closure no longer a threat
Scientists disappointed that Canada hasn't placed northern cod on its endangered species list
Japan's annual slaughter of dolphins in a 'drive fishery' triggers demonstrations and outrage around the world
The Asian Topmouth Gudgeon is threatening native fish species in the UK
WWF launches 2006 competition for 'Smart Gear' - fishing gear that lowers accidental bycatch rates
State-backed Dubai Ports World has agreed to buy UK ports and ferries group P&O for £3.3 billion
FBI official set to testify in a case of alleged Chinese agents stealing sensitive data from the US Navy
Northrop Grumman Newport News wins contract to refuel and overhaul the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70)
St. Petersburg-based Admiralty Shipyard has begun sea trials of a fourth-generation Project 677 Lada class diesel-electric submarine
Cod will not be placed on Canada's endangered list
Oil discharge near Norne field under study, the oil is dissolving and poses little envinronmental threat
Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez signed a $1.56 billion deal on Monday to buy naval ships and transport aircraft from Spain
Norway demands nearly $2 million (US) from Spanish trawler for illegal fishing
Australian fishermen will tag sharks to determine impact of fishing on their numbers
Aker Philadelphia Shipyard begins production on the second of ten vessels in the product tanker build program announced last spring
Indonesian fish poachers could turn Australia's Rowley Shoals Marine Park into a marine desert
NASSCO delivers the double-hull oil tanker Alaskan Navigator to BP Oil Shipping Company, an environmentally friendly ship
High prices for their catch means sturgeon poachers have little to fear
Pittsburgh's Voyager nonprofit environmental education organization will soon get a hybrid boat
Central California's crab fishermen go back to sea after price dispute with seafood processors is resolved
Taiwanese fishermen bristle under the low quotas dictated by the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tuna
New England to ban cod fishing during the upcoming cod spawning season
UN calls for fisheries closures to protect sea turtles
Canadian Coast Guard says it made a mistake last September when four men drowned while waiting to be rescued off the coast of Newfoundland
IMO Assembly elects new council for 2006-2007 biennium
Dubai Ports World is on course to take over the ports and ferries group P&O
Yellowstone cutthroat trout population is down in the oldest national park in the US
Scientists monitoring earth movements in Antarctica believe they have found a singing iceberg
China agrees to install detectors at its ports in an attempt to thwart the smuggling of nuclear materials
Malta Shipyard's workforce may be reduced
Venezuela wants to buy 12 military planes, 8 ships from Spain, US wants to block the deal
The container market is growing nearly three times as fast as the world economy
Commercial fishermen complain that Canadian Fisheries Minister cancelled yet another meeting to address salmon industry
Crew of foreign livestock ship impounded at Adelaide's outer harbor has won an eight-month battle for unpaid wages
Military spending cuts by US may not be as deep as forecast, but there isn't enough money to do everything
Rising water threatens Arctic Circle villages, cultures
First Iranian-made oceangoing vessel to be launched soon, being built at Iran Shipbuilding and Offshore Industries Complex (ISOICO) yard
Tasmania's fishing industry may accept Federal Government's rescue package to leave the industry and alleviate over-fishing
Bumble Bee Foods LLC may close the last plant that cans shrimp caught in US waters, because of hurricane damage
Norway's fishermen are exceeding their own quotas, but say two Spanish trawlers did more damage
Cockle beds in Morecambe Bay, closed to protect stocks, could be reopened
Too many boat donations after last year's tsunami could lead to over fishing in the Indonesian province of Aceh
Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises are honored by the Ports of Stockholm for their use of low sulfur fuel in liners
Dire piracy warnings for Somali coast
Missing Japanese midget submarine used in the attack on Sydney Harbour during World War II may be found
Salisbury Island in South Africa's Durban harbor will remain a navy base
Manitowoc awarded double-hull, hot oil tank barge contract
BC's new ferry to arrive in pieces from Arizona
Environmentalists suing the US say it is failing to protect the right whale from extinction
European Parliament's transport committee narrowly rejects controversial plans to liberalize Europe's ports
Samsung Heavy may surpass Daewoo Shipbuilding in orders for 2005
EC likely to target the maritime industry to be brought within the remit of the EU's emissions trading scheme
New Norwegian kayak 'Flyak' is attracting interest in the world of water sports
Russian President Vladimir Putin warns that trade with Japan will be on hold until they resolve a World War II islands dispute
South Korean shipbuilders are profiting this year by selling high-value units like offshore plants and LNG carriers
India will transfer one of its naval patrol vessels to the Maldives early next year
Lockheed Martin team completes major construction milestone for first US Littoral Combat Ship
Aker Yards to build a passenger ferry for Viking Line of Finland
South Korea's Hyundai Heavy Industries to build three new supertankers for Russia's Sovcomflot
Rolf Williams built in Mobile, Ala., at C&G Boat Works, first double-hull tanker of its size built in the US
US Interior Secretary Gale Norton frustrated by public aversion to oil and gas drilling in sensitive areas
Public hearing launched to examine proposals to transfer large quantities of oil between ships in the Firth of Forth
Oman second Middle Eastern country to sign up to the US Container Security Initiative
Ancient live oak trees uprooted by hurricanes will be used to rebuild the wooden whaling ship Charles W. Morgan
Germany will sell Israel two more Dolphin class submarines at a major discount
Britain may farm sea urchins
Case filed by Irish fishing vessels to recover funds spent to meet EU regulations goes before the Court on Wednesday
Governor of Russia's Far East maritime territory proposes banning crab fishing for five years to preserve stocks
Environmental group Greenpeace will launch its most ambitious ship expedition to protest Japanese whaling
Fight with processor Pacific Seafood over prices is keeping fishermen from the Central California crab fishery at home
Puget Sound-area orca protection plan may not require many changes
50th Anniversary of containerized shipping, began in Canada
USS Samuel B. Roberts rescues 7 sailors from the Dona Malula adrift in the Caribbean
Program planned to develop China's port city of Xiamen into a shipbuilding base by 2015
Global warming will reduce available fresh water in several areas worldwide
Italian company Fincantieri forms new company in US: Fincantieri Marine Systems North America, Inc.; absorbs FDGM, Inc.
EU proposes to maintain producer price for tuna
Satellite surveillance zone in the southern Indian Ocean helps protect endangered Patagonian toothfish from pirate fishing vessels
New US federal fishing bill would update rules
Virginia lawmakers try to pass funding to keep Newport News shipyard from laying off workers
South Korea plans to halve sewage discharged to sea
Szczecinska Nowa shipyard (SSN) will present a report concerning the conclusion of its three-year restructuring program
Plan underway to carry freight containers though California's Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta by ship rather than trucking on local roads
Navios Maritime Holdings Inc. announces fleet update
High-seas pirate attacks are on the rise
Smit International sells a 30% stake in its South African operation, Smit Amandla Marine, to a black-owned company and employees' trust
Crew of Maltese-registered San Carlo are reported well after contact was made with their Somali hijackers, negotiations continue
Japan's port of Sasebo holds a drill based on a scenario involving a radioactive leak on a US submarine, US Navy declines to participate
India to develop nuclear submarines with Russian aid
Nuclear submarine USS Philadelphia returns home after September collision with a Turkish cargo ship, it still needs minor repairs
The Victoria Experimental Network Under the Sea (VENUS) is launched in British Columbia
Three Chinese immigrants indicted for allegedly stealing information about US Navy warships
Shipbuilder VT offers prospect of double-digit earnings growth
South Korean shipbuilders' profitability improved this year
Emergency response and rescue sector invests in the North Sea
US Senate approves defense spending bill, includes funds for shipbuilding and refueling the Carl Vinson
Sturgeon may become extinct within next 15 years
South Africa's rock lobster population is nursed back to health
East Timor fisheries minister says foreign boats are plundering its fish stocks
Canada, US formalize joint plan to respond to pollution incidents along their inland shared border
Seven sailors from US aircraft carrier Dwight D. Eisenhower are arrested by the FBI on charges they set up sham marriages to illegal immigrants
Britain's growing weight problem has spurred the Maritime and Coastguard Agency to call for stability checks on ferries
Port of New Orleans now operating at 35% of its former capacity, expected to be close to full recovery by March of next year
Scotland's workplace smoking ban will not apply to submarines at sea or Navy refueling vessels
Russia, US to discuss nuclear submarine disposal in Severodvinsk, and Britain to concentrate aid on Northern Fleet nuclear waste site
HMCS Onondaga to be the first Canadian submarine to be preserved as a museum
Gujarat Maritime Board may set up a maritime institute
Northrop Grumman Corp. is upbeat about the future of mini- submarine program despite an attack from a House of Representatives lawmaker
US government agrees to list Puget Sound orcas as an endangered species
Norway receives bids from 24 companies for 19th licensing round
Central California's Dungeness crab season opens, but the harvest could be delayed while fishermen and processors debate prices
WWF believes Japan has imported thousands of tons of bluefin tuna caught illegally by Turkey
Damaged barge has capsized in the Gulf of Mexico off Galveston, it carried about 5 million gallons of number-six fuel oil
Oil workers were airlifted from a pipelaying barge that broke loose from its tow lines amid rough waters in the North Sea
Asian shipping lines expect freight rates to fall next year as a record number of new ships are delivered
African businesses are hit hard as tourists are scared off by pirates
Japan will pay to dismantle five abandoned Russian nuclear submarines that could leak radiation
South Korean shipbuilders' demand for steel plates is expected to grow next year
French engineering group Alstom wins contract to build two cruise liners for Italian line MSC
Quintana Maritime Limited takes delivery of its second capesize bulk carrier
The large number of illegal vessels caught fishing along the West Australian coastline prompt demands for coast guard protection
Keppel Singmarine Pte, Ltd. will build six new anchor handling, tug supply (AHTS) vessels in Southeast Asia for GulfMark Offshore
Russia's state-owned shipping company Sovcomflot places order with South Korea's Samsung Heavy Industries for 3 icebreaking oil tankers
Russian government is closer to approving the Far East pipeline, but environmentalists insist the route is too close to Lake Baikal
Hong Kong is slowly waking up to the realities of the shark fin trade, which is threatening several species with extinction
Call for an environmental impact study before oil drilling starts off Kenya's Lamu Island
Iran says the US ban on caviar is raising prices and prompting illegal fishing
Sinking of Australia's HMAS Sydney is remembered
Test case to appear in the UK Court of Appeal arguing that pleural plaques, caused by exposure to asbestos, should not be compensated
North Korean navy vessel and nine fishing boats briefly crossed the disputed Yellow Sea border with South Korea on Sunday before heading back
Ian Harvey is the first person to row 400 miles single-handed across Lake Superior, the world's largest fresh water lake
US Senate confirms Donald Winter as Navy secretary, but he can't take charge until the current secretary's stalled promotion is cleared
Tampa Bay Shipbuilding and Repair is trying to recruit workers from Virgina to work on a new barge contract
Study will try to find out why some of Tasmania's abalone beds recover more quickly from fishing than others
A jellyfish accidentally imported to the Caspian Sea from the US threatens fish stocks and the region's famous export, caviar
A.P. Moller-Maersk A/S ship Maersk Holyhead now berthed at the port of El Tablazo, oil leak stopped
Giant ancient sea creature discovered
The bulk carrier Edmund Fitzgerald sank 30 years ago on Lake Superior
South Korea, China to open sea routes to each other's container ships
Watchdog sounds SOS for seas
Northrop Grumman Newport News shipyard says the US Navy is interested in trying to keep the yard's work force stable
Iran's caviar exports at all-time low, the Caspian Sea is facing a crisis of reduced seafood reserves
India to use computer simulations to estimate impact of possible tsunamis, to create a national tsunami survival plan
Huge Echizen jellyfish torment fishermen off Japan's coast
Bath Iron Works awarded contract for lead yard services on the DDG 51 Class AEGIS Destroyer Program
Hurricane damage to shipyards top $1 billion, Northrop Grumman official says
Nigeria orders polluting vessels to be arrested
Chinese cargo ship capsizes, killing four
Sale of submarines to Taiwan stirs controversy in US
DNV will lead study to gain a better understanding on how pipeline materials perform under different installation and service conditions
South Korea's shipping industry prepares to cope with a possible market decline next year
Dubai Drydocks says shipyards need stronger safety controls
Jonathan Watts of The Guardian on China's economy
US government is no longer considering whether it should declare Eastern oysters endangered
US House likely to vote to approve offshore drilling
Indian Coast Guard shows ways to tackle low-intensity threats like marine pollution, drug running and illegal immigration
Environmentalists criticize route of planned Siberia-Pacific pipeline in new report
US military base closures becomes law
Sonic blasts used against pirates
Judge denies bail for two Chinese nationals accused of conspiring to steal sensitive documents on US Navy warship technology
Norway will not cut Russian quotas on cod fishing following the recent incidents in the Barents Sea
Inmarsat 4-F2 communications satellite lifted off from a floating platform in the equatorial Pacific Ocean atop a commercial Sea Launch Zenit 3SL rocket
L-3 Communications awarded US Coast Guard training support contract
Adesta LLC selected by Maryland Port Administration to secure the Port of Baltimore
Despite the damage caused by recent hurricanes, oil companies continue to work on fields in the Gulf of Mexico
Three racing yachts capsize in ferocious Atlantic storm during the Transat Jacques Vabre race
Greenpeace says ExxonMobile Corp. should fulfill its obligation to compensate Alaska fishermen for the Exxon Valdez oil spill
Fishermen acquitted of poaching Patagonian toothfish have filed a lawsuit that could exceed $30 million
A.P. Moller-Maersk A/S ship Maersk Holyhead is leaking oil after colliding with Liberian vessel Pequot near Venezuela's Lake Maracaibo
The US Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) was breached, but no critical information was jeopardized
Ocean launch for UK-built satellite delayed
International team of researchers will help establish protocols for making decisions about shoreline development and building codes
Although India's shipping industry is lagging 10-15 years behind China's, it has the potential to perform better
China showcases nautical hero Zheng He's shipyard in Nanjing
International group of marine scientists to conduct a survey of fishery biodiversity in the Philippines
Boycott against Canada's seafood industry is growing - started to encourage the country to stop its commercial seal hunt
Environmental watch dog says New Zealand is falling behind on its management of oceans
California ponders building LNG terminals, either in the ocean off Oxnard or in Long Beach Harbor
Another six foreign fishing boats have been detained off Australia's northern coast for alleged illegal fishing
James Auer on Taiwan's opportunities in the face of China's power
Norwegian ship Stilmoy struck and sank a Scottish trawler Harvest in the North Sea, no one was injured
Dutch cargo ship Stella Rigel which broke down off the coast of Pembrokeshire has been safely towed in to Swansea docks
Israeli authorities to probe fatal collision between a Japanese fishing boat and an Israeli containership
New technology will be used to carry out a comprehensive survey of fish and lake bed in the Upper Lough Erne; also looking for monsters
World's most expensive cruises, 2005
Competition Tribunal conditionally approves merger of international shipping giants AP Moller-Maersk and P&O Nedlloyd
Funds New Hampshire received to help workers that might be laid off from Portsmouth Naval Shipyard won't be returned even though the yard won't close
New rules for longline fishing in the Hawaiian islands are saving the lives of sea birds; some albatross numbers are still declining
Net left behind by recreational fishers on holiday in New Zealand kills four endangered Hector's Dolphins
First offshore wind farm proposed for the US is delayed for at least a year for another environmental review
US Army dumped surplus chemical weapons from World War II off foreign and American shores
Ship hijackings off Somali coast worry United Nations World Food Programme, food deliveries hampered
Scientists warn that Kenya must meet international environmental standards as it starts to drill for offshore oil
Canadian naval hero Desmond Piers dies
South African Navy takes delivery of the first of its three new German- built diesel- electric submarines
Russian military to get new submarines, missiles by 2008
Members of a US House subcommittee want the Bush administration to ban imports of Asian carp, it threatens the Great Lakes' ecosystems
US Senate opponents to drilling in an Alaska wildlife refuge failed to strip the measure from budget package
Container shipping glut threatens freight rates
Seaweed beds are disappearing off Hokkaido, but scientists are fighting back successfully
Iridium, Impeva Labs contract with Port Authority of New York and New Jersey for Operation Safe Commerce Testing Phase III
153-year-old Cape St. George lighthouse toppled into the Gulf of Mexico on Oct. 21; preservationists hope to rebuild
Australia considers trade sanctions against nations that allow illegal fishing under their flags
ABS, Russian Maritime Register of Shipping extend their agreement on cooperation
'Sea squirts' from Asia are likely to push up the price of mussels and oysters
Japan's new trade minister calls for flexibility in settling a gas field row with China in the East China Sea
Hawaii Superferry secures funding, should begin inter- island service to Kaua'i in 2007
Greenpeace to pay fine for damaging coral reef at a world heritage site in the southern Philippines
Greenpeace has lost another attempt to reverse a government ban on 'pair trawling' off Devon and Cornwall
Didymo, or rock snot, is spreading in Colorado, Utah, Arizona and Nevada, threatening ecosystems, and New Zealand's national didymo survey finds eight rivers affected by the invasive algae, river users cautioned to clean items that contact water
Clean-up operations under way in South Africa's main port of Durban after 80 tons of bunker fuel spilled into the harbor
ABS selected by Australia's Woodside Energy Ltd for asset base classification and verification services
Royal Navy stop a gang of cocaine traffickers in the Caribbean

October 2005
Port of Los Angeles shares air quality technology with China, its top trading partner
Japan's retired Rear Admiral Sumihiko Kawamura speaks to the Taipei Times on the Chinese navy's abilities, especially its submarine fleet
Two Kidd-class destroyers purchased from the US leave South Carolina, are expected to arrive in Taiwan in December
Arctic lakes show 'alarming' spike in plant activity
Shares in ports and ferry operator P&O have surged amid speculation the group may become the target of a bidding war
Nippon Steel says quarterly profit surged 80%
Aker Kvaerner ASA wins deepwater drilling system order from Jurong Shipyard
California's vast delta nearing collapse, fish species still crashing
Australia's Northern Territory Seafood Industry Council wants country of origin labeling for seafood on restaurant menus
Japan's tengusa seaweed is disappearing from sea beds, no one knows why
More than a thousand birds covered in oil after spill off Denmark's East Coast, source unknown
The Karachi coastline faces severe pollution from industrial, port, municipal, and transportation activities in the area
China may grant loan for floating nuclear power unit in Russian north
North Carolina herring fishery in bad shape, marine biologists call for a moratorium on catches
Post-hurricane White House plan would add funds for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
South Carolina state Supreme Court to hear Friends of the Hunley foundation records case
US widens import prohibition on beluga caviar to include that from the Black Sea basin
US Navy for the first time will base a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier in Japan starting in 2008
Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., president Yu Kwang-hon has offered to resign (subscription required)
Chemist tests new ways to filter contaminated water 10/28
Norway says that Russian ships account for the least number of violations in Norwegian territorial waters
European Union approve funds to help Nigeria and Cameroon demarcate their borders properly
Norway, Russia to cooperate in controlling fishing in the Barents Sea by setting up joint patrols with their coast guards
Jurong Shipyard Pte Ltd. signs contract with PetroRig I/PetroMena ASA to build a semisubmersible rig
Boeing to apply network-centric operations to coastal resource management
Marathon talks bring increased fuel compensation for Spanish fishermen
Los Angeles County beaches were California's most unhealthful this summer
House Committee on Resources votes to open the ANWR to oil companies, relax ban on new oil and gas drilling of the US coast
Diesel powered boats now banned from China's Huangpu River
The Competition Commission has opened the way for Danish shipping giant AP Moller-Maersk to acquire Dutch rival P&O Nedlloyd
Russian fishermen accused of illegally catching 40,000 tons of cod off Norway every year
Spanish ports blockaded as fishermen protest price of fuel
Construction on the Poseidon project, a luxury resort beneath the sea, could start in February
Europe sees rising economic tide in sales of big yachts
New Zealand fish farmers working on ways to eradicate the sea squirt styela clava
Plan to close and reconfigure US military bases seems certain to take effect
Three-day ASEAN Regional Forum workshop on training for Cooperative Maritime Security begins Oct. 26
Retirements, injuries, more ships calling on Washington ports has led to a shortage of pilots to guide ships through Puget Sound
Most Britons would reject the new Trident program if they knew the costs involved
Russian Embassy confirms detention of two Russian boats in Norwegian waters
Many scientists say the momentum behind human-caused global warming has put the melting Arctic past the point of no return
Taiwan navy pilot says the country's anti-submarine capability is low, and needs advanced aircraft
Four plead guilty in US Navy shipyard bribery scandal
While New Orleans' levee system will be repaired, a new system of floodgates and levees must also be built
Fishing threatens Hawaiian species
First of 10 new tankers being built at Aker Philadelphia Shipyard is marked by keel laying, ancient coin ceremony on Oct. 28
US Coast Guard reports a functional timing problem with Saab R3 and R4 Class A mobile AIS equipment - PDF file
Norwegian Coast Guard detains two more Russian fishing vessels, saying they violated Norway's fishing laws
Caterpillar retrofits land-based equipment at Port of Cleveland to cut down on emissions
Indian shippers told to brace for surging LNG demand
Captain of the Zim Asia detained over fatal collision with a Japanese fishing boat
Offshore Systems International Ltd. wins additional contracts with the Portuguese Navy
Fishermen and bottom trawlers are damaging cultural treasures hidden beneath the South China Sea
Australia wins the World Wildlife Fund's top accolade for its efforts to protect the Great Barrier Reef
South Australian tuna magnate Dinko Lukin is on trial for allegedly spilling 2,000 liters of oil into Boston Bay
Teams fail to recreate Archimedes' fabled death ray
Worker loses his hand in an accident on BP's North Everest oil and gas rig, east of Aberdeen
Surfer survives a Great White shark attack at the popular Uilenkraalsmond holiday resort near Gansbaai
Current winner in California's water wars is agriculture, not fish
Creation of 'Ocean Yellowstone' off Hawaii urged
Prosecutors to visit Elektron trawler captain in hospital
Indonesia raps Australia over illegal fishing clampdown
Illegal Indonesian fishermen are bringing animals, and possibly disease, into Australian waters
Erin Brockovich to take on oil spills in Newton Creek, Brooklyn
Teams seek to recreate Archimedes' feat to torch a fleet of invading ships using a mirror to reflect the sun's rays
DNV will develop new specifications for remotely operated subsea pipeline repair in cooperation with an industry consortium
Malta-registered vessel San Carlo reportedly attacked by pirates off Somalia on Wednesday
Invasive zebra mussels discovered in the upper Mississippi River
Bush Administration proposes to relax Toxic Release Inventory requirements for shipyards, other businesses; there are many critics
Government's shares in the national shipping line, Sea Malta, are transferred to Atlantica di Navigazione SpA
Japan in a corner over interdictions at sea - Mark J. Valencia
Scotland studies ways to trace where fish is caught, while Scientists warn New England restaurants to stop serving the troubled cod
The Henry B. DuPont Preservation Shipyard at the Mystic Seaport Museum will use live oaks damaged by hurricanes to restore historic ships
40% cut in North Sea haddock is urged
Six injured in St. Petersburg ship fire, the fire is out and no oil has been spilled
Alaska considers opening up Bristol Bay to oil and gas drilling, currently under a presidential moratorium
US EPA announces the Mississippi Delta is once again a safe place to swim - no announcements on shellfish consumption
Lloyd's Register is authorized by the US Coast Guard to extend its Alternate Compliance Program capabilities to include mobile offshore drilling units
United States and Canada are partnering in the container security initiative
The polar thaw means more potential for Arctic navigation, and American foreign policy in the Arctic must catch up - Scott Borgerson
Freed by global warming, waters once locked beneath ice are encroaching coastal settlements around the Arctic Circle
Britain marks the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar
France and Germany duel in bid to consolidate weapons industry
African Union will present a common front at the next Committee of Maritime International (CMI) conference
New Brunswick, Nova Scotia will participate in study on tidal power that could see underwater turbines installed in the Bay of Fundy
Cargo scanners to be installed in the Port of Mombasa
Quintana Maritime Limited takes delivery of its first Capesize bulk carrier
Malta may require breathalyzer tests for people at the helm of boats
India objects to Google's satellite image service, which shows sensitive military sites
Ronald Sugar, chief executive of Northrop Grumman Corp., in an interview about Newport News shipyard
More than 200 Indonesians are being held by Australia after a crackdown on illegal fishing
Pressure is growing on Australia's fishing industry to halt the practice of deep-sea bottom trawling
Indian Navy appears interested in having a 'blue water' status, and is setting up a Far Eastern Naval Command for the Andaman Sea
Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi's visit to a controversial shrine may have jeopardized talks with China on disputed East China Sea gas
US Congressman James Oberstar believes the current Jones Act waiver may be unnecessary
Planning is underway to create New Zealand's first marine national park off Northland's east coast
Egypt investigates Al Salam 95 boat crash, two are dead, 100 wounded
CapRock and SeaMobile form alliance to offer satellite-based wireless services to cruise lines and maritime community
Russia's anti- submarine ship Admiral Levchenko is headed to the Barents Sea to provide surveillance of Russia's territorial waters
Danish group calls for changes in deep sea fishery, urging sharp cuts in fishing quotas for some species
Scotland's fishing fleet hears warnings that only a total ban on cod catches will save fragile stocks
Small Pakistani fishermen call for a ban on huge foreign trawlers operating in waters off the country
US Navy awards General Dynamics a contract to convert the USS Georgia from a Trident ballistic missile submarine to a SSGN
Russia, Norway discussing fate of Russian fishing boat found in the fisheries protection zone of Spitsbergen
Two owners of the UK's largest fishing vessel ordered to pay back almost £1m after pleading guilty to illegally landing fish
Revised treaties to address unlawful acts at sea adopted at international Conference on the Revision of the SUA Treaties
Robert Marquand on China's secretive military
Two day strike ends at Chittagong seaport
US Navy repeats warning about growing piracy in the northern Arabian Gulf and the Horn of Africa
North Korean fishing boat violated the disputed western sea border with the South
Illegal fishing undermines stock management in Australia's Northern Territory
Echizen kurage - giant jellyfish - have returned to the Sea of Japan in large numbers this season
Sunken tugboat near Port Gamble is leaking what appears to be diesel fuel into Puget Sound
The number of Cubans trying to reach the US across the Florida Straits has reached its highest level in more than a decade
China sees great leaps in maritime space tracking
Beacon WiFi, others, are providing wireless internet access to marinas across the US
Gulf fishermen battle over solutions to grouper overfishing
Audit of travel at Canada's Fisheries Department shows misuse of funds
South Carolina lawmaker wants to help ease fuel worries by seeing if a petroleum refinery could be built on the coast
Pakistan arrests 59 Indians and seizes their boats after they were caught fishing illegally
Weighing the pros and cons of giant cruise ships
High speed boat chase and high tech equipment helps Canadian officers win a conviction against lobster poachers
Federal Republic of Nigeria is the fifth country to ratify the International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships' Ballast Water and Sediments
US offshore producers attack 'gas only' leasing proposal
Pirates in Somalia have freed UN-chartered ship MV Miltzow carrying food aid, two days after hijacking it from the southern port of Merka
Norway, Russia to restart negotiations over the disputed Barents Sea area
Malta's port workers staged a one-hour strike to protest an EU directive that would liberalize port services
Worker falls at the Malta Shipyards while working on board the MV Zebbug, in critical condition
Crisis at state-owned Corsican ferry firm SNCM is a symptom of all that is wrong with France's social and economic model: Jon Henley
Transpetro to sign first shipbuilding contracts in January for 26 ships, the rest of the 42 will be announced later
Russia to build floating, mobile nuclear power plants, may get some financing from China
Northrop Grumman to provide temporary housing for more than 1,000 Gulf Coast employees
Hawaii removes 125 tons of marine debris
South Korea will introduce a barcode tracking system for fisheries products in response to discovery of toxic chemicals
After losing a contract to a Polish shipyard, the Ferguson yard in Port Glasgow in Inverclyde wins a £500,000 order from Western Ferries
Norway may permit oil drilling in the Arctic, but not off the scenic Lofoten islands and the Vesteraalen region
ISO 10303 AP 227 Edition 2:2005 has just been approved for publication, see the US PRO on-line catalog
Company strives to develop shark repellent
Kenyan government probes whether members of the interim Somali government are behind the hijacking of the MV Torgelow
US wants to push ocean boundaries to limit terror threat
New Zealand tourist boat crash linked to the skipper who was busy giving passengers a running commentary
Stations set up to implement the A-bomb test ban treaty could be involved in the new Indian Ocean tsunami warning system
Offshore drilling contractor Transocean Inc. expects to repair two rigs damaged by Gulf hurricanes and return them to service in 2006
Russian natural gas monopoly Gazprom, tanker company Sovkomflot, and the Sevmorneftegaz oil and gas company reach agreement on oil transportation
OAO Lukoil, ConocoPhillips to build 4 tankers at South Korean Samsung Group's shipyards to ship crude from Arctic fields
Portugal, Canada sign fisheries memorandum, Portugal says it follows Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization rules
EU wants to curb overfishing of octopus by enforcing a minimum size for creatures caught in eastern central Atlantic waters
Agricultural Retailers Association joins coalition urging temporary waiver of Jones Act
The anchor of King Henry VIII's flagship, the nearly 500-year-old Mary Rose, was raised from the sea Tuesday
Queensland Fisheries Minister gets extra federal funding to fight illegal fishing in northern Australian waters
Municipal sewage is the largest source of pollution discharged to surface water bodies in Canada
The Solomon Islands is expected to take a neutral stance on the issue of whaling
US ban on caviar from the sturgeon Huso Huso has no effect on Iran's exports
Many criticize Florida's governor for backing a bill that would let oil interests explore closer to the coast
Governments meet to consider amendments to the Convention for the Suppression of Unlawful Acts Against the Safety of Maritime Navigation
In a rare move of cooperation, North Korea lets a South Korean boat cross their maritime border on a rescue mission
Aircraft carrier USS Enterprise runs into sand bar and sucks sand into its condensers, now in for repairs
Drop in lobster catch prompts new studies
Aquarium fish trade unregulated in Hawaii
Underwater wreck could be 1st Canadian ship sunk by German U-boat
Greenpeace loses its High Court attempt to overturn a government ban aimed at protecting dolphins
Lockheed Martin tests first Aegis weapon system with SPY-1F radar at sea
India focuses on cruise industry
Northrop Grumman warns earnings will be lower than expected this year because of hurricane damage at its Gulf coast shipyards
Drought threatens drinking water supply of more than 2 million people in south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region
Shell looks to Alaska's Bristol Bay for new oil and gas development, the plan faces regulatory hurdles
Demonstrator spacecraft launched from a Russian nuclear submarine gets lost after takeoff
South Korea may buy fish free of malachite green in an effort to keep fish prices stable following the contamination scandal
Search for invasive Asian carp in the Chicago River comes up empty
Corsican separatists threaten buyers of ferry line
US defense bill includes one Virginia Class nuclear submarine
Russia's military conducted a successful ballistic missile test Saturday from a nuclear submarine in the Barents Sea
Mumbai's Mazagon Dock Ltd. gets ready to build Scorpene submarines
Japan will help Russia dismantle 5 decommissioned nuclear submarines
Revised treaties to address unlawful acts at sea set to be adopted at Diplomatic Conference on the Revision of the SUA Treaties
R & R Marine's three fabrication and dock yards in Port Arthur, Texas are running, only minor damage from hurricanes
Investigators launching probe into Japanese fishing boat crash
Managing director of a demolition firm has admitted health and safety offences which led to the death of a worker at Cammell Lairds shipyard
India, France sign agreements to build six Scorpene submarines
South Korea's Hanjin Shipping Co. will set up a repair yard with Qingdao Shunhe Shipping Co. in China
Work at the Port of New Orleans goes slowly, as the city is slow to get back on its feet
Angola, Morocco sign fishing accord
Lockheed Martin opens new facility to integrate and test LCS mission systems
South African Navy chief wants women to be on equal footing
Noble Corporation updates status of offshore units following Hurricane Rita, and forecasts estimated financial impact
UN sea turtle recommendation under fire, as it won't do enough to prevent their extinction
Traces of carcinogen malachite green discovered in freshwater fish from farms in South Korea
US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has received more than 1,000 pollution reports along the Gulf Coast from hurricane damage
Piscataqua River Cooperative holds annual fall drill at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard to test oil spill preparedness
French port strike threatens refineries
Story that Navy-trained 'deadly' dolphins escaped during Hurricane Katrina surfaces again
Officials urged to probe claims that organized crime is involved in Indonesian boats illegally fishing in Australian waters
South East Atlantic Fisheries Organisation (SEAFO) annual meeting gets underway
High operating costs in fisheries are putting Seychelles at a disadvantage against its East African neighbors
Norway demands that Russia stops illegal fishing practices
Florida Governor supports drilling in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico, including areas he wanted protected just four years ago
Two offshore wind power projects get closer to starting up in the US
Armed pirates hijacked an Indonesian-registered ship carrying a cargo of tin ingots, crew is safe
Hurricane Stan hits Mexican Gulf coast, ports shut
Justin McCurry on the maritime boundary dispute between Japan and China
New Zealand's Environment Bay of Plenty may charge a type of 'rent' for the use of public space in the coastal marine area
Sparrows Point Shipyard and Industrial Complex joins Maritime Exchange
US Fish and Wildlife Service bans import of beluga sturgeon caviar and meat from Caspian Sea basin countries
Fisheries negotiations begin Wednesday at the UN, a ban on bottom trawling will be discussed
Ireland tags tope, learns fishy tales
• Plans to support orcas in the Puget Sound and around the San Juan Islands focus on food sources, noise control, pollution
Hurricane damage means it probably will take months to return US offshore natural gas production to normal levels
Sakhalin offshore oil and gas project in Russia faces funding decision, concerns over effect on the critically endangered western Pacific gray whale
ShipConstructor to support STEP import and export
Laws governing boating in New York and elsewhere are coming under close scrutiny after the capsizing of tour boat Ethan Allen
Minimum manning requirements discussed at the International Shipping Federation conference
Angola, Morocco exchange experience in fishing sector
Many of the boats damaged by Hurricane Katrina will be sold auction-style over the internet
Aker ASA orders offshore drilling rigs
Piranha bites airport inspector in Manila
McMoRan Exploration reports on damage from recent hurricanes
Hurricanes slam the Gulf region's outdoor sporting industry
Hoi Ha Wan, home to rare coral and a breeding ground for marine life, is being destroyed by tourists
Citing hurricane damage to US fuel supplies, some in Congress seek to loosen bans on offshore drilling, waive air pollution rules
Sea-ice cover over the polar ice cap has fallen for the past four years, many species are dying out from global climate change
French ports remain blocked as angry workers oppose ferry privatization
Israeli-registered container ship Zim Asia is suspected of colliding with the Shinsei Maru No. 3, killing 7 crew members
Asian ship owners upbeat about the outlook for ocean freight rates
Time running out as Taiwan wrings hands over US arms deal
Fabien Cousteau is studying great white sharks in a great white shark- shaped submersible
More Chinese White Dolphins die as more development projects reclaim land around North Lantau
Organic shrimp project begins soon in Bangladesh
Persistent red tide hits South Texas
It could be months or years before Gulf fisheries see a full recovery from the hurricanes
First samples of fish taken from the Gulf of Mexico since the hurricanes show no exposure to spilled oil

September 2005
New Zealand's Department of Labour called on to address alleged ill treatment on board the Sky 75
Largest-ever Korean-made ancient ship found with celadon pottery
India is planning for a tourist submarine, being built in Finland
Federal judge dismisses environmental lawsuit, Hawaii Superferry's inter-island ferry service can now get started
Mississippi, other Gulf ports return to business - slowly
Japan Coast Guard seeks help from South Korea, Russia, in tracking down a vessel that apparently collided with the fishing boat Shinsei Maru No. 3
Wild salmon seems to have made a dramatic comeback to Scotland's rivers just 12 months after the fish was feared to be in jeopardy
Environmental damage in Louisiana from recent hurricanes is unparalleled in its scope and variety
Hawaii creates the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands State Marine Refuge
The health of San Francisco Bay and the contiguous delta of the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers is evaluated
Troops storm ferry as anger grows over fate of Corsica shipping line
First sailing regatta between the navies of India, Brazil and South Africa is under way in Simon's Town
Suitors line up to buy Taiwan shipyard (subscription required)
Jumbo places repeat order for two vessels with 1600t lift capacity, Damen Shipyards in Poland will deliver in 2007, 2008
Cleaning up lost and abandoned nets, crab pots, and other fishing gear helps marine life
This year's drought has left water levels low in Central Washington rivers, salmon eggs may not survive the winter
Fishermen in the United Arab Emirates are being robbed by pirates
Iran to continue aquaculture development policies
Canada has met most of its fishery obligations with First Nations under the Marshall ruling, but not all
Canada's environment commissioner has criticized Ottawa for doing a poor job of protecting the oceans, promoting biodiversity, ensuring safe drinking water
Typhoon Damrey death toll mounts as flash floods sweep in
Water quality conditions in New Orleans may still pose health risks
Several Australian groups raise concerns over a Flag of Convenience ship carrying volatile ammonium nitrate on the Australian coast
Somali piracy reaching alarming levels
Port of Oakland gives cash to drivers of old rigs to replace vehicles with newer, more eco-friendly ones
Port of New Orleans is operating at 20 percent capacity
Ghana Maritime Authority to enforce control measures
The US NOAA's Northeast Fisheries Service Center says cod stocks are seriously declining
Russian navy successfully launches ICBM from the nuclear submarine Dmitry Donskoy
Scientists take first photograph of a live giant squid, the tentacled deep-sea monster is the largest invertebrate on earth
Despite EU obligations, Malta's Opposition leader still wants state subsidies for shipyards after 2008
US attack submarine San Francisco arrives at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard for permanent repairs, gets new commander
Kazakhstan plans to double the volume of the Kazakh part of the divided Aral Sea
West Australian Senator Eggleston calls for helicopter patrols to stop illegal fishing
Tokyo's Tsukiji fish market threatened by globalization
Korea, Japan to discuss cooperative measures for protecting fishery resources
Murphy Oil Corp. pledges $5 million to help St. Bernard Parish recover from their refinery oil spill caused by Hurricane Katrina
Warning put out to shipping along the Sunshine Coast when 800 hardwood logs were lost off the wrecked Kiperousa
German Navy seeks submarine-launched missile
India, France to sign agreement on the purchase of 6 Scorpene submarines in October
Nabors Industries Ltd. announces preliminary assessment of damage from Hurricane Rita
Drilling services contractor Noble Corp. reports on damage caused by Hurricane Rita, 4 rigs ripped from moorings
EU tariffs hurt Canadian shrimp industry
Losses in Louisiana seafood industry may be felt nationwide
Moeller-Maersk AS to pay a $500,000 fine in a plea bargain with the US District Court over false entries in an Oil Record Book
US Maritime Administration announces four new disposal contracts for obsolete ships in its National Defense Reserve Fleet
Chinese maritime police capture a Vietnamese cargo vessel that sank a Chinese fishing boat and fled the scene
All ships moored at the Maritime Administration Reserve Fleet Facility in Beaumont, Texas remained afloat after Hurricane Rita
The search for the missing Durban yacht Moquini has been called off
Russia to raise funds to decommission some 15 nuclear submarines in 2006
German Navy pursues submarine- launched missile
Kirby Corporation comments on the impact of Hurricane Rita on its operations
Hornbeck Offshore Services Inc. plans new vessel construction program
Christensen Shipyards Ltd. ordered to stop using Tiger Woods' name and photo of his yacht to promote the company
North Carolina Marine Fisheries Commission votes down herring ban
Newfoundland appeals to federal government to fight EU shrimp tariff
Abandoned deep-sea fishing nets are killing large numbers of fish and sharks in the northeast Atlantic
China preparing for war, and few notice
Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand launch the 'Eyes in the Sky' project to protect shipping along the busy Malacca Straits
Gipsy Moth IV sets out to re-create the global circumnavigation completed 40 years ago
India looks to Italy for technology and investments in maritime logistics and transport
Joola, Senegal ferry disaster, remembered three years later
Pro-independence groups held a rally in Taipei to support the arms procurement deal with the US, and Taiwan to equip its two Zwaardvis class submarines with more advanced anti-ship missiles
Spanish ecologists protest when British nuclear submarine docked at Gibraltar over the weekend
Recent attacks on US Defense Department networks prompted new restrictions on Navy's use of personal cell phones, e-mail
Alaska salmon industry in a fix, study says
Victoria Mxenge is the fourth patrol ship commissioned to guard South Africa's marine resources against poachers
Bush Administration's proposed changes to federal fishing quotas criticized for leading to consolidation in the industry
The Athos I may have spilled oil into the Delaware River 10 months ago, but the cleanup is still taking place
Gulf Coast energy producers survived Hurricane Rita largely unscathed
ABS provides comprehensive criteria for LNG propulsion systems
Maritime Cabotage Task Force speaks out against agriculture industry request for a waiver of the Jones Act for dry bulk shipping
Louisiana's $3 billion seafood industry left crippled after hurricane
Hurricane costs could jeopardize funding for Seattle's Ballard Locks
Four Chinese boats seized for violating South Korean waters
Gulf Coast oil industry braces for Hurricane Rita
Coalition forces are helping build a new Iraqi Navy
US State Department warns that maritime piracy is a threat near the Horn of Africa and the southern Red Sea near Yemen
Decline in manpower quality is hurting the Indian shipping industry
WiFi Wireless, Inc. and Hyundai Shipping enter into negotiations for first WiFi-enhanced 60-ship fleet
Northern Ireland calls for Europeans to unite in the battle against asbestos linked diseases
SembCorp Marine of Singapore says its subsidiary PPL Shipyard plans to buy the Sabine Shipyard in Texas
Colonna's Shipyard in Virginia pays fine for flushing wastewater contaminated with TBT into the Elizabeth River
National Iranian Tanker Co. wants to become the world's fourth- largest supertanker operator by 2009
Florida Keys lobster industry is hit hard by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the year may be lost
South Korea, US to conduct joint maritime survey
Influx of illegal Indonesian fishing boats found in northern Australian waters
Unclear if offshore oil platforms are built to withstand Category 5 storms, or just a 100-foot wave which can be created by a Category 2 or 3
Russia has dismantled 121 nuclear submarines as of mid-2005, 34 remain operational
Japan and China will meet to settle a feud over claims to undersea oil and gas deposits in disputed waters
Indonesian official investigates alleged 'slave' conditions on the Sky 75
Commander of US, allied naval forces in the Middle East says the Persian Gulf is free of terrorists
Pawcatuck and Santa Lucia the latest James River 'Ghost Fleet' ships to be scrapped, 45 decommissioned ships left
Germany's HDW complains it wasn't allowed to bid for submarine contract for India
ENSCO International Incorporated announces contract for new ultra-deepwater semisubmersible rig
Environmental groups fear changes to Canada's Fisheries Act may weaken protections
Many of the thousands of Bangladeshi fishermen feared drowned in the Bay of Bengal in thunderstorms are home safe
Tehran to bake the biggest fish quiche in the world
Most of the oil spilled in Walvis Bay Harbour when two ships collided last weekend has been cleaned up
US Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns declines request from agricultural groups who sought a waiver of the Jones Act, but will review regularly, also USDA takes action to ease grain transportation
Indonesian naval vessel fires on a Chinese fishing fleet which was allegedly operating illegally, 1 fisherman dead
Japan lodges a protest against China's drilling of gas in disputed waters in the East China Sea
B.C. Ferries signs letter of intent for a new ferry with Vancouver Shipyards
Marine biologists have rescued all of the eight dolphins that were swept to sea by Hurricane Katrina
The cost to repair or replace damaged assets and make essential improvements at the Port of New Orleans is at least $1.7 billion
Indian ports must double capacity in the next 5 years as trade grows, carriers say
Greenpeace intercepts pirate fishing vessel Kerguelen in the Barents Sea and stops it from bottom trawling
Nearly 3,500 fishermen went missing off the southern Bangladesh coast when over 200 fishing trawlers capsized
US Navy has released rules for handheld devices, including wireless telephones
IBM, Maersk to equip ship cargo with sensors
Search for Durban yacht Moquini, which went missing during a race last week, will end on Tuesday night
Aries Maritime Transport Limited acquires 2 Panamax products tankers from Stena Group, being built in China
Strong demand for oil spells opportunities for Singapore's rig builders
Bush Administration proposes new guidelines to prevent overfishing, critics say they ignore commission's recommendations
Fishing nets lost off the west coast of Scotland and Ireland are death traps for rare sharks
Canada tries to build international momentum to combat overfishing outside its territorial limits
Scientists optimistic so far that New Orleans' toxic flood waters won't leave long-term risks
US shipyards purchase Autohydro Pro from Autoship Systems Corporation
UN-chartered food aid ship MV Semlow arrives at port, but the pirates who seized it haven't released crew or cargo yet
Spain intercepts two boatloads of would-be African immigrants carrying almost 50 people
At least 21 Chinese cockle pickers perished in Morecambe Bay due to gross negligence, a court has heard
Ten Indonesian fishermen who escaped the Korean- flagged ship Sky 75 say they were treated worse than slaves
Silja Line will send ferry Finnjet to the US Gulf Coast to serve as emergency accommodation for the Louisiana State U. medical school
Australia offers to provide RAAF aircraft for joint patrols of the Malacca Strait
Katrina impact reaches Virginia oyster packers, and Long-term damage to Gulf seafood industry is still unclear
Chevron reports all employees safe, begins product imports at Pascagoula refinery
Developing oilfields in the Caspian Sea could lead to serious environmental problems
Australia accused of jeopardizing the Great Barrier Reef by refusing to ban single-hulled tankers until 2010
A small ship is under investigation for smashing into an oil tanker on the Huangpu River, oil spilled
Container carrier MV Umfolozi, dredger Ingwenya collide at Walvis Bay while heading for Cape Town, heavy fuel oil spilled
Tuna farms planned for Southern Philippines
Families await return of missing yacht crew, missing during race to Durban
Atlantica Spa di Navigazione, others, bid for cargo-handling contract in Malta
Employees trickle back to Gulf Coast shipyards hit by the hurricane
Authorities confirm a Chinese submarine passed through Taiwan's territory late June, deny reports the event nearly lead to hostilities
Westport Shipyard in Port Angeles seeks workers from devastated Gulf Coast area
International tuna commission warns that some countries under-report their catches
Energy company proposes turning Boston's Outer Brewster Island into an LNG terminal, the island is a national park
Latest news on oil rigs and refineries damaged by Hurricane Katrina
Two ships on the Huangpu River in Shanghai collided with each other, spilling 50 tons of gasoline
Maritime Reporter is compiling a directory of marine companies able to serve in areas of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama affected by Hurricane Katrina
Technip Offshore Finland yard in Pori gets drilling platform order from Chevron
Vehicles seized in cockling protest
Florida fishermen take supplies to help Gulf Coast fishermen
An increase in storm intensity seems to coincide with an increase in the surface temperatures of tropical seas around the world
• Hideaki Kaneda provides editorial: 'Chinese sea power is on the rise'
Scientists collect fish to assess environmental damage from Katrina
Two dolphins that were swept from their aquarium tanks into the Gulf of Mexico by Hurricane Katrina are rescued, six remain at sea
Navy cryptology officers will now be known as 'information warfare' officers
US Coast Guard intercepts ship towing an unmanned submarine-like vessel that held more than 2 tons of cocaine
Navigation survey teams have been posted to the US mid-Atlantic to begin checking shipping channels as soon as Hurricane Ophelia has passed
Federal government may scrap Nigerian Shippers' Council
Maritime concerns drive Southeast Asia war games
Bush OKs US military base closure plan, now Congress will review it
Oysters latest food put on ever growing tainted list
Bridgeport Connecticut Port Authority gets grant to guard ferry passengers against improvised explosives
Norwegian fishing industry has to go abroad to find workers
National president and other leaders of the American Maritime Officers Union indicted for election-rigging, embezzlement and fraud
GlobalSantaFe updates status of rigs impacted by Hurricane Katrina
California officials reconsider poisoning California's Sierra lake to get rid of invasive pike
Body of one fisherman found, three missing off Newfoundland coast
Bacteria, lead, hexavalent chromium and arsenic are among the toxins found in New Orleans' water, and Environment experts worried about pollution in the Gulf of Mexico
Diesel fuel, hydraulic fluid, motor oil leaked from a sunken shrimp boat in the Anclote River
Eight bottlenose dolphins that were washed out of a Mississippi aquarium during Hurricane Katrina are found alive off Gulfport
High cost of fuel killing oyster and shrimp businesses
Taiwan's opposition parties have blocked a controversial arms purchase from the US
Pakistan, India swap prisoners, some of them fishermen
US chief of naval operations favors building more submarines
UK Defence secretary John Reid believes Britain faces a long-term external nuclear threat and may have to plan on that basis
Northrop Grumman to resume building at its Avondale shipyard on Tuesday, Pascagoula yard resumed limited work on Sept. 8
Tagged Atlantic sea turtles trace journeys online
Whale meat served for school lunches in Northern Japan
The world's biggest fish cake will be cooked in Tehran
Salmon may use the sun, moon and stars to navigate their way across vast ocean distances
Oil damage caused by Hurricane Katrina grows
Royal Canadian Mounted Police, United States Coast Guard hold two-week pilot project to enhance inland marine border security
French President Jacques Chirac confirms India's purchase of six submarines, Airbus planes
Sevan Marine ASA orders a third FPSO from China's Yantai Raffles Shipyard
ABC International subsidiary unveils Islamic ship finance scheme
Iranian Fisheries sets to save sturgeon in the Caspian Sea
Patagonian toothfish found on Cambodian vessel FV Taruman
High algae blooms on the Baltic Sea this summer may trigger environmental steps to restore water health
Katrina spurs new debate on US energy policy, including a fresh push by the oil industry for drilling in areas now off-limits
In Greece, high-tech looters target artifacts buried in the sea
UAE-flagged dhow and its nine-man crew is rescued in the Gulf of Aden by the German frigate Luebeck
Plans to lift US moratoriums on drilling for natural gas offshore are gaining momentum in Washington
Global warming brings warm water health problems to new places
Hurricane Katrina throws off cruises
Japan spots Chinese warships near a disputed gas field in the East China Sea
Tanker firm Brostrom fined for spilling oil in the Firth of Forth
US government formally declares the Gulf of Mexico fishing industry a disaster zone
US Navy employees can no longer access personal e-mail accounts from the service's networks without approval
Danish oil tanker rescues 39 Somali refugees stranded in a boat off the coast of southern Yemen
Iridium Satellite LLC provides telecommunications to first responders in Hurricane Katrina region
Japanese whaling ships have returned with the first three of 60 minke whales they plan to catch this season, for 'research'
More oil spills caused by Hurricane Katrina, including one in Chalmette, Louisiana
Chandeleur chain of barrier islands off the Louisiana coast was nearly destroyed by Hurricane Katrina
Oil prices may rise on speculation that hurricane repairs could take months
Traditional Omani sailboat Magan capsized hours after setting off to reenact an ancient maritime voyage
Royal Navy retrieves yellow ROV submarine found by fisherman John Baker in June
Stratos and Inmarsat support Hurricane Katrina relief efforts with mobile satellite services
Expert calls for automatic certification to Nigerian flagged vessels under the nation's cabotage regime
Two more accused in bribery case between US Norfolk Naval Shipyard workers and freight shipping companies
Northrop Grumman provides operation, damage assessment of Hurricane Katrina
New Orleans is awash in toxic waters, but long-term impact is unclear
Diving companies start to restore oil rigs and pipelines damaged by Hurricane Katrina
• Congressional hearing: 'Protecting our Great Lakes: Ballast Water and the Impact of Invasive Species,' Sept. 9 in Fair Haven, MI. For information:
C&C provides web site to help people determine the approximate water depth of any location around New Orleans
Northrop Grumman is cleaning up its Gulf Coast shipyards, hopes to start building ships next week
INS Betwa is India's first warship with combat data systems
Gulf oil production faces high hurdles just to figure out how badly damaged offshore facilities are
B.C. fishermen want compensation for lost season
Interface Sciences Corporation launches nanotechnology innovation to recover and reuse spilled oil
India to explore for oil in Cuba's Gulf waters
Solar-powered autonomous underwater vehicles (SAUVs) will allow for longer surveys
Azerbaijan's Apsheron coast on the Caspian Sea is being plundered for sand for the construction industry
RailPower licenses hybrid engine technology to Ocean Tug & Barge Engineering
Fisherman tests out new gill net that may reduce bycatch
Port of New Orleans reopens after Katrina with 9 government ships, doesn't expect to handle commercial cargo for 2 weeks
Syria is determined to improve ports
The National Petrochemical and Refiners Association testifies before the US Senate on the status of the country's fuel supply after the hurricane, with additional details from Reuters
India orders six Scorpene submarines
US Coast Guard has regained most of its information technology capabilities in hurricane-hit areas; New Orleans remains shut down
Maritrans announces contract for three 45,000 DWT tug-barges at Bender Shipbuilding & Repair
India's Sindhugosh diesel-electric Kilo-class submarine completes tests
Mississippi shipyard worker settles lawsuit over exposure to welding fumes
Gulf Coast's shrimp fishery is devastated by Hurricane Katrina
Sightings of illegal foreign fishing boats in Australian waters have increased
Marathon Oil Corporation provides a new update on the impact of Hurricane Katrina
Rand Acquisition Corp. to acquire Grand River Navigation Company and Lower Lakes Towing
Shippers oppose 'war risk area' description for the Malacca Straits
New research reveals extent of coral damage by trawler nets in Europe
New search on for US Navy's Civil War-era submarine Alligator
Scientists hope the federal government will use the rebuilding of New Orleans as an opportunity to save rapidly disappearing wetlands
New fishing regulations aimed at safeguarding the fishery resources of the Mediterranean Sea enter into force
Deep water corals off the southwest coast of Ireland are in urgent need of protection
Skipper of British coastguard tug Anglian Sovereign charged with alcohol-related offense after hitting rocks off the Shetland Islands
Ship with cracked hull spills oil off Brazil's Niteroi, unclear how much is spilled so far
The steel price recovery on the world market is likely to be short
Three more 'Ghost' ships from the James River Reserve Fleet will be scrapped
Bangladesh's Frozen Foods Exporters Association, Shrimp and Fish Foundation, sign MoU for sustainable fishing
Murphy Oil Corporation announces crude oil spill at Meraux, Louisiana refinery, due to damage from Hurricane Katrina
Canada's salmon fishermen throw their nets in front of Fisheries offices to protest closing the Fraser River
Australia's former prime minister Harold Holt declared drowned, not taken by a Chinese submarine
• US Coast Guard offers draft environmental assesment of Ballast Water Management for Vessels Entering the Great Lakes That Declare No Ballast Onboard
Germany, Spain, France prepared to ship emergency fuel to the US market in an operation coordinated by the International Energy Agency
Strained US oil firms take stock of damage caused by Katrina
Northrop Grumman still recovering from the hurricane, providing updated information on its web site
Maritrans suffered little damage from Hurricane Katrina
Fuel from sunken fishing vessel Rena Marie spills into Washington's Swinomish Channel
Halliburton and its subsidiary KBR will repair US Navy facilities damaged by Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana and Mississippi
Hurricane Katrina destroyed much of the US Coast Guard's IT infrastructure, New Orleans was a major hub of their data network
DHS, US Navy and MCI deploy mobile communications vans to areas damaged by Hurricane Katrina
Defense Information Systems Agency will help provide satellite communications links to the USNS Comfort when it arrives in the Gulf Coast region
Marathon Oil Corporation provides Hurricane Katrina impact update, damage assessments continue onshore Louisiana and in Gulf of Mexico
Devon Energy Corporation reports resumption of operations and preliminary damage assessment from the hurricane
Container shipping will be subjected to a new electronic processing system before entering Australian ports
Naval transport ship Albert J. Meyer from the 'Ghost Fleet' in the James River is towed to a Texas scrapyard
Kirby Corporation announces that Hurricane Katrina caused no noticeable damage to its facilities
India is set to get two Akula class third generation multipurpose submarines on lease from Russia, with the option to buy
The US has offered Perry-class frigates for sale to Pakistan
UK Defence Secretary John Reid reaffirms his commitment to buying two aircraft carriers for the Royal Navy (subscription required)
ABG Shipyard to set up a new shipyard capable of building/repairing vessels up to 120,000 DWT at Dahej, Gujarat
Japan to study how it could expand coral reefs around the Okinotorishima islets at the center of a territorial dispute with China
African nations to boost fish supplies through sustainable measures, and promoting small-scale fishing
Petro-Canada to try to rid offshore platform Terra Nova of residual oil from November spill

August 2005
Japan's Environmental Dispute Coordination Commission refused to link Isahaya reclamation project to fisheries damage
Taiwan's cabinet approves a reduced arms package, 8 diesel-electric submarines from the US are still included
Large investment in Western Australia's shipbuilding facilities expected
Transocean Inc.'s semisubmersible rig Deepwater Nautilus has been damaged by Hurricane Katrina, company is assessing other damage
Hornbeck Offshore reports no vessel damage from Hurricane Katrina
Hietalahti shipyard in Helsinki to focus on assembling car ferries
Some marine species around Northern Ireland's coast are under threat from warming seas
Michigan to clean up the Galien River
Iran-Italy cooperation continues to develop aquaculture in Sistan-Baluchestan
Taiwan's People First Party will not support the Ministry of National Defense's plan to move part of the US arms procurement from a special, to its annual, budget
Stolt Offshore S.A. to establish joint venture with Malaysia's SapuraCrest Petroleum
Grounded bulk carrier Kiperousa is breaking apart near East London, so far logs have washed ashore
Uganda is building modern fish handling facilities
Canada opens Navigation Simulation Center at the Port of Quebec, Lower St. Lawrence Pilots are the first to use it
Most of the Indian Ocean coral reefs were spared long-term damage from December's tsunami
At least eight Gulf Coast refineries in the path of Hurricane Katrina shut down or reduced operations by Monday
India is expected to clear the way for the purchase of six 'Scorpene' submarines from French companies DCN and Thales
Federal officials probe unexplained whale deaths between Maine and Virginia this summer
Invasive Chinese mitten crabs have London biologists suggesting they be harvested for their private parts to keep down numbers
Thousands of salmon killed by a chemical spill in the River Almond near Perth, Scotland
Ammunition from World War I era British Navy ship washed up on County Kerry beach
South Africa fears that al-Qaeda could easily attack maritime targets in Africa
North Korea returns 3 South Korean fishing vessels that allegedly entered the North's territorial waters
Replica of a 5,000-year-old boat is being created by Omani craftsmen
Scots-based rescuers of a Russian mini-submarine crew are to be officially honored by the Kremlin
Canada's commercial fishermen's union warns of 'war on the water' if the DFO doesn't reopen the Fraser River salmon fishery
Japan will see some of its fish catches decline by as much as 70 percent over the next century due to global warming
Questions resurface over the Scottish Executive's decision to award two shipbuilding contracts to a Polish yard
Shipyard at former Charleston Naval Base is sold to the Charleston Marine Manufacturing Corp.
Australia may provide surveillance equipment and ships to help the Philippines tighten its maritime borders
Finnish volunteer divers find body of missing Copterline pilot
Owners of Dutch cargo ship MV Project Europa fined for polluting Canadian waters
Commercial salmon fishing shut down on Canada's Fraser River for the first time
International Shipping Enterprises announces completion of acquisition of Navios Maritime Holdings Inc.
US Coast Guard ends search for 31 Cuban migrants missing at sea for over a week
Ingleside base closing leaves the US Gulf Coast without a naval facility from which to protect oil refineries, shipping lanes
Waves from the December tsunami hit both coasts of Canada several days later
Traditional fishing methods are vital to Senegal, but in danger from over fishing and commercial interests
Fishermen protest dredging for the Sethusamudram Ship Canal Project
Mossel Bay fishing company director gets 5 years in jail for fraud involving illegal fishing
People are using so much water from Massachusetts rivers that river fish are being replaced by pond fish
South Australia's pilchard fishery is closed when 19 dolphins die after getting caught in nets
Philippines and Australia hold talks to expand defense cooperation in maritime security and military training
US Navy's Advanced Electric Ship Demonstrator christened to help test out the new DD(X) class destroyer
Although the submarine base in Connecticut has been spared, it might show up on a future base closing list if more subs aren't ordered
Iraqi wetlands show signs of rebirth
US federal appeals court rules that the government must increase protection for red snapper
Scientist studies giant freshwater fish, now harder to find because of dams and other development projects
USAID to help Uganda develop cage fishing - growing fish in confined areas within lakes
California's North Coast Fisheries fined for conspiring to purchase fish from fishermen who had exceeded their limits
International team claims discovery of new source for China's Yangtze River
US states and the federal government tussle over rules meant to prevent oil spills
Despite world-wide ban on single hull oil tankers, Kenya is still allowing the ships at their ports
Stockholders of International Shipping Enterprises, Inc. approve acquisition of Navios Maritime Holdings, Inc.
Intergraph Corporation unveils IntelliShip 6.0
Sunken tanker in a Baltic Sea zone used for submarine exercises still holds oil, could pose an environmental risk
Australia's Paul Little wants to build Toll Holdings up to have control over the whole supply chain in and out of the country
Livestock carrier Mawashi Al Gaseem, which has been impounded at Port Adelaide since March, is to be sold to recover debts and crew's pay
Al Qaeda claims responsibility for rocket attack in Jordan
Honolulu's Coast Guard balances security, border protection, and rescue
Didemnum, a type of sea squirt, is found to be invading Maine's Cobscook Bay
Hong Kong health officials head for Beijing after malachite green is found in fish, and the government is blamed for not alerting the public immediately
The Gulf's Regional Clean Sea Organisation (RECSO) makes a commitment to protect maritime resources
US - China shipping costs to rise
Jordan intensifies search for attackers who fired and supplied rockets that narrowly missed a US Navy ship
North Korean navy boat briefly crossed into South Korean waters to seize an illegal Chinese fishing boat
UN food agency appeals for release of hostages on board MV Semlow, says rice cargo has not been taken
Divers now convinced they've found the US submarine Lagarto near Thailand
Low water levels threaten marine life in Lake Victoria
Cruise ships are getting bigger, causing some port and passenger trouble
Pentagon officials make last pitch to commission for base realignment plan
Norwegian-based Aker Yards launches Freedom of the Seas, the world's biggest cruise liner
US advertising campaign attempts to repair tuna's reputation
Shares in BAE Systems have risen nearly 3% after it confirmed it may sell its naval electronic systems unit
Greenpeace activists bring dredging work to a halt at the Pansio harbor in Turku over fears of TBT
England to pump water into the River Tyne to help save dying fish
China, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam are negotiating bilateral agreements to manage their common fishery resources
Illegal crayfish a threat to Scotland's salmon rivers
New ship hijacking reported off Somali coast amid dire piracy warning
Dutch firm to use the Iridium Satellite system to monitor shipping containers remotely to reduce the threat of terrorist tampering
Warmer water in the north Pacific Ocean blamed for killing sockeye salmon
CN Rail donates funds to help salmon recovery after chemical spill
Somali pirates said to be looting food cargo from hijacked ship MV Semlow
Two of four Kidd-class destroyers purchased from the United States are to be delivered to Taiwan by the end of the year
Russian submarine launches ballistic missile
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries will raise its annual production of LNG tanker boilers by 10 percent
Famous surfing wave in Mundaka, Spain has disappeared, scientists studying why
Canada expects title to Hans Island in the Arctic
Canadian frigate will patrol the Arctic to clamp down on illegal fishing, assert sovereignty
Overfishing keeps New England cod from bouncing back
North Dakota starts draining Devils Lake toward Canada, despite Canadian fears of contamination
Carnegie Mellon CyLab researchers are developing software to detect and track toxic red tides
The biggest fishing vessel caught poaching in Australian waters this year has been caught off the Northern Territory coast
IMB renews piracy warning for Somali coast after rise in attacks
BearingPoint, Inc. wins contract to help the US Coast Guard redefine its command centers
Three Panamanian sailors drown during international anti-terror exercises to test defenses of the Panama Canal
US Navy votes against planned Fall River LNG terminal
Captain of Russian rescue craft charged with negligence during the mini-submarine rescue
Russia's ICT sells control of shipbuilder Baltic Plan for a discount
The Eastern oyster may be on the brink of extinction - at least in some areas
Nunavut hunters get green light to hunt single bowhead whale
Overview of US Navy's DD(X) program, including funding issues
Canada's CN Rail gets deadline to contain any oil left on the surface of Wabamun Lake
Liberian-registered single-hull oil tanker MT Gernmar Commander docks at the port of Mombasa amid controversy
Up to 2,000 common dolphins spotted off the coast of west Wales
Russian government declines to sign border treaty with Estonia
If the Connecticut submarine base closes, a developer is ready to turn it into a resort
In-depth discussion of the Bombay High North oil platform, devastated by fire
US government cuts back critical habitat for 19 species of threatened and endangered Pacific salmon
Climate change in the South Pacific has 'worrying' implications for Australia's rainfall and fisheries
Russia marks Kursk disaster anniversary, August 12, 2000, and Navy staff says lessons not learned, and Russia's press doubts any lessons have been learned
MV Semlow hijackers have new demands, which cannot be met
Former President Jimmy Carter takes a dive on the new nuclear submarine bearing his name
Titanic attractions planned to bring life back to Belfast's Harland and Wolff shipyard, rejuvenate city's tourist industry
California Coastal Commission rejects a federal plan to extend petroleum and natural gas leases
Federal lawsuit filed to try to require the Hawaii Superferry project to conduct an environmental assessment of its potential impact on islands
Officials question environmental cleanup costs at US military bases slated for closure
United Kingdom and Russia may sign a submarine rescue memorandum in early 2006
Argentina's Astilleros de Rio Santiago-Dianca shipyard to build two tankers for the Venezuelan oil fleet PDV Marina
Steel cutting ceremony held at Northrop Grumman for new-generation aircraft carrier, CVN 21
Cockle beds in west Wales opened for the first time in four years, influx of pickers sparks call for licensing
President Chen Shui-bian affirms sovereignty over Diaoyutai Islands
Three illegal Indonesian-flagged ice boats caught off Australian waters
Anonymous call to radio station shattered official silence, pressured Russian authorities to ask for help with mini-sub rescue operation
Japan lodges a new protest against China for drilling for gas near a disputed part of the East China Sea
Bangladesh's navy and coastguard arrested 54 pirates as they attacked a ship near the city's Chittagong port
Taiwan's People First Party gives conditional support for the Cabinet's arms procurement plan, including submarines from the US
Coastguards, police and harbor authorities in Cornwall may prosecute water-bike and speedboat owners for reckless behavior
Hunt begins off South Carolina coast for Spanish galleon
University of Hawaii scientists find extreme life forms near active submarine volcanoes
Mowachaht-Muchalaht native band to be paid to keep an eye on Luna, the killer whale
Pakistani government to provide 25,000 acres for shrimp farming
Scientists are studying why there are so many lobsters in the Gulf of Maine, but so few south of Cape Cod
Canadian Navy sovereignty patrol won't visit Hans Island, at the center of a dispute with Denmark
Largest Cray XD1 supercomputer to date installed at the US Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, D.C.
Russia to buy British submarine rescue equipment
Singapore's shipyards are becoming global players
2005 quota for Southwest Nova Scotia, Bay of Fundy herring stock to be cut by 40 per cent due to diminishing stock
Biologist who once felt that fish ladders would prevent salmon from dying out now wants dams breached on Washington's Snake River
Denmark, Canada to negotiate over disputed Hans Island in the Arctic off Greenland
Head of ConocoPhillips hopes Australia and East Timor will reach an agreement over maritime boundaries soon
Northrop Grumman Newport News will make the ceremonial first cut of steel on the US Navy's new aircraft carrier CVN-21 on Thursday
Irish drift nets are blamed for falling numbers of salmon from rivers in Wales, the EU has also warned Ireland against the practice
British fisherman plans to catch 300 tope or soupfin sharks per week to sell in the Far East's restaurant trade
59 ship accidents around the coast of South Africa during 2003/04, 24 less than the previous year
Alaska sea otters to get US protection
Russia investigates why they required foreign help to rescue their submersible, and why nets and cables litter an area used for naval maneuvers, plus Reports that Russian mini-submersible crew almost ran out of air, and the rescue in pictures
Thousands of dead fish wash up on shores after train derailment spills lye into British Columbia's Cheakamus River
New ferry MV Bute, built by Polish Remontowa shipyard that won a Scottish contract, has a jammed bow door
Maritime Union of Australia has humanitarian concerns for crew members on livestock ship Mawashi Al-Gasseem
US Navy's Sea Fighter may play a role in a future force now dominated by bigger warships
Luxury yachts are getting bigger, say hello to the gigayacht
Wreck of Notre Dame de Deliverance may have been found, could be the richest treasure ever lost
Edo wins US Navy project to design launchers for submarine sensors
Scottish Ministers are accused of betrayal after a Polish shipyard wins fisheries protection vessel contract
Shark tournaments endanger an already overfished species
Scotland's deep sea fleet is forced inshore and towards a potential conflict with other fishermen
eBay auction of Canadian icebreaker Sir Humphrey Gilbert ends without any bids
Texas General Land Office struggles to clear abandoned boats along its shores
Royal Navy's new flagship and sole remaining aircraft carrier HMS Illustrious is brought back into service
Swimmers find sunken ship from the late 19th century off the eastern coast of Cuba
Invasive Chinese snakehead 'Frankenfish' found in a lake in Queens, New York
US Coast Guard investigating an oil spill in the water between Staten Island and New Jersey
Australian navy to replace hoses on its six Collins-class submarines as 'insurance' against 2003's near-disaster
Nigerian Shippers' Council hopes to form a single maritime convention in international trade
Japan is concerned about China's military modernization, including apparent plans for a deep water navy
Melbourne must deepen to keep up with commerce, but environmentalists want to stop the dredging project
Independent inquiry will investigate Bombay High fire, so far it appears to be a natural disaster
Pakistan's navy hopes to extend the country's maritime claim by extending the continental shelf
Man injured in nuclear submarine explosion at Severodvinsk's Zvyozdochka shipyard dies from his injuries
Turtles aren't showing up at traditional nesting sites
Hawaii officials will study what to do about dwindling fish stocks in near shore waters
Juvenile whale dies after getting stuck in a shark net, Queensland considers watching the nets more closely during migration
US Navy releases new policy on hazing (PDF file)
Vancouver port imposes 90-day license system in truckers' dispute
Hyundai Heavy Industries, Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering, Samsung Heavy Industries get a surge in LNG tanker orders
US officials' advice on 'safe' mercury levels in tuna leaves questions unanswered
New NASA water purification system can be used in extreme environments on Earth, too
Australian navy's last Adams-class destroyer finds new life as an artificial reef
Australia condemns Iceland's plan to kill 39 minke whales for scientific research
Australia's most notorious poacher gives up abalone fishing to care for new children
Tension mounts between Canadian and American lobster fishermen in the Gulf of Maine
Dubai Maritime City announces the completion of the Dubai Drydocks channel
IMO Secretary-General Efthimios E. Mitropoulos lays foundation for LNG training institute in Egypt
Greenpeace activists boarded two fishing vessels to search for evidence of damage caused by deep sea trawling
Connecticut officials meet last time with Base Closure group to try to keep the submarine base open
Australia's Labor defence spokesman Robert McClelland demands action on submarines
GulfMark Offshore, Inc. announces fleet expansion
Washington state experts discuss risk of future oil spills

July 2005
Russian Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov wants a more powerful and combat-ready navy
Russian oil tanker Irkutsk slams into a St. Petersburg bridge, leaking diesel oil into the Neva River
Growing concern about the safety of navigation along the Straits of Malacca discussed at the Asean Regional Forum
China Shipping Group and France's CMA CGM SA are pursuing CP Ships Ltd.
Rickmers-Linie orders four multipurpose heavy lift vessels from Iran's SADRA Shipyard in Busheher
Russia to start building the world's first floating nuclear power plant, to operate in the port of Severodvinsk on the White Sea
US beaches are getting dirtier, report finds
Korea would be more vulnerable to tsunami damage than Japan, because of loss of coastal forests
Oil spill from Bombay High North oil platform heads toward Mumbai Port, and Rescue efforts described
Arctic depths teeming with life, say explorers
Report shows Australian Navy knew of fault on submarine HMAS Dechaineux
Australia releases aquaculture protection plan
Coral as 'genetically complex' as humans
Ship traffic, waterfront accidents surge on the Bosporus with increased oil transport
Revised international ship sewage regulations enter into force
Signs of an oil spill spotted off the Bombay High North platform after fire
UK says US-style security checks aren't the answer for their ports
US Maritime Administration sends two 'Ghost Fleet' ships to Texas, two to Virginia, for scrapping
Researchers investigate two 'dead zones' in Lake Erie
Australian scientists to breed endangered test-tube grey nurse sharks
EU, Morocco sign and accord allowing EU fishermen back into Moroccan waters for the first time since 1999
Cocklepickers harvest shellfish from a bed on the Dee Estuary in north Wales for the third time this month
Lagos boat capsizes, kills 200
Goa's famous beaches are hit by tarballs, although no oil spills have been reported
Russia to start producing new generation diesel-electric submarines
Captain of Greenpeace flagship Rainbow Warrier to be charged for blockading Newcastle Harbour over climate change issues
Canada didn't act illegally when it seized Spanish trawler during 1995 'turbot war' on overfishing, court says
2 rescued, 2 missing after Canadian fishing boat capsized off Washington state
North and South Korea will cooperate to block illegal fishing in the West Sea
Australia finds growing sophistication in illegal fishing operations, believes organized crime may be involved
The pirates that hijacked the MV Semlow last month now want the ship's food cargo instead of ransom
Hyundai Heavy Industries Co, the world's largest shipbuilder, more than doubled the value of its orders for ships and engineering products in June
US federal appeals court upholds Washington, Oregon dam spills to help young salmon migrating to the Pacific
Researcher tries to breed tropical fish as the aquarium trade is thought to have unsustainable harvesting practices
Singapore's bunker companies are switching to double-hulled tankers
Sailor aboard the HMAS Dechaineux during 2003 flood says current preventive techniques are merely 'a band-aid'
Iran and China sign third memorandum of understanding on fisheries
Alaska's commercial fishing industry is using tags to prove that buyers are getting genuine Copper River salmon
California has the nation's largest 'ocean economy'
Staten Island Ferry victim is seeking a 'life salvage' award for helping rescue crews and comforting injured passengers
Fifth US warship to bear the name of Admiral David Glasgow Farragut is christened, an Aegis destroyer
Freigther Wei Hang 9 sinks after colliding with the freighter Kaishin Maru, four dead, five missing
More right whales may be dying than previously believed
US Coast Guard detained 17 ships in May for failing safety checks
White House threatens veto of a Senate effort to stop military base closures
Uganda's Lake Victoria fisheries are declining due to bad fishing methods
Anti-Sethusamudram Ship Canal Project lobby in Sri Lanka demands compensation from India for affected islanders
Namibia clamps down on illegal fishing
Fish in the East Sea may disappear in 150 years due to rising water temperatures
Joint US-China mission tackles illegal driftnet fishing
New group forms to stop Vencoco Inc. from renewing oil drilling of the coast of California
US Navy accepts delivery of the amphibious ship San Antonio despite a critical report from its own inspection board
Jefferies optimistic on the outlook of the dry bulk sector
South Korea will build a second research center in Antarctica by 2011
Collapsed Larsen Ice Shelf in Antarctica exposes an expansive ecosystem
Canadian Defence Department researchers are studying seasickness
George Weston sells B.C. fish farm business to Cermaq of Norway at a loss
Thunder Horse oil platform is now trim, cause of list is unknown, officials continue to monitor
Sea piracy plummets worldwide, although dangerous areas remain
US Coast Guard uses computer system to manage the Houston Ship Channel on land
Bodies found inside burned tanker Kyokuyo Maru are identified as the five missing crew members
Research lab probes life under the sea
Geologist warns underwater landslides may go undetected
Suspected bribe scheme at Norfolk Naval Shipyard investigated
Shipping rates for coal, iron ore fall to near two-year low
House chairman, businesses oppose declaring oysters off the US Atlantic coast an endangered species
HIV/AIDS threatens to wipe out Ugandan fishing communities
Canadian spotter planes to start monitoring Arctic waters for illegal discharges of waste by ships
Ship Smit-Lloyd 27 leaks diesel fuel onto Russia's Pacific coast
Plans to close Northern Ireland's only dedicated Coastguard search and rescue center are under consideration
US NOAA's coral study plan called too timid
Scientists want to clone sea turtles by 2010
Australian TV program Four Corners reveals that Japan has bought whaling votes
US military bases facing closure, updated list
Malaysia will require transponders on vessels to check illegal fishing
Nova Scotia fisherman is the first to be charged and convicted under Canada's new species-at-risk law, he had 7 threatened northern wolffish
Thunder Horse oil platform is now near completely trim, with most water off the vessel
Researchers at St. Louis' World Aquarium have accelerated coral growth by exposing embryonic coral cells to concentrated salt water
Malaysia hopes that empowering women will improve the quality of life in fishing villages
Scientists believe they have proof that global warming has altered Tasmania's marine environment
Jacques Piccard's mésoscaphe submersible will be displayed at the Swiss Transport Museum, set the record for the deepest ever ocean dive
Another Canadian warship, the HMCS Preserver, limps back to port with electrical problems after refit
North Sea ship emissions control area set to be adopted at the IMO environment meeting
Canada's Department of Fisheries and Oceans has released its 2005 salmon fishing plan, with a cautious approach to harvesting
A whale boneyard from the time the creatures had feet is one of 7 new global heritage sites named by the United Nations
Malaysia sets up new marine police tactical unit to fight piracy and kidnappings in the Straits of Malacca
Liberia's ship registry embroiled in scandal
China formally protests Japan's approval of drilling rights in the East China Sea
Stratos Global announces SMSCrewMail, a new prepaid SMS and e-mail service for maritime crewmembers
Conflict continues over wreck of sunken submarine USS Lagarto in the Gulf of Thailand
Canada, Denmark to perform joint survey to determine limits of continental shelves in the high Arctic and Greenland
Stratos and SMS Global introduce prepaid SMS and text e-mail for maritime crews
Indonesia has again made clear its stand that the three littoral states are solely responsible for the security of the Malacca Strait
Taiwanese legislative organization introduces new bill to form the legal basis for future weapons purchases, including diesel-electric submarines from the US
Bush administration asks 9th Circuit to block dam spills
San Antonio, being built by Northrop Grumman's Ingalls shipyard in Pascagoula, Mississippi, is poorly constructed
China's Hudong-Zhonghua Shipyard in Shanghai to build four frigates for Pakistan's navy
China's Ministry of Agriculture to study a controversial proposal to open a shipping route through a dolphin nature reserve
Bottom trawling must be immediately shut down in 12 areas of the coast if British Columbia is to protect important deep sea corals and sponges
Dangerously warm river temperatures were a contributing factor in the loss of large numbers of salmon in Canada's Fraser River last year
Temporary lifting of a two-year ban on cockling is announced in the UK
China's Ministry of Agriculture reassures public about toxic Malachite green found on some fish in the Henan provincial capital
Hyundai Vinashin Shipyard, Vietnam has started lengthening five car carriers for Wallenius Lines, Sweden
BP sends teams to level Thunder Horse oil platform, which has been listing since Hurricane Dennis hit the Gulf of Mexico
BP is assessing hurricane damage to Thunder Horse oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico
• London's bombings trigger heightened security measures across North America, including Long Island ferry terminals and Alaska ferries
Scientists to probe submarine tsunami destruction near Aceh
Company hired to demolish craneway at the Fore River Shipyard found responsible for collapse, two deaths
Royal Caribbean Cruises' Celebrity Cruises signs letter of intent for a new cruise ship with German shipbuilder Meyer Werft
Oceanic plankton have largely disappeared from the waters off Northern California, Oregon and Washington
Many of Hawaii's harbor users are still unaware of basic security procedures
Two of six Kenyan sailors who survived drowning after a research vessel sunk off the coast of Seychelles arrive home
Japan, Russia to begin second phase of plan to dismantle Russian nuclear submarines that threaten to pollute the Sea of Japan
14 die after handling asbestos in one of Sumitomo Heavy Industries' shipyards
Holland America Line prepares to debut the MS Noordam in February 2006
AT&T wins networking contract from Carnival Cruise Lines
Area on the West Coast of Vancouver Island will be closed to sports fishing for the orca Luna
Kenya Ports Authority has yet to approve a cruise terminal tender for Mombasa port
Murray cod is returning to South Australia's Murray River
Florida's St. Lucie River is fading fast
Thai divers seek access to WWII submarine USS Lagarto, but US official says it should remain undisturbed
Groups try to restore coaster brook trout in Lake Superior
Canada struggles over keeping historic lighthouses in operation
Australia's shipping industry reflects on 1995 Iron Baron oil spill, has learned lessons
US National Marine Fisheries Service investigates whether the Eastern Oyster should be protected
No spilled oil sighted yet as officials start to remove oil from the grounded ship Casitas
Australia burns Indonesian fishing boats in show of strength against illegal fishing
Numbers of sockeye salmon returning to spawn in Lake Washington are decreasing dramatically
Nigeria develops Inland Container Depots to combat congestion at ports
Coalition formed to fight against closing the US Navy submarine base in Connecticut says it should actually be expanded
Australian public asked not to dump aquarium fish and plants in local rivers
249 passengers evacuated as Philippine ferry MV Princess of the World catches fire, all rescued
Sri Lanka may resort to legal action against India over its plan to dredge the sea dividing the two nations
B.C. ferry Queen of Oak Bay undergoes sea trials
Some Newfoundland fishermen say Ottawa is cutting money to fund cod research at a time when that kind of science is critical
Korean fishermen are greatly responsible for teenager sex abuse in Kiribati, a small island nation in the Pacific Ocean
Exxon Mobil Corp. finally starts to replace its single-hulled oil tankers with double-hulled vessels by buying two from BP
Several countries participate in the largest emergency maritime exercise held in China during peacetime
Lockheed Martin completes combat management system software for Littoral Combat Ship
Japan increases surveillance near South Korea's Dokdo islets
US, Japan to play larger role in Malacca Strait security: Malaysia
Scientists study sharks' ability to detect electrical fields for possible use by the US Navy
US Coast Guard planning to remove grounded ship Casitas from coral reef reserve in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands
Russia ratifies accord with Canada to destroy chemical weapons and decommission nuclear submarines
Ocean temperatures hit record high in North Atlantic last year: study
Two alien aquatic plants are slowly choking life from the most diverse inland fishery in Texas
Government of Canada announces funding for habitat and species at risk in British Columbia & Yukon
Taiwan, Japan advised to shelve dispute over sovereignty of the Diaoyutai Islands to help resume fishing order
Japan's Coast Guard and Fisheries Agency to cooperate to combat unauthorized foreign fishing in Japan's exclusive economic zone
US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is slowly mapping the ocean floor, currently on the Chesapeake Bay
If warming Arctic climate continues to erode sea ice, Polar bears will become extinct
Pollution experts head to grounded research ship Casitas at marine reserve off Hawaii
Protesters believe Australia is taking advantage of East Timor over oil and gas royalties
Armed robbers target US-flagged cargo ship near Iraq port Umm Qasr, no injuries
Uncertain size of sub fleet contributes to fate of Connecticut submarine base
Eight green sea turtles raised in captivity were released into the wild off Hawaii
UK Fisheries Ministers are in bid to boost sea fisheries
Australian researchers discover a new dolphin - the Australian Snubfin Dolphin
Dolphins name each other so they can 'shout' for help
Hijacked tsunami aid ship still held by pirates off Somalia coast
Iran forms consortium for LNG marine transportation
Demonstrators blockade British nuclear submarine base Faslane to protest the G8 summit
An artificial gill that mimics the way fish breathe could allow divers to dispense with bulky oxygen tanks
Replacing India's 20-year-old fleet of cargo vessels and oil tankers is expected to cost over $2 billion by 2009
Scottish official warns that giving ship contracts to Polish yard could close Ferguson yard and cost the community millions
About two million fish fry released into China's Songhua River to try to protect and restore stock
Oil sheen spotted near grounded research vessel Casitas in a marine reserve in the Northwest Hawaiian Islands
26 vessels on site to clean up oil spill after two ships collided at Dalian port in Liaoning Province
US coalition presence in Gulf helps cut piracy - Commander
The average surface temperatures of the Great Lakes are already at their highest in five years
India's prime minister to lay foundation stone for India-Sri Lanka sea lane dredging project
Chinese tanker, container ship collide off Dalian port in northeast China, no injuries reported
Putin signs bill on submarine disposal agreement with Italy
Good year for right whale calving, 28 mother-calf pairs sighted so far off South Carolina
Officials open some Massachusetts shellfish beds after red tide recedes
Kjell Inge Roekke, owner of Aker Kvaerner, has been given a 120-day jail sentence after bribing a Swedish maritime inspector
Red tide recedes in Massachusetts
Russia halts surveying on Pacific oil pipeline around Lake Baikal, the world's biggest freshwater lake, over environmental fears
Divers discover WWII US submarine USS Lagarto in the Gulf of Thailand
Russia plans to complete nuclear submarine disposal in 2010

June 2005
US Navy advises tankers to avoid long waits off Iraq because of the risk of robbery or terrorist attack
Singapore launches its own classification society: SingClass International Pte Ltd
Nigeria, South Africa collaborate on maritime job creation
P&O sells its stake in Royal P&O Nedlloyd, clearing the way for a takeover of the Dutch shipper
International Drumhead Ceremony, held in conjunction with ceremony for the Battle of Trafalgar bicentenary, honors sea war victims
Port Qasim will set up its own marine repair workshop and dry-dock facilities
AMSEC LLC to provide support to US Navy's Center for Surface Combat Systems
Matson Navigation debuts the newest of its Hawaii cargo ships, MV Manulani - third US-built ship from Kvaerner Philadelphia Shipyard
Malaysia detains Singapore-owned tanker believed to be responsible for massive oil spill off its southern coast
World's largest freshwater fish found in Thailand, 646 pound catfish, photo available
Three weeks later, bulk carrier Kiperousa is still stranded near East London, now salvors will remove cargo of logs
Canada adds a new operational structure to integrate maritime, land and air security
Trafalgar ships compared
To attract tourists, South Korea may remove barbed wire from its beaches - used to deter infiltration by North Korea
Newly-designed fast-attack craft Batti Malv is launched, built for the Indian Navy by Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers
Calls for Taiwan to protect its claim over the Diaoyutai Islands, the heart of fishing disputes between Taiwan and Japan
Malaysia vows to track down the ship responsible for massive oil spill off its southern coast
Shares of South Korean ship parts makers are rising faster than shipyard stocks due to a record backlog of orders
Mundaka Spain loses its famous waves, some blame nearby dredging but authorities aren't sure
US, Canada, Mexico pledge to increase security, including strengthening maritime and aviation security
International Maritime Organization launches the IMO Award for Exceptional Bravery at Sea
Ten Filipino crewmen who were stranded and unpaid on tugboat Captain George will fly home with three months' pay
Almost 200 shipwrecks in South Australian waters will receive extra protection under new laws
Maritime Union in Tasmania seeks tougher regulation of ship standards
UK Coastguard stations are understaffed and have unreliable equipment
Lockheed Martin opens facility to support next-generation naval radar
Malaysia's Johor coast hit by an oil slick believed to be one of the region's worst environmental disaster in recent years, cause unknown
The collapse of cod stocks off Nova Scotia changed the marine ecosystem so dramatically that it may be impossible for cod to recover
Biologists, engineers team up to build better salmon habitat
Safety concerns over plan for ships to bring anti-poverty marchers across the Channel for the Sail 8 event
International fleet gathers to mark Trafalgar 200
Defeated whalers sense tide turning
Legislation to protect Canada's marine environments from polluters comes into force
Petrobras oil rig workers will soon live aboard the comfortable floating hotel Etesco Millennium
Researchers find clues that the Confederate submarine Hunley may have used battery-powered weapons
Carnival Cruise Lines ship Elation reports woman missing off Caribbean coast of Mexico
Five-word telegram sent from a survivor of the Titanic is sold at auction for £14,500
A rich Greek archaeology frontier lying underwater
Did China's Admiral Zheng He discover America before Columbus?
Scientists say global warming is evident in Timor Sea corals
Angola, European Union terminate agreement on fisheries
Taiwan may install GPS on boats so fishermen won't trespass into Japan's exclusive economic zone
Japan may leave the International Whaling Commission after recent setbacks
US Navy's increased security requirements have led to a string of accidental shooting accidents
Piracy and terrorist fears make Malacca Strait 'high risk': US official
Japanese group suggests 'user pay' system to fight piracy
UK Coastguard detains Liberian oil tanker on safety faults
Japan faces sanction for whaling
Royal Caribbean International's Enchantment of the Seas is 73 feet longer
Attempt to launch solar sail spacecraft fizzled when a booster rocket failed less than two minutes after liftoff
East Timorese Parliament passes law that paves the way for exploration of oil, gas reserves
Japan vows to increase its research whaling program and extend it to two threatened species, despite condemnation
An explosion blasted through oil tanker Tradewind Sunrise moored for repairs off Trinidad's west coast, at least four people dead
East Lothian Council and Fife Council are refusing to allow crude oil to be pumped between tankers in the Firth of Forth
Spain's key anchovy fishing ground in the Bay of Biscay will be closed because of plummeting stocks
New study shows the impact of drought on agriculture and fisheries in Iran
US naval shipbuilders urged to reform
200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar set to start Tuesday with a fleet review
Abu Dhabi's Mina Zayed is upgrading its container terminal facilities
ThyssenKrupp no longer sees European shipyard merger
Cosmos 1 solar sail is missing shortly after its launch from a Russian nuclear submarine
Group sets benchmarks to evaluate Boston Harbor's health
Activist intends to sue the National Marine Fisheries Service for failing to mandate whale safe fishing gear
Asian shipbuilders to gain from falling steel prices
GB Row Challenge team reach halfway in their attempt to row non-stop 2,000 miles around mainland Britain
Offshore Systems International to replace the Shipboard Navigation and Plotting System (SNAPS) on Canadian submarines
A man has died after being crushed by his yacht that had run aground off the Essex coast on Tuesday morning
Maritime authorities still hope to refloat the beached bulk carrier Kiperousa with the spring tide
The first solar sail powered spaceship is due to blast off Tuesday evening from a Russian submarine under the Barents Sea
Some biologists call to put the Atlantic sturgeon on the endangered species list
Fisheries experts warn that the Atlantic snow crab industry is headed for collapse
Korean shipbuilder Hyundai Heavy Industries delivers tanker to Gulf Energy Maritime 3 months ahead of schedule
Offshore wind power project stirs controversy on Cape Cod, Massachusetts
McGraw-Hill Professional is teaming up with the US Coast Guard Auxiliary to develop reference materials for the boating public
IACS resolves rift over common tanker rules
Norwegian shipowning company Wilh Wilhelmsen is taking over maritime supplier Unitor
Malaysia's coast guard - Maritime Enforcement Agency - will begin operation in November
Experts will trawl the Aegean for triremes, the ships that were crucial to the victory over Xerxes of Persia
Speaking out against flags of convenience
Hi-tech military sonar systems 'are killing Britain's whales and dolphins'
Japanese officials push for whale meat revival
New dawn for space travel as revolutionary Cosmos 1 prepares to unfurl her sails
Former Detroit Marine Terminal reopens this month under new management and with the new name of Port of Detroit
Australia will help the Philippines assess maritime surveillance and response capabilities in a bid to improve security in the region
Plan to retrieve war dead from Imperial Japanese Navy ship Iro hits snag, no remains confirmed due to silt-covered engine room
Overview of India's Naval plans
Alien fish species are threatening local fish systems in the Pearl River in South China
Britain's worst sea disaster recalled - troop ship Lancastria struck by German bombs, at least 3,500 died on 17 June, 1940, and, the Ship's bell has turned up in a French cemetery
Temporary agreement between East Timor and Australia over Sunrise gas and oil royalties is getting closer
European Union lifts a punitive dumping duty and replaces it with a minimum price for salmon
Pentagon satisfies senate of base closings
China test-fired a new long-range, submarine-launched ballistic missile on Thursday
A coalition of legislators in Congress want a permanent ban on oil and gas drilling in the Great Lakes
Port authorities in Falmouth say their harbor is well suited for ship to ship oil transfers, environmentalists aren't so sure
Canada commits funds for troubled salmon in British Columbia's Fraser River
US Commerce Department declares red tide in Massachusetts an emergency, aid promised
Illegal fishing hits world's poorest -UK studies
State of Connecticut has hired a Washington firm to lobby to keep the Groton submarine base open
Passengers sue Norwegian Cruise Line for emotional suffering caused when their cruise ship went through rough seas and a seven-story wave
South Korea puts plans to build a whale meat processing plant on hold, bowing to pressure from environmental groups
Sir Francis's Gipsy Moth IV has been restored, the first yacht to complete a one-stop trip around the globe
Salvage teams now hope Monday's spring tide will help refloat the beached bulk carrier Kiperousa
East Timor may demand that a gas pipeline go to East Timor, not Australia; may find another partner
Fisheries and Oceans Canada is is under fire over its handling of salmon farms and their alleged detrimental effects on wild fish
Scottish Executive has no grounds on which to exclude a Polish shipyard from bidding to build three vessels for the Scottish Fisheries
Conservationists start to uncover secrets of the Confederate submarine HL Hunley
Oceanographers report last year's Hurricane Ivan created a record-breaking 91 foot high wave
Angola, Namibia agree on sea borders
China will host biggest-ever maritime security exercise in the East China Sea next month, to support partnership among ASEAN members
German frigate FGS Karlsruhe (F212) rescued six distressed mariners from tugboat Sarah in the Arabian Sea
Texas firms join race for LNG projects, this time off the coast of Gloucester, Massachusetts
Pakistan invites investors to construct 10 berths in the second phase of development of Gwadar port
Federal regulators set to vote on a plan to protect deep water corals and fish, permanent ban on bottom trawling possible
Four Mekong giant catfish will be released back into the wild in Cambodia to try to boost numbers of the species
Australia, Japan clash over secret ballots at next week's International Whaling Commission (IWC) meeting in South Korea and Environmentalists call on the Chinese Government to block Japan's whaling scheme
1994 agreement may make cleanup of the Navy Submarine Base in Groton, Connecticut more expensive than the Pentagon budgeted for
Former Pearl Harbor shipyard employee sentenced to three years in prison for selling new and refurbished ship and submarine parts
Broker marks down shipyard rates as demand for vessels, steel prices falls
Conference on Antarctica works toward protocol on responsibilities and insurance in the event of a serious accident such as an oil spill
US Department of Labor secretary Elaine L. Chao will christen NCL's Pride of America in New York City, June 17
Sub Sea Research team plans for excavation of ancient shipwreck sites discovered off Haiti's coastline
Scientists use gas to map the currents in the Houston Ship Channel
Ancient sands reveal traces of huge tsunamis
Massachusetts red tide closes federal fishing waters
New sea creatures discovered off the Philippines
The Scottish Executive is joining forces with its Norwegian counterparts to crack down on illegal fishing in the North Sea
America's Cup battle has already begun
Malaysia's first Scorpene submarine is expected to cruise home by the middle of 2009
Fisherman recovers remote-controlled submarine missing from the HMS Penzance
Engine room of cargo vessel MV New Glory catches fire near Pulau Undan
Another attempt will be made to refloat the beached Kiperousa
Texas A&M scientists try to understand the mysterious oxygen depletion around the Gulf of Mexico's floor - Dead Zone
Canadian Navy may ship its used submarines to hot spots around the world rather than send them under their own steam subscription required
New bulk cargo carrier China Peace sets sail on maiden voyage, built by the State-owned Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co Ltd
Living near nuclear power stations causes no risk, but children living near nuclear materials sites have a slightly higher risk of cancer
African maritime nations are urged to forge close ties
Dozens of Taiwanese fishing boats massed in the East China Sea to protest Japan's claim to an exclusive economic zone
Oil has begun to leak from the stranded bulk carrier Kiperousa at the Bira River mouth near East London
Race yacht saves shipwrecked sailor off New Zealand
More than 2 tons of hashish was seized yesterday in international waters of the Arabian Sea
Animal activists have warned naval exercises off the Queensland coast could put marine life at risk
The collapse of the East Coast cod fishery appears to have caused the region's marine ecosystem to favor smaller fish and invertebrates
Canada approves funds for collaborative research towards a responsible and sustainable aquaculture
Australia hopes rock lobster fishers will take up a recommendation to install sea lion exclusion devices in pots
Japan's Liberal Democratic Party may draft a new law to protect Japanese vessels that drill for gas in the East China Sea
BP works toward reducing risk of oil spills in its fleet
US Coast Guard reports a back-draft explosion during a fire doomed the Galaxy fishing boat before it sank in 2002 in the Bering Sea
Defense analyst believes Australia doesn't need new air warfare destroyers
UK's Ministry of Defence denies that anti-war activists gained access to the berth of a nuclear submarine at Faslane
The International Maritime Board (IMB) has boosted its piracy warning for the coast of Somalia
Two new shipwrecks found in Hawaii archipelago
Efforts under way to keep West African bulk carrier Kiperousa from running around off the Eastern Cape coast, authorities are ready to fight any oil spill
New computer programs help move cargo through Charleston's busy port more quickly
Malaysia wants more maritime surveillance aircraft from the international community to boost security in the Straits of Malacca
Bob Geldof's 'Sail 8' initiative could bring some excitement - and traffic - to the Channel
Australia plans to subject airport and sea port workers to security checks, and fire people who don't pass
South Korean government would help crew and owner of Sinpung-ho file a lawsuit against Japan for damage to boat
Abnormalities in the Black Current, the warm water flow off the coast of Japan, has affected catches of fish such as bonito and whitebait
University of Pittsburgh has stopped its 24-year sponsorship of Semester at Sea, citing concerns about safety and ship operations
The Bush administration is sending a bill to Congress to establish regulations for fish farming up to 200 miles off the nation's coasts
Canada launches Atlantic Storm Prediction Centre and the National Laboratory for Marine and Coastal Meteorology
Police roadblocks on highways are hampering the movement of cargo from Mombasa port
Experts say the world isn't addressing the dangers of Russian nuclear stash
Sailors checked for injury after fire aboard navy frigate HMCS Toronto
EU shipbuilding tender rules may see Scottish fisheries protection ships built in Poland
Iran, Kuwait closer to deciding on their maritime border in a rich offshore gas field
Rip currents pull about 100 swimmers to their deaths every year in the US registration required
Experts gather in Stockholm to discuss the environment, global warming, tourism and other issues facing the South Pole
International research group calls for reductions in cod fishing in North Sea
Australian report says the 2003 catch rates for deepwater flathead and Bight redfish have been above management limit
Kvaerner ASA signs final new building and charter agreement with Overseas Shipholding Group Inc for 10 tankers
Marine Growth Ventures delivers MV Royal Pacific to Xiamen, China
Two biggest arrangers of loans to buy ships may raise interest rates on borrowings to fund new vessels ordered during the past three years
Tennix workers want Federal documents on the bidding process for the defense contract that went to Australian Submarine Corp
Angola and Namibia study strategies to fight illegal fishing
Excel Maritime takes delivery of MV Princess I and MV Angela Star
American Civil War submarine Explorer may have been found by a British explorer off Panama
Joint patrols in the Malacca Strait may be possible between Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia
Investigators say a rusty anchor on the bottom of the Delaware River ripped the hull of a Greek oil tanker last fall
Connecticut's Thames Shipyard & Repair Co. accused of polluting the Thames River and violating other laws
Captured U-505 submarine now open at Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry
Armed escort vessels will be allowed to pass through Malaysia's stretch of the Malacca Strait, operations will be controlled
International Association of Ports and Harbours award Karachi Port Trust a gold medal for its development program
Malaysian bulk carrier Everise Glory sank after colliding with Taiwanese container ship Uni Concord, one crew member missing
Farmed salmon tainted with banned chemical malachite green made it to store shelves in Canada
Singapore will host maritime exercises aimed at stopping shipments of weapons of mass destruction by sea
Study finds that Arctic warming is drying up lakes in Siberia
Celebrate World Ocean Day on June 8
Armed pirates demand ransom for the release of Thai captain and one crewman kidnapped from a tanker in the Straits of Malacca
Australian scientists will attempt to breed grey nurse sharks in artificial wombs to try to boost the endangered species' numbers
Red tide hits parts of East China Sea
Singapore's Prime Minister says terrorists are studying maritime targets
Sweden wants liability law for Antarctic pollution
Russian Federation accepts ban on dumping of radioactive wastes at sea under 1972 London Convention
Proposed Canadian law to protect birds from oil spill is unworkable, according to shipping firms
Scientists monitor largest red tide outbreak in 12 years in Massachusetts Bay
Chittagong City Corporation plans to set up a hospital for the laborers at the Sitakund ship breaking yard
Pirates struck Basra oil terminal, apparently approached the vessel in a rubber boat to steal money from a tanker
Keel for US Navy's first littoral combat ship Freedom is laid at Manitowoc's Marinette Marine Shipyard
Northrop Grumman's Continental Marine wins EPA award for protecting and preserving the environment
Search for missing sailor launched after an empty yacht runs aground in Devon
Chinese naval ship is lurking near Japan's exclusive economic zone
Australian authorities worry about Filipino crew member conditions on board a Greek ship
Malaysia, Japan are collaborating on a study of mid-water trawling and other fisheries issues
South Australia's strong industrial relations credited in the decision to award naval shipbuilding contract to ASC Shipbuilding
Japan is looking into a report that a Chinese submarine is being towed in the South China Sea toward Hainan Island
US urges Japan to stop killing whales, says any expansion in kills would be unacceptable
US, Croatia sign ship boarding deal, designed to stop the flow of weapons between countries
University of Hawaii to research the effects of sound on whales and dolphins
Up to 80 false killer whales are stranded on Australia's western coast
Canada makes progress in solving shrimp dispute with Faroe Islands
DD(X) quarter scale model underwater explosive testing successful
Keppel Singmarine has entered into an agreement to acquire an existing shipyard in Nantong, China
UK's Ministry of Defence may privatize maritime search and rescue helicopters
Environmentalists say Canada is failing to protect wild salmon from the impact of fish farms

May 2005
Antarctica conference in Sweden to focus on environment, climate change
Australia denies that Japan has been granted a license to fish for patagonian toothfish in Australia's Antarctic fishing zone
Royal Caribbean International adds 73-foot midsection to Enchantment of the Seas, with picture
India opens new naval base INS Kadamba
Water flow can give clues to global warming
Scientists will study how Asian oysters grow, perform and survive in the Chesapeake Bay
Iran to expand fishery ties with The Netherlands
War vets applaud skipper of USS San Francisco, say he took the blame for the Navy's charts
Government-owned Steel Authority of India Ltd (SAIL) to develop special steel plates for use by the Indian Navy's submarine project
Australia says it's near an agreement over oil and gas reserves with East Timor
Pakistan and India made no progress during talks to resolve boundary dispute over the Sir Creek estuary
Pakistan's Maritime Security Agency urged to stop deep sea trawlers
Greenpeace activists occupy site of proposed whale meat factory in South Korea, ahead of talks on the state of the world's whale stocks
Chicoutimi rescue cost $300,000 in hotel fees
Closed US military bases could become repositories for nuclear waste
India, Pakistan begin talks on maritime, land boundary disputes
Japan, China to meet next week over disputed gas fields in the East China Sea
Explosion at China's Shenghai Dockyard kills five workers, injures six others
Former Royal Navy Fleet Tender Ixworth has been turned into medical ship Amazon Hope 2, will provide care to Peru
Connecticut governor may sign bill to keep the US Naval Submarine Base in Groton from being shut down
Another four marine areas off Canada's Atlantic coast will be given protected status, limiting fishing and offshore energy exploration
Oil tanker Chrisopigi Lady and a cargo ship Yue Shan collided in Singapore waters, no injuries or pollution
US Customs and Border Protection Commissioner tells a Senate subcommittee the government has tightened port security since September 11
USS John F. Kennedy may be responsible for 1,500 gallon oil spill in Boston
Judge rules that Bush's plan to improve the Columbia Basin hydroelectric dam system threatens salmon
Japan vows to continue whaling despite Australian protests
US Navy says Congressional orders splitting construction contracts for new destroyers between shipyards make the ships "unaffordable"
Canada to sell four decommissioned Oberon class submarines for scrap
French marine architect Jacques Rougerie wants his SeaOrbiter to drift around the oceans to study life beneath the waves
Probe will determine if bodies from ill-fated fishing trawler Lindsay can be recovered
USS Razorback, with ribbons from World War II and Vietnam, is now a museum in Arkansas
Marine archaeologists raise two cannons from the remains of what they believe is Blackbeard's ship Queen Anne's Revenge
Resurgence of pirate attacks highlights gaps in maritime security in strategically and economically vital waterways
Researchers in Thailand are the first to successfully breed threatened Archer fish
Japan's coastal whale hunting season in the Sea of Japan has begun
Traces of a disease which is potentially fatal to freshwater fish have been found in seven British rivers
Australia says Japan's whale research program is an insult to science
MV Praque Yara loses its engine, rescued by Nigerian authorities after drifting for two days
Fears of terrorism in the Malacca and Singapore straits
China sets Maritime Day at July 11, marking the 600th anniversary of Zheng He's voyages
South Africa's sport fishing industry is trying to become sustainable
Shipping rates for coal, iron ore fall to lowest in 11 months
Authorities recovering wreckage of fishing vessel Lindsay, sunk after colliding with Brazilian fruit juice tanker Ouro do Brazil
Tugboat pilot pleads guilty in 2003 Massachusetts fuel oil spill
Nearly four fifths of China's Yellow river are polluted
Southern Company and Georgia Tech partner on Southeast's first wind power project off the coast of Savannah
US pressing Taiwan to decide on purchase of P-3C aircraft, submarines and the rest of the arms package may be reconsidered
Namibia seeks investors in its maritime culture
US Coast Guard's Deepwater Program's fast-response cutter reaches successful systems requirements milestone
Pakistan Navy rescues 12 crew members of Korean vessel MV Horizon-9 that caught fire in the Arabian Sea
US Pentagon may sell three Aegis naval weapons systems to Australia
Countries hit by last December's tsunami will take at least five to 10 years to recover with the help of international aid
Matson Navigation Co. hopes to expand throughout the Asia-Pacific Region, christens MV Manulani at the Kvaerner Philadelphia shipyard
Fish ladders will restore migration patterns in the Parrmatta River in New South Wales
South Korea's Hyundai Heavy Industries is building ships on land
US Senator Joe Lieberman's opinion on why the New London submarine base shouldn't be closed, registration required
Raytheon Co., Integrated Defense Systems win a $3 billion design contract for work on the US Navy's DD(X) project
Malaysia to be hub for Panama flag vessels
Need for international cooperation to combat piracy
North Korean freighter Paik Du San makes a call at a South Korean harbor - first time since 1984
Taiwanese tuna trawler Sheng I Tsai has been missing in the Pacific for five days
Red tide creeps along New England's coast, worst seen since 1993
China succeeds in breeding Bighead fish
Tokyo's governor visited Okinotori Island to emphasize it is in Japan's exclusive economic zone, may cause a backlash from China
INS Kadamba is set to be commissioned - India's first naval base with a port controlled exclusively by the Navy
East Timor denies boundary issues with Australia have been resolved
New leadership is about to take over the running of Australia's defense force, fundamental decisions are about to be made
Two of BP's new double-hull tankers that carry Alaska crude oil have developed mysterious cracks in their rudders
Five-year ban on harvesting Hawaii's black coral is recommended
Senate report says Canada's Department of Fisheries has 'devastated' coastal communities through short-sighted policies
Cruise liners could soon return to Liverpool's famous waterfront after approval of construction grants
Scottish trawler fishermen will fish hundreds of tons of litter from the North Sea
Japan, South Korea discuss fisheries, territorial waters
Taiwan will maintain restrictions on the total number of Chinese fishermen allowed to work in Taiwan at the current level of 9,000
70,000 Pakistani fishermen go on strike
Treasure hunters look for sunken ships off the German coast after a crab is found with a gold coin in its claw
Gwadar port will promote economic interests, will not be used for strategic or military purposes
Canada passes new law to deter ships from illegally dumping bilge oil at sea
Lobster fishermen in Wales will be paid to put female lobsters back in the sea to help boost the species' population
China's car export plans are hurt by the shortage of ro-ro vessels
General Dynamics Electric Boat says it will stay in Connecticut, even if the Navy's submarine base is shut down
India's plan to buy French Scorpene submarines is again on hold
160 year old rudder washes up on Sunset Beach in Cape Town's Table Bay
Singapore unveils remote controlled surface vessels designed to fight maritime piracy and terrorism
Germany will compete in the America's Cup yachting race for the first time
First of four Canadian submarines, the HMCS Victoria, resumes operations
Another Bangladesh ferry, the MV Raipura, sinks with about 200 people on board
US Navy funds research to lay a grid of semi-autonomous sensors underwater to find quiet diesel electric submarines
US Coast Guard official calls for better security for merchant marine identification documents
Foreign fishermen are continuing to target Australia's northern waters despite a recent crackdown on illegal fishing
Crippling congestion at LA port expected to recur
The French Titanic Society has learned of the publication of two new auctions regarding the SS Nomadic
Death toll hits 51 in Bangladesh ferry disaster, M.V. Prince of Patuakhali went down Sunday
The federal fund used to clean up oil spills in the US will be drained by 2009
Dominant South Korean shipyards enjoy glut, worry about China
Poland's boating industry is growing, thanks to the country's accession to the EU
UK's MoD says specialists need to be present when nuclear submarines use berths on the southern coast of Skye and at Loch Ewe
BioMer project proves biodiesel fuel is viable for use by cruise ships
Malaysia Marine and Heavy Engineering Sdn Bhd to get out of shipbuilding
Asian shipowners want littoral states to get tougher about stopping pirates in the Malacca and Singapore Straits
Australian fishing industry infiltrated by organized crime gangs
Goal-based standards for new ship construction will be high on the agenda when IMO's Maritime Safety Committee meets this month
Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency will start operations in November when the recruitment and training of staff are completed
Doubts have been raised over whether Australia and East Timor have reached an agreement over oil and gas reserves in the Timor Sea
US Navy rescues crew of MV Olympias, in danger from an engine room fire
Vietnamese tanker sinks, spills oil after colliding with a Liberian vessel, no crew members hurt
Study finds flame-retardant chemicals in higher concentrations in Puget Sound than the persistent pesticide DDT
127 members of the Philippine National Police Regional Mobile Group taking part in a counter-insurgency sea exercise were attacked by jellyfish
Struggling shipyard A&P Tyne has won three short-term contracts from Norway to keep its workforce busy for another six weeks
Kazakhstan plans new port on the Caspian Sea as an outlet for oil production from the Kashagan Oilfield
Virginia firefighters learn how to fight ship and waterborne fires
Portsmouth Naval Shipyard receives the Navy's Meritorious Unit Commendation, and faces closure
Australia to research sustainability of the southern blue fin tuna industry
Indonesia's navy will guard offshore oil and gas projects in the country's waters and the Malacca Strait from possible terrorist attacks
Boat owners urged to help in the fight against terrorism in the run up to the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar
Land reclamation, waterfront development and fancy islands could harm Bahrain's coral reefs and marine life
India and Pakistan to establish a communication link between their coast guards to exchange information on maritime issues
Australia to spend on preventing terrorist attacks on offshore oil and gas platforms
Stricken Polish submarine regains engine power off the coast of Scotland, the vessel is in no danger
National Iranian Oil Tanker Co is set to award US$1 billion in oil tanker contracts to Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering and Hyundai Heavy Industries
Japan will allow the North Korean ferry Mangyongbong-92 to sail to Japan for the first time this year
Norway believes its "zero emissions" policy for oil and gas activity in the Arctic should be adopted internationally
Popularity of illegal caviar could undermine the projected recovery of the San Francisco Bay Area's sturgeon population
Pregnant women in Australia are warned to avoid some fish because of concerns about mercury levels
Pressures from population growth have taken an environmental toll on Puget Sound, the Everglades, Long Island Sound, Chesapeake Bay and the Great Lakes
Japan refuses Australian access to suspected Japanese Patagonian Toothfish poachers
Maersk-Sealand, the world's largest shipping company, is in merger talks with Dutch container heavyweight Royal P&O Nedlloyd
Tehran officially launches production of first Iranian-made submarine
Pakistan, India in talks on bus service, water row and maritime security
Wreck of La Boussole, one of French explorer La Perouse's ships, identified in the Solomon Islands
Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore to discuss a comprehensive system of safeguarding the Straits of Malacca
Controversial documentary claims Russian submarine Kursk was torpedoed by US forces in August 2000
Barge spilled at least 1,200 gallons of diesel fuel into Virginia's James River after it ran aground
The Okanagan population of Chinook salmon has been added to Canada's endangered species list
Ezra Holdings takes delivery of what is claimed to be the largest and most highly specialized tug boat of its kind in Asia
Fruit juice tanker Ouro do Brasil detained under Maritime Safety Act after colliding with fishing boat Lindsay, killing 14
US Coast Guard chases down human smugglers off Puerto Rico
South Korea will conduct a defense drill for its easternmost islets of Dokdo on May 17 amid lingering tension with Japan
Historic aircraft carrier Hornet, now a museum, is in financial trouble
Rising cost of fuel worries summer boaters in New England
Naked man at the helm of a stolen trawler damaged another vessel
Research ship launched to find out more about the dangers faced by young salmon in the North Atlantic
Twenty-three Vietnamese sailors reported missing off Shanghai from cargo ship Sea Bee
Taiwan will not provoke the Chinese oceanographic survey vessel that strayed into its territorial waters
Nigeria's National Maritime Authority creates new strategy for cabotage implementation
International Maritime Bureau reports pirate attacks are back up in the Malacca Strait
Singapore holds exhibit on Admiral Zheng He, said to have discovered America in 1421
Malaysia, Indonesia to continue talks on maritime boundary issue in the Sulawesi Sea
Heavy summer blue-green algae growth is expected in the Gulf of Finland this summer
Texas, Louisiana residents express concern about environmental impact of proposed offshore LNG terminal
Future uncertain for the QE2
Tax hike on boat fuel may harm tourism in Scotland
Draft amendment that would allow the boarding of any commercial vessel suspected of terrorism gains ground at IMO
South Korea to launch online Dokdo Regional Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Office
Fishing fleet ordered back to port in New Zealand for failing to take measures to protect seabirds
Proposed retirement of USS John F. Kennedy, acquisition strategy for the DD(X) program are mentioned in emergency spending bill for war costs
Costly repairs to submarines are draining money away from vital maintenance for the rest of Canada's navy vessels
Grey whale dies after getting stuck in pilings near naval base in Puget Sound
Venezuela and Cuba have agreed to start a joint shipyard in Venezuela, to work on military ships
South Africa launches its second Type 203 submarine S102
CP Ships acquires Borg International freight services
Archaeologists to study an 18th-century wreck lying off Cornwall to learn about conserving sunken ships
All passengers and crew members rescued from burning ferry Baohua
Report on fire aboard HMCS Chicoutimi to be released Thursday- it won't recommend court martial for captain; and Canadian sailors are hopeful Ottawa will have the courage to take Britain to task over the fire
Dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico makes an early appearance this year
Norwegian authorities allow offshore oil rig Eirik Raude to resume drilling after investigating three spills
US scraps near shore long line fishing experiments in the Gulf of Mexico
Tony Blair believes it is best that the UK retain nuclear capability with submarines
Siberia could become the world's atomic waste dump
Mexican officials hope to transform the Baja California cove into a seaport as busy as that in Los Angeles
Dokdo / Takeshima islets could become a big issue between Korea and Japan
First death settlement from October 2003 crash of the Andrew J. Barberi: $450,000
New York City denies negligence in October 2003 crash of the Andrew J. Barberi
Indonesia rejects proposal allowing ships going through the Malacca Strait to hire private armed escort services
Fire breaks out on China's Baohua ferry, no injuries reported
Norwegian Cruise Line Corp. has ordered another ship from Germany's Meyer Werft shipyard
South Korean Navy will launch 4th stealth destroyer Wangkon on Wednesday
Woodside Petroleum has no comment yet on a possible restart of gas project after breakthrough in negotiations between Australia and East Timor
Tony Blair plans to upgrade Britain's nuclear weapons, including submarines
Exxon Mobil faces opposition over proposed liquefied natural gas terminal off the coast of Louisiana
Whale meat is again being served at school lunches in Japan
Some believe Titanic captain failed passengers by not having crew members use doors and other wood on board as makeshift rafts
The number of lives lost at sea worldwide last year tripled compared with 2003

April 2005
Recent claims that Pacific tuna are overfished may be exaggerated
Power outage kills 300,000 trout at US fish hatchery
Britain's black fish trade is exposed
Australia continues to protect their submarine AE2, which sank near Gallipoli 90 years ago
German and US warships rescued 89 people when their vessel capsized off Somalia's coast, five killed
Nigeria has prospective investors for a stake in its Lagos Tin Can Island port
Fresh hopes rise for Tyneside shipyard
Finland puts use of EU innovation support for shipyards on hold
South Africa could get its own permanent coelacanth exploration submersible early next year
Fishing vessel Ability lost in the Solomon Islands is suspended, skipper and six crew men missing
Western bluefin tuna is nearly extinct, scientists call for fishing limits
Newfoundland crab fishermen resumed their blockade of St. John's harbour to protests new quota system for their fishery
US International Trade Commission to review effect of the tsunami on shrimp trade
Physicists collaborate to create a more stable gyroscope for the US Navy
Nine former Pearl Harbor shipyard employees are convicted of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of ship parts
Inspection declares Riky mostly clean, Indian authorities still not sure what to do with the ship
East Timor has expressed guarded optimism about ongoing talks with Australia on the dispute over oil and gas in the Timor Sea
New Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency will start patrolling the coastline in June
Plans to end the annual dumping of more than one million tons of fish by EU vessels are being put before the European Commission
Singapore and Malaysia have ended a two-year dispute over Singapore's land-reclamation works
Armed pirates hijacked an Indonesian-owned ship bound for Singapore
Northern snakehead - 'Frankenfish' - shows up again in South Philadelphia's FDR Park
More than 100 endangered sea turtles seized from a Chinese trawler that entered Malaysian waters
Melting snow cover in the Himalayan Mountains is altering the ocean food chain over a thousand miles away
Norwegian shipyard workers are being replaced by imported labor
Daewoo Shipbuilding may show first-quarter losses because of rising steel costs
Former Pentagon China specialist says Taiwan urgently needs to buy weapons to counter China's growing military
Australian advertising campaign criticizes the government for its handling of oil and gas negotiations with East Timor
China and Indonesia seal strategic pact, open the way for more trade, investment and maritime cooperation
Malaysia welcomes input from other countries on safety in the Straits of Malacca
Controversy over mooring a floating liquefied natural gas processing plant in New York's Long Island Sound
Maritime College at State University of New York offers marine surveying, ISPS training courses
International Boat & Marine holds online auction of maritime vessels
Fish merchants in Scotland threaten legal action over alleged influx of illegally caught fish
Sport and commercial fishermen fight it out in Chesapeake Bay
New York Times opinion: drop the DD(X) program to make the US Navy stronger
Canada's armed forces are underfunded and overstretched
Kuwait and Iran are set to open talks on disputed maritime borders with huge natural gas reserves
The Maritime Security Agency of Pakistan has arrested 58 Indian fishermen and seized 12 boats during the last six days
Hong Kong to maintain and strengthen its status as an international transport hub and maritime center
Australian customs officers confront knife-wielding illegal fishermen off the Western coast, none injured
The ocean off Hawaii is filled with wreckage, most ships from World War II
Kenya's transport minister calls for oil spill action plan
Upgrade of Indian diesel-electric submarine INS Sindhughosh completed at Russia's Zvyozdochka shipyard
Deaths of transplanted trout in Nevada's Truckee River puzzle experts
Canada's fisheries department lays out response to salmon crisis in the Fraser River
Africa is trying to increase number of its seafarers
Australian scientists discover new coral reefs in the Gulf of Carpentaria, off the north coast
Man believed to have fallen overboard from Queen Mary 2 deemed lost
US House Rules Committee killed a plan to permanently ban oil and gas drilling on the Great Lakes
Mozambican Fisheries Ministry, together with the customs services, is working to control illegal exports of Mozambican fish
Ailing shipyard A&P Tyne wants a larger role in building two giant aircraft carriers for the UK Ministry of Defence
Cochin Shipyard Ltd. to set up industrial area
Victorian Government announces upgrade for the Tenix shipyard at Williamstown - if it gets air warfare destroyers' contract
Karachi Shipyard and Engineering Works to start construction on F-22P frigates for the Pakistan Navy, China will help
The International Transport Workers Federation has managed to raise benchmark pay for ocean-going seamen by 10 per cent
Syrian cargo ship carrying cement from Egypt has sunk off the northern coast of Israel, four crew members missing
Sumatec aims to expand coastal tanker business
Royal Malaysian Navy ship KD Perantau is remapping the sea floor off Langkawi following the Dec 26 tsunami
Iran, Kuwait hold talks on demarcation of maritime borders
Somalia, trying to recover from several years of civil strife, is looking at exploiting the country's vast maritime resources
Almost 200 lawsuits filed by fisheries against Portuguese tanker Arteaga that spilled crude oil off China's Dalian Port
New report calls ballast water a real threat to Great Lakes environment
Australia's largest air and sea operation targeting illegal fishing catches over 20 Indonesian boats and almost 200 crew members
Preservation League of New York hopes to keep Ikea from turning the Red Hook graving dock into a parking lot
2 Grand Class Princesses set for royal cruise debuts
US state of New Jersey seeks to strengthen environmental regulations for waterways, expand protection for coastal habitats
Excel Maritime takes physical delivery of Panamax bulk vessel MV Renuar
India plans to develop two or three major shipbuilding hubs in the country
East Timor, Australia may be close to reaching an agreement on Timor Sea gas fields, next meeting April 26
The world's largest iceberg bumps into the Drygalski ice tongue, may still affect global oceanic currents
Interest grows in exploring the outer continental shelf of the US, but coastal states fear oil and gas spills, environmental damage
New five-year plan for Canadian forces calls for new ships
Scientists will reintroduce rare freshwater pearl mussels to two Scottish rivers
US Senate Armed Services Committee chair calls on President Bush to increase the Pentagon's shipbuilding budget
Wheeler Lipes dies at 84; performed historic appendectomy aboard submarine in World War II
American shipwreck salvager Paul Tidwell is planning an expedition to raise Japan's giant submarine I-52 from the seabed
Defense think tanks says there is a credible risk of a terrorist attack on an Australian port or ship
EU okays ship-fuel sulfur limits
The beluga whale that spent a week in the Delaware River was last seen heading toward the ocean
High demand lets Daewoo charge record price for three very large crude carriers
UN says tsunami early warning system for the Indian Ocean area is crucial after the latest quakes
Creation of the Polish Shipyards Corporation postponed again, this time on protests from shareholders of Gdynia Shipyard
Returned South Korean blames alcohol for defection - by boat - to North Korea
Canada's draft regulations for seismic testing don't address negative impact on the marine environment
Norway's hotly protested commercial whaling season opens, 797 minke whales to be taken
Population of Chesapeake rockfish rebounds
Meeting to put focus on illegal foreign fishing in the Gulf of Carpentaria, in the far north Queensland
One third of piracy cases happen in the South-East Asia region
Broken depth gauge could hold clues to why the Confederate submarine H.L. Hunley sank in 1864
Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, the oldest in the US, faces closing
BAE Systems to sell Atlas Electronik, supplier to the German submarine industry
Replica of HM Bark Endeavour runs aground in Botany Bay
Oil spill on Turkey's Lake Ataturk catches fire, causes environmental damage
Canada's Department of Fisheries and Oceans lays out response to Fraser River salmon crisis
Advocates fight to keep US National Marine Fisheries Service from opening areas to long lining
Beluga whale plays in the Delaware River
Queensborough's Fraser Shipyard, one of the last in British Columbia, faces an uncertain future as steamships go out of style
Oceans are getting louder, but effects of noise on marine life is still unknown
Overview of China's submarine fleet
Research starts on nuclear resonance fluorescence imaging technology to scan shipping containers
Aker Helsinki shipyard loses cruise liner contract from Norwegian Cruise Line
UK's Ministry of Defence dismisses claims that the submarine HMS Turbulent was involved in the sinking of French trawler Bugaled Breizh
Canada's Dept of Fisheries and Oceans will evaluate salmon quotas
All 156 Pakistani fishermen lodged in India's Gujarat prisons will be released
Maritime professionals offer solutions for Africa's lack of seafarers
Demarcation line between China, Japan in East China Sea is at issue - Japan
Iridium Satellite and NAL Research to implement an integrated and sustained ocean observing system
Pakistan puts a price on claims for damage done by the sinking of the Tasman Spirit
Columbia River's spring chinook salmon are at new lows
Fresh hopes for jobs at Swan Hunter shipyard
Canada's Navy dismisses former sailor's concerns about its new submarines
South Korean man sailed into North Korea after 'dodging a hail of bullets'
Canada's Transportation Safety Board wants fishermen to use more safety gear
Macao cargo ship capsizes at the estuary of south China's Pearl River, leaving six people missing
South Korea will invite foreign bidders for the construction of a ship to be used to break the ice in the South Pole
Malaysian naval ships will continue patrolling the disputed maritime border in the Sulawesi Sea
Boating hotline mistakenly leads to phone sex
State of Massachusetts ups ante in court battle with feds over oil spill law
Statoil shuts down offshore oil drilling rig Eirik Raude after its third spill in the Barents Sea in two months
Newfoundland crab fishermen angry at the province's new quota system blockaded shipping lanes in Placentia Bay
Kolkata Port Trust has decided to diversify into areas other than cargo and passenger movement
Excel Maritime takes delivery of Panamax dry bulk carrier MV Powerful
South Korea's military will ask North Korea to return a small boat that ignored warning shots and crossed into Northern waters
Nigeria, other African nations were chided for their delay in ratifying international labor-related maritime conventions
President Clinton to give keynote at April 14 celebration for Kvaerner Philadelphia Shipyard
Canada's Navy commander releases HMCS Chicoutimi report to defense chief Gen. Rick Hillier
St. Petersburg holds commemorative events related to the wreck of the K8 nuclear submarine, sunk on April 12, 1970
Fatigue risk highlighted for shipping workers
Proportion of Finnish ships in maritime transport declines severely
India's Union shipping minister TR Baalu promises a comprehensive maritime policy
Disease decimates New South Wales oyster fishery
Scottish anglers warned against introducing killer leech
Indian ship MT Ratna Shalina fined over oil spill at Mombasa
Work on India's first indigenous aircraft carrier was officially started on Monday
Demand in Asia threatens French 'glass' eel population
EnerSys awarded contract by US Navy for advanced submarine battery development
Northrop Grumman successfully launches Virginia-class submarine Texas (SSN 775)
Ingersoll-Rand Maritime Solutions develops biometric ID verification and credentialing security system for the Port of Antwerp
China supports Gwadar port expansion in its search for energy security, but some fear military use
Kenya Ports Authority cleared of blame in oil spill from MT Ratna Shalina
Wave Dispersion Technologies wins 'Technology Best Small Business 2004' award from state of Michigan
Malaysia denies story of collision between Malaysian and Indonesian naval vessels
Singapore Telecom's Mobile Satellite Business links up with Inmarsat to offer security solutions to shippers
Bahrain's National Sailing Team takes top honors in the Emirates International Regatta
Pirates rob tanker crew in Malacca Strait
India's Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute to conduct a census of fishermen
2004 a record year for South Carolina ports - both in shipments and deaths and injuries
The latest warship to be built on the River Clyde, RFA Cardigan Bay, has been successfully launched at the second attempt
China promises to help Sri Lanka reconstruct harbors, roads and other infrastructure destroyed by the December tsunami
Guatemalan study shows price is the leading factor in competitiveness of ports
US Coast Guard urges more patrols in the Malacca Strait
Admiralteyskiye Verfi shipyard is to conduct the St. Petersburg fourth-generation non-nuclear submarine's trial run in late May
Young reef fish use sound to find their way home
150 tons of oil spilled into the sea at Kenya's Mombasa port after crude oil tanker Ratna Shalini hit a jetty
Former judge slams Canada's Fisheries department over disappearance of Fraser River salmon
Tampa Wholesale Nursery tries watering its plants with wastewater from Tampa Bay Fisheries
Asian oyster experiment in Virginia's Chesapeake Bay continues
Small tsunami in Port Dickson, Lukut washes thousands of sea cucumbers onto the shore
Viking Sun River Cruises celebrates launch of Viking Sun on the historic Rhine River
Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co gets order to build three VLCCs for record high prices
Foreign investment to improve port service in Chile is welcome
KBR awarded engineering contract for ChevronTexaco's Agbami FPSO project off Nigeria
Two South Korean fishing boats were seized by Japanese authorities for allegedly violating Japan's exclusive economic zone
Royal Navy has quietly pulled its last full-time patrol boats out of Northern Ireland
Pacific Island Forum protests the passage of ship Pacific Sandpiper carrying nuclear waste through the region this month
Malaysian authorities warn small boats to boost security, since they're good targets for pirates
Kvaerner Philadelphia Shipyard will hold a ceremony saluting the success of the rejuvenated yard on April 14
Iran's Caspian seafood reserves are in decline, some fear sturgeon is in crisis
Morecambe Bay is closed to cocklers over concerns for diminishing stocks, safety
Underwater robots could provide valuable insights into climate change and other environmental concerns
Russia is ready to fight oil spills, and believes it has the world's best technology to clean oil patches at sea
US may protect elkhorn and staghorn coral under the Endangered Species Act
Manitowoc Company launches Great Lakes ice breaker Mackinaw
Cyanobacteria (pond scum) found throughout the world might produce a toxin linked to neurological diseases
East China's Shandong Province has approved a total of six natural protection areas along its coastline
BC Ferries accused of awarding another shipbuilding contract to foreign firm, delaying the announcement until after the provincial election
Oman plans to create a commercial port at a cost of more than $500 million
Russian Navy initiative to establish a unified state system for information coverage of maritime surface and underwater developments
38% drop in the number of foreign flag ships detained in 2004 in Ireland for violating international safety standards
Security at Canada's ports stalled by lack of consensus among Transport Canada and the maritime industry
Russia's Sergei and Alexander Sinelnik will venture into the Indian Ocean to cross it in a rowboat
Climatologists can now more accurately forecast how the oceans will react to climate change
Tanker ship's fuel pipeline leaks while under maintenance at the Dubai Dry Docks, oil spill stretches two miles
California's Long Beach and Los Angeles Ports fight over ship traffic
China will build four frigates for Pakistan
Trans-Atlantic Conference Agreement (TACA) will increase Panama Canal transit fees by US$50 per TEU starting May 1
Aceh fishermen stay near the sea despite fears of new natural disasters
Lobster shell disease moving north up New England's coast
Sea water temperature key to sardine population
Careful plans underway to sink the Gen. Hoyt S. Vandenberg off Key West for an artificial reef
Japanese submarine data allegedly leaked to China
More political details on the fate of the US aircraft carrier John F. Kennedy
Three Indian sailors crushed to death when their container ship MSC Roberta collided with cargo ship Aegean Wind in the Dardanelles straits
Malaysia, Indonesia must co-operate to combat piracy in the Straits of Malacca, if they don't want international help
Fabien Cousteau uses shark-shaped submarine to film great white sharks
Marjorie Wolff, a pioneer among women as a designer of boats and oil drilling rigs, died March 22
Republic of Singapore Navy, Association of Singapore Marine Industries sign agreement to launch the Career Transition Scheme
RSPCA releases instructional video covering recent EC Regulation on bycatch of dolphins and porpoises in fisheries
'Fish wars' pit small-scale subsistence fishermen against governments and industrial fishing companies
US Navy's unstated goal may be to force closure of one big shipyard, thereby cutting support costs
Research shows salmon spawned in waters above hydroelectric dams installed on the Klamath River in 1917
Canadian proposal would keep public away from whales, dolphins, porpoises, seals, otters and walruses
Japan wants to increase whale research, many fear this is commercial whaling in disguise
Penang fishermen are assured the sea is safe after recent earthquake
US Rep. Don Young wants to 'tweak' the Jones Act law to allow the Agrium fertilizer plant to make deliveries to the West Coast
Stolt-Nielsen Transportation Group orders two parcel tankers from Kleven Floro yard in Norway
US Defense Department wants to block the export of geological survey technology to China
21 foot whale swims in to Kishon port, then back out to sea, may be ill
Yacht crew uses door to sail safely home when their rudder breaks
Japanese patrol ship seen near the disputed Tokto islets in the East Sea

March 2005
Canada's Fisheries Department surveys Europeans on overfishing by foreign fleets
Italy will help Russia dispose of its decommissioned nuclear submarines
World War II ship LST-325 is closer to being permanently docked in Evansville, Indiana
Construction of India's aircraft carrier will begin April 11 at the Cochin shipyard
Captain of Selendang Ayu has pleaded guilty, will get three years probation
Qatar will add 70 vessels to its fleet of tankers to export more liquefied natural gas (LNG)
"Star Wars" sound traced to dwarf minke whales
Maine lobstermen enjoy record year
Sharks and skates could become extinct in British waters
US's Sea-Based X-Band Radar platform vessel will travel to Alaska soon
Original technical plans for the crane used to build the Titanic have been discovered in Northern Ireland
Taiwan's special budget to buy submarines, arms from the US fails to win opposition support
Seven Norwegian marine vessels were attacked by pirates in 2004
Royal Dutch/Shell to reroute pipelines in Russian Far East oil project over gray whale fears
Excel Maritime acquires three Panamax bulk carriers
Ghana to probe the fire at Tema Harbour that killed at least 17 people and caused damage to several vital structures
Panel to study long-term impact of tsunami on oceans
Northrop Grumman's Pascagoula shipyard lays the keel for first US Coast Guard National Security Cutter (WMSL 750)
Singapore's Neptune Orient Lines (NOL) is looking at possible acquisitions to expand its operations
The spread of parasitic sea lice from salmon farms to wild salmon is a bigger problem than thought
With a new border police proposed for Britain, an overview of who guards the UK's borders now
Excel Maritime Carriers Ltd takes delivery of Handymax bulk carrier MV Marybelle, built at Mitsui Engineering and Shipbuilding
Ferry Yuehaitie No.1, carrying 241 passengers and 26 crew, was stranded on Sunday on its approach to China's Beigang Dock
Arabian Gauntlet 2005 maritime exercise focuses on mine countermeasures
The difficulties of the maritime border between India and Pakistan for fishermen
India, Thailand appeal to the US International Trade Commission for a review of anti-dumping duty on shrimp
South Korean Navy may name new destroyer after Ahn Yong Bok, fisherman who defended Tokto islets from Japanese intrusion
William Hodges painted Antarctic landscape while aboard the HMS Resolution with Captain James Cook
Oil supertanker supply may fall short this year
Cruise ship terminal on Australia's Gold Coast gets a boost after computer modeling shows megaships can navigate the waterways
India has plan to boost maritime sector in the next ten years
Malaysian Coast Guard may be launched this year
Maritime Employers Association and longshoremen at the Port of Montreal reached a contract settlement Sunday
China's finless porpoises, on the verge of extinction, get a rescue center on the Yangtze River
Fishing communities worldwide are up to 10 times more vulnerable to HIV/Aids than other centers
The eel industry in the Ilocos is dying
North Korea berated Japan for its attempt to lay claim to the Tikto islets
Pakistan holds 75 foreign fishermen, including 15 Indians, for illegally entering its territorial waters in the Arabian sea
There will soon be stiffer penalties for owner of trawlers that operate illegally in the Straits of Malacca
Greenpeace continues to try to stop pair trawlers from killing dolphins
Submarine deal between India and Russia hits snags
NOAA holds hearings in New England to get public comments on plans for preventing whale deaths
Irish minister asks fishermen to stop discarding nets in the Atlantic, saying they kill sharks
Tsunami silt threatens Indian Ocean's coral
Taiwan's Ministry of National Defense says if Taiwan procures eight diesel-powered submarines, it can blockade China's sea lanes
Alion Science and Technology to acquire John J. McMullen Associates (JJMA)
Fears of a resurgence in piracy after the tsunami
Canada's Aquaculture Industry Alliance names Heritage Salmon the fourth annual Herb Dhaliwal Sustainable Aquaculture Award winner
Hanjin Shipping Co, and Global Enterprises Ltd, to merge their container terminal operations at South Korea's two biggest ports
Asia's economic growth is environmentally unstable, UN says
Barge Coldspring Harbor spilled 13,000 gallons of diesel fuel when it struck an underwater object in New Jersey's Arthur Kill waterway
Canada in crosshairs as seal hunt activists threaten seafood boycott
Genetically altered seaweed can detoxify TNT seeping into the ocean at Navy training sites
30-year US Navy plan cuts numbers of submarines, ships and aircraft carriers
British Columbia natives reject Fraser River overfishing charges
Local councillors worry about oil spills on plans for ship to ship transfers in the Firth of Forth
Conservationists focus on whale sanctuary at Mexico's San Ignacio Lagoon
BAE Systems plans to expand its operations into further sectors of the Polish market
Owner of former Quincy Shipyard still has no firm plans for the land
British MPs lobby to secure vital surface ship work for Plymouth's Devonport Dockyard
Kenya Maritime Authority is inaugurated, still running on a supplementary budget
Haifa's dolphins have left the port
US arms sale to Taiwan blocked again by Taiwan's legislative committee
Conservation officers in Newfoundland's Fisheries Enforcement Program will carry sidearms
Scotland's lochs, rivers and coastal waters are unhealthy
Australian fishermen warn that garfish stocks are at the point of collapse
US nuclear-powered submarine SSN-688-LA docks at South Korea's military base in Chinhae
New US cruise ship safety rules may cause problems in the tight channels and small harbors of southeast Alaska
Pirates demanded $250,000 for safe return of trio from the tugboat Idaten
Philippine congressman warns against overloading ships and buses during Holy Week break
Taiwan accuses China of sending a spy ship into its waters
Oil tanker rates for shipping crude from the Middle East to refineries worldwide may rise
Scientists seek answer to sea lice riddle
NASSCO delivers double hull oil tanker Alaskan Explorer to BP Oil Shipping Company
Naming ceremony for shuttle tanker Heather Knutsen held at Samsung Heavy Industries Koje shipyard
India may purchase submarine rescue vessels, aircraft from US
Russia denies a Soviet submarine placed nuclear torpedoes in the Mediterranean in 1970
US Navy continues experimental "Sea Swap" program to keep ships at sea longer
US House Homeland Security Committee holds field hearing on the security of the nation's ports and inland waterways
Rough-tooth dolphins made an appearance in the polluted waters of Haifa harbor, appear healthy
Three crewmen from Japanese tugboat Idaten are freed without any ransom paid
Sailing ship Irving Johnson runs aground off the coast of California
UK researchers and commercial groups offer ideas, solutions to overfishing problems
Texas yards get ready to scrap "Ghost Fleet" ships
India's Kochi Shipyards will begin construction on the country's first aircraft carrier in April
Studying life deep in the oceans
News on Russia's new strategic nuclear submarine program
24 Indian fishermen arrested by Pakistan
Barge in Washington's Columbia River spills fuel oil
Connexion by Boeing maritime service will provide a new way for shipping operators to get high-speed internet access
South Korea will deploy helicopters, ships around the Tokto islets in the East Sea to counter unauthorized visits by Japan
Pakistan sets over 500 Indian fishermen free
Kongsberg Maritime AS introduces new modular S-VDR called the Maritime Black Box (MBB-S)
Fuel barge aground north of Washington's Columbia River, cleanup crews on scene
Artifacts for Sri Lanka's first maritime museum were swept away when Galle port was hit by the tsunami
WWII Japanese submarine found near Hawaii
Commercial fishermen are trying to overturn Florida's ban on gill nets
Deck hand from luxury charter boat was killed by a shark off the West Australian coast
More than 300 workers at the Rosyth shipyard in Fife will be cut
Monument to Russian sailors killed in the Kursk tragedy has been unveiled at Sevastopol's Communard cemetery
Soviet navy left 20 nuclear warheads on the seabed in the Bay of Naples
Tanker has close call nearing Prince William Sound
Dead giant squid wash up in California again, nobody knows why
Investment needed to overhaul Morocco's fisheries sector
Hi-tech equipment found on Indonesian fishing boat looking for shark fins
Kvaerner Philadelphia Shipyard Inc. to begin assembly of its newest container ship
Greenpeace vows to continue protests against pair trawling in the English Channel despite warnings from British coastguards
Malaysia will talk with Indonesia on their overlapping claims in the Sulawesi Sea on March 22 and 23
Tension is growing over Japan's claim to the South Korean-controlled Tokto islets in the East Sea
Four new fish species discovered in Queensland, Australia rivers
China's trawlers keep fishing in waters belonging to South Korea, Peru, Papua New Guinea
Russian government okays submarine disposal deal with Italy
HDW wants to re-establish work with the Indian Navy
Lives have been endangered in the Channel "dolphin war" confrontation between pair trawlers and Greenpeace
South African maritime industry could create jobs by encouraging vessels to fly the country's flag, training ships officers, switching to tonnage tax
European Union ports meet security rules 8 months after 2004 deadline
SI International develops an innovative electronic port security solution for the US Coast Guard
Ontario Ministry of Culture reviews allegations of illegal dive made to the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald in Lake Superior
Indonesian separatist rebels may have attacked a Japanese tugboat in the Malacca Strait and kidnapped crewmen, and the pirates used local boats
Death toll from last week's fire on board Pakistan navy ship PNS Moawin in the port city of Karachi has risen to 35
European Union to impose Security Manifest Document Charge on Pakistan's import and export cargo
NOAA report says USS Shoup sonar likely caused orcas to flee the San Juan Islands in 2003
Malaysia to deploy more ships to the Malacca Strait, but will not reconsider offers of help from other countries
Lifeline given to Tyne shipyard Swan Hunter causes political row
Maldives coral reef left unscathed by Tsunami
Keppel Corp Ltd is looking for foreign shipyard acquisitions
Boston's only major firefighting boat is old, understaffed, and out for repairs, despite fears of LNG tanker explosions
Royal Caribbean International and Celebrity Cruises announce Environmental Ship Of The Year awards
Indonesia plans to build 25 lighthouses to assert its control of outlying islands
Ransom demands still not received from kidnappers of Japanese tugboat crew
High-priced bailout plan suggested to keep the Spirit of Tasmania III ferry afloat
New fairy shrimp species found
Keppel Fels gets a contract from AP Moller-Maersk AS to build four jack-up rigs
UK aircraft carrier project may be delayed another two years
US Maritime Administration says the 10 worst ships from the James River "Ghost Fleet" are bound for a scrap yard near Baltimore
Waste dumping off Somali coast may have links to mafia, Somali warlords
Thirteen marine security projects announced in Quebec
Japan calls on Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore to help in kidnapping of tugboat crew in the Malacca Strait
Australian wharfies back Filipino strike
Port of Melbourne, Australia to install sonar systems as part of a major security upgrade
ABS approves ConocoPhillips' new proprietary Prism/Pyramid tank concept for large LNG carriers
Reconstruction in tsunami-hit counties must avoid over-fishing - UN meeting
• The SS Norway will be scrapped: a history of the ship, and worries about toxic waste
EU is close to setting up the Community Fisheries Control Agency to protect cod and other threatened fish species from overfishing
Pasha Hawaii's new MV Jean Anne left its shipyard in Pascagoula, is on its way into service
History of two former industrial behemoths in Massachusetts, one is the Fore River Shipyard
US Navy has outsourced the security of its Hawaii bases to a private company for the first time
New assessment of the risks posed by explosives onboard the WW II ship SS Richard Montgomery is under way, wreck is in the Thames 1 mile from port
Ancient style ship Lu Meimao or "Green Eyebrow," will navigate maritime Silk Road
South Korea seeks commercial fishing rights in Australian waters
King County Metro considers getting into Seattle area passenger ferry services
Filipino crew of ship Flecha in a South Australian port is in third day of a strike over pay and conditions
Canada's military reviews treatment of smoke inhalation casualties after sub fire
South Africa tries to stop abalone poachers
UN group says the world is growing more dependent on fish
Boston Sea Rovers diving team told to return artifacts from the Lightship Nantucket
Pakistan, India urged to release all fishermen
Chittagong Port Authority (CPA) will construct another container terminal
Indonesian President pledges to control tensions with Malaysia over the issue of the maritime boundary in the Sulawesi Sea
Kvaerner Philadelphia Shipyard launches the M.V. Manulani from its drydock
South Africa's Navy is strapped for cash
India's Maharashtra Maritime Board has made the development of small ports a priority issue
£1bn Titanic Quarter blueprint is unveiled, the site was formerly part of the Harland and Wolff shipyard in Belfast
Investors are lining up to meet with Greek shipping companies
Treasure hunters use a magnetometer to try to find sunken Spanish galleon off Mexico's coast
South Australian government pledges infrastructure funds if the state wins the destroyer contract
Malaysia will boost security in the Malacca Strait to guard against attacks by terrorists and pirates
Honolulu Harbor, Hawaii's only foreign cargo terminal, could reach capacity later this year
Canada announces new federal fisheries plan
Timor Sea talks progressing
Finnish maritime experts unimpressed by the Swedes' idea to build a giant icebreaker to operate on the Baltic Sea
Pirates free two seafarers kidnapped from their tugboat last month in the Malacca Strait
Australian companies exploiting oil and gas reserves in the Timor Sea are threatening the marine environment
South Korea to continue exploration near Dokdo islets
Malaysia may buy more British frigates
Runoff may harm marine life in Mexico
Greenpeace receives firearm threats from pair trawlers
Bahrain's annual fish catch drops by half
120-day research trip to a string of submarine volcanoes will test two mini-subs
Australia's Federal Fisheries Minister will seek stronger laws against fishing piracy
Brazilian navy launches its biggest home-built submarine, Tikuna
Indonesia, Malaysia pledge peaceful end to territorial row over Sulawesi Sea area
Excel Maritime to acquire an additional Handymax bulk carrier, MV IDC 2
South Korea wants another Antarctic base for deep water exploration
Bathers warned of shark risk off the British coast
US Navy plans to resume military exercises on Maryland's Eastern Shore, disrupting crabbing and fishing grounds
Greenpeace activists sabotaged the nets of two French boats which were 'pair trawling' in the Channel
California's Lake Davis may be poisoned in 2007 to get rid of invasive pike
Maritime archeologists find Bronze Age treasures off the English coast
• Report 'Summary and Findings of the Ballast Discharge Monitoring Device Workshop' (PDF file) available from Northeast-Midwest Institute
UN issues world fish stock warning
Five new vessels for the Norwegian Coast Guard will be built by by the Gryfia Shipyard in Stettin, Poland
Northrop Grumman Newport News lays final keep section of aircraft carrier George H.W. Bush
Fish numbers drop after Grand Canyon flood
Royal Navy goes back to the Isle of Skye training grounds for the first time after the HMS Trafalgar crashed in 2002
Nigeria to explore deep sea resources
Pakistan to release 700 Indian prisoners, most are fishermen
Indonesia has sent F-16 fighter jets to a disputed border region with Malaysia in the Sulawesi Sea
New initiative to boost Gibraltar as maritime center
Norshipco's parent company United Defense Inc. to be bought by BAE Systems Plc.
Miami-based Royal Caribbean Cruises orders 3rd Freedom-class ship from Aker Finnyards in Turku, Finland, the yard will also build a second giant cruise ship for Color Line AS
Container congestion at the Padang Besar Multimodal Cargo Terminal in Perlis eased last week
IMO chief calls for talks on security in the Malacca Strait, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore must all participate
Stricken tanker Fjord Champion still poses a threat
Talks resume between Australia and East Timor over Timor Sea oil reserves
Dubai-based Everlasting Shipping Co has vessel Salem 2 held up at Egyptian port
Rescuers lift crew from blazing tanker Fjord Champion off Norway, about 800 tons of fuel on board, but fire is out
Biologists worry that even if Asian carp don't get into Lake Michigan, their eggs will
Prince of Wales makes plea to save the albatross from long line fishing
Private firm will take over construction and management of a new harbor planned for Bahrain's Ras Raya coast
Hyundai Heavy Industries Company wins $1 billion in ship orders from Kuwait and Iran
Southwest Research Institute is working on a vehicle designed to rescue submarines
Wind farm off Cape Cod, Massachusetts gets initial state OK, but more data is sought
Nineteen dolphins that became stranded off the Florida Keys have died
Naked statue in Chepstow, south Wales, an 'insult to fishermen'
Shooting victim at Northrop Grumman's Ingalls shipyard dies
Alabama's Steiner Shipyard to build 180-foot double-ended ferry for Virginia's Ocracoke-Hatteras run
A protest at the Faslane naval base costs taxpayers £200,000
Memorandum of agreement for sale of diving vessel Marianos
Gwadar port in Pakistan will give China a strategic foothold in the Persian Gulf region
New whale-safe fishing gear means higher costs for fishermen
The mystery behind the disappearance of up to two million sockeye salmon in the Fraser River might never be solved
Namibia, Spain strengthen fishing ties
Keppel's Philippine unit buoyed by ship repair
Worker injured in collapse at the former Fore River Shipyard improves
Navy will sink retired aircraft carrier USS America in explosives tests
Port Authority of Valencia, Spain has gone live with the GT Nexus portal services
South Korea's first fish hospital opens, will assist fish farms and fisheries, and pets
Phasing out single hulled oil tankers will affect 40% of global fuel tonnage this year
New funds available for victims of oil pollution - International Oil Pollution Compensation Supplementary Fund in place 3 March 2005
UNESCO, NASA sign accord to mitigate disasters, save world heritage
Newfoundland coast is littered with dead and dying seabirds, oiled by bilge water from a large vessel
Dozens of rough-tooth dolphins stranded themselves off the Florida Keys
New fishing law fails South Africa's poor
Commercial fishing interests are attempting to thwart the constitutional amendment that banned gill net fishing in Florida state waters
US Navy awards General Dynamics Electric Boat a contract for maintenance work on USS Connecticut
Coastguard shortage in the UK puts lives at risk
Singapore's government launches initiatives to protect passenger and cargo vessels that may be vulnerable to terrorists
South Korea, China start the Yellow Sea Large Marine Ecosystem Project
Indonesia sends warships to waters claimed by Malaysia
Campaigners call for the UK to withdraw from the Common Fisheries Policy
North Atlantic cod stocks just five per cent of what they were
Freight rates are likely to go up even further as the shipping industry's costs increase because of congestion
Call for mandatory pilots on international ships passing through the Torres Strait and Great Barrier Reef
UK armed forces minister Adam Ingram warns there are "no quick solutions" to the problems facing Swan Hunter shipyard
Suppliers of Northrop Grumman Newport News press Congress for more submarines
First test of the new Eye-in-the-Sea video system is successful, finds a new type of squid
Inquiry into the HMCS Chicoutimi submarine accident is delayed again
US Maritime Advisory Committee on Occupational Safety and Health to hold open meeting in Washington, D.C., March 31, 2005
Plans to expand operations at Panamanian ports Manzanillo and Colon Container still under discussion
Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf recommends that captive Indian fishermen be freed
Details of Titanic festival are announced

February 2005
Four sections of the Great Barrier Reef will be reopened for fishing next month for the first time in five years
Scientists study drop in blue king crab populations
Aker Ostsee in Germany, a part of Aker Yards, has been awarded a contract to build two plus two container vessels
Two illegal workers for a subcontractor of Northrop Grumman Newport News shipyard arrested for using fake documents
New technologies reveal whale secrets at the same time that human activity continues to threaten their well-being
Port of Oakland, California ready for more business
Pakistan arrests 101 Indian fishermen, impounds 16 boats for illegally entering its territorial waters in the Arabian Sea
Singapore Navy will escort selected merchant ships and cruise liners to stop terrorism
How pollution and over-fishing are destroying sea life in British waters
Gray whales make a comeback off Mexico
Giant squid invade the San Francisco Bay Area by the millions
Malaysia ranked 18th out of the world's top 35 maritime countries
Owners of Panama-registered container ship MV MSC Denisse left drifting near Christmas Island have taken back control
Indian archaeologist divers discover ancient port city in south India, revealed by tsunami
Pakistan ratifies the Civil Liability Convention for oil pollution damage (CLC-92)
World Trade Organization will likely discuss Japan's import quota for marine products at new trade talks
Greenpeace confronts pair trawlers in the Channel
Matson's deal with Kvaerner Philadelphia Shipyard shuts down start-up Hawaii shipper OceanBlue Express Inc.
Dungeness crab population is growing in San Francisco Bay
Project 21630 gunboat for Russian Navy laid down at the Almaz shipyard in St. Petersburg
Karachi Shipyard Labour Union demonstrates against shipyard privatization
India to raise defense budget, in part to buy submarines from France
Chinese fishing boat sinks after colliding with South Korean ship, 10 still missing
Malaysia doesn't want outside help in patrolling the Strait of Malacca
Port of Tampa, Florida to expand
Worst oil spill in Alaska waters since Exxon Valdez prompts creation of Shipping Safety Partnership, see SSP
Tsunami uncovers hazardous and nuclear waste dumped off Somalia's coast
Cleanup of derelict crab traps called a success
Euro-MPs have approved the sending of scrapped fishing vessels to tsunami-affected fishing communities
Loss-making BAE takes swipe at MoD thrift
Panamax 2005 to include at least 13 countries, will practice anti-terrorist maneuvers
Gloucester, Massachusetts will fight plans for LNG ports
German ship Passat stuck in the ice, Russia's tanker Renda on its way for a rescue
Japan rejects WTO fishing subsidy ban
Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania meet on border fishing conflicts
Venice, Italy considers building a subway system
UK's Swan Hunter shipyard faces order gap
Hunley and Monitor conservation teams to collaborate on preservation
India's defense ministry puts submarines, fighter aircraft deals on hold
Conflict between Japan and China over oil in the East China Sea is not inevitable
International Hydrographic Organization may mediate dispute over name of 'East' or 'Japan' Sea
China's largest marine inspection vessel Haixun-31 (Sea Patrol 31) joins the country's patrol fleet
Fears grow for wild salmon after mass escapes from Scottish fish farms
Nortel provides wireless link aboard hospital ship USNS Mercy deployed off the coast of Banda Aceh
All four crewmembers of a South Korean raft adrift since Feb. 19 were rescued Tuesday morning by a South Korean patrol ship
Russian adventurer Fedor Konyukhov runs into a severe storm during his attempt to sail alone around the world
Death toll in Bangladesh passenger ferry disaster reaches 151
Scientists study ways to reintroduce the oyster trade to Swansea Bay
Northrop Grumman Newport News workers build replica of the ironclad USS Monitor
Global fleet of liquefied natural gas tankers will need to expand 34% in the next five years to meet rising demand from exporters
British unmanned research submarine Autosub is missing under Antarctic ice, probably stuck
Tsunami-hit beach in Malaysia may become a protected nesting area for endangered sea turtles
Baltic and International Maritime Council conducting global seafaring manpower survey
International Maritime Bureau has downgraded the Straits of Malacca to a safe level, but warns ships to remain alert
South Australia to build a new maritime skills center, hopes to compete for major defense contracts
War Memorial Maritime Museum in Kobe, Japan will display more information about ships sunk during WW II
Disgruntled employee opened fire Monday at the Northrop Grumman Ships Systems shipyard, wounding two co-workers
Rescuers in Bangladesh have retrieved 118 bodies from a ferry that capsized in a storm, about 80 people are missing and feared drowned
Only 16 of about 100 North Korean ships that dock in Japan have applied for insurance to cover oil spill damage, due March 1
Fish are changing genetically and becoming smaller as a result of misguided fishing practices on natural selection
The yachting industry is enjoying a frenzied race for bigger and ever more ostentatious vessels
Scientists have seriously underestimated numbers of whales that lived before industrial-scale hunting began
Korean ocean research team develops an unmanned underwater vehicle to explore the deep sea
Whales navigate using a mental map of the sea floor based on sound, and by singing to each other
China's naval buildup worries US lawmakers as Pentagon cuts ships
Authorities order temporary shutdown of drilling rig exploring for oil in the Barents Sea because of two accidental spills
Nuclear-powered submarine USS Jimmy Carter to be commissioned Feb. 19, will likely perform intelligence gathering
US Gulf states may cut their shrimp fleet
Pakistani fisheries call for industries to treat their effluents before discharging them into the sea
British and French fishing boats could be killing more than 2,000 dolphins a year while pair trawling for bass
Papua New Guinea should invest in marine research
Imtech the first company in the UK to secure a contract from the aircraft carrier program
Moving the Sakhalin 2 oil derrick as far as possible from feeding grounds may save the endangered gray whales
Plans to dredge the lower River Niger to enhance inland waterways transportation
Four people evaded security and sneaked aboard the luxury Queen Elizabeth 2 cruise liner in Fremantle
Figures released by the Maritime and Coast-guard Agency showed a 30 per cent rise in malicious calls across the UK
Sailors injured in minor fire on nuclear submarine USS Jacksonville at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard
World Wildlife Fund calls for protecting more of New Zealand's marine environment
Maritime security on the agenda as USCG Commandant visits the International Maritime Organization
Tunisia struggles to contain damage from crude oil leaking into the Mediterranean from a ship off the country's coast
Greenpeace ship Esperanza to monitor pair trawling along the British coast
Shell Gas & Power gets regulatory approval for Gulf of Mexico LNG terminal license
Ellen MacArthur's trimaran B&Q got a big send off when it left Cornwall on Thursday
Knife-wielding pirates were prevented from robbing a cargo ship Indonesia after they were spotted by the ship's officers
First people prosecuted under Australia's new maritime anti-terrorism legislation are fined $125
Port of Tampa, Florida strengthens security with new operations center
Rosyth dockyard to carry out renovation work on the aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal
Halting the round-the-world Aurora cruise will cost Carnival Corporation £25 million
Panel urges halting operations on Russia's Sakhalin oil fields project to study impact on the rare gray whale
Lobster shell disease is spreading north to Maine
Russian court decides no Soviet submarine incident data will be declassified for Norwegian environment group Bellona
US judge tosses suit to block ferry searches on Lake Champlain, says they're not intrusive and reasonable given terrorism concerns
Irving Shipbuilding Incorporated of St. John New Brunswick awarded the first phase of the repairs to HMCS Chicoutimi
US senators plan to introduce a bill to give more funds to sea, highway and rail security issues, less to airlines
Morecambe Bay tragedy and suicide toll led to increase in number of deaths at sea in the UK in 2004
Myanmar bans four foreign shipping firms for issuing fake documents to workers
Last ship to be repaired in a 141-year-old New York shipyard is scheduled to depart today, land to become a parking lot
Oil and gas development in the Rocky Mountain West is happening without study of the potential effects on fish, wildlife and human health
Swan Hunter shipyard could get a bigger piece of the UK aircraft carrier contract, in return for taking on risk
Call for inquiry into Government decision to give Swan Hunter an £84m lifeline
Sweden's new supercomputer enhances reliability of weather predictions
Decommissioned ship General William O. Darby will leave the Ghost Fleet to be scrapped in Brownsville, Texas
IMO, EC talk, but don't discuss EU plan to make accidental pollution a criminal offense
Pride of America, second US-flagged ship that Norwegian Cruise Line plans to operate in Hawaii, left dry dock this week
England's pearl mussels have been given a breeding ground to save them from extinction
The Kyoto Protocol, which aims to slow down global warming, will come into effect on 2/16
A merger between two of Singapore's biggest shipbuilders won't happen in the near future
New research in superfluid gyroscopes could lead to more accurate navigation systems
US President's budget cuts fisheries funds
New system can measure productivity and distribution of phytoplankton and oceans
Kenya has a huge tuna fish production potential in its Exclusive Economic Zone
Lockheed Martin gets contract for sonar upgrades for US Navy submarines
Helicopter salvaged after colliding with a cargo ship in the Yangtze River, one person still missing
Seattle area commuters caught up in fight between government and private passenger-only ferry services
Spanish shipyard workers back EU constitution
Plans to sink retired aircraft carrier USS Oriskany as an artificial reef have been put off until after the hurricane season
Devon's Dartmouth Higher ferry and passengers rescued after it broke free of its guide cables in bad weather
Pakistani marine scientists and coastal zone management experts identify 11 sites to designate as marine protected areas
Focus on research for US Department of Transportation is changing, input is requested by 2/15/05
An oil slick from tanker collision off Egypt's Mediterranean coast has reached the southern Israeli coast
Indonesia's Navy plans to buy up to 60 modern patrol vessels over the next decade, may aim for a 300-vessel fleet
South Korea's maritime fleet ranked world's eighth-largest with 865 cargo vessels
Todd Shipyards in Seattle is prequalified to build four new ferries for Washington State
A rise in air pollution over land has been linked to a decrease in a common greenhouse gas over the sea
Industry insiders say work on the UK's new aircraft carriers may not start until 2009, appointment of KBR blamed by some
China slams Japanese 'violation of sovereignty' in lighthouse row
Captain of USS San Francisco will be relieved of command after sub hit an undersea mountain, killing one sailor and injuring 23
Still no sign of settlement of territorial dispute between Russia and Japan over the Russian-held islands off eastern Hokkaido
Melbourne's Tenix will likely build three Australian Navy destroyers, Australian Submarine Corporation and Northrop Grumman also bid
Commission takes further action to help rebuild fisheries and aquaculture sector in tsunami-hit areas
School marks fourth anniversary of the loss of its training ship Ehime Maru off Hawaii when the vessel was accidentally struck by a surfacing US submarine
North Pacific Fishery Management Council votes to restrict bottom trawling in waters off Alaska's Aleutian Islands
Efforts still underway to refloat cargo ship Cape Flattery, accident investigation continues
Politics blamed for the poor state of Canada's submarines
Luxury hotel proposed where rooms will be submerged 50 feet under the sea off Eleuthera Island in the Bahamas
Dutch and American scientists search deep for marine microbes
UK Royal Navy ship HMS Scott reveals first sonar pictures of seabed changed by earthquake and tsunami
Oceans, clean water are among the losers in the Bush Administration's environmental budget
Marine Conservation Society asks consumers to boycott cod, haddock and tuna, and other fish from depleted stocks
India does not rule out the possibility of buying new diesel submarines from Russia in the future
Japan will man lighthouse on island claimed by both Japan and China
Royal Navy nuclear submarine HMS Sceptre left Gibraltar today after repairs, and protests from Spain and Gibraltar
India will put plan to build six 'Scorpene' submarines on hold due in part to cost of tsunami relief
EU climate change policy will encourage energy efficiency and a clampdown on aviation and maritime pollution
Malacca Strait still free of pirate attacks, probably the result of the tsunami
Royal Navy's two new aircraft carriers will be built in four shipyards: Govan, Rosyth, Tyneside and Portsmouth
Scottish skippers granted an additional three days fishing each month because of a blunder by Brussels bureaucrats
Lockheed Martin team cut steel for the first Littoral Combat Ship at Marinette Marine
Two sailors missing as North Korean cargo ship Adnan-1 capsizes off Turkey
Philippines customs officials seize 3 oil barges in Mandaue for misdeclaring their cargo
Demolition to make way for New Zealand's Birkenhead ferry terminal
Ministry of ports and shipping will drastically expand shipping activities at Port Qasim
The Maritime Security Agency apprehends 16 more Indian fishermen for fishing illegally in Pakistan waters
No damage to the coral reefs in Malaysia from December's tsunami
US Navy loses 2 DDX destroyers, 1 amphibious dock ship, gets 1 Virginia-class sub a year, and retires an aircraft carrier in new budget
Angola, Namibia draw sea border line
British naval ship surveyed the ocean floor Monday near the epicenter of the quake that triggered killer waves across Asia
Proposed EU law making accidental pollution of the sea a criminal offense may contravene the IMO convention on pollution
Egypt tackles dispersing oil slick in the Mediterranean, Port Said is safe
More than 60 members of Congress have denounced the Bush Administration's salmon policies
Scientists and fishermen argue over herring in San Francisco Bay
One killed, two injured in accident at Washington state's Nichols Brothers Boat Builders yard
New England shipyards brace themselves for the Pentagon's budget cuts
Britain's Ellen MacArthur remains on course to complete her round- the- world voyage in record- breaking time
California's Port of Hueneme is succeeding despite its small size
The unpopular prospect of Halliburton's KBR taking the 'integrator' role in the aircraft carrier project has united UK shipbuilders, but BAE Systems' history of overruns may be keeping them from the lead role
Wind blows oil slick toward Egypt's Mediterranean coast near the city of Port Said after two oil tankers collided on Saturday
East Timor asks Germany to lobby Australia over disputed gas and oil fields
Maine lobstermen object to plan to use Penobscot Bay as a dumping ground for 700 cubic yards of dredged materials from Portland Harbor
Freighter Cape Flattery remains stuck on a reef off Barbers Point Harbor, fuel and cargo may be removed
Spain, Gibraltar united in condemning the unscheduled arrival of an ailing Royal Navy nuclear submarine at the disputed British colony
At least 9,000 barrels of crude spilled in Mediterranean Sea near Egypt after two oil tankers collide, no injuries reported
Crippled Canadian submarine Chicoutimi towed to naval dock in Halifax
UK's Navy lifts ban on pictures of topless girls in sailor's cabins
South Korea's maritime police will send two officers to join the nation's research facility at the South Pole
Israeli shippers seek to delay port reforms to avert strike
New Zealand and US unite on aquatic pests
GPS receivers with manually-entered position offsets may cause safety hazard when interconnected to navigation devices
Single-celled life-forms called foraminifera found in abundance at the bottom of Challenger Deep, the deepest spot in the ocean
Japan's Fisheries Agency will begin DNA checks to trace the origin of tuna to crack down on illegal imports
Panic as tidal waves hit Kenyan coast
Cruise lines are filling up at the fastest rate seen in years
Canadian MPs running up big bills demanding documents on the submarine deal with Britain
British officials assure Spain that nuclear submarine HMS Sceptre needs minor repairs, will leave Gibraltar within six days
Canada will help Russia dismantle three nuclear submarines
Puppy survives fall off a cliff, swim across busy shipping lane near London
Bay Shipbuilding, Palmer Johnson, may get state aid for expansion
Angola, Namibia presidents get sea border demarcation maps
East Timor is poised to formally accept Australia's invitation to resume negotiations on a permanent maritime boundary
Active search phase in the Sea of Japan for the Russian fishermen from the sunken trawler Kafor ends
Dry cargo ship Aurelia sinks off the Japanese island of Chichishima, six sailors still missing
Washington state reconsiders passenger only ferry service
US tsunami warning system needs repairs
New evidence that global warming is melting the ice in Antarctica faster than had previously been thought
Fishermen are beginning to return to the sea along India's tsunami-damaged coastline
India, Thailand to jointly seek review of US duty on shrimp
Pearl Harbor shipyard union offers free screenings for welders, others, for possible manganese poisoning
South Korean human rights activist has released a photograph of South Korean fishermen allegedly abducted by North Korea in the 1970s
US Coast Guard to unveil sonar systems, robotic cameras, to safeguard high value ships and events from attacks in ports
Singapore launches elite police maritime unit to increase security of commercial shipping lanes and ports
Crab boat that sank in the Bering Sea last month was carrying too much weight according to Coast Guard investigators
Shenzhen equipped with new system to control marine pollution
Right whales experienced 'devastating' losses this year
HMCS Chicoutimi board of inquiry re-convened to consider additional testimony, and the sub arrives back home in Halifax
US fisheries regulators vote to end a rule that pressured boat crews to stay out in bad weather
Carbon dioxide emissions put corals at risk
Gavin Menzies finds new proof that China discovered the New World long before the Europeans
Longtime dock worker killed at LA port - second death in less than a week
US Congress prepares to consider budget, Pentagon has cuts on the table
More ships under Singapore flag
'Helper boat' was supposed to help towboat Elizabeth M on the Ohio River
Ellen MacArthur still on course to break the solo round- the- world sailing record

January 2005
UN plans interim tsunami warning system that could be running almost at once
Singapore retains status as world's busiest port
New book looks at effects of Exxon Valdez oil spill on the health of clean-up crews
Polish shipyards to get subsidies on par with other EU states
Former Cammell Laird shipyard in Birkenhead, England may be haunted
Russia might have only 50 warships left in 20 years, is focusing on a 'near coast' strategy
Angola-Namibia sea border commission gets down to work
US Government Accountability Office (GAO) to assess vulnerability of crude oil and LNG tankers and terminals to attack by terror groups
Fourth shipping line to Hawaii is forming
China is making wine out of fish
14 sailors rescued from Russian trawler Kafor in the Sea of Japan
Hyundai Heavy Industries will build the world's biggest container ship - 10,000 TEUs (scroll down)
Dalian becomes China's biggest oil transit port
Pakistan will ban old oil tankers in ports starting February 5, 2005
Team from BAE Systems has been drafted to help sort out troubled shipyard Swan Hunter's cost and time overruns
First of three ferries built by Wisconsin's Marinette Marine Corp. arrives in New York Harbor
Indian Ocean nations inch closer to tsunami warning plan, long road ahead
Pakistan arrests 43 Indian fishermen for violating territorial waters
Lighthouse that inspired Virginia Woolf's "To the Lighthouse" may be turned off
India to strengthen maritime security
Lobby group urges end to 'barbaric' shark finning
Taiwanese sailors are refurbishing warships for Taiwan's navy at a Charleston, South Carolina shipyard
Fore River Shipyard victim's dad says crew didn't know the building was condemned
Labour Party Pakistan holds demonstration against privatization of Karachi Shipyard, other industry companies
Scientists begin removing the bench from the US Confederate submarine H.L. Hunley
Two nuclear-powered submarines to be added to the Russian Navy in 2005, Yury Dolgoruky and Dmitry Donskoy
South Korea expresses concerns over North's claims that Southern warships have violated the disputed West Sea border
Oil vessel Minghui 8 collided with cargo ship Minhai 102 off the coast of China's Guangdong Province, two sailors dead
Pittsburgh towboat in fatal crash had prior power failure
Puget Sound chinook recovery plan emerges from salmon summit
5 tons of fish die in India's Ulsoor Lake
High levels of PCBs may prompt a first-ever warning against Galveston Bay speckled trout
Troubled cruise ship Aurora will be repaired at Lloyd Werft in Germany
District Attorney probes deadly collapse at the Fore River Shipyard
Malaysian authorities detain four pirates, recover a tug and barge, missing for nearly a month after being hijacked by pirates off Indonesia
Momentum builds to boost Nunn-Lugar program for dismantling weapons
US Coast Guard en route to aid the 'Semester at Sea' research ship Explorer, damaged by 50-foot waves
UAE lifts ban on Comoros vessels
Lottery cash will help repair the world's last surviving tea clipper ship Cutty Sark
Man dies after falling overboard from research vessel L'Astrolabe in the Southern Ocean
Panglima Laot comes to aid of Indonesia's fishing folk
Poland prepares to bring shipyard subsidies in line with EU norms
Canada, Russia eye 'bridge' over melting ice cap, hoping for easy trade route from Churchill to Murmansk
Officials suspect cargo ship docked in the port city of Kalundborg with a hole in its hull caused oil spill in Denmark's Great Belt waterway
New climate models show ocean temperatures soaring from global warming
Former worker at shipyard Harland and Wolff loses damages for wife's asbestos-related death
Project to widen and deepen the Houston Ship Channel almost completed, should have huge economic effect
Newcastle company Overseas Shipping Group (OSG) is now the second biggest oil tanker company in the world
Singapore to adopt convention that offers higher maritime claims
Oil tanker hits empty cargo ship in China's Guangdong province, sinks, spills light diesel oil - four crew members are missing
Private, rapid-response task force to combat oil spills could soon be created in Bahrain
Giant iceberg called B-15A shows no signs of moving anytime soon, poses no threat to shipping, research or penguins
'Bad luck' P&O cruise ship Pacific Sky is heading to Melbourne to be replaced with the Pacific Star
Sailor Nick Moloney leaves the Vendee Globe race after the keel broke off his yacht Skandia
US deploys USS Emory S. Land to Africa's oil-rich Gulf of Guinea to 'enhance security cooperation'
UK Navy ship HMS Scott to survey tsunami epicenter
Turkey's new safety regulations for shipping are causing an expensive bottleneck in the Bosporus strait
New York Times explores the warming of Antarctica
European fisheries ministers are considering drastic measures to save dwindling fish stocks
Swan Hunter shipyard directors face fines after it emerged that the company's accounts are almost three months late
Hawaii Superferry wins federal loan guarantee
Update on Ellen MacArthur's bid for the solo round- the- world sailing record
New Zealand's National Union of Public Employees believes that over fishing is used by industry, Government to undermine NZ fisher's wages
US Navy hydrographic vessel has begun surveying depths in the Straits of Malacca off the Aceh coastline
Three sticky issues remain in Angola / EU fishing accord
European Union will send boats, experts to help fishing sector in tsunami-hit areas
Officials warn that globalization may destroy small fishing villages in Denmark
Vietnam accuses China of violating the law by killing honest fishermen, not robbers
Urban runoff, sewage have made America's Northeast coast among the dirtiest coastal areas in the country
Exploring safety issues for liquefied natural gas
Intense debate over liquefied natural gas terminals along coast of California
South Korea rescued two North Korean crewmen after their boat drifted into southern waters
China hopes to make joint efforts with Vietnam to fight against maritime crimes
Countries worst hit by last month's tsunami will plant mangrove forests to act as a buffer against the sea
South Korea seizes two Chinese fishing vessels after they reportedly entered South Korean waters
UN conference on natural disasters endorses world wide warning system
Albatross race promotes awareness of the dangers of long line fishing
The Australian Navy frigate HMAS Ballarat ran aground near Christmas Island on Saturday
Expecting increased oil traffic from Russia in the next ten years, Norway makes new plans for protecting its coast from spills
Officials now believe the oil spill along California's Southern coast began onshore
Russia's Atomic Energy Ministry hopes to clear nuclear waste from old submarines by 2010
Search for 14 missing crew members in North Korean waters proves unsuccessful
Three passengers are slightly injured in collision between ferry boat and oil tanker on Bosphorus strait
Officials call off search for crew man missing after a barge exploded and sank in the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal
Oil spills threaten China's Wanquan River
Washington state fishing company is ordered to pay $500,000 in penalties for illegally disposing of halibut bycatch
Blue Whale, 72 other species to be protected under Canada's Species at Risk Act (SARA)
Bath Iron Works, a General Dynamics company, to build its 34th ARLEIGH BURKE Class AEGIS guided missile destroyer for the US Navy
Soaring steel price lifts ThyssenKrupp
Royal Caribbean named Best Overall Cruise Line by Travel Weekly Readers Choice Awards
India to develop container terminal facilities at ports across the country
Maritime Union of New Zealand warns that cheap foreign labor introduced into the country will destroy fishing crews
Alaska oil spill hasn't contaminated crabs
Canada will host international talks on protecting the world's fish stocks from overfishing
America's Cup syndicate BMW Oracle Racing will build the hulls of its two new racing sloops north of Seattle
Japan is creating an aggressive response plan against future submarines that may intrude into its territorial waters
British round- the- world luxury cruise is finally canceled after 10 days of repairs fail to fix the Aurora
Estonian government okays land and maritime border treaties with Russia
California investigators are looking for source of mysterious oil spill along the Southern coast
Nine ships and five countries cited by Canada for illegal fishing in North Atlantic last year
14-year-old girl from Kent is the first female to be allowed to fish commercially on the River Medway
Fears for wild salmon after one million fish escape from Scotland's fish farms
Global orders for LNG tankers hit record high last year
US Navy reassigns commander of the USS San Francisco, the submarine ran aground January 8
New Zealand's Air Force Orion makes the season's first patrol of the Southern Ocean, looking for signs of illegal fishing
Iran's marine industry receives more funds
The New York Times describes General Electric's container security sensors
Dishonesty the best policy, cuttlefish study concludes
IMO Secretary-General, US Secretary of Homeland Security, meet to discuss maritime security issues
More than 1,500 South American jumbo squid have washed onto Orange County, California beaches over the last few days
Barge carrying petroleum byproduct explodes, sinks in Chicago canal
Royal African Cruises has been placed under final liquidation
US's NOAA launches ship dedicated to ocean exploration
Shipbuilder Aker Finnyards to cut 315 jobs in Finland, number of dismissals only half of original estimate
Soviet submarine Red October will be decommissioned, and scrapped
Cost of UK's Trident nuclear submarine program is up £3 million since the last estimate
Marine court clears skipper and crew over Meob Bay Sea tragedy - Namibia's most deadly maritime disaster
Captain of cargo vessel Hansa Lyon is believed to have gone overboard in the Humber estuary, search called off
Malacca Straits depths being surveyed by US Navy and Malaysia
United Nations launches comprehensive plans for a global early warning system to reduce the deadly toll of natural hazards
Coast Guard commander in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania imposes new reporting rules after fatal towboat accident
Australia seeks renewed east Timor Sea boundary talks
Environmentalists stunned that ships can dump waste near the Great Barrier Reef
Water quality of Finland's sea areas deteriorates sharply, the Gulf of Finland is in the worst shape
Tanker Athos I that spilled 265,000 gallons of oil into the Delaware River may have hit three underwater objects
Norway will continue to help Russia dismantle old nuclear submarines, and Italy will help Russia dismantle a nuclear sub
Telenor-Sea Tel forge business pact for maritime communications
International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies receives Iridium phone donation for tsunami relief efforts
Britain's marine wildlife is in serious decline, hundreds of species in danger of losing their habitats
Brazil prosecutors may sue Petrobras for 2000 oil spill
Environmental groups call on US National Marine Fisheries Service to undertake aggressive efforts to protect North Atlantic right whales
MPs assess Scots fishing industry
Bahrain wins compensation for an oil spill that hit the Muharraq coast, probably from Iraqi oil tanker
Karachi Shipyard and Engineering Works (KSEW) is up for sale
American Port Services, CarrierWeb, Georgia Ports Authority all join Maritime Logistics Innovation Center in Savannah, Georgia
Belgium takes first steps to help Russia dispose of discarded nuclear submarines
Navigators opens its first specialist marine underwriting office in continental Europe, in Antwerp, Belgium
CP Ships' Lykes Lines to operate five US-flag containerships in the US Maritime Security Program
International Maritime Bureau believes pirates will return to the Straits of Malacca when commerce resumes
First nuclear-powered submarine USS Nautilus celebrates 50th anniversary
Billy Joel gives boat design lecture at Webb Institute
China to upgrade the nation's oceanic disaster early warning system
Crab fishermen venture into the Bering Sea despite concerns that their catches could be contaminated by oil
Malaysian government to buy unsold fish amid post-tsunami fears that they're eating corpses
Coral reefs surrounding Phuket, Thailand remains largely unscathed by tsunami wave
Dozens of pilot whales beached themselves in North Carolina, many are dead
Fisheries accord with Morocco is an 'urgent priority' to the EU
Suspected drunken captain of freighter General Lee to face trial next week in Virginia
Supertrawler Veronica 2 is banned from Western Australian waters
The B15A iceberg is set to crash into the Drygalski Ice Tongue in Antarctica's Ross Sea
Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding replaces Dalian New Ship Heavy Industry as China's largest shipyard
US Coast Guard determines the Athos I spilled 265,000 gallons of oil into the Delaware River
Plan to donate an old Scottish fishing boat to Asian tsunami victims has been ruled out
Wartsila to take part in Aker Arctic Technology Inc.
Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. acquires Marine Insurance Service, LLC
Nigerian maritime workers vow to resist port concessioning
Aurora's round the world cruise will be delayed at least 8 days, most passengers happy with free booze for compensation
Vietnam urges China to punish the border guards it says shot dead nine Vietnamese fishermen for allegedly straying into Chinese waters
Wary Sri Lankan fishermen venture back to sea
Spate of right whale deaths on the New England coast triggers alarms
First parcel of land from the former Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is formally sold to San Francisco - really this time
World shipbuilders may raise prices 10 per cent this month
New encapsulation technology allows 'non-marinized' items to be launched from a submerged submarine
Major Caribbean earthquakes and tsunamis a real risk
Stricken Canadian sub HMCS Chicoutimi leaves Scottish port for home
Japan will help fund the dismantling of five Russian submarines docked in the Russian Far East
Former Staten Island ferry director Patrick Ryan wants homicide charges stemming from the fatal Andrew J. Barberi crash dropped
Britain's flagship Queen Mary 2 celebrates first year of service
Nearly 200 volunteer divers needed to save Thai Andaman reef hit by tsunami
Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts oil spill penalty money used to protect coastal land
Workers in Lagos join call to scrap the Joint Maritime Labour Industrial Council (JOMALIC)
First Capital International begins new testing phase for anti-terrorism video surveillance system on MARAD ship Cape Texas
Edinburgh, Scotland firefighters may be sent to tackle fires on stricken ships in the North Sea, firefighters want insurance
14th-century ship proves Asia's advanced shipbuilding technology
Norway could build world's largest offshore wind farm
South Florida beaches fouled by oily tar, probably from a passing ship
North Queensland marine scientists enlisted to help assess tsunami damage on the Maldives' coral reefs and fisheries
US Navy tells Todd Pacific Shipyards the USS Camden will be deactivated, no more maintenance contracts
Cruise ship terminal to be built in Red Hook, Brooklyn, New York
RAE Systems releases container security white paper detailing successful sea trial results
GE's Security business completes the first commercial field test of the Tamper Evident Secure Container (TESC)
Governors from Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania to campaign for more funding for the Chesapeake Bay
Luxury cruise liner Aurora, set to sail around the world, is delayed for a week with a broken motor
Scottish fishing industry may send boats and equipment to help communities devastated by the Asian tsunami
Iran, Norway to expand fishery ties
Tsakos Energy Navigation Limited takes delivery of double hull product carrier M/T Didimon, built by Hyundai MIPO shipyard
Captain of Panama-flagged freighter General Lee held in Virginia for failing field sobriety test
Report: poor design of lifeboat's hook resulted in Canadian's death aboard oil rig Pride of Rio
US, the Bahamas to install equipment at Bahamian seaport to detect hidden shipments of nuclear and other radioactive material
Aker Finnyards gets giant luxury cruise liner and yacht contract
Malaysia to set up warning center to detect tsunamis
Iran continues to privatize ports, and will build LNG carriers
Malaysian Fisheries Development Authority to repair fishing boats and equipment damaged in the tsunami
Mesa Verde (LPD 19) to be christened at Northrop Grumman January 15
South African government takes delivery of environmental protection vessel Sarah Baartman
Diamond Offshore Drilling Inc. to upgrade Victory-class semisubmersible Ocean Endeavor for ultra-deepwater service
Hapag-Lloyd orders three super post-panamax container ships from Hyundai Heavy Industries
A.P. Moeller, Royal P&O consider takeovers to gain market share
Environmentalists raise safety fears about the continuing refit of nuclear submarines in the British port city of Plymouth
Tsunami simulation is an inexact science
Alliance of international oil majors has joined global tsunami relief efforts in Indonesia
Three UK shipyards will likely enter a desperate competition for HMS Richmond refit
China's problems of marine pollution and toxic tides are getting worse
Sri Lanka's fishing industry washed away
Weather continues to postpone sealift of crippled submarine HMCS Chicoutimi
Syria and Lebanon launch a scientific project to study levels of sea pollution of their coastal areas
Abu Dhabi Seaport Authority, Dubai Ports International, to cooperate to develop and manage Mina Zayed in Abu Dhabi
World Bank audits Kenyan ports of Mombasa and Lamu to ensure they have met International Ship and Port Facility Security code
Uncertainty about the Port of Sacramento's future is scaring off some prospective clients
Bush decision deals a death blow to salmon in the northern Rocky Mountains
Making fishing as safe as possible
Group formed in Australia to help prevent dolphin by-catch
Submarine USS San Francisco ran aground injuring 20 crew members, no damage to nuclear reactor
P&O ferry European Highlander ran aground off south west Scotland, passengers stuck overnight
A tugboat hauling a barge ran aground, leaking oil into New York's East River
Trafalgar celebrations begin, a year-long celebration of Britain's maritime heritage
The FBI is investigating the Selendang Ayu accident
Tsunami may have damaged coral reefs
US Navy postpones deadline for bids on overhauling USS John F. Kennedy until March, when officials should know whether the ship will be retired
Workers at Israel's ports threaten strikes over reforms
266 Indian fishermen return home from Pakistani jails, after straying into its territorial waters
Latvian cargo ship Sea Fox off the west of Scotland is in danger of capsizing
Pirates along Aceh coast lie low after disaster
South Korea's National Maritime Police Agency will be renamed in English to Korea Coast Guard
Weather postpones sealift of crippled submarine HMCS Chicoutimi
US Homeland Security Department expands its Transportation Worker Identification Credential prototype program
India's fishery experts say fish from tsunami-affected areas are safe and free from pathogens
Large stretches of oyster beds and coral reefs across the coast in South India have been washed away
California tries to coordinate maritime facilities, hopes to save the financially troubled Port of Sacramento and clear backlog in others
US aims to form tsunami warning system
Finnish Maritime Administration orders new tests for the apparently jinxed Suomenlinna II ferry
Shipping lines offer to move vital tsunami relief supplies for free
French Titanic Association calls for funds to save the ship's ferry, Nomadic
Procter & Gamble's PUR powder can turn muddy, bacteria-laden water into a potable drink
Cargo ship rescues Indonesian tsunami survivor adrift in ocean for eight days
Unknown stowaways on board the Danish owned vessel Cecdelta were probably killed by fumigation gases
First oil taken from Selendang Ayu off Alaska
US fisheries agency to change rules that encourage boats to stay out in bad weather
United Defense's shipyard NORSHIPCO wins five year MSMO contract
German Shipyard Group newly founded under the consortium ThyssenKrupp will cut 800 jobs
India assesses tsunami-inflicted damage to port infrastructure, shipping activities are normal
Britain also needs a tsunami warning system
Russian shipyards will start building an ocean-going frigate for the Russian Navy this year
UN-backed expedition to sail to Antarctica to gauge impact of global warming
Sri Lankans fear fish may be eating tsunami corpses, people won't eat the fish
Indonesia says it will establish an early warning system for tsunamis
Lake Michigan showing signs of ecological breakdown as sport fishermen catch starving salmon, zebra mussels and other invasives are also a problem
Three Puget Sound area shipyards compete for Washington state contract for four new ferries
Tsushima Maru survivor meets USS Bowfin sailor, 850 children died in sinking in 1944
Sand waves created by December's tsunami could have changed the water depth of the Straits of Malacca
The tug Christian and barge Flora, en route from the Philippines to Indonesia, missing since December 14
Pakistan releases 268 Indian fishermen who had been jailed for a year for illegally fishing in Pakistani waters
Scientists say fishing rope snags more whales
Deepest US reef found off the coast of Florida
Fragile artifacts challenge HL Hunley restoration team
Recent tsunamis in the Indian Ocean spurs China to accelerate its ocean research
Gerald C. McLees, survivor of the USS Squalus sinking, dies at 90

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