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December 2006
South African boat builders are making sailing catamarans, power catamarans, large mono-hulled yachts, inflatable boats and ocean-going kayaks
Sea Fisheries Protection Authority (SFPA), in charge of ensuring local and EU laws are not being broken in Irish waters, comes into force January 1
Washington state governor Chris Gregoire declares Puget Sound "sick," and proposes a $220 million effort over the next two years to start cleaning it up
Divers sealed a broken pipe on the High Island Pipeline System Sunday after about 44,500 gallons leaked into the Gulf of Mexico, the oil continues to move away from land and is dispersing
Japan's exploration ship Shirase at the Showa Base in Antarctica is off to help a fishermen who fell ill
Rough seas swept four American sailors from the deck of nuclear submarine USS Minneapolis-St. Paul while it was sailing off the coast of southwestern England on Friday; two were killed
South Korea's most expensive orders for ships in 2006
An updated rule incorporating recent US National Fire Protection Association standards into the Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration's fire protection standard for shipyards will go into effect Jan. 16, 2007
The Ayles Ice Shelf broke free from an island south of the North Pole in the Canadian Arctic, climate change is being blamed for the dramatic event
Goldfish released into the wild are threatening Britain's native carp, the Carassius carassius
The owner of the Maltese ship Tzini that ran aground in waters off Suao Port four days ago is facing another fine for moving the ship away without extracting the remaining fuel oil first
China's president Hu Jintao has called on top military commanders to build a powerful navy; as China continues to spend heavily on a modern, blue-water fleet
US Coast Guard expands exchanges with Chinese maritime-security agencies in a move that reflects growth in seaborne trade between the two countries
US has offered the Mozambican navy three vessels for maritime patrols, seeking to protect the country's maritime and lake resources from illegal fishing
Isis, the UK's first deep-diving ROV, will dive down four miles to explore the Antarctic deep
Loch Lomond Seaplanes will bring back seaplane service to Britain
Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation signs agreement with Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering to establish a world class shipping company for crude oil transportation
Scientists prove that cadmium threatens the health and survival of oysters
President Roh Moo-hyun confirms support to redevelop Busan's North Port
Bad weather has stalled clean-up and response efforts at the site of an oil pipeline rupture 30 miles southeast of Galveston, Texas
The South African Navy may soon get funding to purchase a new ship in the Valour Class MEKO A-200 series from Germany
Two North Korean soldiers, who were rescued last week by the South Korean Navy in the waters off Sokcho in Kangwon Province, were sent back to the North after medical treatment
Russia has dismantled 148 out of 197 decommissioned Soviet-era nuclear submarines; expects all subs to be scrapped by 2010
Sri Lanka's fishing industry is recovering from the 2004 tsunami
US Federal Communication Commission will drop its requirement for Morse Code proficiency as a condition for an amateur license
Significant new contracts are due to be announced in the New Year by Belfast's Harland and Wolff shipyard
Yantai Raffles Shipyard, China Construction Bank sign strategic deal
The white dolphin baiji, native to the Yangtze River, is now 'functionally extinct'
An undersea crude oil pipeline ruptured on Sunday after being hit by a ship's anchor, spilling over 20,000 gallons of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico and leaving a half-mile long oil slick on the water
Two managers of a Chinese power generating company have been fired for lax supervision that led to a diesel spill that polluted the Yangtze River and hit water supplies
Tzini oil spill is suspected of being caused by negligence, the owner is being called on to clean up the pollution along the coastline
North Korean cargo ship sinks off China's north coast, 17 are missing
Egypt's revenue from the Suez Canal is expected to reach a record $3.8 billion in 2006, up around 10 per cent from last year
The University of Oslo has decided to move three grand Viking ships to a new museum across town, despite dire warnings that the thousand-year-old oak vessels could fall apart en route
US Navy is changing menus aboard surface ships and submarines to help keep sailors in better shape
The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) has certified five more British fisheries in 2005/6; certification proves the fisheries are working in a sustainable way
Maltese cargo ship Tzini lost power and grounded near the Suao coastline and spilled oil when a tank broke open; the crew is safe
Overview of the problems the US Coast Guard is facing with its Deepwater procurement program
Taiwanese coastguards have stepped up patrols in the disputed South China Sea after local fishermen complained that they were harassed and robbed by Vietnamese pirates
Unexplained sewage leaks keep bothering St. Marys River, part of the US-Canadian boundary at the eastern edge of Michigan's Upper Peninsula
US officials are considering putting the white marlin, a popular Florida Keys sport fish, on the Endangered Species list
Iran set to invest in fish farms
Pakistan and India have finally agreed to conduct a joint survey of the Sir Creek on January 15, 2007; this will allow the countries to determine maritime boundaries
The Japanese midget submarine discovered off the beaches of Sydney is to be left on the ocean floor and is expected to become a permanent tomb for the two crewmen killed inside the vessel after their attack on Sydney Harbour in 1942
Pakistan's maritime security agency rescued an Indian cargo ship Noore Panjtani with 11 crew on it after the dhow sent out a distress call about onboard flooding triggering the possibility of sinking
A ferry was taken out of service following a collision with a bunker barge in the Thorne Channel in Hampshire, no one was injured
US repair ship Vulcan is the 54th ship to leave the James River for recycling since January 2001, it will be scrapped at Bay Bridge Enterprises LLC
State-run Petroleos de Venezuela S.A. is teaming up with an Iranian shipbuilding firm to make offshore platforms
France's Defense Ministry has awarded a contract for six Barracuda nuclear-powered submarines to state-owned warship builder DCN and nuclear energy group Areva
Three German U-boats that were sunk in a secret British minefield trap have been found: the U-325, the U-400 and U-1021
A private company has withdrawn plans to move cargo by barges from the Port of Charleston to Lake Marion, saying the lengthy permitting process is too costly
Northrop Grumman Ship Systems delivers the Aegis guided missile destroyer USS Kidd and the amphibious transport dock ship USS New Oreans to the US Navy, and General Dynamics' Electric Boat delivers the nuclear-powered attack submarine USS Hawaii
Invasive species of shrimp, the red mysid, has been found in the channel of Muskegon Lake, which empties into Lake Michigan
The Maltese government's demands for amendments on provisional quotas for tuna fishing have been accepted and have been included in the EC's final document
Demand for B.C. farmed salmon outstrips supply
Stolt-Nielsen S.A. announces reacquisition of sturgeon and caviar business
South Korea's Hyundai Heavy Industries has signed a 1.6 billion dollar deal to build offshore oil platforms and pipelines in the United Arab Emirates
New measures fail to adequately control set netting around New Zealand, virtually guaranteeing that Hector's dolphins will continue to die
Clearing Lebanon's coastline of the pollution caused by Israeli bombings in the July-August war will cost about $150 million
Trapping of silver minnow (Mukene) on Uganda's Lake Albert has been suspended to avoid extinction of other fish species
Japanese research team has filmed a giant squid live, possibly for the first time - the creatures may be more plentiful than previously believed
The Carteret islands in the South Pacific are disappearing due to global warming — but they are not the only low-lying coastal community that is in danger from rising waters
US agrees to discuss extending life of the Trident missile so they would match the lifetime of the UK's proposed new submarine fleet
India develops capabilities to undertake deepwater exploration
US company J Ray McDermott has begun construction on a yard in Mexico's Tamaulipas state to build deepwater oil platforms
India and Pakistan will hold talks about conducting a joint survey of the Sir Creek area to enable the countries to demarcate the maritime zone
Iran will ban the use of monofilament nets in the waters of the Hormozgan Province to help preserve marine life
Keppel to build the world's first concrete heave lifter, designed for the decommissioning of offshore structures
Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney approved two liquefied natural gas (LNG) delivery terminals for eventual construction off the coast of Gloucester, northeast of Boston
The governments of at least 21 anti-whaling nations have undertaken the largest single diplomatic protest ever against Japan's lethal scientific whaling program
The struggle to protect a Hawaiian archipelago
Overseas Shipholding Group Inc. will pay a record fine of $37 million after pleading guilty to illegally dumping waste oil and falsifying pollution logs in six US ports
Protecting marine areas for relatively brief periods can significantly restore depleted fish stocks
A wind farm in the Thames Estuary was approved despite a warning from the shipping industry that it would significantly increase the risk of massive pollution in the event of a collision
Dense fog has forced the temporary closure of the Houston Ship Channel for six consecutive days
India and Pakistan will release nearly 500 fishermen in each other's custody at the Wagah border on December 22
Excessive use of pesticides in tea plantations across north Bengal have resulted in disappearance of various indigenous fish species from the region
Illegal fishermen in the Philippines are blasting dynamite inside the pens of farmed mussels to get fish using the cages as sanctuary
Key US transportation security problems remain unresolved five years after 9/11, according to articles in 'Issues in Science and Technology'
The Pentagon is considering a buildup of Navy forces in the Persian Gulf as a show of force against Iran
Russia to adopt a strategy for shipbuilding development, which will include creating 3 holdings in 2007; commercial construction will also be supported
Scotland's fisheries protection authorities and environment minister Ross Finnie are cleared of wrongdoing over the cancellation of a tender for a vessel in what appeared to be a move to help a Scottish shipyard
The mass mortalities and abortions of the Cape Fur seals along the Namibian coastline are a result of starvation due to scarcity of food
BAE Systems Naval Ships reports record levels of investment, and a growing workforce of nearly 4,000
Korean shipbuilders hold the world's top five spots in order backlog
British chefs criticize fish policies that allow for overfishing of critical stocks
South Australian government is accused of mismanaging fish stocks
Western Australia's rock lobster industry is recognized for sustainable fishing
Cargo ship MV Basra II was reduced to a shell by a fire at Mombasa's Old Port, the crew was not injured
Proposed submerged deepwater port to unload liquefied natural gas near Fort Lauderdale might have multiple impacts on recreational fishing
'Floating out' ceremony for Cunard's new Queen Victoria will take place in January at Italy's Fincantieri shipyard
Four Swedes rescued from the sinking yacht Felicia off the Namibian coast are on their way to South Africa
Scientists have found a primitive microbe in the ocean off the Pacific Northwest coast that adds further support to the notion that life on Earth began within the ocean
The lure of the Northwest Passage will inevitably bring oil spills to the Arctic
The Mediterranean, which sees about 30% of the word's maritime traffic, is safer than it was pre 9/11 due to NATO air patrols
US Army Corps of Engineers report doesn't quite answer what should be done with the Mississippi River-Gulf Outlet blamed for widespread flooding during Hurricane Katrina
Nevada is being asked to investigate whether mercury emissions from its gold mines are contaminating area fisheries
Several companies in a bid to take over classification society Germanischer Lloyd
SITC Maritime (Group) Co, and New Times International Transport Service Co, will merge to create China's biggest logistics service provider
EU-funded NEW H SHIP project finds no major barriers standing in the way of using hydrogen aboard ships, researchers hope more studies will be done
US Navy sinks Spruance, first of the 31 DD 963 Spruance-class destroyers, for target practice
Carrera, the second Scorpene submarine built by DCN in cooperation with Navantia for the Chilean Navy, arrived in its homeport of Talcahuano, Chile
Vietnam's shipbuilder Vinashin will build a shipyard, container terminal, and tourism complex in the central part of the country
The refit of the Indian Navy's Russian aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya has dropped behind schedule due to structural problems
XSMG Marine Ltd unveils the XSR48, a diesel production boat capable of speeds of up to 110 mph
Russian navy official who was not part of the investigating committee blames the crew of the AS-28 mini-submarine for getting stuck under water
Call for better maritime cooperation among Indian Ocean Region nations
Soon the Marine Integrated Decision Analysis System (MIDAS) will allow anyone with a decent computer to simulate human activity's impact on the reef environment
Juan Enrique Benitez is searching for the first submarine ever designed and built in Chile, the vessel sank in 1866
US to add to Royal Bahamas Defence Force's fleet of vessels, to support drug interdiction
Overview of Russian navy fleet activities in 2006
Britain's first of six Type 45 destroyers, HMS Daring, looks set to start sea trials as early as next summer
European Commission has proposed to reopen the Northeast Atlantic (NEAT) deep-sea gillnet fishery, environmental experts are critical
Shell Philippines will use double-hull tankers by 2008, before the international deadline of 2015
People in Guimaras are still waiting for aid from the Solar I oil spill
Research at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution shows that spilled oil can persist in marine environments for thirty years, and maybe longer
The planned tie-up between Thales and state-run shipbuilder DCN, which has already been delayed several times, has been delayed again until next year
Foreign mercenaries are now infiltrating India through the coastline
The Indonesian Navy says that piracy on the Malacca Strait is down
The hospital ship Africa Mercy hits more delays at the A&P Tyne shipyard, but is still on course to bring aid to Liberia by March
Clearwater's subsidiary Glaciar Pesquera receives certification of fishery sustainability from the Marine Stewardship Council for its Argentinean Scallops
Lax oversight seen at the Port of Seattle; the port shoulders the financial risk, but forgoes profit
US Navy seeks to enhance undersea surveillance to optimize anti-submarine warfare operations
Los Angeles-class fast attack submarine USS Hyman G. Rickover to be deactivated
UK's Northwestern shipyard gets contract to overhaul the Royal Fleet Auxiliary Diligence
Vancouver Shipyards lays the keel of a new ferry for BC Ferries
Indonesia wants to start building its own warships
A shoal of 10,000 jellyfish became stranded on South Cumbrian salt marshes after being dragged off course by strong winds and high tides
Malaysian fishermen must equip their vessels with tracking units when they renew their licenses; the units will be linked to the Vessel Monitoring System
Cruise lines plan bigger and faster ships
Two fishing boats capsized in the sea off east China's Zhejiang Province after being rammed by unidentified ships in two separate incidents, 14 missing
Crew of the tall ship Tenacious rescued seven French sailors from the yacht Zouk 900 miles from the Caribbean
Philippine Coast Guard probes sinking of tourist boat MB Brian that may have been overloaded; all passengers were rescued
India to launch Scorpene submarine production with Thales unit Armaris this week
Japanese and Australian authorities are discussing how the Japanese midget submarine M24 sunk off Sydney can be examined for any remains of its two submariners
With Australia's emergency vessel Remora lost at sea, the country's six Collins class submarines have no local deep water rescue capability; but the Navy says there's no danger
Carnival Plc exercises option for a new ship for Italian Costa Cruises, it will be delivered by Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri from its Marghera shipyard in 2010
General Dynamics NASSCO holds a keel- laying ceremony for the fifth ship in the US Navy's T-AKE program, USNS Robert E. Peary
Bulgaria's Varna shipyard goes bankrupt
An oil slick that last week polluted the Danube banks in Bulgaria was found to have originated upriver in Serbian waters; the Danube is seeing more spills
Kenya needs higher fines for marine pollution
The latest 'Census of Marine Life' has discovered 500 new marine species
North Carolina to ban oyster shells from landfills, and instead dump them in coastal waters to help rebuild oyster populations
• Ethical columnist Lucy Seigle talks about the conflicting stories of the future of fish in the article 'End of the line,' published in The Observer
European Commission denies requests from Belgium, UK and Malta to prolong the favorable tax-free program for gas oil used to power sea craft; Malta may appeal
South Korean navy rescues 2 North Korean soldiers from a small boat off the eastern Korean coast; unclear if they were defecting
Water levels in Africa's Lake Victoria has dropped almost 6 feet (1.8 meters) in the past three years; drought and rising temperatures seem to be the culprits
Sarbe division of DAC's London-based subsidiary, Signature Industries, will develop a submarine crew escape system for the Royal Netherlands Navy
The numbers of young eels across northern Europe may have fallen by as much as 95%
UK Environment Agency's fishery enforcement officers are out watching for salmon poachers
US Coast Guard reminds boaters that beginning January 1, 2007, both 121.5 and 243 MHz Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons (EPIRBs) are prohibited from use
• US Congressional Research Service publishes the report Sea-Based Missile Defense — Background and Issues for Congress (PDF file dated 12/4/06)
Scottish security expert warns that al-Qaeda terrorists could use lax security at foreign ports and on foreign ships to import terrorism into Britain
United Nations General Assembly calls on States to take "immediate action" to sustainably manage fish stocks and protect vulnerable deep sea ecosystems from harmful fishing practices
California's ports lack security funds, Port of Oakland wants to use voter- approved transportation bond money to match federal funds
USS Forrestal, America's first supercarrier, will likely be sunk to become an artificial reef
South Korea installs seismometer at the sea bottom off Ullung Island, designed to be part of a real-time observation of tidal waves, tsunamis, and other earthquake- related events
Accident on submarine tender USS Frank Cable kills one sailor, injures seven others
US Navy awards contract option to a Bath Iron Works-led team for construction of a second Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) featuring a high-speed trimaran hull
US House votes to open oil and natural gas drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, off Alabama and Florida; the bill now goes to the Senate
Dubai Ports World is participating in the US security plan Safe Accountability for Every Port Act of 2006
US Navy to install a radar system on the archipelago of Sao Tome and Principe to guarantee maritime security in the Gulf of Guinea, a key regional supplier to the US oil market
Several people are feared dead after a boat believed to be overcrowded capsized near Remba Island in Lake Victoria
No fewer than 40 top executives of maritime companies in the United Kingdom have signified their intention to invest in the Nigerian maritime industry
New Zealand government plans to change fisheries legislation to favor caution and sustainability when there is little information available
Washington state is upgrading water-quality standards concerning pollution, temperature and dissolved oxygen levels in a bid to make dozens of watersheds healthier for fish, wildlife and people
US fisheries expert slams key findings contained in a recent report that captured international attention by predicting the collapse of all fish stocks by 2048
Independent study says that Amsterdam's Port State Control authority had the legal means to detain the Probo Koala, possibly avoiding the deaths and illness caused in Abidjan by its toxic waste
Remembering Pearl Harbor
Ariel J. Weinmann is sentenced to 12 years in prison and a dishonorable discharge for desertion and turning over classified information to a foreign agent
XL Insurance introduces new commercial marine liability policy
Scottish merchant marines who sailed the 'suicide run' to get supplies to the Russian people in World War II are honored with the Arctic Emblem
Plans underway to recover the Australian Submarine Rescue Vehicle Remora, sunk off western Australia
Cheap Chinese steel floods Korea
US Navy commissions supply ship USNS Alan Shepard, named for the first American in space
General Dynamics Electric Boat will reduce its workforce by another 1,000 jobs beginning January 1; many jobs will be eliminated through attrition
South Korea postpones 3,000-ton submarine program 'KSS-III,' will build six more 1,800-ton Type 214 subs instead
New Zealand to address the threat that seabirds face from long line fishing practices
Iceland defends its return to whaling; is exporting meat to the Faroe Islands and may export to Japan
South Korea to start an aquatic hospital at Pukyong National University in the southern port city of Pusan, mainly to treat marine life at fish farms
USS Intrepid is finally freed from the Hudson River and towed to a New Jersey shipyard for repairs
South Africa is concerned that pirates may head south
A hacking attack on the Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island, has disabled the institution's unclassified site for more than two weeks
West Australia's prison system is crowded with Indonesian men convicted of illegal fishing in Australian waters
Russia's atomic energy agency, Rosatom, and Norway's Foreign Ministry, will further cooperate in dismantling Russian nuclear-powered submarines
A project involving the University of Queensland is set to explore Australia's deep water for the first time
Bermuda Police Service dedicated the brand new vessel MV Guardian on Monday
After ports, ship-building and SEZ, the Adani group is now planning to own a fleet of ships and set up its own shipping company
More cuts in fish catches have been demanded by the European Commission in the name of conservation
Scottish fisheries are worried about the invasive Gyrodactylus salaris (GS) parasite
Suez Energy North America Inc. has submitted an application to build undersea natural-gas terminals off Florida's coast
BP Plc has submitted a revised plan for preventing and responding to spills at the Prudhoe Bay oil field following pipeline corrosion problems and oil spills earlier this year
Teekay Shipping and AP Moller - Maersk create Swift Tankers, to provide a large, homogenous fleet of double hull, ice class product tankers
US sailor accused of stealing a Navy laptop computer and selling its contents pleaded guilty Monday to espionage, desertion and other charges; he faces life in prison
New England Fishery Management Council is preparing to overhaul the region's fishery
Global warming and unpredictable behavior could prompt Canada to further restrict the number of boats on its fishing grounds
Lake Superior's late-autumn water levels are at their lowest in 80 years, sparking concerns that the fall of the world's largest freshwater lake could hurt shipping, shorelines and fish populations
California's Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary may grow in a proposed rewrite of the ocean policy
The National Research Council reviews the draft Ocean Research Priorities Plan (ORPP), Charting the Course for Ocean Science in the United States: Research Priorities for the Next Decade
Hyundai Heavy Industries, the world's largest shipyard, could be vulnerable to North Korea's military
African migrants say they're going to Europe because foreign trawlers are taking all their fish
Canadian warship HMCS Ottawa rescues all 18 crew from an Indian dhow, but couldn't save the ship
Bush may end drilling ban in Alaska's Bristol Bay
Australia confirms that a World War II-era M24 Japanese midget submarine has been found off Sydney
China has started construction of its second Yuan-class attack submarine and it likely will be deployed in 2010
EU and Norway have agreed on fishing quotas for seven species
Norway will harpoon 1,052 whales in the 2007 season, the same number as the previous year, despite whalers fulfilling only half the 2006 limit
New surveillance aircraft will help protect Canada's marine environment
Horizon Lines, Inc. takes delivery of the first of five US-flagged containerships built by the Hyundai Mipo shipyard in South Korea

November 2006
UK maritime trade union Nautilus finds that many seafarers work too many hours, and in unsafe conditions
Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) is set to issue a loan to the Philippines for the rehabilitation of its shipping industry
New Zealand will protect the great white shark in its waters starting in April 2007
New international standards for passenger ship safety are considered for adoption during IMO's Maritime Safety Committee meeting, 29 November to 8 December 2006
The first of a planned network of tsunami early warning buoys is being placed between Thailand and Sri Lanka
South Korea's shipbuilding exports are predicted to exceed $30 billion in 2015
A Russian fishing trawler captain has been arrested in Japan for allegedly violating regulations restricting fishing by foreign trawlers in Japanese waters
Illegal fish catches, the scourge of the Scottish fishing industry for decades, have fallen to their lowest level on record
Sonsub International Pty. Ltd. will recover the remaining oil in the sunken tanker Solar I lying off Guimaras waters starting in February
US Navy submariner will plead guilty in espionage case
The US Navy has rescinded a two-year moratorium on the use of commercial WLANs, Bluetooth devices and long-range commercial WiMax equipment
Russia scraps 145 out of 197 decommissioned Soviet-era nuclear submarines; all subs should be scrapped by 2010
Amsterdam turns shipping containers into housing units
Experts worry about the endangered right whale
High-speed ferries in Korea will have sonar systems installed, so they don't collide with undersea objects such as whales
US National Marine Fisheries Service proposes a recovery plan for Puget Sound's endangered population of killer whales
UN Environment Program (UNEP) meets to discuss hazardous waste, including toxic chemicals, old electronics and obsolete ships and aircraft
Japan's three major shipping companies will increase the number of ships they operate to meet demand for energy transportation from India and China
Norwegian classification society Det Norske Veritas (DNV) has been hiring new employees to keep up with the demand for its services as shipyards deliver record numbers of vessels
Australia puts an interim protection order on a wreck believed to be a missing Japanese midget submarine from World War II
Annual catch of bluefin tuna in the Mediterranean Sea and eastern Atlantic Ocean is to be cut by one fifth in an attempt to conserve dwindling stocks, environmentalists say this is too little
MP increases pressure to stop ship-to-ship oil transfers in the Firth of Forth
Fishermen, marine experts say the pessimistic report in 'Science' that predicts a collapse of all fisheries is unduly alarmist
Top Taiwanese defense official says that Taiwan must upgrade its submarine warfare capabilities
Sri Lanka seeks India's help to step up patrols of their common maritime border to prevent drug and arms smuggling
American-bred catfish are starting to face competition from cheaper breeds of foreign basa and tra, or 'Asian' catfish
EU, Russia set aside funds for environmental projects in the area surrounding the Baltic Sea
Australia finds third Japanese midget submarine that went missing after attacking a ship in Sydney Harbour during World War II
Teams led by ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems Canada Inc. and SNC-Lavalin ProFac Inc. receive contracts for the project definition phase of Canada's Joint Support Ships project
Pakistan's shipbuilding industry keen on orders to build more naval platforms
Shrimp trawlers look to cut waste in what is described as the most wasteful form of fishing
Officials of the China National Petroleum Corp. will be punished for a toxic river spill that cut off water supplies to people in northeastern China and Russia
United Nations Development Program releases funds for the rehabilitation process on Guimaras Island, hit by the Solar 1 oil spill
President Arroyo orders a full investigation into the sinking of a barge carrying debris from the oil spill off Guimaras island
One of 7 foreign oil workers taken hostage off Nigeria from an oil supply vessel was killed, and another wounded during a rescue attempt that also left two kidnappers and a soldier dead
North Sea SECA comes into force, ships have just one year to demonstrate compliance with the new exhaust emission standards
German submarine U102, one other, found during a sonar survey off Orkney
Cranes from the historic Swan Hunter shipyard have been sold off
Virginia's Colonna's Shipyards to pay fines, make improvements at its yards
Morocco has ratified a fishing quota deal with the EU, that reduces the number of European fishing boats in Moroccan waters
Prime Minister Tony Blair confirms that controversial plans to replace Trident, Britain's independent nuclear deterrent, will be published before Christmas
US official says China's military buildup includes weapons designed to sink US aircraft carriers and deny US forces access to the Asia-Pacific region
European Union fisheries ministers set quotas for fish stocks, WWF warns that the limits are too lax for more vulnerable species
WWF study shows how protected areas can be part of the solution to the fisheries crisis
China National Offshore Oil Corp., PetroChina Co. Ltd. sign deals to ramp up investment in Vietnam as the countries set aside a maritime border dispute to forge closer energy ties
• Fishermen in the Philippines, Pakistan, protest over loss of stocks on World Fisheries Day
Dwindling stocks prompt call for 25% cut in Pacific bigeye tuna haul
Two boats with 25 illegal African immigrants arrived in Spain's Canary Islands on Sunday; an additional 64 people reached Tenerife
Survivors and relatives of the Lancastria sinking, Britain's worst maritime disaster, may take legal action to have the site designated a maritime war grave
Halliburton unit KBR Inc. met with a British defense official to discuss concerns about safety at a large shipyard owned largely by KBR
Coalition of marine scientists has launched a campaign to halt Japan's annual dolphin kill
Toxic spill of sodium hydroxide from a CN Rail car last year ensured a 'near complete sterilization' of a large section of B.C.'s Cheakamus River
Four pollution charges have been laid against the Hong Kong ship Andre for spilling oil into Burrard Inlet, under new legislation that makes even an accidental spill an offence
California to impose sweeping limits on ocean fishing
Four Chinese fishing boats were seized in South Korean waters
It is believed Britain will signal within the next two to three weeks that it wants to continue with the submarine-based Trident missile system as the UK's nuclear deterrent
New Zealand's first offshore patrol vessel HMNZS Otago is launched
The deadline is approaching for Australian fishermen who want to be compensated for leaving the industry
Native Inuit hunters have begun an operation to spear to death up to 80 beluga whales trapped in a frozen waterway on the Arctic coast of Canada
Britain's Devonport and Portsmouth submarine bases are fighting each other for survival; Faslane is thought to be safe
UN begins debate on bottom-trawling fishing; Canada opposes a moratorium
New report says Malaysian shipbuilders must clear backlog orders or risk losing international competitiveness; technology seen as a hurdle
US eases ban on shipments of some live Great Lakes fish aimed at preventing the spread of the aquatic virus viral hemorrhagic septicemia
The bleaching of corals due to climate change may result in severe global economic losses, that will primarily hit the poor
Scientists hope to piece together the recipe for an ancient Roman fish sauce from storage jars found in a shipwreck off the eastern coast of Spain
So many Polish workers are going to the European Union that Germany may allow their welders and shipbuilders to work in Poland
Canadian warship HMCS Huron, commissioned in 1972, will be towed out to sea and used for target practice
German shipbuilders defend their fuel-cell- powered submarine, the Papanikolis, that has been bought by the Greek Navy
Commercial fisheries in the port city of Aqaba are being driven to the brink of collapse from pollution and destruction of marine habitat
There is still a shortage of tugs on the US West Coast from Hurricane Katrina; Washington state finally locates a tug to rescue stranded ships this winter
More than 700 passengers and crew are sick aboard the Carnival cruise ship Liberty
Australia asks Indonesia to help establish patrols to keep Indonesian fishermen out of Australian waters
Environmental group WWF urges the global body in charge of tuna conservation to take drastic measures to prevent the extinction of the Mediterranean's bluefin tuna
Viet Nguyen Hong of Viet Nam was awarded the twenty-first Hamilton Shirley Amerasinghe Fellowship on the Law of the Sea
Navy divers probed the Hudson River to figure out how to free the USS Intrepid from the mud that has stranded the World War II ship at its Manhattan pier
Indonesia is putting treasures up for auction that were salvaged from a 10th-century shipwreck off the island of Java
World Fisheries Day will be held November 21, 2006
A humpback whale drowned in Alaska's Prince William Sound after becoming entangled in the net of a research vessel
Scottish langoustines will take a 17,000-mile round trip to Thailand for processing before being sold in the UK, in a move dismissed as 'environmental madness' by critics
Experts say that many river Ganga species are in danger
Nigerian navy repelled a militant attack on an oil facility in the Niger Delta on Wednesday
Britain's Ministry of Defense asks Halliburton's KBR unit to delay its planned initial public offering, or face losing its contract to operate Western Europe's largest naval port
India will have indigenously designed stealth warships by 2008
Boustead Naval Shipyard is confident of delivering the remaining four new generation patrol vessels to the Royal Malaysian Navy within 36 months
Japan's research whaling fleet plans to kill 850 minke and 10 fin whales on its annual hunt in the Antarctic
Norwegian hunters killed 546 minke whales this year, short of their commercial whaling quota due to bad weather
Kenya to host the 8-country Indian Ocean Fisheries Project, created to promote a regional model of environmentally sustainable management of fisheries
US Coast Guard begins biometric collection program to deter illegal entry into US territory by sea
Aker Philadelphia Shipyard holds a keel- laying ceremony for the third vessel in a 10 ship series
Japan's last manned lighthouse, the Meshima on one of Nagasaki Prefecture's Danjyo Islands, has become automated
When marauders attack in the Strait of Malacca, besieged ships get quick advice from Noel Choong, a Malaysian veteran of the seas
Detroit church changes scope of memorial service for the Edmund Fitzgerald
Search has been called off for two passengers who disappeared from the P&O cross-Channel ferry Pride of Kent
C. V. Starr & Co., Inc. announced that its marine insurance subsidiaries have changed their name to Starr Marine
Commander of US Pacific Fleet seeks to understand the intent of China's naval build-up
New Zealand announces plan to protect the marine environment around its subantarctic islands
Hong Kong's landmark Central Piers, which served the Star Ferry for 48 years, closed for good at midnight on Saturday
Cancer researcher is exploring why some workers that are exposed to asbestos develop cancer, mesothelioma, while most do not
Bay Bridge Enterprises gets contract to scrap former US Navy repair ship Vulcan out of the 'ghost fleet'
Coalition naval forces rescued three Iraqi civilian mariners on Thursday after their skiff sank north of the Gulf near the Iraqi Khawr Al-Amaya Oil Terminal
Pakistan plans to acquire three new advanced non-nuclear submarines as part of its naval expansion plans
US Navy, Army Corps of Engineers, join efforts to free the USS Intrepid from the mud in the Hudson River
The Bertholf, the first large US Coast Guard cutter to be built in 35 years is christened, more than a year after Hurricane Katrina damaged it in the shipyard during construction
Japan to host a meeting of five international organizations that manage global tuna stocks next year, amid concerns about declining fish populations
The Interisland ferry Aratere came close to sinking during a stormy Cook Strait crossing in March
St. Petersburg's Admiralty Shipyards holds keel- laying ceremony for the Sevastopol, a Lada- class diesel submarine, and St. Petersburg's Severnaya Verf Shipyard holds a keel- laying ceremony for the Stoiky, the fourth corvette of the Project 20380 series
Jordanian cargo ship Petra Express caught fire in the Red Sea, one sailor is dead
Montenegro has become a member of the International Maritime Organization
BC Ferries' newest vessel, the MV Kuper, was launched at Allied Shipbuilders in North Vancouver on Friday
Scientists say that Canada is paying the penalty for giving short shrift to fisheries science
Eritrea and Yemen have concluded an agreement to establish a joint fisheries company
France successfully test-fired a new submarine launched intercontinental ballistic missile on Thursday
Wrecks of two mysterious submarines have been discovered off the coast of Orkney in an area where there were no reports of wartime sinkings
Some rare North Atlantic right whales are overstaying their welcome in the Bay of Fundy, and could force a delay in the opening of lobster season
Environmentalists sue the US government to close the bluefin fishery in the Gulf of Mexico to keep the stock from dying out
Residents of Guimaras are allowed to return home after authorities complete the first phase of oil spill clean up from the tanker Solar I
Ghana Ports & Harbours Authority holds exercise to test oil spill readiness and response
Russian Akula-class submarine K-317 "Panther" had no nuclear fuel onboard when it caught fire last week during repairs, no one was injured
Holland America Line's 80th ship ms Eurodam will be built at Fincantieri's Marghera shipyard, and delivered in summer 2008
The first of the Royal New Zealand Navy's new offshore patrol vessels, HMNZS Otago, will be launched at the Tenix shipyard in Australia on November 18
Spanish vessel Puente Pereiras Cuatro, cited by Canadian inspectors for misreporting its catch, has had its fishing license revoked
Fishermen facing declining stocks are turning to unprotected sharks
Toxic waste that was dumped in the Ivory Coast in August has arrived in France, where it will be neutralized
Maritime training vessel crashed into a pier in Oslo's inner harbor, no one was injured but the pier was damaged
Arab Shipbuilding and Repair Yard delivers the service vessel Nakilat-VI, built for the Kuwait Oil Tankers Company
Northrop Grumman awarded contract to build a new San Antonio-class ship, the Arlington (LPD 24), and for long lead material procurement of another
Aker Yards ASA says an order backlog and a new business model will create hundreds of new jobs at its shipyards in Finland and France
Study shows pregnant blue crabs are at risk
Namibia's marine fisheries may already be feeling the effects of climate change
New international rules to allow storage of CO2 in the seabed are adopted as amendments to a convention governing the dumping of waste at sea
Blackout in Western Europe may have been caused when a power line over the river Ems was turned off to let the cruise ship Norwegian Pearl pass underneath
Divers to explore wreck site of the Australian submarine HMAS AE2, known as the Silent Anzac, lost in 1915
South Africa's Dormac Shipyard holds a keel-laying ceremony for a barge commissioned by Smit Amandla Marine
International Transport Workers Federation finds gaps in security on the ship Corovoz Horizon at the port of Newcastle
Dubai-based energy vessel operator Gulf Energy Maritime has received the first of 13 double-hulled tankers from South Korea's Hyundai Mipo Dockyard
India and Pakistan will soon resume ferry service between Karachi and the western Indian metropolis of Mumbai
Russia checks four Japanese fishing boats for poaching
Changes to Ontario's fishing rules that were to take effect in the new year have been delayed
International Maritime Prize for 2005 is presented to Dr. Tom Allan, former Chairman of the IMO Maritime Safety Committee and Permanent Representative of the United Kingdom to IMO
US ports are starting to embrace environmentally friendly practices
Rate differential creates two-tier tanker market, single hulls are now significantly lower
Memorial held for 1916 sea disaster, the SS Connemara sunk when struck by the coal ship Retriever off Ireland
India's Navy is concerned about its shrinking submarine fleet
Melting Arctic ice will bring ships, and the risk of accidents and oil spills, to the pristine region
Edinburgh chaplain joins the crew of the cargo ship MV Adventure II to highlight the tough working conditions of sailors
Meeting set up with shipping company Hapag Lloyd to discuss ongoing employment for New Zealanders in the trans-Tasman trade
British Army plans longer training periods for new recruits to give overweight young people time to shape up into soldiers
President Pervez Musharraf said that an extraordinary level of operational preparedness is the key to safeguarding sea frontiers and thwarting aggressive designs
More companies venture into getting power from water turbines
Britain's armed forces are being forced to operate under strength because military planners had not foreseen the levels of commitment needed in Iraq and Afghanistan
British military scientists routinely subject goats to severe pain and fatal injury as part of their research on navy submarines
Russian man builds himself a personal submarine
Sime Engineering Services Bhd (SES) will be expanding its shipyard capacity by 10% to 15%
Japan has caught 35 whales off the coast of the northern island of Hokkaido under a research program that critics say is disguised commercial whaling
Iceland may reconsider its decision to resume commercial whaling if the whale meat cannot be exported
Angola determined to reequip its Navy Force (MGA) to defend its maritime borders
An iceberg warning has been issued for ships in the Southern Ocean after more than 100 were sighted on Friday just south of New Zealand
Scottish passenger is missing from Celebrity Cruises ship Celebrity Century off Portugal
One sailor died of injuries and another is presumed dead according to rescue workers who ended a search on Thursday for a missing crewman of the Finnbirch, which sank off Sweden carrying 260 tons of oil
US praises Malaysia and other countries for anti-piracy steps in the Malacca Strait
India is in talks with Norway to boost trade and investment, as well as maritime agreements
Taiwan commissioned two US-made Kidd-class destroyers on Thursday, additional arms sales still on hold
Labour politicians add to mounting pressure on the UK Government to abandon plans to spend up to £25 billion replacing Britain's nuclear submarines
More than 900 North Sea divers and support staff were set to strike at midnight last night after rejecting the latest pay offer from employers
Proposed merger between Ports of Auckland and Port of Tauranga should be part of a national ports strategy driven by regional cooperation
Russian President Vladimir Putin prioritized the construction of oil platforms and tankers in the shipbuilding sector
Filipino company Herma Shipyard, Inc. gets tax perks for an expansion project
Victoria Shipyards will refit the MV Sonia, to replace the sunken B.C. Ferry Queen of the North
Water supplies to 28,000 people in northern China have been cut after an overturned truck spilled 33 tons of toxic oil into a river
Tour operator claims that Iceland's return to commercial whaling is turning tourists away from the country
The warming climate is causing rising mercury levels in Arctic marine mammals
More research needs to be done on the impact grey seals have on fish stocks, some studies show they're eating more haddock and herring
Growing more food on land may be depleting the oceans of fish

October 2006
Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ltd. must pay former workers for failing to safeguard them from getting pneumoconiosis at company shipyards
South Africa lacks oil spill safeguards because it hasn't ratified the International Oil Pollution Compensation Fund
India's Navy to work on better surveillance capabilities, safer ships, and improved communications
China warns the US against selling weapons to Taiwan, saying such sales would raise tensions and block a peaceful solution to the rift between China and Taiwan
MS Emma Maersk, built at Denmark's Lindo shipyard, is the biggest container ship in the world
The barge Floating Pool Lady is being turned into a swimming pool, it will be berthed in New York
Lack of ice in Northwest Passage stuns researchers
Yorkshire lobster fishermen claim French boats have been trawling their fishing grounds and destroying their lines of pots
Several important amendments to the Convention on Facilitation of International Maritime Traffic (FAL Convention) enter into force on 1 November 2006
Marine safety officials from Bahrain, Yemen and Djibouti hope to create rules to reduce the risk of sea related incidents such as the Al Dana tragedy
Nigeria continues reforms in cargo handling and customs to ease port congestion
47 bottle-nosed dolphins have died after beaching themselves on a remote Mozambique coastline
Three ships collide off Vancouver in stormy weather, no injuries or oil spills reported
Gulf sturgeon may jump to communicate
British Titanic survivor condemns black market relics trade
The Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal has returned to its home base in Hampshire following a £20m refit
China Shipbuilding Industry will build four VLCCs for China Shipping Group, part of the country's plans to ship a bigger ratio of oil imports in its own vessels
Child labor props up fisheries, farms, quarries and street markets in Central and West Africa, but its influence is felt all over the developing world
An international coalition has called on New Zealand to pull its bottom trawl fishing fleet out of the international waters of the South Pacific to protect deep-sea life
Hyundai Steel Company breaks ground on a new steel mill in Dangjin
Efforts to re-float the capsized oil barge Orion-I began on Saturday morning
India approves a revised protocol, allowing more shipping services between India and Pakistan
Search is under way in the North Sea for a missing trawler with four Scots on board, the boat disappeared in violent storms
Taiwan opposition lawmakers on Friday denounced US pressure to pass a budget to buy American arms
Casino ship Casino Royale is arrested in Florida because the ship's crew claims wages have not been paid
24 Chinese fishermen are charged with violating the Philippines' fishery laws in three different cases
Liberia Marine Training Institute to get assistance from the International Maritime Organization
US pushes for Taiwan to pass arms package
Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines (IRISL) has signed a $500 million contract with Iranian shipbuilders for 16 cargo vessels and plans to enter the LNG market
Iceland says the country's return to whaling won't hurt tourism
Wildfire in Utah's Pilot Mountains threaten the Lahontan cutthroat, already on the Endangered Species List
New Zealand Fisheries Minister Jim Anderton has launched a campaign to raise public awareness about the impact of paua and rock lobster poaching
Up to 1.5 million tons of oil has been spilt in the ecologically precious Niger Delta over the past 50 years
The remaining bunker oil in the sunken M/T Solar I in Guimaras will be siphoned out starting in January 2007
South Korea's coast guard will search North Korean waters for six missing sailors of Russian cargo ship Sinegurye believed to have sunk off the country's east coast this week
Researchers at Stevens Institute of Technology are taking a broad approach to port security
Russia and Italy presented a mock-up model of a new-generation diesel submarine at an international arms show in France on Wednesday
The Dmitry Donskoi strategic nuclear submarine performed a test-launch of a Bulava missile from a submerged position in the White Sea, but the launch failed
Polar Tankers christens fifth Endeavour class double-hulled tanker, the company will operate an all double-hulled tanker fleet in 2007
Norwegian shipbuilding group Kleven Maritime AS won a US$477 million contract to build six ships for Siem Offshore
Up to four times more sharks than previously thought are being slaughtered to fill the increasing demand for shark fin soup
Canadian biologist has seen proof that more fish are escaping from farms than have been reported
EU ministers agreed to cut cod quotas in the eastern Baltic Sea by only 10%, scientists had called for a complete ban
Humans are living far beyond the planet's ability to sustain them - WWF
Ashes from summer forest fires threaten shellfish banks in Spain
Residents of Guimaras hardest hit by the M/T Solar I oil spill are expected to return to their homes
Tokyo plans to call on the Japan Coast Guard, not the Maritime Self-Defense Force, to strengthen inspections of vessels entering or leaving North Korea under a United Nations Security Council resolution
Safety expert finds shortcomings in safety practices in New Zealand's Cook Strait ferries system
The 'wee' Clyde ferry Kenilworth was threatened by a US naval ship during the international training exercise Operation Neptune Warrior, no harm done
US Navy holds the first of six 'public scoping meetings' to solicit citizen's comments on sonar use along the Atlantic seaboard
Plans to deepen the entrance channel at the port of Mombasa are still on course
Boats are Moscow's new status symbol
EU ministers hope to streamline the way fishing is managed in European waters
Federal judge has approved an historic agreement to restore water, fish and wildlife to California's San Joaquin River
US fisheries regulators may cut red snapper quotas by almost 30% next year
Amazon river has reversed its flow over millions of years
Allianz Cup regatta starts this week
Orient Overseas orders four vessels from Samsung Heavy Industries to expand its fleet
Wildlife Institute of India is studying the impact of oil exploration and rampant fishing on Olive Ridley Turtles and marine life off the east coast
Iceland breaks ban on commercial whaling with first fin whale kill in 20 years
Vietnamese marine scientists warn that one of the country's premier coral reefs has been nearly destroyed by fishing practices using explosives and poison
German team is exploring ways to help residents of Guimaras affected by the sinking of the M/T Solar 1
Todd Pacific Shipyards and JM Martinac Shipbuilding claim Washington state wants to dictate the design of new ferries while assigning all risks to the bidder
Israeli air strikes in July and August created massive oil spills, and directly affected 12,000 fishermen and 336 fishing boats in Lebanon
Oil from the Orion-I, sunk off Karachi, has been removed safely
Pakistan is taking steps to protect marine life from all kinds of land and water-based pollution
Shipbreakers at India's Alang yard say the Gujarat Maritime Board's new policy won't help them
A United Nations treaty designed to stop the carriage of weapons of mass destruction by sea has not been ratified by a single country, despite its being formally agreed a year ago
North Korea sometimes uses flags of convenience to camouflage the movement of its cargo vessels as they engage in tasks that sometimes violate international laws
China, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore to discuss replacing lighthouses and other navigation aids in the Straits of Malacca damaged by the tsunami in 2004
Although Morse code is no longer taught, a fisherman stranded off the UK's Hayling Island was rescued when his SOS distress call was read by the coast guard
Justice Adolphus Karibi-Whyte, a former justice of the Supreme Court of Nigeria, recently inaugurated the Maritime Arbitration Association of Nigeria (MAAN) in Lagos
Karachi Shipyard and Engineering Works Ltd (KS&EW) is in financial trouble
BC Ferries takes possession of the MV Sonia, which replaces the Queen of the North
South Korean Navy launches the Choi Yong, its 6th stealth destroyer, from a shipyard in Ulsan
Two Indian firms to set up multi- million dollar investments in Uganda's fisheries sector
Nicaragua considers building an alternative to the Panama Canal
Pakistan arrested 22 Indian fishermen and impounded four boats for illegally entering into the country's territorial waters in the Arabian Sea
Dubai Ports World will re-brand P&O Ports to create an integrated marine terminal organization
St. Lawrence Cruise Association, or SLCA, wants to increase cruise ship travel on the St. Lawrence River
Searches of North Korean ships remain problematic
Whaling nations are pleased that Iceland has resumed commercial whaling
US bid to ratchet up port security is expected to leave thousands of undocumented drivers without jobs in ports across the country - and slow the delivery of goods
UK summons Iceland's ambassador to discuss the country's return to whaling
Sailors begin the first solar-powered Atlantic Ocean crossing in the motorized catamaran sun21
Waters off Southern South Africa have been designated as a Special Area under the MARPOL Convention for the prevention of pollution by ships
Many protest against plan to cut training and experience requirements for licensed boat masters on the Thames River
Cockle stocks on the Solway Firth have reached sufficient levels to reopen the fishery in November
Norwegian herring has reached healthy levels and Northern hake is making a comeback, but stocks of flatfish, cod and sand eel are still depleted in the North Sea
Scottish officials take their concerns over proposed oil transfers in the Forth to the European Commission's environment department
Det Norske Veritas (DNV) will open a series of new and enhanced office locations throughout the Middle East and India
Steel cutting begins on the fourth of 10 tankers at Aker Philadelphia Shipyard, it should be completed in 2008
Growing populations and booming economies are threatening fragile coastal areas in East Asia, and the region's coral reefs could face total collapse in 20 years
Oil should be removed from the capsized barge Orion-I by October 20
Arctic oil spill experts plan to create artificial spills in northern waters to learn how to clean them up
First regularly scheduled cruise ship to sail out of New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina left on Sunday
UN resolution bans trade with North Korea in materials linked with unconventional weapons, and requests countries to inspect cargo going into and out of the North
Australia will ban North Korean ships from entering its ports in response to its claimed nuclear bomb test
Germany takes charge of the multinational naval force patrolling the Lebanese coastline to prevent arms shipments from reaching Hezbollah guerrillas
Technical Investigation Committee says the Al Dana wasn't seaworthy after it was converted from a fishing boat into a passenger vessel
Scottish authorities want tougher legal measures against salmon poachers
Proposed bill in Australia would block oil and gas exploration near the Great Barrier Reef
Engineering ship on a mission to clean up China's Dianchi Lake spills fuel oil, is fined about $13,000
Japan bans North Korean ships from entering Japanese ports and suspends imports; also considers helping other countries inspect North Korean vessels
USS Cole conducts maritime security operations in the same waters where it was attacked six years ago
US shipyards are having a hard time finding and keeping repair and construction workers
Kamchatka is at work on proposals that would designate seven tracts of wilderness as protected areas for salmon
Recreational fishing gear is killing more dolphins in Florida
ConocoPhillips will pay $540,000 for a 1,000 gallon oil in a spill linked to its tanker Polar Texas; this is the maximum allowed under Washington state law
Engineering Business launches a crane to rescue trapped submarines for the Ministry of Defence
A longshoreman who complained about lax security at the Port of Montreal said Wednesday he has effectively been fired
Admiralty Shipyards in St. Petersburg will start construction of another Project-677 or Lada-class diesel- electric submarine in November
Message in a bottle dropped in Scotland made it to New Zealand in 47 days - some believe there must have been human intervention
Honeywell Inc. will spend $451 million to help clean up Onandaga Lake, one of three US lakes listed as a federal Superfund site
Zeus drilling rig, parked in Texas' Freeport Harbor Channel for years, has started spilling oil; cleanup started
US Navy provides an Instruction detailing security requirements for US ships crossing the Panama Canal (PDF file)
The Bering Sea faces an ecological upheaval, mostly due to climate change
South Africa is considering signing the UN Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage
Russia to discuss nuclear waste disposal projects with the International Atomic Energy Agency, including scrapping nuclear submarines
Massive new container ships carry huge loads
Seaspan Corporation to purchase four 4800 TEU vessels from AP Moller-Maersk A/S
The first generation of fish raised from wild parents in hatcheries are as successful at reproducing in their native rivers as their wild cousins
In response to increasing tourist activity on cruise ships, emergency services will study accident response along the Scottish coast
India plans to build two new world-class shipyards
Toxic red and golden algae tides are harming fish in Texas, on the coast and in lakes and rivers
Russia increased its harvest of fish and other seafood products by 3.4% in January - September
South Korea's main port, Pusan, is facing tough competition from ports in China, Hong Kong and Singapore
A team from Britain's Royal Navy will help train South African Navy officers to work in new ships and submarines
South Korea captured 225 Chinese fishing boats for poaching or violating fishing rules in the nation's waters so far this year
EU confirms that farmed shrimp and other seafood from Iran is safe for export
A South Korean ship left for the East Sea on Saturday for a joint survey of radioactivity in the area with Japanese scientists
US lawmakers consider the most comprehensive revision of fisheries regulation in a decade, fishermen worry for their livelihood
Bulgaria says that Serbia should pay compensation for damage caused by an oil spill along the Danube river
Search continues for sailors from two shipwrecks off Japan
Oil spill from Orion-1 could cause significant environmental damage
China Navigation Co Ltd will consolidate the majority of its liner shipping services under Swire Shipping Ltd, a new company recently incorporated in the UK
Efforts to honor the refugees who died on the SIEV-X five years ago have been stalled
Invasive fish species are proving a shock to the ecosystem
Christening ceremony held for US Navy's Nimitz-class aircraft carrier George H.W. Bush
Tokyo scientists are farming coral, they are almost ready to repopulate damaged coral populations in Okinawa
Australia's new shipping laws establish an international precedent: compulsory pilotage for big ships and tankers through the Torres Strait and the Great North-East Channel
US to give West African island nation of Sao Tome and Principe an $18 million radar system to help it keep track of activity in its territorial waters and nearby ocean areas, and US gives the Kenyan navy six boats to patrol its coastline and help combat terrorism
Marine archaeologists confirm that a shipwreck discovered off Hawaii was the 1870s cargo ship Dunnottar Castle
Flooding killed dozens of people in the days after Typhoon Xangsane raked the Philippines and Vietnam, the death toll has reached at least 169
Residential Cruise Line continues design work on the now 860-foot condominium ship Magellan, still set to launch in 2009 although construction hasn't begun
The Dongwon 117, a suspected pirate fishing boat, has fled the Kiribati authorities and run to the high seas
European Union ministers have endorsed a plan to make permanent joint patrols that pick up migrants on the high seas, and Twenty migrants have drowned while trying to reach the Canary Islands, according to the 11 survivors on the boat
Team New Zealand reveals its latest America's Cup yacht
Liberian tanker PC Anna, impounded in Egypt for spilling oil in the Suez Canal, faces $8.7 million in compensation demands
Oil slick on the Danube River, probably caused by Serbia's NIS oil and gas company, could cause catastrophic environmental damage
SNTG orders four 43,000 deadweight ton parcel tankers to be built by Aker Yards in Floro, Norway
India's Navy to increase its fleet strength by acquiring several ships, submarines and aircraft
The first drop-in center for asbestos victims has opened in east Belfast
US endorsement of a ban on deep-sea bottom trawling puts pressure on Canada to follow suit
At least 10 young Irrawaddy dolphins have been discovered in Cambodia, raising hopes the rare animal is being pulled back from the brink of extinction
Concerns raised about organic salmon farms in Britain
MSX and Dermo parasites have hit Virginia's oyster fishery once again
Cleanup is set to begin on the ancient port of Byblos, coated with oil from the Hezbollah- Israel war
Ship recycling, air pollution and ballast water management on agenda at IMO environment meeting from 9-13 October
Deep Sea Conservation Coalition calls for new action to confront lawless bottom trawling in deep sea fisheries
New York developer is building marinas for big yachts, complete with residential, commercial and entertainment components
Greece is missing out on a cruise boom due to protectionism, tourism bosses warn
Egyptian freighter and its 29-man crew, stranded in South Carolina for more than 3 months over legal and safety problems, must remain longer
New Advanced Spectroscopic Portals are being tested at Port Newark, New Jersey; they will more easily detect dangerous radiation in shipping containers
Investigations into problems with fuel systems on board the Australian Navy's new fleet of Armidale class patrol boats are continuing
US Navy will christen aircraft carrier George H.W. Bush (CVN-77) this weekend
Indian Coast Guard ship Meeraben, the indigenously built Extra Fast Patrol Vessel (XFPV), is being inducted at Okha for patrolling duties off the Gujarat coastline
The search is on for the World War II submarine USS Grunion
Durban harbor will be widened and deepened at its mouth to accommodate 'super ships'
Three largest Korean shipbuilders saw sales top $10 billion this year, as they shifted from building cheap container ships to more complex vessels
Power company wants to truck fish around Klamath River dams
Experts coordinated by the United Nations will study how the recent conflict with Israel has damaged Lebanon's environment
South Korea has accepted the North's proposal to hold military talks this week, their maritime border will likely be discussed
Father's Day, the smallest boat ever to cross the Atlantic, will be donated to Britain's National Maritime Museum

September 2006
Five are still missing after a fishing boat collided with a cargo ship and capsized off the coast of China's Shandong province
HMS Ark Royal has been refitted to become the service's only combined troop and aircraft carrier by Babcock's shipyard in Rosyth, Fife
Japanese fishing vessel Ryoei Maro, damaged in a collision with the Thai vessel Tengone BH3102, sank on Thursday off Mozambique
Britain funds new nuclear storage site in northern Russia
Canadian air patrols in the North Pacific found boats likely involved in illegal driftnet fishing in September
Proposed terminus near British Columbia's Kitimat has some welcoming jobs and construction, and others worried about oil spills from supertankers
Asian container shipping firms are under a double threat from looming oversupply and a potential economic slowdown in the US
Fishermen off Massachusetts say growing seal populations are eating too much fish
With help from an underwater robotic explorer, researchers are mapping the submerged wreck of the airship USS Macon
The US Navy says trace amounts of radiation detected near one of its nuclear submarines at a Japanese port are no cause for alarm
Russia's Northern Shipyard delivers a Sovremenny class destroyer to China
Removing four hydroelectric dams from the Klamath River to help struggling salmon runs there would not be as expensive as feared
European Commission says that deep- sea fish stocks in European waters are in danger of collapsing
Most of Israel's beaches are less polluted than they were a decade ago, but most streams flowing to the sea are still considered seriously polluted
Prosecutors won't pursue criminal charges against ConocoPhillips, whose oil tanker is thought to be behind a 1,000 gallon oil spill near Tacoma
World Maritime Day 2006 is September 28
Phelps Dunbar LLP and Terriberry Carroll & Yancey LLP, two US law firms with maritime expertise, will merge
US scientists say the country needs new icebreakers to maintain a national presence in the Arctic amid Canada's sovereignty claims
Russian court postpones hearings of a lawsuit filed by widows of submariners who died when the submarine K-159 sank in 2003
Hyundai Heavy Industries has won an order to build three offshore oil production plants worth $1.6 billion for Abu Dhabi Marine Operating
The 41-year-old amphibious transport dock Austin, one of the US Navy's oldest ships, will be retired
Divers are exploring the sister ship to the Titanic, the HMHS Britannic, a former hospital ship sunk off Greece in 1916
Canada's new SeaChoice program provides information on sustainable seafood choices
Chemical dispersants may cause harm to the environment, rather than help oil spill clean-up efforts
The survival of the albatross in the South Atlantic is under threat from encroaching fishing fleets and loss of breeding habitats
Simon Fraser University unveils two research vessels, the CJ Walters mother ship and an ROV that can dive down to 600 meters
Australia's next phase of its fishing industry buyout is set to begin
Trawler Kyuko maru went down off the coast of Sakhalin after a fire broke out, spewing oil into the sea
Merchant ship MV Kitty received a 'glancing blow' from India's guided- missile frigate INS Dunagiri near Mumbai port, no significant damage or injury
Europeans urged to eat less fish, and choose sustainable stock when they do eat it
Responsibility for inshore maritime rescues in New Zealand could change hands
The difficulties of raising bluefin tuna in captivity
Officials with the federal Fisheries Department say there are no loopholes in new reforms designed to curb overfishing off Canada's East Coast
City leaders to join the fight against plans for ship-to- ship oil transfers in the Firth of Forth
Dongkuk Steel, Korea's third-largest steel company, will strengthen strategic ties with JFE Steel, Japan's second- biggest and the world's fourth-biggest steel producer
Canada's Irving Shipbuilding Inc. has won a contract to build a small cruise ship for Pearl Sea Cruises, and possibly a second ship
New Zealand's first Multi Role Vessel (MRV), the Canterbury, arrived in Melbourne yesterday from the Netherlands for the final phase of construction
The leaders of Italy, France and Spain sent a letter to the European Union urging the bloc to approve measures to help them cope with the flood of illegal migrants from Africa
South Africa bans rescue helicopters from landing at fishing harbors along the coast, National Sea Rescue Institute staff says this will hinder sea rescue operations
The US Navy approves plans to conserve the Confederate submarine HL Hunley by soaking it in high pH water to remove corrosive salts from the iron vessel
Overseas Shipholding Group Inc. will acquire Maritrans Inc.
Scottish fishermen fear they won't be protected from European catch cuts
The Sri Lankan navy says it attacked 25 Tamil Tiger rebel boats off the eastern coast of the country, killing up to 70 separatists
Asbestos-lined ship Otapan, rejected last month by Turkey for dismantling, is returning to the Netherlands
Oil spill in China's Songhua River under control, possibly from diesel oil discharged from passing ships
Speedboat Earthrace, which runs on biodiesel, is running out of money as it tries to complete the fastest circumnavigation of the globe in a motorboat
137-year-old Cutty Sark will be restored, thanks to a £12 million boost from the Lottery
Freedom, the US Navy's first littoral combat ship (LCS), was launched Saturday by Marinette Marine Corp. in Wisconsin
At least 10,000 baby salmon have been released into a Staffordshire river, more than 100 years since the fish was last found there
Philippine environment department says oil spill off Guimaras has caused irreversible damage to the ecosystem
Overview of South Korea's shipbuilding industry, by Van Thillo Alain
Pair from the Oceanic Viking caught south of Tasmania last year have been found guilty of illegally catching patagonian toothfish
Norwegian authorities have clear evidence that the Elektron is still fishing illegally
Sea lice, the most harmful parasite in salmon farming, can travel 30 miles to infect a new host
The true cost of replacing, operating and maintaining the Trident nuclear missile system, including submarines, would be at least £76 billion
Two months after an Israeli bombardment caused a massive oil spill, only 3% of the oil has been recovered from Lebanon's coast
A ship bound for Syria from North Korea that was detained in Cyprus is free to go but the fate of its impounded cargo of air defense systems is unknown
Spain appeals to the European Union to help stem the flow of illegal migrants from Africa, many of whom make dangerous ocean crossings to the Canary Islands
SeaMobile Enterprises signs a deal with Holland America Line to provide wireless cellular phone and services for the cruise line's 13 ships
Norway releases second Russian trawler seized this week for fishing violations
Scientists test pesticide theory for disappearing sand shrimp along New Brunswick's eastern coastline
Scientists have recovered fragments believed to be from the Soviet steamship Chelyuskin in the Chukchi Sea, which sank in 1934
Artificial reef created out of tires 30 years ago off Fort Lauderdale has become an ecological disaster, tires got loose and are breaking up coral reef
US judge grants ConocoPhillips Alaska Inc. a temporary stay over requirement that the company monitor the effects of seismic oil exploration on bowhead whales
Woman dead when her sailboat and the coal carrier Barkald collided on Long Island Sound, sailboat sank with 600 gallons of diesel
US Navy announces the experimental craft Sea Shadow (IX-529) and the Hughes Mining Barge (HMB-1), used in the CIA's Project Jennifer, are available for donation to a suitable museum or organization
Navy Aircraft Carriers: Proposed Retirement of USS John F. Kennedy — Issues and Options for Congress PDF report
World shipping community gets ready to celebrate World Maritime Day on 28 September, 2006
Liberia establishes the new Atlantic Maritime and Vocational Training Academy
Global warming could make it easier for invasive species to establish themselves in new places, few countries have good preventative plans
BC Ferries will replace the sunken Queen of the North with the two-year- old MV Sonia from Spain
St. Louis Zoo may use invasive Asian carp to feed its animals
Norwegian authorities have seized a Russian trawler in the country's territorial waters
Mediterranean countries are failing to protect their coastlines
Aquaculture is critical to feeding the world's growing appetite for fish, but the UN isn't sure the industry will be able to overcome economic and environmental challenges
Governors of Oregon, Washington and California will press the federal government to give greater support to state efforts to combat threats to the ocean
Collapse of the Soviet Union eliminated many environmental controls, the port city of Vladivostok could soon be uninhabitable
Philippine President bans fishing in the waters of Guimaras because of the oil spill
Insurance costs for protection and indemnity (P&I) for shippers may rise by as much as 10% due to proposed legislation and new UN rules
Captain of Japanese fishing boat arrested by Russian border guards near the Kuril Islands in August, allegedly for illegal fishing, has asked for shorter trial proceedings
A replica of the mythical Greek ship Argo has set sail from the Greek port of Volos on a trial run
Researchers have designed a wind turbine that can be attached to a floating platform using a TLP or tension leg platform
About a sixth of humanity now lacks access to safe drinking water, and one in three lives in regions plagued by water scarcity
Malaysia may require all deep-sea fishing boats to install a Vessel Monitoring System for safety reasons
The intense urbanization of the UAE over the past 30 years has taken its toll on marine life
US Transportation Worker ID Credential program is bogged down in industry opposition, technology flaws and privacy issues
Researchers have discovered hugely diverse fish and coral species in the Bird's Head region in Papua
Unexpected USS Monitor artifacts turn up during cleanup
Fish species Haplochromis, or Fulu, once thought to be extinct, is back in Lake Victoria
US government has a draft recovery plan intended to protect the endangered sawfish
Humpback whale calls could be love songs
Pakistani fishermen contribute significantly to the export earnings of the country, but see few benefits
Pakistan arrested 25 Indian fishermen and impounded four boats on Saturday for entering its territorial waters in the Arabian sea
Four weeks after the Israel- Hizbullah ceasefire, Lebanon is still trying to deal with the massive petroleum spill tainting its coastline
South Korea's shipbuilding exports are projected to surge 24% and surpass $20 billion
Demand for big, fast luxury yachts is still growing worldwide
Northrop Grumman Newport News reaches 'pressure hull complete' milestone on the Virginia-class submarine North Carolina
Polar bears are drowning, and receding Arctic glaciers have uncovered previously unknown islands in a drastic 2006 summer thaw
International community must act now to keep krill from being overfished
Australian government spent about $90 million to buy back licenses and permits for nearly 200 commercial fishermen
Australia to buy out fishing licenses to cut competition, protect fish stocks
Commercial fishermen don't like the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council's idea to monitor them by satellite
The Arctic's thick cloak of winter sea ice shrank abruptly in the past two years
Philippines wants to file charges against the owners, captain, and the company that chartered the Solar 1
US Coast Guard fires machine guns on Lake Superior, upsetting some who thought the live-fire training had been put on hold
Spain starts sending undocumented migrants back home to Senegal, hoping to stem flood of Africans who travel by sea
South Korea is ready to support shipping line mergers, hoping to bolster their market share to compete better worldwide
Lebanese fishermen are back at work now that the Israeli sea embargo is lifted, but their nets are often filled with bombs and missile parts
Large oil spills have been identified as one of the hazards of proposals to transfer oil between ships in the Firth of Forth
Government officials and residents are calling for a boycott of Petron Corporation, for failing to clear the Solar 1 oil spill
South Africa, signatory to a treaty to protect endangered albatross, has no plan keep them from being killed by fishing vessels
Giant freshwater carp Mahseer, nearly extinct, might swim again in India's Kashmir
Italy will join a Libyan task force to patrol the coastline for clandestine migrants who head for Europe
Experts say that foreign military help is needed to guard against terrorists in the Malacca Strait
Russia will scrap 5 Victor class nuclear submarines decommissioned from the Pacific Fleet by 2010, with help from Japan
Scientists remove the rear hatch of the Confederate submarine HL Hunley
Worker at Metro Machine shipyard admits to calling in a bomb scare on the USS Kauffman
Australia gives tough sentences to Chinese fishermen to deter illegal fishing
New Zealand is taking a strong stance against bottom trawling in international waters
India's Coast Guard aims to get better prepared to prevent oil spill pollution
Port of Los Angeles is re-opened after a bomb threat was determined to have been a hoax
European Maritime Safety Agency concerned about oil spill risk as oil use grows
Armchair sleuths find a Chinese oceanic tunnel to protect submarines in case of attack, thanks to Google Earth and MSN Virtual Earth
Lebanon is planning legal action against Israel for an oil slick caused by its bombing of a power station that has polluted large areas of the Lebanese coast
US military intelligence has determined that a video released by the Iranian government purporting to show a test of a new submarine missile is fake
Mid-sized shipbuilders are on the rise in South Korea
Illegal fishing empties Russian sea
Scientists say that two-thirds of the recent rise in sea temperatures, thought to fuel hurricanes, is caused by human activities
Lebanese police say an Israeli patrol boat has fired in the direction of three Lebanese fishing boats, no casualties reported
Russia successfully test-launched an intercontinental ballistic missile from a nuclear- powered submarine from the area of the North Pole
Egyptian freighter Edco, stranded for more than two months because of its owner's legal problems, may get to set sail in just a few days
Hyundai Heavy Industries has received a world- record $1.2 billion order for eight container ships from France's CMA-CGM
Government ban on trawling along the Kenyan Coast has elicited mixed reactions
Number of people poisoned by toxic waste allegedly dumped in Abidjan by the ship Probo Koala has risen to more than 5,000, three dead
Marine experts have reported an increase in the number of stingrays off the British Isles as climate change warms the Atlantic water
Consumption of all Arcachon Bay oysters is banned after two tourists die, but test results are uncertain and oyster farmers are angry
Laura Bush leads the commissioning of the USS Texas, the Navy's new attack submarine
Recent mishaps in Russia's navy has exposed the gap between the Kremlin's ambitions and the reality of temperamental equipment and badly paid crews
South Africa and Argentina agree to assist distressed people at sea, and boost investment in maritime activity between the countries
Birthday Bash marks 50th anniversary of Quebec marine company Groupe Maritime Verreault
Dubai-based Mubarak Marine is building a floating hotel to provide accommodation for people working in the offshore energy industry
Russian court to hold hearings on the captain of a Japanese fishing boat involved in an alleged poaching incident
Indian cabinet approved the signing of the India-Brazil-South Africa (IBSA) trilateral agreement on merchant shipping and other maritime related matters
Test launch on Thursday of a new Russian Bulava ballistic missile fired by a strategic submarine from a submerged position was a failure
Naming ceremony held for the HMS Clyde, first warship to be entirely built in Portsmouth for nearly 40 years
Norway's Aker Yards has won a US $2.8 billion contract to build up to three cruise ships for Miami-based Norwegian Cruise Lines at their Saint Nazaire yard
Portions of the Charleston Naval Shipyard, established in South Carolina in 1901, have been listed on the National Register of Historic Places
The Ugandan government has asked for India's assistance in the development of its fisheries and aquaculture
High cancer levels found in British estuary fish could indicate a link between pollutants and disease in humans
Quatar denies reports stating that an oil spill from a Japanese vessel caused fish deaths along its shores
900 new illegal migrants reached the Canary Islands, as Spanish ministers met with the EC to discuss how to stem the immigrant tide
Mystery oil leak near Santa Cruz has been traced to the sunken SS Palo Alto, a World War I-era cement ship; fuel tanks will be emptied
Foss Maritime Co. to buy Seattle- based naval architecture company Harbor Marine Group Inc.
Recovery plan needed for cod stocks in northwest Atlantic, says a WWF report
The Port of Cape Town is running out of capacity to repair ships
Philippine authorities order a close watch on vessels passing by the nation following reports that a barge attempted to dump toxic waste in its waters last week
Some species of male fish in the Potomac River are developing female sexual traits at a high frequency, raising concerns about pollutants in a waterway that provides drinking water for millions of people
Scottish Labour Euro MP backs oil spill insurance policy plans
Officials recommend criminal charges against the skipper and owner of tanker Solar 1, which caused one of the Philippine's worst oil spills
More than 20 people are feared dead after a passenger boat capsized on Lake Volta in Ghana, 20 people were rescued
South Korea's satellite Arirang-2 is trying to provide better information on Dokdo by taking precision airborne pictures of the islets, also claimed by Japan
South Korean shipbuilders and Japanese steelmakers are arguing over steel prices
European Union proposes to cut cod catch quotas in the eastern Baltic Sea by 15 percent - but no ban
Bottom-trawling ban proposed by New Zealand's fishing industry is discredited - it only bans areas that are already overfished or too deep to trawl
Spain says Africa must do more to stop migrants
Criminal case against captain of Japanese fishing boat involved in alleged poaching incident in Russian waters was sent to a Russian court
Scientists have mapped the Hudson Canyon, under the Atlantic Ocean
Korean shipbuilders' earnings are forecast to improve through 2008
New report recommends small- craft harbors across Nunavut for fishermen, but Canada hasn't committed any funding
South Korea and Greece sign a pact on maritime cooperation
Nearly half the fish eaten in the world have been farmed, and not caught in the wild
Environmental crisis in Lebanon
Philippines considers oil-eating microbes to tackle oil spill
South Korea, Japan make no progress in recent talks to set maritime borders
The HMS Clyde, built at Portsmouth's naval base, will be named this week
Officials in north-western Spain are struggling to contain a highly toxic chemical river spill heading towards the Atlantic Ocean
Mystery of the final moments of the yacht Ouzo deepens
Pilotless aircraft may be used some time in the future to check on trawlers fishing illegally in the North Sea
Australia has announced plans to try out unmanned drones in the fight against illegal fishing, drug running and human trafficking
Sri Lanka sea battle erupts
Russian shipbuilder Almaz plans to conclude a contract with China next year on supplying six heavy air cushioned landing craft
Gunboat Astrakhan with stealth capabilities is handed over to the Russian Navy by St. Petersburg's Almaz shipyard
India, the second largest aquaculture producer, will host a major UN Food and Agriculture Organization meeting on fish farming
Studies lead officials to call for removal of ghost pots in the Chesapeake Bay
The growing appetite for Japanese sushi threatens to fish Atlantic bluefin tuna out of existence
First meeting of the Swan Hunter working group has set out priorities for how the shipyard, and the wider area, should be developed
Photo of the shoreline near Beirut showing the oil spill, taken 8/5/06 by GeoEye/Space Imaging Middle East

August 2006
Police are to examine at least 5 more vessels as part of their investigation into the disappearance of the yacht Ouzo in the English Channel, 3 are dead
Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering Co. has won a $1.27 billion order to build an oil drilling platform for Chevron Corp.
United Nations Industrial Development Organization has come up with strict measures to protect the quality of seafood exported from Pakistan to the EU
Iran plans to curb the jellyfish Mnemiopsis Leidyi, an invasive pest newly introduced into the Caspian Sea
Kenya wants more money from the owners of the MT Ratna Sahil for oil spill clean up
Scientists say the oil damage in the Philippines may not be as bad as originally thought, but it's still the worst spill in the country's history
US scientist predicts climate change could trigger a catastrophic sea level rise of 13 feet this century, higher than previous forecasts
A team of scientists from Japan and Germany has found a 'lake' of liquid carbon dioxide beneath the ocean floor
Russia urges Japan to act against poaching
Russia and Japan discuss nuclear submarine recycling
Electric Boat will cut another 170 shipyard workers
Lax European Union policies are depleting shark numbers around the world
Invasive Pacific seaweed poses a threat to the Scottish environment and shellfish industry
Melting ice is diluting northern seas; if the trend continues, circulation in the North Atlantic could slow down
Tanker operators in the Philippines want the government to grant more incentives for them to acquire double- hull tankers
Lebanon's fishermen were hit badly by the oil spill
The health department has recommended the relocation of children, the elderly, and pregnant women from oil-hit Guimaras Island in central Philippines
Canada will contribute $2 million to oil spill cleanup efforts off the coast of Lebanon
The amount of carbon absorbed by plant plankton in large segments of the Pacific Ocean is much less than previously estimated
Oil spill cleanup begins on Lebanon's coast
Business at the Port of New Orleans is now above pre-Katrina levels, cruise ships are due back in October
The Netherlands unsuccessfully tries to get Turkey to accept the asbestos- laden Otapan for breaking at its Aliaga shipyards
Russia will hand over two fishermen from the Japanese vessel Kisshin Maru 31 on Wednesday
Two of the three ships found near an ancient harbor in Penglai City, China, last year proved to be from the Koryo Kingdom (918-1392 A.D.) on the Korean Peninsula
The bodies of 15 people found washed ashore on the beaches of Mauritania's capital are believed to be those of African migrants who were trying to reach Spain's Canary Islands by boat
Overview of the construction of the nuclear attack submarine HMS Astute
Canada enlists EU support for better sanctions against countries who overfish in Atlantic waters, such as Spain and Portugal
Kenya Marine and Fisheries Institute will try to determine fish stocks available in the Indian Ocean following the ban on trawling
Lebanon oil spill threatens migrant birds and marine life
Philippine President Gloria Arroyo to ask for UN assistance in securing funds to tackle Guimaras oil spill, Australia and France have pledged help
Japan seizes a South Korean fishing boat for allegedly falsifying its catch of squid off northeastern Japan
Egyptian ferry Cleopatra I was rescued in the Red Sea after one of its engines broke down
Philippines sprays chemical dispersants in an effort to control oil spill
Cleanup of Lebanon's massive oil spill has barely begun
Canada's Davie shipyard assets to be liquidated as Norway's Teco Management fails to meet condition for purchase
Car carrier Cougar Ace has been righted, it listed badly on July 19 - cause of the list is still unknown, and it isn't clear how many cars were damaged
A US sailor accused of taking a Navy laptop loaded with classified information and peddling its contents to a foreign government will face a court-martial
Fred Olsen, the multi-millionaire owner of Belfast's Harland & Wolff shipyard, is the inspiration for The Simpsons' Montgomery Burns
Canada adds the Nechako River white sturgeon to its species at risk list
Asbestos-covered ship Otapan has been barred from entering Turkish waters, it was to be dismantled there
Canada's Col. Chris Rousseau advocates building a new Arctic port
Eighteen Chinese fishermen have been detained in Darwin for allegedly poaching up to 15 tons of fish from Australian waters
US veterans exposed to atomic radiation lose court ruling
Ingosstrakh has insured the transportation of decommissioned Russian Northern Fleet nuclear submarines
US Navy diver sets deep diving record at 607 meters in an HS2000 atmospheric diving system suit built by Canada's OceanWorks International
Germany says the 2 submarines it is selling to Israel are not equipped to carry nuclear weapons
Lebanese environmentalists says the oils slick may not be as devastating as had been feared
The ban on trawling in the Indian Ocean has sparked off protests from fishermen in Mombasa
Shell Oil Co. and state agencies have donated ice machines to get Louisiana's hurricane-hit fishermen back to work
Scientists study the 'dead zone' off the coast of Oregon, the cause is not known, but it may be global warming
Japanese salvage ship hired to help clean up the Philippines' worst oil spill has developed mechanical problems, delaying its scheduled arrival
The Philippine Coast Guard appealed on Thursday for chicken feathers and human hair to help sponge up the country's worst oil spill
The Lebanese port of Byblos has been hit hard by the oil spill
Virginia-class submarine USS Texas will be commissioned at the Port of Galveston on September 9
Samsung Heavy Industries has growing orders
The Bolsa Chica wetlands restoration project is California's largest
World War II-era mine was snagged from the ocean floor by a dragger net off Gloucester, Massachusetts; it was safely detonated
Experts from the Japanese and US coast guards joined Philippine disaster officials to assess the damage to the provinces of Guimaras from the recent oil spill, and the oil spill has claimed its first human victim
More than 32 million deadweight tons of new tanker tonnage is expected to be delivered into the market next year, some fear global freight rates will suffer
Trial transportation of processed oil on the Lancang (Mekong) River will start by the end of the year
International Longshore and Warehouse Union honored the LA strike, closing 7 shipping terminals for 3 hours at the Port of Los Angeles, but their participation was found illegal
China and Vietnam agree to finish demarking their border by 2008, including the Beibu Gulf area, also known as the Gulf of Tonkin
The CBI has not found any reference to the Scorpene submarine deal during its probe into the navy war room leak case
Unions workers at Rosyth are angry after Babcock International, who run the Fife shipyard, announced job cuts
South Korea's Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries retook its spot as the world's No. 5 shipbuilder this year
The surge in huge cargo ships coming from Asia has let Seattle's Foss Maritime start expanding to the East Coast
A year after the 2005 hurricane season, the offshore oil industry is still recovering; drillers have spent $17 billion so far
Namibia turns to aquaculture for food security
Sunken tanker Solar 1 is leaking more oil off the Philippines
Pakistan's Port Qasim will install equipment to scan goods to be shipped to the US
US Navy reviews Sea Swap, the program designed to keep warships at sea longer by rotating crews
Australian cargo ship SS Iron Knight, sunk off New South Wales during World War II, will be protected as a war grave
Rescuers have partially disentangled a fishing net from the tail of a humpback whale in a waterway southeast of Juneau, Alaska
New Zealand is concerned about the vulnerable status of the Southern bluefin tuna stock
British Columbia issues safety guidelines for fishing vessels
United Nations warns Pakistan to halt destructive fishing practices including bottom trawling, and design a fishing policy by December 2006
Petition launched calling on the UK Government to name the wreck of the Lancastria an official maritime war grave
Following assurances from Israeli authorities of safe passage for its flights, the UN's Environmental Programme is starting aerial surveys of the massive oil spill that affected the Lebanese and Syrian coastlines
Talks between India and Pakistan to help delimit their maritime boundary at Sir Creek may not take place this week as planned
Union fears that the sale of Canada's Davie shipyard to a Norwegian company is in trouble
Iceland agrees to continue its support for Namibia's fisheries sector
New shrimping nets are hyped in the Persian Gulf area to reduce unwanted bycatch
Extent of the oil spill damage in the Philippines shocks Greenpeace, they urge the government to raise the sunken tanker quickly
10 bodies have been found and about 20 other people are believed missing after a second boat carrying would-be immigrants sank off the Italian island of Lampedusa
Spain doubles aid to try to fight emigration from sub- Saharan Africa
Chinese salvagers rescued a cargo vessel on the verge of capsizing on Friday night in waters off the mouth of the Yangtze River, all 7 sailors were saved
Sri Lanka's army says it has bombed a sea base from where Tamil Tiger rebels launched attacks on the Jaffna peninsula
Canada's efforts to establish control over the Northwest Passage are supported by the Inuit
Cruise ship Summit pulled into port in Alaska with a dead whale dangling from its bulbous bow
Clean-up crews have recovered only about 100 tons of oil along the coast of a historic Lebanese port city after a massive spill caused by Israel's bombing of a power plant
Norwegian whalers harpooned only half their quota of minke whales in 2006, prompting hunt opponents to say that Norwegian demand for eating the meat had sunk
Turkish shipbuilders focus on boutique yachts
Carnival Cruise ship Carnival Glory assisted 9 Cuban rafters adrift in the western Caribbean this week
Spain's Canary Islands can no longer cope with the soaring number of illegal immigrants arriving by boat from Africa
Russian experts will examine submarines and radioactive waste buried on the seabed in the Arctic sea
Vladimir Romanov buys historic K-19 nuclear submarine
Drug believed to extend the life of a mesothelioma sufferer is ruled too expensive in parts of Great Britain
German firm Flensburger Schiffbau will build a new ferry for BC Ferries' northern route
Australian investigators find that Japanese fishermen may have caught billions of dollars of illegal tuna
Ontario blasts federal government for not protecting the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway from invasive species
Canada considers helping Lebanon clean up coastal oil slick, and save its fisheries
Russian divers have found the wreckage of the USS Wahoo in the La Perouse Strait; the boat sank 19 Japanese ships in World War II
China sets national plan for port development and shipbuilding
The East China Sea is dying from overfishing and pollution - mostly petrochemical waste and heavy metals
Ethiopia struggles to aid 48,000 marooned by floods
US Minerals Management Service releases report on damage to the offshore oil industry caused by last year's hurricanes, risks remain
Scrappy the dolphin is finally depantsed when the Brookfield Zoo research team manages to free him from a pair of Speedos
The tender for removing the wreck of the Safmarine Agulhas from the East London harbor breakwater will take a few weeks to award
Three Mexican fishermen found drifting in the Pacific Ocean could have been lost for almost a year and two others were missing and presumed dead
Britain's Royal Navy is licensing its trademark White Ensign logo to appear on products ranging from clothes to computer games in what it says is an attempt to market its 'quality brand' to potential young recruits
Canada's Christensen Yachts Ltd., which makes yachts for the ultra-rich, has chosen Tennessee as the site of a new shipyard
The Savannah arrived under tow Tuesday at Colonna's Shipyard for refurbishing
Marine scientists hope 'test-tube coral babies' will take root to help restore a tract of reef ravaged by a 1984 ship grounding in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary
Western Australian Government calls for more security to keep illegal fishermen from stealing fish and killing dolphins
Giant jumping sturgeon stir up mystery in a Florida river
Researchers propose to dispose of the carbon dioxide produced from burning fossil fuels by injecting it into seabed sediments nearly two miles below the ocean's surface
Australian shipbuilder Austal awaits news of a contract with the US Navy to construct a Littoral Combat Ship in partnership with US-based General Dynamics
Cruise liner Blue Lady (formerly the SS Norway) has been beached at India's Alang shipyard; it should be dismantled in another month
Officials from the United Nations, European Union and the International Maritime Organization to determine a strategy for containing the Mediterranean oil spill caused by the conflict in Lebanon
Turkey has seen no effects of the oil spill in Lebanon so far
The Korea Coast Guard will expand its presence in the East Sea to better protect the country's interests around Dokdo and its exclusive economic zone
Zenon Lukosius, who kept the captured German submarine U-505 from sinking in 1944, died at 87
Proposed areas for bottom trawling restrictions around New Zealand aren't of interest to the fishing industry anyway, and won't help sea life threatened by the practice
New research studies surface weather conditions at sea, looking at meteorological applications of satellite synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imagery
India plans to more than double the cargo handling capacity of its ports by 2011
Biologists have dumped a dozen boatloads of oyster shells into the San Francisco Bay, hoping the castoffs will seed the comeback of native oysters
Israel said Monday it will maintain its air and sea blockade of Lebanon despite a ceasefire on the ground to end more than a month of fighting
Submarine which police say may have been used for cocaine smuggling has been found floating off Spain's north- western coast
Several miles of Welsh river Taf Fechan has been polluted by a three ton spill of aluminium sulphate
Climate change may force fishermen to change their target catch
Scientists and fishermen hope genetic testing and unprecedented detail on where salmon swim will help fisheries managers keep the commercial salmon fleet fishing
Lawsuit claims that the Port of Los Angeles misused federal energy funds to build a cargo terminal for Maersk on Pier 400
Islamist fighters in Somalia have seized two coastal towns and vowed to rid the area of piracy
Canadian military will defend its claim over Arctic waters, and its potential resources
New research suggests that removing just one fish species from a tropical river can have major repercussions
US officials are proposing speed limits for the first time on ships in hopes of stopping fatal collisions with the endangered North Atlantic right whales
Australia claims Japan has taken southern bluefin tuna over the past 20 years in breach of quota restrictions
Clean-up crew has recovered about 90% of the 4 tons of crude oil that spilled into China's Zhouhe River on Friday
US officials propose to double the size of no-fishing zones around the Channel Islands off Southern California to protect marine life
2 tanker crewmen are missing after their vessel sank in rough seas in the central Philippines, oil spill response team is being sent to the area
General Dynamics NASSCO holds ceremony to name the fourth and final double-hulled oil tanker it is building for BP Shipping Ltd., the Alaskan Legend
Japan and South Korea renew talks over ownership of the islets called Takeshima or Dokdo
The most powerful storm to hit the Chinese mainland in 50 years, Typhoon Saomai, has left at least 98 people dead and 149 missing in east China
Oxygen-starved 'dead zone' along the Pacific Coast that is causing massive crab and fish die-offs may be the worst since 2002
Fishermen at the Karachi Fish Harbour have been asked to modify their boats in accordance with the European Union specifications before the deadline
Norwegian salmon companies must pay to have their facilities visited by Russian inspectors, in order to gain back export rights to the Russian market
Tasmania is closing its borders to Victorian abalone boats in a bid to stop the spread of the disease Ganglioneuritis
Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez on Thursday declared commercial salmon fishing a failure off Oregon and California this year, enabling the states to seek federal aid
Officials say they've made a lot of progress cleaning up a massive oil spill in the Squamish estuary a week ago
Huge oil spill off Lebanon threatens to ravage life in the sea
A boat crammed with 172 African migrants was intercepted off Spain's Canary Islands on Wednesday, the highest number ever to arrive in a single vessel
Pakistan inducts its first indigenously- built Agosta submarine into its Navy
Vancouver yacht maker Christensen Shipyards Ltd. is building a second manufacturing plant in Tennessee
Drought and triple-digit temperatures are taking a toll on fish in the Great Salt Plains Lake
Sustainable national fisheries policy urged at a conference in Pakistan
The Nass River fishery, co-managed by a First Nations band, gets a glowing report from the Sierra Club of Canada
Councils split on court battle over ship-to- ship transfer of oil in the Forth
Rare humpback whale has been spotted in the Firth of Forth in the latest of a series of sightings which have attracted extra visitors to the coast
US submariner charged with espionage
Bath Iron Works Inc. is being awarded a contract for DDG 1000 Zumwalt Class Destroyer detailed design, and procurement of vendor furnished information (VFI) in support of the detailed design
Norway may be hit by an invasion of the giant red king crab
Killer whales sing with their own distinctive style of song
US court rules that the Kingdom of Spain must provide ABS access to the entire court file from the criminal investigation into the loss of the oil tanker Prestige
The PS Waverley, one of the last sea-going steamships in the world, ran aground at Girvan Harbour with 740 people on board
Indian Navy chief Admiral Arun Prakash has promised a fully balanced, technologically fighting fit force in the next decade
Dubai companies may invest in the expansion of the Panama Canal
Hake stocks show signs of recovery in Namibia
Fisheries experts across the Chesapeake Bay went on alert yesterday after scientists identified a second invasive Chinese mitten crab
An oil spill caused by Israeli raids on a Lebanese power plant could rival the 1989 Exxon Valdez disaster that despoiled the Alaskan coast if not urgently addressed, the United Nations has said
Greenpeace flagship Rainbow Warrior is transporting medical and other relief items from the Cypriot port city of Larnaca to Beirut for Medecins Sans Frontieres
New Zealand's Ministry of Transport has set up a security team to prevent a terrorist attack on land, air and sea travel routes
Filipino Boni Comandante has developed a technology that can make fish hibernate up to 24 hours without water
General Dynamics NASSCO has finalized a $1 billion contract with US Shipping Partners to build nine product carrier tankers, with options for five additional ships
At least 549 people died and another 295 are still missing as a result of floods which struck North Korea last month
Rescuers are looking for some 300 people still missing after floods in Ethiopia
Beirut fishermen are devastated by Israeli port attack
An oil slick affecting more than 80km of the Lebanese coastline has reached Syria and could threaten Cyprus, Turkey and Greece if left unchecked
Excess capacity in the global fleet of liquefied natural gas carriers will be at its highest this decade in 2008
Marine biologists say the trade in tropical fish is threatening to destroy the world's already endangered coral reefs
Japan is checking whether China has started production at a disputed gas field in the East China Sea that Tokyo says may extend into its territory
B.C. Ferries appears to have found a replacement for the sunken Queen of the North: the 2-year- old ferry Sonia
Fishing nets with 'exit holes' that are being introduced under a project to salvage depleted world fisheries are helping shrimp trawlers reduce unwanted extra catches by up to 70%
Oil spill cleanup begins in Squamish
The Caspian Sea littoral states are about to boost cooperation on protection of the marine environment of the world's largest lake
The bulk carrier Shearwater, which started taking on water off the coast of KwaZulu-Natal, is no longer in distress
Philippine Ports Authority is bidding out the expansion of the Lamao port in Limay, Bataan
South Korean trawler Dongwon-ho held captive by Somali militiamen for more than three months docked in Kenya on Saturday
Pete Bethune plans to set the world speed record for a powerboat going around the world, in the three- hulled craft Earthrace that uses biodiesel
National Steel and Shipbuilding Company, a subsidiary of General Dynamics Corporation, will build nine 49,000 dwt double-hulled tankers for USS Product Carriers
A crab species from China has been discovered in the Patapsco River, prompting fears about the potentially invasive species' presence in the Chesapeake Bay
Two councils have joined forces to look into taking legal action if proposals to transfer oil between ships in the Firth of Forth get the go ahead
Spanish authorities intercepted a boat carrying 66 illegal African would-be immigrants near the Canary Islands on Friday, one person died aboard the boat
Trawler Sea Harvest Tamara collided with the ore carrier Anangel Splendour off Saldanha and sank on Wednesday night, all 24 fishermen were rescued
When cargo gets lost at sea firms can see big shortages, and losses
Sail of the Trident submarine USS Nevada was damaged when it snagged a tow line in the Strait of Juan de Fuca
Targets to protect endangered birds from being killed in commercial fishing nets have not been met in New Zealand
The Philippines has declared war on janitor fish and other invasive species that threaten native wildlife and the environment
Oil leaking from a bombed power station in Lebanon has reached the coastline of neighboring Syria and is spreading north; experts warn of environmental disaster
Vancouver is among the ports being considered as a towing destination for the disabled cargo ship Cougar Ace
Shipping firm MISC Bhd has teamed up with Universiti Teknologi Malaysia to collaborate on human capital development and maritime research activities
The retiring commander of Canada's East Coast fleet has expressed frustration about the time it will take to return the fire-damaged submarine HMCS Chicoutimi to service
More research being done to study ways to harness waves and tides to create energy
Posco, the world's 4th largest steelmaker, seems interested in acquiring Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering, the world's 2nd largest shipbuilder
Turkey's fishing industry will appeal the decision allowing the asbestos- covered ship Otopan into Turkish waters to be scrapped
Environmental groups have vowed legal action to try to prevent the Blue Lady from being scrapped in India
Swan Hunter shipyard could yet see the return of shipbuilding work after owner Jaap Kroese said he would be bidding for a contract with a Scandinavian company
Admiralty Shipyards in St. Petersburg has started the second round of sea trials on its new diesel-electric submarine
Australian researchers say they can analyze the skin cells of some whales to determine their age, thus negating Japan's claim that killing them is the only way to tell
The non governmental organization TESCOD calls for stiffer laws to stop illegal fishing off the shores of Ghana
International effort underway to assist in Lebanon oil spill
Japan's Navy has said an officer illegally copied classified documents and repeatedly visited China to see a woman
Submarine built by Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal wins at the Human Powered Submarine Contest 2006 in California
The German government will no longer block the export to Israel of Dingo 2 armored transport vehicles, and the sale of two Dolphin class submarines should be approved
As much as 1,200 tons of coal were dumped into Canada's Thompson River when a train derailed, many worry about the health of salmon
Three illegal fishing boats, apprehended in Australian waters, have been cleaned of the invasive black striped mussel
Oil spill caused by Israeli bombs remains unchecked due to continued fighting, environmentalists fear devastating long-term effects in the eastern Mediterranean
Poland orders Dutch cruise liner Rotterdam out of its waters because it's carrying asbestos
Captain of the Celebrity Cruise Line ship Mercury pleaded guilty to operating it under the influence of alcohol
Virus new to the Lake Ontario basin and the St. Lawrence River has the potential to kill many fish, and could threaten fish populations throughout the Great Lakes
Opposition urges Malaysian government to stop issuing fishing permits to foreign trawlers
An emergency meeting to discuss plans to transfer oil between ships in the Forth is set for Thursday
Tamil Tiger rebels have attacked a ship carrying hundreds of Sri Lankan troops as it tried to enter the eastern port of Trincomalee

July 2006
US ports still vulnerable to attacks from the 'land side'
Japan wants to strengthen ties with Cameroon in the area of food security, with a focus on the sustainable management of maritime resources
For the first time in six years a nuclear submarine has docked in Southampton's commercial port, Royal Navy wants to use the port more often
The combined exports of South Korean shipbuilders rose 15.4% in the first half of this year
Dongwon Fishery owner admits to paying ransom for the release of kidnapped crewmembers
Maine fishermen to attach 'Certified Maine Lobster' tags to their lobsters so consumers can tell if they get imposters
Marine scientists will use electronic devices to monitor the movements of some reef fish off the Tasman Peninsula in Tasmania's south-east
United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) has expressed 'grave concern' over the environmental crisis unfolding off the Lebanese coast
US Coast Guard official says a mid-July oil spill in the Savannah River was about three times bigger than originally thought
More than 200 migrants reached Tenerife in Spain's Canary Islands in three makeshift boats, pushing the number of arrivals this year towards the 13,000 mark
Russian Naval commander Admiral Vladimir Masorin comments on the Navy, including rescue ships and support
Analyst says shipbuilders have received more than three times as many orders for oil tankers in the first quarter of 2006 as they did one year ago
Financial watchdogs are to investigate Scottish Executive minister Ross Finnie, accused of preventing a lucrative shipbuilding contract going to an English firm to protect jobs in his own region
Panama-registered bulk carrier MV Christina ran aground off Porbandar on Friday, oil spill feared
Fish at risk because of falling water levels have been rescued from a river in mid Wales by officials from the Environment Agency
Three shipwrecks, including one resembling a Portuguese warship, have been discovered in the Straits of Malacca
New program will recycle clam and oyster shells to build artificial reefs
British ruling that limited damages in asbestos- related cases where several employers are involved is reversed
Bill Meistrell dies at 77; he helped revolutionize diving and surfing with the light neoprene Body Glove wetsuit
Police found the bodies of four Africans on a boat packed with would-be immigrants that was intercepted off Spain's Canary Islands
Alaska residents prepare to go to the polls to vote on the 'cruise ship tax,' which would tax visitors to the state
Specialized training on maritime security has been lined up for all security agencies operating at Kenya's ports
New sonar images and photographs of the gigantic wreck discovered in the Baltic Sea suggest it is Hitler's first and only aircraft carrier, the Graf Zeppelin
The South African Navy is facing a crisis over finding enough sailors to crew and man its recent acquisitions
India's ministry of shipping has proposed to set up two international- sized shipyards
Puget Sound's orca population recovery plan faces challenges
Invasive Louisiana red swamp crayfish is overrunning the signal crayfish that is native to Sammamish's Pine Lake
A new satellite survey of coral reefs has shown that less than two per cent of them are within environmentally protected areas
The UK government has already embarked on a £60 million spending program aimed at beginning to build the next generation of nuclear-powered submarines
It will cost UK taxpayers £3bn to decontaminate military bases, most of the cost comes from the Navy's nuclear submarine program
A new rule bars bottom trawling, the fishing technique that uses nets to drag the ocean floor, in an area off Alaska starting Friday
'Dead zone' of oxygen-poor water has appeared off the Oregon coast for the fifth year in a row; reports of crab and fish dying off Washington's Pacific shore may be linked
Russia to hold sea trials for the Yury Dolgoruky, a Borey-class nuclear missile submarine, in 2007
Australia decides how to deal with allegations that Japanese fishermen are poaching tuna in its waters
US Senate takes up offshore drilling bill
Section of Northern California coast, contaminated by an oil spill from the MV Stuyvesant in 1999, is to be preserved as a seabird habitat
Eight South Korean fishing vessels found illegally catching tuna in South African waters
Indonesian fishermen returned to sea Tuesday for the first time since last week's tsunami, which killed 600 and left 70 others missing
It appears that a ship strike could be the cause of death of an endangered right whale after it was discovered in waters off southwest New Brunswick
Wreck of Andrea Doria still claims lives, as divers risk it all to explore the ship in 200 feet of water
Relative of a survivor of the Lancastria has launched what is thought to be the largest online archive of the maritime disaster
Police found 2 Africans dead on a boat that arrived Monday in Spain's Canary Islands; 5 in all have perished in the latest wave of desperate migrants
Maritime Union of Australia had concerns for months about the Nan Hai Six drilling rig that caught fire in the Timor Sea yesterday, injuring 2
The western north Pacific gray whale will be affected by the Sakhalin oil drilling project
China's Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Corp. leaped to fifth in the global shipbuilding industry in terms of order backlogs for the first time
Memorial plaque for the legendary Russian warship Varyag that sank off southern Scotland in 1920 will be unveiled in Lendlefoot next week
The new Matson Navigation Co. containership MV Maunalei was christened this weekend at the Aker Philadelphia Shipyard
Australia opens a research center focused on protecting whales
Rough seas hinder removing the last of the containers from the Safmarine Agulhas, stuck in the East London harbor, about 100 containers are left
Cuba is drilling for oil 60 miles off the coast of Florida with help from China, Canada and Spain even as Congress tries to decide if the US should allow drilling
Marine forecasts are now available in great detail and at a local level in New Zealand
Changing climate patterns blamed for low krill counts and faltering currents, this is leading to damage to animal species that rely on krill for food
Ship owners are bracing themselves for a hike in war risk insurance premiums for vessels that transit the Eastern Mediterranean
UK's Lyme Bay arrives on the Clyde, the ship will be completed at Govan because Swan Hunter took too long and went over budget
The European Union has reached a fisheries agreement with Mauritania to help the north African country develop a sustainable fishing sector and allow EU vessels to fish in its waters
Invasive armored catfish threaten Texas fisheries
Vietnamese catfish processor proposes using catfish oil as biodiesel fuel
At least 4 of the deficiencies that caused the New Orleans levees to fail during Hurricane Katrina may also exist in Texas City
Survivors from the capsizing of the Andrea Doria off the Massachusetts coast in 1956 gather to commemorate their rescue; 2,000 were saved
Fife councilors are seeking an urgent meeting with their colleagues from Edinburgh over the controversial issue of ship-to- ship oil transfers in the Forth Ports
Auckland mast designer wants to build a giant ship in a bottle memorial to Sir Peter Blake
Engineers in Istanbul uncover the ruins of an ancient Byzantine port while drilling for an underground rail tunnel
Tropical Storm Bilis causes massive flooding in southern China, death toll rises over 500
A third Indonesian fishing boat has been removed from Darwin Harbour after Northern Territory Fisheries detected asian green mussel on its hull
Bering Sea pollock fishermen are catching a surprising number of unusable squid this summer
Invasive yellow perch are threatening some of British Columbia's most important salmon runs
The MV Umfolozi, renamed the Michael S, has been stolen from the Walvis Bay Harbor in Namibia
The cost of shipping commodities such as iron ore and coal has risen to an eight- month high because of increasing demand from China's steel makers
Salmon fishing industry in the Scottish Borders is being threatened by the invasive American signal crayfish
Asian green and black striped mussels were found on two Indonesian fishing boats in Darwin Harbour, raising concerns about the potentially invasive species
Zooplankton absorb carbon dioxide and bring it deep underwater, so may help reduce greenhouse gases
Man gets nine months imprisonment for illegally dealing in paua in New Zealand
Sheriff's helicopter will be used to help find oil spills in Puget Sound
Hundreds are dead or missing in North Korea after heavy rain causes flooding and landslides on both sides of the Korean border
Malta and Spain resolve stand-off over 51 African migrants who have been stranded at sea since Friday, most will be taken to Spain, and EU will provide more support to Malta to cope with boat people arriving on its shores
Chinese firms may be barred from proposing on port development plans in India
5 port consortiums submit bids seeking to build and operate a giant container terminal on the Pacific side of the Panama Canal
Hearts owner Vladimir Romanov has purchased the Russian submarine K19
Former Glomar Explorer, which lifted wreckage from a sunken Russian submarine in 1974, is honored by ASME as an historical mechanical engineering landmark
Canada to map the outer edge of the continental shelf off Newfoundland, to establish international recognition of its sovereign rights
Program in Yellowstone National Park, Utah, enlists volunteer anglers to track fish populations, and give something back to the park
Maine fisherman finds a two-toned lobster, it looks half raw and half cooked
The Red Sea is parting in a way that could create a new ocean basin and redraw the map of Africa and Arabia
Deadly fish virus is spreading among northeastern freshwater species in the US
Swarms of thumb- sized salps play a critical role in transporting a greenhouse gas deep into the sea
Scottish Fisherman's Federation says the European Commission's cuts to cod catch allowances will have a serious impact on its fleet
Greenland opens up Disko Bay to oil and natural gas drilling studies, environmentalists say exploration in the Arctic sea could damage the sensitive region
Divers discover World War One submarine off the Lothian coast, believed to be a British sub known as the H11
Russia will build three stealth Krivak-class frigates for India
Several hundred well-wishers applauded the return of SS Nomadic in a low-key welcome ceremony beside Belfast's Odyssey Arena
Baltimore, Maryland's Frederick Douglass-Isaac Myers Maritime Park, which opened June 28, recreates the nation's first Black shipyard
Connecticut-based UTC Power will design and develop a fuel cell to be used in the Spanish Navy's S-80 submarine
Malaysia to start breeding catfish in makeshift canvas containers
Queensland businessman David Wei Meng Lee faces a fine of more than $1 million for his involvement in illegal abalone trading
Fire engulfed a dock area at the Port of Providence, Rhode Island when lightning struck as a tanker was unloading gasoline; the ship pulled away safely
Atlantic Marine Holding Co. is being sold for an undisclosed amount to J.F. Lehman & Co., a private equity firm founded by John Lehman, former secretary of the Navy
New video of sunken Queen on the North is released by Canada's Transportation Safety Board, showing the inside of the vessel's bridge
Construction work on Cameroon's Limbe Shipyard Project is expected to be completed in December 2007
Crack in the port side of the Safmarine Agulhas is now leaking oil; salvors are trying to remove the remaining 20 tons of heavy fuel oil
Police arrest two after 55 immigrants land on Greek island of Evia in the Aegean Sea
Nigeria, US, hold security talks on the Gulf of Guinea
Aker Yards ASA lands a contract to build four icebreaking cargo ships for a Russian mining company's Arctic operations
Belfast is planning a 'Titanic Signature Project' and hopes to have a proper memorial to the ship by its centenary in 2012
Rising seas caused by global warming could lead to the destruction of more than half the mangrove wetlands of some Pacific islands
Oil spill shuts down a 12-mile stretch of the Svannah River and part of the Intracoastal Waterway
Oil spill fouls 5-mile stretch of the Christina River in Wilmington, Delaware
Humpback whales that were entangled in marine gear off the coasts of Maine and Massachusetts were freed by whale rescue teams
IMO expresses concern for the safe evacuation by sea of persons affected by the conflict in the eastern Mediterranean, and for the safety of commercial shipping in the area
Newly-formed International Container Standards Organisation (ICSO) will work to accelerate the approval of international security standards for ocean- going cargo containers
Bodies of four missing Israeli soldiers who disappeared when the ship INS Spear was attacked by Hezbollah have been found
Panamanians will vote October 22 on whether to undertake the biggest modification to the Panama Canal since it was opened in 1914
British pleasure-boat sailors and power-boat enthusiasts will soon be faced with sanctions similar to car drivers when it comes to drinking alcohol
Thailand's fisheries department has tagged 19 giant catfish with microchips to study the behavior of the endangered species
Fishing vessel Isabella 3, carrying 33 fishermen, sank off the western coast of the uninhabited Suhaili island of Lakshadweep late on Saturday night; crew escaped but oil spill is feared
Fears for Tyneside tradition as Swan Hunter ship is towed to Govan for completion
Ship repair firm Nico International has launched a boat building facility in Fujairah as the UAE's growing maritime sector is creating new demand for vessels
Hezbollah rammed an Israeli warship with an unmanned aircraft rigged with explosives and set it ablaze Friday, 4 sailors are missing; a civilian merchant ship was struck in another incident
Archaeologists have found evidence the Hunley's forward hatch may have been opened intentionally on the night the submarine sank; they don't know why
Contrary to some reports, scuba divers do not appear to have an accelerated decline in lung function
Researchers hope to foster fish farming in Georgia
Ship owned by a company in Thailand was caught in Australian waters with shark fin on board
A mussel barge spilled about 500 liters of diesel when it sank in the Coromandel Harbour this morning; impact on the environment should be minimal
Inspection of the Blue Lady is over, data on the amount of toxins on board, and a decision on whether to allow it to be scrapped in India is ready
UK's Ministry of Defence says cost growth and delays led to the transfer of an unfinished ship out of Swan Hunter shipyard, it will be completed at BAE Systems at Govan
Two workers die after inhaling toxic fumes while scrapping a ship near the Bangladeshi port of Chittagong, they weren't wearing protective gear
Studies of eye tissue reveals that bowhead whales can live to be nearly 200 years old
US Senate approves plan for oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico
Fee increase requested by the Virginia Pilot Association has cruise lines saying they'll avoid the ports there
Australian farmers and truck drivers fear they won't get new Maritime Security Identification Cards in time for the January deadline
The Pakistan Navy will induct its third Agosta-90-B Class submarine PNS Hamza next month
Johnson-Sea-Link II submersible is searching on the Miami Terrace for new chemical compounds for medical research
Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co. will start building a factory in China next week to produce blocks for ships
Canadian Chiefs say the Harper government has ignored court rulings over native fishing rights
Study shows that using fewer traps could be just as lucrative for Maine lobstermen
Washington state's new Oil Spill Advisory Council issues its first report, laying groundwork for improved spill prevention and response
Hospital admissions of people with asbestos- related diseases have more than doubled in 10 years in Northern Ireland
All cargo containers stacked in two of the four holds of the stricken Safmarine Agulhas off the coast of East London have been removed
Developers are scrambling to build warehouses and distribution centers to accommodate growth at Tacoma and Seattle ports
China celebrates its second Maritime Day in Shanghai
Text message from 2 French tourists sparked a chain of events which led to the rescue of a Polish yachtsman off Scotland's north coast
Greenpeace urges Mediterranean countries to get serious about enforcing a long standing ban on illegal driftnet fishing
A legal fight has stranded the Egyptian cargo ship Edco and its crew of 29 in Charleston, South Carolina
Life at India's Alang shipbreaking yard
Some disabled residents of South Africa's Ocean View Centre are making streamers to attach to long line fishing and trawler gear, to scare away endangered albatross
Lewis Gordon Pugh is attempting to become the first person to swim the length of the River Thames, 203 miles, to raise awareness about climate change
South Korea will spend $150 billion over the next 5 years to boost its independent defense capacity and secure advanced capabilities to counter any military threats
Aker Philadelphia Shipyard has delivered its fourth Independence Class CV2500 containership, named MV Maunalei, to its first customer, Matson Navigation Company
Pentagon bureaucracy and runaway arms costs are seen as a threat to national security in the US
Pakistan's Agosta submarine, being built at the Karachi docks with French assistance, will be launched for trials next month
Deadly plankton bloom has killed thousands of fish around the Strait of Juan de Fuca, and may sweep down Puget Sound
51 Kedah fishermen are blacklisted for abusing subsidized diesel quotas given under Malaysia's e-diesel scheme
Washington state seeks public input to update the oil spill response plan for the Puget Sound area
Two workers die in separate incidents at Northrop Grumman Ship Systems' shipyard in New Orleans
Dubai Ports World mulls an IPO
The crew of a second tanker docked in Hobart wants guarantees its employer won't cut Australian jobs to hire cheap foreign labor
Lockheed Martin's Sea TALON system successfully completed testing milestones in its development as an ASW mission module for the US Navy's LCS
No one was hurt when the plane carrying the Russian Navy chief had one of two engines catch fire during take off
The world's deepest salvage operation has retrieved a cache of rubies from British ship SS Persia, sitting at a depth of 10,000 feet (actually, Project Jennifer targeted a submarine at 16,500 feet)
Thales UK offers to sell non- penetrating hull masts to India for their top secret nuclear submarine project
Container ships' vulnerability to terrorism make them the 'Achilles' heel' of the supply chain
The popularity of giant yachts is pushing smaller boats out of marinas
Heavy fishing has depleted fish stocks off the west coast of Africa in the Atlantic Ocean, leading to increased numbers of jellyfish
India is using ornamental fish to combat mosquito- borne diseases
Scientist is tracking invasive snakehead fish in tributaries of the Potomac River with radio transmitters
Island is placed on the aircraft carrier George H.W. Bush, being built at the Newport News shipyard
Plans to preserve the battleship Texas includes removing it from the water
By 2016 Russia will modernize the naval component of the nuclear triad by deploying Bulava ballistic missiles on Project 955 Borey-class nuclear powered subs
Croatia has no tuna in its seas anymore
Thousands of square miles off Alaska designated critical habitat for endangered North Pacific right whales
US-Mexico effort saves rare Kemp's ridley sea turtles from extinction
Fishery managers in the Gulf of Mexico and elsewhere have ignored the law and allowed unsustainable fishing for many species
New Zealand's multi role vessel Canterbury goes on sea trials; it will be commissioned in 2007
The decision by Sinopec of China to buy rights to explore for oil off Angola's shore has shocked the west, which may be left out
EU, Canada to jointly patrol North Atlantic to stop illegal fishing
India has agreed to buy three more stealth warships and 28 cruise missiles from Russia
South Australian Government approves funds to expand the Osborne shipbuilding site in Adelaide
The story of India's Alang ship breaking yard
New exhibit tells the story of how thousands of people escaped lower Manhattan on September 11, 2001, by boat
US Commerce Secretary declares a 'fishery resource disaster' on the West Coast, opening up the possibility of federal assistance
US Navy will use passive sonar during the Rim of the Pacific exercises, not the mid-frequency active sonar barred by the courts
Hyundai Heavy Industries says it clinched orders for 31 ships worth $3.5 billion in June
The world's fifth-largest steel maker POSCO to increase production facilities by 2009 to raise its annual production of steel for shipbuilding, to address a shortage in the domestic industry
European Commission urges European Union governments to cut back fish catches to sustainable levels, and help ensure the future survival of stocks
Corals in Florida's Dry Tortugas National Park have been battered by hurricanes, and blighted by disease and bleaching
South Korea has become the 21st member of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program
New Zealand's Sealord is applauded for participating in the world- first proposal to voluntarily close sensitive seas to deepwater trawling
A distressed humpback whale entangled in craypot lines off the Kaikoura Coast has eluded attempts to cut it free
Russia marks 45th anniversary of K-19 nuclear submarine tragedy on July 4
Seoul, Japan form maritime agencies
The Spirit of Tasmania III ferry has been sold to an unnamed European buyer
Tourist submarine, hired by Russian travelers, is detained in the Galapagos Islands
Russia's Black Sea Fleet to hold a submarine rescue exercise, including free- ascent escapes
South Africa says it will cooperate with a German probe into alleged kickbacks paid in the sale of four navy corvettes
Croatia's defense ministry has donated the World War II Nazi landing ship DTM-219 to a local Roman Catholic monastery, which will turn it into a sailing church
Dubai Drydocks, part of Dubai World, will acquire the management of Jadaf Dubai shipyard and integrate their business under one management
Fishermen are being urged to stop dumping old equipment in Stornoway Harbour on Lewis, after 23 skips full of cables and debris were recovered
South African scientists have launched a project to measure how deep seals dive and how often, how fast and how successful they are at catching fish
The number of illegal fishing boats intercepted off Australia's coast has almost doubled this year
US Navy pledges to safeguard Hormuz Strait - Iran has a commanding position on this strategic channel at the mouth of the Gulf
Wrongful death suit filed against makers of the engine and pumps of the Ethan Allen, which capsized on Lake George last October
SAUVs, or solar-powered autonomous under water vehicles, could create a 'Riverscope' network to keep track of the ecosystem in the Hudson River
India's Central Bureau of Investigation files charges against 4 defense officials for leaking confidential information from the Navy's war room related to national security
Sean T. Connaughton nominated to head the US Maritime Administration
Alaska Eskimos accept onshore drilling, but fear offshore drilling because of its potential impact on whaling
Ship owners looking to refinance should do it now, as the era of cheap financing seems to be nearing an end
US ferry Columbia sidelined in Ketchikan after a small fire breaks out, no injuries
North Barents sea oil and fishing rights are developing into a diplomatic flashpoint, with no easy answer
India will get its first maritime university
Soldiers on hand to fight a separatist insurgency are wiping out trout in Kashmir with grenades
German prosecutors are investigating possible kickbacks in a sale of warships to South Africa by a German shipbuilding consortium
Members of the Royal Navy will march openly for the first time, in full uniform, in a gay pride parade
Nerpa nuclear-powered submarine to be leased to the Indian Navy has begun sea trials in Russian seas
New Scottish fisheries bill includes proposals to prevent spread of a lethal salmon parasite and to control the introduction of live fish into inland waters
Hake used to be a good substitute for more endangered species, but the fish is becoming scarce

June 2006
Inquiry started into the collision of two vessels at India's Kandla port on Thursday; 22 workers were on board, 8 bodies found
The SS Norway, aka Blue Lady, has docked at India's Pipavav port, about 35 nautical miles from the Alang ship breaking yard
In pictures: Belfast Maritime Festival
Lack of focus and finance has slowed the growth of South Africa's maritime sector
The troubled Spirit III ferry is said to have attracted interest from several European buyers
Weather modification experiments increase, despite worries
UK watchdogs demand more stringent checks on emergency towing vessels after a drunk skipper ran a tug boat aground
Dubai Properties announced its landmark leisure and tourism project, Culture Village, would feature a dockyard showcasing traditional dhow-building skills
The stranded Safmarine Agulhas moved a few meters in a salvage attempt at high tide on Thursday afternoon
Russia successfully test fired a ballistic missile from a submarine in the Barents Sea on Friday
New federal rule protects Alaska's rare coral gardens from bottom trawling
Defense Department grants US Navy an exemption to use sonar during maritime exercises, despite a lawsuit that sought to protect whales from the noise
State of Virginia appears unwilling to impose required cap on the amount of menhaden that can be harvested from the Chesapeake Bay
'Artificial waves' may squeeze more oil from reserves
Cometa United Corp, Tradewood Shipping Co, fined for pollution offences in Lyttelton Harbour in October 2004, the highest fine for marine pollution in New Zealand waters
US taxpayers spend $37 million for magnetic levitation to make submarines quiet, but the military doesn't want it
Royal Navy surgeon Michael Henry Lindsay receives the highest award for bravery by the Order of St John for saving the lives of Canadian sailors aboard the HMCS Chicoutimi
Scottish MPs vote to reverse the Law Lords' ruling that would limit compensation to workers affected by asbestos
Mozambique is negotiating the renewal of its fishing agreement with the European Union
Talks between Australian and Indonesian fisheries ministers fail to produce agreement on joint naval patrols to fight illegal fishing
Talks between Australian and Indonesian fisheries ministers fail to produce agreement on joint naval patrols to fight illegal fishing
Royal Society for the Protection of Birds calls for more protections for albatrosses, which get caught and drowned by trawlers
US Coast Guard hopes to reopen Louisiana's Calcasieu Ship Channel in the next couple of days, closed from an oil spill
US House votes again to end a ban on offshore drilling
Pakistan urged to convert coastal wasteland into mangrove forests to improve the fisheries sector and check land erosion and sea incursion
US House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee approves fiscal 2007 authorization bill for the Coast Guard
Indian Navy detects 3 Chinese Kilo-class submarines being transported on two carrier ships going through the Suez Canal and Red Sea
Canadian port workers will have to undergo criminal background checks similar to those now used at airports under a new security plan
South Korea marks the 4th anniversary of the 2002 deadly naval clash with North Korea
Container ship Safmarine Agulhas ran aground on a sandbank just off the East London harbor breakwater on Monday, no pollution created, salvors on hand
Prime Minister Tony Blair has confirmed that a decision on whether to replace Britain's Trident nuclear deterrent will be taken 'later this year'
Devonport Dockyard has released more details of its bid for a share of work building 2 new aircraft carriers for the Royal Navy
Government of Canada announces publication of Ballast Water Control and Management Regulations
Asia-Pacific history expert believes it could prove too difficult to organize Australian and Indonesian navy patrols to curb illegal fishing
Guyana has banned fishermen from spreading large nets off its northeastern coastline in order to help endangered sea turtles
US Energy Department loans oil to energy firms from the Reserve to shore up supplies slowed by an oil spill that closed Louisiana's Calcasieu Ship Channel
Panama's president calls for a referendum on whether the government should expand the Canal
Auckland City Council confirms it will contribute $2 million towards the memorial to Sir Peter Blake at the National Maritime Museum
Port of Oakland, California, is opening a full- time office in Shanghai, China
Four Royal Malaysian Navy vessels have been handed over to the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency
The Nomadic, the only surviving vessel of the White Star Line, will be transported home to Belfast in July
China COSCO Holdings orders 8 container ships to be delivered in 2009-10, when it expects global shipping capacity will be stretched
Lake Calcasieu, just south of Lake Charles, Louisiana, is closed to boat traffic because of a petroleum- products spill
Scientists discover an extensive collection of corals and sponges off Washington state's coast
Number of gray whales has increased along the California coast
Hyundai Group appears to have secured a large enough stake in Hyundai Merchant Marine to fend off an unsolicited takeover attempt at its shipping affiliate
Contractor to the US Navy is charged with sabotaging a computer system that plots the locations of ships and submarines
A drug for the asbestos- linked cancer mesothelioma has been blocked for widespread use by the NHS in England and Wales
Baltic Shipyard won't pay dividends for 2005, and will use the company's net profit for development instead
16-year-old boy caught an 11 pound (5 kg) lobster off the Kent coast
North Dakota woman catches a piranha in a reservoir
Canadian scientists will implant tiny electronic devices in a range of species to gather data on the world's oceans
China's first maritime science exhibition opens in Beijing
Oil prices rise on the heels of a gasoline rally that brokers attributed to a shipping snag along the US Gulf of Mexico
World fleet of LNG carriers has passed the 200-vessel mark, should reach 300 by the end of 2008
STX Group is planning to build a large-scale shipyard in Vietnam
Canada may create a special-forces unit for the West Coast to deal with maritime terrorist threats
Green turtle travels nearly 1,500 miles
A virus from Europe caused fish to die off in Lake Erie this spring, but it poses no threat to public health
Oil leak from an abandoned sewage works is threatening birds and marine life off North Wales
Three Vancouver Island teens were pulled from the Georgia Strait by the HMCS Whitehorse after their inflatable plastic dinghy capsized
India's top investigating agency raids homes of defense officials suspected of leaking classified military information related to a submarine deal
Scientists have discovered a huge active underwater volcano off the southern coast of Sicily, one- third of a mile high
Fabien Cousteau's shark- shaped submarine sinks off the coast of Mexico, he is rescued
Sperm whale that was stranded for days in shallow water off Prince Edward Island has died
Endangered orca whales of Puget Sound have two new babies, the resident population is now 89
US Navy starts criminal investigation after personal data for 28,000 sailors and family members were found on a civilian website
Cairo's poorest fish the Nile for food, shelter and survival, but fish are getting scarcer
US agency wants to set a speed limit for boats along stretches of the East Coast to help protect endangered North Atlantic right whales from collisions
Rescue mission under way for crew of sunken cargo vessel MV Kanaya, off the coast of Somalia
Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Illustrious rescues two fishermen after their boat got into trouble near the Yemeni island of Abd Al Kuri
Indonesia plans to buy fighter jets, frigates and two German submarines in a shopping spree stretching from Russia to the Netherlands
A submarine-based system is the most likely option to replace Britain's independent nuclear deterrent
A woman from Scotland has realized a life- long ambition by joining the Royal Navy at the age of 36
Malaysia sets aside land in Lumut to build Perak's first shipyard
Banff and Buchan College in Fraserburgh, Scotland gets funding to continue training for mates and skippers' certification and trainee fishermen
South Korean shipping companies saw their net profit decline by more than a third last year from the won's rise against the US dollar and rising oil prices
Emergency services on stand-by at the Port of Brisbane, as container ship Kota Pahlawan leaking toxic and flammable chemicals nears
South Korea's seven shipbuilders may raise prices to take advantage of record orders and protect their profits from increasing steel costs
A loophole in the British law which threatens to cut compensation for victims of asbestos- related cancer could be closed in Scotland
First-hand descriptions of the hardships faced by workers in ship breaking yards in the Indian subcontinent
A regional agreement to combat piracy in Asian waters, including the Strait of Malacca, will take effect in September
Alaskan Eskimos fear that their whaling tradition is under threat from offshore oil drilling
Report confirms government negligence behind Egyptian ferry disaster
European Union will deploy vessels, aircraft to intercept boats carrying undocumented immigrants before they leave west African waters
UK Chancellor Gordon Brown says the Trident missile system and the Vanguard submarines which carry them need replacing by 2024, decision to be made in the next year
Nova Scotia fishing company is given the largest fine in Canadian history for a range of offences, including selling fish illegally
The Caribbean nations that helped Japan end a 20-year moratorium on whale hunting are told tourism may suffer
Studies show neurological problems are linked to Omega 3 fatty acids, but mass medication with Omega 3 would wipe out global fish stocks
Compromises mean offshore drilling bill may be passed in the US House, but the Senate probably won't pass it
Shares of ocean shipping companies close higher Tuesday as investors learned of the industry's growing pricing power in its day rates, or charter business
Ballast water carried by ships from around the world could be endangering the local ecosystem in the Persian Gulf
General Dynamics NASSCO delivers the lead ship of T-AKE class to the US Navy
Bangladesh Marine Fisheries Association claims Indian fishing vessels trespassed the country's maritime territory
North West England's seasonal cockling ban has been made permanent, to protect stocks from over fishing
Severe drought in east Africa has caused the lowest water levels in Lake Victoria for 80 years, fishermen are suffering
Overview of the proposed plan to enlarge the Panama Canal
Condo Cruise Lines' first ship is nearly sold out in less than 6 months, will start a 2-year- long voyage in January
A massive collection of 12th-century Korean pottery has been excavated from the sea floor on South Korea's southwest coast
More than 100 sailors based on the submarine HMS Vigilant will run a mile in aid of BBC's Sport Relief
Iranian shipbuilder SADRA will build 10 ships for Belgium's Exmar to export Iranian LNG, marking the Middle East's biggest ship construction contract
Workers protest over salaries at Karachi Shipyard
Britain's Fisheries Minister calls on countries around the world to come to the defense of whales
Australian crayfishing industry agrees to change the design of its pots to keep sea lion cubs from getting trapped in them
Malaysia has sailed into the league of European cruise liners to be Asia's first in the Mediterranean
Australia declares war on invasive cichlid fish, often introduced into waterways when people get tired of them as pets
EPA to test Darwin Harbour for contamination after footage was released of raw sewage being pumped in
Britain's Lancastria, sunk by German bombers in 1940, gets special protection from the French government
US Navy says a wreck found at the bottom of the Gulf of Thailand appears to be the submarine the USS Lagarto, missing since 1945
Norwegian company NBT AS will set up a wind turbine manufacturing facility at Pakistan's Karachi Shipyard
Fast-attack submarine USS Hawaii officially launched
UK fish are suffocating from algae growth spurred by hot weather; officials worry that more waterways will become deoxygenated over the summer
Virginia Senator John Warner has asked Congress to name the US Navy's next aircraft carrier after Gerald Ford, the nation's 38th president
The Black Pearl from the film 'Pirates of the Caribbean' is docked at a Florida marina for repairs
The sixteenth meeting of States parties to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea will meet from 19 to 23 June
United Nations Environment Programme, World Conservation Union, call for new marine protected areas to be set up in deep seas and open oceans
Whole Foods Market Inc. bans sale of live lobsters and crabs on the grounds that it's inhumane
Chevron Corp. is developing a deepwater oil field 190 miles off the Louisiana coast
Victory Challenge has begun construction of its boat for the 32nd America's Cup
Virus outbreak threatens Tasmania's abalone industry
Sagging public confidence in Canada's controversial fish farm industry is impairing Canada's ability to take advantage of world seafood demand
Red tide outbreak on the West Coast has closed much of Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands to bivalve shellfish harvesting
Western Australia's pearling industry starts study to asses the environmental impact on the sea floor from farms above
US lawmakers discuss the aging inventory of Coast Guard cutters, and funding for the Deepwater program to replace the failing ships
Coral reefs that survived the devastating Indian Ocean tsunami are coming under threat from rushed rebuilding efforts in the region
International Maritime University of Panama will be created on the campus of the Texas A&M University at Galveston
US Navy sinks two of its retired Spruance-class destroyers in a training mission: the Comte de Grasse and the Stump
The Arctic sea level has been falling by a little more than 2mm a year, while global waters are rising
Overseas Shipholding Group Inc. will probably have another 15 tankers built at Norway's Aker American Shipping ASA in Philadelphia
Measures taken to boost Gulf stocks of red snapper haven't been successful
Panamanians consider a proposal to expand the Canal to accommodate bigger cargo ships
No progress made in talks between Japan and South Korea over disputed maritime boundary, but they will talk again in September
Nigeria bans nine unseaworthy vessels from its waters
West Bengal fishermen to use a mobile telephone network that will warn them about cyclones, torrential rains, and pirates
Stevedore killed in Adelaide wharf accident
South Korea's Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co. is selected to build the country's second Aegis-equipped destroyer
Scientists say a fish virus transplanted from Europe is responsible for the deaths of thousands of round gobies in Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River
Scientists to start using satellite data to track sturgeon in the Caspian Sea, and determine ways to save the fish
US Navy to hold a blessing for the new nuclear- powered attack submarine USS Hawaii
Iran ready to develop joint fishery projects with Kuwait and Iraq
Canada proposes adding 42 animals, plants and fish to the Species at Risk Act list, including the fin whale
Plans to relocate the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center to Ford Island in Hawaii's Pearl Harbor are drawing criticism as it's only a few feet above sea level
Hyundai Heavy Industries wins an order from the Israeli shipping company Zim for 8 10,000 TEU freighters; has designs for a 12,000 TEU class ship
Britain, Canada, France and the US will cooperate to increase protection for the Titanic and its wreck site under new legislation
Russia's Sevmash shipyard company will sign a contract with state-owned nuclear power generating monopoly Rosenergoatom to construct and test a floating nuclear reactor
Carnival Corp. orders a cruise ship plus option to be built by Italy's Fincantieri shipyard, and a ship to be built by Germany's Meyer Werft yard
A Devon MP is requesting a formal investigation into why the Scottish Executive pulled out of a £10m deal for a new fisheries patrol vessel
Iran is determined to eradicate the invading jellyfish Mnemiopsis Leidyi from the Caspian Sea
Overview of the US Navy's Littoral Combat Ship, designed to fight new enemies
South Korea and Japan will hold talks on how to demarcate the maritime border between the two nations
Argentina reaffirms its claim of sovereignty over the Falkland (Malvinas) Islands, and is ready to talk with Britain over the issue
Hyundai Merchant Marine to complete a capital increase program, so it can fight any takeover bit by Hyundai Heavy Industries
Growth of leisure boat industry in the UAE prompts calls for a speedier process for small craft registration
A new type of hammerhead shark has been discovered in the northwestern Atlantic Ocean
Four British army commandos aim to become the first team ever to row across the Atlantic from the US mainland to the UK
United Nations meeting June 12-16 to discuss how to more sustainably manage and conserve ocean resources
US ports still seen vulnerable to terrorism
Sierra Leone hopes criminal activities and piracy in its waters will soon be a thing of the past
United Nations praises Holland America Line cruise ship MS Noordam for rescuing 22 migrants whose ship had sunk on its way to Turkey
Hope trickles back for arid Aral Sea area
ConocoPhillips pulls bid for an LNG gas terminal off Alabama's coast that would use an open loop vaporization system considered potentially harmful
Experts warn opening Newfoundland's inshore northern cod fishery will stunt the growth of future populations of the fish
Thai fishermen give their king a unique gift for his 60th year on the throne: they will stop fishing the endangered Mekong giant catfish
Fishermen, environmentalists oppose Reliance Petroleum Limited's oil exploration project along India's Orissa coast
Auckland Regional Council Harbourmaster and Fullers Group have successfully conducted an oil spill response exercise
Oil tankers Willy and Shakhdag collided on Friday in the English Channel, no injuries and no sign of an oil spill
Crew of the Priozerny trawler, allegedly poaching crabs in the Sea of Okhotsk, scuttled the vessel to escape capture - oil spill found
Agencies analyze responses to nightmare scenario at US ports
India to build special terminals, offer lower berthing rates at ports, to attract more luxury cruise ships to its shores
Nearby residents, environmentalists, say 'no' to proposed liquid natural gas terminal at the old Sparrows Point shipyard
Small cod fishery reopens off Newfoundland, but conservation concerns linger
Report warns that salmon and herring populations off southwest Vancouver Island will suffer from unusually warm ocean temperatures
Kuwait will start natural gas production within three years in parts of the offshore Dorra field that are not in dispute with Iran
Florida state considers wind turbines off its Gulf Coast
Online poll respondents in China oppose Japanese whaling
India, Malaysia discuss Malacca Strait security
Japan will send patrol boats to what it claims is its EEZ if South Korea pushes ahead with a planned maritime survey in waters near the Dokdo islets
Japan and China confirm that they are discussing joint development of maritime resources in the disputed waters of the East China Sea
Russia, Ukraine continue talks over disputed maritime boundary in the Sea of Azov and Kerch Strait
Boat carrying about 200 immigrants was found off the coast of southern Spain
Russia's Rosneft builds a world class oil port on the former site of the Severodvinsk nuclear submarine base
Electric Boat can cut submarine construction costs, but only if the US Navy agrees to build more subs
USS Cole heads to the Middle East on Thursday for the first time since it was bombed nearly six years ago
Population of Pakistan's Indus River Dolphin is growing, but the animal remains at high risk of extinction
Iranian shipyards have started building three new oil tankers
Compensation funds for Northrop Grumman's business disruption caused by Hurricane Katrina is dropped from US emergency spending bill
Report recommends buying out 25% of fishermen in the Northumberland Strait to help preserve lobster stocks
Brooktrout Lake in the Adirondack Park has recovered after 'dying' from acid rain, but further emission controls are needed
Officials are investigating a large fish kill in the Potomac River, probably caused by a toxic organism
Celebrate World Ocean day on June 8, 2006 (PDF file of world events)
Sri Lankan Tamils are continuing to flee by sea to India to escape the violence in their country
Russian companies will be allowed to bid for Romania's last government- owned shipyard
Holland America Line's 'Avoiding Whale Strikes' program is recognized by the US NOAA's Fisheries Service
Sri Lankan naval personnel have taken the catch from Indian fishermen
Washington state creates 50-year forestry plan aimed at saving salmon runs while shielding timber companies from Endangered Species Act lawsuits
Oil patches have begun washing up on India's beaches after the Panama-registered MV Ocean Seraya broke in two on Monday
China has blown up the temporary wall used to hold back Yangtze river during construction of the Three Gorges dam
Israel's first underwater archeological museum is open; divers can explore what used to be a sea port of the Roman Empire
Scientists say EU herring are threatened in North Sea, juvenile herring aren't maturing properly
South Korea will propose Dokdo, the country's easternmost islets in the East Sea, as the starting line of its EEZ during negotiations with Japan
Oil from the marooned bulk carrier Ocean Seraya could reach Indian shores, bad weather has kept teams from pumping out oil on board
NCL America's cruise ship Pride of Hawaii sails on its maiden inter- island cruise from Honolulu
Canadian fisherman finds a rare blue lobster
Police to investigate allegations that crew members on South African patrol vessels are tipping off fishing poachers about operational plans
Southern African Sustainable Seafood Initiative (Sassi) is launched to inform consumers and sellers of fish
First trial in US nationally consolidated welding fume cases starts in Texas
Pro-hunting nations gain influence in whaling agency
After a March explosion aboard the freighter Hyundai Fortune, fewer ocean carriers are allowing fireworks aboard their ships, even though fireworks may not have started the fire
Princess Cruises' Sea Princess hit by gastrointestinal virus
British scallop fishermen fight to keep rights to hunting ground as environmentalists fear for coral reefs
Senior official says the Russian Navy should acquire 5 new strategic submarines over the next 10 years, but No aircraft carriers, at least until 2015
USS Cole heads to the Middle East for the first time since it was bombed nearly six years ago
Rare virus which has struck only once before in the UK has killed 50,000 rainbow trout and is threatening stocks of the fish
SS Catala, shipwrecked off Washington's Damon Point State Park since 1965, may hold as much as 20,000 gallons of bunker crude
New material capable of both attracting and repelling water could be a boon in dry regions with limited access to clean water
Britain told prosecutors after WWII not to press war crimes charges against Nazis for sinking ships on sight because the British navy had practiced similar tactics
US Coast Guard chief warns that small boats packed with explosives could slip through security gaps
India's shipping ministry may levy a tax on cargo passing through the country's ports for new coastal waterway and port development
Liberia's government pledges to support the International Maritime Organization
Whale sharks are putting the Philippine town of Donsol on the tourist map
Fishermen claim that fisheries control officers or crew on board South Africa's coastal patrol vessels are tipping of poachers about anti-poaching patrols
Northern Ireland fishermen fear the potential harm a sewage pipe to be laid on the sea floor could cause
Singapore-registered Ocean Seraya hit the rocks off Karwar Monday night, oil spill is moving towards Goa
Dutch tanker collides with bridge over Germain river Main, east of Frankfurt; no injuries or oil spills

May 2006
US says that frequent deployment of its warships to the Gulf of Guinea had assisted Nigeria to protect the region from terrorists and maritime criminals
The Battle of Jutland, the most important sea engagement of World War One, is being commemorated 90 years later
Scientist downplays the risk of underwater volcanoes, which surround the Northern Marianas Islands
Electric Boat has a new contract with the US Navy for submarine repairs, allowing it to put off a round of scheduled layoffs
Thousands of rainbow trout have been killed in Yorkshire by a rare virus that poses a serious threat to stocks
The center of the Arctic Ocean could hold vast oil deposits
At its annual shareholders meeting, Exxon-Mobile is urged to stop stalling on payment to Valdez oil spill victims
6 babies were among more than 700 migrants intercepted Monday trying to reach the Spanish islands off northwest Africa
Experts fear pollution from untreated agricultural and industrial waste could turn the Yangtze into a 'dead river' within 5 years
Nigeria's President Olusegun Obasanjo tasks African navies to secure the maritime environment
Pakistan and India will exchange fishermen jailed for straying into each other's maritime territories
The Pacific island nation of Kiribati has refused to give Australia a commitment to back a campaign to stop scientific whaling
Four Nova Scotia lobster fishermen have lost their boat and must pay hefty fines for fishing lobster out of season
Fishery officers have seized what they believe to be the largest quantity of illegally taken paua in the Wairarapa in years
Dubai Court of First Instance gives ship's captain jail term and a fine for unlawfully refueling his vessel with diesel and polluting the sea
Ceremony to mark the 95th anniversary of the launch of Titanic into the waters of Belfast Lough is to be held later this week
US urges African navies to improve surveillance to combat piracy, illegal fishing, and human and drugs trafficking
Australian Maritime Union plans more protests to raise public awareness about the plight of the Spirit of Tasmania III
African maritime conference will focus on ridding the oil-rich Gulf of Guinea of pirates
English warship thought to be the 70-gun Resolution, sunk in 1703, will be given protected status
The John H Amos, believed to be the last paddle steamer tug in the UK, will be restored
Authorities in Barbados are still trying to discover how a boat carrying the bodies of 11 men was found adrift off the Barbadian coast a month ago
Khattal Boat Factory, one of only two factories in the Middle East still making traditional wooden dhows, must move for construction work
UN conference urges governments to intensify efforts to crack down on illegal and unregulated fishing
Coastguards in Swansea are warning hoaxers after at least five false Mayday calls to them in 10 days
India, Pakistan will carry out a joint survey of Sir Creek and its adjoining areas
Japan catches 60 minke whales in latest hunt
Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources files criminal charges against two maritime police officials for allegedly protecting an illegal fishing syndicate in Metro Manila
Titanic artifacts to be auctioned in New York
Governor General Michaelle Jean visits Canada's only operational submarine, the HMCS Windsor
90 jobs at Devon's Appledore Shipyard are at risk after the cancellation of a £10m contract to build a fisheries protection vessel
Tribute held for Sir Peter Blake and the history of New Zealand yachting
Gwadar port lacks modern equipment
South Korean researchers say the country needs aircraft carriers to face growing military power in China and Japan
Japan's Mitsui OSK Lines plans to spend a record $5.3 billion over three years to meet growing demand for marine transport
The Governor General is planning to tour Canada's only operational submarine Friday as part of an unofficial visit to Halifax
UN conference considers measures to limit illegal fishing
European tendering rules sets Scottish shipyard Ferguson back, Scottish Executive must start tendering process again
Fife Council is warning people not to eat shellfish from Largo Bay which have been found to have Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning
The skipper of UK coastguard tug Anglian Sovereign, jailed after it ran aground off Shetland while he was drunk, is to appeal his sentence
Spain urges Brussels to help with influx of migrants from Africa
India, Pakistan to hold another round of talks on demarcating Sir Creek
India, US, finalizing a maritime cooperation framework to enhance maritime security, prevent piracy, and carry out rescue operations
Korea, Japan agree to resume negotiations on EEZ next month
Remotely operated research submarine captured video of a volcano erupting 555 meters (607 yards) underwater
State-owned conglomerate China Shipping Group Company has set up a holding company in Dubai to tap new business opportunities
UN conference reviewing 1995 treaty aimed at protecting dwindling fish stocks is unlikely to toughen the pact this year because it is still too new
Groups disagree on the US American Fisheries Management and Marine Life Protection Act
• UN's Fishery Resources Monitoring System (FIRMS) goes online at
Wildlife in Northwestern Hawaii at risk from sea level rise
Bahamian-flagged oil tanker Hawaiian Leader spilled oil near the Bulgarian Black Sea port of Burgas
Plan to build up to 120 400-foot-high wind turbines in Buzzards Bay off Massachusetts is met with mixed reaction
Young Caribbean spiny lobsters seem to be able to sniff out the scent of illness in their peers before infected neighbors show any symptoms
China's new digital lighthouse system passed its first major test with tropical storm Chanchu last week, by guiding vessels to safety
French maritime authorities are investigating Brittany Ferries' flagship Pont-Aven, which was hit by a 40ft (9m) freak wave in gale-force winds
US Transportation Security Administration and Coast Guard want to require new ID for people who need unescorted access to ships or ports
Celebrity Cruises ship captain arrested and fired for drinking was off duty
Port of Cape Town is 'understaffed and unable to secure all access gates' because of a security guard strike
China has called off its search for missing Vietnamese fishermen who were caught in typhoon Chanchu
Pakistan finalizes deal with China for four frigates, technology transfer
Despite protests, Japan launched a new whale hunt to kill 260 whales
The endangered loggerhead turtle may face a greater threat than previously thought from longline fishing
Australia prepares to battle an invasive South American fish that could wipe out native populations, could be from the Cichlid family
Fears of a possible deadly chemical spill on the nearby Sarangani Island in Davao del Sur after tons of deep-sea fish were sighted floating on the high seas
The port of Mombasa is set to become a center for prevention and response to oil spills for the East Africa region
The sloop Deseado found off the far south coast of New South Wales; it was abondoned in rough seas off Tasmania more than a month ago
United Nations kicks off a 4-day conference to determine ways to better protect the world's fish stocks, which are being overfished
Myanmar authorities denied that they have encroached into maritime zones of Bangladesh for oil and gas exploration
San Francisco State University is in negotiations to build a digital arts campus in the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard
Rising ocean temperatures threaten Florida's coral reefs
Florida-based supermarket Winn-Dixie Stores was sentenced for illegal possession, transportation, sale of undersized spiny lobster
EU governments give final approval to a deal that will allow European trawlers to catch fish along Morocco's Atlantic coast
Australia's Federal Fisheries Minister is concerned about the increasing role Chinese trawlers are playing in the illegal fishing trade
History of the Aral Sea, and hopes for its future
Oil Spill Compensation Committee inaugurated to help find solutions to oil spill problems in the Niger Delta region
Indonesian fishing boat capsized from big waves created by Typhoon Chanchu, 10 of the 12 fishermen were rescued after 6 days at sea
Russia marks the 275th anniverary of its first naval base and the Russian Pacific Fleet
India's engineering conglomerate Larsen & Toubro is keen to exploit the current growth of the shipbuilding industry in the Middle East
Newfoundland fishing industry facing hard times not seen since cod collapse of 1992
Typhoon Chanchu has killed at least 37 Vietnamese fishermen in the South China Sea, Chinese ships have saved 330 sailors
Tanker spills up to 2,000 gallons of oil off Oahu
With the war in Iraq straining US Army and Marine units, missions in Afghanistan are being turned over to the Navy and Air Force
The captain of a Celebrity Cruises ship docked in Seattle has been stripped of command and will be fired after he failed an alcohol breath test
Balochistan to take action against illegal fishing and use of prohibited nets
Typhoon Chanchu that swept through the South China Sea has killed more than 100 people, some 400 fishermen are missing
NCL America's Pride of Hawaii was formally dedicated on May 20th in Los Angeles
Colin Angus and Julie Wafaei are about to complete the first ever human-propelled circumnavigation of the world by land and ocean
Over 500 more illegal immigrants arrived in Spain's Canary Islands as the country launches a diplomatic offensive to try to curb the influx
Dee Caffari is the first woman to sail alone 'the wrong way' around the world without stopping
Proposed settlement to end appeal of a jury award against the owners of the New Carissa shipwreck to be considered next week
The Chinese mainland has formally resumed the export of fishery labor services to Taiwan after a four-year suspension
US Navy struggles to scrap old ships
Commander of US Navy's Pacific fleet aims to step up number of submarines and aircraft carriers in Asian waters
Hyundai Merchant Marine Co. begins the sale of new shares against a backdrop of possible takeover threats from other branches of the Hyundai clan
Work is due to begin on Cunard Line's Queen Victoria, which is widely thought will eventually replace the QE2
US House of Representatives rejects an attempt to end a ban on oil and natural gas drilling in American coastal waters
Scientists note stunning loss of Arctic ice and snow, the ice cover has dropped to a record low for the winter period
Japan and China fail to make a breakthrough in talks over lucrative gas and oilfields in the East China Sea
Ports of Auckland and the Auckland Regional Council are providing unique port services for the giant ship FPSO Whakaaropai
British radio DJs had to be enlisted to let a listener off Jersey know they were blocking emergency harbor air waves
The USS Texas, the second Virginia class nuclear-powered fast attack submarine, finishes successful initial sea trials
National Museums of Kenya recovers the rare fish with Arabic inscriptions after it was stolen by people posing as officials
California could become the first US state to regulate farming finfish
EU is concerned about the poor seafood quality in Pakistan more than a year after the country voluntarily banned seafood exports to Europe
Under fire, Exxon Mobil touts its environmental record
Spanish-owned cruise ship Vistamar carrying 178 passengers has been impounded on the River Thames in London because of safety concerns
Pacific tsunami drill reveals glitches in the alert network: a faulty fax machine in Malaysia and an overloaded telephone network in Thailand
Former French naval officer has launched a venture in Dubai to build cutting-edge submarines for tourism and law enforcement
Sovcomflot, Russia's leading shipping agent, plans to orient 30% of its fleet in 2008 to transportation in ice conditions
US Navy sinks retired aircraft carrier Oriskany off Florida's coast to become the world's largest intentionally created artificial reef
Maritime Union says the treatment of Ukrainian fishing crew in Lyttelton is a disgrace and an example of the problems plaguing the fishing industry
Volunteer group raises newborn sturgeon in water taken from the Milwaukee River in hopes the fish will return there to spawn
The Kenya Ports Authority will acquire oil spill control equipment from British company Vikoma
Captain James Cook's Endeavour may be one of the four shipwrecks found off the coast of Rhode Island, in the US
Israel's new defense minister has ordered the main cargo crossing with the Gaza Strip to be re-opened for humanitarian reasons
The UK's river watchdog, the Environment Agency, has been fined for polluting the River Exe in Somerset
Malaysia inadvertently violated Article 9 of the Basel Convention by allowing the SS France, still filled with toxic waste, to depart its shores
History of Russia's nuclear-powered ships, and plans for scrapping, by military commentator Viktor Litovkin
International Maritime Bureau warns that at least 18 pirate attacks have occurred in the Bangladeshi port of Chittagong since January 28
Israel said its forces prevented a maritime smuggling attempt on Sunday, along the southern Gaza Strip coastline
Norway's Stavanger Fondsforvaltning AS has bought a 5.2% stake in Korea Line Corp., rippling warnings of foreign speculation in the local shipping sector
St. Petersburg's Severnaya Verf shipyard Tuesday launched a new corvette for the Russian Navy
Donors have pledged $240 million to help Africa manage its fisheries, which are being depleted by pirates and foreign trawlers
Global warming has had a more devastating effect on some of the world's finest coral reefs than previously assumed
Boy Scouts of America will auction off the 101-year-old wooden tall ship Argus because needed repairs are too expensive
Portuguese fisherman dies after he was injured aboard a fishing trawler near the Grand Banks
Sea lions are back wreaking havoc at Newport Beach, residents will try spraying them with water to get them to go away
Australia says its new campaign against illegal fishing could prevent the introduction of diseases from Indonesia
Muslims in Kenya flock to see tuna with verse from Koran on its scales
Saudi Arabia's Zamil Group has said it is in talks with Sharjah authorities to set up a shipyard there
European Union fishing agreement with Morocco is set to go ahead next month despite the Sahara dispute
India's Supreme Court sees a petition to keep the SS Norway from going to the Alang Shipbreaking Yard, it is carrying toxic waste
US Navy's proposed sonar training ground worries fishermen in North Carolina
Another Taiwanese fishing vessel is seized off the waters of Manila's Camiguin Island
Old ships' logs suggest that Earth's magnetic field is weakening
Tropical storm Chanchu left at least 8 people dead, stranded 6,000, sank two ferries and triggered landslides that isolated villages in the Philippines
Hearts' owner Vladimir Romanov has invited survivors of the K-19 nuclear submarine disaster to the Scottish Cup Final
World's largest cruise ship Freedom of the Seas christened in New York
A disease that can deform trout is spreading fast through Utah's waterways
Environmental group Oceana opposes taking the 'dolphin deadline' out of the current form of the US Marine Mammal Protection Act
Oil spill discovered in the Yermilovka River near the Gulf of Finland
US senator suggests that US firms could explore oil reserves off Cuba's coast
Legal history of the scrapping of the French aircraft carrier Clemenceau, including attention paid to transnational ship breaking projects
British adventurer Lewis Gordon Pugh broke the world record for the longest ice water swim: 23 minutes, 50 seconds
New Zealand's Maritime Union backs Ukrainian fishermen on the FV Malakhov Kurgan who have not been paid correct wages
Texas officials announce plans for the nation's largest offshore wind farm, consisting of as many as 170 windmills out in the Gulf of Mexico
New people joining the Chinese Navy must be good-looking, tall and polite
Bangladesh's Chittagong Port tackles container congestion with surcharges
Venezuela will purchase 18 oil tankers from China to facilitate its expansion into the Asian market
Samsung Heavy Industries christens Lunskoye-A, the world's largest offshore platform
An infestation of zebra mussels in a Virginia quarry has been eradicated, this could be the first successful extermination of the species
Recovery is seen on Scotland's Loch Leven, which has been blighted by toxic algae
A company established on May 1 will sell whale meat over the internet that was caught for Japan's 'scientific research'
Increasing level of sea traffic in the Gulf raises the potential for oil spills and fires
Residents of Semirara Island in Caluya, Antique, will get compensation for damage caused by oil spilled from a National Power Corp. barge in 2005
The Royal Navy's last 'human torpedoes' may have been found in the southern Andaman Sea east of Phuket
The SS France will be scrapped in India, unless it is found to contain toxic materials
American Airlines Flight 587, which crashed in a New York neighborhood in 2001, is subject to general maritime laws
European Commission clears the way for ThyssenKrupp AG and EADS to buy Germany's Atlas Elektronik GmbH from Britain's BAE Systems
England's Swan Hunter shipyard faces closure
A fifth win in six legs saw Mike Sanderson extend again his overall lead of the Volvo Race when he crossed the finish line in New York
Fishermen in Australia's north say measures to combat illegal fishing, which were unveiled in the federal Budget last night, are inadequate
Borrowing technology from deep-water rigs, new wind turbines placed far offshore could lead to affordable electricity
In Oregon, a 'sport reward fishery' - or bounty program - aims to cut back on northern pike minnows and boost salmon stocks
History of the Dokdo - Takeshima dispute
Aircraft carrier Oriskany will be submerged in the Gulf of Mexico to fulfill the Navy's cost-cutting aims and create an artificial reef
Biotechnology companies are profiting from living resources found in the deep ocean without laws to ensure their actions are sustainable and fair
150 pound catfish killed a man when he refused to let go of the line, got dragged into the water, and hit his head on a rock
Concentrations of plankton in coastal waters have been shown to rise prior to earthquakes
Britain's Pains Wessex has announced a total recall of all its Pains Wessex White Collision Warning (MK7) Hand Flares Item No 52651
The Israeli Navy has seized a Palestinian boat carrying explosives bound for the Gaza Strip from Egypt
Pakistan is keen to improve its navy, as the country has an important role to play in ensuring the safety of international maritime traffic
The Carrick, one of Britain's most historic ships, could be dismantled because too much money is needed to restore it
India is set to buy 3 more Talwar-class 'stealth' frigates from Russia
Northrop Grumman says the recovery of its Gulf shipyards from Hurricane Katrina could be delayed 2-5 years if Congress doesn't approve emergency funds
Metro Machine Corp. will close its Philadelphia shipyard
US Army Corps of Engineers must recalibrate the electric fish barrier in Illinois to keep Asian carp out of the Great Lakes
Massachusetts prepares for another red tide outbreak as northern states report its presence; last year's outbreak was the worst on record
A ship that sank about 60 miles southwest of Houston in 1976 may be leaking oil
Plans for foreign oil companies to drill off the coast of Cuba prompt US lawmakers to ease restrictions that prohibit coastal drilling in most of the US
Long-range identification and tracking of ships are on the agenda at IMO's Maritime Safety Committee
New research suggests that bottlenose dolphins call each other by name
Brookdale International Systems, Inc. is recalling all EVAC-U8 and EVAC+ emergency escape smoke hoods currently in the marketplace
Production begins on third of 10 tankers at Aker Philadelphia Shipyard
Rescue operations for the MV Alexandros T have been called off; ship broke up and sank off South Africa with 26 crewmembers missing
Canadian and US weather forecasters are warning that another major hurricane season is brewing in the Atlantic Ocean
A crewman unloading a pallet of fish boxes from the Spanish-registered Kirrixki at Lochinver in Wester Ross died when it fell on him
Taipei dismisses reports it will cancel planned US arms deal after Washington refused to let its president stop in the continental US en route to Latin America
The National Iranian Tanker Company wants foreign investment to set up an LNG transport fleet
Center for Liquefied Natural Gas insists the use of open-loop vaporization systems proposed in LNG terminals in the Gulf of Mexico would be safe
Namibia Fish Consumption Promotion Trust urged to promote fish consumption in the remotest areas where poverty and hunger is prevalent
Hawaii's plans to reshape Honolulu Harbor to make room for more passenger and cargo ships will displace many current tenants
Tiger Woods has settled a privacy- rights lawsuit over his yacht, aptly named Privacy
Cruise ship Calypso towed ashore at Southampton, passengers are safe after fire
Gipsy Moth IV, the ketch in which Sir Francis Chichester made the first solo one-stop circumnavigation of the globe, is rescued from South Sea reef
Titanic survivor Lillian Asplund has died at age 99
South Carolina subcontractor Knight's Services and Detyens Shipyard have been fined after an employee died while working on a ship
A quarter of all fish in streams of 12 western US states are non-native
Catfish, anchoviella and cuttle fish are on the verge of extinction along India's Karnataka coast
Canadian National offers $7.5 million to people living around an Alberta lake, whose property was contaminated following a derailment last summer
Louisiana's governor blocks a natural gas port off the state's coast because there isn't enough data on environmental effects
Shipping conglomerate AP Moller-Maersk calls for increased investment in US ports
A dwindling band of Second World War heroes will be remembered for their actions at sea in ceremonies held Sunday across Canada
Scottish fishermen to receive a mid-year increase in their monkfish quota thanks to partnership with marine scientists
Fire broke out in the engine room of a the cruise ship Calypso, carrying 708 people in the English Channel
Decommissioned French aircraft carrier Clemenceau is due back in France after being turned back from India over asbestos
Insurance company refuses to pay to settle a lawsuit between Christensen Shipyards and Tiger Woods over use of the golfer's name and a photograph of his yacht to promote the company
Royal Caribbean Cruises takes delivery of Freedom of the Seas
BAE Systems, 4 others, win orders to build 2 aircraft carriers for the Royal Navy
St. Petersburg-based Severnaya Verf shipyard will launch a new surface ship, the Steregushchy corvette, for the Russian navy
Nigerian Trawler Owners Association has decried the continued menace of pirates and sea robbers on their trawlers
Australia supports plan to use private 'mother ships' crack down on illegal fishing
No more survivors from the bulk carrier Alexandros T have been found, only 7 rescued, 26 still missing
Maritime rescue center is launched in the Kenyan port of Mombasa, will respond to acts of piracy and accidents at sea
Man who sailed a yacht the wrong way through the Dover Strait, one of the world's busiest shipping lanes, has been fined £15,000
US General Services Administration will issue Notices of Availability for 18 historic lighthouses located across the country
South Korea's financial watchdog FSS blocks Hyundai Marine's plan to issue new shares, suspecting it could use the money to acquire Hyundai Engineering
US officials say proposed Navy sonar range off the North Carolina coast could harm fish and fishing industry, not just marine mammals
US bill to fund Iraq war, hurricane aid includes money for Gulf Coast fisheries and port security projects
US will list elkhorn and staghorn coral as threatened or endangered under the Endangered Species Act, the first such listing for coral
Strong, light and fast, carbon- fiber trimarans are rewriting every record in the books, when they're not breaking up in the middle of the Atlantic
The quantity and diversity of tiny creatures found in a deep-sea survey in the Bermuda Triangle region of the Atlantic Ocean is amazing scientists
Cargo ship Alexandros T is breaking up off South Africa's Eastern Cape coast, crew has abandoned ship
1 missing, 8 saved when Jinhaida-8 capsized after colliding with another cargo ship Zhedongji-139 in Fujian
Russia's Navy Commander says replacing outdated strategic submarines should be made a military shipbuilding priority
Bangladesh wants to bar the MT Alpha, which is carrying poisonous chemicals, from entering its waters for scrapping
Connecticut, Rhode Island lawmakers want Congress to fund additional submarine research and design work to save jobs at Electric Boat shipyards
Larsen & Toubro Ltd., India's largest construction and engineering firm, will invest more than $111 million to build a second shipyard
Egypt will help Uganda to enhance fish production, develop their fisheries industry, and develop modern irrigation schemes
Climate change and improvements in the technological efficiency of South Africa's fishing fleets have led to historically low catches
Vermont, the last bastion of shooting fish for sport in the US, could soon outlaw the practice
Oil spill equipment has been delivered to the island of Sakhalin in Russia's Far East in preparation of Sakhalin Energy's new energy project
Hyundai Merchant Marine fights takeover bid from Hyundai Heavy Industries
East African Community is under pressure to enact the Lake Victoria Transport Act following an increase in maritime accidents on the lake
South Korean bee farmer has covered his body with nearly 200,000 bees in protest over a territorial dispute between Japan and South Korea
Israel's new underwater museum lets divers tour the sign- posted remains of the harbor of Caesarea along the Mediterranean coast
More than 600 dolphins now counted dead off Zanzibar, samples have been sent to Sweden for analysis
High global oil prices are taking their toll in Thailand, where the nation's fishing fleet has been affected
Swiss fish farmers try to raise sturgeon for caviar, the reception is mixed
Sakhalin weighs environmental cost of Shell project
Hurricanes Katrina and Rita destroyed 113 petroleum production platforms in the Gulf of Mexico
International luxury yacht sales are growing, despite rising fuel costs
Guidelines on fair treatment of seafarers adopted by IMO Legal Committee
South Korean fixed-telephone line operator KT will open a telephone line for the only family residing on the Dokdo (Takeshima) islets
The QE2 will return to Edinburgh next year as part of a 40th birthday celebration
Glaciers covering China's Qinghai-Tibet plateau are shrinking by 7% a year due to global warming, environmental consequences may be dire
South Korea will contribute annually to an international body on hydrographic surveys and oceanography to win greater global representation
Miles of South Jersey oyster beds closed after an oil slick was discovered in the Delaware Bay will reopen on Tuesday
Beach contaminated by an oil spill from the Lennox platform in the Irish Sea has been closed to the public for clean up

April 2006
Hyundai Group executives uneasy as fears mount that its cash-cow shipping company could fall into the hands of Hyundai Heavy Industries Group
BAE Systems says it's still exploring the 'possibility' of taking over Babcock International Group with VT Group
Team travels to select new shipbuilding yard sites in India
Underwater clean-up campaign gets underway to save Oman's corals
Captains of two Chinese fishing boats caught in north Australian waters last month will be charged and face court this week
Smugglers pose the greatest threat of creating oil spills in Bahrain's waters
Nearly 40,000 species of animals, birds, plants and fish are at serious risk of extinction
New barrier might not keep non-native carp from Great Lakes
Locket that went down with the Titanic makes more than $100,000 at a British auction
Plans to expand capacity at the Panama Canal should increase the flow of goods to Houston and other ports along the US Gulf and East coasts
Pirates hijack another ship in south Somalia
Crew of the UAE-operated oil tanker Lin 1, hijacked by Somali pirates on March 29, are reported to be unharmed but still captive; ransom talks under way
Boat missing on Lake Victoria, 30 feared dead
Plastic and other garbage floats on the oceans, and is killing birds and other wildlife
Local vicar to perform exorcism at BAE's shipyard in Barrow, Cumbria, as reports of hauntings grow
Italian superyacht builder Perini Navi has launched the world's biggest private sailing yacht, Maltese Falcon
US House Projection Forces subcommittee wants to speed submarine construction
Indian court demands answers over allegations that a French defense firm paid bribes to secure a deal to sell six Scorpene submarines to the Indian Navy
Work begins on first Franco-Spanish Scorpene submarine for India
Report from the International Fund for Animal Welfare condemns whaling under the guise of science as Japan's whaling ships return to port
Authorities will use gene technology to prosecute illegal fishermen who take protected sharks from Australian waters
Khaleej Times reveals the story of the rescue of the tanker San Carlo which was kidnapped by Somali pirates last year
Japan's Senior Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs Yasuhisa Shiozaki will visit Seoul on May 1 amid rising diplomatic tensions over disputed islets
US Navy's use of sonar during maritime exercises may have contributed to the mass stranding of more than 150 whales in Hawaii's Hanalei Bay two years ago
Hyundai Heavy Industries Group says its board of directors agreed to buy a 26.68% stake in its largest customer Hyundai Merchant Marine Co.
Bouygues buys France's 21% share in Alstom for €2 billion, contingent on the sale of Alstom Marine shipyards to the Norwegian group Aker Yards
Steps are being taken to protect the Bartholomew Ledges, shipwrecked off the Isles of Scilly
Hundreds of starfish have been found dead on a beach on British Columbia's Sunshine Coast, a nonnative parasite is likely to blame
It will take at least 10 years for fish stocks in B.C.'s Cheakamus River to recover from a CN Rail derailment that spilled caustic soda into the river
French fishermen will get €80m of state aid over the next year to help offset the cost of record oil prices
Oil spill victims ask US Congress to force Exxon Mobil to pay $4.5 in punitive damages ruled in 1994 over the Valdez
Gulf countries are working to protect the ocean
South Korea to launch task force to cover territorial dispute with Japan over the islets of Dokdo/ Takeshima
Iranian ship denied entry to Gujarat ship breaking yard over financial dispute among companies that own the vessel
Move is underway to designate Oman as pioneer country in protection of coral reefs
Kandla Port Trust is developing a mega international ship repair and shipbuilding complex
Australian customs officers have seized and destroyed a second Indonesian fishing boat suspected of operating illegally
Researchers use computer chips to track the mysterious movements of the Kamloops rainbow trout
Lincolnshire fishermen claim their livelihoods are being put at risk because protected Eider ducks are eating mussel stocks
New Jersey closes miles of oyster beds after an oil spill was spotted in the upper Delaware Bay, source unknown
Environmentalists fear the proposed pipeline on Russia's Sakhlin will cause the extinction of the western grey whale
The co-captain of Al Dana boat, Roopesh Thakkuparambil, has been denied bail for his part in the ferry tragedy
2 dikes broke along the swollen Danube Monday, allowing the river to reach its highest-recorded level and threatening homes in Romania
Korea Ocean Research and Development Institute plans fourth launching of Heire ROV, which can go almost 4 miles deep
The bravery of a Chepstow sailor awarded the Victoria Cross at Gallipoli in Turkey in 1915 was being marked at a service in the town
First lady Laura Bush visits Charlestown Navy Yard
US Army Corps of Engineers remove two sea lion exclusion devices at a Bonneville Dam powerhouse to see if they are behind the low numbers of salmon passing upriver to spawn
North Korean ferry entered Northern Japan as protesters demanded the release of people believed to have been kidnapped by the communist country
Preliminary work has begun on the controversial oil pipeline that will pass close to Lake Baikal
Australia's Maritime Union says the crew aboard the Korean ship Ocean Peace are living in appalling conditions and haven't been fully paid
Liberia is helping its seafarers get jobs on vessels flying the Liberian flag
Pakistan takes command of a multi-national naval force patrolling waters around the Arabian Peninsula to stop terrorism and piracy
Chinese cargo ship reported missing in the Bohai Sea of north China 2 months ago has been found sunk with 10 people missing
A Vancouver Island First Nation is back in court to push its claim to an unrestricted commercial fishery
Scientists will count orca populations in Hudson Bay this summer
Philippine experts are trying to propagate the rare Pacific salmon, or ludong, that can only be found in the Cagayan river in the northern tip of Luzon island
US Navy seeks guidance of Vietnam ''river rats'' to rebuild a riverine force dedicated to sailors-on- the-ground combat and support
Specialists in paranormal research are investigating whether the historic whaling ship Charles W. Morgan might be home to a ghost
Coast Guard and military officials suggest that cruise ships docking in Canada should file detailed search and rescue plans
New South Wales Government has contributed funds to a search for the wreckage of HMAS Sydney off the coast of Western Australia
Shipbuilders in the small Greek port of Volos are recreating the Argo, the vessel of Jason and the Argonauts, by hand
Norway defends its whaling scheme, saying plans to raise catches to the highest in 2 decades would not damage stocks of the mammals
Steelhead populations around Puget Sounds have plummeted, so they're being implanted with transmitters to help figure out why
Layoffs are delayed at Connecticut's Electric Boat submarine builder
Researchers in South Carolina count sharks to determine ocean's health
Polar bears will be extinct within 25 years as global warming shrinks the ice cover they rely on for feeding and giving birth
Officers seized the Taiwanese vessel Yu Feng BK 746 while it was poaching tuna using long-line fishing gear off the Philippines
Hundreds rally in Moscow against controversial Baikal oil pipeline
The Rhine river has fish again, but many of its native species were killed by pollution and have been replaced by alien species
Arctic riches spur Canada to assert sovereignty
Experts call for more cooperation in Canada-US security efforts, including maritime surveillance
Mystery ship causes oil spill in Durban Harbour, said to be worst spill in years
British Columbia seeks end to offshore oil, gas drilling ban
New Mexico nuclear engineers have completed a radiation detection system for use in both foreign and domestic seaport security
Growth in China's maritime business means the industry will have to recruit more seamen
Spain plans to help Kenya set up a shipbuilding industry, support other projects
Shipbuilder Luther Blount to donate the ship Niagara Prince to three Rhode Island colleges
NCL Corp. takes delivery of the Pride of Hawaii, built by Meyer Werft shipyard in Germany for the Hawaii cruise market
Pakistani fishermen launch a drive to try to bolster their industry, many small fishermen live in poverty
Environmental groups say Washington state lets cities, companies discharge pollution into Puget Sound that could endanger salmon
Famed British chef Rick Stein is under fire for serving endangered fish on his menu
Russia's pipeline monopoly promise a new pipeline won't harm Siberia's Lake Baikal, despite opposition from environmental groups
Residents of Hartley Bay who helped in rescue efforts of the sunken ferry Queen of the North are thanked
Oil and gas industry in the Gulf of Mexico still hasn't recovered from last year's hurricanes
American Rivers announces 'America's Most Endangered Rivers of 2006'
Canada's military is working to prevent possible terrorist attacks against several giant oil and gas platforms currently drilling off the country's East Coast
US plays down statement from Somalia's prime minister that he had secured an agreement for the US Navy to patrol Somali waters
French Navy lost a $3.5 million sonar navigation device after its cable ripped in stormy waters
The six-aquanaut crew of the NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations (NEEMO) 9 mission finish a record-setting mission to the ocean floor
At least 20 people dead and 11 others missing in the Democratic Republic of Congo after an overcrowded boat capsized on Lake Tanganyika
The threat of strike action at Rosyth naval dockyard has been lifted
New Brunswick investigators announce charges from a riot 3 years ago that destroyed a crab processing plant and 4 fishing boats
Lobstermen reach settlement with final chemical company that used a pesticide that decimated lobsters in Long Island Sound
In a move to secure rights to resources on the continental shelf, New Zealand has lodged its seabed boundary with the United Nations
US officials propose a new rule to safeguard sea turtles from entangling in fishing gear and drowning in Virginia waters
Skipper of British Coastguard tug which ran aground off Shetland while he was drunk has been jailed for 8 months
Indian and Pakistani fishermen are languishing in jails after unknowingly straying into each others' territorial waters at Sir Creek
The MV Opportunity allegedly dumped oily bilge water off Vancouver Island; despite new pollution law, it has gone unpunished
French catamaran sinks off Spain, 2 dead
Philippine Ports Authority will modernize ports in Visayas and Mindanao to improve cargo handling productivity, address demand for roll-on roll-off transport system
Necropsy is under way on a dead sei whale that somehow attached itself to a container ship headed into Baltimore
Two million salmon were killed in the Fraser River last month during a gravel mining operation that had the support of Canada's Fisheries Department
Nigeria sets up a new agency to monitor the coastal areas of the Niger Delta for oil spills
WWF supports Putin's call for risk re-evaluation of pipeline near Lake Baikal, world's largest fresh water lake
Russian icebreakers will take paying guests on a tour of the North Pole this summer
At least 2 Japanese boats have been turned away from contested gas- rich waters where China is carrying out an expansion project, Tokyo voices concerns
For every 'go-fast' cocaine- smuggling boat that gets caught on its way to Mexico and the US, as many as four others may be slipping through
Greenpeace says Japan is buying majority votes on the Whaling Commission, even while Japanese consumers don't want the whale meat
Many fear for safety as Britain's search and rescue service may be outsourced under a government cost-cutting exercise
Amazon Hope 2, once the Royal Navy Fleet Tender Ixworth, was refitted by BAE Systems as a hospital ship, and sets sail for the Peruvian Amazon
A new plan is under way to keep Japan's southernmost territory, the Okinotorishima islets, from eroding
Conservation body in New South Wales wants at least half of the state's coastline to be shut off to anglers and commercial fishing operators
Iran is the only country among Caspian Sea littoral states to export caviar this year, they'll export 44 tons
Arctic researchers who discovered a surprising number of abandoned baby walruses say melting sea ice may be the culprit
Seoul maps out action plans against Tokyo's maritime survey in disputed area near the Dokdo islets
The Pakistan Navy will establish a war college at Jati Umra in the near future
India rejects calls to cancel the deal to acquire six French Scorpene submarines, but said it could be considered if it was proved middlemen were involved
Quiet ceremony held to mark the sinking of the HMCS Esquimalt, the last Canadian warship lost to enemy action in the Second World War
Connecticut lawmakers redouble efforts to save jobs at submarine builder Electric Boat
Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries warns boaters to be on the lookout for endangered right whales feeding off Provincetown
Drought and electricity demands are keeping Uganda's Lake Victoria low on fish
Russian authorities are investigating alternative routes for oil pipeline project that doesn't get so close to Baikal, the world's biggest fresh water lake
Marine safety authorities in Tasmania have welcomed proposed new laws allowing boat operators to be tested for drugs and alcohol
Mass whale deaths tied to US Navy sonar, report says
Seventeen Chinese fishermen return home after two years in prison for fishing for marine turtles in the Philippines maritime area
As tankers and container ships get bigger, and ports more crowded, faster, more powerful tugboats come into play
South Korea urges Japan to scrap its survey plan near Dokdo islets
Egypt reportedly decided to freeze the assets of the owner of the Al-Salaam 98 ferry that sank in the Red Sea
Fears of China drive big US arms projects
Tombstones added to graves of Hunley crew
Belfast is celebrating the 95th anniversary of the launching from the city of the RMS Titanic
President Bush to speak at Kings Point commencement
WWF-Canada calls on the federal government to develop an effective recovery strategy for cod
An oil spill last weekend that killed hundreds of Newfoundland seabirds was likely dumped from a single ship
California pelicans are dying from the same toxic algae bloom that is sickening sea lions and making shellfish unsafe for human consumption
Canada could go to court to try to keep the US from allowing LNG tankers to use a dangerous stretch of a bay in southern New Brunswick
Species of worm that thrives on undersea hot-water vents prefers water heated to 122 F (50 degrees C)
Sea-based Bulava ballistic missiles could be deployed on Russia's Yury Dolgoruky nuclear submarine in 2008
Vallejo City Council approves increased protection for structures on Mare Island, the first naval shipyard on the US West Coast
China plans to build a series of hydroelectric power dams on the Nu River, one of the country's last free-flowing rivers
$1.1 billion sought for Katrina- struck shrimpers and oystermen
Royal Caribbean's Freedom of the Seas departed today from Aker Finnyards' Turku shipyard, where it has been under construction for almost two years
A flash fire occurred in a nuclear submarine of Russia's Pacific Fleet during welding operations, no injuries reported by Russian Navy
Norway will help finance the scrapping of another Russian nuclear submarine in the Barents region
Kenya earns accreditation for giving globally recognized training for clearing and forwarding agents
Salvage authorities to strip down a ghost ship found floating in the Gulf of Carpentaria last month, and sink it in the Coral Sea
US Pentagon restructures the Joint Tactical Radio System
Qatar is expected to hire three South Korean shipbuilders to build 44 liquefied natural gas carriers for a total of $10 billion
Electric Boat's new coating and painting facility should reduce time and cost of delivering submarines to the US Navy
Larsen & Toubro has chosen India's Kakinada as the location for the country's first private ship-building facility
Iran's second home- built oceangoing cargo vessel, the Iran-Arak, is to launch today or tomorrow
Brooklyn Cruise Terminal opens this weekend, taking in luxury cruise ships as Manhattan's cruise terminal gets upgraded
Global ban on caviar and sturgeon products is extended indefinitely from almost all of the Caspian Sea
Maritime authorities in the northern Mozambican port of Nacala have seized the ship Karibu that transported 67 illegal Bangladeshi immigrants
To avoid a repeat of a strike that idled Canada's busiest port for five weeks last summer, officials in Vancouver are extending the hours that terminal gates are open
Canada may change its motto to reflect the Arctic Ocean as the country's third maritime frontier: From sea to sea to sea
Singapore-flagged container ship MV Hyundai Fortune damaged by a fire during a voyage through the Indian Ocean, no injuries reported
Venezuela will buy 10 military transport planes and 8 patrol boats from Spain despite the US' attempts to block the deal
Financially troubled Great American Journeys cruise line has cancelled its June sailings and will likely scrap its July schedule
China's Qingdao turns itself into a sailing city for the 2008 Olympics
The Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History opens a pair of exhibits that highlight the changing Arctic climate
Planktos, Inc. to initiate commercial scale pilot projects to demonstrate that marine plankton restoration can significantly lower atmospheric CO2
'Mystery' oil spill off Newfoundland is killing sea birds, one of the worst 'mystery' spills encountered
About 120 people are missing, presumed dead after a ferry capsized in the west African nation of Ghana
US Navy awards Lockheed Martin a foreign military sales contract to conduct a Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) feasibility study for the Israeli Navy
Greenpeace calls for Madrid to close its port to a pirate fishing vessel loaded with fish stolen from West Africa
Norway plans to kill 1,052 minke whales in 2006, an unprecedented amount
Talks still underway to release Korean ship held by Somali militiamen
Chinese-designed offshore drilling platform support structure is launched
Report cites 36 major cost overruns on US weapons systems, including a new submarine which now costs 30% more than its original estimate
Alaska holds new hearings on damage that still exists from the Exxon Valdez oil spill, an additional $100 million could be claimed
The first of the South African Navy's new German-built submarines, SAS Manthatisi, has arrived in Simon's Town
US will list California's green sturgeon as a threatened species
Guide used by Alaska fishermen to help them avoid the right whale, the world's most endangered, will be available in Russian
Researchers propose to map the sea floor off Oregon's coast using multibeam sonar
Reuters analysis: BAE eyes US as Europe's arms sector splinters
Residents of northern BC coastal communities feel the loss of the Queen of the North, as they await regular ferry service
8 Chinese officials have lost their jobs over the pollution of a chain of lakes
Mediterranean region faces grim future under current trends, but sustainable development could boost quality of life
Ferry capsized and sank in the Red Sea off Djibouti last night and reports said at least 69 people died
Boat capsizes, 29 Indonesians feared dead
Rescue services were scrambled on the Solway Firth for the second time in 12 hours to rescue cockle fishers
Korea's Foreign Ministry is working toward the release of the hijacked crew of the fishing vessel 628 Dongwon
First of South Africa's 3 new German- built submarines, S101, is near the end of its delivery journey
South Korea's shipyards dominated the world's high-value- added ship market last year
Kaliningrad tanker fire extinguished, four injured
Connecticut lawmaker raises questions about Taiwan's commitment to its own defense, prods them on delayed arms sale
Poor ice conditions may push the annual seal hunt off northern Newfoundland much further north than usual
Striped bass from Chesapeake Bay have a skin disease that can also affect humans
Virginia's governor to decide whether to allow oil and gas drilling off the state's coast
Scientists have discovered fossils of a fish they say is a long-sought missing link in the evolution of some fishes from water to a life on land
Ransom negotiations are underway over the UAE oil tanker Lin 1, which was hijacked off the coast of Somalia
Tour operator of Bahrain boat disaster blames others
Thales deal puts defense rival EADS' plans on hold
Rail-mounted gantry crane went off the rails and fell into the sea at the Arab Shipbuilding and Repair Yard, no one was hurt
Tanker explodes, catches fire in Kaliningrad port, there may be one victim
Hyundai Heavy Industries gets a 15% price cut on steel plates from Japanese steelmakers
Standard fishing practices followed in most parts of the world threaten long-term survival of some species
Rivers in Britain's Kent and Sussex are being given night- time patrols to prevent the illegal netting of young eels
Major air and sea operation has caught 23 suspected illegal fishing boats off Australia's north coast
Researchers find that orca population ebbs and flows right along with chinook salmon populations along the US West coast
US regulators consider imposing severe restrictions on salmon fishing off the coasts of Oregon and Northern California
Pirates capture a South Korean-flagged fishing vessel off the coast of Somalia
New report find fault with US security at its seaports
Three workers at Singapore yard PPL Shipyard were killed in a crane accident
A consultation on the proposals to transfer oil between ships in the Forth has been described as misleading and inaccurate by Fife Council
Iran boasts of 2nd new torpedo, but US suspects exaggeration
South Korean railcar company Rotem Co. will establish US headquarters at the old Philadelphia Navy Yard with public and private loans
French fishermen pay fine to Royal Navy sailors for dumping toilet waste on them when they boarded their boat
A dozen pirates have hijacked the UAE tanker Lin 1 along with 19 Filipino crew members off the coast of Somalia
Spain launches search for ship believed to be carrying 500 African migrants
Iran successfully tested its second new torpedo in as many days, it is capable of targeting submarines
General Dynamics NASSCO and Daewoo Ship Engineering Company announce agreement to build Jones Act ships
US watchdog says squabbling between Coast Guard and FBI could threaten any response to terrorists at sea
DP World says US reaction to the company's proposed takeover of US ports was a political issue, not a security issue
Scientists fear Japanese whaling is threatening humpback numbers
European Union gives Sierra Leone €3 million to boost the country's fisheries industry
Source of last week's oil spill in Namibia's Walvis Bay harbor is still unknown
France's expansion of the container port Le Havre will help it compete with other world ports to attract cargo from Asia
Iran says it has test- fired a sonar- evading, underwater missile, capable of destroying large warships and submarines
Remote-controlled unmanned British submarine could transform how the Royal Navy's Special Boat Service spies out beaches and landing zones
Greenpeace calls the Summit for Life on Earth a failure
Two new decisions means salmon in California's Klamath River may finally be able to thrive again
11 dhows to be sunk to attrack marine life to the areas near Dibba
Proposed ship recycling instrument progressed at IMO environment meeting
US Senator Dodd, D-Conn., is calling on the US to spend more to safeguard its ports and harbors
Hydrofoil ferries in South Korea keep running into whales, despite devices that emit noises to scare the animals away
5 of the most beautiful stretches of Scotland's coastline have been put forward as candidates for Europe's first marine national park
Populations of some deep-dwelling fish may be growing, particularly those beyond the reach of fishing fleets

March 2006
Dubai Ports World yesterday refuted media suggestion that its purchase of P&O had breached concession agreements in India
Gunmen have hijacked the oil tanker MT Lombigo in the pirate- infested waters off the coast of Somalia
Workers at Babcock International's Rosyth naval dockyard threaten to strike as 92 face jobs cuts but still are ordered to work overtime
New Zealand has approved a strategy for the future management of the marine living resources and biodiversity of the Ross Sea
South Korean shipbuilders told to branch out into making cruise ships to stay ahead of Chinese rivals
India, China sign frigate agreement
US Homeland Security chief visits Hong Kong to view port security installed at Modern Terminals and Hutchison International Terminals
Decline of coastal beds of seagrass in Canada worries scientists
Russian nuclear-powered submarine to launch the Compass 2 satellite, which will help to predict earthquakes from space
Louisiana's recreational fishing industry has not met pre-Katrina revenue
About one-third of the coral in official monitoring sites in Caribbean waters has recently died
Cut in crab quota could be disastrous for rural Newfoundland
The boat Ernest Hemingway used to fish marlin in the Gulf Stream and track German submarines during World War Two will be restored at the writer's estate in Cuba
US officials propose listing the Puget Sound region's stocks of steelhead as a 'threatened' species
Australia proves it isn't necessary to kill whales for scientific purposes, but it probably won't stop Japan's hunt
US to beef up nuclear detection ability at ports
Researchers test tapping ocean waves for power from a buoy off the US Atlantic coast
Investigators release underwater photo of sunken ferry Queen of the North
Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers (GRSE) Ltd to set up two more facilities to attract more orders from the Indian Navy as well as private buyers
UK warship builder Babcock International warned potential bidders not to offer a low figure for the group
10,000 mangrove saplings are planted in Malaysia to create a buffer to help reduce the impact of a future tsunami
Illinois senator wants to subsidize a processing plant to help grow a market for invasive Asian carp
M-I SWACO, LLC is awarded the 2006 National Ocean Industries Association (NOIA) Safety in Seas Award
Chemists at the Coast Guard's Marine Safety Laboratory in Groton, Connecticut can trace the source of an oil spill
Australia's 'ghost ship' calls into question the Government's border security
Virginia Port Authority wins international honor
Italy has impounded a submarine that a group was building in Colombia to transport drugs
Rising valuation of Babcock may make takeover by BAE Systems and VT difficult, as VT couldn't afford the price
Carnival warns on profits after cruise ship fire
Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co. has delivered the first three vessels built at its eastern Romanian shipyard in Mangalia
Environmental group complains China is neglecting the marine environment, ecotourism, while focusing on other tourism projects
Klamath River salmon water plan is ordered to start immediately, instead of waiting 5 more years
New report warns even drastic action to close many fisheries might not be sufficient to save fish stocks
Australian trawler fishermen protest the use of closed circuit cameras to monitor quotas, and prevent stock being thrown back to sea
Greenpeace is helping Guinea hunt for foreign trawlers fishing illegally in West African waters
Australia, Britain, New Zealand may play a role in securing the piracy-prone Malacca Strait; sovereignty of bordering states would be safeguarded
Consortium considers a bid for Associated British Ports
Highly mobile fishing fleets are exploiting the sea's resources at an unsustainable rate
Queen of the North is lying upright, intact, in 1,400 feet of water; no sign of missing passengers
International Maritime Organization to designate South Africa's southern seas as a 'Special Area' to protect the coast from pollution
US Navy ship USS New York, being built with scrap steel from the World Trade Center, survived Hurricane Katrina
US regulators propose reducing the number of fishing vessels gathering shrimp and red snapper in the Gulf of Mexico
Australia may destroy Chinese fishing boats seized for allegedly fishing inside the Australian fishing zone
Clam beds near the sunken Queen of the North have natural and synthetic protection from oil
Fishermen whose livelihoods were devastated by the Exxon Valdez spill urged Exxon Mobil on the 17th anniversary of the accident to pay its penalty
India, Pakistan are close to a resolution on the Sir Creek maritime border dispute
Preservation team will travel to Cuba to help restore Ernest Hemingway's fishing boat Pilar
BC Ferries could get first glimpse of the sunken Queen of the North on Saturday, from cameras on submersible
March 24 is the 17th anniversary of the 11 million gallon Exxon Valdez tanker spill in Alaska
United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan calls for resolution of maritime border dispute between Equatorial Guinea and Gabon
Chinese gangmaster convicted of the manslaughter of 21 cockle pickers who drowned after being trapped in Morecambe Bay in 2004
HMS Astute, Britain's latest nuclear submarine, is nearing completion at the Barrow shipyard in Cumbria
South Africa and India have signed a merchant maritime pact that will see increased cargo shipping between the countries
Poland is investigating allegations North Korean laborers are being forced to work in inhumane conditions in Gdansk shipyard where Solidarity was born
Australia's Northern Territory wants more funds to combat illegal fishing
UK pressed for a national framework for regulating the cockle industry
Japan passes a law against abandoning imported pets after a piranha is found in Lake Biwa
US Navy finds a centuries- old Spanish ship buried under sand on Pensacola's Naval Air Station
127 feared lost after a ferry sinks off Cameroon
Many cruise ship passengers are unaware of potential risks in international ports of call
Bolivians unite around their dream to reclaim the sea
Local maritime services have rescued nearly 600 would-be immigrants this week in the seas off Mauritania
US Senator Lieberman is working to add hundreds of millions of dollars to next year's federal budget for submarine design work at Electric Boat
Groups debate 'endangered' killer whale status in Seattle
Russia, US are relatively equal in naval nuclear forces - Russian expert
Clyde shipbuilders give up their tea breaks in return for hefty pay raise
Fisheries courses at a college in the heart of Scotland's fishing industry have been dropped due to a lack of students and funding
Fishing quotas in South Africa are making it illegal for subsistence fishermen to continue a traditional way of life
Meeting will highlight plans to allow oil to be pumped between huge tankers off the coast of Fife, many are against it
Rear Admiral Dan McNeil says Canada could equip existing icebreakers with weapons to protect sovereignty in the Arctic
Florida's Governor is also against the proposed petroleum pipeline, citing concerns about its impact on shipping
European Union sends inspectors to see if Kenya's fish industry conforms to EU standards, low water levels in Lake Victoria are a concern
New Zealand gets a tentative go-ahead to create the country's largest mussel farm
Oil transport over water is safer 17 years after Exxon Valdez spill, but many now worry about corrosion on land-based pipes
Norway's coast guards detain Russian trawler for allegedly violating fishing procedures in the country's economic zone
Dubai Ports World deal collapse may hurt, not help, security
Russian nuclear-powered submarines will participate in a project to survey Russia's continental shelf borders in the Arctic
Britain's Royal Navy is testing blue paint to camouflage their submarines
India and Finland have decided to explore areas of cooperation in the field of highways and ports and shipping
Thai shrimp exports are expected to grow in 2006 as bird flu fears boost sales in Europe
Safety advice is to be handed out to cockle fishermen operating in the recently reopened Solway Firth
Squid jigging would reduce sea lion death toll
India investigates allegations of impropriety over the French submarine Scorpene deal
US presses Taiwan on weapons impasse
South Africa hopes to greatly extend its territorial waters under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea
Florida investigates short-sea shipping
Piracy remains a threat in Southeast Asia
Britain's HMS Endurance, forced to seek repairs at an Argentinian dockyard, is now stuck because workers have gone on strike
Australian team will salvage US Civil War- era submarine Explorer
Keppel Offshore & Marine and Qatar Gas Transport Company will develop a shipyard in Qatar
Arizona builder wants to launch the Magellan, a private residential cruise ship
NeON project selects FAO's expertise in global fisheries information systems to help develop a warning system for depleting fish stocks
India has taken up the issue of anti-dumping duty on shrimp and customs bonds with the US Department of Commerce
Somali militiamen who skirmished with US Navy vessels deny that they fired the first shot
UN Security Council urges action on Somalia piracy
Britain's Conservative Party calls for new nuclear submarines
Keel-laying ceremony held for the Vladimir Monomakh Borei-class submarine at the Arctic Sevmash shipyard in Severodvinsk, and Russia will provide full-scale maintenance for the new subs
British businessman wants to buy the Queen Mary, and take the ship home to Britain
New study will look at the effect of pollution on Chinese white dolphins
New Zealand takes action to ban global fish subsidies
China National Petroleum Corporation starts environmental protection project in northwestern Lanzhou to prevent water pollution
Portsmouth Naval Shipyard will see a decrease in workload beginning in 2008
Fishing area off the Aleutian Islands closed because bottom trawlers would have harmed rare coral gardens
1,000 more sailors expected to join ground forces in Iraq, helping support ground operations far from ports
Quebec museum buys decommissioned Canadian Oberon-class submarine HMCS Onondaga for $4 plus tax
The ban on cockling in the Solway Firth off south west Scotland has been lifted after more than four years
A spill of less than 10 gallons of heavy oil into Seattle's Elliott Bay has created a mile-long sheen over the water, source unknown
There's no explanation for lead contamination inside Canada's submarines, say the British experts who built and ran them
Workers are expected to return to the Tern Alpha platform in the North Sea after being evacuated when a fire broke out
Group of Indonesian fishermen who jumped ship in New Zealand because of poor working conditions will get back pay from their employers
Russian submarine fleet starts its centennial celebrations
Exomos unveils a submarine for tourists at the Dubai International Boat Show
Although most coral reefs survived the Indian Ocean tsunami, they are now coming under threat from rushed rebuilding efforts in the region
Cockling on the Solway Firth should open within days, but some fear potential clashes between newly licensed cocklers, and those without licenses
Plans to reopen clam flats closed for 20 years in the mouth of the Merrimack River were rained out this week, but should open next week
Taiwan's opposition lawmakers are still divided over whether, or what, to buy from a package of advanced weaponry offered by the US
Dubai Ports World will sell all its US port operations within 4 to 6 months to an unrelated American buyer
BHP Billiton's proposed LNG import terminal off California's coast would involve 'significant and unavoidable' safety and environmental effects
Carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere are harming the world's seabeds, stunting the growth of coral reefs
Russia will build a fourth-generation submarine group, equipped with the next-generation missile complex Bulava
The fifth South Korean-made 4,000 ton class destroyer to be launched
Shipping lines expect freight rates to climb
Angola's fishing institution studies new methods to start social projects in fishing communities
New study links sea lice from fish farms to wild salmon populations in British Columbia
Malaysia's government announced new fuel subsidies to help fishermen hit by a steep hike in retail petroleum prices
Japanese fishermen must tag all southern bluefin tuna caught, to try to prevent overfishing
Maltese operated European Maritime Safety Agency oil spill recovery vessel MV Mistra will be up and running soon
APL Panama finally broke free from the sandy beach where it ran aground Christmas day
After the DP World issue, US Congress is seeking more control and greater scrutiny of cargo
Maritime Union wants to know why increasing numbers of foreign seafarers are leaving their vessels in New Zealand ports, claiming ill treatment
Live oak trees uprooted by Hurricane Katrina will be used to restore the whaling ship Charles W. Morgan
Oil platforms off California's coast are a haven for species of fish whose numbers have been reduced by overfishing
Trident Seafoods Corp. to acquire ConAgra Foods' Surimi Business
California holds hearings on plan to protect fisheries along coastal waters
Australia starts talks to discuss strategies to reduce by-catch
New Jersey calls for public hearings on offshore drilling issue; proposed drilling off Virginia's coast is only 75 miles from NJ
Gold River, British Columbia mourns the loss of Luna, the killer whale
Asbestos-related cancer mesothelioma cases go to UK House of Lords
Divers accused of stealing ancient treasures salvaged from ships sunk in Indonesian waters, but the artifacts may disintegrate without proper care
US Navy investigates a possible bomb threat at the Groton, Connecticut submarine base
South Korean shipbuilders led the global market in construction of LNG carriers in 2005
China State Shipbuilding Corp. is considering raising capital to help fund US $2 billion in planned shipyard construction
Cargo ship MV Premship sank after colliding with the MV Mehara off Consolacion, Cebu; no one was injured
US Coast Guard, MARAD publish final Environmental Impact Statement for planned LNG terminal east of the Mississippi River Delta
Cockling fishery on the Solway Firth to be opened
New Zealand may make the great white shark a protected species
UK supermarkets are starting to provide information on fish that are from sustainable sources
Drowning death of the vice president of Canada's United Fishermen and Allied Workers Union brings renewed calls for education on fishing safety, vessel stability
A three-month fishing ban will become effective in April on the Yangtze River in order to protect fishery resources
Shipping industry faces a capacity glut
At least 10 injured when a ferry in Southampton collided with a dockside ramp
Historic Morris Yacht and Beach Club on City Island overlooking the Long Island Sound was destroyed by a fire
Cruise ship safety in the spotlight
Some prepare to profit from the Arctic thaw
Maltese-flagged cargo ship Teklivka sank off the Egyptian coast, three sailors missing
Miniature submarine is being used to detonate an explosive device found off the Suffolk coast
New dam on Canada's Fraser River near Chilliwack appears to have ruined salmon spawning grounds
US fish managers propose relaxing rules that protect endangered leatherback sea turtles and allow some fishing off the West Coast
Britain to give Spain prior notice of future nuclear-powered submarine visits to Gibraltar
The aging of British Columbia's maritime workforce will leave the marine industry scrambling for trained workers in the next decade
Fifteen Indonesian men have been jailed for fishing illegally in Western Australian waters
Caviar poachers have a steady market for their goods in Japan
Russia's Supreme Court rejects an appeal over the route of a Siberian oil pipeline that will go past Lake Baikal, the world's largest freshwater lake
Kjell Inge Rokke is interested in buying the former Lenin shipyard in Gdansk, Poland, but labor union Solidarnosc doesn't like the idea
Oil spilled during the transfer of fuel from a ship at a chemical plant in Norway threatens birds in a nature reserve
Somalian pirates are believed to be demanding large ransoms for 32 captive sailors
Bush administration officials still don't have a comprehensive list of which foreign companies operate US port terminals
Experts examining how an Egyptian ferry sank, killing more than 1,000 people, will submit findings in 4 months
California's Wild Planet Inc. offers canned tuna with the lowest mercury levels in the industry
US federal fish managers tell the Pacific Fishery Management Council to close salmon fishing from California to Oregon
US Senate panel OKs Florida offshore drilling plan, bringing the controversial issue closer to reality
British shipping icon P&O's shares traded on the London Stock Exchange for the last time after court approval of its acquisition by DP World
Samsung Heavy Industries breaks ground in China for a shipyard to make hull blocks
US Congress probes cruise line disappearances, 28 people have vanished in the past 3 years
US Federal Communications Commission may do away with training requirements for Morse code
Iran's armed forces have deployed a new locally-built submarine in Gulf waters, called Nahang
New permit required for shrimpers on the US Southeast coast will help track numbers of vessels in federal waters and how much shrimp they take in
Predictions on the world shipping market reflect more optimism than pessimism
Draft rules for South African shipping crews aim to lift standards
New Zealand's seafood industry supports a global crackdown on illegal fishing
Russia's environmental agency gives approval to a much-criticized plan to build an oil pipeline past the world's largest freshwater lake, Baikal
Iran will launch its first domestically made oceangoing vessel next week
Taiwan seems likely to finally partially approve a controversial arms deal with the US
SS Nomadic, former Titanic tender, is due to return to Belfast by late spring
World's most ancient ship timbers found in Egypt
Decade-long examination of US waterways finds pesticides in most streams
Lack of equipment in Bangladesh is hindering implementation of the UN Convention on Laws of Sea
2004 was a bumper year for bay scallops in New Jersey, the first significant harvest in 30 years
Australia unveils sustainable toothfish harvest plan
Iran's shrimp farming production to hit 10,000 tons
New York overhauls safety regulations for tour boats to correct problems found after the Ethan Allen sank on Lake George
US lawmakers criticize the Bush administration's budget, which cuts critical funding for the Coast Guard
China to increase military budget to $35 billion
Canada's fisheries minister promises to clamp down on foreign overfishing in international waters
Sperm whales follow long line fishing boats to get easy meals of sablefish
Czech officials are laying protective floating barriers around an oil slick discovered on the Elbe river
India, US join forces to fight piracy, marine pollution and threats to maritime security
National Maritime Authority (NMA) initiates inter- agency forum against ship waste discharge
North and South Korea open high- level military talks aimed at reducing tensions and preventing accidental naval skirmishes
Archeologists have found a shipwreck from the late 1300s buried in the mud of a bay in central Stockholm
Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering has won an order to construct a drillship for the first time
Chevron drilling deal with Transocean Inc. includes construction of a new drillship
China's shipbuilders are set to take on giants
Maersk and 14 other shipping lines propose to increase rates for containers between Asia and Europe
Japan to tighten control over fishing of southern bluefin tuna, after discovering it exceeded last year's quota
Alaska Senator Stevens will drop his plan to increase oil tanker traffic in the Puget Sound
The National Marine Manufacturers Association has certified the MarineMax Ferretti 550 yacht, manufactured by the Ferretti Group
British supermarkets accused of selling endangered fish
• Safety alert: Recall notice for some US Coast Guard approved fire extinguishers made by the Strike First Corporation of America
Fate of Jacques Cousteau's Calypso is once again to be decided by the courts
Piracy is slowing food aid for hungry Somalians
EU proposes rules to protect freight from terror attacks
Original US port deal review never probed for terror ties
France, Australia and New Zealand are to sign a tripartite declaration on maritime surveillance in the South Pacific
KS Investments Pte. Ltd. wants to buy remaining shares of shipbuilding and maintenance company Keppel Philippines Marine Inc.

February 2006
Russia's maritime commerce up 12% in 2005
US Senate panel will take up legislation to open federal waters in the eastern Gulf of Mexico to oil and natural gas drilling
ABS offers new online search capability of the ABS Rules and IMO Convention requirements
US Navy will move six more submarines to the Pacific
Norway suggests common Norwegian- Russian resources management system for the Barents Sea
Suez Canal navigation not effected by oil spill
Numbers of beluga whales in Alaska's Cook Inlet are falling, and scientists don't know why
Gabon, Equatorial Guinea to negotiate to settle a dispute over three tiny islands believed to straddle huge oil reserves
Petrobras' P-52 platform hull has left Singapore and should arrive in Brazil at the end of March
South Korea's Hanjin Heavy Industries Co. will build a shipyard in the Philippines
Oil tanker spilled 3,000 tons of heavy fuel into the Suez Canal after running aground and hitting the western bank of the waterway
Team will assess effects of oil spill on marine resources in Semirara Island, Antique
Michael Chertoff and John W. Snow comment on cargo security
Somali pirates hijacked the Indian dhow MV Bhakti Sagaar with 25 crew on board
Over a thousand fish beached themselves in North Carolina, and then swam away again
The Davie shipyard near Quebec City is expected to be sold to the Quebec-based ship repair company, Navamar
Canada celebrates the arrival of migrating grey whales
Unacceptable levels of lead contamination found on used submarine HMCS Victoria that Canada bought from Britain
Confidential information at Japan's Maritime Self-Defense Force was leaked onto the Internet from the private computer of a MSDF officer
Pakistan's Navy inducts two indigenously- built fast attack craft into its fleet
Virginia's populations of menhaden and horseshoe crabs may be at risk
System Planning Corp. of Virginia is about to ramp up deployment of its system of smart devices to secure cargo in shipping containers
Malta Shipyards goes 500,000 man-hours without injury
American inspectors find more illegal lobster in Canadian shipments bound for the US
1818 whaling ship Candace will go on display in San Francisco
Ethan Allen victim's family sues company that modified the vessel, the boat's captain, and owners of another boat in the area
Uncharted coral reef found off Thai coast
India is close to finalizing another contract with Russia for three more Talwar-class 'stealth' frigates
US plans to combat droughts by diverting Missouri River water north into Canada are pushing the two countries toward another clash over water use
Environmentalists say US government has minimized the threat from toxins in floodwaters from Hurricane Katrina
Tensions held in check as Japan celebrates Takeshima Day to mark its claim over the islets that South Korea also claims, and calls Dokdo
South Korea will invest US $3.4 billion in marine technology over the next 10 years
Ethan Allen owner didn't have liability insurance for the tour boat
Connecticut congressman Simmons calls on US Navy to back Taiwan submarine sales
Holland America Line dedicates the new ms Noordam
Seychelles bans shark finning by foreign vessels
Namibia's fishing industry has been plunged deeper into crisis with the announcement of another cut in quotas
Volunteers are still trying to save birds caught in an oil spill off Estonia's northwest coast in late January
Authorities at Alang ship breaking yard have found human remains on the China Sea Explorer; number of people killed in the fire is unknown
Most coral reefs escaped serious damage from the 2004 tsunami and should recover in a decade
Sierra Club of Canada calls for a coast- wide conservation strategy aimed at maintaining sockeye salmon's genetic diversity
One-third of New Zealand's offshore waters is going to be declared off- limits to bottom trawlers
Fueled by high energy prices, efforts to open more of the US offshore to drilling are gaining momentum in Congress
Scientists fear the invasive Asian carp will take over US Great Lakes, destroying other marine life and ruining water quality
South Korea to shoot 4th commercial, 1st military- purpose satellite into orbit from the southern Pacific Ocean in July
Ancient humans from Asia may have entered the Americas following an ocean highway made of dense kelp
Senegal invests in fish farms to keep from overfishing wild stock
US congressman Rob Simmons is urging Taiwan to buy 8 diesel submarines, as they could be built in his home state of Connecticut
A shortage of very large crude carriers (VLCCs) is likely at the end of the decade
Pennsylvania fishermen are urged to clear invasive Asian snakehead fish from the Delaware River
Malaysian fishermen abandon an illegal net so they can participate in their government's diesel subsidy program
Birds Eye brand and hundreds of fish and chip shops in Britain are selling cod from Russian suppliers accused of operating a black market
8 dead whales found off Mexico have prompted urgent calls from environmentalists to find the cause
Britain, Spain and the US all claim the word's biggest treasure from the sunken warship HMS Sussex
South Korean Navy may transfer shipbuilding technology to Australia
Australia is stepping up efforts to halt illegal fishing in its waters
A United Nations meeting is putting the high seas on the agenda, discussing conservation and sustainable use of marine biological diversity
Workers to petition France and India to allow the Clemenceau to be broken up in the Alang shipyard
US senator Warner, who formerly wanted to save the aircraft carrier John F. Kennedy, is now campaigning to retire the ship
Vane Line Bunkering Inc. to pay $60k for its barge that spilled 24,000 gallons of home heating fuel into the James River
30 escape from burning North Sea platform Rough Bravo, fire deemed small
Cunard reveals secrets of its latest luxury ocean liner, Queen Victoria, which will enter into service December 2007
Russia, Norway make progress in border talks
Bills before US Congress revisit coastal drilling
Salvage teams have found the wreck of the al-Salam Boccaccio '98, they will search for the vessel's voyage data recorder
Dynamic checklists improve speed, accuracy and content of ABS survey information for owners
Collins Class submarine HMAS Sheean has been judged as the best vessel in the Australian Navy
Celebrity Cruises orders second ship in new Solstice Class, to be built by German shipbuilder Meyer Werft
Russia's Zvyozdochka shipyard will provide full servicing for four Kilo class diesel-electric submarines for the Indian Navy
Washington state's orca population gets listing under the Endangered Species Act
China finds dangerous levels of heavy metals in seafood in one of the country's major fish-producing areas
Hornbeck Offshore denies responsibility for the recent oil spill into the waters of Arthur Kill
Conservationists warn that plans to transfer crude oil between ships in the Firth of Forth will put the protected estuary at high risk of a disaster
Gladstone fishermen given the all clear after last month's oil spill
US conservation groups have begun a new legal case aimed at forcing government action on climate change
White House is urged to review deal that would give a UAE company control over operations at US ports
Hijacked crew tell the story of alleged Somali pirates who were later captured by the US Navy
20th anniversary of the sinking of the Mikhail Lermontov dredges up conspiracy theories, despite lack of evidence
Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. has signed a deal to export three newly-developed midsize ship engines to Turkish shipbuilder Kaptanoglu
Cambodia's population of Irrawaddy dolphins are heading toward extinction
United Nations General Assembly convenes a high level working group to address the biological diversity crisis on the high seas
US temporarily bans gill-net fishing off the Florida and Georgia coasts through the end of North Atlantic right whale calving season
Workers cleaning up the oil spill off Semirara Island, Caluya, Antique, are complaining of low wages
Chevron gleans 25,000 gallons of oil/water mixture from its heavy fuel oil spill on the Arthur Kill, off New York Harbor
An underwater mountain with some of the richest diversity of marine life in the Caribbean has been found
Man suspected of hijacking a UN cargo ship last year is arrested in Somalia
President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam says it is time for India to develop its own submarines
Rescue expert says the life jackets on ferry Al Salam 98, which sank in the Red Sea with around 1,400 aboard, were of low quality
Marine Fish Conservation Network finds that fishery managers are leaving sensitive habitat areas open to damage by destructive fishing gear
Japan wants the public to eat more whale meat - a stockpile could increase international criticism against its 'research' whaling program
Scotland's native oyster population is coming under threat from illegal poaching
14 sites around Scotland's coastline have been designated marine environmental high- risk areas, to protect marine life from ship pollution
Oil from spill off Estonia is trapped under ice, could still harm wildlife when it melts
February 23 marks maritime history as ocean liners Queen Mary 2 and Queen Mary meet for the first time
President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam has become India's first head of state to undertake an undersea sortie on submarine Sindhu Rakshak
Yacht builders are making increasingly extravagant and large pleasure craft
Australian Navy catches alleged illegal fishing mother ship
New England fishermen start embracing safety
Russia, Norway close to reaching an agreement on resuming Norwegian fish imports
Regulating order is tabled which could lift the long-standing ban on cockling on the Solway Firth in south west Scotland
More than 30,000 gallons of heavy fuel oil spills near New York Harbor
Opposition members rebuke the Egyptian government over its delayed response to the Red Sea ferry disaster
Photos of coral, deep-sea species show how rare marine life is being destroyed by bottom trawling
Sustainable cod due on supermarket shelves in the UK
Australia considers giving old Navy vessels to East Timor to bolster their coastal surveillance
Russian oil pipeline may threaten Lake Baikal, the world's single biggest source of fresh water
Families hold memorial honoring the victims of the collision between the Ehime Maru and the USS Greeneville
Alang ship breaking yard is the last port of call for thousands of ships from around the world
IBM, Dassault Systems, China-based Yantai Raffles Shipyard, Norway's Sevan Marine, and Petrobras are involved in a collaborative platform design
Sperm whales in the Gulf of Alaska may use the sounds of boat engines to find longlines hung with sablefish
Australia calls for action against alleged Japanese tuna poachers
Hundreds of jobs in the UK are under threat from a ban on mackerel fishing
Scientists discover several new species of marine life off Western Australia's south coast
Crewmember of the Thanh Tam pleads guilty to concealing thousands of pounds of red snapper smuggled into the US
Queensland continues testing seafood from Gladstone Harbour in the wake of last month's oil spill
Hawaii and Ehime, home states of the USS Greeneville and Ehime Maru fishing vessel, are working to build ties after the fatal collision in 2001
Salvors build a jetty, hire a crane to remove containers from APL Panama, stranded off an Ensenada beach since Christmas
Indonesian authorities halt search for the bodies of 81 people reported missing and presumed dead after a ferry sank last month
DML, which runs Devonport Dockyard in Plymouth, may have to cut up to 900 jobs by 2008
South Korean shipbuilders ask Japan to reduce steel plate prices
Indian ship-breaking industry losing out to Bangladesh, Pakistan, China
Environmental experts warn of a looming disaster in Lake Victoria due to fast receding water levels
Oil spill at Semirara Island, Antique province, still needs to be cleaned up
New study links eating fish to having high mercury levels
UK fishermen who commit offences could choose to pay a fixed fine rather than go to court, under a new proposal
Bush administration proposes lifting a ban on oil and natural gas drilling off Virginia and Florida coasts
US Navy ships patrol the coast of Yemen in a multinational effort to recapture 23 escaped terrorists
Hong Kong-flagged cargo ship Okal King Dor, which got stuck in the Suez Canal on Wednesday, has been moved out of the way by tug boats
US Coast Guard's shift to a mainstay of homeland security is reflected in its budget request to Congress: $8.4 billion
The yacht Moquini which went missing with six crew in September has been found floating upside-down 500 nautical miles off the Wild Coast
Cargo vessel loaded with batteries sank on Wednesday after running aground in the Xijiang River in Southwest China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region
Russia launches project to create next- generation nuclear submarine
France will take back toxic waste removed from decommissioned Clemenceau if India allows the ship to be scrapped there
Thousands of escaped farm barramundi might damage the wild population off the Tiwi Islands, north of Darwin, Australia
Zebco fishing tackle company starts up Operation F.I.S.H. to help restore sportfishing species affected by hurricanes in the Gulf Coast
Chinese mitten crab could invade Scotland's rivers and threaten the country's salmon fisheries
BP Shipping signs charter agreements for two more of the ten Jones Act commercial product tankers being built at Aker Philadelphia Shipyard
Spending priorities in President Bush's proposed defense budget conflict with the military requirements outlined in plan drawn up by Pentagon officials
First Sea Lord Admiral Sir Alan West says the Royal Navy has been cut to shreds and no longer has enough ships to deal with a major crisis
US plans closer ties with African navies rather than increasing its presence along the west coast to protect oil fields
US Navy submits plan seeking more ships, but one less aircraft carrier
Following tradition when a new MSC Cruises vessel is built, two coins have been soldered on the inside of the keel of MSC Orchestra
Norway threatens to 'black list' Russian fishing companies it accuses of illegal fishing practices
It could take more than 50 years for Canada's Cheakamus River to recover from a toxic spill last summer
China is investigating 127 petrochemical plants after a series of accidents heightened concern over pollution of the country's waterways
Bush administration's 2007 budget cuts funding for oceans and fisheries issues, one week after the Joint Oceans Commission Initiative gave it a failing grade
Admiral Sir Jonathon Band is taking over as the new head of the UK's Royal Navy
Maritime lawyers see less work as advanced navigation technology and enforcement of safety standards are paying off
US trade panel voted Monday to consider revoking import duties on certain steel products from 16 countries around the world
Sea Launch set to send a television satellite into orbit from a floating launch pad
Florida scientists are studying microscopic algae to determine which have hitched rides in foreign ships' ballast tanks
Pakistani researchers urge the government to update marine laws, bring them in line with international conventions
Oil slick off the shore of Estonia could kill as many as 35,000 birds
Lawmaker wants Antique oil spill to be investigated; it may destroy the tourist destination of Boracay
Mastermind of the USS Cole bombing that killed 17 sailors in a Yemeni port in 2000 was among 23 people who escaped from a Yemen prison
City of Adelaide, built in 1864 and the oldest clipper ship in the world, may be scrapped
Lloyd's Market Association keeps the Malacca Straits as a war- risk area despite a significant drop in the number of pirate attacks there
INS Bangaram, a fast attack craft of the Indian Navy, will be commissioned on February 10
South Korean shipbuilders' 2005 exports rose 15% from last year
9,000 gallons of oil leak into New Jersey's Passaic River
North American ports report record traffic
South and North Korea to hold military talks on the level of generals for the first time in nearly two years, discussions will focus on preventing naval clashes
Three foreigners were arrested in Spain for allegedly removing sunken treasure illegally from underwater archaeological sites
Northrop Grumman unveils new modeling and simulation research center
Tug boats used high tides to refloat the Seabulk Pride, no sign of oil leaking from the tanker
Canadian fishing industry to conduct broad testing for mercury
Former Soviet President Gorbachev nominates crew of the nuclear submarine K-19 for a Nobel Peace Prize
European fisheries commissioner Joe Borg has ordered a review of the North Sea cod recovery plan
Tug boats prepare to pull oil tanker Seabulk Pride off a beach on the Kenai Peninsula
Whale damages boat and injures man in California
The Bush administration will ask Congress for $439.3 billion in defense spending for fiscal 2007, or about 4.8% more than last year
The Coast Guard likely would need more security manpower if a liquefied natural gas terminal is built on New York's Long Island Sound
Captain counts the cost of piracy
The overhaul of an aircraft carrier that Russia has already sold to India is on schedule
France will soon approve funds to secure and destroy Soviet-era radioactive materials
South Korean shipbuilders swept nearly 40% of global orders in 2005
A study of northern cod stocks off Newfoundland and Labrador concludes that the fish are dying off at a higher rate than normal
The near grounding of Cook Strait ferry Santa Regina could have been avoided if a helmsman had been at the steering wheel
US Pacific Fleet commander warns a maritime terrorist attack in the Malacca Strait could damage world economies
Big shortage predicted for skilled workers in British Columbia's marine industry in the next 10 years
US Navy awards submarine maintenance contract to Northrop Grumman shipyard in Newport News, dealing another blow to Electric Boat
HMS Daring is launched from the BAE Systems shipyard in Scotstoun, hailed as the UK's most powerful destroyer
Insufficient ice on the Northumberland Strait between Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island is forcing more grey seals to go inland to give birth
General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean adopts measures to boost sustainable fishing

January 2006
Despite record profits in 2005, Exxon Mobil still doesn't want to pay for damages from the Valdez oil spill
Scientists fear that the entire Great Barrier Reef may be at risk of destruction from global warming
Queensland residents say the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan dumped rubbish off the coast
62 Indian fishermen who allegedly strayed into Pakistan's waters are arrested
Ontario Ministry of Culture is limiting divers from visiting shipwrecks in Canadian waters with human remains
Israeli inventor develops 'artificial gills'
200 Electric Boat workers lose their jobs, the first of thousands of cuts expected this year
Chinese government donates an escort gunship to Sierra Leone for offshore surveillance and patrols
New England fisherman face more restrictions as regulators help struggling fish stocks recover
The Chinese government will continue its fishing ban along the Yangtze River to keep from depleting fish resources
Coda Octopus, Center for Ocean Technology demonstrate the Mobile Inspection Package featuring the world's first commercially available real time 3D sonar
Kenya may file charges against suspected Somali pirates who were arrested by the US Navy
French and New Zealand researchers hunt for climate clues and giant avalanches on the sea floor
General Dynamics Electric Boat receives $1.35 billion contract modification for Virginia-class submarine procurement
Worker killed in an accident at Sitakunda ship breaking yard
Schlumberger Technology Corporation to pay $11.8 million in compensation for PCB-damaged fishery and habitat
Queensland fishermen may provide more samples so authorities can test for contaminants from last week's oil spill in Gladstone Harbour
Asian Development Bank pledges $2 billion to treat water along the Songhua River, contaminated by a benzine spill
Salvage of the Sussex has become embroiled in a diplomatic dispute, up to $4 billion may be involved
Nature may be less able to recover after hurricanes due to human settlement
Kenyan soldiers are being trained by US and French naval forces to combat piracy
As the world fleet of coal and iron ore carriers grows faster than the demand for these commodities, shipping rates are predicted to fall
New Zealanders will be given a greater say on where marine protected areas should go
Global warming could become irreversible in decades
Microbial tracking can help to pinpoint elusive sources of coastal contamination
South African authorities have detained an anti-whaling vessel harassing Japanese ships in the Antarctic because it isn't seaworthy
Buried wreckage found in San Francisco belongs to the 19th century whaling ship Candace
Dubai Ports offers $7bn for P&O, trumping PSA bid
4,000 year-old ships found in Egypt, they carried cargo from the mysterious land of Punt
Australian researchers find that global sea levels could rise about a foot during this century if current trends continue
South Korea offers to sell Type 209 submarines to Indonesia, to be built by Daewoo Shipbuilding
Tasmanian shipbuilder Incat to build the two biggest catamarans in the company's history for a Japanese ferry company
Mittal Steel Co. makes hostile bid of $22.7 billion for Arcelor SA, the resulting company would control 10 percent of the world's steel
Appeal Court judges rule that Scots asbestos victims are not entitled to damages, although the case could still be appealed
Building Industry Association of Washington warns it will sue the federal government over a decision to list Puget Sound orcas as endangered
Arctic ocean ice - ivus - surges onto Alaskan shore in Barrow
A bidding war for UK ports and ferries group P&O broke out on Thursday as Gulf state-backed Dubai Ports World fights it out with Singapore's PSA International
Federal authorities will restrict air and river traffic during the Super Bowl
Pakistan arrests 37 Indian fishermen for alleged border violation
US Navy intensifies anti- submarine training due to increase in numbers of quiet diesel- electric subs around the world
A giant Pacific octopus that attacked a remotely operated submarine off north Vancouver Island could have been senile or maybe just peckish
British government buys the SS Nomadic at a Paris auction, it ferried passengers on to the Titanic
Shipowners spent 6.3% less on new vessels last year than in 2004
Bush administration wants to reduce salmon harvests and close some hatcheries that may harm wild stocks
Scientists find one of the smallest known fish on record in Sumatra, it can measure at little as 7.9mm long
China's recent launch of domestically built LNG carriers is a significant milestone for the country's shipbuilding industry
Charges are made in case in which seven stowaways were allegedly forced overboard a cargo vessel, resulting in two deaths
River Thames whale died of severe dehydration, some muscle damage and reduction in kidney function, likely not damage from sonar
Marine wave and tidal stream energy could provide up to 20% of the UK's current electricity needs
North Korea lags behind South Korea by 35 years in terms of industrial development, including shipbuilding
General Dynamics Electric Boat will lay off 169 members of the Marine Draftsmen's Association next week
Iran and the Netherlands discuss avenues for bilateral cooperation on fisheries
Treaty establishing maritime boundaries between New Zealand and Australia comes into force today
NASA calls 2005 the warmest year in a century
Clemenceau enters the Suez canal after a 10-day wait over fears its asbestos insulation posed an environmental hazard
Tugboat will remain on stand-by to prevent stricken ships from damaging the Great Barrier Reef
Indonesia to buy 12 submarines from Russia before 2024
Venezuela and Iran may set up a joint shipbuilding operation to build oil, LNG and other commercial vessels
Canadian navy investigators are looking into a small electrical fire aboard HMCS Fredericton
Moscow court rejects petition in fish committee bribery case
France commits to a RADARSAT-2 information solution from MDA for maritime surveillance
Jones Act makes New York City an unlikely new home for Rochester's fast ferry Spirit of Ontario
India's struggling shipbreakers fear doom for their industry if tighter environmental laws are introduced
Forensic expert investigates the disappearance of passenger George Smith from cruise ship Brilliance of the Seas
The UK faces legal action in the European Court of Justice if it fails to take tougher action to prevent dolphin deaths
Endangered North Atlantic right whale calf was found dead Sunday off Florida, the second such death reported this month
eBay has prohibited the sale of all endangered smalltooth sawfish parts and products on its platform
• TIME Europe Magazine asks, Are decommissioned ships an economic opportunity - or floating toxic waste?
US Senate argues over renewal of the 1976 Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act
Busan and Jinhae call a shaky truce on port rights, now that Busan New Port has opened; Jinhae wants more jurisdiction
UK's Ministry of Defence talks to girl who built a Lego robot designed to rescue stricken submarines
The first Iranian-made pipe laying barge dubbed PLB 130 started its test operation in the waters of the southern Iranian port of Bushehr
India's seafood export industry is still feeling the impact of the December 2004 tsunami
Beluga whale numbers remain flat or are possibly sinking in Alaska, despite conservation efforts
River Thames is getting cleaner, supporting more life
Hornbeck Offshore reports an undetermined amount of gas escaped from a tank barge in Connecticut
Taiwanese people are becoming more aware of the need to preserve the nation's ocean resources
Solway Harvester fishing trawler might have survived if its bilge alarm sensor had been working
RMS Titanic, Inc. enters into joint venture partnership to conduct research and recovery expeditions to the RMS Carpathia
Iran has released eight Iraqi coastguards detained on Saturday after a clash on the Shatt al-Arab waterway, which marks the Iran-Iraq border
The Chittagong Port Authority has undertaken steps to set up Container Security Initiative in Chittagong port
Many people in Alang are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the discarded and controversial French warship Clemenceau
Australia's new large amphibious ships and Air Warfare Destroyers will be named after Australian cities with close links with Navy heritage
Electric Boat president made a pitch to US Navy Secretary Donald C. Winter to send more submarine work to Connecticut
Mackerel fisheries are being closed to many of Scotland's trawlers while the Scottish Executive investigates overfishing
The Gulf of Mexico's offshore petroleum industry is still far from recovering after hurricanes Katrina and Rita
Taiwan releases pictures as proof that Beijing is preparing for the eventual use of force against the island
18-foot giant octopus tried to eat a remotely operated submarine off Vancouver Island
General Dynamics begins construction of a littoral combat ship, LCS 2, at Austal USA shipyards in Mobile, Alabama
Japan's whalers accuse Greenpeace of staging incident where a protester fell into the water after being tangled in a harpoon line
Giant jellyfish invade Japan
College student arrested in Spain for allegedly hacking into computers at the submarine base in San Diego did not get access to important military information
Gulf Energy Maritime signs contract with South Korea's Hyundai Mipo Dockyard for four double hulled tankers
World's largest cruise ship Queen Mary 2 returns to port due to a problem with one of its motors
The Philippine Navy ruled out sabotage as the cause of the fire on presidential yacht BRP Ang Pangulo
Manila scientist is growing fresh water tilapia in sea water
Oceanographer proposes to dig a canal on China's Shandong Peninsula to connect the Laizhou Gulf to the north with the Jiaozhou Gulf to the south
Nicaragua banned freshwater fishing of bull sharks and sawfish on Tuesday because of alarming population declines
Warming ocean currents are bringing sardines back to Monterey Bay after decades of decline
Plan to scrap decommissioned ship on the coast of Oregon stirs pollution worries
Undetermined amount of diesel oil leaked from the USS Kitty Hawk aircraft carrier in the port of Yokosuka, Japan
An Iraqi sailor was killed and 9 captured by an Iranian Navy vessel during a skirmish in the Gulf near the southern Iraqi city of Basra
Texas officials run a sweep on fishing boats to look for anyone polluting coastal waters with oil or waste
Nine Iraqi coastguards have been detained by Iran after a clash on the Shatt al-Arab waterway which marks the Iran-Iraq border
Vice-Admiral Drew Robertson assumes command of the Canadian Navy
National Iranian Tanker Company announced that a contract for building 6 tankers will be signed soon
Gladstone Harbour in central Queensland has been cleaned up after an oil spill earlier this week
Uniworld's new River Royale is the first river cruise ship to offer WiFi and internet access
2 endangered Northern right whales sighted off Texas coast, well outside their typical winter territory
Scientist finds a new type of waspfish, that had been misidentified 12 years ago
Strikes by dock workers against the directive proposed by the European Commission to liberalize port services has paralyzed several EU ports
The Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (Comesa) will establish its own shipping line to deal with the high cost of transportation
Foreign countries donate funds to remove shrimp boats stranded in Alabama by Hurricane Katrina, since FEMA won't pay
British submarine captain is cleared of bullying charges at a court martial hearing, still faces two charges
Shipping rates are predicted to fall for the second straight year, shipping owners could be in for a rough year
India's Supreme Court bars the Clemenceau from entering the country before February 13
21 dolphins have washed up on beaches in Cornwall, experts say they were killed by fishing nets
More evidence found that sea lice from fish farms are killing wild salmon
The Marcoast consortium wins a contract to investigate the use of satellite imagery to monitor and manage oil spills at sea
Provincial government of Antique gets ready to sue Napocor for damages incurred by the oil spill in Semirara island
Taiwan's arms procurement bill, including 8 diesel- electric submarines from the US, is not likely to be passed soon
New Zealand's anti- whaling reputation is marred because its largest seafood company is half- owned by a Japanese whaling company
New Zealander breeds whitebait in captivity, offers ideas of what to do with waste effluent from fish farms
Moscow and Kiev in lighthouse row
US Navy tries to bring sailors closer to combat and to assume duties from the fatigued Army and Marines
Virginia power company proposes LNG terminal at the former Sparrows Point shipyard in Maryland
Greenpeace denies that protesters are increasing whales' suffering in order to get 'bloody footage' for their PR campaign
China, Germany to build Asia's largest offshore wind turbines, will provide power to the 2008 Olympic Games
Map from 1418 could prove that China's Zheng He discovered America first, not Columbus
Russia awards Order of Honor to Japanese officer Kenji Kinoshita, who took part in last August's mini-submarine rescue operation
New Brunswick and Quebec crabbers sue Ottawa over management of snow crab fishery
Researcher says that Russian claims of high toxin levels in Norwegian farmed salmon may be correct
Japan says environmentalists won't stop hunt, but could reduce whale catch, and Greenpeace's interference could prolong whale deaths
Representatives of 14 countries including Japan, China, US, Indonesia and Malaysia urge tighter maritime security to prevent terrorism and piracy
Majority of Canadians support ban on high seas bottom trawling
Critically endangered North Atlantic right whale calf dies, a ship propeller is suspected
Ship's crew faces murder charges for throwing stowaways overboard
South Korean shipbuilders have lowered targets for 2006 orders due to slowing market conditions
New Chinese ferry is the first roll-roll ship in China to use a power engine, and uses the latest third- generation power engine system
Texas finds toxic pollution in 11 hot spots around the Houston Ship Channel
Dubai Drydocks announces shipyard expansion
Japan says it has a video that proves Greenpeace deliberately collided with its whaling ship
Japanese official says police may be asked to protect whalers from protest ships
Divers are beginning a search for the wreck of the French fishing trawler Sichem Pandora after it sank of the north coast of Alderney
Two children died of hunger and dehydration at sea after the boat they were on with 52 other Filipinos drifted for 15 days in Indonesian waters
Classified information, including a submarine development plan named SSX, was briefly posted on South Korea's new military web site
US federal worker will serve prison term for role in bribes between Norfolk Naval Shipyard workers and freight shipping companies
Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and Japan may cut 2007 southern bluefin tuna catch in half to prevent overfishing
Mozambique and Angola to strengthen cooperation in fishing sectors
EU fishermen may have to cut their catches of North Sea sole and plaice due to overfishing
About half of China's marine zones were deemed polluted last year, especially in coastal areas
The Petroleum Institute of East Africa has asked the Government to set up a unit to deal with oil spills
Professional Mariner magazine names Pasha Hawaii Transport's MV Jean Ann as its Ship of the Year
Liquefied natural gas market spawns a glut in ships built to carry the fuel
Sulfuric acid tanker sinks in the Yangtze River
The nearly 1,000-foot-long Hanjin Dallas is testing out the deepened shipping channels at the Port of Oakland
Ferry MV John Atlantic Burr will be split in four parts, then transported to British Columbia from the US
SADRA to build three logistics ships for use in the Caspian Sea
Holland America Line announces a pair of new 'Signature Class' cruise ships
Yukon River chinook salmon seem to be getting smaller
Cadmium levels in a section of the Xiangjiang River in China's Hunan Province are still above safety levels after a spill last week
Boating accidents and typhoons left 371 people dead or missing on China's seas in 2005
Seven Filipino seamen rescued after four days at sea
Dee Daffari hopes to become the first woman to sail solo the 'wrong' way around the world
Maltese ship still impounded in French harbor after trawler sinking
Maintaining the USS Constitution, built in 1797
Taiwan's diplomat denies a rift between Taiwan's foreign and defense ministries over the purchase of weapons from the US
ETA-Ascon, a Dubai-based diversified business conglomerate, is planning to enter shipbuilding
After surviving for millions of years, the coelacanth is threatened by commercial fishing fleets
Captain of the Royal Navy nuclear submarine HMS Talent has been charged with bullying crew members while on a secret mission
Shanghai is now the world's largest cargo port, with processed cargo topping 443 million tons in 2005
Greenpeace activists say they have no intention of boarding Japanese whaling vessels
Smuggling and fraud hamper attempts to regulate caviar trade
Indian Navy commissions squadron of unmanned aerial vehicles as maritime spy planes
Protest against UK's Trident nuclear submarines has left taxpayers with a bill for more than £11,000
India's Supreme Court puts a temporary block on the French warship Clemenceau from entering Indian waters
China's growth could be fatal for the planet's environment
Dolphins displaced by hurricane Katrina are moving to the Bahamas
A ton of crude oil spilled into the Caspian Sea after a loading accident
Irish teen reported missing from the cruise ship Costa Magica off Mexico's Yucatan peninsula
Japan may install an ocean thermal energy conversion system at a Pacific atoll that is the site of a territorial dispute with China
Scottish-based subsea team who helped save seven Russians trapped in a mini- submersible last year describe the rescue
Salvage crew attempts to free a Honduran cargo vessel stranded in mud by Hurricane Katrina
Norway's Golar LNG awards Singapore's Keppel Shipyard a contract to convert an LNG carrier into an LNG FSRU
Negligent, inexperienced boaters are damaging fragile seagrass in the shallow Florida Bay
The Topex/Poseiden ocean satellite ends its 13-year mission
LNG project proposed for northeast Nova Scotia faces federal review over environmental impact
US sailor possible suspect in Japan murder case
French warship Clemenceau will face strict scrutiny when it arrives in Gujarat
Port of Montreal expects record cargo in 2006
India's prime minister clears the way for China's Hutchison Whampoa Ltd. to invest in Mumbai Port
Lockheed Martin to work with Spanish industry on new S-80 submarine combat system
South Korea is pushing to develop three 3,500-ton class submarines by 2022 as part of a long-term plan to enhance its naval operation capability
Sembawang Shipyard wins Pemex's first FPSO conversion
NCL names two ships under construction at the Meyer Werft shipyard in Bremerhaven, Germany: Norwegian Pearl and Norwegian Gem
Canadian biologists hope that computerized mapping will reveal how climate change has affected North Atlantic marine species
Overfishing sardines may force small seabirds into decline
Ronald Reagan, America's newest aircraft carrier, goes on its first overseas deployment
Damage from the Prestige oil spill is affecting Spain's octopus fishery now, as it takes 2 years for the creatures to grow big enough to eat
Five crew members have been rescued from their stricken yacht in wild seas off New South Wales
Pakistan's submarines are fully capable of deterring aggression
PPL Shipyard to build new jackup for Aban Loyd Chiles
A dozen Greenpeace activists were detained by police after protesting the Clemenceau transfer at the French Embassy in India
The number of Indonesian boats caught fishing illegally in Australian waters has more than doubled in a year
Tanker and freighter collide in Japan's Inland Sea, no injuries
International caviar trade banned
EU urged to set minimum criminal penalties, since nations are setting different sanctions for the same offense
Wildlife officials shot 41 pilot whales beached on New Zealand's South Island when heavy seas prevented rescue
Volvo race yachts head for Australia
Australia's Antarctic flagship Aurora Australis is on a research voyage to try to determine the sound made by Minke whales
Tasmania's four ports have merged into TasPorts
Heavy seas delay towing the asbestos-insulated Clemenceau to India
China drives new-build orders
India's national maritime policy still hasn't been finalized
Fights and red tape almost stopped the Priz mini- submarine rescue
Green MSPs have renewed calls for the public to oppose the transfer of crude oil from ship to ship in the Firth of Forth

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