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December 2007
For the first time in Hawaii's maritime history, three female bridge officers were at the helm of the 800-foot container ship Horizon Navigator that arrived at Honolulu Harbor from Los Angeles on Wednesday
A joint committee has been set up by management of the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) and the Nigerian Navy to combat piracy and robbery on the country's territorial waters
The small cruise ship Empress of the North that ran aground last spring did so under the watch of a 22-year-old navigator fresh out of a maritime academy with no formal knowledge of Alaska waters
Russia will put its strategic nuclear submarine Yury Dolgoruky, fitted with the new Bulava missile system, in service in 2008
Japan has launched a probe into the recent seizure of four Japanese trawlers by Russian customs officers
As the Cosco Busan left the San Francisco Bay on Thursday, tests revealed that it had left behind traces of spilled fuel in shoreline fish-breeding habitats; the herring fishery could be in trouble
European Union competition regulators have opened an investigation into the acquisition by South Korea's STX Shipbuilding of a controlling stake in Norway's Aker Yards
The Murmansk Shipping Company will sign contracts to build 12 ice-class bulker ships at Chinese shipyards, as a cost- saving measure
Russia could ban Japanese vessels from fishing near the South Kuril islands if the Southeast Asian country continues to violate fishing rules
The Maltese-flagged tanker ISI Olive ran aground in the Suez Canal early Thursday, halting traffic in the major waterway for six hours until it was towed away
The probe into potential sub-standard welding practices on Virginia- class submarines at Northrop Grumman's Newport News shipyard has been expanded to include aircraft carriers and other submarines
The captain of a Japanese vessel detained last week for illegally entering Russian territorial waters will be returned to Japan due to health problems
An expert claims that the torn hose that caused the major oil spill at the Statfjord A platform was developed to be used above, and not under, water
Exxon Mobil filed a brief Monday in a case before the US Supreme Court seeking reduced damages in the Exxon Valdez case
The New Zealand-built boat Earthrace that runs on biodiesel, and the fat of the captain, will attempt to break the world speed record for circumnavigating the globe in a motorboat next year
US joins Australia in pushing Japan to stop hunting humpback whales
The bow of a tanker that broke up and sank in the Kerch Strait on November 11 will be raised no earlier than next spring
Cleanup costs for last month's oil spill in San Francisco Bay are on track to exceed the $61 million federal limit on insurance liability
A humpback whale in the Bay of Fundy is swimming free after it was disentangled from fishing gear in a daring, high seas rescue
Rescue teams looking for 19 people missing after a ship collision on Saturday were called back on Tuesday afternoon after a fruitless three-day search in the East China Sea
The bulk carrier Grain Harvester has run aground in the central Queensland port area Gladstone Harbour, becoming the second vessel to get stuck there this month
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries' Nagasaki yard will build four of the world's largest roll-on roll-off carriers for Wilh. Wilhelmsen ASA and Wallenius Lines
Japan has increased the Russian quota for capturing hake in its 200-mile zone by 16% in 2008
Global warming is making the oceans more acidic, and some scientists fear the change may be irreversible
South Korea will survey the country's west coast to assess the environmental impact of the recent oil spill in a bid to establish a long-term recovery plan for the affected area
StatoilHydro says Norway's biggest oil spill in 30 years appears to have dispersed
The Italian owners of container ship MV Jolly Turchese on Tuesday denied reports that it had been attacked by pirates off Somalia
The K-114 (Delta IV class) Tula submarine from Russia's Northern Fleet successfully test-launched a ballistic missile from the Barents Sea in the Arctic on Monday
Japan and South Korea have agreed on fishing quotas in each other's exclusive economic zone next year, limiting each other's quotas, and reducing the number of boats
New Carissa salvager wants to close public access on part of the spit for safety reasons
South Korea's worst oil spill is threatening to enter a bay that is an important winter rest stop for migratory birds
The deployment of booms to help collect the oil spill in the North Sea off Norway has been called off because the slick is too thin for recovery to the collection vessels
The Ocean Breeze, a super yacht built for former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, is for sale
Thousands of Pacific walruses above the Arctic Circle were killed in stampedes earlier this year after the disappearance of sea ice caused them to crowd onto the shoreline in extraordinary numbers
The Hong Kong-based owner of Cosco Busan, which spilled oil in San Francisco Bay, has paid the federal government nearly $80 million as bail of sorts while US officials seek a civil judgment
Oil that spilled from a punctured supertanker off the South Korean coast has drifted in the form of tar to a distant island, as tens of thousands of people continued massive clean-up operations Saturday with the help of US specialists
Three British polar explorers have postponed for a year a trip to the North Pole they were due to make in early 2008 to try to establish when Arctic summer sea ice will vanish because of global warming
Two Somali pirates accused of hijacking a Japanese tanker have been arrested in northeastern Somalia, but up to a dozen more are still on the run
The International Court of Justice affirmed Thursday that three Caribbean islands in a disputed archipelago belong to Colombia, and said it would rule on a disagreement between Colombia and Nicaragua over other islands in the chain and the two countries' maritime border
Weather hampers South Korean oil spill cleanup, and crews are running out of absorbents
Norway oil spill stirs the debate about the risks of opening up new areas of Norwegian waters for oil and gas exploration
Carnival Corp. has ordered two 2,174- passenger cruise ships for its AIDA Cruises brand, which sails in the growing European market and caters to German speakers
The Virginia-class submarine North Carolina launched from Northrop Grumman Newport News early Wednesday for its first set of sea trials
Australia's new government may send a navy ship to Antarctica to track Japan's whaling fleet and gather evidence to mount a legal challenge
Russia will launch a crackdown on illegal exports of crab and other bio-resources to Pacific Rim countries in 2008
The survival of the world's coral reefs will be seriously threatened by 2050 if atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide and the acidity of ocean waters continue to rise at the present rate
The Hong Kong-registered tanker Hebei Spirit involved in Korea's largest-ever oil spill did not take enough precautions to avoid the collision with a crane- carrying barge on Friday, local police said
ExxonMobil plans to seek regulatory approval for a floating liquefied natural gas (LNG) receiving terminal off New Jersey and New York
US scientists now say Arctic waters could be ice-free in summers as early as 2013
Light forms rogue waves, which may help study rogue waves of water
A US proposal to open the Gulf of Mexico to offshore fish farming was blasted by fishing and environmental interests, worried about such things as disease, pollution and the potential toll on fishing operations
Construction of 'Project Genesis,' destined to be the world's biggest cruise liner at 1,180 feet, has started at the Aker Yards shipyard in Turku, Finland
Petrobras signs contract for Atlantico Sul Shipyard, in Suape, to build the hull for platform P-55
No oil pollution has resulted from a collision between the oil carrier Samco Europe and a container ship in the Gulf of Aden December 10
South Korea's government is accused of a slow response to the oil spill, as it declares a long stretch of the country's western coastline a disaster area
Canada's new satellite will monitor the country's environment, and keep an eye on Canada's territorial claims in the high Arctic
The two Koreas will hold high-level military talks this week to discuss a joint fishing zone and other projects aimed at improving ties between the countries
TUI AG and Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. will launch a new joint venture serving the German cruise market
US government to encourage offshore fish farming in the Gulf of Mexico
The Duchess of Cornwall has named Cunard's new luxury liner Queen Victoria, but the champagne bottle didn't break - considered by some to be a sign of bad luck
Russia's new fishing policy aimed at fighting illegal crab catches in Russian waters could seriously damage the economy of Japan's city of Wakkanai
Northrop Grumman Newport News expects to deliver the US Navy's newest attack submarine North Carolina only slightly over budget, and only about a month late
Asian utilities led by Korea Gas Corp, the world's biggest liquefied natural gas buyer, are expanding import terminals to receive the world's biggest tankers and meet soaring demand for the fuel
The Petaluma pilot involved in the recent San Francisco Bay oil spill has been asked to surrender his federal Merchant Marine officer's license
Colombian drug smugglers sank a submarine off the country's Pacific coast this week that had been filled with tons of cocaine destined for the US
The US Coast Guard's first national security cutter, Bertholf, has successfully completed three days of sea trials
Salvage crews have refloated the bulk carrier Endeavour River, which has been stuck in mud in Gladstone Harbour for more than five days
General Dynamics Electric Boat, known for building nuclear-powered submarines for the US Navy, may start working with nuclear power companies, and, The company is redesigning Virginia-class submarines that could increase their payload and save the Navy as much as $800 million
The latest addition to Cunard's fleet, built at the Fincantieri shipyard near Venice, will be officially named by the Duchess of Cornwall on Monday; the Queen Victoria arrived in Southampton on Thursday
Queensland authorities are investigating the suspected discovery of the invasive marine pest Asian green mussel in a shipyard in Cairns in the state's far north
Hanjin Heavy Industries and Construction has completed the first phase of its shipyard construction project in Subic, the Philippines
Russia will start the first major navy sortie into the Mediterranean since Soviet times, the latest move by an increasingly assertive Moscow to demonstrate its military might
Russia and the US are set to sign a new fishing agreement for northern areas of the Bering Sea
An anti-whaling ship has been named after the late Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin as it sets off to intercept Japanese whalers in the Southern Ocean
Poland's Gdansk shipyards are seen as a monument to history by some, an outdated symbol of the past by others
Officials will meet to decide on an action plan to refloat the bulk carrier Endeavour River, which is stuck in the mud at Gladstone Harbour
Environmental and Native Alaskan groups asked a federal appeals court to block Royal Dutch Shell PLC's plans for exploratory drilling in the Beaufort Sea near the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
Dedicated history buffs want to turn the decommissioned aircraft carrier USS John F. Kennedy into a museum
Mexico's Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex) has begun dismantling a damaged oil rig in the Bay of Campeche off Mexico as heat from near-constant fires has destabilized the structure
Five fishermen from Tamil Nadu were allegedly beaten up and taken into custody by the Sri Lankan Navy for allegedly entering its territorial waters
A new law governing small vessels, and intended to avoid a repeat of the Al Dana dhow disaster, was approved by the Shura Council
An Indian-built nuclear- powered submarine will be ready for sea trials in two years
Russia will present its new-generation Amur-1650 class submarine at an international maritime exhibition in Malaysia
A new college in the Republic of Congo will promote fish farming
With Japan's whaling fleet once again on its way for its annual hunt, officials are concerned about another showdown - and the anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd has vowed stop them
The Olive Ridley turtle is facing a threat from planned development on India's east coast: the country wants to put ports on either side of their main nesting site
India plans to buy six more submarines, in addition to the six being built under the Scorpene project
The US government sued the pilot and owners of the container ship Cosco Busan for breaking environmental laws when the ship struck a bridge support in San Francisco Bay, spilling oil; and, California has suspended John Cota's license pending investigation - he was the pilot in charge of navigation on the container ship Cosco Busan
Iraqis defy death threats to rebuild their navy and defend the country's waterways and oil terminals
China's maritime rescue vessels have saved 986 fishermen stranded by Typhoon Hagibis in waters off the Nansha and Xisha islands
Concordia Maritime's product tanker Stena Perros, a P-MAX tanker, is named at Brodosplit Shipyard in Croatia
Coalition off Somalia's coast hopes to secure sea lanes, and find a pirate's 'mother ship'
Japan wants to reach an accord with China over exploring lucrative gas fields in the East China Sea by the beginning of 2008
India's Navy plans to deploy two carrier battle groups in the next 5-7 years to protect power and act as a stabilizing influence in the Indian Ocean region and beyond

November 2007
WorkBoat magazine recognized ten 'significant' boats of the year, including an ample number of offshore support vessels, at the 2007 International Work Boat show in New Orleans
Runoff from streets, roofs and even forests is the largest source of most of the worst pollutants plaguing Washington State's Puget Sound
The IMO Assembly has unanimously confirmed to extend the appointment of Secretary-General Efthimios E. Mitropoulos for a further term of four years
Two ships formerly of the James River Reserve Fleet are headed to Bay Bridge Enterprises - they were to be scrapped by North American Ship Recycling but the company went out of business
Cunard has taken delivery of the new Queen Victoria at a ceremony at the Fincantieri Marghera shipyard in Venice
Norwegian-controlled Aker American Shipping ASA has signed a deal with its Philadelphia shipyard unit to build up to 13 tankers
China has resumed its exports of grilled eels to Japan after a four-month suspension, due to reports saying that banned substances have been found in the products
Mexico's state oil company Pemex says it could take months to fix an oil platform leak that's spilled thousands of barrels of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico
Fuel cell maker UTC Power has signed a contract with Spanish shipbuilder Navantia S.A to supply a fuel cell to power a Spanish Navy submarine
A cleanup experiment will mix carbons into contaminated mud to target PCBs from the shipyard in San Francisco's Hunters Point that seeped into the bay and settled in the sediment
EU Fisheries Commissioner Joe Borg warns that most fish stocks remain overfished and there must be further efforts to achieve progress towards sustainable fisheries
Container ship Cosco Busan that rammed the San Francisco- Oakland Bay Bridge and spilled 58,000 gallons of oil has been moved to a pier near AT&T Park for temporary repairs
The Great Lakes face threats from global warming and the increased water demand prompted by it
Lebanese police said Monday the Israeli Coast Guard opened fire on three Lebanese fishing boats close to the two countries' maritime border, all six crew escaped unhurt
The USS Connecticut is the first Seawolf class nuclear- powered attack submarine to visit South Korea, it's there for maintenance and replenishing
BAE Systems shipyard on the Clyde launches the Royal Navy's Type 45 destroyer HMS Diamond
Malaysia may scrap its subsidized diesel plan for fishermen in favor of a scheme based on productivity
Five Indonesian fishing boats were seized and destroyed after they were caught fishing illegally in Australian waters
Japanese company Asian Lunch will start offering curry made from whale meat in its takeaway business lunches
Lord Robertson, the former NATO secretary-general, has called for a £15 billion increase in UK defense spending
Passenger from the sunken Explorer says the cruise ship was hit by two icebergs
Aker American Shipping will be split into a shipowning company and a shipyard
Iran hopes to resolve a decades- old dispute with neighboring Kuwait over their maritime border before the end of the year
India's Navy wants to acquire the knowledge to build super tankers and warships, including aircraft carriers
Malaysia is studying Italian fishery technologies to boost its own industry
Cochin Port is all set to become India's first e-port, installing a totally integrated computer-driven operations system
The pro-whalers in the Japanese government defend their country's whaling tradition
China and the International Maritime Organization (IMO) have signed a memorandum on IMO technical cooperation to enhance the cooperative ties in the maritime field between the two sides
Rescuers have retrieved five dead bodies and are continuing to search for three people missing following a fatal ship collision in south China's Guangdong Province between a ferry and a ship carrying sand
Scientists say overfishing has not only harmed fish stocks, but also changed the species' evolutionary course
Cruise ship MS Nordkapp owned by Norwegian Hurtigruten Group with 370 people on board briefly ran aground near Deception Island in Antarctica on Tuesday, it was quickly refloated
Sea anemones normally anchor themselves to the sea floor, but new species found in the waters surrounding the Aleutian Islands near Alaska swim and walk across the sea floor
The Russian transportation ministry says the operation to clear up the oil spill from the coastline of the Kerch Strait between the Black and Azov seas will be completed in four days
The US Coast Guard is looking for the source of the oil spill that washed up on three miles of shoreline from Long Beach and Atlantic Beach; clean up continues
A Philippine fishing boat capsized in the South China Sea, leaving 25 sailors missing; 30 were rescued
Seven people have been rescued from a cargo ship that capsized off east China's Shandong Province early on Wednesday
Fishermen who say their livelihoods have been devastated have filed at least two lawsuits against the owners and operators of the container ship Cosco Busan, that spilled heavy bunker fuel into San Francisco Bay
Yet another report says fish migration helps prevent the transmission of parasites, and suggests farmed fish are more vulnerable to sea lice
Washington state's oldest ferries will be tied up indefinitely, while they are inspected for cracks and leaks in their 80-year- old hulls
More than 250 dolphins were beached and died late last week on Boa Vista, one of the islands of the Cape Verde archipelago
The LNG ship SUEZ Matthew has become the first liquefied natural gas (LNG) vessel in recent history calling on United States ports to begin using US mariners onboard
Marine police seized 320 endangered snakes and six snapping turtles in a crackdown on illegal trafficking between the mainland and Hong Kong
The third product tanker built by Aker Philadelphia Shipyard has been delivered, marking the first time in the yard’s history that three vessels were delivered in the same year
Ships operating in the North Sea must demonstrate compliance with stringent new exhaust emission standards starting November 22 - North Sea SOx Emission Control Area (SECA)
The Government of Greece will donate $1 million to support projects aimed at enhancing the safety, security and environmental protection of the shipping route through the Straits of Malacca and Singapore
A University of Miami research ship ran aground on a coral reef last month but never reported the damage, the school now faces potentially heavy penalties and costs
A Russian frigate will join the search for Russian cargo vessel Kamyust-1; it has been missing in the Caspian Sea since Saturday morning
The city and survivors of the fatal October 2003 Staten Island ferry crash are battling over how to handle disturbingly graphic crime photographs taken immediately after the wreck, which took 11 lives
Colombian marines seized one of the largest makeshift submarines ever found in a rural area in south Narino province, probably used for smuggling cocaine
The first major congressional hearing into the 'chain of errors' in the San Francisco Bay oil spill begins Monday, the questions will likely target the Coast Guard and the operators of the ship
China's largest rescue ship, the Nanhaijiu 101, was added to Guangzhou's service on Sunday; the country wants two more ships of this size
Australia, New Zealand appeal to Japan to halt whaling fleet hunting protected humpbacks
A submarine under construction at the Admiralty Shipyards in St. Petersburg caught fire on Sunday, but no one was hurt in the incident
The vessel Kastor-1, loaded with timber, sank in the Sea of Japan; the 36 Russian crew members boarded life rafts and are safe
See photographs and a description of Cunard's new luxury liner MV Queen Victoria
The Coastal Renaissance, the newest vessel in B.C. Ferries' fleet, passed through the Panama Canal yesterday on its way to B.C.
A wooden sailing ship from the 17th century has been discovered almost intact in the Baltic Sea
Russian authorities estimate the damage from the fuel oil spill in the Black Sea could be $12 billion
Russian environmental officials have asked a team from IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare) to assess the impact to wildlife following the oil spill near the Black Sea
The US Navy says that sea power is crucial today, and points to piracy, human trafficking, drugs and weapons of mass destruction
Spanish engineering and consultancy company Sener will design a new Viking Line RO-PAX ferry, to be built at the Sevilla Shipyard
Researchers get International Smart Gear prize for designing a net that catches haddock without harming cod and flounder
The World Trade Organization ruled Friday that the European Union broke international trade laws in how it applied surcharges on imports of Norwegian salmon
Scientists call for immediate, aggressive programs to slash greenhouse emissions and prepare for the inevitable changes from global warming
Survivors of Somali pirate attack describe their seven- month ordeal
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that fishermen should stay away from Somali waters following the arrival of a Taiwanese vessel in Kenya on Wednesday after it was held by Somali pirates for 5 1/2 months
A Malaysian minister has rejected US help in fighting piracy in the Malacca Straits, saying it was not necessary since attacks have decreased significantly in the area
Malaysia hopes to set up a dedicated Admiralty Court of international standing
North, South Korea discuss freight train service across their border, building two shipyards in the North, and providing medical assistance, among other things
It's been more than a decade since Florida voters adopted a ban on fishing nets in coastal waters, but poachers are still breaking the law
The oil spilled from the sunken Volgoneft-139 tanker in the Kerch Strait could reach the Azov Sea in a day
The International Maritime Organization wants to accelerate its work program on greenhouse gas emissions from ships
Parties to the international treaties which regulate the dumping of wastes and other matter at sea say that planned operations for large- scale fertilization of the oceans using micro- nutrients to sequester carbon dioxide are currently not justified
The US Coast Guard has published photos and video of the Cocso Busan oil spill, and response efforts
A Swedish hacker infiltrated a global communications network used by embassies all over the world, using tools freely available on the internet that were created by the US Navy
The icebreaker Shirase left the pier in Tokyo for Japan's 49th Antarctic expedition, the icebreaker's 25th and last mission before its planned decommissioned following its return to Japan next spring
One of two missing DPRK sailors was confirmed dead Wednesday after his body was found by a local fisherman in the sea near Weihai City in East China's Shandong Province
The Taiwanese fishing vessel Ching Fong Hwa 168, that was freed by Somali pirates last week, arrived Wednesday in the Kenyan port of Mombasa for repairs
General Dynamics NASSCO has delivered USNS Richard E. Byrd (T-AKE 4) to the US Navy; it is the third T-AKE-class ship delivered in 2007, the fourth overall
Global warming and overfishing may yet defeat the Atlantic cod, a fish that so far has managed to survive even an ice age 21,000 years ago
DNV is releasing a new revision of the DNV Submarine Pipeline Standard - DNV OS F101; this standard is now ISO harmonized
US launches the African Partnership Station program, maintaining a constant naval presence in the Gulf of Guinea to provide training and humanitarian aid
An Indian fisherman was shot at and injured by Sri Lankan naval personnel between Kachativu and Talaimannar
California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has suspended all fishing for human consumption in the San Francisco Bay until at least December 1, in response to last week's oil spill
The head of the Royal Navy gave warning yesterday that the fleet would lose its flexibility if the Government cut back too far on warships and manpower
Japan's Foreign Minister Masahiko Komura will focus on the development of gas fields in the East China Sea at an upcoming meeting with his Chinese counterpart Yang Jiechi in Beijing
Countries gathered under an international accord on maritime pollution have warned against offbeat experiments to tackle climate change by sowing the sea with chemicals to help soak up airborne carbon dioxide
Reconciliation talks this week between the two Koreas' prime ministers will focus on establishing a new joint economic zone and other measures agreed upon at a leaders' summit last month
The US Navy has awarded General Dynamics Corp and Northrop Grumman Corp contracts to continue work on the DDG-1000 Zumwalt class of destroyers
More offshore patrol vessels (OPVs) will be built for the Royal Malaysian Navy after they have taken delivery of the initial six craft by 2009
Japanese whalers have refused to say if they will target white humpback whales such as Migaloo, which annually travels along the east coast of Australia, in their research hunt this summer
Sonoma County is the latest 'prospector' to claim a large stretch of coastal seawater to study wave energy on the West Coast of the US
The Kab 101 platform is still leaking, after being hit by the jackup Usumacinta on October 23
The recently formed UAE Ship Owners Association gave public support to a move to make it more attractive for shipowners to fly the United Arab Emirates flag on their vessels
US Senate also approves a defense spending bill that would increase submarine production to two boats a year; the bill now goes before President Bush for approval
Six workers were injured by an explosion on the US Navy cruiser USS Lake Champlain when an explosion occurred during routine maintenance
US Navy faces battle of the bulge in shipbuilding costs
Twenty Indonesian sailors were rescued by a Chinese fishing vessel after their ship fully loaded with wood sank off east China
An Indonesian navy ship has intercepted a Taiwanese fishing boat and found four Taiwanese crew members missing and feared dead; the remaining crew are being questioned
What appears to be a well-preserved anchor, possibly from one of the grand CP Steamships, has been discovered in Port McNicoll, Canada
DNA evidence finds ingredients for salad dressing in the remains of a 2,400-year- old shipwreck that lies 230 feet deep off the coast of the Greek island of Chios
Canada's Defence Minister denied reports that the country is considering canceling its troubled submarine fleet
European Union efforts to crack down on illegal fishing mean that major fish processing countries such as China must strengthen certification to prove the sources of their products are legally caught
Norwegian Cruise Line said about a sixth of the 2,500 passengers on the Pride Of Hawaii cruise ship fell ill with the Norwalk virus
The most visible remains of an oil spill in the St. Johns River might remain for a year, since cleaning the grasses now could cause harmful erosion on the shore
The fates of six ships from the James River Reserve Fleet are in limbo after Maryland salvage yard North American Ship Recycling Inc. that was supposed to scrap the vessels abruptly closed and its owners disappeared
North Korea thanked the United States Thursday for helping one of its ships repel pirates, a rare expression of gratitude that was the latest sign of improving relations as the North scales back its nuclear weapons program
Barbara West Dainton, one of the last two known survivors of the sinking of the Titanic, has died at age 96 in England
The discovery of a dilapidated 20-foot pleasure boat on a California beach is the latest instance of a suspected human- smuggling boat turning up abandoned along the country's coastline
US joins Britain, France and Spain in a campaign to boost security off the coasts of central and western Africa
Japan and the US conducted their first joint safety drill at the naval base in Yokosuka, to deal with possible nuclear accidents ahead of the deployment in next August of a US Navy nuclear- powered aircraft carrier there
US House approves a defense spending bill that would increase Virginia- class submarine production to two ships a year; the bill now goes to the Senate
The US Dept. of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration is holding an open meeting of the Maritime Advisory Committee for Occupational Safety and Health (MACOSH) on Nov. 27 - 28, 2007
A pilot program to conserve North Sea cod stocks is being extended in Scotland due to initial success; skippers are given extra days at sea if cod forms less than 5% of their catch
The US Minerals Management Service (MMS) conducted its 250th drill to test oil spill response as part of the Unannounced Drill Program on October 16
Overseas Shipholding Group, Inc. announces the pricing of the initial public offering of OSG America LP
A container ship struck a tower of San Francisco's Bay Bridge on Wednesday, the bridge remained open but the collision caused something to leak from the ship
Port workers, longshoremen, truckers and others at the Port of Oakland become the first in the region to enroll in the US Department of Homeland Security's Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) program
Nine patrol boats bought from China arrived in Cambodia Wednesday to help the country combat smuggling and other seagoing crimes
Norwegian-based Davie Yards ASA is set to offer Canada's first issue of Canadian Depository Receipts (CDRs) as part of an initial public offering and a second offering
The Shanghai International Maritime Forum has begun, highlighting China's commitment to clean water and the marine environment
The Environmental Protection Administration and representatives of the Samho and the TS Hong Kong, involved in a collision in 2005, have reached a settlement
Endangered humpback and fin whales swam hundreds of miles north of their usual habitat this summer in what environmentalists say is another sign of the effects of global warming and the shifting Arctic ecosystem
• Report available: Coast Guard Deepwater Program: Background, Oversight Issues, and Options for Congress, updated by the Congressional Research Service on October 10, 2007 (PDF file)
Dry bulk shipping company Sinotrans Shipping Ltd may launch an initial public offering
Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group will double its overseas banking staff that works on financing for ship construction, as Japan's biggest arranger of such deals tries to take advantage of surging demand for vessels
Work is set to start on cutting up the remains of the stern of the cargo ship MSC Napoli, stranded off the east Devon coast
DNV and COSCO Shipyard Group have signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement to enhance competence on commercial ship repair, conversion, new building and offshore Classification
The Kerala, India, government is planning to develop shipbuilding and repair yards at various strategic locations along the coast
Thousands of bananas washed up on two Dutch North Sea islands on Wednesday after at least six containers fell off a cargo ship in a storm and at least one burst open
Hawaii rules that the Hawaii Superferry can sail from Oahu to Maui and Kauai while the state conducts an environmental review of the ship; there are some conditions
Pirates have freed a Taiwanese vessel and its crew, kidnapped almost six months ago off the coast of Somalia
US Maritime Administration has given the state of New Jersey the authority to approve the deepwater port license application for the Safe Harbor LNG project, since it would be only 19 miles offshore
Archeologists are racing to save the 147-year- old wooden sailing ship The City of Ottawa
The waters around Hong Kong contain such high levels of bacteria that a proposed water scene in the new 'Batman' movie has been canceled to keep the actor from possible disease
Scotland's fishing fleet is said to be leading Europe in terms of introducing more sustainable fishing practices
• Report China Naval Modernization: Implications for U.S. Navy Capabilities - Background and Issues for Congress, by the US Congressional Research Service, is available (updated October 18, 2007, PDF file)
Dubai port operator DP World on Sunday launched an initial public offering for 17 percent of its shares in one of the biggest ever flotations in the Gulf region
Costa Crociere, the the Italian subsidiary of Carnival Corporation, has announced an order for two new ships from Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri to be delivered in 2011 and 2012
A Scottish fishing boat is heading for Morocco to catch sardines and mackerel because the quotas for Scottish waters have run out
The environmental impact on the coastline caused by waterfront developments, port projects and water transport alternatives to beat the traffic in Dubai will be assessed during an international conference next year
A progressive ban on older container trucks entering the Port of Los Angeles was approved by the harbor commission to help reduce pollution, Long Beach is expected to follow suit
Unlicensed fishermen have been warned to stay away from the Solway Firth for the opening of the new cockle season
North, South Korea may establish a 'peace and cooperation zone' in the area that is now the de-facto sea border in the West Sea
The Port of Hampton Roads, the seventh largest container port in the US, contemplates ways to keep air pollution under control
Austal's US staff may be hit by the Navy's decision to cancel the second LCS ship being built by the General Dynamics team
India ranks second only to Japan in inland sector fish production
The US Navy in Bahrain will hold several exercises in the Gulf this month to demonstrate its range of capabilities including humanitarian assistance and disaster relief assistance
European environmentalists are calling on Japan, which is the biggest consumer of Mediterranean bluefin tuna, to support a drastic reduction in annual catches in order to preserve the long-term future of the fish
The ninth global meeting of the Regional Seas Conventions and Action Plans (RSCAP) has set out the program for the protection of the marine environment and coastal regions of member states for the next four years
Dubai government- controlled DP World has bought a 90% stake in the Egyptian Container Handling Company (ECHCO)
The Philippine government is expecting a ransom demand from the hijackers of the Japanese tanker Golden Nori, 23 crew members are being held hostage
The Norwegian government pledged on Thursday to aid Lebanon in its second cleaning of a massive oil spill that occurred after an Israeli attack on a power plant during the summer 2006 war
Mexico's Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex) has been warned it may no longer be allowed to operate in the state of Veracruz following criticism for its poor response to recent accidents and oil spills

October 2007
The 23 crew members of a Japanese-owned ship hijacked off Somalia are safe, a Philippine official said
Naval architect suggests Washington state replace the hulls of its aging Steel Electric- class ferries, as it would be cheaper and quicker than getting new ships
South Africa's environment ministry has postponed a ban on fishing dwindling abalone stocks in an attempt to lessen the impact on people who could lose their jobs
Oil refineries in Washington state must now put booms around tankers before oil is transferred
A fishing boat which featured in the BBC series Trawlermen has become the first to successfully take part in a pilot scheme to protect cod stocks
Aker American Shipping will continue the process of splitting the company into two corporations: a ship- owning company and a shipyard
Russia will file a claim to the gigantic mineral wealth of the Arctic seabed with the United Nations by the end of the year
Development and erosion along the shores of Lake Superior could be the greatest threat to the lake
A ship from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea capsized near East China's Shandong Province on Sunday afternoon; 21 of the 23 crew members were rescued
CCS-DNV Technology Institute has been opened in Shanghai; the institute is a joint venture between China Classification Society and Det Norske Veritas
The positioning of the keel for the cruise liner MSC Splendida was celebrated at the Aker Yards in St Nazaire, France
Drydocks World, a maritime holding company belonging to the government of Dubai, has bought Singapore's Labroy Marine Limited, in a further sign of the booming Gulf emirate's plan to aggressively expand its global holdings
US Navy implements tougher security settings for BlackBerry devices used by naval personnel; many instant messaging services were disabled
Ambitious Chinese shipyards plan IPOs for coming years to bankroll future growth
Residents, police and government workers are working to contain an oil spill in northern Luzon; the spill allegedly came from a foreign cargo ship
India gets its fifth 'ship-in- campus' facility, which enables maritime engineers to get training experience in engine room conditions of a ship
Tugs have failed to refloat the Maltese- registered cargo vessel Ocean Light on the first try; the vessel grounded on a sandbank in the Firth of Clyde on Friday
About 20,000 Manila residents are being recruited by Hanjin Heavy Industries and Construction Co. Ltd. of South Korea for its shipbuilding and ship- repair projects
A bill to keep the Hawaii Superferry in operation despite a court injunction advanced yesterday in the state Legislature, but Senate committees amended an agreed-to bill to increase environmental restrictions on the high-speed ferry
A decision by the New England Fisheries Management Council to lift seasonal restrictions on rich scallop fishing grounds off the mid-Atlantic coast will threaten endangered sea turtles, an environmental group says
NASA's Sea-viewing Wide Field-of-view Sensor (SeaWiFS) has constantly measured ocean color as an indicator of sea life productivity since the satellite reached orbit in 1997; a video has been made from the decade of data, showing the change of ocean ecosystems
Since the start of the year, more than 12 tons of cocaine bound for Europe were seized west of Africa, including 8.2 tons at sea and 3.8 tons overland
China is giving Cambodia nine naval patrol boats to safeguard oil installations in the Gulf of Thailand, another sign of Beijing's deepening ties with the Southeast Asian nation
Malaysia's Prime Minister wants the nation be a global hub for marine transportation, logistics and engineering
On Saturday, the newest vessel in the B.C. Ferries fleet, Coastal Renaissance, will set sail from the German shipyard where it was built, heading to its new home in British Columbia
The Global Environment Outlook lists degradation of farmland, loss of forest cover, pollution, dwindling fresh water supplies and overfishing among the world's environmental ills
President Bush is trying to encourage more recreational fishing in state waters and adding more federal rules limiting commercial fishing of the overfished species red drum and striped bass
The South African government plans to suspend commercial harvesting of abalone in an effort to save the threatened marine delicacy
Oil spill along Taranaki's coast has highlighted the potential risks of oil exploration in New Zealand's Great South Basin
The US Coast Guard is increasing its Arctic orientation flights, because the service expects its responsibilities in the Arctic will increase in coming years
A son of the legendary founder of Windjammer Barefoot Cruises is making plans to have the cruise line sailing again, although with only one of its four ships for the next six months
Climate change is a growing threat to world peace and has led to rival territorial claims in the Arctic that could turn into a cold war, Foreign Minister Frank- Walter Steinmeier of Germany said
British man makes a working prototype of a 'hoverwing' - a hovercraft with the ability to lift off and fly several feet off the water; it can go 60mph
The biotechnology company Aker BioMarine is converting the trawler Atlantic Navigator into an advanced factory for harvesting and processing health-promoting ingredients from krill
DNV is watching the rapid expansion in India's shipping, energy and general industries for new opportunities
The US State Department signed an agreement with Mongolia, that will allow Mongolian- flagged ships to be boarded and searched if they are suspected of carrying weapons of mass destruction
Malaysia's first Scorpene submarine, the KD Tunku Abdul Rahman, was launched Tuesday, signifying yet another leap in the nation's pursuit of new technology
The European Union must rewrite a law that made sea pollution by ships a criminal offense; the Court of Justice says the rules were not properly drafted
The Arctic Princess, the first tanker with a cargo of liquefied natural gas (LNG) from the Snohvit field, left port at Melkoya near Hammerfest, northern Norway, 20 October
Port operator DP World's decision to launch a public share sale is set to generate huge investor interest and could trigger more initial public offerings (IPOs)
The Canadian navy is sending five ships, two helicopters, a surveillance plane and more than 1,100 sailors to a training exercise off the coast of California
Some 3,000 technology workers from the Union of Salaried Employees in Finland began a strike Monday over wages; seven Finnish companies including shipbuilder Aker Yards Oy are involved
New scallop fishing gear was designed to protect the ocean bottom
The US government dealt a setback to New England fishermen, denying requests from the governors of Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Maine for financial assistance to help the groundfishing fleet survive until stocks rebound
Environmental organizations ripped the Environment Ministry for waiting until this month to launch the second phase of the clean-up of the massive oil spill caused by Israel's bombing of the Jiyyeh power plant in July of 2006
The prestigious International Maritime Prize for 2006 has been presented to Mr. Alfred Popp from Canada; he was the former chairman of IMO's Legal Committee
More than 22,000 individuals worldwide have been rescued in the 25 years the COSPAS-SARSAT has been operating; a ceremony marking the anniversary of the Search and Rescue satellite system is held
Canada unveils a memorial honoring those who lost their lives while in the service of the Canadian Coast Guard
The maritime crash that killed two men in waters off the coast of south Brooklyn was caused by a 24-foot pleasure boat colliding with a tugboat's more than 1,500-foot tow line
About 30 people are believed missing after the Indonesian ferry Acita 03 sank off Sulawesi island last week, killing at least 31 people
North Korea on Sunday accused South Korean warships of intrusions into its territorial waters, but a South Korean Defense Ministry official disputed and downplayed the North Korean claim
Trustees of the Cutty Sark are facing a funding crisis, which threatens the restoration of the historic ship unless a major sponsor can be found
The remains of the container ship Napoli, beached in January, will take six more months to remove; the stern must be cut into smaller pieces
The parent of Hong Kong-listed China Cosco, the world's biggest bulk shipper, said it would continue to invest in ports and terminals in China and overseas
The Ulstein Group will take a majority stake in Sea of Solutions, the deal is still under review
A 3- to 5-year moratorium on fishing for Atlantic bluefin tuna in the eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean is needed to keep the entire Atlantic population viable, according to the top US federal fisheries official
Some scientists believe an oil rigs' submerged superstructure provides important habitat for marine life, and may even help preserve rare species
A British parliamentary committee called for creation of a national marine science agency to take responsibility for the use and conservation of the seas in the light of global warming
The European Commission has launched an initiative to improve the efficiency of Europe's freight transport network, seeking to encourage more use of rail and water routes which are judged less harmful to the environment
Italy's state-owned shipbuilder, Fincantieri, has signed a $1.43 billion deal to build two cruise ships for Costa Crociere SpA, the Italian subsidiary of Carnival Corp.
Canada's Transportation Safety Board says B.C. Ferries failed to enforce its zero- tolerance drug policy aboard the ill-fated Queen of the North, and wants the problem fixed
Britain's BAE Systems and VT Group won permission from the European Commission on Wednesday to merge their shipbuilding operations
Israel is the biggest polluter in the eastern Mediterranean, dumping over 140 tons of heavy metals into the sea every year with government approval, an environmental group claims
Seven vessels from Nato and two French minesweepers are on a mission to clear the seabed of the Seine Bay off Normandy of unexploded naval mines from the last two World Wars
Bharati Shipyard and Apeejay Shipping have entered into a joint venture for setting up a shipyard along India's eastern coast; the project will be completed in 2009
Samsung Heavy Industries, the world's second-largest shipyard, won an order to build eight vessels worth $1.37 billion for Zim Integrated Shipping Services of Israel; they will be delivered by July 2012
A novel way of catching fish, stunning them with an electric current, has helped Northern Territory researchers rediscover the rare species Lorentz's Grunter
After being shut down by seaweed twice in little more than a month, officials at the James A. FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant are checking with a marine biologist on how to deal with the problem, probably caused by invasive zebra mussels
Crews have completed cleanup of an oil spill that fouled rocky shoreline and mangrove thickets along Puerto Rico's southwest coast, but investigators still don't know the spill's cause
The US government is holding firm to its recommendations that pregnant and breast-feeding women limit how much fish and other seafood they eat and avoid certain types with high levels of mercury
Scientists call for drastic cuts in EU cod fishing
The US Coast Guard has transferred the former cutter Gentian to the Colombian Navy to facilitate combined counter-drug and security operations in the region
A levy of $10 per month per seafarer has been agreed to through the International Bargaining Forum of unions and shipowners in London
North Korea has violated a disputed maritime border in the Yellow Sea 135 times during the past six years, the South Korean military said in a report to parliament Sunday
A $4.5 million boat the US Navy has never used is just one of the 'earmarked' favors The Seattle Times found in the 2007 defense bill
At least 15,000 farmed "Norwegian" fish escaped their cages to swim free in Scotland's Loch Shiel
Although it once carried 24 Trident nuclear missiles, the submarine USS Ohio has been converted, and now carries up to 154 Tomahawk cruise missiles
China and Japan failed to reach a consensus during the 10th round of talks on the dispute over the oil and gas fields in the East China Sea, but the results were deemed useful for the next round of negotiation
Environment California is urging federal officials to enact stronger rules against overfishing
The European Commission has adopted an Integrated Maritime Policy for the European Union
China and Japan started the 10th round of talks on the East China Sea issues in Beijing on Thursday, among other things they will discuss joint exploration of oil and gas
The US Maritime Administration is pushing the idea of "marine highways," which could remove hundreds of thousands of trucks from highways along the Eastern seaboard at a fraction of the cost of new highways
South Korea will discuss developing Najin Port in North Korea with short- and medium- term investments
Poachers who think their trail has gone cold by the time they get a fish in the freezer could be foiled by new DNA work underway at the University of Alberta
The water crisis in northern China is so bad that sometimes waters from the Yellow River never reach the sea; some fear Beijing will run out of drinking water
Detroit's Marine Pollution Control will demonstrate the recovery of oil on the floor of waterways in a new submarine which can dive to 3,000 feet
Crews are working to clean up 2,300 gallons of oil that leaked into the Delaware River from a tanker at the Citgo facility in Paulsboro, New Jersey
The International Maritime Prize for 2006 has been awarded posthumously to Mr. Igor Ponomarev (Russian Federation), who was the serving chairman of IMO's Maritime Safety Committee at the time of his sudden death in October 2006
China's Chery Automobile has bought WuHu Shipyard, and is restructuring it
China's Dalian Shipbuilding says a combination of technical innovation and an expanded product range has made it number 4 in the world in terms of orders at hand
The Tudor warship Mary Rose, which was raised from the Solent 25 years ago, is in danger of being lost if it isn't conserved properly
The Roseway Basin, southwest of Nova Scotia, has been designated an Area to be Avoided, meaning that ships should stay away to protect the endangered North Atlantic right whale
A US federal act seeks to end overfishing on the Gulf of Mexico by 2010, but the recreational fishing industry fears it will be driven out of business
Toxic PCBs banned during the 1970s will interfere with the reproductive success of British Columbia's resident killer whales until at least 2030, a newly published study says
Australia has signed a contract for two new large amphibious warships with shipbuilder Tenix, to be delivered in 2013 and 2015
An Israeli woman and an Italian man survived on a life raft for eight days in the Arabian Sea after their yacht sank in a storm
Divers have found the wreckage of American ship Torrent, which sank in Cook Inlet off the Alaska coast in 1868; it is the oldest American wreck ever found in Alaska
ABG Shipyard, the largest private sector shipbuilding yard in India, is expected to complete work on its new shipyard at Dahej, Gujarat, by March 2008
Australia has taken its battle against Japanese whaling in the Antarctic to the internet, with a new YouTube campaign unveiled today that targets Japanese children
Underwater CCTV cameras have been installed in a Cambridgeshire river to monitor the numbers of migrating fish, and help determine the health of the river
Iceland is holding talks with Japan to export meat from whales caught in its waters, hoping to reach an agreement by next spring
Canada's new government will fund activities over the next three years to conserve and protect Canadian oceans
In another sign of potential friction in the warming Arctic, Canada has warned that it will step up patrols of the Northwest Passage
New Zealand was once a world leader in marine conservation, but has dropped the ball, and is now trailing Australia in efforts to protect marine habitats from fishing pressures
Decommissioned US warship Gen. Hoyt S. Vandenberg is on its way to Florida to become an artificial reef
A man accused of speeding too close to two killer whales has become the first person cited under a new San Juan County law intended to protect the endangered orcas from overzealous and aggressive boaters
Thousands of walruses have appeared on Alaska's northwestern coast in what conservationists are calling a dramatic consequence of global warming melting the Arctic sea ice
BBC science and environment correspondent David Shukman has joined the Canadian Coast Guard research vessel, the Amundsen, as it attempts to make a crossing of the Northwest Passage
Norway's government is standing firm on its proposed shipping tax change despite criticism from shippers, who say the plan would cost them billions and may force them to change registries
Rescuers in East China's Zhejiang Province are attempting to rescue Hong Kong-registered cargo ship Aladdin Dream, which has 27 crew members aboard, trapped in typhoon Krosa
The US Congress has derailed a Pentagon project that would arm some intercontinental ballistic missiles with conventional warheads to provide a non-nuclear option of striking targets thousands of miles away
The developer behind the Titanic Quarter has apologized to shipyard Harland and Wolff after a model showed the area occupied by the shipyard as apartments; the yard has no plans to move
Overseas Shipholding Group has signed an agreement to charter two 46,000 dwt Jones Act tankers to Petrobras America, Inc., marking the first US Flag shuttle tankers to transport oil from ultra- deepwater drilling projects in the US Gulf of Mexico
The US National Marine Fisheries Service believes a proposed liquefied natural gas import terminal 62 miles south of Dauphin Island would harm the Gulf of Mexico
The Hawaii Superferry may have to leave the state if it isn't allowed to resume operations soon, and at full speeds; service is on hold for environmental assessment studies
Freight carriers expect a hectic few days delivering a backlog of export goods to the Auckland waterfront after dock workers return from their 48-hour strike
Steelhead trout grown in hatcheries lose their ability to produce offspring in the wild, raising concerns about whether captive breeding programs can help save endangered fish
C-Map Norway AS, the world's leading provider of digital maritime cartography, was acquired by US-based Jeppesen, and has changed its name to Jeppesen Norway AS
North and South Korea say they'll establish a special economic zone on their western sea border, and cooperate in shipping, shipbuilding and fishing
The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate and the Directorate of Fisheries have formed a working group which will review issues concerning the relationship between seismic data acquisition and fishing interests
Recent whale deaths off the Southern California coast have biologists asking for cargo ship speed limits
Pregnant women are advised to eat at least 12 ounces of fatty fish a week, despite fears of mercury content
California Attorney General Jerry Brown will petition the Bush administration to crack down on emissions from ocean- going vessels, which make more than a total of 11,000 calls at California ports each year
The US House has scheduled hearings this month with Homeland Secretary Chertoff to discuss delays in equipping workers at US ports with tamper- resistant biometric identification cards
Body of diver who died at the site of a sunken German U-boat has been recovered
A new shipbuilding and ship repair yard will be set up at Dhamra in Orissa as a joint venture between Bharati Shipyard Ltd and Apeejay Surendra Group
Electronic fish tag travels 7,700 miles from America's west coast to New Zealand, suggesting there are ecological connections between the two locations
Aker Philadelphia Shipyard will build 2 new Veteran Class MT-46 Jones Act product tankers; the tankers will be transfered to American Shipping Corporation
Japan will join an international convention governing the dumping of waste at sea that is set to allow parties to confine factory- emitted carbon dioxide under the seabed
MPF Corp. Ltd. has secured financing to build what it's calling the world's largest drillship, the MPF-01
SembCorp Marine and WTorre have formed a joint venture company to own and operate a shipyard in Brazil
Fisheries ministers from all over the UK will meet in Scotland for the first time this week
Uganda has promised that Kenyan fishermen are free to do their business on Lake Victoria without any fear of arrest or harassment
The US Coast Guard is investigating whether the boat Genmar Progress may have been the source of a large oil spill that dirtied Puerto Rico's southwest coastline in August
The discovery of oil and natural gas reserves off the coast of Cambodia could make maritime boundary disputes resurface
Rolls-Royce has acquired US naval architecture and engineering firm Seaworthy Systems Inc. to improve its marine support services
Nigeria will invest in training its citizens in seamanship and maritime activities to enhance the nation's capacity and role in international shipping and world trade
Gulf Capital and other investors have acquired the remaining shares in Gulf Marine Services LLC, the largest jack-up barge and support vessel operating company in the UAE with presence throughout the Gulf
Canadian navy ship HMCS Toronto is conducting a search-and-rescue operation after a volcanic eruption on Jazirt Atta-Ir island, off the coast of Yemen in the Red Sea
More than 200 clandestine migrants, including 32 minors, arrived on or near Spain's Canary Islands on Sunday on board four small boats
Sales of yachts and mega- yachts keep growing, and so are sales of helicopters and mini-subs to go with them
Scientists warn that Japanese demand for the Atlantic bluefin tuna is bringing stocks close to collapse
Businesses are keeping an eye on melting ice, since a more accessible Arctic could have a broad impact on oil and natural gas industries, and others
• Submariners live in an enclosed environment when at sea. Pre- order Emergency and Continuous Exposure Guidance Levels for Selected Submarine Contaminants from the National Academy of Sciences
The implementation of the Long Range Identification and Tracking (LRIT) System will be a key matter for discussion when IMO's Maritime Safety Committee meets from 3 to 12 October
The Ports of Auckland is facing a two-day strike from its waterside workers, over pay raises and productivity agreements

September 2007
A woman has died after falling overboard from the cruise liner Oceana just before it docked at the port of Southampton
Biologists are scrambling to see what can be done to protect the endangered blue whale in one of America's busiest shipping lanes, the Santa Barbara Channel
Birds on their way to breed were the most seriously affected by an oil spill from the MSC Napoli in January; researchers fear that long-term damage may have been done to several seabirds
The Environmental Protection Agency's pursuit of criminal cases against polluters has dropped off sharply during the Bush administration
The American pseudo- jellyfish mnemiopsis, the Japanese oyster Cassostrea Gigas, and an as-yet unidentified virus are threatening Sweden's seas; climate change may play a part in their presence
Three-quarters of the Maldives islands could be uninhabitable if nothing is done to combat climate change, and the resultant rise in sea levels
A multinational operation on the high seas has turned up photographic evidence of 10 vessels involved in driftnet fishing, a practice banned by the United Nations
New guidance from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) will help employers select and use the appropriate slings when handling and moving materials
Climate engineers propose filling the oceans with giant pipes that pump up cold, nutrient- rich water, encouraging surface algae to bloom and suck carbon dioxide from the atmosphere
British adventurer Jason Lewis wants to go around the world on a paddle boat, but the French coastguard say he is forbidden from venturing more than 330 yards from the shore
A South African ship is joining an American ship in a three- day maritime security exercise off South Africa's coast
The US Navy agreed to a schedule change that bumps up construction of the first DDG-1000 Zumwalt class destroyer at Bath Iron Works
For the second time in a decade, California state wildlife authorities began dumping liquid poison into Lake Davis to exterminate an invading fish considered a potential threat to salmon runs and water exports
Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace (KDA) has signed a three- year contract with the Norwegian Ministry of Defence for underwater surveillance and protection
An able seaman on HMAS Melbourne when the aircraft carrier sliced into the destroyer HMAS Voyager in 1964 has been awarded more than $2 million in damages by the NSW Supreme Court
The International Maritime Organization (IMO) is expected to establish an International Maritime Search and Rescue Center in Monrovia, capital of Liberia
Malaysia's MMC Corporation will partner with Dubai World to build a maritime center in the southern Johor state; the center will include oil terminal activities, dry docks, a shipyard, cargo handling, and more
Job losses look likely in New Zealand's fishing industry after sharp cuts in allowable catches of many fish stocks
Scientists discover rare albino white- spotted ratfish in Washington's Puget Sound
South Africa's National Port Authority says it can contain any oil spills in Saldanha Bay harbor, dismissing claims by environmentalists that it did not have an adequate plan or enough equipment in place
In a rare example of Middle East cooperation, Israelis and Jordanians have joined together to create a string of artificial coral reefs in the Red Sea
The Ruias-owned Essar Shipping & Logistics has placed an order for constructing six bulk carriers with Mumbai- based ABG Shipyard
The US Senate Foreign Relations Committee will address the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea this week
2007 Yangtze Three Gorges Reservoir Joint Search and Rescue Maneuvre was held this weekend, aimed at testing and demonstrating China's emergency response capabilities along the world's busiest river in terms of cargo transportation
Officials contemplate using shipping containers as the base of new, affordable housing in Key West, Florida
Researchers describe the northern bottlenose whale as the most visible way scientists have of determining the relative health of the Sable Gully, the largest submarine canyon in eastern North America
More than 100 Bangladeshi fishermen were missing after at least 15 fishing boats sank in a storm in the Bay of Bengal
Japan will take measures to preserve the country's southernmost Okinotori Island and other uninhabited remote islands to help maintain its territorial and economic waters
Lech Walesa has called for the Gdansk dockyards to be kept as a monument to the fall of communism
Many fear Canadian officials will take a weak stand when they meet with members of the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization
Researchers are scrambling to study beaked whales, which seem the most susceptible to harm caused by US Navy sonar exercises
Once again the populations of the loggerhead sea turtle are dropping, primarily due to commercial fishing
Department of Natural Resources warns that the Chesapeake Bay's blue crab population is dwindling
South Africa's Saldanha Bay may be under threat of an oil spill because Oil Pollution Control SA terminated its services to the National Ports Authority after failing to reach a formal agreement
The Earthrace power boat, fueled by biodiesel, has anchored in Edinburgh before attempting a new speed record for circumnavigating the globe
The US Navy says it will add a site in South Carolina to a list of proposed locations for an anti-submarine warfare training range
California will ban or severely restrict fishing in more than 200 square miles of ocean waters off the Central Coast starting Friday as part of a landmark plan to protect marine life
Marine biologist Bill Ballantine says Hong Kong should have more and larger aquatic reserves to save the fragile marine ecosystem
Washington state yacht company NorthStar Yachts is shifting production to China to lower its labor costs
Shipping Corporation of India has floated four joint venture companies for its proposed foray into shipbuilding, container terminal operation, dredging and offshore services, it is in final talks with Hyundai Heavy Industries for a shipbuilding venture
At least 200,000 dead fish have washed up on a beach near several industrial complexes in the western Indian state of Gujarat, pollution was likely the cause
Transportation Safety Board will not launch a formal investigation into the barge accident at the Robson Bight Ecological Reserve in B.C. that left a dozen vehicles, including an oil tanker filled with 10,000 liters of diesel fuel, at the bottom of the sea
The Port of New Orleans is hoping for new funding to improve cargo container facilities, rehabilitate some breakbulk wharfs and build new cruise facilities
An international convention banning the use of harmful organotins in anti-fouling paints used on ships' hulls has entered into force on 17 September 2008
A new 'Co-operative Mechanism' has been created to enable the littoral States of the Straits of Malacca and Singapore to work together with the international maritime community to enhance navigational safety, security and environmental protection
A consortium led by Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd. will build 16 new berths in Singapore to enable the island state to handle growing demand for container capacity
Five crewmen of the sinking fishing boat Sea Breeze were rescued Wednesday off the southern Cape Coast
US's two biggest icebreakers are nearing the end of their working lives as global warming opens up the Arctic to international interests
Eighteen respected scientists and researchers say the facts are indisputable: Sea lice from fish farms are lethal to wild salmon stocks
North Korean freighter Al Hamed, that re-flagged itself as South Korean before off-loading an unknown cargo at the Syrian port of Tartous, is at the center of efforts to investigate Israel's recent air strike on Syria
A plan to upgrade India's ports to keep pace with economic expansion promised much, but in three years there has been little progress, and private firms are opting to build their own
More than 100,000 farmed Atlantic salmon have escaped over the past six months on the West Coast; experts fear a genetic disaster if they breed with wild salmon
Indian Embassy officials are seeking more details from the Arab Shipbuilding and Repair Yard Company (Asry) on the death of a worker who fell off scaffolding inside an oil tanker
Shipbuilding companies APJ Bharti Shipyard and Essar have expressed interest in setting up two shipyards in West Bengal
Six fishing boats have been seized and 61 foreign nationals arrested in a joint operation targeting poaching in Australia's northern waters
Boaters and commercial shippers will be prohibited from emptying ballast tanks near Isle Royale National Park in Lake Superior unless their contents have been treated to kill invasive species
Sailors, boat users and nautical companies will help combat terrorism on the Solent, Britain's busiest waterway, in Project Kraken
Incheon, South Korea's second-biggest port, plans a $2.2 billion expansion to handle rising trade with China
Crew and officer shortages have reached a crisis point across the globe, and made all the more critical by a rising tide of safety and qualification rules
Particles found in smoke plumes produced by cargo ships have been found to have a surprising cooling effect on the Earth's atmosphere
Entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson is backing a bid to break the world record for circumnavigating the globe in a powerboat run on 100% renewable fuel
First steel has been cut at the Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering Co. Ltd. yard for Transocean's Discoverer Americas drillship
Canada's Vice- Admiral Drew Robertson says the navy needs to learn how to fight terrorists and pirates
Historic photographs of the QE2, one of the world's most famous ocean liners, have been unveiled by the University of Glasgow
The Hawaii Superferry may be forced to shut down if a required environmental assessment halts operations for too long
The Queen Elizabeth 2 set off on a special eight-day cruise around Britain's coastline on Sunday, marking the world-famous luxury ocean liner's 40th anniversary
A small fire broke out aboard US Navy guided missile cruiser USS Leyte Gulf on Saturday, injuring five civilian workers
The Virginia Supreme Court upheld a $3.4 million jury verdict to the family of a former Newport News shipyard worker who died in 2005 of mesothelioma, an asbestos-related cancer
British scientist Callum Roberts believes that 90% of fish in the waters around Britain will have disappeared within 20 years unless they are given protection
Stringent requirements for the discharge of certain ship-generated wastes in two areas designated 'Special Areas' under the MARPOL Convention will take effect in less than a year, following the completion of adequate provision of the necessary shore-side facilities
Aker Kvaerner has awarded DNV a contract to qualify the carbon capture technology which will be used in the Just CatchTM Bio Demo plant
Chinese shipbuilders won more orders than their Korean rivals for the first time in the first half of the year, but they still lag behind Korea in terms of quality and competitiveness, the Financial Times reports
Chemical tanker Bow Star controlled by Norwegian shipowning firm Odfjell has run aground off Indonesia, no injuries or pollution have been reported
The steel cutting ceremony for the ultra deep water semi-submersible drilling rig SS Frigstad Oslo was held at Yantai Raffles Shipyard, confirming that the project is on schedule for September 2009 delivery
Maritime border line between the Koreas will 'probably' be discussed at the inter- Korean summit in early October
Great Lakes waters are overdue for a cleanup
Arizona Game and Fish officials say an invasive shellfish known as quagga mussels have invaded the state's interior waterways
The US Coast Guard is marking the 50th anniversary of an historic expedition to chart a passage through the Northwest Passage at a time of renewed interest in Arctic research and exploration
Samsung Heavy Industries has developed a new shipbuilding system, called the 'tera-block' method, that allows the company to assemble a vessel from just two large ship blocks
Boat sales in Norway grew by 22.7 per cent to €265 million in the first six months of 2007
The INS Jalashwa is the first ship to be transferred from the US to India; it is also the first landing Platform Dock to be acquired by India's navy
An Australian diver is in hospital in Turkey after an accident during an expedition to examine the World War I submarine HMAS AE2, that sank during the Gallipoli campaign
Jay Cashman Inc., the construction company seeking to build a massive offshore wind turbine on Buzzards Bay, has proposed a 386-foot- tall wind power generator for the Fore River Shipyard in Quincy
India's ABG Shipyard will revive the Western India Shipyard Ltd (WISL)
Climate change is warming up Korean waters faster than in most of the rest of the world
Scientists are trying to produce endangered fish by using more plentiful fish as surrogate parents
Leaders of the Makah Tribe have apologized to federal officials and members of Congress for the unauthorized killing of a gray whale off the coast of Washington state
Canada's new Arctic patrol ships will likely lack sonar capability, forcing them to use other methods to detect submarine threats in northern waters, a project official revealed
Ergonomics for the Prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders: Guidelines for Shipyards has been released by the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA); public comment period ends Nov. 13, 2007
Britain's Ministry of Defence is still £2.6 billion over budget for its biggest contracts to buy aircraft, submarines and armored vehicles, despite cost cutting
US Senate panel recommends a spending bill that would trim the Navy's Littoral Combat Ship program, whose costs have exceeded projections
Ice cover in the Arctic Ocean is at a record low this summer
Seaspan Corp. has signed contracts with Hyundai Heavy Industries to build 8 new 'supersized' ships, to be chartered by COSCO Container Lines Co. Ltd. of Shanghai
Lloyd's Register has created Hellenic Lloyd's to further enhance its support to the Greek maritime community
Scientists have discovered a string of coral ‘hot spots' in waters off Canada's East Coast, and will use the surprising finds to press global fishing interests to steer clear of areas they say are vital marine habitats
Ten Indian fishermen and two boats have been taken into custody by the Sri Lankan Navy
US Government Accountability Office says the federal oil spill liability trust fund should be increased to cover higher cleanup costs
Canada is considering regulations to ban liquefied natural gas supertankers from a treacherous waterway in the Bay of Fundy, risking renewed territorial tensions with the US
The South Korean government will establish two private funds worth $2.6 billion to invest in ports around the world, as it plans to boost the country's global logistics network
US military officials gave Russian authorities a videotape and other archival materials on the fate of the Soviet K-129 submarine, whose sinking in 1968 has remained one of the lingering mysteries of the Cold War
Lloyd's Register Asia has opened a training center in Shanghai, which it calls the most comprehensive foreign-funded maritime training center in China
Jaya Holdings, a Singapore-based shipyard and ship chartering company, will buy Chinese shipyard Nantong Dongjiang Shipyard Co Ltd
Titan Quanzhou Shipyard in southern China will begin building semi- submersible rigs and other offshore marine projects by the end of 2008
Five Washington state American Indian hunters may face prosecution from their tribe after shooting and killing a gray whale in the midst of a charged legal dispute over tribal whaling
The belief that the Pacific gray whale has made a comeback may have been based on a miscalculation, and the whale may be more endangered than once thought
Cunard Line's new liner Queen Victoria will be named on December 10, 2007 by Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cornwall
Former Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) chairman P K Iyengar has publicly confirmed the existence of an Indian nuclear submarine program for the first time
China is now the fourth country in the world to build a 8,530-TEU container ship, the New Asia; it was independently designed and built by China
A monument in memory of the Russian warship Varyag that sank off southern Scotland in 1920 was unveiled near the wreck site Saturday
US Coast Guard makes sure it's ready for an oil spill in the Great Lakes
Cost increases in the George HW Bush have eaten into the profit margin that Northrop Grumman Newport News is expected to earn on the last Nimitz- class aircraft carrier
New study says summer sea ice off Alaska's north coast may shrink to half the area it covered in the 1980s, threatening mammals and fisheries in the area
The Bahrain Fishermen Society has rejected the Bahraini sea captain law, which requires Asian fishing boats to be accompanied by Bahraini captains, as there may not be enough qualified Bahraini sailors
India's Director General of the Coast Guard says all tankers, ships and vessels spreading pollution should be penalized
The Spanish government has chartered a Maltese oil recovery vessel to combat possible oil pollution as a result of the grounding of the Panamanian bulk carrier mv New Flame
Russia has signed an agreement to provide Indonesia credit for arms purchases, including submarines
The Fisheries Legacy Trust Company will maintain comprehensive, up-to- date information on all seabed hazards related to oil and gas activities in British waters
South Korea and Japan will conduct a joint survey in the Sea of Japan next week to see if the area is contaminated by nuclear waste dumped by the former Soviet Union
EU insists on restructuring for Poland's Gdansk shipyard
China will implement a shipbuilding license system, hoping to encourage its shipyards to adopt advanced equipment and technologies, as well as modern management methods
A crackdown on illegal fishing is urged in Namibia
Japan has called on Indonesia to explain why it needs up to 10 Russian submarines
A campaign has been launched for the release of seven Tunisian fishermen charged with human trafficking, who say they were rescuing migrants in danger
Fishing boat Nueva Pepita Aurora capsized off southern Spain, leaving 3 fishermen dead and 5 missing
Det Norske Veritas is proposing a joint industry project to evaluate design methods and recommendations for installation, operation, and maintenance of offshore pipelines in Arctic regions
Taiwan-based Evergreen Group, the world's fourth largest containerized freight shipping company, plans to open a major shipyard in southeastern China
For the first time in Japan, two elected officials are warning the Japanese public of dangerous levels of mercury in dolphin meat, and condemned its consumption, especially in school lunches
ABS is assisting shipbuilders, ship owners and operators prepare for the new IMO mandated Performance Standard for Protective Coatings by issuing a completely revised and expanded edition of its Guidance Notes on Inspection, Maintenance and Application of Marine Coatings
Titan Petrochemicals Group, which operates crude-oil tankers and fuel storage facilities, will buy a shipyard in Quanzhou in southeastern Fujian province from its chairman to expand its logistics business
Nigeria's Minister of Labour has decried a shortage of indigenous seafarers in the country's maritime sector
The Indian Navy is committed to counter piracy and ensuring safe passage of ships in the Indian Ocean, the main seaway for over 90% of the world's shipping routes
The Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology is testing the effects of sonar on sea mammals
China Shipbuilding Industry Corp (CSIC), the country's second-biggest shipbuilder, is considering launching a domestic initial public offering to raise up to $928 million
Six Chinese fishermen are missing after their boat sank early Sunday in a collision with a cargo vessel from the Republic of Korea off the coast of eastern Zhejiang Province
Five more 'Ghost Fleet' vessels from the James River Reserve Fleet will be taken to a Maryland scrap yard to be dismantled; there are no more high- priority ships remaining in the fleet
Pollution is stunting Canada's beluga whales
Pollution investigators sighted a new patch of fuel floating off Puerto Rico as authorities tried to determine the origin of a mysterious oil spill that has fouled the shoreline
The Panama Canal Authority reminds the shipping industry that the grace period for full compliance with the Panama Canal Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan (PCSOPEP) requirements has ended
Incat Australia believes Japan will be a big market for their high- speed ferries

August 2007
Hundreds of workers at the Devonport naval dockyard in Plymouth have staged their first walkout in a pay dispute
Submariners aboard Canada's HMCS Corner Brook practice fire drills
Marmaras Navigation Co. Ltd. was fined for operating a cargo ship in Washington state without having an approved oil spill plan, which the state began requiring in October 2006
Investigators are inspecting three ships anchored in Guayanilla Bay to try to discover the origin of fuel that has blackened shores along Puerto Rico's southwest coast
The Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) has arrested and is currently detaining two vessels for non-compliance of the Cabotage Act
Experts hope to discover the source of a century- old leak in the hull of the RRS Discovery
The US Coast Guard is expected to unveil new regulations that will require single- hulled barges carrying oil through Buzzards Bay to be escorted by a second tugboat
Surrounded by sea and very flat, Singapore has asked the Dutch to discuss options of holding back the sea if global warming makes the nation vulnerable to rising water
New guidelines for anchor handling measures used by supply ships and tugs are to be introduced, in response to the disaster with the Bourbon Dolphin
The disputed sea border between the two Koreas will again be debated at the next Summit between the countries
Five more ships - four of them high-priority environmental hazards - are slated to leave the James River Reserve Fleet to be scrapped by a Baltimore shipyard
Work has begun to cut up the bow half of the former cargo ship MSC Napoli in a dry dock in Belfast
Japan insists the demand for whale meat is still strong, despite Iceland's recent decision not to issue catch quotas for the coming season
The North Korean- flagged fishing vessel Ina Maka has been arrested in Durban Harbour and the owners fined after fishery and wildlife officers found illegal gill nets on board
BC Environment Minister has backed a call by environmental groups for an investigation into whether diesel fuel could still leak from the recent barge wreck near Robson Bight
An oil slick has been detected since Tuesday in seawaters off Xiamen, a port city in East China's Fujian Province
Some 250 illegal immigrants arrived on Spain's Canary Islands overnight on three wooden boats
At least seven Pakistani seafarers who were sailing off the African coast in two ships have been missing for over two months
Police raided a Japanese naval base Tuesday to investigate an alleged leak of sensitive warship technology data shared between Japan and the US
Hawaii Superferry has been suspended because of safety concerns as protesters formed a human blockade in the ferry's path
With more countries acquiring or building aircraft carriers, the US's power in the world's waters is rapidly waning, forcing its military to re-examine its maritime strategy
Pakistan's President General Pervez Musharraf hopes to boost his country's shipbuilding industry
A Washington State Court of Appeals decision paved the way for claims to be filed on behalf of individuals exposed to deadly asbestos fibers brought into the home by thousands of Washington workers
IHI Marine United shipyard in Yokohama, Japan has launched the Hyuga, a helicopter- carrying destroyer, designed to chase and destroy enemy submarines
Canada's submarine HMCS Corner Brook tries to boost the country's sub program after the 2004 fire aboard the HMCS Chicoutimi
The Hawaii Superferry is selling out tickets despite protesters who say the ferry failed to conduct an environmental impact study
Belgium's horseback shrimp fishery is a dying tradition
China may soon slap heftier fines on polluters in a bid to clean up its filthy waterways
General Dynamics NASSCO began construction of its first product carrier ship for US Shipping Partners; the design was provided through its collaboration with DSEC of Korea, a subsidiary of Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering
Pirates who kidnapped two Indonesian sailors from a Malaysian barge in the Malacca Strait earlier this month have released them after a ransom was paid
Maine's Popham Colony, 400 years old, was the first settlement to build an oceangoing vessel
Japanese officials discover Kawasaki Shipbuilding's Kobe Shipyard didn't have a plan in place for the repair of the crane that killed three workers
Poor weather led to new oil spills from stricken tanker Don Pedro, which sank 6 weeks ago off Spain's Ibiza island; the beach remained open
Malta, Libya discuss possible maritime search and rescue cooperation
China Steel Corp., the nation's largest steelmaker, will increase domestic prices of two products for delivery in the fourth quarter amid rising demand from shipbuilders
On August 14, the Karachi Port Trusts berths number 10, 14 and 15 on the East Wharf collapsed
Artist Frank Boelter sailed a boat made of 'Tetrapack,' commonly used for packaging milk, up the Elbe river in Germany
The US feels India's fears of terrorists using sea routes to sustain their campaign are well- grounded, and has suggested that measures like container security initiative need to be ratified soon
The crew of a tug that sank off Port Alfred were rescued by the Octopus, the world's fourth largest and most luxurious private yacht, owned by Microsoft's Paul Allen
The yearly resurgence of the water hyacinth, spurred by pollution, has become more and more dangerous on Lake Victoria
Environmentalists filed a court motion to stop the US Navy from using high-powered sonar in an exercise this November until a lawsuit regarding Hawaii is settled
Quagga mussels have invaded San Diego County, California
Robson Bight spill response has transitioned from response to a monitoring phase
The surface waters of the North Atlantic are getting saltier, which might actually be good news for the effects of climate change on global ocean currents in the short-term
A fire damaged a crane at Britain's A&P Tyne shipyard, no one was hurt
Australia commits further funds to finding HMAS Sydney, despite last week's false media claims that the warship had been found
The Manitowoc Co. Inc. is buying a factory in Saris, Slovakia, which will serve as the final manufacturing and assembly site for cranes being delivered to customers in East European markets
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration and American Shipbuilding Association have signed an agreement renewing their shipyard safety alliance
PPL Shipyard, a subsidiary of SembCorp Marine, has been awarded a contract by Offshore Group Corp to build a Baker Marine Pacific Class 375 (BMC Pacific 375) deep drilling offshore jack-up rig
The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is warning people not to eat Washington state oysters purchased in the past two weeks and imported by Albion Fisheries Ltd. of BC as they may be linked to an outbreak of vibriosis
Most of the diesel fuel sheen on the water around Robson Bight ecological reserve has dissipated, but scientists are worried about long- term effects on whales, and what might happen to the sunken logging equipment
General Dynamics NASSCO shipyard receives agreement from the US Navy to build up to five more T-AKE dry cargo ships
Five Danes held by pirates who hijacked the freighter Danica White off the Somali coast in June have been released, there are no further details
IMC Shipping, owner of the Selendang Ayu, has pleaded guilty to three misdemeanor federal counts related to the 2004 oil spill off Unalaska Island in Alaska
US FBI agents in Seattle have asked the public to help identify two men spotted behaving in an 'unusual' manner during several trips on the nation's largest ferry system
Leaders of the five states bordering the energy-rich Caspian Sea will meet for a summit in Tehran in October to discuss disputes over maritime rights
Scientists at an international mapping convention want politicians to cool their rhetoric over Arctic sovereignty and focus on facts instead
A joint venture between McConnell Dowell and Built Environs has won a $170 million contract to build a world- class shipbuilding facility in Adelaide
The oil slick from Monday's barge accident off Vancouver Island is dissipating
Canada says the Great Lakes strain of Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia has been detected in fish from Hamilton Harbour and the Thames River in Ontario
9 crew members of a Thai vessel were arrested for fishing illegally in Malaysian waters
Marine bird populations in the northern Puget Sound have seen significant declines since the late 1970s, according to a Western Washington University study
Cruise lines woo golfers by providing simulated golf systems, and stops at actual courses
Canadian archeological project could revolutionize understanding of when and how humans reached the New World; the seafarers set up camp off the Queen Charlotte Islands
The lingering Niger Delta crisis, apart from costing the country revenue, has placed a heavy burden on Nigeria's chances of entering the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Council
An auction house in England plans to sell board games this week that German children played during World War II, winning points by destroying British cities and ships
The Ghajn Dwieli Gate memorial to workers who lost their lives at their workplace at the Malta Shipyards is blessed
Pakistani ports are suffering from high port costs and profits that drive users away, insufficient facilities, and relatively shallow draft levels
• Maritime law firm in Texas starts web site, Maritime Lawyers, centered on the US federal statute that oversees injuries at sea, the Jones Act
Chinese Nationalist Party Legislator says US officials have told a delegation of Taiwanese legislators that Washington will go ahead with the sale of diesel- powered submarines to Taiwan even if the Democrats win next year's US presidential election
All six crew are now safe after abandoning the Smit Cymyran off Skerries Rocks; the boat hit rocks off the coast of Anglesey
Russia's new drifting research station in the Arctic will begin working in late September
The Dunbar disaster, which saw 121 people dead when the passenger clipper was driven onto rocks near Sydney, is remembered 150 years later
Ship's officers' union Nautilus is seeking urgent talks with Britain's Foreign Office about the growing threat of piracy
Sharjah's Port Khalid is now 'fully functional' after a fire at an oil storage area was put out
Scientific institutes in the US and Japan confirmed Friday that the Arctic Ocean ice cover has shrunk to the smallest size ever recorded
Bow section of the MSC Napoli has docked at the Harland and Wolff shipyard in Belfast to be scrapped
A group of whale- watchers have spotted the largest number of blue whales seen together in British Columbia in 50 years, raising hopes for their populations
Beaches of the island province of Guimaras remain oily and greasy, a legacy of last year's oil spill from the MT Solar 1
Apollo Management LP has agreed to make a $1 billion cash equity investment in the parent company of Norwegian Cruise Line, making the private equity group a 50% owner of the cruise operator
High-tech robotic logging equipment will be used to harvest priceless submerged timber in Malaysia's largest man-made Kenyir Lake
Divers find a bell from Canada's World War I minesweeper, sold and refitted as the fishing boat Cartagena in 1929
Deep Sea Supply has taken delivery of Sea Otter, a 6,500 BHP AHTS-vessel from ABG shipyard in India
The sockeye run on Canada's Fraser River has collapsed, so commercial and recreational fishing has been shut down this summer; but officials feel there will be a successful spawning this year
Rhode Island researcher hopes to harness the power of waves using a spar buoy
The Polish shipyard that became the crucible of democracy in Eastern Europe faces bankruptcy next week at the hands of the powerful market forces that it helped to unleash
Seven crew of the Spanish ship Enxembre, detained in Ullapool Harbour for safety reasons, have called in union officials over a pay dispute
Scientists have painted a detailed picture of Atlantic ocean currents crucial to Europe's climate; its circulation varies significantly over the course of a year
Rising fuel costs could harm shipping companies
The S.S. John W. Brown, one of only two remaining Liberty ships out of more than 2,000 built during World War II, arrived in Portland Harbor on Thursday
US federal judge ruled the government does not have to count hatchery salmon along with wild fish when deciding whether to protect a species
IBM Corp. is working with the Beacon Institute to create a network of sensors along the Hudson River to provide real- time data on things like toxic spills and fish migrations
Stolt-Nielsen S.A. has signed an agreement with Xinshun Shipyard in China for the purchase of up to six bitumen tankers
The so-called discovery of HMAS Sydney off the West Australian coast turned to farce last night when the group responsible for the claim refused to cooperate with federal authorities to verify the find
A special commission of inquiry examining Sydney Ferries has been extended by two months, in order to help make the report as thorough as possible
The floating production installation Janice A, operated by Maersk in the North Sea, has been shut down after an oil spill was detected nearby
RMS Titanic, Inc. has announced that it will conduct its first research and recovery expedition at the wreck site of the RMS Carpathia
India's shipping industry hopes to get approval to allow foreign crew on Indian ships, as there is a shortage in the country
Denmark dismisses attempts by Russia and Canada to claim the Arctic
The reconstructed Viking ship Sea Stallion pulled into Dublin on Tuesday nearly 1,000 years after the original sank off Denmark's coast, with its crew retracing the voyage made by Nordic raiders to Ireland
The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) is assessing the damage to fisheries around Guimaras, hit by an oil spill last year
A man died on Sunday 12 August in an accident during work on board the crane vessel Saipem 7000 near the North Sea's Gullfaks field
Bow section of the stricken cargo ship MSC Napoli has arrived in Belfast; shipyard Harland and Wolff expects to receive it later this week for scrapping
Experts have warned of a looming economic crisis in the Lake Victoria basin as the water hyacinth continues to paralyze fishing and transport on the lake
Shipping and logistics provider Horizon Lines Inc. will restructure its transportation and logistics operations into two subsidiaries
The ferry M/V Carmela sank more than six years ago, killing 211 passengers, but families of victims who died in that tragedy have yet to receive justice
Salvage experts say a wreck found off the West Australian coast last week is unlikely to be the lost warship Sydney
Russian state television company Rossiya used footage from the 1997 film 'Titanic' in a report on the Kremlin's attempt to stake its claim to the Arctic Ocean
Lech Walesa fights EU competition rules to save the Gdansk shipyard
Malaysia Maritime Academy has created a web- based program designed to help seafarers enhance their knowledge in liquefied natural gas shipping operations and technology
British canal boat companies and their customers are increasingly turning to Poland, where a world- famous shipbuilding heritage provides the skills and low costs that can't be found in England
Spanish cruise ship Jules Verne rescued 27 boat people from the Mediterranean Sea some 60 nautical miles south of Malta
The threatened belugas of the St. Lawrence estuary have failed to grow in number despite decades of protection efforts, fueling worry among scientists for the animals' survival
US Navy ship Sisler, which was undergoing repairs at a drydock in South Boston, caught fire on Friday
Cambodia is boosting its navy to help protect newly discovered offshore oil fields that could prove lucrative for the impoverished country
New program offers Senagalize workers jobs and legitimate passage to Spain, in order to dissuade Africans from trying to make the trip in unsafe boats
Suez LNG NA has received all permits to begin construction of the buoy system and pipeline connection for the Neptune Deepwater Port facility, an LNG terminal off the coast of Gloucester, Massachusetts
Todd Shipyards Corp. can't be sued for a deceased worker's asbestos exposure because the man had missed a filing deadline in a 20-year- old bankruptcy proceeding
Indian and Pakistani Coast Guard officials are meeting to discuss bilateral maritime cooperation, they hope to minimize arrests of their fishermen
Russia's small expeditionary ship Aleksei Maryshev has been damaged after striking an iceberg in the Arctic, two appear injured
The Zanzibar minister of transport has called on shipping casualty surveyors to conclude their findings to allow the owner of the freighter Reef Azania, missing since June 24, to start compensation procedures
A new underwater survey has revealed that Lebanon lies dangerously close to a fault that could soon generate a catastrophic tsunami
Despite climate change, Norway's deputy foreign minister says technology and logistics will continue to deter oil and gas exploration in the Arctic for decades
The US FDA will check why seafood from China wasn't tested
Canada, Japan, Korea, China, Russia and the US have developed an integrated patrol plan to monitor the North Pacific this season to help control illegal, unregulated or unreported (IUU) fishing
In a bid to boost the fishing sector and help the local fishermen, the government of Oman has launched a comprehensive survey to take stock of available fishing species in its territorial waters
Almost a year since an oil spill hit Guimaras, victims are still waiting for compensation; however some claims are spurious
Nearly 400 fishermen from India currently in custody of Pakistani authorities will be released on August 14 and 15; India will release 48 Pakistani fishermen on the same days
A family may have found a life ring from the Edmund Fitzgerald about 200 miles away from where the famed ship sank in Lake Superior 32 years ago
A race against time is under way to try to save a Stone Age settlement found buried at the bottom of the sea in the Solent
Australia's navy appears likely to order a fourth destroyer, using a design by Navantia
The HMS Superb, the Royal Navy's oldest operational attack submarine, has completed sea trials following seven months of maintenance on the Clyde
Vietnamese fishermen trespassing on Malaysian waters attempted to disguise themselves by flying the Jalur Gemilang - but their efforts were foiled by locals who noticed the flag was upside down
Coral reefs in much of the Pacific Ocean are dying faster than previously thought, according to a new study, with the decline driven by climate change, disease and coastal development
The Canadian Prime Minister will visit a remote site on the north tip of Baffin Island, fueling speculation that Canada's new Arctic military port will be located on the site of a former mine
Hornbeck Offshore Services, Inc. has completed its previously announced acquisition of 20 offshore supply vessels and related business the "Sea Mar Fleet" from affiliates of Nabors Industries Ltd.
China's Yangtze river dolphin, or baiji (Lipotes vexillifer), is likely to be extinct - researchers have failed to spot any in a search of its normal habitat
Boston Harbor is set to become the largest port on the US East Coast to ban boaters from dumping sewage into the sea
A bill sent last week to Congress proposed the US join Britain in ratifying a treaty struck more than a decade ago with Canada and France to make the wreck of the Titanic an international maritime memorial site
Salvagers are preparing to tow part of the stricken cargo ship MSC Napoli from Devon to Belfast for recycling
The Russian Pacific Fleet submarine Petropavlovsk- Kamchatsky launched a ballistic missile at a target in the Chizha firing range in northern Russia on Tuesday
Colombia's navy seized a 65-foot diesel- powered, fiberglass submarine that likely was used to haul tons of cocaine on part of its journey to the United States; no drugs were on board
New production methods at Electric Boat will enable the yard to build its next submarine in 4 sections instead of 10, and in 72 months instead of 84
Relations between Britain and Russia have soured over the death of Alexander Litvinenko and the expulsion of diplomats from London and Moscow, but they continue cooperation over nuclear safety
The second most valuable commercial fishery on the US West Coast has been shut down for the rest of the year after investigators found evidence a fishing boat and a processing plant were illegally dumping unwanted fish
Kenya has no plans to lift a ban imposed on trawlers last year
• The Congressional Research Service has released the report "China Naval Modernization: Implications for U.S. Navy Capabilities - Background and Issues for Congress," updated July 20, 2007 (PDF file)
The International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea ordered Russia to release the Japanese fishing boat Hoshin Maru No. 88 and its crew of 17 seized in waters off the Kamchatka Peninsula two months ago
Taiwan wants to buy at least six Aegis-equipped destroyers from the United States at a cost of more than $4.6 billion, the United Daily News said Monday
India plans to build a deep sea port; the state government also wants to build the largest chemical hub in West Bengal
Swiber Holdings Ltd. has acquired the North Shipyard in Singapore
Holland America Line creates a blog about the ms Eurodam, currently under construction in Italy and due to be delivered in 2008
Seattle-based Icicle Seafoods, one of Alaska's largest seafood processing plants, is being sold to California private equity firm Fox Paine Management III
Canada surveyed shark numbers for the first time, to try to manage fisheries better - the porbeagle shark, which came close to extinction, is the focus of the study
Florida finds that water from desalination plants is still more expensive than fresh water pumped from the ground
Kenya may withdraw licenses for foreign vessels fishing in its waters until a comprehensive fisheries policy is developed and put in place
Russian Admiralty Shipyards has contracted Aker Kvaerner for equipment for two new shuttle tankers operating in the Russian Arctic Ocean
New Zealand is installing more sea gauges to improve its warning systems for tsunamis
A Russian expedition to the Arctic, which ended with the national flag being planted in the seabed beneath the North Pole, cost nearly four million dollars
Critics say Canada's federal government isn't doing enough to protect the country's Arctic sovereignty, particularly after Russia's recent mission to the North Pole
US House approves an appropriations bill that includes funds to increase production of nuclear submarines from one to two per year; the Senate will take up the bill in September
In-depth report on current plans to keep the city of Venice from sinking
The shipping agency operating the cargo vessel Reef Azania, lost on June 24, says the ship's journey was delayed for general maintenance and was safe to sail
China's ship exports hit a record high of $5.49 billion in the first half of the year, up 61% from last year
Australia's BLUElink, a fleet of satellites and underwater robots, can forecast oceanic movements up to seven days ahead
Petroleos de Venezuela, Venezuela's state-run oil company, will search for light oil off Cuba
Relatives of two Japanese sailors who died when their M24 midget submarine was lost during World War II will attend a memorial service at sea off Sydney on Monday
Keppel Offshore & Marine has officially opened its new wholly-owned subsidiary, Keppel Nantong Shipyard Co. Ltd., in Nantong, Jiangsu province, China
Japan will finance the scrapping of three Russian Victor class nuclear submarines decommissioned from the Pacific Fleet under a joint project with Russia
New scallop dredge shoots jets of water into the sand, creating less impact on marine life than traditional dredges
A panel has been named to consider the death penalty for California sea lions that are eating endangered salmon trying to swim over Bonneville Dam
Zambian water authorities are integrating information based on satellite imagery to alleviate water shortages
The Nizhny Novogrod- based Krasnoye Sormovo shipyard has launched a Project 19619 tanker for the Turkish shipping company Palmali Group
Gunmen on Lake Albert have attacked a boat operated by Canada's Heritage Oil Corporation, killing a British contractor
Korean shipyards Hyundai Heavy Industries, Samsung Heavy Industries and Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering are on a roll
Maritime Union of Australia warns that fares will double if Sydney Ferries is privatized by the NSW government, as it would be hard for private operators to profit
Russia wants to increase the number of submarines it has in its Black Sea Fleet to 15, it currently has only two diesel subs
Belgian shipping company Exmar NV has applied to build a ship-to- ship LNG transfer installation and high- pressure natural gas discharge connection in Zeebrugge, Belgium
Saturn VMF, the daughter company of the Rybinsk based NPO Saturn is ready to deliver first Russian made gas turbines for the Russian Navy
India's Punj Lloyd Ltd. will acquire a 25.1% stake in Pipavav Shipyard in order to support the growth of its business in the offshore sector
Vast areas of Scotland's fishing grounds are to be closed to the country's trawlers in a groundbreaking voluntary scheme to protect cod stocks
Careful fish and wildlife management, backed by a conservation- minded public, has kept Florida's fisheries in good shape
A barge carrying a construction crane sunk at Massachusetts' Quincy Shipyard on Sunday; there was an oil spill, and it isn't clear how the barge will be removed
Prosecutors arrested four Korean shipbuilding industry workers who attempted to hand over domestic shipbuilding technology to Chinese competitors
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. was ordered Tuesday to pay compensation to former employees who contracted lung disease after working at the firm's shipbuilding facilities, and family members of deceased workers
The National Geographic Society and China's Yangtze River Fisheries Institute have launched a new search for the Chinese paddlefish, a critically endangered species experts fear may be extinct
Japanese officials have found extremely high mercury and methylmercury levels in samples of meat from pilot whales, and have condemned its consumption, especially in school lunches
NOAA has established four new Deep- ocean Assessment and Reporting of Tsunami, or DART stations, in the northwest Pacific Ocean
A federal oil spill fund has been tapped for $15.5 million to buy nesting habitat for marbled murrelets, a threatened sea bird harmed by the 1999 grounding of the freighter New Carissa

July 2007
The distinctive swimming technique of the bluegill sunfish is being used to develop agile, propellerless submarines
Heavy rains that have left Texas drought- free for the first time in a decade have also created the first detected extensive "dead zone" in the Gulf of Mexico off the Texas coast
For the sixth year in a row, low- oxygen water has been surveyed off the Oregon Coast, raising the possibility of another dead zone forming this summer that can kill bottom- dwelling sea life
New research shows that cold water damages the Great Barrier Reef just as much as warm water does
The US House is expected to approve a plan on Wednesday to overhaul the US Coast Guard's Deepwater ship acquisition program
About ten ships have slipped into the shelter of bays along the South African coastline to escape the heavy seas and huge swells that have rolled in with the series of severe cold fronts during the past few days
Inefficient ports, cumbersome procedures for clearance of goods, and poor surface infrastructure are just some of the factors harming India's shipping industry
Woodside Natural Gas today announced a commitment to US staffing and flagging of its regasification ships for the proposed OceanWay natural gas project
Two Russian deep- sea submersibles made a test dive in polar waters on Sunday ahead of a mission to be the first to reach the seabed under the North Pole
Three cranes took five hours to finally lift the 200-ton engine out of the 8-foot-deep hole it left when it fell outside the NASSCO shipyard in California
A vessel apparently struck a pipeline in the Gulf of Mexico on Sunday, leaving behind an 80-barrel oil spill; the leak has been stopped
'T-boned' ships Alpha Action and Wan Hai 307, stuck off Japan's Izu Peninsula, have been separated with no additional oil spills and no fears of sinking
The number of Atlantic hurricanes that form each year has doubled over the past century and global warming is largely to blame, according a new study
Carnival Cruise Lines will introduce the Splendor in July 2008 - and will start visiting South America in 2009
Taiwanese fishermen and 6 boats were detained by Chinese authorities and brought to China for fishing in a protected area on Saturday; they were set free later that day
British fishing industry believes it loses millions of pounds a year to poachers who either eat the fish or steal them to order for other fisheries
Canadian scientists are studying marine life deep off the coasts of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland
China's most advanced salvage ship, Nanhai 101, was sent into the water at Guangzhou Huangpu Shipyard on Saturday; designed by Shanghai Ship Design Institute, it will be delivered in October
Australia's abalone industry could face ruin after a deadly herpes- like virus has contaminated key fisheries along Victoria's south- western coast
US journalist believes the USS Scorpion was torpedoed by a Soviet submarine, but the event was covered up to avoid World War III
Injuries among US shipyard workers have been decreasing over the past 14 years
It will be Sunday at the earliest before the 200-ton ship engine that overturned outside the NASSCO shipyard can be pulled off the street
A new system for managing halibut quotas in the Gulf of St. Lawrence is under scrutiny after crews from New Brunswick caught more fish than the regulators had expected
Pakistani seafood exporters warn that a continuous ban on exports to the European Union, imposed by the federal authorities, will lead to closure of processing units next month
Lebanese beaches are still very toxic after last year's oil spill
Amendments to MARPOL Annex I enter into force on 1 August 2007; they set requirements concerning the location of oil fuel tanks in ships, placing them inside the double hull
The US Navy does not expect to harm marine mammals in Hawaii waters even with increased use of sonar in large-scale training exercises, including possible operations with three aircraft carriers
Ghana, Angola and Nigeria battle to host the sub- regional Coast Guard Coordinating Centre
Coal carrier Pasha Bulker, grounded off Australia on June 8, left Newcastle harbor today with many questions unanswered
Hyundai Heavy Industries has successfully built a large LPG cargo ship on land without using dry docks for the first time in the world
French boat Groupama 3, a 105-foot maxi trimaran made of space-age carbon fiber, has broken a record for sailing across the Atlantic Ocean
Dubai Drydocks World, the Dubai- based shipyard operator, said it will acquire 100% of Singapore- based Pan United Marine (PUM)
US federal government approved a regional effort to manage public roads in Northern California to protect and improve habitat for salmon and other fish
Fisheries in southern Africa face further decline unless a new approach to fishing is adopted, the World Wildlife Fund said
The jumbo Humboldt squid, which can grow up to 7 feet long and weigh more than 110 pounds, is invading central California waters and preying on local anchovy, hake and other commercial fish populations
Hundreds of oil- covered Magellanic penguins have surfaced off the Atlantic coast of South America in the last few weeks, from accidental spills and deliberate illegal discharge
Search-and-rescue operations were under way on Wednesday off Sicily in response to distress calls from boats carrying would-be immigrants saying some had died en route
China will launch a massive survey of its underwater relics in an effort to better conserve the country's cultural heritage
Effects of global warming are changing the lives of people who live in northern Russia
US House Appropriations Committee approves defense bill that includes funds for procurement of a second submarine, the full House is expected to consider the bill next week
The final departure of the decommissioned aircraft carrier John F. Kennedy is being delayed, but the US Navy and a member of the House are offering different reasons why
An octopus hauled onto a Korean fishing boat with ancient pottery attached to its suckers has led to one of the greatest undersea treasure discoveries of modern times
Crash investigators will stage a re-creation of a boat and ferry collision on Sydney Harbour that claimed four lives on March 28, they hope to rule in or rule out contributing factors
South Korea's Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co. has won an order worth US $633 million to build a semi-submersible drilling rig for an unidentified Latin American company
The non partisan Congressional Budget Office says the US Navy continues to underestimate the cost of new ships: the required budget will be about one-third more per year than predicted
Proposed Rabaska LNG port vulnerable to attack, precisely because authorities don't take the vulnerability seriously
Crew members of the Horizon Falcon, operated by a North Carolina company, were hailed by Chinese maritime officials for braving typhoon-whipped seas to rescue two Chinese seamen from sunken ship Hai Tong No. 7
A photo that purports to confirm the existence of a new class of Chinese ballistic missile submarine could torpedo Google Inc.'s aspirations in the world's second-largest Internet market
A deadly fish virus spreading through upstate New York has been detected in three new locations, and for the first time has been found in rainbow trout
Sea Harvest ship spilled oil in South Africa's Saldanha Bay harbor, causing a threat to sea life and birds
A British map of the northern Gulf where Iran seized 15 naval personnel in March was not as accurate as it should have been and Britain was fortunate Iran did not contest it
Two crew are missing after their cargo ship Changfu capsized Sunday near a lake in central China's Hunan Province
An invisible line of electric current keeps invasive Asian carp form entering the Great Lakes at the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal - so far
90 years late, a memorial ceremony is held for more than 600 South African victims of the SS Mendi, sunk when it was rammed amidships as it took volunteers to the western front
Japan's new sea law designed to unify the country's ocean policies comes into force
The use of liquefied manure to fertilize farm fields is blamed for muddied water in Lake Michigan
An independent scientific panel has expressed concern over a decision by oil and gas companies developing Russia's Sakhalin II offshore fields to ignore noise limits aimed at preserving whales
US lawmakers agreed Thursday to a goal of scanning all cargo ships before they leave foreign ports, the Bush administration opposes it
The contagious fish disease viral haemorrhagic septicaemia (VHS), once limited in North America to the Great Lakes, has now jumped to several inland lakes
Marine accident investigators have criticized the captain of the FR8 Venture for leaving the Orkney harbor in bad weather last November, two crew members died
The St Vincent-flagged freighter MV Reef Azania has been missing in the Indian Ocean for almost two weeks, 14 crew members were on board
The head of the Massachusetts Port Authority says that implementation of a long-delayed federal identification program for maritime workers is needed to ensure the security of major American seaports
The EU says Pakistan's government has failed to implement quality control recommendations, leading to suspension of seafood exports to the 27-nation bloc early this year
The anchovy fishery off the coasts of France and Spain will remain closed for at least another year because of low stock levels, the European Union's executive arm says
A plan has been adopted by California to clean up mercury from San Francisco Bay, but it could take 70 years to get rid of enough to make the Bay's fish safe to eat
All the bigger beaches dirtied by the oil spill from the freighter MS Don Pedro have been reopened; some of the smaller beaches are still being cleaned
Nigeria's President Umaru Musa Yar'adua says that oil companies operating in Nigeria must pay heavy fines if they cause oil spills
One man was killed and four injured in gas explosions at a Vietnamese shipyard on Wednesday
The 10 crew members of the Korean- registered vessel Orchid Sun, which sank off the Oman coast last week in rough seas, are recuperating in a Muscat hospital
The Isle of Man shipyard Booth W Kelly (BWK) has transformed the Norwegian Naval vessel HM5 into an all electric expedition yacht, the Wisting
Rising sea levels triggered by climate change pose a threat to some of the world's most productive rice- growing areas
Panama-flagged cargo vessel MV Infinity Marine 1 disappeared in Somalia's pirate- infested waters in late June
Labor negotiations between office clerks and employers at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach have been postponed for a day; longshoremen will honor the picket lines if the 750 clerks strike
Lloyd's Register EMEA, in conjunction with Caledonian Geotech Ltd and the Maritime Institute in Gdansk, has recently conducted what is believed to be the first offshore North Sea pipeline in-service survey using a multi-beam echo sounder (MBES)
Salvage crews managed to pull the Robertson II upright for the second time last night, bringing the ship the closest it has come to being refloated since it ran aground July 1
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's new fisheries survey vessel is as quiet as a submarine, so scientists can study fish without scaring them away
Science Applications International Corporation has completed the restructuring of AMSEC LLC; the restructuring divided AMSEC along customer and product lines, with parts of AMSEC being distributed to SAIC
Noble Denton Group has acquired Poseidon Maritime for $4.9 million, creating a marine and engineering consultancy for the oil and gas industry
Fishermen have caught a rare and endangered fish, the coelacanth, off the coast of the Indian Ocean archipelago of Zanzibar
Canada's New Government will establish one fishery for British Columbia and will provide $175 million to support environmentally and economically sustainable integrated Pacific commercial fisheries
Vietnam's coastal environment is in peril from the destruction of coral reefs and over fishing
Classification society ABS will class the first common structural rules (CSR) tankers built in the US; 3 Jones Act product tankers built for AHL Shipping Company are currently under review by the society
British Prime Minister expected to announce the contract for two aircraft carriers for the Royal Navy in the next few days; Scottish shipyards could be awarded up to half of the work
Soft coral communities in tropical waters may literally be melting away because of bleaching events, which have been dramatically accelerated by global warming
There are no signs of 12 missing sailors of the South Korean cargo ship Orchid Sun that sank 93 miles east of Sultan Qaboos Port in Muscat early Thursday morning
Oil from the stricken container ship MSC Napoli leaked Friday onto a southern English beach and blackened seabirds in the latest mishap for a six-month- long salvage operation
Three more Chinese sailors were saved and three confirmed dead after the Panama- registered freighter Hai Tong 7 sank about 370 miles from Guam on Wednesday
Twenty-six cadets and six crew from the Canadian training vessel Fair Jeanne were rescued Friday on Lake Ontario after fire broke out in the engine room
Retired teacher may have found the first 'Friendly Floatee' rubber duck to wash ashore in Britain; several cargo containers fell from a ship in 1992, spilling 30,000 of them
More than 30,000 fish have escaped from Scottish farms in the first four months of this year, sparking fears they could harm wild stocks
A day after Stephen Harper unveiled Canada's military agenda in the Arctic, a high- ranking US Naval official spelled out his country's own ambitions in the region
Dubai Drydocks World, the global maritime arm of Dubai World, has taken control of the Singapore- based shipyard Pan-United Marine Limited (PUM)
Brazilian federal police have arrested three top executives of state-owned Petrobras, along with the directors of three shipyards and others for alleged involvement in fixing repair contract bids for at least three offshore oil platforms
Indonesian authorities are looking for more survivors from The Wahai Star; the bodies of two young children were found along with 31 survivors
China Shipbuilding Industry Corp will seek an initial public offering (IPO) in 2007
Scientists suggest that massive fish kills in the Shenandoah River were caused by runoff from litter from the poultry industry
Malaysia is studying a plan to clone leatherback turtles, an endangered species damaged by overfishing and pollution
Fish farming in Uganda has grown by 140% since 1999
Ferries in Washington state may be used to collect water samples, forming an early- warning system for things like algal blooms, oil spills, and sewage problems in Puget Sound
Scientists warn that not enough is known yet about iron fertilization of the oceans to sequester carbon dioxide
Ferry MV Blue Water sank in stormy waters in the central Philippines early Thursday; at least 12 people are dead and more than 100 may be missing
The tanker White Sea ran aground off New Jersey's Sandy Hook on Thursday; the vessel has a double hull and the crew deployed spill booms, and the ship isn't leaking
Japanese and Pakistani naval ships helped rescue sailors from the South Korean cargo vessel Orchin Sun, that was sinking in waters off Oman
The empty car transport ship Don Pedro sank off the Spanish island of Ibiza; rescuers saved 20 crew members but the ship is leaking fuel oil
A new low-altitude Wing In Ground aircraft (WIG), especially suitable for maritime transportation, has been developed by scientists from Tongji University
India and Australia have agreed to more maritime cooperation for security in the Asia Pacific region, and will also hold joint naval exercises
NOAA will continue to allow the US Navy to use low- frequency sonar as long as it continues precautions to protect marine mammals
14 people suffering burns were taken to a hospital Tuesday after an explosion in Panamanian- registered car freighter Grus at a dockyard on Kasado Island, off Kudamatsu, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan
Pride International Inc. has ordered a newbuild drillship, it will be built by Samsung Heavy Industries Co. Ltd. at its shipyard in Geoje, South Korea
All ocean-going ships - including non- ballast salties - should flush their ballasts with salt water when entering the Great Lakes to reduce the risk of transporting invasive species
Malaysian trawler fishermen are being encouraged to give up their operations and move into aquaculture or deepsea fishing
Part of the Aral Sea has water again, as a dam project proves its worth; the world's worst ecological disaster can probably never be completely restored
Japanese-operated ships have been targeted by pirates in Southeast Asia this year, but most of the attacks were foiled
Sovereign Exploration Associates International, Inc. announced it will begin diving operations this month on an 18th century shipwreck that has been code named 'Northern Squall'
Marine Subsea Inc. has signed a contract with Ulstein Verft for an offshore construction vessel specialized in inspection, maintenance and repair operations (IMR/OCV) of the ULSTEIN SX121 design
Giant islands taking shape off the coast of Dubai are sparking interest from celebrities, investors and environmentalists - who are worried about the man-made structures
New rules to protect endangered whales from fishing gear entanglements will be in place in the US by October after environmentalists sued to end a long delay
More and more extremely wealthy people are having personal luxury submarines built
• Report Long-Term Health Effects of Participation in Project SHAD (Shipboard Hazard and Defense) is now available from the National Academies Press
Crew members are missing from ONGC's supply vessel Samudrika-10 are missing after it sank off the Mumbai coast on Monday
The Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) is providing assistance to crew and passengers rescued onboard a distressed Ghanaian vessel in Bonny, Rivers State
Russia said Monday that it will return the Japanese fishing boat Hoshin Maru 88 seized off the Pacific Coast last month, but there was no word on whether the crew of 17 would also be released
Re-thinking the concept of making artificial reefs
US Shipping Partners LP announced that the US Navy's Military Sealift Command has agreed to charter two new tankers being constructed for the Partnership's joint venture
Ban on shrimp from China probably won't help US shrimp fishermen, who have been harmed by low- priced imports
Texas Land Commissioner has ordered the removal of derelict jack up rig Zeus that authorities say could topple into the Freeport Ship Channel and spill toxic sludge
Environmental clean up planned for the US Coast Guard Yard at Curtis Bay; site was placed on the EPA's Superfund list in 2002
Hemimysis anomala, commonly known as 'bloody red shrimp,' may have invaded Lake Erie
Scientists are seeing skinny gray whales lately, they suspect it's caused by the rapid warming of Arctic waters where the whales feed
Japan has filed a complaint with an international maritime court for the release of the 17 crew members of a Japanese fishing boat seized by Russia
China is welcoming foreigners to invest its shipping industry, and expand its fleet
Piracy attacks in Asia fall to 43 in first half year, down from 79 in the same period of 2006
Spanish galleon San Jose that sank 300 years ago laden with treasure must first be recovered before an international dispute over the fortune can be settled, Colombia's highest court ruled Thursday
BP PLC took delivery of the British Emerald, the world's largest LNG carrier, which was build by Korea's Hyundai Heavy Industries Co.
Military contractor Northrop Grumman Corp. paid a lobbyist in the first half of 2007 for US Navy shipbuilding programs
Northrop Grumman Newport News invests in research to build a better submarine, because the US Navy doesn't have a program to design a new one
The Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) will discuss ways to reduce air pollution from ships, when it meets from 9 to 13 July
Victoria Shipyards will refit five of Canada's 12 Halifax-class frigates as part of a $3.1 billion program to make the Canadian navy stronger and safer
Canadian warship HMCS St. John's freed a humpback whale that was entangled in fishing gear on the Grand Banks off Newfoundland on Wednesday
The Helen Delich Bentley Port of Baltimore has initiated an ambitious plan to protect the environment
Environmental risks keep the US 'ghost fleet' of old ships from being dismantled
Russia and Venezuela are preparing a contract for the delivery of Russian-made diesel submarines to the Latin American country, the head of Russia's state-run arms exporter said Thursday
Sophisticated side- scan sonar helps solve drowning cases and other underwater mysteries
Florida developer Island Global Yachting wants to build a shipbuilding and repair yard at Quonset Point; it also wants to establish a marine trade skills program
Questions remain about how the Pasha Bulker became grounded, and who will pay for the salvage operation, which has been estimated at $5 million
Canada Shipping Act, 2001 (CSA 2001) came into effect on July 1, 2007, and governs safety in marine transportation and recreational boating, and protection of the marine environment
The Robertson II, a tall ship affectionately known as 'the Robbie,' has gone down on a British Columbia reef; no one was injured
A Finnish-Swedish search team has found the wreck of the Soviet submarine SC305, sunk by the Finnish navy in the Baltic Sea during World War II
The Korean Navy commissions the Dokdo LPH, the largest amphibious landing and transport vessel in Asia
Washington State Ferries has accepted three shipyards' joint plan for building four new ferries; Todd Pacific Shipyards, J.M. Martinac Shipbuilding, and Nichols Brother Boat Builders will cooperate
Atlantic Canada's lobster fishery is being over-exploited
Canada's Davie shipyard is coming back to life
South Korean shipbuilder Samsung Heavy Industries has won orders worth a total of US$10 billion in the first half of this year
DOF ASA and Aker Capital are jointly establishing the shipowning company Aker DOF Supply
Vietnam and India will sign agreements boosting cooperation in agriculture, fisheries and shipping during a visit this week by the Vietnamese prime minister
The spate of mysteries tied to marine mammals may be a warning sign that global climate change, over-fishing, pollution and a plethora of environmental issues are reaching a critical point
India's navy will acquire six new submarines and 33 ships, a top admiral said on Saturday
Researchers equipped with unique robotic vehicles designed to explore mountain ranges miles beneath the polar icecap are setting off for the North Pole
India put stringent radiation and security monitoring protocols in place as the nuclear- powered warship USS Nimitz prepared to berth off the country's south-eastern coast Sunday

June 2007
Almost all of the 100 or so boats seized by the Sri Lankan Navy at various times from crossing the International Border Line were found to be totally damaged
Canada seems committed to defending its northern sovereignty, but icebreaker ships and a deepwater port are not likely to be funded
Tickets to join the final voyage of the cruise ship QE2, before it is converted into a floating hotel by Dubai, sold out in just 36 minutes
The Edward M. Cotter, the oldest working fireboat in the world at 107 years of active use, is back in Buffalo after repairs were made to its hull
The 15-member crew of the sinking cargo vessel MV Maria was rescued in the waters off Kochi on Saturday
Progress at Aker Philadelphia Shipyard
Canada and the US are at odds over a small island in the Bay of Fundy claimed by both countries
Russia's state-run arms exporter Rosoboronexport and French Thales signed a document Friday on cooperation in the production of naval equipment
Russia's state-run arms exporter Rosoboronexport has signed a contractual agreement on the design and construction of corvettes for the Indonesian navy
For the first time the International Maritime Prize has been awarded to two recipients for a single year: Mr. Alfred Popp of Canada and, posthumously, Mr. Igor Ponomarev of the Russian Federation
NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer is pushing for the alliance to take on energy security by guarding pipelines and sea lanes bringing oil and gas to the West
SEACOR Holdings Inc. and Nabors Industries Ltd. will form a new company to own and operate a fleet of 20 offshore support vessels currently owned by a Nabors affiliate
The head of the US Maritime Administration will inspect the mothballed fleet at Suisun Bay, which once was thought of as a valuable asset in case of war
China has inaugurated a harbor area with preferential tax rates in the northeastern city of Dalian, a major step towards forming a free trade zone between China, Japan and the Republic of Korea
The World Shipping Council has backed a US proposal to curb emissions such as nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide from oceangoing vessels
Russia has successfully tested a new, sea-based ballistic missile from a nuclear submarine
Britain's Ministry of Defence has given formal approval to the sale of Devonport Management Limited dockyard to Babcock International
The Sea Stallion, a reconstruction of a Viking warship, will sail from Denmark to Dublin, across some of the roughest seas in the world
Mining companies are poised to turn more than 20 lakes across Canada into toxic waste dumps by using a special exemption to federal environmental rules, critics say
A solid body of scientific evidence confirms that salmon farms are the cause of sea-lice infections in juvenile wild salmon, according to a confidential report commissioned by a British Columbia government- funded group
Native crayfish in the UK are being threatened by an American, marbled species, which carries a deadly plague
Salvage teams are hoping to refloat the bulk carrier Pasha Bulker, which has been stranded on the Australian seaboard for almost three weeks
Two ships, Arcadia Progress and Shujjat-III, are still stranded at the Porbandar coast; apart from disrupting port activities, officials are worried about oil spills
Two officers from the oil/bulk ore carrier Searose G have received the inaugural 2007 IMO Award for Exceptional Bravery at Sea, in recognition of their part in a dramatic rescue in severe weather
The first attempt to haul the stranded bulk carrier Pasha Bulker off Nobbys Beach in Newcastle has failed; salvagers will try to refloat it Friday at high tide, and, Engineers believe creating quicksand under the vessel could help free it
One of Australia's most experienced shipbuilders, John Gallacher, is expected to be named chief executive of the team to deliver the $8 billion air warfare destroyer project
China will start giving tax exemptions to ships that register under the country's own flag
Canada's new government has changed the Competency of Operators of Pleasure Craft Regulations, setting higher standards for boating safety testing
As many as 264 fishermen onboard 18 boats around Pakistan are missing due to a cyclone
Negotiators for US West Coast longshore workers and the companies that employ them will get an early start on contract talks next year, hoping to avoid a labor dispute
For the first time, a Canadian submarine, HMCS Corner Brook, will participate in the Arctic exercise Operation Nanook
South Australian construction company Hansen Yuncken has won a $100 million contract to build ASC's shipyard to assemble Australia's new air warfare destroyers
Poaching is one of the biggest threats facing Kamchatka salmon, with two kinds of the fish already included in Russia's Red Book of species at risk, but it is also central to the area's economy
Russia could sell up to 40 fourth-generation diesel submarines to foreign customers in the next seven and a half years, the state-run arms exporter Rosoboronexport said Wednesday
China has completed the world's longest sea- crossing bridge across the East China Sea, the Hangzhou Bay Bridge is 36 kilometers long (22.5 miles)
The small cruise ship Disko II ran aground off Greenland's west coast; 54 people were safely evacuated, and no damage has been seen
Increasing numbers of illegal fishermen over the last decade have become the biggest threat to unique and indigenous marine life of the Galapagos Islands; Ecuador asks for international help
British Columbia gets a bare passing grade for management of salmon aquaculture compared to the rest of the world's salmon-farming nations
A British proposal to target Iran's national shipping lines under a draft U.N. sanctions resolution could temporarily curb Tehran's ability to export oil to world markets
K-Sea Transportation Partners L.P. will acquire Smith Maritime, Ltd. of Honolulu, Hawaii and Sirius Maritime LLC of Seattle, Washington
Bulgarian-flagged freight vessel Koznitsa was safely re-floated Monday, two days after it grounded about nine miles east of the Brunswick, Georgia harbor entrance
Three warships built at BAE shipyard in Glasgow for the Royal Brunei Navy are finally to be sold after a long-running legal dispute was resolved; they were originally destined for Brunei's Offshore Patrol Vessel squadrons
Even though Germany's first-ever bid to challenge for the America's Cup failed, the team is building a new yacht in hope of trying again; the yacht is under construction at the German shipyard Knierim-Yachtbau
Engineering and construction major Larsen & Toubro Ltd (L&T) is expected to choose Chennai for its proposed integrated shipyard project
Global warming may be harming fish farms in Pakistan
Iran has arrested the crew on three Emirati boats it has seized for illegal entry and fishing in its territorial waters in the Gulf
Canada announces a recovery strategy for killer whales in Puget Sound and off Vancouver Island that includes ensuring an adequate food supply and reducing pollution
Following a successful sea trial, Aker Philadelphia Shipyard delivered the MT46 Veteran Class Overseas Long Beach, which was transferred to American Shipping Corporation, a subsidiary of Aker American Shipping
Horizon Lines Inc. has closed on the purchase of Hawaii Stevedores Inc., one of two stevedoring companies on Oahu
An attempt to refloat the stranded bulk carrier Pasha Bulker, which is stuck off a beach near Newcastle, has been postponed until Thursday evening
Bulgaria opened bidding Monday for the state-run sea shipping company Bulgarian Maritime Navigation; 70% is up for sale
A clam vessel being built for Clearwater Seafoods Income Funds capsized and sank in shallow waters while being towed from a shipyard in Taiwan to a nearby dry dock; no one was injured
Federal and provincial politicians want Ottawa to institute a full, formal ban on oil tankers in B.C. coastal waters, a move being backed by environmentalists and some First Nations
The Philippines is taking part on a project to build the world's largest ship, in Subic
Non-lethal methods to keep sea lions from threatening spring chinook salmon in the Columbia River aren't working
Scientists warn that Planktos Inc.'s plan to dump iron into the ocean to absorb carbon dioxide is not ready for large- scale operations
Mexico plans to start the bidding process that will lead to development of the Colonet megaport and rail line in Baja California before December
President Hugo Chavez insisted that any purchases of Russian submarines or an air defense system from Belarus were none of the United States' business, but Venezuela's alone
Russia currently has 19 active-duty surface ships and submarines at sea, the Russian Navy commander said Saturday
US shipbuilder Northrop Grumman Newport News has built a new pier for overhauling and building Navy aircraft carriers
New report says overfishing is still a problem in US waters, prompting conservation groups to call for catch limits and tougher enforcement
Canada's Bella Coola eulachon run collapsed the same year the federal government opened a shrimp trawl fishery in Queen Charlotte Sound; other factors could be in play
Two crew members of a cargo ship were killed as the vessel sank partially in the Arabian Sea off the west coast of India; 21 people were rescued, one is still missing
The Taharoa Express got into trouble early Friday morning after its load of iron sand slurry moved while in rough seas off the Taranaki coast; it's safe in Tasman Bay now, but still listing
New evidence suggests Germany's Pamir, one of the world's last working square- rigged sailing ships, was falling apart and run by inexperienced sailors when it sank in 1957
After 23 years of service and four awards for battle efficiency, the nuclear-powered attack submarine USS Minneapolis-St. Paul has been decommissioned
Appeals court orders new hearing in Massachusetts case over anti-oil spill law stemming from a 2004 disaster - at issue is whether state law can pre-empt federal law
The Norwegian state, Sweden's Saab and the Wallenberg group have acquired 40 per cent of the offshore firm Aker Kvaerner; Norway owns 30% of the company
36-year-old former US Navy transport dock ship Trenton will be renamed Jalashwa, and sent to India
China shut down a chemical plant after it discharged toxic chemicals into a river, causing 61 villagers to seek medical treatment for skin inflammation
21 African migrants are feared drowned after the Maltese- registered fishing vessel Budafel picked up a man some 75 miles south of Malta
Starting June 24, Canadian and US military groups will take part in an exercise that will test the limits of maritime security and cross- border cooperation
The Indian government on Thursday approved amendments in the Merchant Shipping Act 1958 and Indian Ports Act 1908 aimed at ensuring enhanced maritime safety and security
New research suggests that icebergs that break off Antarctica and drift away are hotspots of life in the cold southern ocean
Avonway has ordered a monohull crane vessel with a 5,600 ton single mast lifting capacity from Singapore's Sembawang Shipyard; it will be the largest single mast unit installed to date on a vessel
The Japanese coastal whaling town of Wada has caught and butchered its first catch of the season - and defended the practice against international criticism
New legislation to help stop illegal fishing in the Australian Fishing Zone (AFZ) has been approved by the federal parliament
Canada will provide up to $7.9 million in compensation to fishermen from Newfoundland and Labrador and northeastern Quebec affected by severe ice conditions
The International Maritime Organization (IMO) will launch a new publication containing information on the designation of Particularly Sensitive Sea Areas (PSSAs) by the Organization
All 19 crew aboard a Panamanian ship which sank in the Arabian Sea overnight in bad weather were rescued by a passing vessel; the chemical transporter sank between Socotra Island and the south coast of Yemen
China's Cosco Group has signed a deal with Japan's Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd to build a shipyard in northeast China
Island Global Yachting has received preliminary approval to construct a shipbuilding and repair yard at Quonset Point, Rhode Island
Pakistan is negotiating with the Daewoo Shipyard of Korea to help establish a subsidiary of the Karachi Shipyard and Engineering Works at Gwadar for repair and maintenance of bigger local and foreign ships and vessels
A new bout of badly upset stomachs has hit the popular coastal ferry Hurtigruten, with several passengers falling ill on the new ship Fram, which is cruising near Greenland
• The US Congressional Research Service has updated their report Navy Role in Global War on Terrorism (GWOT) - Background and Issues for Congress, April 16, 2007 (PDF file)
New Zealand commercial fisherman, banned by a court from fishing, diving and even collecting shellfish for the next three years, says he is being treated more harshly than a drug runner or murderer
485 birds covered in oil as a result of the grounding of the container ship MSC Napoli in Devon in January have been released into the wild by the RSPCA; 1020 birds had to be killed
Three-year project to assess the level of fish stocks around Gulf nations will begin in November
Chinese sailors will get legal protection from a new regulation which comes into force on September 1; it will benefit 1.55 million Chinese sailors, the largest number in the world
The capture of 15 UK navy personnel by Iran in the Gulf in March was the result of a series of operational failures, and was not the fault of any individual or due to a lack of equipment, a government report concluded
A New Orleans area river pilots' group wants an increase in what it charges to guide ships through the treacherous curves of the Mississippi River
Using Britain's ISIS robot submarine, researchers are for the first time able to view previously hidden features up to three miles deep in the Nazare Canyon, in the eastern Atlantic
Keppel FELS Limited is on course to deliver another KFELS Super B Class jackup drilling rig to repeat customer, Sinvest AS, a subsidiary of Aban Singapore Pte Ltd
The Alakai, Hawaii Superferry's first of two vessels for the Hawaiian Islands, traveled through the Panama Canal late Monday night en route to Hawaii
Foundations contractor Sam Woo Holdings, which is set to build a shipyard in Vietnam, said it aims to wrap up a joint venture with Nah Trang Vinalines Marine by the end of the year
VHS, a deadly aquatic virus that has moved through the Great Lakes, has been identified in fish samples taken from Skaneateles Lake, one of the easternmost Finger Lakes
Cascades Fine Papers Group Inc., which operates a mill in Quebec, pleaded guilty to depositing a deleterious substance in the Chaudiere River, in violation of the Fisheries Act
A military ship recovered the bodies of at least 13 illegal immigrants who drowned off the Italian island of Lampedusa
Warming in the Arctic may be one reason why cod are so slow to return to Atlantic waters, despite years of increased restrictions on fishing
Royal Fleet Auxiliary vessel Lyme Bay goes out for sea trials; it was started at Swan Hunter's Wallsend yard, but completed at the BAE Systems yard in Govan, Glasgow
The catch rate of fishermen in Asia has dropped significantly in the past five decades
Mississippi shipbuilder V.T. Halter has laid the keels for two NOAA vessels
Tug boat Pacific Responder is on its way to the Pasha Bulker, stranded off a Newcastle beach; three other vessels will help with the salvage
A group of Sri Lankan fishermen hurled five country-made bombs at Indian fishermen at sea between Dhanushkodi and Katchatheevu, and sank a boat before hijacking three boats along with 12 fishermen
Kenyan authorities are called on to investigate the deaths of three east African seamen in "mysterious circumstances" aboard an oil tanker anchored in Mombasa
South Korea's Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering has completed construction of a block plant in China; the plant will produce 30,000 tons of blocks this year for South Korea's Okpo shipyard
B.C. Ferries' new ships are ready for today's technology - and hopefully tomorrow's, as well
A lack of government spending on marine infrastructure is perplexing Nunavut's leaders
Salvagers discovered thousands of pearls Friday in a small, lead box they said they found while searching for the wreckage of the 17th-century Spanish galleon Santa Margarita
Eleven Pakistani sailors went missing in Tokyo as they took part in a rare naval goodwill visit to Japan
US Congressional oversight committee wants Bollinger Shipyards Inc. to return $100 million for faulty renovations to US Coast Guard boats
Russia invites foreign investors to support the expansion of the Volga-Don shipping canal in the Caspian Sea
The Port of Beirut defies bad news, the facility is on track to handle 1 million containers by the end of the year
Venezuela denies a Russian news report, saying it has no immediate plans to buy Russian submarines
Russia has founded the United Shipbuilding Corporation, it is 100% controlled by the state
Petroleo Brasileiro, Brazil's state-controlled oil company, christened a new oil platform P-52; it is the first platform to be assembled domestically
South Korea's wing in ground ship (WIG) project has stalled, as the government has failed to find a partner from the private sector
South African environment minister said that unless the decline in SA's abalone resource was significantly reversed by November, his department would be forced to close the legal commercial abalone fishery for about 10 years
Officials try to protect Florida's threatened coral reefs from pollution, ships, fishing
US Senator Maria Cantwell introduced a bill Thursday to improve federal efforts to prevent and respond to oil spills
The Pasha Bulker went aground in a storm a week ago and has become a tourist attraction off the city of Newcastle on Australia's eastern seaboard (see photo)
A federal judge has nullified a Bush administration policy that counts hatchery fish along with wild fish when making decisions about which salmon stocks should be protected under the Endangered Species Act
Canada's Parliament will hold an emergency debate over a move by North Dakota to drain into Canada what authorities north of the border say is polluted water that could harm fisheries
Two more vessels will be towed from the James River Reserve Fleet to be scrapped - the Empire State (later Barrett), and the Cape Clear
China will build more oil tankers to meet the demand from rising imports, and reduce its dependence on foreign carriers
Three Washington shipyards, Martinac, Todd Pacific Shipyards, and Nichols Brothers Boat Builders, have submitted a joint proposal to construct four new ferries for the state
India's defense minister has asked his Russian counterpart to help ensure the aircraft carrier Admiral Gorshkov will be delivered in time
Moving bait fish and their eggs from one Michigan waterway to another will be restricted unless they are certified as disease- free under new regulations designed to slow the spread of the lethal virus VHS
The Malaysian maritime enforcement agency has detained 31 Thai fishermen who allegedly attempted to masquerade as local fishermen
Bulk carrier Pasha Bulker is still stranded at Newcastle; salvage teams are stabilizing the vessel, which may not be refloated until higher tides later this month
World's shippers urge western navies to combat Somali pirates
Starting 14 June 2007, ships flying the flag of a Party to the OPRC-HNS Protocol must carry a pollution emergency plan to deal specifically with incidents involving hazardous and noxious substances
Russian state-controlled oil giant Rosneft plans to spend $1.2 billion on the construction of ships to develop oil fields off Russia's Far East coast
The full-rigger Sorlandet ran aground in the Oslo Fjord Tuesday evening, forcing a full evacuation; the captain admitted that he had taken the ship around the wrong side of the fjord beacon
Chinese archaeologists have found an ancient sunken ship in the South China Sea laden with Ming Dynasty porcelain, divers used satellite navigation equipment to find the vessel
Russian First Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov believes the establishment of large shipbuilding holdings is important for Russia
Dubai Drydocks World LLC has launched a bid for all outstanding shares of Pan-United Marine Ltd., which has ship repair and building yards in Singapore and Indonesia
River taxis could be introduced on the River Tay to ferry visitors between Newburgh and Perth, UK; it's part of a plan to spruce up the river
A 10-year-old Vietnamese boy and his father were among 15 captured for illegally fishing in Malaysian waters
Japan's fisheries ministry will promote development of eel farming techniques in response to the European Union's decision to sharply restrict the European eel fry catch
Malaysia says non-Asean enforcement agencies shouldn't conduct enforcement exercises in South- East Asian waters as it could complicate security matters
Pirates are active again off Somalia's coast; this time they have technology
A lawyer for B.C. Ferries says a lawsuit over last year's Queen of the North sinking should not be certified as a class action, arguing the surviving passengers' experiences are too diverse
A salvage tug and special clean-up equipment have arrived in Newcastle to help in the battle to stabilize the bulk carrier Pasha Bulker, which ran aground on Friday
• The abbreviated version of The Role of Naval Forces in the Global War on Terror is available from the National Research Council of The National Academies
UN Food and Agriculture Organization warns that about 132 million children worldwide are being forced to work in the agricultural sector, including fisheries
European Union ministers agreed to more controls to reduce cod fishing in the Baltic Sea, this will preserve stocks that are at risk of collapse after years of chronic overfishing
Australian parliament's lower house has approved stronger measures to stop illegal fishing in the country's waters
Global warming is steadily wearing away the polar ice cap, making the advent of Arctic energy exploration increasingly likely - and Russia wants to claim ownership
Kenya's President Mwai Kibaki calls for action to halt further decline of Lake Victoria and the surrounding environment, saying the livelihood and well being of 30 million people who live around its basin are at risk
US Republican presidential candidate Rudolph Giuliani said that port security should receive the same attention and resources that airport security has
Salcombe's Harbour Board wants to build a floating provisioning vessel, but land- based shop owners fear the sailors would never leave their yachts
Carnival Corp. has exercised its option for a new cruise ship for its Holland America Line; the 2,100-passenger ship will be built by Fincantieri at its Marghera shipyard, and delivered in 2010
Delegates at the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) agreed to ban trade in the endangered sawfish
The European Union agreed on Monday to restrict the fishing of bluefin tuna in the eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean in hope of reviving dwindling stocks
Indonesia needs at least three more years to name all its islands, and the lack of names leaves people at risk in times of disaster
Gloria Arroyo, President of the Philippines, was criticized for not signing a bill to set aside funds to handle the costs of oil spills, but she has promised to sign it now
Philippine passenger ferry MV Catalyn D with 260 people on board caught fire south of Manila, leaving at least five dead
Scientists have called for almost a third of the world's oceans to be turned into protected areas for marine wildlife, to maintain food supplies and stop damage to underwater habitats and wildlife
India is planning to commission 39 combat ships and six submarines in the near future to boost its naval power, and, Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Gorshkov will be inducted into the Indian Navy next year
Protests at Germany's G8 summit took a spectacular turn as police launched a high-speed boat chase through the Baltic and rammed 2 Greenpeace inflatable speed boats which had breached a maritime security zone
A naval exercise off the Australian coast using submarine-hunting sonar could kill whales or cause them to become stranded, the International Whaling Commission has warned
General Dynamics Bath Iron Works plans to pursue a contract to build US Coast Guard cutters, and may bid on a high- speed vessel that would be used by the Army and Marines
Subsea 7's newbuild deepwater pipelay Seven Seas was launched successfully at Merwede shipyard, in Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Bush administration proposes legislation that would make it easier to develop industrial- scale aquaculture in ocean waters
Attempts to restrict trade in two threatened shark species - spiny dogfish and porbeagle - through the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) have failed
The International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) has called for a complete ban on fishing for North Sea cod
Rear Adm. Ronald J. Rabago relieved Rear Adm. Gary T. Blore June 8 as the program executive officer of the US Coast Guard's Deepwater acquisition program
The tug Aakash sank off the Gujarat coast with 20 tons of diesel on board, no oil spill seen so far
Russian shipyard Nerpa is rebuilding part of the Soviet Union's first nuclear submarine K-19, which almost exploded at the height of the Cold War, to serve as a monument
The world's biggest floating production storage offloading unit (FPSO) is being built at Shanghai Waigaoqiao to DNV rules
ENSCO International Incorporated has entered into an agreement with the Keppel FELS Limited Shipyard in Singapore to construct an ultra-deepwater semisubmersible rig to be named ENSCO 8503
Malta Shipyards last year reported a deficit that was 50% larger than projected
Statoil and the Norwegian Ministry of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs has supplied three oil spill response systems to Russia
More than 220 jobs are to be axed at the Clyde Naval Base because of a gap in demand for submarine maintenance work
Iran is increasing its fleet of small attack boats capable of challenging warships and disrupting oil traffic in the Strait of Hormuz, the sea route for two-fifths of the world's daily supply of crude oil, the US Navy says
The cruise ship Empress of the North, which ran aground last month off Alaska, will return to service July 7
The US House of Representatives joined the Senate this week in calling on world leaders to slash fishing subsidies, which critics blame for depletion of marine stocks, some to near extinction
More than one-third of the coastal waters that link America's rivers and oceans are in poor condition, the Environmental Protection Agency said in a report
French authorities intercepted Lithuanian cargo vessel Vyautas after naval aircraft spotted an oil slick from the ship in the waters off northern France
IMO and a group of 14 partner organizations are marking the fifth anniversary since the launch of the web-based UN Atlas of the Oceans:
The US Navy has fired warning shots across the bow of the Dutch ship Danica White that was boarded by armed pirates off the coast of Somalia on Saturday
Scientists suggest that excessive fishing in the Black Sea has triggered major changes in the marine ecosystem, and returning the habitat to a stable state won't be easy
Businesses across Hawaii have flocked to join the effort to urge the California Legislature not to tax shipping containers
New Zealand's Navy will commission its first strategic sealift ship, Canterbury, next week; the vessel was built in Holland
Three relatives of a Chinese-born engineer who was convicted of trying to export US defense technology to China have pleaded guilty to their roles in the conspiracy
The European Union may lift its ban on Pakistan seafood imports
A major oil spill in the north of Sakhalin Island has contaminated a river used by endangered fish species to spawn
Japan and South Korea will hold talks June 17 and 18 in Seoul aimed at demarcating their exclusive economic zones in the Sea of Japan to prevent future maritime conflict
Singapore's Keppel Corp., the world’s top offshore oil drilling rigs maker, may buy up Asian shipbuilding yards in several years when it expects a glut in capacity to depress asset prices
The European Union wants to make it easier to import certain kinds of fish like cod and hake to keep the food processing industry competitive
Ethanol plants in the US may start diverting steam to warm tanks that will be used to grow tilapia
The US Coast Guard is re-establishing a Coastal Warning Display (Storm Flag) program at selected Coast Guard boat stations throughout the country to warn the public of approaching storm conditions
Northrop Grumman's Newport News shipyard, which has been building submarines that carry conventional torpedoes and cruise missiles, wants to get involved with designing and perhaps building ballistic missile submarines
Many popular fish species around Malaysia are disappearing due to climate change, overfishing and poor enforcement of the use of prohibited nets
US Census Bureau estimates that 35 million people, 12% of the population, live in the coastal counties most threatened by Atlantic hurricanes - article theorizes on the next New Orleans
Legal and political dispute over the Spanish galleon San Jose is still raging - Colombia should rule this week on rival claims by the government and US investors
A British expert's claim to have located the sunken wreck of the HMAS Sydney is 'complete nonsense,' according to the Perth company HMAS Sydney Search
• US Congressional Research Service releases an update to China Naval Modernization: Implications for U.S. Navy Capabilities - Background and Issues for Congress (PDF file, dated May 29, 2007)
Four North Koreans, apparently heading to South Korea, arrive off Aomori, Japan in a wooden boat measuring only 7 meters long
Invasive Chinese mitten crab is discovered in Delaware Bay
Experts fear a major hurricane could wipe out North Carolina's Outer Banks
Work is underway to declare the spot where the Titanic was built a World Heritage Site
US Navy awards Northrop Grumman Corporation a $2.4 billion contract for the detail design and construction of the amphibious assault ship, LHA 6; work will be performed at the company's shipyard in Pascagoula, Mississippi
The European Union hopes to cut trade in eel, due to plunging stocks
Peregrine falcons are nesting aboard the Cape Mendocino, a decommissioned cargo ship in the James River "ghost fleet"
The Swan Hunter shipyard cranes famous for mapping the skyline along the River Tyne in Newcastle are being dismantled and sent to India
A jury has ordered Foster Wheeler Corp., which supplies boilers and other power equipment to the US Navy, to pay $5.2 million in an asbestos exposure case, determining the company acted with malice
Whales are facing a new threat from expanded oil and gas exploration in waters off the coasts of Alaska and Arctic Canada, according to a report issued by an international whaling forum

May 2007
South Africa's aquaculture industry is encouraged to focus on farming 'simple' creatures, such as mollusks and seaweed, rather than carnivorous fish
The two humpback whales that took a wrong turn and swam into the Sacramento- San Joaquin River Delta were reportedly spotted Wednesday night in the Pacific Ocean outside the Golden Gate, according to the US Coast Guard
The oil and gas industry is working to secure offshore rigs and pipelines in the Gulf of Mexico while bracing for an active hurricane season
International Whaling Commission warns that military exercises planned by Australia and the US could result in large- scale whale deaths or injuries
The Maltese-registered cargo ship MV Capo Noli is stranded at a NSW south coast port because of a dispute over the use of crew members to unload it
The Australian Defence Force says an object found on the ocean floor off Papua New Guinea is not the wreck of a World War I Australian submarine, AE1
The previously announced enhanced Enterprise-class newbuild drillship that will work for Hydro Gulf of Mexico, LLC has been named Discoverer Americas
An official ceremony was held at the Samsung Heavy Industries shipyard on Geoje Island to commemorate the Piltun-Astokhskoye-B (PA-B) topsides' completion and sail-away to Sakhalin
Japan has vowed to press on and kill 50 humpback whales later this year in defiance of conservationists and anti-whaling nations
Gordon Ramsay will remove endangered bluefin tuna from the menus at two of his London restaurants after criticism from conservationists
A congressional subcommittee has voted to extend for one year a ban on oil drilling in a Gulf of Mexico area that has been off-limits since 1990 due to concerns about preserving Florida's coast and the Keys' coral reef
The International Whaling Commission annual meeting has seen deadlock on its second day over Greenland's plans to expand its Inuit whale hunt
The Royal Australian Navy is having difficulty coming up with a clear recommendation of exactly which new air-warfare destroyer to buy
US Coast Guard launches Rescue 21, a system of radio receivers designed to locate the source of distress calls on Puget Sound
Dubai Drydocks World LLC, the recently-launched maritime holding company and a member of Dubai World, acquired a 70 per cent stake in Pan-United Marine
Northrop Grumman Ship System's Pascagoula yard will hold a christening ceremony for the Truxtun (DDG 103), the 53rd Arleigh Burke destroyer in class
British high speed ferries may have to be kept at the docks if fuel prices keep rising
Pakistani seafood is stuck at Indian ports after plans to ship it to the EU as Indian seafood backfired; the EU has suspended seafood imports from Pakistan due to quality issues
The two humpback whales who were stuck in the Sacramento River Delta for more than two weeks are now within a day's striking distance of the Golden Gate Bridge
A Bluebridge ferry master has been cleared of causing unnecessary danger to passengers after an incident at the entrance to Tory Channel in the Marlborough Sounds in June 2005
Rescuers have recovered the body of a crew member from the sunken Chinese cargo ship Quanfeng 369; two are dead and three others are still missing
Angola has established measures to manage fisheries and aquaculture for 2007
Stellwagen Bank, off the Massachusetts coast, is one of several national marine sanctuaries that aren't protecting maritime species as well as they should
Kenya Ports Authority has suspended discharge and loading of ships to resolve a crippling congestion crisis at the Mombasa port
Eight crew members of the Thai vessel KD Ganyang were arrested for illegally fishing in Malaysian waters
Taiwan will ban the fishing, selling, importing and exporting of whale sharks starting next year
Treasure hunters who recovered £250 million in coins from a shipwreck off Cornwall may have left treasure behind
The detrimental effects of sea lice on wild, juvenile salmon are bad and getting worse, according to several Canadian studies
Pirates have captured the Indian dhow Al Haqeeq close to the Somali capital Mogadishu
More than 5,000 wild animals have been found abandoned and close to death on a broken-down fishing boat off the coast of southern China
Failure to wear a life vest, alcohol and the inability to swim are factors in most of the 700 accidental boating deaths that occur each year in US waters
The scheduled July launch of Hawaii Superferry service has been pushed back, with no new date announced yet, because certifying the first vessel is taking more time than expected
A former Tyneside shipyard worker has won almost £1 million in damages after developing mesothelioma, a fatal lung cancer linked to asbestos
North Korea fired a salvo of test missiles into its coastal waters Friday, flexing naval muscles as South Korea launched its most advanced destroyer ever
A ramp leading to a pier at the Fore River Shipyard in Quincy, Massachusetts collapsed under the weight of a commercial truck, sending it into the water; the driver escaped
Just one week after a legislative committee recommended the elimination of open-net pen salmon farms from B.C. waters, the provincial government has approved just such a new farm in Nootka Sound
Japan will allow burying factory- emitted carbon dioxide in undersea aquifers, as long as the sites are monitored and maintained
Harold E. Froehlich has died at age 84, he designed the deep-sea vessel Alvin
Dockwise Yacht Transport has christened the Yacht Express, the largest and most modern yacht carrier in the world; the vessel was built at the Yantai Raffles Shipyard in China
Florida state water and wildlife managers are taking advantage of an unprecedented drought by removing life-choking muck along Lake Okeechobee's shoreline
New labels that show which marine products were caught using sustainable methods are starting to show up in stores in Tokyo
The Scottish Natural Heritage has published a new guide to help safeguard the future of the threatened Atlantic salmon on the River Bladnoch in west Galloway
The General Workers' Union has filed a judicial protest in court claiming that workers at the Malta Shipyards are exposed to asbestos on the job
Russia admits that India's aircraft carrier Gorshkov is being held up by a funding crunch at the Sevmash shipyard, it might not be delivered until 2010
California rescuers are using sounds of predators to try to get two humpback whales to swim back to the ocean
Fishermen on Kodiak Island are testing out a 'halibut excluder' - a net that lets halibut swim free if they're caught in a cod net
Scientists find proof that female sharks can fertilize their own eggs and give birth without sperm from males
A new international convention on wreck removal has been adopted that provides the legal basis for States to remove, or have removed, shipwrecks that may have the potential to affect adversely the safety of lives, goods and property at sea, as well as the marine environment
Pakistan rescued the 11-member crew the Sierra Leone-flagged MV Maryam Trans that was sinking off its coast Monday, it isn't clear what caused the vessel to go down
The bodies of two Japanese sailors who attacked Sydney Harbour in 1942 will be left in the wreck of their midget submarine M24; Australian navy divers retrieved sand from the seabed of the wreck for the men's families
Two whales that lost their way more than a week ago spent a second day circling near a Sacramento River bridge Tuesday, 70 miles from the ocean
Viral hemorrhagic septicemia virus (VHS) has been identified in 19 fish species in New York's Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, and has spread into the Finger Lakes region as well
Japan and anti-whaling nations are short of votes to overturn the moratorium on commercial whaling
Dubai-based ship and design consulting firm Aries Marine has launched Marine BizTV - the channel covers shipbuilding, offshore, marine equipment, fishing and aquaculture, maritime recruitment agencies, ship repair and marine insurance
International maritime unions to hold negotiations to establish minimum standards covering ships sailing under flags that have no minimum labor standards
Spain's government has repatriated more than 750 African immigrants, including 30 children, who were caught last week trying to enter the Canary Islands, the Interior Ministry said
UN food agency presses for urgent action to end piracy off the Somali coastline which it said was choking the delivery of food aid to the war-torn east African nation
California creates a network of 29 marine havens to protect and restore sea life, but fishermen, seafood restaurateurs and local fishermen are protesting
Federal scientists head for Nootka Sound off Vancouver Island to perform a necropsy on a dead orca, the second large whale to die in B.C. waters this week
The US Army Corps of Engineers wants to build an earthen dam to plug the ship channel Mississippi River-Gulf Outlet, blamed for much of the flooding from Hurricane Katrina
19 passengers were injured Saturday when a massive wave struck the ferry Enez Sun off the coast of Brittany in western France
The annual battle over the lifting of a moratorium on whaling has swung in favor of anti-whaling nations with the confirmation of Greece as the latest recruit to the International Whaling Commission
The US is boosting its naval presence along the lawless West African coast to combat terrorism, illegal migration and drug trafficking and to secure its oil interests
The Taiwan fishing vessel Qingzihao, hijacked by pirates off the coast of Somalia on Wednesday, has four Taiwanese sailors and eight workers from the Chinese mainland aboard
The treasure hunters who recovered gold and silver coins from a shipwreck off Cornwall spirited their haul to the United States in an apparent attempt to stop Britain from staking a claim
The new £8 million ferry MV Argyle, which operates Scotland's busiest island ferry route, broke down for the second time in two weeks
Lights on the Fifth Street Bridge in Courtenay will be dimmed in the hope that harbor seals won't gorge on salmon in the Puntledge River at night
Australia's trimaran ACV Triton intercepts six fishing vessels for poaching
Scientists say that governments can help save threatened coral reefs by prohibiting fishing nearby
Admiral Thad Allen, Commandant of the US Coast Guard, in a live interview on CNN discussing Deepwater (5.58 MB Windows Media file)
Pakistan and India have failed to resolve a border dispute over the Sir Creek estuary
Somalia releases 130 mainly Yemeni fishermen, charging them with fishing illegally off the Puntland region; it was originally reported as a pirate attack
Jurong Shipyard has won a contract to convert the Polar Alaska into an FPSO for Aker Floating Production for deployment off the east coast of India
An Indonesian fisherman has found a coelacanth, an ancient fish once thought to have become extinct at the time of the dinosaurs
Petraia Maritime Ltd. has been found guilty of violating the Act to Prevent Pollution From Ships (APPS) for failing to maintain records of discharges of oily waste made without required equipment
Vancouver mining company under fire for planning to 'strip mine' the ocean floor, threatening fragile marine ecosystems
The world's oldest wooden anchor has been discovered embedded in muck on the sea floor of an ancient Turkish port off the Aegean Sea
China Ocean Shipping Co. will begin making weekly calls at the Port of Prince Rupert in British Columbia later this year
The world's largest offshore wind farm could be built off the north Devon coast; the Atlantic Array would include 350 turbines
Viral hemorrhagic septicemia (VHS) is discovered for the first time in fish in an inland Michigan lake
Conservation group says the European Union's shark finning regulations are hopelessly inadequate, and must be changed as soon as possible
Admiral Thad Allen, commandant of the US Coast Guard, has issued a statement reiterating long-standing Coast Guard support for joining the Convention on the Law of the Sea
Scientists failed to lure two injured humpback whales back to the Pacific Ocean using recorded underwater sounds; the whales have been at the Port of Sacramento for several days
Seoul urges Beijing to thoroughly investigate why a Chinese ship apparently left the crew of a South Korean freighter to drown after a collision on the high seas
Plan to redevelop Candlestick Point, the former Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, to build a new San Francisco 49ers football stadium has been approved
General Dynamics NASSCO has launched the US Navy's newest resupply ship, USNS Richard E. Byrd (T-AKE 4)
The Malta Maritime Authority has successfully conducted an oil recovery response exercise at sea
Environmental group Greenpeace has called for an immediate halt to bluefin tuna fishing in the Mediterranean, arguing that fish stocks are in danger of being wiped out
A factory spill outside the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh poisoned nearby fisheries and killed many fish
ABS and Vietnam Register have signed a cooperation agreement covering the provision of a wide range of classification and statutory certification services
Mexico has taken action to cancel the mining concession that has delayed the government's plans to build a megaport at Punta Colonet for over a year
3,800 gallons of liquid cocaine was seized from the Ecuadorian fishing vessel Emperador
Three divers have found the remains of a rare wooden ship believed to be over 400 years old off Norway
A NASA-funded robotic submarine, DEPTHX (Deep Phreatic Thermal Explorer), will search the depths of the El Zacaton cenote, the world's deepest sinkhole
Decommissioned warship HMCS Huron is used for target practice off Vancouver
The government has allowed Karachi Shipyard and Engineering Works (KSEW) to launch a modernization program to regain the business it had lost because of 'dilapidated' facilities
China will start a campaign to curb work safety accidents in high-risk industries like mining, petrochemicals, non- ferrous metals, construction and fisheries
Marine experts warn that dolphins could disappear from part of the UK's coastline unless action is taken to protect them from commercial fishing
SNP leader Alex Salmond, expected to be elected First Minister, has pledged to block ship-to- ship oil transfers in the Forth
The location of the Korean ship Golden Rose has been pinpointed, but there is still no trace of its 16 missing crew members
Nearly 400 African migrants were caught trying to enter the Canary Islands by boat Monday, increasing the number of intercepted over the past 5 days to more than 800
The UAE Shipowners Association was officially launched; the association will promote the interests of shipowners based in and operating from the UAE
Hercules Offshore said that it is taking precautionary measures with its liftboat operations in Nigeria because of the current unrest
State biologists hope electric shocks can help them remove a voracious, non-native catfish from a south Georgia river where it is devouring native fish
The predatory snakehead fish from Asia, found in a Maryland pond five years ago, is now thriving in the DC area
Canadian cabinet has given approval to build 6 corvette sized Arctic patrol vessels due in 2015; the vessels are a step down from the icebreakers the Conservatives promised in the last election campaign
The decline in beluga sturgeon stock in the Black and Caspian seas could pose problems for the shovelnose sturgeon, common in the US, as people turn to them for caviar
Maersk Contractors named its latest newbuild drilling rig from Jurong Shipyard Pte. Ltd. on Saturday, May 12; the new rig was named the Maersk Completer
Canada's recent changes to the Canada Shipping Act aren't as proactive about preventing marine pollution as some politicians want people to believe, some say
Russian merchant marine suffers as more ships fly flags of convenience
Designs for 'ships for the future' are on the agenda for partners Aker Yards, Rolls Royce Marine, DNV and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Horizon Lines enters into OSHA strategic partnership for maritime industry safety
The Bluebird Jetstar, a prototype jet- powered boat developed by Donald Campbell shortly before his ill-fated world record attempt, is up for sale
Tugboat technology will be on display during the world's largest tugboat race
The US House of Representatives Armed Services Committee has approved an authorization bill that includes funds to increase production of submarines to two per year
India will set up a shipyard of international standards on its east coast in three years; a similar yard is planned on the west coast
New bacteria have been discovered that have enzymes capable of breaking down petroleum, they could be used to clean up oil spills
A new international convention, which will set out the legal responsibilities under which States can remove hazardous shipwrecks, is expected to be adopted next week
North Carolina beaches are littered with trash after 21 containers fell from the cargo ship Paris Express in rough seas
New agreement will reduce or eliminate open- water disposal of dredged materials into Long Island Sound, while maintaining the economic viability of New York and Connecticut ports
Canadian lawmakers urge the federal government to stop fighting medical claims from veterans who were exposed to asbestos
Wartsila Corp. has opened a new, fully equipped service workshop in Ho Chi Minh City to support services to Vietnamese shipping, shipbuilding and power industries
Satellite images show how destructive ocean trawlers are
An algae bloom in Southern California coastal waters has produced record levels of a toxic acid, causing deaths of numerous marine mammals and seabirds
Australia's Fisheries Minister says the destruction of 365 foreign boats seized off northern Australia last year has led to a 90 percent drop in illegal fishing
Lobster stocks off southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island are still not recovering, so new rules extend limits on catches through 2022
The United Arab Emirates will release 12 detained Iranian divers, who had been arrested off a disputed island in Gulf waters
China's archaeologists have discovered over 10,000 pieces of porcelain and other relics on an ancient ship that sank in the South China Sea more than 700 years ago
Coastguards and other maritime agency workers across the UK will withdraw non-essential duties, to protest proposed pay
Norwegian Cruise Lines, owner of the SS United States, wants to refurbish the ship and let it sail again
Malta continues to support the European Commission's Blue Fin Tuna Recovery Program
Gunmen kidnapped four American oil workers from a barge off the Nigerian coast on Wednesday in the 10th attack on Western oil facilities in nine days in the Niger Delta
UK's Royal Navy showed off its largest and most powerful attack submarine Tuesday, a month before the over- budget, overdue vessel is to be launched
The United Arab Emirates has arrested 12 Iranian divers who were working on a sunken ship off a disputed island in Gulf waters
Endangered loggerhead turtles snared by longline fishermen may be inadvertently lured to the hooks because of an attraction to light sticks designed to attract tuna and swordfish
Nearly 200 US chefs and restaurant owners urged Congress on Tuesday to protect wild salmon in the Pacific Northwest
Thick, heavy ice continues to block the shoreline of eastern Newfoundland and Labrador, causing a crisis in crab and lobster fisheries
Environmental group WWF slammed EU nations Tuesday over their failure to cut back Mediterranean catches of bluefin tuna, warning that stocks were facing collapse due to overfishing
British cruise ship Oceana rescued seven Algerians from a small boat spotted drifting in the Mediterranean; one man died
Canada's coast guard has cut the top job at its Kitsilano station but insists it has no plans to cut service at one of the country's busiest Search and Rescue centers
The Russian submarine Juliett 484 is still stuck in the mud at the bottom of the Providence River
The Auckland Regional Council and local authorities are calling for a national ban of the fishing practice of set nets to save the Maui's dolphin - the world's rarest
Puget Sound steelhead have been listed as a 'threatened' species under the Endangered Species Act by the US National Marine Fisheries Service
Senator John Kerry joins several House lawmakers who are trying to block Interior Department plans to sell oil and gas leases in Alaska's Bristol Bay
New Orleans' rebuilt levees are riddled with flaws, and could be breached by a storm even weaker than Katrina
Officials fear the VHS plague killing fish in North America's Great Lakes could spread across the continent
Australia will provide funds to help improve air and maritime safety in Indonesia
Director of the Murmansk Marine Biology Institute believes that marine mammals can be used to protect strategic installations and in anti-terror operations
Dubai authorities are investigating the cause of an oil spill that closed beaches near Umm Suqeim; a spill from a nearby ship is suspected
India's first indigenously- made hyperbaric chamber has been installed by the Indian Navy at its Ashvini Naval Hospital in Colaba to treat their divers and the general public
The US Navy's third Virginia- class fast- attack submarine USS Hawaii was commissioned on Saturday
Saudi Arabia and Egypt get ready to start the construction of two bridges across the Tiran Strait
The US will give Kenya funds to help train and equip four coastal security patrol units, set up a forensic laboratory, and establish a maritime training facility
The International Maritime Bureau has expressed concern over the deteriorating security in Nigeria; there were six attacks on ships in the last three months
The UK's Clarksons has ranked China's Dalian Shipbuilding Industry fifth on the list of world shipbuilding yards based on order backlog as of March
Inadequate skilled manpower, shortages of engineers, and obsolete and non- operational equipment are some of the factors keeping Nigeria from building its own ships
Singapore's Keppel Corp. is reportedly evaluating the possibility of become a partner in a rig building shipyard in Vietnam
The great- granddaughter of the designer of the original Bluenose has formally announced her plans to build a second replica of the ship
A joint venture shipyard between a Singapore firm and Norway's Aker Yards has won a contract to build 6 anchor handling supply vessels
Satellite images show that certain coastal areas of the United Arab Emirates, particularly Fujairah, face frequent oil slicks caused by discharged ballast water from oil tankers
Carlyle, the US private equity firm, has offered to take over the running of Britain's nuclear submarine- building program, in a direct challenge to BAE Systems, the UK's biggest arms maker
European Union investigators have joined their US counterparts in an investigation into a suspected global cartel in maritime hoses used to load and unload oil tankers
Letter exonerates Sir Cosmo Duff Gordon, who was said to have bought his way off the sinking Titanic and kept his lifeboat from returning to pick up drowning passengers
Four North Korean defectors have crossed the tense maritime border in a small wooden boat to reach South Korea
China is likely to expand its naval power in the coming years to take a more active role in securing global sea lanes vital to its growing economy
The top US official in Taiwan has made a renewed plea for the island's legislature to pass an arms budget, as the island is increasingly threatened by China's growing military power
Alex Salmond's plans to take Scotland out of Britain would lead to many jobs in key areas such as defense being axed
A celebration of the 62nd anniversary of the end of the Battle of the Atlantic will be held on May 6 on the inside drill deck on Her Majesty's Canadian Ship (HMCS) Montcalm
The Chilean navy and marine scientists say they may have found Latin America's first submarine, the Flach, which sank off the coast of Chile 141 years ago
Florida's Port Everglades is charging the US Navy to dock its warships during Fleet Week, to help offset the costs of dredging to accommodate the aircraft carriers
Aker Yards has entered into a contract with Aker Capital to build six Anchor Handling Supply Vessels at Aker Yards' new shipyard in Vietnam
Michigan has joined 5 states in a California lawsuit that would force the US Environmental Protection Agency to shield the Great Lakes and other American waters from continued arrivals of exotic species in the ballast tanks of ocean-going ships
Canada's sealers are still stuck in the ice off Newfoundland - the Coast Guard hopes to free them by the end of the week
The US Coast Guard has launched a web site to provide merchant mariners with information on the status of pending mariner credential applications
Traffic in the Long Beach and Los Angeles ports complex was unusually slow Tuesday as thousands of truck drivers boycotted marine terminals in coordination with national immigration reform protests
A contractor replacing a power pole at the Bangor submarine base was electrocuted Monday morning
Hundreds of Argentine sailors who died when a British submarine torpedoed the warship General Belgrano are being remembered 25 years later, the sinking was the most controversial incident of the Falklands War
C&M Group's Ice Maiden I offshore support vessel has been officially launched at the Offshore Technology Conference, it will be the first multi-purpose support vessel capable of operating anywhere in the world
Grey whales of the eastern Pacific appear to be starving, scientists aren't sure why
Japan generally supports US plans to cut worldwide fishing subsidies, but it wants government subsidies to fishing port infrastructure to be exempt
Environmentalists and congressmen say a federal plan to allow drilling off the Virginia coast could result in oil spills reaching New Jersey and open the door to further drilling in the Atlantic
Environmental campaigners have gathered outside the Forth Ports annual general meeting to protest against proposals for ship-to-ship oil transfers
China and Vietnam continue to fight over claims to the Spratly Islands, and the gas fields nearby
Maritime companies Dockwise and Sealift, both active in the heavy transportation market, plan to merge and trade under the Dockwise name
Virginia barge company seeks federal funds to start a short sea shipping service
Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co has delivered the hull of the nation's biggest floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) vessel, the Hai Yang Shi You 117, to ConocoPhillips China
Indian Navy chief Admiral Suresh Mehta dismissed reports that the delivery of Soviet-era aircraft carrier Admiral Gorshkov will be delayed

April 2007
South Korea and Japan will once again discuss the name for the body of water that divides them during the International Hydrographic Organization conference in May
Nigeria seeks a seat on the governing council of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) from 2008-2009
Captain Zak Farid has received Transport Canada's Marine Safety Award for 2007 in recognition of his outstanding contributions to Canadian marine safety
A webcam set up for surfers to watch for waves off Canada's Squamish River spied an overturned boat, and helped rescue 3 sailors
The basking shark that once caused a nuisance off the coast of Vancouver Island is now on Canada's endangered species list
The International Maritime Organization has designated Liberia as the coordinating center for search and rescue along the Atlantic and Indian Oceans
Finavera Renewables Inc. of Vancouver, British Columbia, is the latest energy developer to investigate installing energy- generating buoys off the Oregon Coast
Scattered fish kills have been found in the Shenandoah River and its branches, continuing a disturbing spring trend that dates back to 2003 - scientists have no answers yet
Fewer than 15 sealing vessels are still stuck in heavy ice off northeastern Newfoundland, but changing winds are making rescues more difficult
The US Interior Department has revealed a five-year plan to expand oil and gas drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and offshore from Alaska and Virginia
According to a report by Exim India, shipbuilders will be able to keep commanding record- high prices for at least two more years because rising demand has outpaced supply
US federal agents try to stop a wave of illegal seafood
A Bahraini sportsman hopes to make it into the Guinness World Records when he sails on a one-man craft from Bahrain to Dubai on May 15
Morocco plans to build a new $1.70 billion port in Tangier to supplement another new port opening in July that will be used to capacity within eight years
Bangladesh's Ananda Shipyards Shipways Ltd has won a contract to build 8 vessels, a deal seen as helping to pave the way for the nation to emerge as a major shipbuilder
The three-mast schooner Hera, sunk in 1899, will be declared Canada's firs municipal underwater heritage park
Researchers and fishermen are working together on a sturgeon- tagging project aimed at helping the endangered fish's recovery in Delaware Bay
The IMO Sub-Committee on Bulk Liquids and Gases met to review regulations to reduce emissions of air pollutants from ships
India's Coast Guard will commission the first of three Pollution Control Vehicles before the end of 2008; the ships are under construction at the ABG shipyard
Leaders of Guyana and Suriname are eager to tap their underwater oil reserves, but the drilling won't begin until a world court draws a maritime border to settle their territorial disputes
The Regional Seminar on Maritime Security in the Arabian Gulf produced 18 recommendations on national and regional strategies for the enhancement of maritime safety
Malaysia's Navy has short listed six names for what will be its first submarine, a Scorpene that will be delivered by mid-2009
The Malta Labour Party is confident that Malta Shipyards could become the best in the Mediterranean
Cruise Lines International Association predicts that a dozen new liners will take to the seas this year, adding over 22,000 berths to the current global fleet
The South African Navy has debuted its newest submarine SAS Charlotte Maxeke, a diesel- electric built in Germany
Study suggests that global climate change is leading to bigger fish in shallow water, but they are growing slower at greater depths
The fishing boat Sid Zouine capsized on Thursday off Morocco, killing the crew of nine
A bloom of ocean algae that produces a toxic acid has sickened and killed hundreds of birds, sea lions and dolphins in California
Authorities suspect a welding accident triggered a fire Wednesday aboard US Navy LCS ship Freedom nearing completion at a shipyard in Marinette, Wisconsin
The inquiry into the sinking of the Bourbon Dolphin has raised many questions about the tragedy that resulted in the death of eight people
Divers hope to explain the sinking of the WWII submarine USS Lagarto, in waters in the Gulf of Thailand
The captain of the Russian trawler Elektron, which escaped from Norwegian coastguards over a year ago, has been acquitted of illegally holding people, but received a $3,900 fine for poaching
The head of Northrop Grumman Ship Systems says the Pascagoula shipyard needs more workers to keep up with a growing number of government contracts
Fewer young crabs were found during an annual winter dredge survey of the Chesapeake Bay, which could mean smaller catches later this year
The Australian Navy's only submarine rescue vessel, Remora, has been recovered
The Nato Submarine Rescue System (NSRS), one of the world's most advanced submarine rapid rescue systems, has been unveiled near Aberdeen
Russia's Navy has successfully tested a new submersible, the Panther Plus remotely operated vehicle
Bharati Shipyard Ltd. has acquired all of the shipyard machinery and equipment of Swan Hunter Shipyard Wallsend, Newcastle- upon- Tyne
The Africa Mercy, a former Danish rail ferry, has been converted into a hospital ship, it will provide free healthcare and community development services to the poorest people of Africa
Hanjin Heavy Industries Corp.-Philippines Inc. has started production of the first Subic-made vessel by Hanjin
Carbon dioxide released by fossil fuel combustion has increased acidity levels of the ocean by 30%, putting sea life at risk
The European Union has cited serious disinformation from the Pakistani fishery authorities during a visit of its team to check seafood quality, which it marked as one of the major reasons behind de-listing of local processing factories
The VHS virus in the US Great Lakes is spreading and poses a threat to inland fish farming
The families of three men who disappeared mysteriously from the yacht Kaz II refused Monday to give up hope of finding them alive, although the official search was called off on Sunday
HQ Sustainable Maritime Industries Inc., which markets 'environmentally friendly' fish, has landed a contract to sell some of its tilapia through the Sam's Club Web site
A special service has taken place in Swansea to remember the crew of the Mumbles lifeboat who perished trying to rescue a vessel 60 years ago
Twelve fishermen from southern Indiana have been charged with running a caviar ring
Populations of invasive species in Lake Michigan are growing, and taking food away from native game fish
A fund to compensate Puerto Rico for damages from a 1994 oil spill will be used to build an artificial reef, create a shoreline nature reserve and restore the walls of a Spanish colonial fort
At least one person is dead and 11 missing after a fire broke out on a Faroe Island trawler off the coast of Chile
The Greek holiday island of Santorini is threatened by an oil slick leaking from the cruise ship Sea Diamond, that sank near its shores over two weeks ago
Canadian biologist finds that tastier fish and animals are less likely to receive protection under endangered species laws
The North Carolina, the fourth in the US Navy's new Virginia- class nuclear submarines, was christened on Saturday
B.C. Ferries to modify propeller symbols painted on the hull of its new ship so that no one will mistake them for swastikas
Study finds that fishing in island countries around the globe is unsustainable
For the eighth consecutive year, state lawmakers failed to find a permanent way to fund a rescue tugboat that prevents oil spills in Washington's waters
The catamaran Kaz II has been found drifting off Australia's Great Barrier Reef with its engine running and food on the table, but with no crew
Volunteer coast guards in Britain have reached an interim agreement with officials after a dispute over insurance
Funeral services are held for the captain of the doomed Bourbon Dolphin and his 14-year- old son
Australia's Collins submarines are just reaching maturity, but a strategic think tank says it's already time to think about their replacements
US Navy opens a facility to help the military, government agents, business and engineering students to better collaborate on ship design and building
US Environmental Protection Agency could fine Alameda's Bay Ship & Yacht Co. for failing to adequately control and prevent storm water pollution at its Alameda ship repair yards
The first of B.C. Ferries' new vessels has been officially launched at the shipyard where it is being built in Germany
Bull sharks have become so numerous in Australia that locals are catching them by dangling a line from apartment balconies and back gardens
Canada's Environment Department has approved a navy plan to haul the retired destroyer HMCS Huron out into the Pacific Ocean, where it will be used for target practice
US National Marine Fisheries Service proposes that beluga whales in Cook Inlet be listed as endangered under the federal Endangered Species Act
Investigators say water pollution is contributing to a spate of marine mammal deaths that have scattered carcasses along the California coast
Justice Department officials are investigating Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin for their work modernizing and expanding the Coast Guard's fleet of ships in the Deepwater program
When APM Terminals' Portsmouth, Virginia cargo complex opens in mid-July, it will be one of the country's most technologically advanced terminals
An American contractor holding top-level security clearance has been convicted of sabotaging critical US Navy computers used for submarine traffic control
Old Soviet submarine Juliett 484, used as a floating museum in Rhode Island, is now completely submerged in the Providence River after a storm
Teekay Shipping Corp. and Denmark's D/S Torm A/S agreed to buy OMI Corp., the second- largest US oil- tanker owner, to expand their fleets
Videotapes prove that sea floors that show tracks from the nets of fishing trawlers have fewer numbers and kinds of fish than areas that were undisturbed
Conservationists challenge Australia's plan to open a trap fishery along the New South Wales coast which includes 16 grey nurse shark habitats
The sinking of the Sea Diamond is not expected to hurt tourism in the Greek islands, although it could takes weeks to pump out the oil trapped in the sunken ship's tanks
Pirate attacks in Southeast Asian sea lanes fell to their lowest level in five years in the first quarter of 2007 due to increased patrols and other anti-piracy measures
Russian marine biologists are training seals to defend the country's fleet of nuclear submarines - little military funding has been provided so far
Hundreds of tons of oil trapped in the tanks of sunken cruise ship Sea Diamond must be pumped out immediately to avert an environmental disaster - Greenpeace
The hammerhead crane at Sydney's Garden Island naval base may be listed as one of the country's top 10 endangered items
Taiwan's Navy celebrates the 63rd birthday of its oldest vessel, the Guppy-class SS-791 Sea Lion - it's the oldest submarine still in service
Belfast is embracing - and preserving - the SS Nomadic, the tender ship to the Titanic
US Environmental Protection Agency has rated the Mystic River a 'D' in cleanliness, but advocates hope the grade will prompt clean up efforts
The South African Revenue Service will buy scanners to X-ray 10% of cargo containers, despite plans by the US to stipulate that all boxes entering the US be scanned
Mexico and the US subscribe a Memorandum of Understanding to enhance foreign trade security at Mexico's Customs Seaports
• The Aloha Cabled Observatory Web site now lets you listen to whales in real time on the Station Aloha hydrophone
Japan and China are working to set up a 24-hour hotline between their armed forces to make emergency contact easier, and to avoid confrontations between ships and aircraft
Crane falls at the Harland & Wolff shipyard in Belfast, no injuries reported, and the incident was caught on film
The disappearance of the Cook Inlet beluga whale population has led Alaska Native whalers to agree to cancel their annual hunt for the third time in nine years at the request of the National Marine Fisheries Service
The US Coast Guard proposes a safety zone around the oil and natural gas production facility Independence Hub; public input is requested
A record number of aging and banned single- hulled chemical tankers are being sold as scrap by their owners
Three US states are seeking permission to kill more than 80 sea lions a year, to try to protect salmon heading up the Columbia River to spawn
New machine developed by Northrop Grumman Newport News reduces wrist injuries and fatigue caused by hand- held drills, and wins an ergonomics award
A high-speed ferry from Japan to South Korea apparently struck a whale; one passenger is dead and at least 27 others were injured
US Navy will ship up to 30 dolphins and sea lions to patrol the waters outside its Kitsap-Bangor base in Washington state
Canada's submarine commanders and officers will get training on dry land at a sub control room simulator
W Stevenson and Sons, which runs Britain's largest fishing fleet, has admitted to a £141,000 quota scam
The US Navy has denied claims that one of its nuclear submarines was forced to leave the Arabian Gulf after Iran protested that it had contaminated the waters
European Union and US business groups want proposed US homeland security rules that would scan all overseas cargo containers to be scrapped as it's too costly
The wreck of HMAS Australia, the country's flagship during World War I, has been found and photographed for the first time off the Head
Efforts to convert Kenya into a maritime nation could be hampered by inadequate manpower despite the passage of the Kenya Maritime Authority Act in January
Seaspan Corporation has signed contracts to build four vessels, each with a capacity of 4250 TEU, at China's Jiangsu New Yangzi Shipbuilding Co. Ltd.
Canada's coast guard to get four new midshore patrol vessels, one ocean offshore vessel and one hovercraft
The Rio Naval Consortium will build five Aframax and four Panamax vessels for delivery to Transpetro between 2009 and 2012
Canada's Fisheries Minister announced measures to improve the economic viability of the fishing industry in Canada
More than seven million sharks and skates are killed every year as an unintended consequence of longline fishing off the west coasts of South Africa, Namibia and Angola
The union representing Britain's coastguards has called for clearer guidelines on compensation following an accident or injury in the wake of a strike threat
Dubai World has consolidated its drydocks and maritime business by bringing Dubai Drydocks, Al Jadaf Shipyard, Platinum Yachts FZ and Platinum Yacht Management under a single umbrella - Dubai Drydocks World (DD World)
Hundreds of the world's most precious natural and cultural sites, including the Great Barrier Reef, Mount Kilimanjaro and Venice, are under threat from climate change, a UN report warns
NCL Corp will pull one of three ships from the Hawaii market because of over capacity; other cruise lines with longer itineraries are wining passengers
India's shipbuilding industry is expected to grow 30% annually
A group of humpback whales have been recorded migrating a record- breaking 5,100 miles
South Africa could see the total collapse of commercial fishing by the middle of the century unless alternatives such as aquaculture are pursued
Hawaii Superferry completes sea trials
Global warming will damage the hunting cultures of Arctic peoples, thaw polar ice and could release toxic wastes now trapped in permafrost dumps, a UN study says
The Indian Coast Guard held a two-day oil spill exercise at Gulf of Kutch to help protect the vulnerability of the marine ecology
Ships and the trucks, trains and cranes that haul away their cargo create more than a third of the Puget Sound region's toxic diesel emissions
The International Maritime Organization will help member states that have found it difficult to implement sections of the international body's conventions
More than 100 jobs will be created in Hampshire after shipbuilding company VT Group won a £150m contract to build three off-shore patrol vessels for the Caribbean islands
US officials are investigating reports that a college student tried to illegally remove the teeth of a sperm whale that washed ashore dead
A recommendation that a single longline swordfishing boat be allowed to operate off the Western US coast has drawn criticism from a conservation group that believes longline fishing threatens endangered sea turtles
Stocks of 40 of the 86 major fish species regularly caught off Japan's coasts are at low levels, and 14, including sardines and Atka mackerel, face an acute shortage
The Philippines is planning a supplemental budget to help the long-term rehabilitation of the province of Guimaras, hit by an oil spill from the sunken tanker MT Solar I
Salvage efforts continue on the rig Dolphin 111 that has been aground since March 21, about 1 mile offshore and 6 miles south of the Port Aransas, Texas jetties
The Sea Power Centre is pushing for more research on the effect of sonar on whales
The Yury Dolgoruky, a Borey-class nuclear missile submarine, was built at the Sevmash plant in northern Russia, and will be launched Sunday
Scientists will use DNA techniques to try to determine why stocks of wild Atlantic salmon have declined so dramatically
Federal appeals court finds that the Bush administration's plan for making Columbia Basin dams safe for salmon violates the Endangered Species Act
Heavy metal pollution below levels once considered to be dangerous can damage the sense of smell in organisms from bacteria to fish
Lifeboat crews have rescued seven people and their pet rabbit and dog from the yacht Blue Note after it began taking on water off the Isle of Mull
Although Britain has stopped ship boarding operations in the northern Gulf after Iran seized 15 mariners, the suspension is only temporary
The Northern Adventure, B.C. Ferries' replacement for the sunken Queen of the North, was stuck in dock in Prince Rupert for more than 30 hours while technicians fixed a series of glitches
The decommissioned US Air Force missile-tracking ship Gen. Hoyt S. Vandenberg will become the second- largest vessel intentionally sunk to become an artificial reef
The man who was port commandant of Saint-Nazaire, France in December 1999 and forbade stricken tanker Erika from entering the port of Donges, now works for the Malta Maritime Authority
Efforts to stem the flow of migrants from the North African coast could be deterred if Libya continues to refuse sea patrols close to its shores
• Report Mitigating Shore Erosion along Sheltered Coasts now available from the US National Academies Press
Royal Dutch Shell had the lowest level of oil spills and natural gas flaring in at least a decade last year, while worker fatalities rose
Fractional ownership comes to yachting
Lockheed Martin delivers a Remote Minehunting Vehicle to the US Navy, it can find bottom and moored sea mines at a safe distance from friendly ships
Sri Lanka's navy and Tamil Tiger rebels fought a sea battle on Friday near the maritime boundary with India; both sides claim they inflicted heavy damage
Another UAE ship - the MSV Sahiba - escapes a hijack bid by Somali pirates
Rising carbon dioxide emissions are making the world's oceans more acidic, particularly closer to the poles, heralding disaster for marine life, a major UN report on climate change impacts has warned
Commercial fishermen haul in a rockfish estimated to be at least 90 years old off Alaska's coast
The Maryland Department of Natural Resources will take new steps aimed at curbing the spread of whirling disease
Global warming could deal a big blow to wild chinook salmon populations by changing the temperatures and flows of major river systems
Greenpeace's anti-whaling ship Esperanza docked in Japan on Friday on the condition it does not receive the public, after it was barred from coming into port for over a week in a row with the Japanese seamen's union
The Japanese navy was left red-faced today after newspaper reports revealed that smut-swapping sailors had inadvertently leaked high-tech missile data
Winter sea ice in the Arctic has failed to reform fully for the third year in a row, scientists fear the amount of sea ice can't recover fully even during winter due to warmer temperatures
Peruvian police have clashed with nationalist activists who planned to protest a decades-old agreement defining the country's maritime border with Chile
African sea pirates have hustled a number of unsuspecting Saudi businessmen by selling them ships they do not own
A former government contractor whose top-secret security clearance enabled him to sabotage US Navy 6th Fleet computers was sentenced Wednesday to a year in prison
South Korean shipbuilders are gearing up to set up global production systems by constructing shipyards overseas
African penguins oiled and then cleaned and released during the Treasure oil spill are not breeding as well as their non-oiled counterparts
Warmer ocean temperatures from global warming allows toxic algae to thrive, making some seafood more toxic for human consumption; more people could suffer from ciguatera poisoning
15 British sailors and marines held captive in Iran for nearly two weeks have arrived home; they were held for allegedly entering Iranian waters
Namibia has become a signatory to a groundbreaking agreement in maritime search and rescue services with South Africa, Madagascar, Mozambique and the Comoros
The US Navy has awarded Innovative Technical Solutions Inc. a contract for loading, transportation and removal of contaminated soil at Hunters Point Shipyard in San Francisco
Russia's nuclear powered icebreaker Rossiya will return to the Arctic after a refit
Canada's Navy to sink the HMCS Huron during a live-fire exercise; environmentalists say the plan is fraught with problems
The Philippine Coast Guard apprehended a Vietnamese fishing vessel with ten fishermen on board for illegally encroaching into the country's territorial waters
Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani said everything has to be considered if the US wants to break its reliance on foreign oil, including more drilling off Florida's coast
US Coast Guard met the April 1 deadline mandated by the SAFE Port Act of 2006 to track all large commercial vessels within US waters
Australia's first fully upgraded Collins class submarine could be patrolling Australian waters by the end of the year
A tsunami wiped entire villages from the map when it hit the Solomon Islands
Japanese officials expect an agreement to be made on joint gas exploration in the East China Sea between Tokyo and Beijing when China's prime minister visits Japan later this month
There has been a rise in the number of people getting into trouble around Northern Ireland's coast
Negotiators for 15 unions at Northrop Grumman's Ship Systems have reached a tentative agreement with the company over the shipyard strike
Samsung Heavy Industries to start building the world's biggest liquefied natural gas carrier for an Exxon Mobil project in Qatar
New report warns that climate change is causing a significant change to Australia's oceans, forcing fish to migrate to more appropriate temperatures
South Korea will foster marine tourism industry by building six ports exclusively for cruise ships by 2020
A prehistoric whale skeleton was found in Tuscany; the discovery could shed light on the ancient environment of the sea
Police say they could not have done anything more in the search for a teenage girl missing since a fatal boat crash on Sydney Harbour last week
India and Pakistan are closer to solving a border dispute over the Sir Creek estuary
North Korea has deployed high- speed air cushion warships to counter South Korea's high- speed patrol boats and vessels
Northrop Grumman is expected to present a new contract proposal Monday in an effort to get thousands of striking crafts workers off the picket line and back to shipbuilding
Royal Caribbean orders another huge cruise ship that will carry 5,400 passengers
Malaysia's maritime sector is expected to receive financial support, including funds to build new ships
An undersea earthquake in the South Pacific has sent huge tides rolling across low-lying areas of the Solomon Islands, inundating entire villages and causing an unknown number of deaths
Smaller repair yards in the Virginia area are concerned that the US Navy's fleet keeps getting smaller
Department of Natural Resources is expected to implement new rules to combat viral hemorrhagic septicemia, a fish virus believed to be in Lake Michigan
White pointer sharks are now fully protected within the 200 nautical miles of water around New Zealand, and from fishing by New Zealand-flagged boats further afield
Greenpeace's anti-whaling ship Esperanza arrived in Yokohama on Sunday in a bid to provoke a debate in Japan on the issue of whaling

March 2007
Big powerboats are becoming more popular on Sydney Harbour, raising safety concerns
The bill to remove the stricken cargo ship Napoli could top £1 million
Sydney Harbour search for teen from a stricken ferry enters third day
Medical insurance for workers affected by the strike at Northrop Grumman Ship Systems' shipyard in Pascagoula runs out on Saturday, no new talks are scheduled
The Virginia Marine Resources Commission is considering establishing a 94-square-mile sanctuary in the Atlantic Ocean to protect female blue crabs ready to give birth
Tanker companies have admitted to the state of Alaska that their Prince William Sound oil-spill response barges can't hold as much oil as originally specified
Memorial services are held for victims of the Al Dana boat tragedy
A plan to build America's first offshore wind farm in Massachusetts won state approval on an environmental report
Winter ice cover in the Arctic Barents Sea in 2006 was the lowest ever recorded
ABB has signed contracts to supply Azipod propulsion, power- generation and power- distribution systems for 19 new vessels being built in Europe and Asia
The East African community is creating an export label for Lake Victoria fisheries products; they also want to ensure sustainable management of the lake's resources
Gabon, Cameroon, Sao Tome & Principe and Nigeria are working to harmonize their fishery laws, and protect the ecosystem
Amateur radio operators offered on Thursday to step in if monitoring of shipping emergency calls is affected by a Telkom strike in Cape Town
Britain's pending order for aircraft carriers could shift the shipbuilding industry out of the era of boom and bust
South Korean shipbuilders have more than doubled their workers' manufacturing efficiency over the past 15 years
Norway's Aker Yards ASA has won a contract to build a cruise ship for Italy's MSC Cruises at its shipyard in Saint-Nazaire, France for delivery in 2010
An East Timorese illegal fishing boat caught in Australian waters last year will be turned into an artificial reef in Darwin Harbour
Shell Oil Co. is dropping plans to build a liquefied natural gas terminal in the Gulf of Mexico, which had become a symbol of environmental degradation for fishermen and government officials
The environmental group WWF warns that bluefin tuna stocks in the Mediterranean and east Atlantic could collapse within years unless the European Union cuts its fishing of the species by half
Barring Greenpeace's anti-whaling ship Esperanza from docking in Tokyo violates free speech and suggests that Japan may have something to hide, the environmental group said
• The US Congressional Research Service has released the report "Defense Acquisition: Use of Lead System Integrators (LSIs) - Background, Oversight Issues, and Options for Congress," 3/26/07 (PDF file)
Alfred Rowe, who died in the Titanic disaster, had written to his wife from the liner, saying that he thought the ship was unsafe
A strike at Telkom's maritime radio division in South Africa's Cape Town could cripple monitoring of shipping distress calls
European companies are seeking access to internal Russian waterways
Some striking workers at Northrop Grumman's Pascagoula shipyard have crossed the picket line and returned to work
Singapore is building a joint command center that will house three maritime groups under one roof to increase coordination against threats at sea, it should be operational in 2009
US Navy held an open house in Washington state to explain its plan to use dolphins and sea lions as underwater guards at the Trident submarine base at Bangor
Ensco International Inc. is adding three ultra deepwater semi- submersible drilling rigs to its fleet
Setting strict fishing limits and giving fishermen flexibility in how they divide their catch could help rebuild depleted fish stocks and save embattled fishing communities, according to a new US study
Canadian scientist Ransom Myers, renowned for his groundbreaking research and blunt warnings about the extinction of marine species, has died from brain cancer
Thousands of harp seal pups have died in eastern Canada due to a lack of ice floes, caused by global warming, conservationists say
An environmental group sued PacifiCorp and California's wildlife agency over claims that a Klamath River fish hatchery is releasing pollution that is deadly to fish downstream
The European Union is sending technical advisers to assist Pakistani fisheries' authorities in development projects aimed at improving quality of seafood
Australia's Navy is having a hard time recruiting and retaining submariners, so it has had to cut the number of days its submarines spend at sea
US lawmakers consider ways to crack down on crime on cruise ships
Demand for coral fish has exploded in China, and some species are already endangered
The US House of Representatives approved legislation late on Monday to cut polluting emissions spewed by ships powered by diesel fuel
A jury was selected Tuesday for the federal trial of a former top engineer at a major US defense contractor accused of stealing naval and military secrets for the Chinese
Striking shipyard workers and Northrop Grumman Ship Systems prepared today for another round of contract talks as the walkout at the Pascagoula facility began its 19th day
ASL Marine Holdings Ltd. has secured major shipbuilding contracts for seven vessels involved in offshore oil and gas as well as port terminal operations
Impounded boats are new symbols of the ailing salmon industry on the US West Coast
The attacks on Tamil Nadu fishermen by the Sri Lanka Navy renew tensions and revive the controversies relating to Kachativu
Aker American Shipping has, through its subsidiary Aker Philadelphia Shipyard, Inc., signed an agreement with Hyundai Mipo Dockyard Co. Ltd. extending the current relationship to include additional tankers and containerships
The US and France have bolstered their naval presence in the Gulf region to three aircraft carrier groups to support operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, naval sources said on Monday
The South African Navy, which is already battling skills shortages, fears it will lose even more engineers to building projects for the 2010 World Cup
Despite a joint survey of Sir Creek by officials of Pakistan and India, chances of an early settlement of the disputed waterway between the two South Asian neighbors are bleak
The first offshore LNG project on the US East Coast is granted a Deepwater Port License by the Maritime Administration
Great Lakes shipping season starts with a Blessing of the Fleet ceremony
The Talisman submarine, developed by BAE Systems, will take over the dangerous task of mine clearance, which currently puts the lives of navy divers at risk
The Australian Defence Department has confirmed a second attempt will be made to recover the country's only submarine rescue vessel, which sunk off the Western coast late last year
The Philippine Coast Guard is assessing an oil spill caused by a Japanese- registered ship that caught fire while undergoing repairs in a shipyard in Cebu
Humboldt squid may be entrenching themselves off California, and may expand northward, eating their way through fisheries as they go
Switching the world's ships to clean burning distillate fuels might raise carbon dioxide emissions if studies aren't done
Fifteen crewmen from a Taiwanese fishing boat have been detained in Brisbane as authorities investigate whether they were operating illegally in Australian waters
Construction on certain sections of the aircraft carrier Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78) has begun at Northrop Grumman Newport News
Iranian naval forces took 15 British sailors and marines captive early Friday in the northern Persian Gulf; Iran claims they were in the country's waters, but the UK disagrees
University of Washington students have created the 'Seattle's Sustainable Seafood' web site, to point eaters to local restaurants that serve sustainable seafood -
Universiti Malaysia Sabah researchers have found a rare Borneo shark, which hasn't been seen for more than a century
Local council leaders will urge the chief executive of Forth Ports not to proceed with ship-to-ship transfers of crude oil in the Firth of Forth, and Green Party members, surfers, and others gathered on local beaches to protest the transfer plans
Canada and Denmark have staked their claim to Hans Island with flags and warships, as global warming starts to open shipping routes in the Arctic
Oil platforms are easy targets for terrorists
Container ship rates are expected to rise during 2007
More than 5.5 million people are short of drinking water because of an acute drought in south western China
The HMS Tireless was measuring the thickness of the Arctic ice caps when an explosion killed two Royal Navy submariners
Lake Erie commercial fishery faced with 40 percent fishing quota cuts
Aircraft carrier USS John F. Kennedy is decommissioned; it entered into service in 1968
South Africa is looking for a rescue vehicle to assist its newly acquired submarine fleet
Bald eagles - protected by the Endangered Species Act - have set up a nest at the former Philadelphia Navy Yard, possibly halting construction plans
The US Navy lacks a plan for defending aircraft carriers against the 'sizzler' supersonic Russian- built missile, despite warnings from the Pentagon
Australia's maritime workers go on strike over unsafe conditions; three people have been killed in the last 10 months
Two British sailors killed in an explosion on nuclear submarine HMS Tireless under the Arctic icecap have been named
The best way to keep invasive species out of the Great Lakes could be a ban on allowing saltwater ships into the lakes
The Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) Bill may be signed into law this month by President Olusegun Obasanjo
India and Japan reaffirmed their commitment on Thursday to secure sea lanes in the Indian Ocean from piracy to ensure safe passage for oil tankers and other vessels
Officials from Northrop Grumman Ship Systems and unions striking at the Pascagoula shipyard met for the first time on Wednesday since a strike began two weeks ago
Maryland state fishery workers unwittingly spread trout whirling disease by moving fish between facilities
Rescuers are searching for an endangered North Atlantic right whale that was seen entangled in marine line off Massachusetts
Florida seeks ways to keep gambling ships from dumping sewage offshore
Florida's governor urges state legislators to reject a proposed offshore drilling bill that could harm the state's marine ecology
The Philippine Coast Guard is monitoring the cargo ship Unicorn Ace that sank in northern Luzon last Wednesday, for any oil spills
World Water Day - Coping With Water Scarcity - March 22, 2007
Panamanian-registered cargo vessel MV Unicorn Ace sank early Wednesday north of Manila - one crewman is dead and five are missing
The US Senate has voted 58-38 to reject 100 percent scanning of maritime shipping containers, which shippers said would have snarled US ports
Demand for space on dry bulk vessels is rising as developing countries like China and India buy commodities like iron ore, grain, coal and building materials
East Anglia has asked the European Commission for support for areas hit by floods caused by severe weather or global warming
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is conducting a special investigation to determine what caused an unusually high number of dead dolphins to wash ashore off Texas
US tug boat Sea Voyager, loaded with diesel fuel, ran aground off Serpent Point Monday morning; no one was hurt, but there is a leak
President Gen Pervez Musharraf officially opened the country's third port at Gwadar on Tuesday, and promised a fourth port to be built at Sonmiani in the Lasbela district
• The Office of Naval Intelligence publishes an unclassified assessment of Chinese naval forces, see China's Navy 2007, March 2007 (PDF file)
Police in Panama have reported one of the biggest maritime drugs busts on record after recovering 19.4 tons of cocaine from a boat off the country's Pacific coast
The Hawaii state legislature is considering a resolution asking the California state legislature to find a way to improve port infrastructure without taxing Hawaii shippers
A Portuguese fleet searching for fabled islands of gold may have come to New Zealand and Australia 250 years before Captain Cook
The Japan Business Federation (Nippon Keidanren) proposes that visa categories for foreign workers be expanded to meet a labor shortage in sectors such as manufacturing, construction, machinery assembly and shipbuilding
Although Pakistan is set for the ceremonial opening of Gwadar port, authorities have failed to attract any shippers or port users so far
Fishing gear lost and abandoned to the ocean is killing marine creatures in the shared waters of Washington's Puget Sound and B.C.'s Strait of Georgia
A mysterious oil slick that first soiled Vietnam's central coast 2 months ago has spread to the country's far south, hitting fisheries and aquaculture
The Philippine Navy intercepted three Chinese fishing boats last Saturday and held 45 Chinese crewmen for questioning after they were caught in Philippine waters near Basilan
Panama-flagged Chem Star has spilled 9 tons of oil from a leaking fuel tank off Italy's Tuscan coast; the ship's cargo of toxic styrene has not spilled
ABG Shipyard launches Samudra Prahari, first of three Pollution Control Vessels for the Indian Coast Guard
Thirteen Pakistani fishermen were arrested by the Indian Coast Guard about 30 nautical miles north-west of Jakhau port of Gujarat's Kutch district on Monday
Russia denies rumors of leasing two nuclear submarines to India
France wants to develop helicopters and submarines for sale to third countries with South Korea
Chinese shipbuilders have caught up with their South Korean rivals in new orders received in the first two months of this year
In an effort to end a two-week strike, Northrop Grumman and Pascagoula shipyard unions plan to meet Wednesday with a federal mediator
Two Clyde shipyards support about 4,500 jobs
An unusually large number of dead bottlenose dolphins have washed ashore along Texas' Gulf Coast this calving season for unknown reasons
Scientists hope to find new fishing methods to help protect Australia's threatened sea lions
UK's year-old Emergency Response Service Center in Aberdeen has successfully responded to emergency calls from the oil and gas industry in the North Sea
House Armed Services Seapower and Expeditionary Forces Subcommittee received testimony on the Federal Ship Loan Guarantee Program (Title XI), which facilitates financing of commercial ship construction in US shipyards
• The US Congressional Research Service has released China Naval Modernization: Implications for US Navy Capabilities - Background and Issues for Congress, updated February 7, 2007 (PDF file)
Oil spill response teams hold exercises in Anaheim Bay, California
India's Defence Minister calls for increased surveillance along the country's coast
Bloody red shrimp, or Hemimysis anomala, a native of southwestern Asia, has been discovered in Great Lakes Michigan and Ontario
Emergency ban on catching seven bottomfish species in the main Hawaiian Islands will take effect for five months beginning May 1
Fisheries experts are worried about the decline of the Chesapeake Bay's blue crab population as the start of the commercial crabbing season approaches
Container ships operated by APL Americas will burn low-sulfur diesel while moored in Seattle, Washington, in a move to decrease air pollution
The senior enlisted man at US Naval Base Kitsap was arrested for investigation of attempted child rape after an undercover operation by police in Washington state
Croatia will invest in Iran's shipbuilding sector
Miramar Hope Bay Ltd. is sentenced for spilling fuel oil into Windy Lake, Nunavut in June 2004; the sentence includes a $100,000 fine
Rich coral colonies in Oman's waters need close monitoring to protect them from threats, including development projects
Officials with Northrop Grumman Ship Systems are asking striking workers at the Ingalls shipyard in Pascagoula what they want in a new contract
The Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources has posted an interim procedure for fishers to register lay gill nets, now that the state requires that they all carry identification tags
EU to ban fish imports from Pakistan starting April 12, due to quality issues
Australia's northern prawn fishery to be studied for by-catch of scallops, bugs, squid and cuttlefish
The Maritime Security Agency took 18 Indian fishermen into custody for fishing illegally in Pakistan's territorial waters
Korean shipbuilders are continuing brisk business this year despite analysts' earlier predictions that the global shipbuilding market would suffer cuts in demand
Strike continues at Northrop Grumman Ship Systems in Pascagoula, the company has sent letters to workers about health insurance coverage
Senator John Kerry has proposed a bill that would terminate existing US Coast Guard Deepwater contracts, and rebid all incomplete projects
Global Shipbuilding Industrial Base Benchmarking Study Part 2: Mid-tier Shipyards now available, sponsored by the US Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense, is now available (PDF file)
Capabilities Study of Mid-tier US Shipyards is now available (PDF file)
Britain launches a long- awaited Marine Bill which aims to protect the country's seas and marine life
An aerial survey team has spotted an endangered North Atlantic right whale off the Cape Cod coast with what appears to be a 10-foot long propeller wound along its right flank
Russia, Bulgaria, and Greece sign pipeline deal to bypass Turkey's congested Bosporus Straits
MV Doulos, the world's oldest passenger ship and biggest floating library, is anchored off Kaohsiung Harbour, Taiwan
British and Dutch submarines have been cleared by French court officials of any involvement in the sinking of French trawler Bugaled Breizh off the Cornish coast in January 2004
A Royal Navy chief petty officer was jailed for five years today for raping a junior female rating on board a warship in the Mediterranean
South Korea plans to develop three more Aegis-class destroyers by 2020 as part of programs to build a 'strategic mobile fleet'
Italy's state-owned shipbuilder Fincantieri SpA has reached an agreement to build two cruise ships worth around US$500 million each for US-based Oceania Cruises
Whatever contract concessions are achieved by striking workers at Northrop Grumman Ship Systems in Pascagoula, Mississippi, will be shared by employees at Northrop's other shipyards
Business magnate Kjell Inge Rokke is selling his shares in shipbuilding division Aker Yards
Baby shark with webbed feet found off Malaysia
Dredging and land reclamation activities have caused shrimp stocks in Bahrain to fall to worrying levels
A female beaked whale stranded herself on the Outer Banks shore last week and died, about 10 days after the US Navy conducted sonar training exercises in the area
Japanese fisherman dies during efforts to save a sperm whale
Cleaning the coast of Devon after the grounding of the MSC Napoli is proving a complex and difficult task
Algeria and Spain sign six accords on cooperation, including planned joint efforts to fight pollution in the Mediterranean
Chevron has abandoned plans to build a liquefied natural gas receiving terminal near the Coronado Islands, ending a battle with US and Mexican environmentalists who feared the project would harm marine habitats
The Royal Australian Navy is hoping to use information collected by scientists during global ocean monitoring to help it use its ships and submarines more effectively
South Korea's three major shipbuilders are expected to draw in orders worth US $30 billion this year
Cruise lines must learn to meet the changing demographics of a customer base that's getting younger and more diverse
Judge rules the current plan to bring back red snapper in the Gulf of Mexico is inadequate and based on false assumptions and faulty reasoning
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) hopes to collect better and faster information about tsunami threats
Just months after discovery, the aquarium fish celestial pearl danio is already threatened with extinction, due to its popularity
Italian vessel to start oil recovery from the M/T Solar 1, that sank off Guimaras strait last August
The Greek Cypriot-flagged cargo vessel Glorious crashed into a yacht at Istanbul (Bosphorus) Strait - the yacht sank, but there were no casualties
A hazardous object drifting in New Zealand's busiest shipping lane off the Northland coast has been identified as the stern section of a Taiwanese fishing boat lost in the Pacific Ocean five years ago
New Zealand's high- tech trimaran Earthrace has been crippled on the first leg of its global record bid - its carbon propellers are disintegrating
Rig builders in Singapore say jackup rig construction costs have risen about 30% over the last two years
Global warming could mean Scandinavia's farmers will be able to grow sweeter fruit but the consequences for herring fishermen could be dire
About 15,000 fishermen began an indefinite strike on Monday in protest against 'frequent attacks' on Indian fishermen by Sri Lankan naval personnel
Three Palestinians were wounded on Sunday when the Israeli navy opened fire on their fishing boats off the coast of the Gaza Strip, smuggling was suspected
Three ferries being built for B.C. Ferries by Flensburger Schiffbau-Gesellschaft in Germany are under budget and ahead of schedule
Britain is planning to set up a string of marine conservation areas where commercial fishing will be banned up to 200 miles from the coastline
Tugboat workers returned to work at Europe's biggest port, Rotterdam, on Saturday, ending a four-day strike after a local court ordered them to resume operations
Coastguards on the Forth have threatened to take industrial action after union members voted to reject a pay deal
A former US Navy sailor facing espionage charges allegedly disclosed secrets about a Canadian frigate that was part of a large force headed to the Middle East in 2001
Ministers have denied a request by city leaders for talks over controversial ship-to-ship oil transfers in the Firth of Forth
Britain is seeking to win an order from Saudi Arabia for 2 or 3 Type 45 destroyers
40 refugees came ashore in Miami- Dade County while an immigration drill took place
Citing national security concerns, Connecticut and Rhode Island lawmakers urged US Navy officials to double submarine production to two ships per year as soon as possible
Royal Navy sailor has been found guilty by a court martial panel of raping a female sailor on board a warship while at sea in the Mediterranean
Russia plans to set up a united shipbuilding corporation to combine all state financial assets in the sphere
A judicial protest filed by Malta Shipyards Limited against a company that supplies jointing sheets, has prompted a counter protest by the suppliers, Inter-power Limited; at issue is possible asbestos content
The great white shark is being hunted to extinction in the Mediterranean, and angel sharks have disappeared from the North Sea
After re-supplying in Australia, the Greenpeace ship Esperanza will sail to Japan to protest their whale hunt
• The book Emergency and Continuous Exposure Guidance Levels for Selected Submarine Contaminants reviews exposure guidance levels for 10 contaminants, as they affect US Navy personnel
• The book Seafood Choices: Balancing Benefits and Risks reviews the nutritional value and health risks associated with eating fish and shellfish
Negotiations for the release of the Kenyan UN chartered ship hijacked in the Horn of Africa last week are going slowly
Vietnam is tapping Singapore's expertise to set up a rig-building shipyard
Perus is upgrading its arsenal to fight drugs and guerrillas, the project will include overhauling helicopters and building shallow draft patrol boats
Spanish rescue vessels found the bodies of three would-be immigrants and rescued 46 others on intercepting a boat in stormy seas off the Canary Islands
Riverine Squadron One is about to be deployed to Iraq, it marks the first time an active-duty US Navy riverine unit has deployed since the Vietnam War
A shake-up of Scotland's main ferry company, forced by European competition rules, has been costly and made the operation more expensive to run
Fishermen and environmental groups have urged the South Korean government to ban dumping waste into the sea from Yeonan Pier in Incheon Port
Michigan's DTE Energy company is being charged for its role in polluting the St. Clair River with mercury
The Scottish Executive will speed up the tendering process for a fisheries protection vessel, in the hope that it could keep the Ferguson shipyard from laying off workers
Hawaii will ban the use of lay gill nets in certain state waters
Fishermen, scientists and environmentalists will meet at a symposium to discuss the future of fragile cod stocks in Scottish waters
• New report from the Congressional Research Service is now available, Active Military Sonar and Marine Mammals: Events and References, PDF file, updated February 12, 2007
The cargo ship Montrose, stuck for a week in the Chesapeake Bay, has finally been freed
Dispute with US Navy over maintenance costs is resolved, so Virginia's Metro Machine Corp. won't have to lay off any shipyard workers
Donjon Marine Co. is using its most powerful barge- mounted crane to lift the 185-foot-long Flint River onto the Chinese cargo ship Zhen Hua 10 - 5 vessels will be shipped to service Chinese oil rigs
Lyon Shipyard Inc. of Virginia plans to buy out neighboring Norfolk Shiprepair & Drydock Co.
How the world's largest squid was caught
Researchers are assessing the economic viability of using Lake Turkana for the commercial production of the Nile perch fish species
Reflex Marine launches its rescue device for the offshore oil and gas industry
Pakistan encouraged to ban deep- sea fishing in the country's territorial waters
The world's first solar- powered salmon fishery is being developed under a partnership between Lummi Island Wild Coop and Alpha Energy
Future ferry designs may be 'unsinkable' and include safe sections for passengers - the vessel's inbuilt buoyancy would keep it afloat
Crew of the Greek-owned ship Gracia, who had abandoned the vessel during Cyclone Gamede, were rescued and are safely in Durban
Russia is interested in Canada's Port Churchill, and oil transport through the Northwest Passage
Shanghai Jiangnan Changxing Heavy Industry Company Limited will build four post Panamax containerships for Danaos Corporation
Daewoo Shipbuilding cuts steel on the first of three drillship orders for Transocean Inc.; the ship will be able to drill in water depths of 12,000 feet
111 Malta Shipyards employees have filed a protest against their employer and a supplier, claiming they had not been informed that materials they were working with contained asbestos
Hundreds of Indian workers from a sub-contractor at Arab Shipbuilding and Repair Yard Company have gone on strike for salaries and bonuses
The newly built Tanjung Manis Integrated Deep Sea Fishing Port is set to boost deep sea fishing for the country of Malaysia
Russian court fined the Japanese skipper of the fishing boat Zuisho Maru No. 38 for poaching near the disputed Kunashiri Island
Shell Oil Co. plans offshore oil exploration programs in the Beaufort and Chukchi seas in summer 2007
The Malta Maritime Authority has started up the Oil Spill Response Capability for Protection of our Seas
Overseas Shipholding Group, Inc. will build three new Articulated Tug Barges for the US Jones Act market; the units will be constructed at Bender Shipbuilding & Repair Co.
Russia will launch foreign satellites into orbit from a submarine in 2007
Russia's Navy commander wants the US to sign an international agreement to help prevent incidents at sea
The Hawaii Superferry project was exempted from an environmental review, but now petitioners are demanding it, just four months before the planned launch
The UN's FAO warns that some migratory and high-seas fish species are in serious trouble
A loophole in Canadian navy rules allowed the HMCS Fredericton to offer cheap beer to the crew
Managers at Forth Ports had no idea that the company which wants to carry out controversial ship-to-ship oil transfers in the Forth had been involved in an oil spillage in the Gulf of Mexico
President Chen Shui-bian presided over the name changing ceremony of China Shipbuilding Corp to CSBC Corp, Taiwan
Scots researchers are playing a key role in the international effort to lift the stricken Russian submarine K-159 from the bed of the Barents Sea
Craig Hooper discusses the US Navy's destruction of its inactive reserve fleet
Small Pakistani fishermen are being put out of business by deep-sea trawlers that are using prohibited nets and over fishing
Twilight Marine Ltd., owner of the cargo ship M/V Warrior, has been charged with negligence for allowing the vessel to cross the Atlantic with large cracks
Pakistan has arrested 12 Indian fishermen who had mistakenly crossed over to its territorial waters off the Karachi coast
Foss Maritime is teaming with the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach to build an environmentally- friendly diesel- electric hybrid tug boat
East Timor is continuing to push for the gas from the lucrative Greater Sunrise gas field to be processed onshore in the country
William Robert Anderson has died, he was captain of the Nautilus on its historic under-the-ice trips to the North Pole and a former US congressman
The largest group of union workers at Northrop Grumman Ship Systems in Pascagoula has rejected a new four-year contract
The Ferguson shipyard in Port Glasgow is expected to lay off two thirds of its workforce on Monday, leaving only 30 workers at the site
Marine scientists are studying the impact of the east Australian current (EAC) on the nation's climate, rainfall and fisheries
In an unusual move, Matson Navigation Co. and J.B. Hunt Transport Services Inc. are partnering to offer money-back guarantees on shipments from China
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory is picked to design a new nuclear warhead, the first warheads may be ready by 2012 as a replacement for Trident missiles on submarines
Ulster Folk and Transport Museum has launched a web site dedicated to the Titanic and its place in Belfast's history
Declining shipyard Swan Hunter in Tyneside managed to generate more than £3m profit just months before closure, new figures have revealed
Chinese shipbuilders are starting to make high-value ships such as VLCCs and LNGs, and are starting to threaten South Korea's market share
Guimaras Fish Festival is canceled; organizers had hoped it would encourage people to buy fish again after the Solar 1 oil spill
Mexico promotes the benefits of a planned port and rail project at Baha California's Punta Colonet
Sir Creek survey is over, now teams from India and Pakistan can finalize the demarcation of their maritime border
MPs will vote later this month on whether to replace Britain's independent nuclear deterrent, leader of the Commons Jack Straw has announced
Two Alaska native groups have sued the US Interior Department to block an offshore oil and gas lease sale that residents say threatens Arctic marine wildlife and the traditional Inupiat Eskimo way of life
Japan confirms that this year's whale hunt has ended, and the fleet is heading home

February 2007
The International Polar Year aims to study global warming at the planet's two Poles
Hyundai Heavy Industries, the world's largest shipbuilder, on Tuesday said it had won an order to build South Korea's first space rocket launch pad
Carnival Cruise Lines takes delivery of the Carnival Freedom at the Fincantieri shipyard in Marghera, Italy; the ship will be named on March 4
Salmon farms are the major producers of sea lice in British Columbia's Broughton Archipelago, reinforcing European research
Norsk Hydro ASA discovered oil and natural gas at a new Arctic prospect with a wildcat well in the Barents Sea off Norway's northern tip
Prospects of a Mediterranean oil and gas bonanza have sparked a fresh row between Turkey and the divided island of Cyprus
China State Shipbuilding Corporation will deliver four hi-tech ships this year, including the nation's first liquefied natural gas (LNG) carrier
Twenty new species of sharks and rays have been discovered in Indonesia in a five-year survey of catches at local fish markets
General Dynamics NASSCO delivered USNS Sacagawea (T-AKE 2) to the US Navy
An NGO says that the permission given to beach the SS Norway (or Blue Lady) at Alang was an illegal decision
US navy officials in Bahrain yesterday dismissed claims from Iran that chemical and radioactive substances have leaked from nuclear-powered submarine USS Newport News
The Australian navy has begun a search for the AE1, the nation's first submarine which went down with all hands in 1914
Conservative MPs plan to use a parliamentary debate to raise questions about Labour's commitment to the Royal Navy as critical spending decisions approach
Pakistan is eager to cooperate with Turkey in shipbuilding
Some genetically modified fish appear more aggressive in captivity, but more meek in the wild, making it difficult to predict behavior
Despite protests from international environmental organizations, Japanese fishermen, with government approval, are on a dolphin hunt that kills thousands of the aquatic mammals
The Norwegian container ship Ocean Caroline is being towed to Sweden by a Swedish cutter after springing a leak and listing off Poland's Baltic coast
Korean sailors' sexual exploitation of teenage girls in Kiribati, a small island country in the Pacific Ocean, is continuing despite major international scrutiny a few years ago
Scientists are scrambling to salvage Lake Victoria from pollution, piracy and death
An Israeli human rights group has charged that the Israel Navy is harassing and humiliating Gaza fishermen
Japan's Fisheries Agency plans to introduce stricter penalties for illegal fishing of luxury seafood, including sea cucumbers and urchins
Defense analyst warns that the South African Navy's new ships have substandard weapons systems and are vulnerable to attack
Canada's proposed new Fisheries Act, Bill C-45, could be dead in the water
Fish stocks in Kenyan waters are declining quickly due to overfishing
Global National report finds that Canadians who served aboard Oberon- class submarines could face serious health threats
Fresh debris from the stricken ship MSC Napoli has been washed up on beaches in Dorset and the Isle of Wight
For the first time, China's shipbuilding industry received more orders in January than South Korea
Black workers at Mare Island shipyard are honored with a congressional resolution for signing an historic complaint of racial discrimination against the US Navy 45 years ago
Davie Quebec to build two offshore construction vessels, worth US $265 million
A colony of coral normally found only in the tropics has been discovered at the edge of the main island of Honshu, global warming may be to blame
Scientists added several species of deep sea sharks on Thursday to the World Conservation Union's (IUCN) endangered Red List due to overfishing
Oman has lost ten percent of its coral reefs; pollution and overfishing are to blame
Cuba is poised to drill for oil offshore - closer to Florida's coast than any American company can
Members of Congress say more money is needed to safeguard US ports
The 15-month old blue- green algae bloom in eastern Florida Bay and southern Biscayne Bay could last for years
Scientist fears that dumping carbon dioxide into the world's oceans could kill them
Some 50,000 white perch found dead in the Potomac River in southern Maryland
Swirling action of schools of abundant carp have thinned the ice on Lake Elysian in southern Minnesota
Australia impounds the log ship Spider Blue for inhumane conditions for its crew; the ship flies and Italian flag, with a Filipino crew
At least twenty-three people, most of them children, died when a boat carrying about 50 students and staff of a school capsized in southern India
Britain expects to see a peak in its mesothelioma epidemic in less than ten years
Massachusetts Port Authority will develop a port plan with facilities, land and transportation infrastructure needed to support the growth of Boston's cargo and cruise ship operations through 2025
Enforcement of no- fishing zones on the Great Barrier Reef has hit a snag, with lawyers arguing that GPS and maps are inaccurate
South Korea's STX Shipbuilding Co. received its first order to build a liquefied natural gas tanker for Spain's Empresa Naviera Elcano SA
A full investigation will be carried out into how passenger ferry Sea Express One collided with the cargo ship Alaska Rainbow on the River Mersey
Massachusetts governor asks the federal government to declare a 'fisheries resource disaster' for state fishermen
UK Transport Secretary wants to ban smoking on vessels operating in British waters, at sea and on inland waterways
The Bureau of Immigration has issued a hold- departure against 30 Chinese fishermen arrested off the coast of Palawan in December for poaching in Philippine waters
A detailed look at Britain's major upcoming defense decisions: whether to replace the Trident nuclear weapons system, and whether to build two big aircraft carriers for the Royal Navy
Salvage experts in charge of the recovery of the MSC Napoli, grounded off Lyme Bay in Devon, are planning to remove the ship from the coast
Poachers from Myanmar and Indonesia are plundering marine life in India's Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Negotiations are under way to end a dispute after the crew of the Merchant Brilliant barricaded themselves in their cabins in a fight over wages
China's refuse contaminates sea water and fouls the air in Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, and the Taiwan- controlled island of Kinmen (also known as Quemoy)
Venezuela says it is beefing up its military capabilities, including plans to develop the region's largest submarine fleet, in preparation for any "asymmetrical conflict" with the US
About 50 metric tons of fuel was spilled in the Strait of Malacca after the Dutch registered container ship S.A. Helderberg collided with the Singaporean registered oil tanker Sapphire
140 wind turbines will be erected off the Suffolk coast to form the first UK offshore wind farm built outside territorial waters
Aerospace engine-maker Rolls-Royce has won contracts worth £45m to build six ships for Brazilian and Chilean firms
Environmentalists warn that Canada is rewriting one of its strongest pieces of environmental legislation to dilute its commitment to protect fish habitat
Technological advances are threatening the existence of long-living, deep-sea fish that are already at risk due to overfishing
The Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council says Hawaii bottomfish stocks are in worse shape than previously determined
Lithuania and Sweden want the planners of a Baltic Sea gas pipeline from Russia to Germany to find alternate routes
• The National Academies Press has released the book Polar Icebreakers in a Changing World: An Assessment of U.S. Needs
US researchers are exploring a supercavitating mini- submarine that could deliver SEAL teams underwater at more than 100 miles per hour
India's Coast Guard is beginning to establish its own identity
South Africa lists perlemoen, or abalone, as endangered under international trade controls, to try to stem illegal trade in the threatened species
The huge cache of arms recovered from a suspected LTTE boat last week off the Tamil Nadu coast in Park Bay has triggered concern about such illegal activities thriving in the Indian Ocean
Scientists explore the role that wind plays in 'dead zones' and climate change
The body of a sailor who disappeared when fire broke out on Japanese whaling ship Nisshin Maru was discovered Saturday in the burned section of the ship
Search for crew of the stricken Zenith Light yields two more dead, six still missing
Although the government is pushing for whaling, young Japanese people are losing interest in eating whale meat
Seven more containers have washed ashore from the stricken cargo ship Napoli
Russian court rules against widows of sailors from submarine K-159; women say the Ministry of Defence failed to assure their husbands' safety
Metro Machine Corp. of Virginia may lay off more than a third of its work force over a dispute with the US Navy
Researchers at the Oceanic Institute at Makapuu are reporting dramatic success in breeding shrimp to increase their size and resistance to disease
• US Coast Guard releases The US Coast Guard Strategy for Maritime Safety, Security, and Stewardship (PDF file)
Cargo ship Zenith Light of Daeho Maritime Shipping sank nine miles south of Nagoya on Wednesday, 2 crewmen were recovered, 1 is dead and 8 are still missing
342 containers have now been lifted from the damaged container vessel MSC Napoli grounded a mile off east Devon; weather has hampered the salvage operation
Good Earth Maritime Ltd will build a shipyard at Cuddalore in Tamil Nadu
Jaap Kroese, owner of the Swan Hunter shipyard, says it will be at least two years before a new use is found for his site
A parasite that causes trout to swim in circles until they die has been found in two hatcheries in western Maryland; some 80,000 fish will be destroyed
The European Commission has cut fishing quotas for mackerel and herring for British and Irish fleets after both countries admitted overfishing the species between 2001 and 2005
Gambia inaugurates the National Association of Sea Safety Coordinating Committee, aimed at safety and sustainability
A commander in Iran's Revolutionary Guards said Wednesday that a commando unit has engraved the military organization's emblem into the side panel of an American warship stationed in the Persian Gulf
Nigerian kidnappers have released all 24 Filipino crewmen of the German-owned cargo ship Baco-Liner 2 they had been holding captive since January 20
A freighter has been identified as the vessel that collided with and capsized the tuna boat from which three people spent three days in a life raft before they were rescued
Repairs on submarine cables carrying Hong Kong's external digital communication connectivity have been completed; they were damaged by underwater earthquakes off Taiwan last December
China-based Yantai Raffles Shipyard Ltd. has signed a letter of intent worth $300 million to build two semi- submersible heavy lifters for Consafe Invest AB
Appledore shipyard in north Devon has won a new contract, securing 200 jobs for at least two years
• US Coast Guard releases several statements of Adm. Thad Allen (all Word documents): on the Fiscal Year 2008 President's Budget before the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Homeland Security, on Setbacks to the Deepwater Program before the Senate Subcommittee on Oceans, Atmosphere, Fisheries & Coast Guard, and the State of the Coast Guard address
Delegates at Japan's whaling conference discussed ways to reform the International Whaling Commission, but more than half the organization's members continued their boycott
The Indian Coast Guard has requested maritime states to issue identity cards to fishermen
WWF calls for a ban on commercial fishing in Hong Kong's marine parks
Eighteen States have signed the 2005 Protocols to the Convention for the Suppression of Unlawful Acts Against the Safety of Maritime Navigation (SUA), 1988, and the related Protocol regarding offshore platforms
Singapore-based shipping company NYK Shipmanagement Pte Ltd opened its fourth office in India to facilitate its expansion plans and double the number of Indian seafarers by 2010
US Navy rejects the California Coastal Commission's rules to protect whales and other marine mammals from sonar use
Russia is completing the construction of its latest nuclear submarine, the Yury Dolgoruky
England's VT Group has purchased Milcom Systems Corp., based in Virginia Beach, Virginia
Mexico's la vaquita porpoise is on the edge of extinction, but fishermen, whose nets trap them, know no other life
Experts are trying to determine the source of tar balls washing up onto Monterey Bay, California beaches
At least 500,000 gallons of fuel oil remain aboard the sunken battleship USS Arizona; experts are studying ways to remove it
Endurance swimmer Lewis Pugh will swim the width of the Maldives to highlight how climate change is threatening the islands
Queensland looking into the barge Wunmar, which began to sink last week in the Gulf of Carpentaria in the state's far north
Japan may give the Philippines a loan package for the development of the country's maritime industry
Japanese whaling ship Kaiko Maru and protest vessel Robert Hunter collided in the Ross Sea; both ships were damaged, but no one was injured
System of acoustic buoys could help the endangered right whale
Memorial services are held near Honolulu and in Japan to mourn the nine people who died in the 2001 sinking of the Ehime Maru, struck by the sub USS Greenville
Europe fights to save its fish stocks, while keeping fishermen employed
• Statement of Admiral Thad Allen released: Integrated Deepwater Systems Procurement Practices Before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Affairs (Word document, released 2/8/07)
South Australia's Primary Industries Department warns the abalone industry authorities will not be able to do much if a deadly shellfish disease spreads naturally
Aker Philadelphia Shipyard has delivered the first vessel in an up to 16 ship order of product tankers to subsidiaries of Overseas Shipholding Group, Inc.
The European Commission has put forward a draft law that would punish serious offenses against the environment as a crime; oil spills will be treated separately
Washington Department of Ecology wants upgrades at the Port of Seattle to include facilities for cruise ships to pump waste ashore
Greek tanker Propontis carrying 110,000 metric tons of crude oil ran aground in the Gulf of Finland on Friday, but its cargo hold was not punctured and no spills had been seen
Kenya's Association of Sea Anglers says that foreigners are depleting the country's fish stocks
• Congressional Research Service publishes Navy Aegis Cruiser and Destroyer Modernization: Background and Issues for Congress (PDF file, dated 2/1/07)
Japanese technology to track and monitor the behavior of India's endangered Ganges River Dolphins using underwater acoustics will play a vital role in efforts to conserve the freshwater mammals
Seals, sea lions, sharks, other marine predators and satellite tags are creating a detailed three-dimensional map of the ocean
Yantai Raffles Shipyard reports it is raising the world's largest gantry crane at its site in Yantai, Shandong, China
Norwegian institute says the diesel fuel that leaked from the stricken cruise ship M/S Nordkapp has caused no damage to the Antarctic environment
The Los Angeles- Long Beach port complex is considering new protocols for storing and moving barges that often become nesting sites for birds
New guided-missile destroyer USS Gridley will be commissioned in Miami this Saturday
Henry Waxman, chair of a US House investigative committee, criticizes the US Coast Guard's program to modernize its fleet
Japan is trying to prevent the deaths of critically endangered gray whales after one was found caught in a fishing net in January
Hundreds of endangered olive ridley sea turtles have been found dead along Bangladesh's coast over the past two weeks; fish nets may be to blame
Tokyo and Beijing continued wrangling Tuesday over the presence of a Chinese ship in disputed waters in the East China Sea
A helicopter pulled 10 sailors from a barge swamped in heavy seas caused by a cyclone off northeast Australia on Wednesday
The Philippines will start siphoning oil from the stricken tanker Solar 1 in March, which sunk off Guimaras last year
The Congressional Research Service, the research unit of the US Congress, reports that North Korea has developed a submarine- or ship- mounted ballistic missile system with a range of at least 2,500 kilometers
After nearly 40 years of service, the aircraft carrier USS John F. Kennedy will be decommissioned on March 23
Russia's new defense plan includes new missiles, and 31 new ships, including eight nuclear submarines carrying intercontinental ballistic missiles
President Bush's 2008 spending plan would help defend the Great Lakes from the dreaded Asian carp, but shortchanges a broader effort to restore the battered ecosystem
A new organic cod farm in Scotland aims to prove fish farming can be sustainable and profitable
Pakistan to support several different fisheries projects
Wildlife expert fears the recent Napoli tanker spill could have disastrous effects on birds migrating to the Bass Rock
Overseas Shipholding Group, Inc. announces an agreement to charter up to 6 additional Jones Act tankers, to be built at Aker Philadelphia Shipyard
Australia has moved to fast-track ratification of a treaty with East Timor which covers revenues from the Timor Sea's oil and gas reserves
Mozambique is reorganizing its maritime administrations
Five international companies bid for six submarines to be built in Turkey, the subs would be delivered in 2016
All 53 vehicles left on the Isle of Man ferry Sea Express One which collided with a cargo ship on the River Mersey have been removed
Clean up of an oil spill along Vietnam's central coast has nearly restored the region's beaches to their normal condition, but the source of the spill remains a mystery
Aker Yards, part of the Aker Group, will build the Magellan, the world's largest residential cruise ship, for Residential Cruise Line Ltd.
L&T laid the keel for the first ship within 17 weeks of commencing operations at its shipbuilding yard in Hazira, near Surat
Cod stocks off the south coast of Newfoundland continue to show signs of strain, and are barely sufficient to support a commercial fishery
Japan to host an international conference next week in Tokyo in an effort to pave the way for the resumption of commercial whaling
Statoil has ordered two newbuild emergency response vessels from Danish shipping company Esvagt
US considers protection for the marbled murrelett, its population has declined 70% over the last 25 years, in part due to loss of nesting trees, gillnets and oil spills
Panama asks the International Maritime Organization for an audit of its 7,000 ships, the largest fleet in the world, to help it improve security and environmental controls
The Queen Mary 2, the largest ship to sail under the Golden Gate bridge, has docked in San Francisco
A seriously ill Japanese whaler is being kept under tight security in a New Zealand hospital amid concerns for his safety
Crew of Japanese fishing boat Zuishe Maru 38, who allegedly fished in Russia's territorial waters without a proper permit, are returned to Japan; skipper remains in Russia
Japan will promote projects that store carbon dioxide in the seabed
Russia intends to establish at least three shipbuilding holdings
Samsung Heavy Industries and Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering, two of the world's three biggest shipyards, won orders to build nine liquefied natural gas carriers, valued at $2.37 billion
Some fear that South Australia's Southern rock lobster zone fishery could collapse within two years
Japan's Fisheries Agency has failed to impose its own rules on allowable fishing quotas for spotlined sardines
Specimens of newly discovered marine species found by a joint Filipino-French research project were turned over to the Philippine National Museum on Monday
At least 21 people have died and many more are missing after a boat capsized off Cameroon on its way to Nigeria
Mystery oil spill off Vietnam has spread along 124 miles of coastline, officials are looking for an offshore well spill or tanker as the culprit
Local maritime police seized two Chinese fishing boats for allegedly violating South Korea's southern waters
The last of the fuel oil from the MSC Napoli, grounded off east Devon, is being pumped off
Many fish poachers go to waters off the Philippines because they think the country's laws are lenient
The number of beluga whales in Cook Inlet has declined dramatically in the past decade
Cruise passengers from the Nordkapp have been safely evacuated to Argentina; the vessel did spill some fuel
Bottlenose dolphins off the north east of Scotland are being threatened by a boom in North Sea oil and gas exploration
Passenger ferry Sea Express collided with cargo ship Alaska Rainbow in northern England on Saturday, no injuries were reported
Traffic resumes on the Mississippi River after a barge caught fire and hit a railroad bridge
Japan, Malaysia and Thailand hold their first- ever anti- piracy exercise
US Navy offers the USS Dolphin, the fleet's last diesel-electric submarine, to someone who will turn it into a museum
Hundreds of Vietnamese including soldiers are cleaning up the oil spill soiling a popular beach, but the source of the oil is still a mystery
Aker Philadelphia Shipyard and the Philadelphia Metal Trades Council have reached a new collective bargaining agreement
India has stepped up an air-and-sea vigil around its largest offshore oilfield in the Arabian Sea to stave off possible terror attacks
The new 'trash interceptor' may help clean up the trash found floating in Baltimore's Inner Harbor
Former employees of Numec and its successor companies seek compensation for illnesses; the company provided enriched uranium for nuclear submarines and power plants
Japan has agreed to cut its quota of Atlantic bluefin tuna by almost a quarter over the next four years, in the latest attempt to save the fish from commercial extinction
Statoil and Eni have signed a letter of intent to strengthen emergency oil spill response in the Barents Sea area
The governments of Nigeria and Norway plan to partner in environmental and oil spill management
Fishermen from Nigeria's Akwa Ibom and Rivers states are demanding compensation from Mobile for destruction from oil spills
Fuel from Norwegian cruise ship MS Nordkapp has spilled onto the coastline of an Antarctic island after the vessel ran aground nearby
An oil spill from an unidentified source has hit Vietnam's central coast, blackening popular resort beaches

January 2007
Indian Coast Guard has formulated its 15-year Perspective Plan for the acquisition of new ships and aircraft during 2007-2022
New Zealand signs international protocols addressing the threat of maritime terrorism and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction
Brazil's Petrobras to spend $1.2 billion on 10 Suezmax oil tankers, to be built by the Atlantico Sul consortium, composed of companies Andrade Gutierrez, Camargo Correa, Queiroz Galvao and Aker Promar
Refrigerator ship Sierra Nava that ran agound on the southern Spanish coast has stopped leaking fuel
Nations that fish Atlantic bluefin tuna have agreed on reduced quotas, but environmentalists had called for much steeper reductions
US will consider a petition by 3 states to remove or kill troublesome sea lions to protect endangered salmon and steelhead
Two-thirds of the coral reefs in the Arabian Gulf are at risk from over-fishing and oil spills
Neptune LNG deepwater port project in Massachusetts Bay gets approval from the US Maritime Administration
Australia's Great Barrier Reef could be dead within decades because of the effects of global warming, according to a report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
Australia's fleet of navy patrol boats is once again being restricted by mechanical problems
Vietnam's communist leaders have decided the military and the party itself must give up business interests, including shipyards
The US Navy has awarded Northrop Grumman Corporation a contract for continuation of detail design efforts on the Zumwalt-class destroyer, DDG 1000
Norwegian reindeer hair is useful in oil spill clean-up
Nippon Steel sees profits rise as it sells more of the metal at higher prices to carmakers and shipbuilders
Port of Long Beach proposes expansion plans
Pennsylvania temporarily bans transport of fish from Lake Erie watershed, to try to stop the spread of the VHS virus
Backpack navigation systems are helping US harbor pilots get ships safely to shore
A federal judge approved a settlement between Murphy Oil Corp. and about 6,000 St. Bernard Parish homeowners over an oil spill that happened during the floods caused by Hurricane Katrina
A Pacific Northwest utility must build new fish ladders and take other steps to help salmon swim freely past four hydroelectric dams on the Klamath River if it wants to renew its license to produce electricity
National Shipbuilding Research Program Advanced Shipbuilding Enterprise (NSRP ASE) has selected 11 new shipbuilding R&D projects (PDF file), and NSRP approves 16 Ship Production Panel projects (PDF file)
Hudong Heavy Machinery, China's biggest maker of diesel engines for ships, will sell shares to double in size as it raises funds to buy shipyards and invest in new technology
The Mercator group, which is expanding its shipping operations, may foray into shipbuilding by setting up a large yard in India
Growing numbers of large-scale outbreaks of illnesses during cruises has industry experts concerned about the health of crew members
Dispute over fishing rights with a Chinese company in Australian waters leads to human rights abuses of Marind people
Northrop Grumman and its unions are negotiating new contracts in Mississippi and Louisiana, deadline is March 4
Mexico's vaquita porpoise may be the next cetacean to vanish, as the small creatures keep getting killed in fishing nets
Officials work to keep invasive Asian carp out of the Great Lakes
Fishermen hope squid will become popular in Britain, as cod becomes harder to find
Disks of hardened oil have been washing up on beaches in northwestern France; tests will determine if they came from cargo ship MSC Napoli
A broken mooring cable on one of the vessels carrying a crane has been fixed, and the unloading of MSC Napoli is under way
India is almost ready with its undersea launch version of the supersonic BrahMos cruise missile and wants the Navy to help in preliminary test trials by the end of the year
Malta signs a number of measures recommended by the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT)
Crucial American weather and environmental satellites will soon fail, and their replacements are insufficient and behind schedule
Both the length and body weight of the Atlantic salmon is decreasing, scientists blame global climate change for depriving salmon of food
South Africa's donation of two military surplus work boats will let Mozambique save people left stranded by floods
US Navy will go ahead with mid-range sonar exercises off the country's coast
On board the HMS Vengeance, one of Britain's four nuclear submarines
Maritime Union of Australia says two deaths on Australian wharves could have been avoided if a national code of safety had been developed for stevedores
Indonesia will attempt to retrieve the flight data recorder from a jetliner that crashed into the sea with 102 people on board - a difficult and expensive operation given ocean depths of more than one mile
Jurong Shipyard has secured a repeat order to build a $524-million deepwater semisubmersible drilling rig for PetroMena AS subsidiary PetroRig III Pte. Ltd.
Chinese shipyards are seeing unprecedented growth in activity and offshore construction; the country is also seeing yard expansions
The fast-spreading aquatic virus viral hemorrhagic septicema, or VHS, has been detected in Lake Huron for the first time; it could decimate the Great Lakes fishing industry
New Jersey worries that the state's tourism industry and fragile coastal ecosystems could be devastated if Congress allows oil and natural gas drilling off the Virginia coast
President Bush proposes an increase in the federal budget for coastal and marine conservation programs
Volkswagen South Africa and South African wineries are among the companies who have been hit hard by the grounding of the MSC Napoli
US Navy locates black boxes of the passenger plane that crashed into the sea on New Year's Day
Former Foreign Secretary and India's nuclear envoy Shyam Saran says that India is developing nuclear submarines
An ancient boat discovered in the River Boyne, north of Dublin, may be the first Viking longship found in the country
Lockheed Martin Corp. has won a $70 million contract to supply high-tech identification cards at US ports
Coast guards in southwest Georgia have detained a Turkish vessel for alleged poaching in the Black Sea
Fish have the reasoning capacity of a 4- or 5-year-old child when it comes to figuring out their social pecking order
Technip has successfully completed the world's first open-sea catamaran floatover topsides installation on the deepwater Kikeh Spar
The Belgian Parliament has banned the import of all seal products
Canada establishes the Atlantic Salmon Conservation Foundation
Luxury cruise specialist Crystal Cruises will eliminate all trans fats in food served on board
Michigan company suspected of causing a major oil spill in 2002 in the Rouge and Detroit rivers has been indicted on charges of dumping industrial waste
Chemical plant in China is fined for a 2005 toxic river spill that left millions without water
Nearby villagers have been terrorized and burgled by looters plundering the beached cargo ship MSC Napoli, and hundreds of seabirds have washed ashore covered in oil; many fear thousands could be affected
The Merchant Shipping Directorate of the Malta Maritime Authority is investigating the grounding of the Maltese-registered Nijord off Latvia, no injuries or pollution reported
Pirate attacks in Malaysian waters more than tripled last year over the year before; ten cases were reported
A sailor on one of Russia's flagship nuclear submarines was convicted of growing cannabis at his barracks and pushing it to fellow servicemen
Divers have excavated a 1,300 year-old 45-foot boat found off Israel's Mediterranean coast
A worker at the Brooklyn Navy Yard died yesterday after falling in the hold of a tanker ship in dry dock for repairs, the second accidental death this month at the GMD Shipyard
Scientists found low levels of mercury in every fish and every river they sampled across the western part of the US, industrial pollution is part of the cause
Statoil has formed a partnership with Murmansk county authorities to improve response to oil spills off northwest Russia
Pirate attacks on ships fell last year to the lowest numbers since 1999, according to the International Maritime Bureau
British authorities have closed the beach where the MSC Napoli is resting, to prevent scavengers from stealing goods from the spilled containers
South Korea again took the lead in global shipbuilding last year, receiving a 54 percent increase in orders since 2005
St. Petersburg's Admiralty Shipyards will begin a final round of sea trials for a Project-677 Lada class diesel submarine, the St. Petersburg
California plans a new effort to eradicate invasive Lake Davis pike
The Philippine Coast Guard is set to investigate the oil spill from the cargo ship MV Accord that sank off the coast of Albay last week, containment and cleaning operations are ongoing
The Royal Navy's HMS Dauntless rolled off the production line at the BAE Systems shipyard in Govan, Glasgow
The Japanese supertanker Mogamigawa that collided with a US nuclear-powered submarine in the Arabian Sea has arrived in Singapore to unload its oil cargo
Queensland scientists fear that the invasive tilapia could spread to river systems in the Gulf of Carpentaria
Melting Arctic sea ice may be attracting more killer whales to Canada's far northern waters
Six months after Israel bombed a Lebanese power plant, the fuel oil spilled into the Mediterranean is still being cleaned up
A 14-year-old boy who sailed into the record books as the youngest person to cross the Atlantic single-handed may be forced to sell the yacht he used
Sri Lankan warships and helicopter gunships beat off Tamil Tiger rebels who used about 20 boats to attack a cargo ship off the northern Jaffna peninsula on Sunday
The Royal Dutch Shell Mars platform in the Gulf of Mexico is back online after being damaged by Hurricane Katrina
The 300-foot diesel submarine USS Perch was discovered in 190 feet of water in the Java Sea by an international team of divers and photographers
The Environment and Conservation Organisations of New Zealand welcome the country's commitment to Antarctica
The International Oil Pollution Compensation Fund has paid compensation to some 11,000 claimants in the island province of Guimaras after the M/T Solar I oil spill
US military academic advises Taiwan to develop its own submarines instead of buying diesel electric subs from the US
Horizon Lines' new intermodal active radio frequency identification (RFID) solution provides customers real-time shipment visibility during all phases of transit
Many member nations of the International Commission for Conservation of Atlantic Tuna seem reluctant to practice conservation
Stricken container ship MSC Napoli is sheltering off the Devon coast after it was holed in the English Channel
India receives LPD USS Trenton from the United States
US think tank says India is speeding up efforts to make highly- enriched uranium for its nuclear submarine program, and may conduct a nuclear test
US government approves recovery plan for the Puget Sound chinook salmon, which are listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act
Hawaii Superferry Inc's first ferry has successfully moved from dry dock at the Austal shipyard in Mobile, Alabama, onto a barge
Stricken ship MSC Napoli is being towed to safety
Japanese steel production this year may surpass a record set in 1973 as expansion of the world's second- biggest economy stokes demand from Toyota Motor and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
Crane tips over, wrecking $3 million yacht at Port Hueneme, California
Norwegian offshore services group Aker cut its stake in engineering firm Aker Kvaerner by 10 percentage points, and announced plans to carry out a similar operation at Aker Yards
Shipping company Grindrod expects vessel-hire rates for commodity shipping to stay strong as China's demand continues
Two companies win rights to trawl for patagonian toothfish off Macquarie Island after limiting environmental damage
Weather grounds a team trying to free an endangered right whale from a nylon fishing line off the coast of Brunswick
• Report "Sea-Based Ballistic Missile Defense - Background and Issues for Congress" is available (PDF file, updated December 19, 2006)
Exxon Mobil Corp. is asking a US court to reconsider its decision demanding the company pay $2.5 billion to compensate Alaskans for the 1989 Valdez tanker oil spill
Ukraine ready to settle Kerch Strait dispute with Russia
Judge dismisses a lawsuit filed against Royal Caribbean by the family of an American who disappeared from his honeymoon cruise
South Korean shipbuilders are moving operations overseas in a quest for cheaper land and labor
Fish stocks in the North Sea are threatened by a rise in jellyfish numbers, attracted to the area by warmer waters
Single-fish chowders are a sign that fisheries are becoming impoverished
Another invasive species, the red mysid shrimp, has been found in Lake Ontario, raising concerns for the lake's food chain
Three North Korean fishermen are missing after their boat and a South Korean cargo ship collided in the Yellow Sea
Southampton-based VT Group signs contract with the government of Oman to supply three patrol vessels for the country's Royal Navy, the ships will be built at the firm's yard in Portsmouth
Punitive letters of reprimand have been issued to the commanding and executive officers of US submarine Minneapolis-St. Paul, that lost two sailors in a fatal accident
The state run China Shipbuilding Corp wants to increase its annual operating income this year
Gunmen killed 12 people including four community chiefs in an attack on a commercial boat in the remote creeks of Nigeria's oil-producing Niger Delta
About 40 dolphins have become stranded in a shallow water cove off the coast of Long Island, New York
Maryland Artificial Reef Initiative may be the first project in the US to blend private, public and individual funding to restore and build fishing reefs
Fuel spill spotted in northeastern Indonesian waters may be from the plane that crashed with 102 people on board two weeks ago
Stormy weather is hindering efforts to clean up the oil spill from the M/S Server, grounded just north of Bergen
Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri on Monday launched the cruise ship Queen Victoria, ordered by Carnival Corp. for its British brand Cunard Line
Russia increased its harvest of fish and other seafood products 1.56% in 2006 compared to 2005
Korea's Busan port, the world's fifth-busiest, handled 1.6 percent more containers in 2006, the smallest gain in 16 years, on growing competition from terminals in Shanghai, Dalian and other Chinese cities
Comprehensive guidance in the application of the new IMO coating performance standard to oil tankers and bulk carriers subject to the IACS Common Structural Rules (CSR) has been made available by ABS
An entirely new group of tiny and bizarre marine algae has been discovered in the Arctic Ocean
45 years after helping change US federal and military employment practices and ushering in civil rights for black workers, the Mare Island Original 21ers are due to receive official congressional recognition
Roman Abramovich, billionaire owner of Chelsea football club, is building the Eclipse, the largest privately owned yacht in the world, at 550 feet
Salmon are coming back to Washington state's Goldsborough Creek five years after the Goldsborough Dam was destroyed
Former trainer says leading aquariums subsidize Japan's dolphin slaughter because they purchase the few mammals that are spared from the hunt
A Georgian court has denied bail to the captain of the Russian fishing vessel arrested for allegedly fishing in Georgia's territorial waters earlier in January
Invasive quagga mussels have been discovered at Lake Mead, they could be even more harmful than zebra mussels
Britain struggles with financial cutbacks to its armed forces
Ships are still working to repair fiber optic cables damaged in Asia's December 26 earthquake
Turkey's Bosphorus and Dardanelles straits, two of the world's busiest waterways, were re-opened to traffic Friday after heavy fog forced their closure on Wednesday
Indian ship owners have managed to convince the government to let them hire foreign nationals to overcome the shortage of qualified senior officers on ships
Uncertainty remains over the future of Portsmouth's naval base despite encouraging signals from Prime Minister Tony Blair
At least 6,000 Africans, mostly Senegalese, died trying to reach the Canary Islands last year
California coastal regulators voted Wednesday to impose restrictions on the US Navy's use of sonar, which has been linked to harmful effects on whales and other marine mammals
18 Russian and Ukrainian fishermen detained for allegedly fishing in Georgia's territorial waters off the coast of Abkhazia could face a court hearing as early as Saturday
Russian Navy spokesman denies reports that fuel has leaked from the missile compartment aboard one of the nuclear submarines at a military base in the Kamchatka region
US presses China on armed submarine encounter last October
US Navy orders a week-long 'safety stand-down' for its entire submarine force
The volume of inter-Korean maritime shipping hit an all-time high in 2006
US Coast Guard has received approval to move forward with the nationwide automatic identification system for communication with vessels
• The US Congressional Research Service has published 'Maritime Security: Potential Terrorist Attacks and Protection Priorities' (PDF file dated 1/9/07)
Shipbuilder Northrop Grumman Newport News is studying the best ways to meet new standards to limit exposure to a toxic chemical found in some hull paints
Ukrainian Donbas, owner of the Czestochowa Steel Mill, plans to take a controlling stake in the Gdansk Shipyard
Residents of Fedje, Norway will protest the government's plan to entomb the sunken German submarine U-864; they want the mercury removed from the sea floor
Scientists warn that exposure to Florida's red tides can harm people with asthma
A potentially violent showdown is looming in the icy waters of the Antarctic between ship borne activists and the Japanese whaling fleet
Research under way to discover whether squid could become a viable commercial alternative for Scottish trawlermen, easing the pressure on fragile cod stocks and other threatened species
Porpoises are starving to death in European waters because of fish shortages linked to ocean warming, according to a new study that warns of mounting fatalities if sea temperatures continue to rise
South Korea will buy a British-made rescue submarine DSAR-5, which can transfer up to 16 people from a sub in waters as deep as 300 meters
Unique forests of coral have been found in the deep cold seas off the northern Norwegian coast, researchers want it protected
Korea's president Roh Moo-hyn proposes renaming the Sea of Japan to the 'Sea of Peace,' in an apparent attempt to resolve territorial claims
Keppel Shipyard Ltd is on course to make its first delivery for 2007: the Floating Production Storage and Offloading facility (FPSO) Polvo
South Atlantic Fishery Management Council proposes protecting deepwater coral reefs off South Florida's coasts
New report suggests the US government should get more involved in regulating and fostering the growth of marine aquaculture
US President Bush has lifted a ban on oil and gas drilling in Alaska's Bristol Bay, an area known for its endangered whales and the world's largest run of sockeye salmon
Removal of the remaining wreckage of the ship New Carissa from the beach at Oregon's Coos Bay has been put off another year
Sightings of whales have sparked a fresh campaign against controversial plans to transfer oil between ships in the Firth of Forth
Korea's three major shipbuilders have set a target of $36 billion in ship orders this year, slightly down from last year's record $37.4 billion
A British Royal Navy officer has been charged with raping a woman colleague on a warship while they were serving overseas
International Maritime Organization establishes a new division to reinforce matters of maritime security, and facilitation of maritime traffic
Northern Ireland's biggest planning application has been submitted to develop Belfast's Titanic quarter
The Ice Maiden, formerly MV Paardeberg, was built for the Russian Navy in 1991; now the icebreaker will become a support vessel and flotel capable of operating in the North Sea
Lake Victoria is the most productive fresh water fishery in Africa, supporting about 2 million people, and feeding about 22 million every year
Report urges US lobstermen to set fewer traps to protect endangered North Atlantic right whales
Fourteen survivors of the sunken Indonesian ferry Senopati Nusantara have been rescued after drifting on a life raft for nine days
Restrictions on motorized personal watercraft are proposed for the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary
Los Perdidos, the Mexican fishermen who survived at sea for 289 days, have a story that's hard to believe
India hopes to have two fully operational carrier battle groups in place by early 2009
Ironworker was struck and killed by a metal plate that fell from a crane at the GMD Shipyard in the Brooklyn Navy Yard
Proposed bill would make the oil-rich coast strip of the US Arctic National Wildlife Refuge a permanently protected wilderness
Scottish Environment LINK's marine task force calls for a new marine planning system to protect the ocean environment
Estimates of the damage caused by the Tzini oil spill last month will be delivered by next Friday
Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono will create a special team to evaluate the country's transport systems following the latest deadly air and sea disasters
Guidance from the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) alerts shipyard employers and their employees about abrasive blasting hazards and the controls that can be implemented to protect employees
Penguins living on the Patagonian coast of South America face starvation from the anchovy fishing industry
American Ken Barnes, trying to sail solo around the world, was rescued early Friday after drifting three days on his disabled yacht in seas off the southern tip of South America
Petroleum producer McMoRan Exploration Co. has received final approval for a liquefied natural gas project off Louisiana's coast, which includes closed-loop technology designed to be less harmful to sea life
US naval forces have been deployed off the Somali coast to prevent leaders of defeated Islamist militias escaping
Bodies of seven fishermen missing since a speedboat sunk near Jiwani on Sunday were recovered from the Arabian Sea, nine others and the boat have not been found
The MV Emsland, laden with timber, has been re-floated after a major operation
Royal Caribbean Cruises has agreed to pay more than $1 million to the estate of a Connecticut man who vanished from his honeymoon cruise of the Mediterranean in 2005
US authorities have taken over investigating the deaths of two sailors swept off the deck of the submarine USS Minneapolis-St Paul
EU and Mozambique seal a new fishing pact
The Western Australian Fishing Industry Council has given qualified support to a multi-million dollar State Government plan to manage wetline fishing
Unsustainable fishing practices are depleting fish stocks in Lake Malawi, which is threatening Malawians' livelihood
A Chilean navy search plane has found American solo sailor Ken Barnes on his disabled yacht off the southern tip of South America, a trawler is heading to rescue him
Israel's progress in desert aquaculture is taking off in third world countries, where the model of using water multiple times offers great potential
Stricken cargo vessel MV Emsland, which ran aground in Scotland's River South Esk, may be freed by the weekend
Carnival Corporation will buy a new ship for its P&O Cruises brand from Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri, scheduled for delivery in 2010
US Navy will hand over Seattle-built USS Trenton, an amphibious transport warship first commissioned in 1971, to the Indian Navy on January 17
CN Rail report says Lake Wabamun won't suffer damage from a train derailment that spilled fuel oil and wood preservative nearby; residents will run their own test
New shipping rule for transporting vegetable oil could raise freight costs
12 survivors of the Indonesian ferry accident are found on an offshore oil rig
14-year-old British schoolboy Michael Perham has become the youngest person to sail the Atlantic single-handed
Hopes are fading for a Pakistani boat, gone missing in the Arabian Sea with 14 people on board
Cargo ship Sunna, loaded with fuel oil, has been refloated after running aground in the Pentland Firth
South Korea's Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co. will form a venture with Nigerian National Petroleum Corp. to ship oil and cargo from the West African country
IMO Secretary-General offers support after Indonesia ferry accidents
At least 18 Pakistanis are feared drowned after their boat went missing in the Arabian Sea over the weekend
30 Chinese fishermen apprehended for poaching in the Philippines have been jailed
Internet still shaky after the earthquake off Taiwan last week; one of the ships sent to repair the undersea cables broke down and could take a week to repair
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania will start testing local fish for mercury levels

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